Thursday, 17th July 2014

World News

Watch: Crews sift through wreckage of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (CBS News)

Malaysia plane crashed in area of severe recent fighting (CBS News)

Israel launches ground offensive in Gaza (CBS News)

Pro-Russian Ukrainian rebel leader warned of flying over Ukraine air space (CBS News)

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 passengers relatives wait for news (CBS News)

Both sides in Ukraine deny shooting down plane (CBS News)

RAW VIDEO: Burning Malaysia Airlines wreckage seen in amateur video (CBS News)

RAW VIDEO: Falling Malaysia Airlines debris seen in amateur video (CBS News)

Did passenger on doomed flight MH17 joke about the flight disappearing? Dutch man said to have posted picture of plane before boarding (Daily Mail)

Britain calls for UN Security Council meeting over Flight MH17 as pressure mounts on Putin over 'arming rebels' in Ukraine (Daily Mail)

Israel launches military ground operation into Gaza after 10 brutal days of bombings and airstrikes (Daily Mail)

Malaysia Airlines MH17 'shot down' over Ukraine carrying 295 people (Daily Mail)

Ukraine is 'no fly' zone after attack as major airlines avoid country entirely (Daily Mail)

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17: What we know now (CBS News)

Obama says Malaysia Airlines plane "may be a terrible tragedy" (CBS News)

The most expensive food in the world revealed (Daily Mail)

U.S. sanctions targeted Russian missile makers (CBS News)

Aftermath of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash seen in pictures (CBS News)

Ukraine: Russia responsible for Malaysia Airlines crash (CBS News)

Terror expert on U.S. response to Malaysia Airlines crash (CBS News)

'Blown Out of the Sky': Malaysia Jet Shot Down by Missile (NBC News)

U.S. Intelligence Confirms Likely Shoot Down of Malaysia Jetliner (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Witnesses describe Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine - video (Guardian)

Malaysia Airlines plane MH17 'shot down' in Ukraine - live updates (Guardian)

Israel Sends Ground Forces Into Gaza (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Malaysian jet crashes in Ukraine (BBC)

Rosneft's plans for world domination in doubt (Financial Times - Paywall)

UN chief calls for 'full and transparent' international investigation into Ukraine plane crash (Fox News)

Surface-to-Air Missile Hit Malaysia Airlines Plane, U.S. Officials Say (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Malaysian airliner downed in Ukraine war zone, 295 dead (Reuters)

Israeli military begins ground offensive in Gaza live updates (Guardian)

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17: Aviation expert on investigating the crash (CBS News)

MH17 Ukraine Crash: Malaysia Airlines By the Numbers (Time Magazine)

Malaysia Airlines plane crashes in eastern Ukraine; U.S. intelligence blames missile (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ukraine Crash Deals New Blow to Malaysia Airlines (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Morning Mail: flight MH17 downed; Israeli ground offensive in Gaza (Guardian)

Plane crashes in rebel-held Ukraine (CNN)

World leaders offer help after Malaysian plane goes down in Ukraine (Los Angeles Times)

Israel orders ground offensive in Gaza; heavy shelling on border (Reuters)

Israel starts Gaza ground offensive (BBC)

Malaysia Airlines Plane Crashes in Ukraine Separatist Area (New York Times - Paywall)

On the Move: Israel Launches Ground Operation in Gaza Strip (NBC News)

Israel Begins Ground Assault of Gaza Strip (New York Times - Paywall)

Israel launches ground incursion in Gaza Strip (Russia Today)

Israel orders Gaza ground offensive (Financial Times - Paywall)

Plane 'Shot Down': Britons Among 295 Killed (Sky News)

Israel Launches Ground Offensive In Gaza (Sky News)

Israel invades Gaza (CNN)

Airlines avoiding Ukrainian airspace after Malaysia Airlines crash (Los Angeles Times)

Blame Game Unfolds After Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Crash (Time Magazine)

Malaysian jet 'shot down' over Ukraine (ALJAZEERA)

At Least Six British Nationals Killed In MH17 Attack (Huffington Post)

Four Palestinian boys from same family killed on Gaza beach by Israeli shell (Daily Mail)

Malaysia Airlines jet crashes in Ukraine (Financial Times - Paywall)

Malaysia Airlines plane crashes on Ukraine-Russia border (Telegraph - Paywall)

