Tuesday, 5th August 2014

World News

Israel and Hamas agree to 72-hour ceasefire as fighting in Gaza ebbs (Washington Post - Paywall)

Pictured: American two-star general, 55, shot dead by 'insider' at Afghan military training facility in attack that left 15 troops wounded (Daily Mail)

Haven't you got an island of your own? One of world's richest men perches on a sun lounger on packed Greek beach (but it looks like his yacht's parked nearby) (Daily Mail)

Second Ebola patient Nancy Writebol lands in Atlanta (Daily Mail)

Has Ebola spread to Saudi Arabia? (Daily Mail)

Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling go head-to-head in first live TV debate on Scottish independence (Daily Mail)

Israel Pulls Forces From Gaza (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Gaza crisis: Ceasefire holds as delegates arrive in Cairo for talks - as it happened (Guardian)

5 Things Air Travelers Need to Know About Ebola (NBC News)

Morning Mail: sweeping new anti-terrorism laws; Gaza ceasefire holds (Guardian)

Ebola drug given to US aid workers (BBC)

How Big Tobacco and the Military Are Treating Ebola (NBC News)

As Gaza cease-fire holds, a haunting question: When will the next war begin? (Washington Post - Paywall)

Brittany Murphy's death could have been prevented if her mother called an ambulance earlier (Daily Mail)

Kerry in talks plea amid Gaza truce (BBC)

Second Ebola patient wheeled into Atlanta hospital for treatment (Reuters)

Israel withdraws troops, 72-hour Gaza truce begins (Reuters)

Foreign Relations Council says Ebola outbreak is 'out of control' (Los Angeles Times)

Formula One Chief Bernie Ecclestone Settles Bribery Case for $100 Million (New York Times - Paywall)

Famous Adolf Hitler image celebrating the start of the First World War could be a FAKE. (Daily Mail)

Israeli troops pull out of Gaza after destroying Hamas tunnels (Daily Mail)

Story of First World War soldier's wife who fell in love with a reservist (Daily Mail)

Man Who Gave Steroids to Alex Rodriguez Arrested (NBC News)

Germany Blocks the Delivery of Military Parts to Russia (New York Times - Paywall)

Second US Ebola Patient Wheeled Into Hospital (Sky News)

No Easy Answers to Charges of War Crimes in Gaza (Time Magazine)

Japan Keeps Door to Russia Open While Imposing Sanctions (New York Times - Paywall)

BA suspends flights amid Ebola alert (BBC)

PM rejects Warsi's Gaza criticism (BBC)

Cheltenham man murdered ex-wife and hid her body inside her bed for three weeks (Daily Mail)

Cricket bruschetta, chocolate chip mealworm cookies... coming to a supermarket near eww! Inside North America's first industrial-scale farm where insects are hatched, gassed and cooked to meet a soaring demand - for HUMAN consumption (Daily Mail)

Second Ebola Patient Arrives in U.S. (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Sinosphere Blog: A Familiar Script in China as a Tiger' Is Taken Down (New York Times - Paywall)

Yaxley two-year-old girl was kicked to death 'with the force of a car crash' by mother's boyfriend (Daily Mail)

Feds Face Growing Ebola Fears (Time Magazine)

British Airways temporarily suspends flights to Sierra Leone and Liberia over Ebola outbreak (Daily Mail)

Residents of Rafah return to devastated homes, shattered lives in Gaza border town (Fox News)

Letter From the Middle East: In Israel, Open Dissent Is Among the Gaza War Casualties (New York Times - Paywall)

NYPD footage shows man repeatedly shoot and pistol-whip 'friend' in row over music video (Independent)

Israel Says Troops Are Out of Gaza as Cease-Fire Begins (New York Times - Paywall)

Man hands himself in after 44-year-old is found stabbed to death in car in Whipley Bank, Yorkshire village (Daily Mail)

Open Source: Indian TV Crew Shows Rare Video of Rocket Launch From Gaza (New York Times - Paywall)

Baroness Warsi quits in protest at government policy on Gaza (Daily Mail)

Rights group: Pro-Russia separatists in Ukraine break laws of war (Los Angeles Times)

Rainham, Essex baby girl fighting for life after falling from a first floor window and hitting passer-by (Daily Mail)

The Man Who Survived Ebola (NBC News)

Israeli soldiers 'prepare to return' to Gaza - video (Channel4)

Qajaq: One of 5,000 new words added to Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (Daily Mail)

Gaza truce holds as Israel withdraws (BBC)

US firms to invest $14bn in Africa (BBC)

Ebola 'hits' Britain First feared victim of deadly virus quarantined in home (Daily Star)

Inside Gaza: amid the devastation, one family's story (Channel4)

Brazil court grants bail to British executive suspected in alleged World Cup ticket-scalping (Fox News)

Ebola outbreak risk to US 'very low' (BBC)

Ukrainian Soldiers Return From Russia (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Praying for Recovery: Ebola Victim Wheeled Into Atlanta Hospital (NBC News)

Possible carrier of Ebola virus being monitored in Wales (Russia Today)

Israel claims victory amid cease-fire (CNN)

Why This British Politician Resigned Over Gaza (NBC News)

WorldViews: How other countries are scrambling for Africa alongside the U.S. (Washington Post - Paywall)

WorldViews: Why Ebola worries the Defense Department (Washington Post - Paywall)

Video shows the moment ferry sinks (CNN)

Ukraine's revolution dream stalling due to war in the east and political stasis (Guardian)

