Wednesday, 13th August 2014

World News

Child killed after Egypt is hit by rocket fired from Gaza Strip (Daily Mail)

Russia and Ukraine continue standoff over 'aid' convoy as 12 Ukrainian activists are shot dead and dozens taken hostage when bus is attacked by pro-Russian separatists (Daily Mail)

Israeli soldier spotted wearing 'Deployed, Destroyed and Enjoyed Gaza 2014' t-shirt (Daily Mail)

Gaza truce 'extended by five days' (BBC)

As Spain buries Europe's first Ebola victim ANOTHER top doctor dies of the killer disease... And it might be spreading to Kenya (Daily Mail)

Ukraine Sends Mixed Messages on Russian Convoy (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S. Forces Land on Iraq Mountain to Plan Rescue (NBC News)

More arms and aid planned for Iraq (BBC)

Iggy Azalea's Leaked Nothing Like Me' Video Is, Well, Nothing Like Her (Time Magazine)

Iraq crisis: US deploys special forces to assess Mt Sinjar rescue mission live (Guardian)

Gaza ceasefire 'extended for five days' (ALJAZEERA)

Genius, Mensch, Sad Clown: Dissecting What Robin Williams Really Meant to People (Time Magazine)

Ferguson Police Chief: 'We Understand the Anger' (NBC News)

Israel, Palestinians pursue Gaza deal with ceasefire clock ticking (Reuters)

Consignment of experimental Ebola drug arrives in Liberia (Reuters)

UK to help in major Iraq rescue mission: Cameron vows to airlift 30,000 starving and dying Yazidi refugees stranded on Mount Sinjar (Daily Mail)

Gaza conflict: Israel and Hamas agree to extend ceasefire by five days (Guardian)

Police 'to aid Brown death inquiry' (BBC)

Gorilla befriended by Robin Williams 'cries' when hearing of his death (Daily Star)

Israel, Hamas Extend Truce in Gaza (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Palestinian official says temporary Gaza cease-fire to be extended for 5 days (Fox News)

Man spends 10 months creating cute proposal video (Daily Mail)

Trolls target Robin Williams' daughter (CNN)

Iraq crisis: Yazidi refugees keen to leave for good - video (Channel4)

Reflecting on Media Coverage of Robin Williams and Other Fascinating News on the Web (Time Magazine)

CCTV shows wall of water rip through US hospital - video (Guardian)

Gaza Conflict: Truce 'Extended By Five Days' (Sky News)

Stolen: Giant bronze statue dedicated to France's fallen World War I soldiers (Fox News)

British SAS sent to Iraq on 'intelligence' mission before airlift of Yazidi refugees (Guardian)

The Yazidis and the Kurds Hope for U.S. Salvation in Iraq (Time Magazine)

Obama could put troops on the ground in Iraq to save tens of thousands trapped on mountain, White House says (Daily Mail)

Brazil's Supreme Court elects new chief justice to replace panel's first black justice (Fox News)

Why Americas war in Afghanistan is no victory (CBS News)

US Marines, Special Forces Land In Iraq To Evacuate Yazidi From Islamic State Militants (Huffington Post)

Rocket Fired Before End of Truce: Israeli Police (NBC News)

US 'rejects' Maliki's bid to keep power in Iraq in favour of new prime minister (Guardian)

Next generation thanks Robin Williams (CNN)

Hamas shows off M-75 rockets as truce winds down - video (Guardian)

American With Ebola Is Getting Stronger, Husband Says (NBC News)

George Galloway investigated by police after he declares Bradford constituency an 'Israel-free zone' (Daily Mail)

Italian Journalist Is Among Six Dead in Gaza Bomb-Disposal Accident (New York Times - Paywall)

Ebola medics fight fear and myth (CNN)

Japan 'strongly protests' against Russian exercises on disputed isles (Reuters)

Slaughter in Iraq shows why ditching European human rights law would be a disaster, says sacked Tory minister Dominic Grieve (Daily Mail)

Japan protests Russian military drills on disputed islands (Los Angeles Times)

UN identifies escalation of violence in Ukraine as death toll doubles (Guardian)

Deadline looms as Gaza truce efforts continue (ALJAZEERA)

Ecuador earthquake death toll rises to four (Reuters)