Shot down: Malaysian Airlines jet crashes in Ukraine (CBS News)

6 Times That Airliners Were Shot Down (Time Magazine)

Israel launches ground invasion of Gaza (Washington Post - Paywall)

Malaysia Airlines crash: video believed to show moment of plane's impact (Telegraph - Paywall)

Israel launch ground offensive on Gaza Strip as tensions reach fever pitch (Daily Star)

'We warned you not to fly in our sky': Boasts of Russian separatist as evidence emerges of Putin's forces launching missiles into Ukraine days before MH17 disaster (Daily Mail)

Malaysia Airlines crash in Ukraine (CBS News)

Snowden: If I end up in chains, I can live with that - video (Channel4)

Couple abused their own children (BBC)

Israel launches Gaza ground invasion (ALJAZEERA)

Israel launches ground offensive on Gaza for first time in five years (Daily Express)

Malaysia Airlines Plane Leaves Trail of Debris (New York Times - Paywall)

Rebels Control the Crash Site Of Downed Malaysia Plane (Time Magazine)

Ninety killed by Islamist attack on Syrian gas field -monitor (Reuters)

Palestinians Mourn Four Boys Killed on Gaza Beach by Israel Missiles (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

What is known about the crash of Malaysian jetliner in Ukraine (Fox News)

Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash caught on film (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Ukrainian president calls Malaysia Airlines crash a 'terrorist attack' - video (Guardian)

Gaza under fire: Live blog (ALJAZEERA)

Malaysia Airlines jet apparently shot from sky, crashes in Ukraine (Los Angeles Times)

Israel launches Ground Offensive Against Gaza (Huffington Post)

Malaysian Airlines flight shot down in eastern Ukraine (CBS News)

Malaysia Airlines MH17 was flying just 1,000ft above restricted airspace (Guardian)

Malaysia Jet Shot Down by Surface-to-Air Missile: U.S. Officials (NBC News)

Tiernan-Locke banned for two years (BBC)

Who And What Shot Down Flight MH17? (Sky News)

Couple missed Malaysia Airlines flight that crashed because of lack of seats (Telegraph - Paywall)

Missile destroys Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine and kills 295 people (Guardian)

Netanyahu orders ground offensive in Gaza (Los Angeles Times)

Israel Launches Ground Invasion of Gaza (Time Magazine)

Malaysia Airlines crash: Former air accident investigator says Ukraine-Russia tensions could hamper investigations (Telegraph - Paywall)

Voices from the depths of hell: Photos show messages of love, faith and patriotism carved into walls of vast network of tunnels where men lived and died during the First World War (Daily Mail)

Gaza fighting surges with no firm sign ceasefire near (Reuters)

Malaysia Airlines plane crashes on Ukraine-Russia border - live (Telegraph - Paywall)

Watch live: View of Gaza City skyline as Israel begins offensive (Telegraph - Paywall)

Hamas leader says Israel must 'lift siege' of Gaza before any ceasefire (Telegraph - Paywall)

Britain asks for emergency UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine (Fox News)

Airlines change Ukraine flight paths (BBC)

Israel Begins Gaza Ground Offensive (Time Magazine)

Did missile take down Flight 17? (CNN)

RAW VIDEO: Purported Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash (CBS News)

Up to 10 British and 23 American passengers feared dead after Malaysian Airlines MH17 is shot down over Ukraine (Daily Mail)

Libya rebels attack Tripoli's main airport (ALJAZEERA)

Airlines now avoiding Ukraine (CNN)

Israel launches ground operation in Gaza Strip (Fox News)

Controversy surrounds rescue of children from Mexico shelter (Los Angeles Times)

BUK surface-to-air missile launcher believed to have brought down MH17 (Daily Mail)

Israeli military starts ground operation in Gaza (Russia Today)

Video Shows Malaysian Jet's Moment of Impact (NBC News)

At least 14 Tunisian soldiers killed as army battles rebels (Los Angeles Times)

Malaysian passenger plane crashes in Ukraine (CBS News)

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17: Official says plane shot down over Ukraine (CBS News)

Malaysia airlines flight MH17 crash: The world waits for answers and dreads the consequences (Independent)

Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash: Malaysian PM launches investigation after plane 'shot down' over Ukraine (Independent)