Gaza ceasefire sets stage for Cairo talks (ALJAZEERA)

US announces $14bn investment in Africa (ALJAZEERA)

California Catastrophes: Why is the Golden State Always a Mess? (Time Magazine)

BBC forced to address conspiracy theory that they removed Middle East correspondent after claims that Israel complained about his coverage (Daily Mail)

Suspected Ebola case in Saudi (CNN)

Russian shopworker bleeds to death after being stabbed by thief who stole mobile phone (Daily Mail)

The sea of red poppies to honour the Glorious Dead: William, Kate and Harry add to the 888,246 ceramic flowers planted at the Tower of London to remember every British life lost in the Great War (Daily Mail)

Palestinian leaders poised to join ICC in order to pursue Israel for war crimes (Guardian)

Has Ebola reached the UK? Welsh national who returned from West Africa is 'in quarantine' (Daily Mail)

Israel-Hamas Ceasefire As Troops Exit Gaza (Sky News)

Soldiers deployed in Sierra Leone and Liberia to contain Ebola outbreak (Guardian)

Jordan circulates revised UN resolution urging durable cease-fire in Gaza war, wants fast vote (Fox News)

Husain: Israel must deal with Hamas (CNN)

Voices of the Gaza conflict (CNN)

Squirrel-kicking video under investigation by Grand Canyon officials (Independent)

Bodies dumped in streets as West Africa struggles to curb Ebola (Reuters)

British cabinet member resigns over Gaza policy (CBS News)

George Osborne Lambasts Warsi's 'Disappointing' Decision To Quit Over UK Policy Towards Israel (Huffington Post)

Gaza ceasefire gives Rafah residents chance to return to ruined homes (Guardian)

Plane carrying second American Ebola victim lands in US (Daily Mail)

British Airways Cancels West Africa Flights Amid Ebola Outbreak (Time Magazine)

Gaza ceasefire: a first step towards tackling more intractable problems (Guardian)

Paisley Dedicates Song to Doctor Fighting Ebola (NBC News)

What We Know About the Secret' Ebola Serum (Time Magazine)

China reaches out to US on Africa projects (Financial Times - Paywall)

Becky Hammon Will Be The NBA's First Female Regular Season Coach (Time Magazine)

From the kiln to the Tower of London: Dozens of British artists made almost 1million ceramic poppies inspired by an unknown soldier's account of blood-soaked fields in Flanders - now you can buy one for £25 (Daily Mail)

Ukraine keeps up anti-rebel offensive with nervous eye on Russia (Reuters)

Police intervene as migrants clash in Calais - video (Guardian)

Second U.S. Ebola Patient Wheeled Into Hospital (NBC News)

Snowden makes first public appearance, secretly visits Moscow's Bolshoi theatre (Russia Today)

Baroness Warsi resigns in Gaza protest (Financial Times - Paywall)

Russian sends 20K troops to border (CNN)

U.N. Reports Dire Impact on Children in Gaza Strip (New York Times - Paywall)

Afghan "insider" attacks U.S. troops at joint base (CBS News)

Gaza Anonymous Hacking Attack Shuts Down 'Hundreds' Of Israeli Government Websites (Huffington Post)

Ebola outbreak: Stricken US missionary staff improving' after taking untested serum (Independent)

Ceasefire takes hold in Gaza (Financial Times - Paywall)

Russia bans Siberia independence march (Guardian)

Heavy Damage Hampers China Rescue Efforts (NBC News)

Saudi Arabia tests man suspected of having Ebola (CBS News)

US seeks to catch up with China in Africa (Financial Times - Paywall)

Russia troops build up on Ukraine border (Financial Times - Paywall)

Why New Yorkers Are Getting Matched With Dogs on Tinder (Time Magazine)

NRA Commentator Posts Video Arguing That Blind People Should Be Allowed To Carry Guns (Huffington Post)

Israel withdraws troops from Gaza as ceasefire begins - video (Guardian)

See The Couple Who Gave New Meaning to Till Death Do Us Part' (Time Magazine)

Retaliation? Russia May Force Airlines to Reroute (NBC News)

Royals plant poppies at Tower of London to commemorate Britain entering the first world war - video (Guardian)

Pioneering Muslim Minister Resigns Over U.K. Government Stance on Gaza (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Palestine pushing for Hague Court probe into Israeli war crimes' in Gaza (Russia Today)

British Airways suspends flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone, citing Ebola concerns (Washington Post - Paywall)

Search for 120 passengers in Bangladesh ferry disaster - video (Guardian)

Daredevil travels the world taking selfies with world's most dangerous animals... and has survived being bitten by a shark, charged by a hippo and mauled by a lion (Daily Mail)

Behind British Minister of Faith Sayeeda Warsi's Resignation Over Gaza (Time Magazine)

Second American Ebola Patient Lands in Atlanta (NBC News)

Second Ebola patient arrives in Georgia for treatment (Reuters)

Barcelona: Why Suarez will not bite (CNN)

American with Ebola en route to Atlanta (CBS News)

The heartwarming true story of how an unwanted puppy changed the fortunes of a homeless man (Daily Mail)

China says investigating two Canadians in espionage case (Reuters)

Britons urged to turn their lights off for First World War centenary (Daily Mail)

Moldova asks Russia to withdraw troops from separatist region after Russia criticizes Moldova (Fox News)

Russia sanctions could jeopardize Britain's economic interest JCB chief (Russia Today)

Google Play removes Bomb Gaza phone app (Daily Mail)