Rocket fired from Gaza hits Israel (BBC)

WHO: Ebola cases near 2,000 (CNN)

Iraq crisis: British forces on their way - but officials rule out military action (Independent)

Gaza ceasefire broken once again as rocket fired towards southern Israel (Daily Express)

Rocket fired from Gaza into S. Israel hours before 3-day ceasefire expiry (Russia Today)

Israeli Man Socialises In Jerusalem Bar Wearing 'DEPLOYED, DESTROYED, ENJOYED, GAZA 2014' T-Shirt (Huffington Post)

Britain To Help 'Major Iraq Rescue Mission' (Sky News)

Israeli Police Say Rocket Lands in Israel 2 Hours Before End of Gaza War Temporary Cease-Fire (Time Magazine)

Brazil Presidential Candidate Dies in Plane Crash (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: How the UK is guarding against Ebola (BBC)

Africa's last polar bear dies (CNN)

Brazil presidential candidate dies in plane crash (Los Angeles Times)

Aftermath of Iraqi helicopter crash in Sinjar mountains - video (Guardian)

WorldViews: Tragic deaths in Gaza are a reminder of a world full of unexploded bombs (Washington Post - Paywall)

Third person dies of Ebola fever in Nigeria (Reuters)

Obama may deploy ground troops in Iraq for humanitarian mission - White House advisor (Russia Today)

Iraq and the consequences of turning non-intervention into a principle (Guardian)

Lesson of Syria vote weighs heavily as Cameron mulls Iraq (Guardian)

VIDEO: US actress Lauren Bacall dies at 89 (BBC)

US nuke accusations part of infowar set to discredit Russia' over Ukraine crisis (Russia Today)

Donations to UKIP overtake those to the Lib Dems for the first time as Nigel Farage's party rakes in more than £1.4m (Daily Mail)

Egypt asks Israel and Hamas to extend cease-fire in Gaza (Los Angeles Times)

Gaza and Israel locked in talks as end of ceasefire approaches (Guardian)

Mother 'advised to abort unborn son' holds him for the first time (Daily Mail)

Standoff ensues over Russian aid convoy for eastern Ukraine (Los Angeles Times)

Ukraine accuses Russia of cynicism over convoy; death toll rises sharply (Reuters)

Dramatic Video Of Police Bridge Jumper Rescue (Sky News)

U.S. Could Use Ground Troops to Aid Rescue of Iraq Refugees (New York Times - Paywall)

Cameron: UK 'role' in Iraq rescue bid (BBC)

Ebola Outbreak: 56 People Dead In Two Days (Sky News)

Ukraine races to beat Russian convoy (Financial Times - Paywall)

WHO: More Than 1,000 Killed in Ebola Outbreak (Time Magazine)

Pope offers prayer for Italian journalist and Palestinian translator killed in Gaza (Fox News)

Ukraine crisis: Humanitarian aid mission stalls over fears it will be used as pretext for Russian invasion (Independent)

AP journalist, translator, three bomb disposal experts killed in Gaza blast (Russia Today)

Unseemly scramble to northern Iraq (Guardian)

Michael Brown shooting: Angry parents demand justice for teenage son gunned down by police (Independent)

BBC shows episode of Family Guy involving Robin Williams and failed suicide attempt just minutes before his death is announced (Daily Mail)

Ebola outbreak: Fears for Lagos - a vast city of 21 million perfect for the virus to spread' (Independent)

Robin Williams 'resented' making Mrs Doubtfire sequel and four other films (Daily Mail)

Libya's parliament calls for UN aid to quell militia fighting (Reuters)

Ukraine vows to block Russian aid convoy (ALJAZEERA)

Death toll at 4 in Quito, Ecuador quake; 3 more people missing (Fox News)

Pope Francis begins first Asia trip (BBC)

Ebola outbreak: Deaths from malaria and other diseases could soar while Africa's over-stretched healthcare systems fight the virus, expert warns (Independent)

World News Update: Business is booming as Britain's unemployment at a six-year low (Daily Star)

12 Ukraine militiamen killed in ambush, others kidnapped (CBS News)

Prime Minister says Britain 'will play a role' in major Iraq rescue mission (Daily Star)

Brazilian presidential candidate dies in plane crash (Daily Express)