Malaysia airlines flight MH17 crash: Battle for control of the skies has intensified as the balance of power shifts in Ukraine (Independent)

Ukraine blames separatists (CNN)

A history of aircraft that have been shot down (Guardian)

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17: Even before today's tragedy, the airline company was a business in crisis (Independent)

Police: South Carolina man hugged child to death (CBS News)

Smoky Skies: Video Reportedly Shows Plane Crash Site (NBC News)

Malaysia Airlines Wreckage Litters Ukrainian Landscape (NBC News)

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17: Why was a passenger plane flying over a conflict zone in Ukraine? (Independent)

Still hunting for missing jetliner, Malaysia Airline now faces another disaster (Fox News)

Airliners that have been shot down (Fox News)

New U.S. sanctions hit top Russian firms; Kiev says Russia shoots down its jet (Reuters)

School asks parents to buy iPads for their children (Daily Mail)

Barack Obama: Malaysian plane crash in Ukraine a 'terrible tragedy' (Telegraph - Paywall)

Why was MH17 flying through a warzone? Planes in area of crash site pictured flying away from Ukraine as questions are raised as to why flights were flying over country (Daily Mail)

Egypt takes lead in Gaza talks (CNN)

BBC to slash 400 jobs in bid to save millions of pounds in the next two years (Daily Mail)

Photos: Aftermath of Malaysia Airlines Crash in Ukraine (Time Magazine)

Ukrainian separatists suspected of bringing down Malaysia Airlines flight on Russian border (Telegraph - Paywall)

Malaysia Airlines plane may have been shot down by Buk missile (Guardian)

Man Utd not the biggest, says new boss (CNN)

Obama: Jet Crash in Ukraine 'May Be a Terrible Tragedy' (NBC News)

Malaysia jet one of 3 plane crashes in Ukraine this week: What we know (Los Angeles Times)

Kiev deployed powerful surface-to-air missile systems to E. Ukraine ahead of the Malaysian plane crash reports (Russia Today)

Malaysia Airlines crash: President Poroshenko calls shooting down of Malaysian plane an 'act of terrorism' (Telegraph - Paywall)

Spectacular images reveal the mass migration of animals across the world (Daily Mail)

Malaysia Airlines' year of tragedy (Telegraph - Paywall)

Gruesome images of Malaysia MH17 plane crash in east Ukraine appear online (Russia Today)

Florida judge strikes down same-sex marriage ban in Keys (Guardian)

Ukraine Witness Describes Explosion at Crash Site (NBC News)

Islamist group claims attack that killed French soldier in Mali (Reuters)

Reports that Putin flew similar route as MH17, presidential airport says 'hasn't overflown Ukraine for long time' (Russia Today)

Malaysia airlines flight MH17 crash: Diplomats 'urgently investigating' reports that nine Britons were travelling on the plane (Independent)

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash: Diplomats 'urgently investigating' reports that nine Britons were travelling on the plane (Independent)

Exclusive: Separatist Leader Says Rebels Did Not Shoot Down Flight MH17 (Time Magazine)

Israel and Hamas go back to fighting after 5-hour truce ends (Los Angeles Times)

Watch Live: Special Report on Malaysia Plane Crash (NBC News)

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashes in east Ukraine (Guardian)

The curse of Malaysia Airlines: MH17 brings back nightmares of MH370 (Daily Star)

Malaysia Jet Normally 'Incredibly Reliable,' Expert Says (NBC News)

Malaysia Airlines plane crash in Ukraine: Analysis (Telegraph - Paywall)

Malaysia Airline Flight #MH17 Video Shows Smoke Rising Above Reported Crash Site (Huffington Post)

Man who used 'blowtorch' to kill spider burns down home (Daily Mail)

Taliban die in Kabul airport attack (CNN)

Vladimir Putin denies Russia will soon reopen spybase in Cuba (Guardian)

Nick Hancock spends 43 days on Rockall island in Scotland, missing World Cup (Daily Mail)

Sophisticated Surface-to-Air System Needed to Shoot Down High-Flying Jets (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Horrific moment thug smashes man around the head with concrete paving slab in early morning city centre attack (Daily Mail)

'Part of the Job': Israeli Pilots Describe Gaza Mission (NBC News)

CHP seizes medical records of woman seen punched on video (CBS News)