U.S. Ebola patient lands in Atlanta (CNN)

Saudi man in critical condition' is being tested for Ebola as outbreak fears spread beyond West Africa (Washington Post - Paywall)

How five star hotels in London are the most expensive in the world (Daily Mail)

Why We Must Disarm the U.S.'s Unprecedented Nuclear Arsenal (Time Magazine)

Cease-fire begins; Israel says ground forces withdrawn from Gaza (Washington Post - Paywall)

Gaza Fisherman Returns to Sea After Pause in Fighting (NBC News)

Saudi Arabia Tests Man for Possible Ebola (NBC News)

Lens Blog: Looking for the Enduring Photo in Gaza (New York Times - Paywall)

World organization of engineers honors Poles who broke the Nazi Enigma codes (Fox News)

Switzerland to enforce EU sanctions on Russia (Russia Today)

First World War Centenary Marked By Extraordinary Tower Of London Poppy Field (PICTURES) (Huffington Post)

Why women become suicide bombers (CNN)

Relief among Israelis as troops pull out of Gaza but no sense of victory (Guardian)

Second American Ebola Patient Arrives in U.S. (Time Magazine)

Boko Haram and Nigerian military both accused of war crimes as conflict escalates (Independent)

Why We Need to Save Peru's Rain Forests (NBC News)

World Briefing: British Military Jet Escorts Airliner After Bomb Threat (New York Times - Paywall)

British Airways suspends Liberia, Sierra Leone flights amid Ebola fears (Fox News)

'Very unlikely' patient has Ebola at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC (Daily Mail)

One dead, 14 Western troops wounded in shooting at Afghan academy (Reuters)

China Detains Canadian Spy Suspects (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Rescuers Reach China Quake Zone (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Warsi quits as minister over Gaza (BBC)

Africa hopes US will build on trade deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Moscow may force European airlines to fly around Russia (Reuters)

Man's campus death is investigated (BBC)

UK protest group shuts down' factory for supplying Israel arms (Russia Today)

MPs Demand Recall Of Parliament Over Gaza Conflict (Huffington Post)

VIDEO: Astonishing moment proper hero woman leads knife-wielding man out of shop (Daily Express)

Afghan soldier attacks Nato troops (BBC)

Ukraine troops push toward rebels in Donetsk (CBS News)

Deadly Attack: American Troops Shot at Afghan 'West Point' (NBC News)

Charles Manson follower Patricia Krenwinkel gives first on-camera interview (Daily Mail)

Soldier killed by man in Afghan uniform (CNN)

British aid worker Kadir Islam 'killed during Israeli air strike in Gaza while delivering medical supplies' (Daily Mail)

Britain reviews arms exports to Israel over Gaza violence: Licences worth £42m have been granted to British manufacturers over the past four years (Daily Mail)

Contemporary photography from Africa prize winners announced (Guardian)

Saudi says tests man suspected of contracting Ebola in Sierra Leone (Reuters)

Palestinian living in Britain discovered ELEVEN relatives were killed in Gaza air strike (Daily Mail)

Shark fin sales in China take a dive (Financial Times - Paywall)

SpaceX to build world's first commercial rocket launch site in south Texas (Russia Today)

OP-ED: Sayeeda Warsi's resignation over Gaza is not only principled, but also admired (Daily Express)

Man arrested over hoax bomb threat on Manchester-bound plane (Guardian)

International criminal court urged to investigate Gaza 'crimes' (Guardian)

Dual citizen burns Israeli passport at Downing Street in Gaza protest (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Shares in European airlines drop after report claims Russia considering limiting airspace (Fox News)

Indifference, blindness and no moral doubts in Israel about the operation in Gaza' (Russia Today)

Send Obama Ebola as Birthday Gift, Some Israelis Say (NBC News)

Gaza crisis: Israel and Hamas begin 72-hour ceasefire (Guardian)

Baroness Warsi resignation: Twitter backlash as Tory MP Michael Fabricant accused of suggesting Gaza is a Muslim issue' (Independent)

Teenage girl hailed as one of Britain's best young sailors is found dead in woodland just a day after her 17th birthday (Daily Mail)

Ebola Has Landed (Forbes)

The Protective Suits Helping Doctors Treat Ebola Victims (Time Magazine)

Possible Ebola victim monitored (BBC)

Switzerland Adds Names to Ukraine, Russia Black List (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Jamie Olivers pad where he filmed first series of The Naked Chef on market for £3million (Daily Express)

One Dead as Sweden's Forest Fire Rages On (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

VIDEO: Israel pulls troops out of Gaza (BBC)

Trip Advisor name Chester Zoo one of world's best zoos (Daily Mail)

Ebola outbreak could be much worse than thought (CBS News)

New Gaza cease-fire begins as Israel withdraws troops (Los Angeles Times)

Switzerland adopts Russia blacklist (BBC)

Alex Salmond Calls For Arms Embargo On Israel Over Gaza Attacks (Huffington Post)

First world war's bloodlines still colour Europe, Middle East and Africa today (Guardian)

Russia refuses to take part in culture war' with Poland (Russia Today)

Young Norwegian mum's time-lapse video shows horror of putting twins to bed (Independent)

China investigates Canadian couple suspected of intelligence theft (Guardian)

Man has finger bitten off after brawl at Beyonce and Jay Zs On The Run concert in LA (Daily Express)

Gaza crisis: Survivors, no winners (BBC)

Ebola 'Secret Serum': Small Biopharma, The Army, And Big Tobacco (Forbes)