Watch Allison Williams Take Her First Flying Lesson For Peter Pan (Time Magazine)

Brazil candidate Campos dies in crash (BBC)

Greek farmers hit hard by Russian sanctions against EU produce (Guardian)

Amateur Video Reveals Aftermath of Iraqi Helicopter Crash (NBC News)

Brazil presidential candidate dies in plane crash, official says (Fox News)

NY governor offers 'total solidarity' for Israel over monthlong Gaza war in Jerusalem visit (Fox News)

Turkey airlifts 18 more Palestinians from Gaza for treatment in Turkish hospitals (Fox News)

First woman wins maths' highest honor (CNN)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic gives $50,000 to help Swedish learning difficulties team make World Cup (Russia Today)

Planning for Iraq rescue mission begins (Financial Times - Paywall)

Russia aid convoy faces uncertainty (BBC)

EU Scales Up Iraq Involvement (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Simone Camilli, AP video journalist killed in Gaza, captured human suffering amid war (Fox News)

Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall dies (CNN)

Canada sends trial Ebola vaccine to W Africa (ALJAZEERA)

Germany prepares military aid for Kurds (Financial Times - Paywall)

Kenya 'at high risk' of deadly Ebola (BBC)

Brazil presidential candidate Campos dies in plane crash - TV (Reuters)

Iraq: Britain will 'play role' in arms transport, says David Cameron - video (Guardian)

Ebola outbreak prompts WHO to okay untested drugs (CBS News)

Ebola a high risk' in Kenya, WHO warns (Russia Today)

Israel criticised over army's 'Hannibal procedure' in event of soldier kidnap: Tactic involves overwhelming fire that killed over 100 Palestinians in Gaza war (Daily Mail)

A hug cannot heal US split over Iraq (Financial Times - Paywall)

A Robin Hood Musical Is Headed for TV (Time Magazine)

How the Pentagon Would Save the Stranded Refugees in Northern Iraq (Time Magazine)

AP journalist, others killed in Gaza by leftover ordinance (CBS News)

Confusion and Alarm as Russian Aid Convoy Heads to Ukraine (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: First female winner for maths medal (BBC)

Ebola outbreak: Graphics reveal how deadly virus spread from two-year-old in Guinea to be international public health emergency' (Independent)

Police probe as Islamic State supporters hand out leaflets on Oxford Street (Daily Express)

Missouri Police In New Shooting Amid Unrest (Sky News)

Police won't ID officer in teen shooting (CNN)

Pope to make first South Korean visit in 25 years to beatify martyrs, encourage faithful (Fox News)

Chris Christie Did the Ice Bucket Challenge And Here's Video Proof (Time Magazine)

Israel-Gaza crisis: Gaza truce extended despite three rockets being fired at Israel (Independent)

Gaza conflict takes toll in south Israel (Financial Times - Paywall)

WorldViews: The work of Simone Camilli, AP journalist killed in Gaza (Washington Post - Paywall)

AP video journalist Simone Camilli, translator and 4 others killed in Gaza explosion (Fox News)

Journalist Killed In Gaza Missile Blast (Sky News)

At War Blog: Williams Opposed War, but Supported the Troops (New York Times - Paywall)

A deal on ending Gaza war between Israel, Hamas may hinge on a seaport for blockaded territory (Fox News)

Africa's 'last polar bear', Wang, dies in zoo (Guardian)

Drug addict 'under arrest' escaped from hospital after police guarded wrong patient (Daily Mail)

Ukraine to block Russian aid convoy (Channel4)

AP video journalist, interpreter among 5 killed at Gaza ordnance dump (Washington Post - Paywall)

France sending weapons to help Kurds battle militants in Iraq (Fox News)

Children as young as SIX exposed to video games involving sex and violence (Daily Mail)

Russian convoy makes abrupt change (CNN)

France approves arms shipments to Kurds fighting Islamic State in Iraq (Los Angeles Times)

Experimental Ebola Drugs Approved (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

British adventurers dodge sharks, storms and drug smugglers during 380 mile trek off Panama coast to break world paddleboarding record (Daily Mail)

Newlywed dies of cervical cancer aged 26 after being denied a smear test by doctors THREE times because she was 'too young' (Daily Mail)