Pictures from the crash scene in Ukraine (CNN)

Malaysia Airlines Crash: Similarity with earlier Soviet-era disaster (Telegraph - Paywall)

Fresh tragedy for Malaysia Airlines (CNN)

Reports and Images From the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Crash Scene (Time Magazine)

Warning: Graphic Content: Wreckage from Malaysia jetliner crash site in Ukraine (Fox News)

Malaysia Airlines Jet Crashes in Ukraine (New York Times - Paywall)

Malaysian Airliner Crashes In Ukraine, Alleged To Have Been Shot Down (Forbes)

Malaysia airlines flight MH17 crash: Loss of the two Boeing 777 planes are 'unlikely to be linked' (Independent)

Malaysia airlines flight MH17 crash: Loss of the two Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 flights are 'unlikely to be linked' (Independent)

Malaysia Airlines plane crash: latest reaction (Telegraph - Paywall)

Malaysia Airlines plane crash: watch live latest reaction (Telegraph - Paywall)

Flights rerouted: Planes avoiding Ukraine airspace after Malaysia Airlines crash (Russia Today)

Malaysia airlines flight MH17 crash: US President Obama and Russian President Putin discuss Ukraine plane crash (Independent)

Malaysia airlines flight MH17 crash: Ukraine passenger plane crash 'terrible tragedy' says US President Obama (Independent)

Malaysia airlines flight MH17 crash: Obama and Putin discuss plane crash in Ukraine (Independent)

Nazario: Deporting Children Like Sending Them to Death (NBC News)

Smoking Debris Covers Malaysia Airlines Crash Site (NBC News)

Blind man rejected from curry house because of his guide dog (Daily Star)

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Crash Sends Gold Price Soaring In Market Shock (Huffington Post)

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Crash Site Revealed In First Graphic Pictures (Huffington Post)

MH17 Ukraine Crash: Protecting Airliners from Missile Attacks (Time Magazine)

Man threatened to blow up London-to-LA plane, FBI says (CBS News)

New Gaza exchanges after truce ends (BBC)

Video reportedly shows crash (CNN)

Malaysian passenger plane 'shot down' in Ukraine (Channel4)

Malaysia Jet Went Down on TWA Flight 800 Anniversary (NBC News)

Airlines Warned About Ukrainian Airspace Before MH17 'Attack' But Continued As It Was 'Cheaper' (Huffington Post)

The curse of Malaysia Airlines: Second fatal crash (Daily Express)

Malaysia Airlines crash: How does flight MH17 compare with previous plane disasters? (Independent)

West considers early sanctions moves in troubled Iran nuclear talks (Reuters)

Malaysia airlines flight MH17 crash: Ukraine to launch investigation into crash (Independent)

Malaysia airlines plane crash: Ukraine rebels deny 'shooting down' passenger jet flight MH17 on Russian border (Independent)

Israel and Hamas Resume Fire (Time Magazine)

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashes over Ukraine - video (Guardian)

Passenger Flights Have Been Shot Down Before (NBC News)

Dramatic moment Israel 'foiled major attack on kibbutz with a direct hit on 13 Hamas militants as they dropped into terror tunnel' (Daily Mail)

Middle-class Chinese children are beasted into shape 'to prepare them for life in the world's largest economy' (Daily Mail)

Council apologise after man is locked in public toilet for 24 HOURS (Daily Star)

Plane down in volatile region (CNN)

Chinese man refuses to see his mother 'because she is TOO UGLY' - even after she begs to visit her newborn grandchild (Daily Mail)

Watch Live: Special Report on Missing Malaysia Plane (NBC News)

Help from the Hill: Wikipedia-lovers from US House of Reps edited Russia articles (Russia Today)

Israel seeks ceasefire that will restore authority to Abbas, says official (Guardian)

Ukraine says Malaysian airliner shot down, 295 dead - agency (Reuters)

Beyonce leads MTV video nominations (BBC)

WorldViews: Report: Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 295 people shot down over Ukrainian airspace (Washington Post - Paywall)

Contact lost over Ukraine (CNN)

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Who Could Have Shot Down Plane? (Huffington Post)

Malaysia plane crashes: Amateur footage believed to show crashed Malaysian Airlines (Telegraph - Paywall)