Man arrested on suspicion of making bomb hoax after passenger plane lands at Manchester airport (Fox News)

Man arrested as hoax bomb threat causes Manchester-bound plane to be escorted by RAF jet (Daily Express)

BREAKING NEWS: Man arrested after making bomb hoax on board Qatar Airways flight (Daily Star)

Why Africa leaders' summit matters (CNN)

Arizona man denies pointing loaded gun at woman and her daughter (Guardian)

NATO Troops Shot Dead at Afghanistan's 'West Point' (NBC News)

Israel Pulls Troops Out of Gaza as Truce Kicks In (NBC News)

The war on Gaza continues as does the siege on the media and war on truth (Russia Today)

Man in Afghan army uniform opens fire at base in Afghanistan, killing at least 1 American soldier (Fox News)

Palestinian foreign minister says decision on joining war crimes court coming soon (Fox News)

Video shows rapper shoot and pistol-whip his 'best friend' during music video (Daily Mail)

Spain freezes military exports to Israel (Independent)

China imposes intrusive rules on Uighurs in Xinjiang (Los Angeles Times)

Second Ebola Patient Heads for U.S. Aboard Special Jet (NBC News)

Blood-red sea: Ceramic poppies spill from Tower of London moat to honor World War I dead (Fox News)

Ryan Sheppard jailed for life for beating Mark Roberts to death in Weston-super-Mare (Daily Mail)

Muslim Minister Quits British Government to Protest Gaza Policies (New York Times - Paywall)

Why One Cancer Company Has Raised $300 Million 12 Months Without An IPO (Forbes)

China investigating Canadian coffee shop owners on espionage charges (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ukraine says rebels fired on unarmed troops (ALJAZEERA)

Japan's darling on Tokyo Russia sanctions list (Russia Today)

Donald Trump Fears Ebola Outbreak In US And Calls For 'All' Flights From West Africa To Be Stopped (Huffington Post)

Weapons free space': Russia champions internationally regulated space security (Russia Today)

Aubrey Lee Price reveals how he lived while the world thought he was dead (Daily Mail)

Elton John and husband David Furnish help deaf children to hear for the first time (Daily Express)

Hacking group Anonymous has promised that Israel will 'feel fear tingling in their servers' (Independent)

China detains Canadians for spying (Financial Times - Paywall)

Flight Cost Fear As Russia Considers Airspace (Sky News)

Tarantula found behind oven in Glasgow flat as man cleaned it (Daily Mail)

Why Starbucks will be your next bank (CNN)

Russia eyes ban on EU using airspace (Financial Times - Paywall)

China Investigating Canadian Couple on Suspicion of Espionage (New York Times - Paywall)

Nigeria Confirms Second Ebola Case (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Gammy's mother says she is concerned about adoptive father's history of child abuse - video (Guardian)

Concerns for British man held captive by pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine (Daily Express)

AUDIO: George Osborne on One North plan (BBC)

Mike Watts is one of countless Britons solving problems the State's too useless to fix (Daily Mail)

Is this the worlds most dangerous job? Amazing video of men working on top of VOLCANOS (Daily Express)

Why are civilians dying? (CNN)

Lavish tomb buried for 2,100 years with gold and treasure discovered in China (Independent)

Ukrainian troops edge closer to city held by pro-Russian separatist rebels (Fox News)

Before and after: satellite images of destruction in Gaza (Guardian)

China 'investigating Canada couple' (BBC)

Xiaomi grows 240%, overtaking Samsung as leading smartphone vendor in China (Russia Today)

Moshe Feiglin calls for concentration camps in Gaza and 'conquest of Gaza Strip' (Daily Mail)

UK cabinet minister quits over Gaza policy (ALJAZEERA)

Yes, China has another 'great wall' (CNN)

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone could pay £60m to end bribery trial (Daily Express)

US officials warn Russian troops could move quickly against Ukraine, report says (Fox News)

New York Hospital Tests Man For Ebola Virus (Sky News)

Attack on Lebanese army bus wounds 7 soldiers; troops clash with rebels from Syria near border (Fox News)

Lights go out across London to mark the first world war - video (Guardian)

China Wields Antimonopoly Law (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Prominent Muslim member of UK government resigns over policies on Gaza (Fox News)

Baroness Warsi Quits Over Gaza: First Interview With Former Foreign Office Minister (Huffington Post)

Government minister Baroness Warsi resigns over British stance on Gaza (Daily Star)

Girl, 3, in critical condition after being accidentally shot by boy, 5, with man arrested for child abuse (Independent)

U.S. Diplomacy on Gaza Has Little Sway on Israel (New York Times - Paywall)

First World War Centenary Spectacularly Remembered In London As A Single Beam Of Light Pierces The Night Sky (Huffington Post)

One dead, hundreds evacuated as Swedish forest fire rages (Reuters)

Why is there no vaccine? (CNN)

Finding shelter from Ukraine's war (BBC)

As truce holds, Israel withdraws ground forces from Gaza (CBS News)

Secret serum': Experimental Ebola drug used to treat 2 US aid workers (Russia Today)

Israel, Hamas Start 72-Hour Cease-Fire in Gaza (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Second American Infected With Ebola En Route to U.S. (Time Magazine)

Britons spend huge sum on kitchen gadgets including juicers and bread makers in one year (Daily Mail)

China to ban all coal sales and use in Beijing by 2020 in anti-pollution drive (Fox News)

Russia may bite back, block trans-Siberian flights for European airlines (Russia Today)