Russell Brand Wants Big Business To Stop 'Profiting From Gaza Conflict' (Huffington Post)

VIDEO: Lancasters in first tandem flight (BBC)

Ukraine-bound Russian convoy stuck amid doubts over route (Fox News)

Britain to 'play a role' in Yazidi rescue mission in Iraq (Channel4)

Google Street SOUND adds music and noises to the world as people virtually explore (Daily Mail)

Lancasters make first tandem flight (BBC)

UN says Ukraine death toll doubles in 2 weeks to at least 2,086 in 'clear escalating trend' (Fox News)

U.S. military cautiously ups role in Iraq (CBS News)

France Plans Arms Shipments to Kurdish Forces in Iraq (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: UK 'will play role' in Iraq help (BBC)

Ukraine Deaths Soar As Russian Lorries Halted (Sky News)

Robin Williams dies, Aaron Ramsey scores has the Arsenal star's curse returned? (Daily Star)

End Tick Box Culture of Care, Break the Mould and Put Customers First (Huffington Post)

Police release shocking picture of top academic battered by vicious burglars in £2m home (Daily Express)

Pope Francis appeals to UN to end tragedy in Iraq (Fox News)

World's first test-tube penguin born in California (Daily Mail)

FIRST LOOK: Harry Reid makes EastEnders debut as FIFTH reincarnation of Ben Mitchell (Daily Express)

Russia suspends alcohol imports from Ukraine - consumer rights watchdog (Russia Today)

'My wife thinks I will come home in a box' and three days later Gaza bomb disposal expert was dead (Guardian)

Exclusive: Islamic State militants seize wheat from state silos - Iraq Grain Board (Reuters)

How To Make Your First Million Dollars - Yo, Hailo And Others Explain (Forbes)

Eyes to the sky: Amazing first pictures of shooting stars during the Perseid meteor shower (Daily Express)

Nigel Willis, 50, Dies After Getting Vibrator Stuck Up His Bottom For 5 Days (Huffington Post)

UK govt to block arms exports to Israel if Gaza fighting resumes (Russia Today)

Robin Williams Petition Against Fox News Goes Viral After Anchor Calls Late Comic A 'Coward' (Huffington Post)

Bangladeshi Police Capture Owner of Overloaded Ferry That Sank (New York Times - Paywall)

Life stopped for us': RT joins Lugansk residents fleeing violence in E. Ukraine (Russia Today)

Ukraine may block 300-vehicle Russian 'humanitarian' convoy (Daily Mail)

UKIP MEP Louise Bours calls for death penalty to be reintroduced (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Video shows US hospital hit by flood (BBC)

900 French citizens in Iraq and Syria for jihad, or on route, security official says (Fox News)

Manchester United become first club to hire wheelchair bound coach for able-bodied players (Daily Express)

Six killed as Palestinian bomb disposal unit dismantle Israeli missile in Gaza (Daily Mail)

Bomb Disposal Experts and Journalist Killed by Gaza Blast (NBC News)

Financial hell forced Robin Williams to suicide after £20m divorces killed his career (Daily Star)

Ukip MEP Louise Bours Wants To Bring Back The Death Penalty (Huffington Post)

Ariana Grande's 'Break Free' Video Is One Of The Most Ridiculous/Amazing Things You'll Ever Lay Eyes On (Huffington Post)

David Cameron cuts holiday short amid growing pressure for British action in Iraq (Daily Express)

Eyewitness: Beit Hanoun, Gaza (Guardian)

Tonight, Michael Jackson Will Become the First Person to Premiere a Music Video on Twitter (Forbes)

Unemployment plummets by 132,000 to just over 2 million... but pay FALLS 0.2% for first time in five years (Daily Mail)

New police shooting near tense Missouri town (CBS News)

U.S. Weighs Iraq Rescue Mission to Save Yazidis (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Robin Williams Dead: Ricky Gervais Pays Tribute To Man Who 'Even When He Wasn't Well, Did His Best To Make You Laugh' (Huffington Post)

Unfortunate timing: Two stations air Robin Williams Family Guy episodes soon after death (Daily Star)

Robin Williams' Daughter Quits Social Media After Being Trolled (Time Magazine)

Family pays warm tribute to Williams (BBC)

Channel 4 News apologises for Robin Williams coverage which used 'inappropriate line' (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: US Yazidis lobby for Iraq community (BBC)