UN Inquiry After Rockets Found In Gaza School (Sky News)

An 'iPhone on rails': Futuristic tram that features Wi-Fi and anti-bacterial rails could transport people around Russia next year (Daily Mail)

Malaysia Airlines says it lost contact with plane in Ukrainian airspace (Fox News)

What a party 100 100-year-olds mark the centenary of the First World War (Daily Express)

Malaysian Airlines MH17 plane crash in Ukraine (Russia Today)

Report: Malaysia Airlines Flight Crashes in Ukraine (Time Magazine)

Malaysia Airlines Jet Missing Over Ukraine (New York Times - Paywall)

Official: Malaysian passenger plane carrying 295 people shot down over Ukraine (Fox News)

Zimbabwe's tourism minister reveals ambitious plan to host Fifa World Cup in 2034 (Telegraph - Paywall)

World News Update: Chinese family in suicide pact after forceful eviction (Daily Star)

Adviser to Ukraine's Interior Minister Says Passenger Plane Carrying 295 Shot Down (Time Magazine)

Ducklings rescued by RSPCA officer and firefighters after getting trapped down a drain (Daily Mail)

Malaysia Airlines Passenger Jet Crashes in Ukraine (NBC News)

295 Aboard: Malaysia Airlines Jet Crashes in Ukraine, Reports Say (NBC News)

Michael Gove gets stuck in a TOILET during his first Commons defeat as his new job as Chief Whip goes down the pan (Daily Mail)

Boys Drawn to Gaza Beach, and Into Center of Mideast Strife (New York Times - Paywall)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Gaza UN agency discovers 20 rockets hidden in vacant school (Independent)

Visa, MasterCard: Business with Russia untouched by US sanctions (Russia Today)

Malaysia plane crashes on Ukraine-Russia border: smoke rises from scene of crash (Telegraph - Paywall)

Reporter Sings Happy Birthday' to Angela Merkel in This Cringe-Worthy Video (Time Magazine)

Malaysia Airlines passenger jet reportedly shot down in Ukraine (Fox News)

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 'Shot Down In Ukraine Near Russian Border' (Huffington Post)

Malaysia Airlines plane crash: Boeing jet carrying 295 people 'shot down' in Ukraine (Independent)

Malaysia Airlines plane crash: Boeing jet carrying 295 people crashes in Ukraine (Independent)

Malaysia airlines flight MH17 crash: 295 killed after Boeing passenger jet 'shot down' in Ukraine (Independent)

Malaysia airlines flight MH17 crash: 295 feared dead after Boeing passenger jet 'shot down' in Ukraine (Independent)

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash: 'Nine Britons and 80 children' feared dead after Boeing passenger jet 'shot down' near Ukraine-Russia border (Independent)

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash: 'Nine Britons, 23 US citizens and 80 children' feared dead after Boeing passenger jet 'shot down' near Ukraine-Russia border (Independent)

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash: 'Six Britons, 23 US citizens and 80 children' feared dead after Boeing passenger jet 'shot down' near Ukraine-Russia border (Independent)

Taliban Militants Attack Kabul Airport (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

In our millions, we're all Palestinian': Wave of protests worldwide demand end to Gaza slaughter (Russia Today)

Russia warns of grave consequences from new U.S. sanctions (Washington Post - Paywall)

Man who 'threatened to blow up British Airways plane' faces up to 20 years in jail (Independent)

British beaches: One in ten children in the UK have not visited a beach (Daily Mail)

Malaysian airliner crashes in E. Ukraine near Russian border, over 280 people on board (Russia Today)

Malaysian Passenger Plane Crashes in Ukraine Near Russian Border: Ifax (New York Times - Paywall)

Inside Mexico's house of horrors: Harrowing images emerge of children behind bars as officials say victims slept on the floor among rats and were fed rotten food (Daily Mail)

BREAKING NEWS: Malaysia Airlines plane shot down by Russians and crashes in Ukraine (Daily Express)

BREAKING NEWS: Malaysia Airlines passenger plane 'shot down' in Ukraine crash (Daily Star)

Hands-on world of digital art (CNN)

Ukraine accuses Russia of downing plane; Moscow attacks new sanctions (Los Angeles Times)

Sanctions don't spook Russian companies (Russia Today)

Hungary's foreign policy: Between Brussels and Russia (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