Volunteers join soldiers to dig out residents and roads in quake-hit southwestern China (Fox News)

UK minister resigns over Gaza policy (Russia Today)

BREAKING: Baroness Warsi resigns over Governments policy on Gaza (Daily Express)

Baroness Warsi Resigns From Government Over Gaza Conflict (Huffington Post)

Dr Oliver Johnson, working in Sierra Leone describes the horror of the Ebola virus (Daily Mail)

Baroness Warsi quits government over Gaza (Channel4)

New 72-hour ceasefire in place as Israeli troops withdraw from Gaza (Daily Express)

On the scene as African migrants clash in Calais - video (Channel4)

Did secret serum save Ebola victims? (CNN)

Ebola outbreak: Infected US aid workers receive experimental drug treatment' as death toll in West Africa soars to almost 900 (Independent)

Ebola outbreak: BA cancels West Africa services as Nigeria reports new cases (Independent)

Sinosphere Blog: Shadowy World for Chinese Surrogates (New York Times - Paywall)

China Quake Death Toll Nears 400 With Rain Hampering Rescue Efforts (Time Magazine)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Israeli troops 'withdraw from Gaza' as both sides agree to new 72-hour Egyptian-brokered ceasefire (Independent)

DOMINIC SANDBROOK: The lesson our sabre rattling leaders can learn from the Great War carnage (Daily Mail)

Blocked Roads and Ruin Hinder Quake Rescue in China (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Cease-Fire Takes Effect to End Gaza War (Time Magazine)

Landslides caused by China earthquake form lakes that threaten flooding (Fox News)

Tony Abbott: When it comes to counter-terrorism everyone needs to be part of Team Australia video (Guardian)

Man Utd beat Liverpool in US final (BBC)

Police: TV Show Reminded Man That Girl Was in Car (Time Magazine)

World Bank pledges $200m to contain Ebola (ALJAZEERA)

50-stone man frustrated at op rules (BBC)

Gaza ceasefire live: Israel withdraws troops (Channel4)

3-day ceasefire between Israel and Palestinians takes effect (Russia Today)

In Gaza, violent death becomes part of daily life, with hurried burials, suppressed grief (Fox News)

China investigating two Canadians for allegedly stealing state secrets (Fox News)

Ebola epicenter a 'ghost town' (CNN)

Commercial surrogacy against our rules, Thai medical council says in wake of baby Gammy video (Guardian)

VIDEO: World Bank launches Ebola fund (BBC)

England declares war on Germany (Guardian)

Japan Cabinet formally OKs additional sanctions against Russia over Crimea (Fox News)

Israel says ground troops out of Gaza as cease-fire takes effect (Fox News)

Israeli military: All forces to have withdrawn from Gaza by start of cease-fire at 8 a.m. (Fox News)

Israel and Palestinians agree 72-hour truce (ALJAZEERA)

World Leaders Unite To Mark WWI Centenary (Sky News)

Espresso espionage: China arrests Canadian coffee shop owners as spies (Guardian)

Japan Keeps Wary Eye on China (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

HRW: Israel targets fleeing Palestinian civilians (Russia Today)

Jodi Arias to represent self at death penalty trial (CBS News)

Gaza rivals 'agree 72-hour truce' (BBC)

What we know about new Ebola drug (CNN)

World Briefing: China: Earthquake Survivors Rescued (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Azerbaijan and Armenia Trade Attacks (New York Times - Paywall)

Leaders Mark World War I Centenary (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Gaza conflict straining relations between U.S. and Israel (CBS News)

UK turns lights out to commemorate first world war - in pictures (Guardian)

N.Y. Patient Isolated: Hospitals on Alert Over Ebola (NBC News)

China investigates Canadian couple for spying (ALJAZEERA)

First world war centenary: we're slow to learn war's lessons, Peter Cosgrove says (Guardian)

Sierra Leone, Liberia deploy troops as Ebola toll hits 887 (Reuters)

Japan says greater military role needed amid China threat, but budget is tight (Fox News)

GE investing $2B in Africa (CNN)

Nigerian doctor diagnosed with Ebola (CNN)

China investigates Canadian couple in border city over alleged theft of state secrets (Fox News)

Lax Quarantine Undercuts Ebola Fight in Africa (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S., Africa Aim to Boost Trade (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

China quake death toll climbs to 398 as rescuers seek survivors (Reuters)

NY man being tested for Ebola virus (BBC)

VIDEO: Ukrainian soldiers retreat to Russia (BBC)

Bad as Boko Haram? Nigerian Troops Accused of War Crimes (NBC News)

Op-Ed Contributor: Atef Abu Saif: Life and Death in the Gaza Strip (New York Times - Paywall)

World Bank launches $200m Ebola fund (BBC)

Kiev gave up on us': Ukrainian commander tells why 400 troops escaped into Russia (Russia Today)

Plane leaves Liberia with 2nd American with Ebola (Time Magazine)

Buildup Makes Russia Battle-Ready for Ukraine (New York Times - Paywall)

Africa leaders' summit: why human rights are off Obama's agenda (Guardian)

Why so many ships fly Panama's flag (BBC)

Official: Israel and Hamas agree to new 3-day cease-fire (CBS News)

The Guardian, 5 August 1914: England declares war on Germany (Guardian)

Amnesty video seems to show Nigeria troops slitting Boko Haram suspects' throats (Reuters)

Manchester Guardian, 5 August 1914: England declares war on Germany (Guardian)