France to send arms to besieged Yazidi community in Iraq (Guardian)

Nigeria fears fourth Ebola frontline after infected man lands in Lagos (Guardian)

Watch: Dramatic footage of Maryland police officer saving man from apparent suicide attempt (Independent)

Ukraine Crisis Hardens Germany Against Russia, an Old Partner (New York Times - Paywall)

Michael Brown shooting: Another man shot by police near scene of 18-year-old's death (Independent)

Michael Brown shooting: Violence erupts after police shoot second man amid calls for calm from Obama (Independent)

12 pro-government Ukraine militiamen killed in ambush (Fox News)

Heavy rain causes flash flooding in northern US - video (Guardian)

Dutch canal death remains a mystery (BBC)

It's Winnie and mini Winnie Meet the UK's first CLONED dog (Daily Star)

Lauren Bacall Dead: How Hollywood Icon Was First Person To Use Phrase 'Rat Pack', And Who REALLY Discovered Her (Huffington Post)

Gaza blast leaves several dead during attempt to disable Israeli missile (Guardian)

Silver Screen Legend Lauren Bacall Dies at 89 (NBC News)

She was an original Barbra Streisand leads tributes after death of actress Lauren Bacall (Daily Express)

Watch Late Night Hosts Pay Tribute to Robin Williams (Time Magazine)

France most popular country in the world with record-breaking number of tourists (Daily Mail)

Why there should be no sanctions war between Russia and the West (Russia Today)

Sinkhole forms in Ross Township, Pittsburgh - video (Guardian)

AP Video Journalist Killed in Gaza (Time Magazine)

More U.S. advisers sent to Iraq (CNN)

Robin Williams' daughter quits Twitter (BBC)

Man who modified Maserati to resemble 'Transformers' Decepticon charged with impersonating police (Independent)

First woman winner of premier maths prize (Financial Times - Paywall)

Western sanctions didn't hurt Russian arms trade' (Russia Today)

Iraq crisis: UK steps up role with move to support Kurds, Yazidis against ISIS (Russia Today)

Associated Press video journalist killed in Gaza (Fox News)

Gaza bomb disposal team hit by blast (BBC)

Robin Williams' Death Prompts Warning To Media Over 'Irresponsible' Reporting Of Suicide (Huffington Post)

UK must bomb Iraq fanatics, says Fox: Ex-Defence Secretary calls for the RAF to join US in blitz on Islamists (Daily Mail)

David Cameron Cuts Short Holiday To Deal With Iraq Crisis (Huffington Post)

Op-Ed Contributor: Woodrow Wilson, World War I, and American Idealism (New York Times - Paywall)

45% of Brits want to bring back death penalty 50 yrs after last execution (Russia Today)

Death toll in Ukraine conflict doubles in 2 weeks, reaches 2,086 - UN (Russia Today)

North Korea time-lapse video offers glimpse into Communist state (Daily Mail)

Remembering Robin Williams (1951 2014) (Time Magazine)

Was this a police sting? Burglar in hospital after he sat on a wasps' nest while trying to hide from officers after stealing a fish tank (Daily Mail)

Op-Ed Contributors: Disrupt ISIS's Cash Flow in Iraq (New York Times - Paywall)

Actress Lauren Bacall Dies at Age 89 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Iraq PM 'will not quit' without court ruling (ALJAZEERA)

Russian aid convoy set to reach Ukraine border within hours (Guardian)

David Cameron cuts short holiday by a day over Iraq crisis (Guardian)

San Francisco Neighbours Mourn Robin Williams (Sky News)

France to supply weapons to Kurdish forces in Iraq (Russia Today)

Robin Williams: 'World Less Full Of Laughter' (Sky News)

Man dies after flyover car crash (BBC)

Robin Williams' kids tormented by sick trolls hours after touching tributes to 'kind' dad (Daily Star)

Hollywood Actress Lauren Bacall Dies Aged 89 (Sky News)

Israel-Hamas talks tackle Gaza blockade (ALJAZEERA)

Obama says Missouri shooting death tragic, reflection needed (Reuters)

Mental Health Campaigners Warn Robin Williams 'Genie' Tweet Glorifies Suicide (Huffington Post)