How the world sees America: Still on a hill (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Slovenia's election: A new man for the job (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Russia sanctions (CNN)

A team has reached the giant Siberian hole at 'the end of the world' - video (Independent)

Israel attacks are collective punishment' Nick Clegg slams Gaza op (Russia Today)

Facebook: World Cup Visitors Made 2 New Friends (Time Magazine)

Kabul Airport Comes Under Attack From Militants (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia Denies Shooting Down Ukrainian Jet (Sky News)

UNRWA investigating discovery of 20 rockets found in empty Gaza school (Guardian)

'Israel has violated the laws of war' - video (Channel4)

Boy, 11, could be killed by a CRISP due to Epidermolysis Bullosa condition (Daily Mail)

Ukraine Says Russian Plane Shot Down Its Fighter Jet (New York Times - Paywall)

This Video Might Be the Most Ridiculous Real Housewives Moment Ever (Time Magazine)

Ukraine Claims Russia Shot Down Military Jet (Time Magazine)

At least 14 Tunisian troops killed in mountain attack (Reuters)

Teacher John Holmes who threatened to kill pupil barred from classroom for 2 years (Daily Mail)

Military man Prince William opens the Imperial War Museums new WW1 galleries (Daily Express)

Putin warns latest sanctions will hurt U.S., too (CBS News)

WorldViews: How America's new sanctions on Russia affect American gun owners (Washington Post - Paywall)

Gaza Cease-Fire Allows Residents to Venture Out (New York Times - Paywall)

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart Brilliantly Covers The 'Asymmetrical' Conflict In Gaza (Huffington Post)

Moscow: Kiev allegations that Russian jet downed Ukraine plane absurd (Russia Today)

Ukraine claims fighter plane shot down by Russian missile (Guardian)

Tunisian soldiers killed in attack (BBC)

Israel, Hamas in skaky truce to let aid into Gaza (CBS News)

U.S. Escalates Sanctions on Russia Over Ukraine (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Angry birds face down and then chase off fox after it tried to grab their young (Daily Mail)

Ukraine Air Force jet shot down by Russian plane (Fox News)

Arsenal's Mesut Ozil Paid For Children's Surgery With World Cup Money (Huffington Post)

Russia 'shot down Ukraine jet' (BBC)

WorldViews: Watch: Israel bombs secret tunnel to halt infiltration by Gaza militants (Washington Post - Paywall)

Drunk Man Arrested for Posing as TSA Agent to Pat Down Ladies (Time Magazine)

Edward Snowden: 'If I end up in chains in Guant namo I can live with that' - video interview (Guardian)

Gazan boys killed playing soccer (CNN)

Economically senseless, anti-Russian sanctions might have other motives behind them' (Russia Today)

Tougher sanctions against Russia would expose split between US and EU' (Russia Today)

Dog Waits For A Year Under Shed After Owner Dies In Heartbreaking Video (Huffington Post)

Russia stocks hit by US sanctions move (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ugandan police beat, abuse homeless children living on the streets, charges Human Rights Watch (Fox News)

Russia to boost defense budget by 2017 - newspaper (Russia Today)

Chinese man whose life was ruined in wolf attack gets corrective surgery 56 years later (Daily Mail)

Angela Merkel receives Happy Birthday song fail - video (Guardian)

Israel FM says no Gaza ceasefire reached (ALJAZEERA)

FAA Investigates Congressman's Drone Wedding Video (Time Magazine)

Russia condemns 'evil' new US sanctions (ALJAZEERA)

Cease-Fire Between Israel and Hamas Ends (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Taliban claim attack on Kabul's airport (ALJAZEERA)

Russian shares fall on sanctions (BBC)

Pakistan police foil attack against PM's home (Fox News)

Texas Man Never Surfaced After Bahamas Shark Dive (NBC News)

Israel 'considers Egypt plan for Gaza truce' (ALJAZEERA)

Palestinians Rush Banks During Gaza Cease-Fire (NBC News)

Killer mother Sabrina Hurst who let daughter die in locked room freed four years in 12-year sentence (Daily Mail)

Beauty queen fights back from attack (CNN)

Australia urges G20 to continue cooperating with Russia despite US sanctions (Russia Today)

Manchester model village that became unlikely tourist attraction falls into disrepair after years of neglect (Daily Mail)