Doctors say NYC patient likely doesnt have Ebola (CBS News)

WorldViews: A reporter explains what it's like being trapped in the Gaza propaganda war (Washington Post - Paywall)

Fighting in Gaza continues (CBS News)

Nation honours sacrifice of millions who fought in First World War (Daily Star)

Man tested for Ebola in NYC, 50 US experts head to West Africa to contain outbreak (Russia Today)

China investigates two Canadians for suspected theft of state secrets - Xinhua (Reuters)

Prince Wills pay tribute to the lives lost 100 years ago in First World War (Daily Star)

If the Gaza Truce Holds, What Then? 5 Possible Outcomes (Time Magazine)

On Centenary of World War I, Europe Sees Modern Parallels (New York Times - Paywall)

Death in the digital age (BBC)

Hannity: Israel resolute in bid to destroy Hamas terror tunnels (Fox News)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Israel takes brutal revenge on Rafah for the loss of its soldier (Independent)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Israel takes brutal revenge on Rafah for the loss of a soldier (Independent)

On a peaceful evening, nations once at war stood in harmony (Independent)

Jodi Arias to Represent Herself at Death Penalty Trial (NBC News)

LIGHTS OUT: The nation marks the dark days of the Great War (Daily Express)

LIGHTS OUT: Single beam pierces the sky as the nation marks the dark days of the Great War (Daily Express)

Brit dad mourns over loss of 11 family members killed in Gaza (Daily Star)

Brit aid worker reported dead as ceasefire in Gaza collapses after six minutes (Daily Star)

A warrior generation' of fighters from 10 years of war is ready to respond for Britain (Daily Express)

100th anniversary of first shot: Cannon fires in reminder of naval hostilities during WW1 (Daily Express)

Man saved from bear attack - thanks to his Justin Bieber ringtone (Daily Express)

Former Radio One DJ Chris Denning admits abuse of young boys (Daily Express)

2nd U.S. Ebola patient due in Atlanta (CNN)

Ignorance or deliberate disinformation? Obama's facts about Russia all wrong (Russia Today)

WorldViews: The Hannibal Procedure': How far is Israel willing to go to stop its soldiers being captured? (Washington Post - Paywall)

New Cease-Fire in Gaza as Israel Winds Down Military Operation (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. to press South China Sea freeze despite China rejection (Reuters)

First World War Commemorated In Moving Ceremony At Westminster Abbey (Huffington Post)

New York's Mount Sinai hospital treats man for Ebola-like symptoms (Guardian)

Plane lands in Liberia for 2nd American with Ebola (Daily Mail)

Second Ebola patient to head to US (BBC)

VIDEO: A disabled model in a 'perfect' world (BBC)

Gaza crisis: Israel and Hamas agree to 72-hour ceasefire - as it happened (Guardian)

Three-day truce declared in Gaza as Israel winds down campaign (Los Angeles Times)

Female boss loses first Clermont game (BBC)

World Bank pledges $200m to fight Ebola (Financial Times - Paywall)

Armenia sees no imminent threat of war over breakaway Azeri enclave (Reuters)

Ebola death toll jumps to 887 in West Africa (CBS News)

Egyptian ceasefire plan for Gaza accepted (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iranian officials say they have armed Hamas for fight with Israel (Los Angeles Times)

Israel Accepts Egyptian Cease-Fire Plan (Time Magazine)

Morning Mail: Australias detention system akin to torture; Gaza ceasefire agreed (Guardian)

As World War 1 Centenary Is Marked, A Return To Sarajevo Where An Assassin's Bullet Started It All (PICTURES) (Huffington Post)

Enemies in life, comrades in death: a century to count the cost of war (Guardian)

Average Brit has three romps and one break-up in their car (Daily Star)

Second American With Ebola Going Home For Care (Sky News)

American missionary with Ebola readying return home (CBS News)

The sun rises over the poppy fields of Flanders a century to the day since Britain entered the First World War (Daily Mail)

Peace campaigners protest at official commemorations of first world war (Guardian)

Bioethicist: Why We Should Really Worry About Ebola (NBC News)

World War One centenary commemorated (BBC)

Police waste up to £100,000 in fuel by leaving patrol cars running even when there is no one at the wheel (Daily Mail)

Remembrance and reflection as first world war sacrifices are recalled (Guardian)

Israel resumes airstrikes as brief cease-fire ends (CBS News)

Gaza crisis: Israel, Hamas prepare for war crimes probe (Fox News)

Doctor becomes second person to contract Ebola in Nigeria (Daily Mail)

Israel, Palestinians gear up for Gaza war crimes probes, saying they learned from last war (Fox News)

Who Created the Experimental Ebola 'Cocktail'? (NBC News)

U.S. has harsh words for Israel (CNN)

UN General Assembly to hold informal meeting on Gaza war on Wednesday (Fox News)

Unknown fallen of the first world war honoured in schoolgirl's remembrance (Guardian)

Jolie Reine explains why she won't get rid of her PITBULL dog (Daily Mail)

Isis brings its war to Lebanon - and it could be a key part of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's masterplan (Independent)

Isis brings its war to Lebanon - and it could be a key part of a masterplan (Independent)

Isis brings its war to Lebanon - and it could be key to a masterplan (Independent)

Ebola death toll rises to 887 as spread of disease picks up speed (Los Angeles Times)

Spandau Ballet announce they are to record first album in 25 years (Daily Mail)

Palestinians, Israel set to agree to 72-hr truce diplomatic sources (Russia Today)