7 people killed by toxic fumes after entering septic tank in Poland (Fox News)

Man whose mouth was ripped off is to have corrective surgery - 56 YEARS after the attack (Daily Express)

Vladimir Putin condemns US sanctions against Russia video (Guardian)

Palestinian American teenager returns home after apparent beating in Israel (Guardian)

Russia 'shoots down Ukraine attack jet' (ALJAZEERA)

Medical bills for holidaymakers DOUBLE in 10 years to more than £900 (Daily Mail)

European court: Russia violates rights of suspects by putting them in metal cages for trial (Fox News)

WorldViews: Israel hopes phone calls to Palestinians will save lives. It ends up looking Orwellian. (Washington Post - Paywall)

Israel says Gaza ceasefire agreed (Telegraph - Paywall)

Israel says Gaza ceasefire agreed, Hamas denies (Telegraph - Paywall)

Israel foreign minister denies reports of deal for Gaza ceasefire (Telegraph - Paywall)

Militants killed after audacious attack on Kabul airport (Reuters)

Fossilised brain 520 million years old identified to belong to world's earliest predator (Daily Mail)

Russia defiant over U.S. sanctions (CNN)

Israel: 3 Mortars Fired From Gaza During Cease-Fire (Time Magazine)

How Israelis Feel About the Gaza Boys' Beach Deaths (NBC News)

England down to 20th in Fifa rankings (BBC)

Ukraine accuses Russia of shooting down jet (Telegraph - Paywall)

Two months to go until the referendum, but acrimony will last for years (Daily Express)

England Drop To 20th In Fifa World Rankings (Huffington Post)

Great white shark chokes to death on sea lion in video footage captured by stunned beachgoers (Independent)

Chinese vases that sat in hallway for 35 years set to sell for £70k (Daily Mail)

£20k fine after man tripped and died (BBC)

Christopher Leyshon 'Attempted To Stab Police' As He Believed World Was 'Computer Simulation' (Huffington Post)

This Video Of Dogs In Wheelchairs Playing Fetch Might Make You Cry (For The Right Reasons) (Huffington Post)

Abandoned wonderland: The forgotten family tourist attraction left to decay for years (Daily Express)

Coalition's 'asset recycling' scheme watered down in Senate (Guardian)

Mortars fired from Gaza during ceasefire between Israel and Hamas (Guardian)

Four Taliban militants killed in rocket attack on Kabul military airport (Daily Mail)

Rosberg must alter World Cup helmet (BBC)

Israeli military foils attack from Gaza tunnel (Telegraph - Paywall)

Israel and Gaza: When and how will it end? (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

South Korean firefighters' helicopter ablaze after crash video (Guardian)

Australia Becomes The First Country In The World To Go Backwards On Climate Policy (Huffington Post)

Shannon Guess Richardson: Actress jailed for 18 years after mailing ricin-spiked letters to US President and New York Mayor (Independent)

Mortars Fired During Five-Hour Truce, Israel Says (NBC News)

New sanctions are illegitimate and unjustified Rosneft CEO (Russia Today)

Man mortgages home to pay for surgery on 'micropenis' (Daily Star)

German Grand Prix: Fifa Force Nico Rosberg To Change World Cup Celebratory Helmet (Huffington Post)

Stanning in strong GB world squad (BBC)

WATCH: Israel Strikes Militants Tunneling From Gaza (NBC News)

Israel Says it Foiled Attack; Cease-Fire Reportedly Broken (New York Times - Paywall)

Gaza fighters attempt to tunnel into Israel (ALJAZEERA)

Plane Almost Lands On Surfacing Whale In Video (Sky News)

Man burns down house trying to kill spider with home-made FLAMETHROWER (Daily Star)

AP Interview: Egypt's foreign minister says Gaza cease-fire bid is gaining momentum (Fox News)

Kabul airport Taliban attack over (BBC)

Russia slams latest US sanctions over Ukraine as 'bullying' (Fox News)

Temporary Truce: Five-Hour Break Stalls Gaza Conflict (NBC News)

Putin Criticizes U.S. Over New Sanctions (New York Times - Paywall)

Russian motorist rams man up against car and then runs over him in road rage incident (Daily Mail)

Israel strike kills four boys on Gaza beach - video (Channel4)