New 'Big Bang Theory' Deal Could Make Kaley Cuoco One Of TV's Top Paid Actors (Forbes)

Deadly Earthquake Strikes Southern China (NBC News)

Detroit man accused of murder bought gun for security, court hears (Guardian)

Neil deGrasse Tyson escalates defense of GMO products after YouTube video goes viral (Russia Today)

Lights Go Out Across Britain To Mark The Centenary Of The First World War (Huffington Post)

Increasing pressure for peace and justice in Gaza (Guardian)

Father of soldier: Israel must defend itself - video (Channel4)

Bomb Gaza game removed from Google Play (Channel4)

Ebola Gatwick scare: Woman arriving from West Africa dies at airport (Daily Star)

Bangladesh ferry capsizes, killing at least two people, with death toll expected to rise (Daily Mail)

Health workers battle trust issues, attacks in Ebola outbreak (CBS News)

David Cameron: first world war fought 'in defence of British values' (Guardian)

U.S. Doctor With Ebola Got Second Dose of Treatment (NBC News)

Torn by Gaza: One Son Fights, One Son Jailed (NBC News)

Chinese soldier separated from long-lost first wife reunites with her 70 YEARS later (Daily Express)

World War One centenary events held (BBC)

Far-right Hungarian mayor, Mihaly Zoltan Orosz, filmed hanging effigy of Benjamin Netanyahu in protest against Gaza war (Independent)

Gaza conflict: 'we don't have anything' then suddenly the ceasefire was over (Guardian)

Twins prove a 'nightmare' for their mom at bedtime in time-lapse video (Daily Mail)

Road named in honour of war hero who rescued brothers body from No Mans Land (Daily Express)

Google Reports Man To Police Over Images Of Child Abuse On Gmail Account (Huffington Post)

Australia's asylum detention regime akin to torture, says immigration mental health chief video (Guardian)

Asylum seekers' medical records being used against them, says mental health chief video (Guardian)

Asylum seekers self-harming is 'seen as bad behaviour' video (Guardian)

WorldViews: How Israel is losing Europe (Washington Post - Paywall)

Man arrested over music venue deaths (BBC)

Russia waging massive war games as Ukraine recovers more territory (Los Angeles Times)

Royal family commemorates the start of World War I (CBS News)

Protesters in Sri Lanka Disrupt Meeting on Civil War Missing (New York Times - Paywall)

Colossus penguin was taller than MAN (Daily Mail)

Gaza conflict: Foreign Office urgently investigating reports of British aid worker death (Independent)

Leaders mark World War One centenary (ALJAZEERA)

Setback In Ebola Battle As Death Toll Rises (Sky News)

Gaza's enduring echoes from world war one (Channel4)

UN envoys from 14 countries record World War I poems for 100th anniversary exhibition (Fox News)

Death Toll Rises in Nepal Landslide as Search for Bodies Continues (New York Times - Paywall)

American Ebola victims may have been saved by miraculous treatment (Daily Express)

Death Toll Rises in Azerbaijan-Armenia Conflict (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Nigeria records second Ebola case (BBC)

Nigerian doctor infected with Ebola as West Africa scrambles (CBS News)

Ebola and insurgents risk derailing Obama's Africa summit (Independent)

Ebola and insurgents risk derailing Barack Obama's Africa summit (Independent)

David Cameron and US condemn Gaza school air strikes (Daily Mail)

Police Arrest Man Over Death Of Fisherman's Friends Singer Trevor Grills (Huffington Post)

Why is McIlroy on top of the world? (CNN)

China Faults Oversight in Factory Blast (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hundreds of Ukraine troops cross into Russia (ALJAZEERA)

VIDEO: releases trippiest music video yet (Daily Star)

Ukraine troops enter Russia in clash (BBC)

Gaza deaths appalling, says Cameron (BBC)

Russia to hold war games in show of strength near Ukraine (Reuters)

Race to rescue China quake survivors (BBC)

Smoking Fish Video Causes Outrage At Such Blatant Animal Cruelty (Huffington Post)

Nigeria Ebola doctor contracts the virus (ALJAZEERA)

England 'ready to win World Cup' (BBC)

Lieberman calls for UN to govern Gaza (Financial Times - Paywall)

20 Incredible Pictures Of Brave Animals On The Battlefields Of World War I (Huffington Post)

Russia Stages Exercises On Ukraine Border (Sky News)

Hundreds of Ukrainian troops cross into Russia (CBS News)

Israel-Gaza conflict: New Snowden leak reveals extent of US intelligence co-operation with Israel (Independent)

Digger Topples Bus In Israel 'Terror Attack' (Sky News)

Another Gaza ceasefire broken (Channel4)

US confronts militant dilemma in Africa (Financial Times - Paywall)

This Video Of Kids Reacting To An Old-Fashioned Typewriter Will Make You Feel Really, Really Old (Huffington Post)

Ebola outbreak: Sierra Leone suspends football matches as virus sweeps through west Africa (Independent)

That's one way to double your money: Developer bought house in Sandbanks millionaires' resort - and flattened it to make way for TWO new £6.5million homes (Daily Mail)

One of the unsung heroes of world war one (Channel4)

Earthquake Kills Hundreds in Southwest China (New York Times - Paywall)

France condemns Israel over Gaza (BBC)

500 children stranded by California thunderstorms and one person killed (Independent)

Nigerian doctor stricken with Ebola, the country's first domestic case (Los Angeles Times)

McDonald's back to normal in China after changing food suppliers (Russia Today)

Why A Girl-Powered 'Ghostbusters' Matters (Forbes)

Switzerland will not blindly follow EU sanctions against Russia economy minister (Russia Today)

World losing interest in Syria conflict? (CNN)

Troops join China quake relief (CNN)

5 Reasons Why Automakers Should Fear Google's Driverless Car (Forbes)

In Fatal Flash, Gaza Psychologist Switches Roles, Turning Into a Trauma Victim (New York Times - Paywall)

No, Vladimir Putin did not get pooped on by a bird during a First World War speech (Independent)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Foreign Office investigates reports of British aid worker killed in Gaza (Independent)

Liberia orders Ebola cremations (BBC)

Lagos sees second Ebola case, doctor who treated victim - health minister (Reuters)

Brand, Fox host trade barbs over Gaza (CNN)

France's Hollande urges action on 'massacres' in Gaza (Russia Today)

Pompey in World War One kit tribute (BBC)

Israel pulls ground troops, focuses underground (CBS News)

Man accidentally kills himself with gun he wanted a selfie with (Independent)

British aid worker killed in Gaza - reports (Russia Today)

UN was right to speak out on the Gaza crisis, says UK Prime Minister (Russia Today)

3 Things Barack Obama Got Wrong About Russia (Forbes)

Could obesity be cured by turning off a brain receptor? Food cravings and over-eating could be prevented by deactivating one 'sweet spot' (Daily Mail)

Family of doctor sick with Ebola call for prayers for his colleague (Reuters)

Merriam Ibrahim's husband Daniel Wani speaks out for the first time (Daily Mail)

Soldier with no legs sets new world record for planche push-ups (Daily Mail)

Ukraine plans to mirror Western sanctions on Russia (Russia Today)

Terrifying': Ebola panic after passenger on Sierra Leone flight to London dies (Russia Today)

Sean Hannity arrives in Israel as tensions mount between the Fox News anchor and Russell Brand over 'bigoted' coverage on Gaza (Independent)

Sean Hannity arrives in Israel as tensions mount between the Fox News anchor and Russell Brand over 'bigotted' coverage on Gaza (Independent)

Can you catch Ebola on a plane? (CNN)

'Catastrophic' consequences of Ebola (CNN)

First World War Centenary: Powerful images that capture the moment cheering Europe heralded the declaration of war (Independent)

Prince Harry unveils WWI centenary memorial arch - video (Channel4)

Why ex-prisoners need health care (CNN)

Children who play video games are 'better adjusted' - but only if they spend less than an hour a day on them (Daily Mail)

Israeli airstrike kills militant leader in Gaza (CBS News)

Leaders mark first world war centenary (Financial Times - Paywall)

China says can build what it wants on South China Sea isles (Reuters)

WWI anniversary: the road to war - in tweets (Channel4)

Earthquake in southern China kills at least 381 and leaves 1,800 injured (Daily Mail)

Spetsnaz veterans to launch anti-Maidan council' in Russia (Russia Today)

World War I: No end in sight to conflict (CNN)

World War One And The 'Short-War Illusion' (Sky News)

Obama's 'helplessness' an act: Snowden reveals scale of US aid to Israel (Russia Today)

China earthquake kills hundreds - video (Channel4)

VIDEO: Deadly Gaza strike outside UN school (BBC)

Over 400 Ukrainian troops cross into Russia for refuge (Russia Today)

Quake kills hundreds in southern China (Financial Times - Paywall)

Attack near U.N. shelter leaves 10 dead as Israel pulls most ground troops from Gaza (Washington Post - Paywall)

'This madness must stop,' U.N. chief says after Gaza refuge shelled (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. plans "surge" in efforts to fight Ebola in West Africa (CBS News)

Israel withdraws most of its ground troops from Gaza (CBS News)

Actors in tiff about Gaza (CNN)

WWI anniversary: Dulce et Decorum est - video (Channel4)

Israelis regard soldier deaths in Gaza as a price that must be paid (Washington Post - Paywall)

WorldViews: For one Gazan family, not much of a homecoming (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: China earthquake kills hundreds (BBC)

U.N. agency head: Israel does too little to protect Palestinians (CBS News)

Israeli military announces "new phase" of Gaza operation (CBS News)

Miliband on Gaza: government should 'speak out' - video (Channel4)

Gaza attack: 'We were striking a legitimate target' - video (Channel4)

VIDEO: Villagers try to stop Ebola burials (BBC)

Why Your Company Should Recognize Individuals, Not Worker Bees (Forbes)

Chinese General Motors parts factory explosion death toll hits 69 (Daily Mail)

Why Jessica Alba Just Might Be Hollywood's Smartest Mommy Mogul (Forbes)

Linus the Bichon-Poo goes crazy over 'other dog' in the mirror in viral video (Daily Mail)

Nearly 100 dead in China 'terror attack' (CNN)

VIDEO: Ebola baby buried by strangers (BBC)

Why I'm privileged to have a son with Down's syndrome (Channel4)

Inside 'Mad Max' fantasy world (CNN)

Netanyahu says Israeli military will take as much time as necessary' in Gaza (Washington Post - Paywall)

As the West steps up sanctions, Russia starts banning food (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: The man who helped save 50 million lives (BBC)

Britain to close embassy in Libya and withdraw staff - video (Channel4)

Factory explosion in eastern China kills dozens - video (Channel4)

Ebola explained (CNN)

Gaza life: No water, no electricity (CNN)

Islamic State's war on religion - clickable graphic (Channel4)

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