Israel 'Does Not Target Civilians,' Official Says (NBC News)

Putin says sanctions will backfire (BBC)

Houston massacre: Cassidy Stay cries uncontrollably at funeral for her six family members killed in horrific murder (Independent)

Houston massacre: Hundreds attend funeral of family gunned down in mass shooting (Independent)

Moscow's relations with Washington at a 'dead end' says Putin as he warns that sanctions imposed by the West will create 'boomerang effect' (Daily Mail)

Gaza crisis: Israeli Government spokesperson insists it does not target civilians after four boys are killed by shelling (Independent)

Gaza crisis: Israeli Government spokesperson insists it does not target civilians the day after four boys are killed by shelling (Independent)

Scott Ludlams Senate talk sees defence minister nod off video (Guardian)

Putin: U.S. Sanctions Hurt Bilateral Ties, U.S. Firms (Time Magazine)

Balancing priorities, Japan cautious as US, Europe step up sanctions on Russia over Ukraine (Fox News)

VIDEO MUST SEE: Sex, Big Brother, Selfies, Freak Weather and more sex (Daily Star)

Five-hour Gaza ceasefire begins (BBC)

Gaza tunnel attack foiled ahead of truce - video (Channel4)

Officials: Militants attack Tunisian army posts, kill soldiers during Ramadan feast (Fox News)

Russia dismisses US sanctions for Ukraine actions as 'bullying,' is ready to reciprocate (Fox News)

Israel finds 13 gunmen tunneling from Gaza into kibbutz (Telegraph - Paywall)

Israel finds 13 gunmen tunnelling from Gaza into kibbutz (Telegraph - Paywall)

Putin denounces latest US and EU sanctions (ALJAZEERA)

Israel and Hamas Begin Humanitarian Cease-Fire (Time Magazine)

American teen beaten in Israel returns to Fla. (CBS News)

Vladimir Putin condemns latest US sanctions against Russia (Guardian)

STEPHEN GLOVER: How crass of Mr Cameron to choose a lightweight PR crony to be Britain's man in Brussels (Daily Mail)

Russia: US sanctions revenge for Ukrainian failure, Moscow may retaliate (Russia Today)

Israel says it thwarts militant attack hours before start of 'humanitarian' cease-fire (Fox News)

Gunmen attack Kabul airport, Afghan official says (Fox News)

Children found in squalid shelter (CNN)

Tom Daley Voted 'Sexiest Man In The World', Diver Strips Off And Talks Getting Married And Having Children With Attitude Magazine (Huffington Post)

Israel Agrees to Humanitarian Cease-Fire (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Afghanistan: Militants Attack Kabul Airport (Sky News)

Man sets fire to house trying to kill spider (Telegraph - Paywall)

Russian shares fall after US sanctions (Financial Times - Paywall)

Dozens killed in Philippines typhoon (CNN)

U.S. hits oil giant Rosneft, other firms with toughest Russia sanctions (Reuters)

At least five Tunisian soldiers killed in militant attack near Algerian border (Telegraph - Paywall)

ADF names Sergeant Gary Francis as soldier killed climbing Mount Cook (Guardian)

Gaza crisis: Israel and Hamas agree tentative five-hour truce as Palestinians warned rocket fire will spark 'firm and decisive' reaction (Independent)

Gaza crisis: Israel claims Palestinian militants fired at least three mortars during ceasefire (Independent)

Russia's Putin says US sanctions drive bilateral relations into a corner (Fox News)

Useless, obstructive carbon tax is gone, says Tony Abbott video (Guardian)

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'Pastafarian' man Niko Alm wins right to wear colander on his head in driving licence photo (Independent)

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Ukraine crisis: US breaks step with Europe over Russia sanctions (Telegraph - Paywall)

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Man Arrested For 'Passive-Aggressively' Stabbing A Watermelon (Huffington Post)

Headteacher of leading private school accused of giving himself a 381 per cent pay rise over 11 years up to £169,000 and making suspicious payments on faculty credit cards (Daily Mail)

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Israel-Gaza conflict: Leaflets dropped on northern Gaza ordering 100,000 to evacuate amid fears of imminent ground incursion (Independent)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Leaflets dropped on northern Gaza ordering 100,000 to evacuate amid threat of imminent ground incursions (Independent)

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