Ebola kills 9 lives in 1 family (CNN)

Poland summons Russian ambassador over politician's claims Poland, Baltics to be 'wiped out' (Fox News)

Ukraine crisis: death toll doubles to 2,080 within just two weeks as army warns it will block 'Putin humanitarian aid convoy' (Independent)

Ukraine crisis: Army will block 'Putin humanitarian aid convoy' at Kharkiv border (Independent)

UK drops third round of aid in Iraq (BBC)

Troops step up Baghdad security as world support for new PM grows (Fox News)

Gilliam: Williams so special (CNN)

Children born to obese mothers are more likely to end up in hospital in their first five years (Daily Mail)

Palestinians Mull Egyptian Proposal for Gaza Truce (Time Magazine)

Ukraine intensifies shelling on rebel-held city in Ukraine, at least 3 killed (Fox News)

Robin Williams Dead: Actor's Children Make Emotional Statement Following Their Father's Death (Huffington Post)

Surgeons' death rate lists 'bad for patients' heart surgeon Stephen Westaby warns (Daily Mail)

Time running out for Gaza cease-fire (CNN)

Iraq crisis: Britain told to up the ante' with military action against Isis as horrific details emerge of Yazidi nightmare on Mount Sinjar (Independent)

Iraq crisis: Britain told to 'up the ante' with military action against Isis as horrific details emerge of Yazidi nightmare on Mount Sinjar (Independent)

Iraq crisis: Europe edges closer to military action against Isis as horrific details emerge of Yazidi nightmare on Mount Sinjar (Independent)

The Killing of an Unarmed Teen: What We Know About Brown's Death (NBC News)

Missouri police 'shoot second man' in city where teenager was killed (Guardian)

Iraq: US deploys extra 130 troops for humanitarian assessment - video (Guardian)

Nationalist fighters killed in Ukraine (ALJAZEERA)

US sends more advisers to Iraq (BBC)

France sending 20 tons of medicine, tents, water treatment gear to northern Iraq Wednesday (Fox News)

MP calls for head of Greater Manchester Police Sir Peter Fahy to be suspended (Daily Mail)

Police crack down on Times Square costumed characters (Guardian)

The cutthroat world of inflight movies (CNN)

U.S. ready to help new Iraq leader, Iran welcomes choice (Reuters)

VIDEO: Shimon Peres 'seeks peace' over Gaza (BBC)

Priest Infected With Ebola Dies in Spain (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The first contestant Frankie Sandford waltzes onto Strictly Come Dancing line up (Daily Express)

Michael Brown shooting: Barack Obama calls for calm from Missouri rioters as police refuse to name officer who shot black teenager (Independent)

The world got a little greyer: Robin Williams three children lead tributes for the star (Daily Express)

Robin Williams was a 'genius so manic he said cocaine helped him keep calm' (Daily Mail)

Robin Williams Death: Spotlight On Depression (Sky News)

Robin Williams Dead: Actor's Daughter Zelda Williams Quits Twitter After Being Sent Fake Photos Of Star's Body (Huffington Post)

Hollywood golden girl Lauren Bacall dies aged 89 (Daily Star)

Palestinian negotiators mull over Egyptian proposal for Gaza as clock on cease-fire winds down (Fox News)

Obama urges calm over black teenager's death (ALJAZEERA)

Amazon sales of Robin Williams' movies spike following actor's death (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Robin Williams: Police confirm suicide (BBC)

Bomb attacks in Baghdad as US sends more military to Iraq (Channel4)

Silver screen star Lauren Bacall dies aged 89 (Daily Express)

Defence minister makes no 'rule-in rule-out guarantee' on troops to Iraq (Guardian)

Iranian the first woman to snare maths prize (ALJAZEERA)

'I'll never understand how he could be loved so deeply and not find it in his heart to stay': Robin Williams' children release poignant tributes to comic as it emerged he killed himself while his wife slept next door (Daily Mail)

Woman Shot in Head in Ferguson: Police (NBC News)

Supreme marks first hit anniversary (BBC)

US press freedom watchdog calls on Kiev to free Russian journo (Russia Today)

Danniella Westbrook's cage fighter boyfriend 'arrested by police and held overnight after couple have blazing row at her home' (Daily Mail)

Australian prime minister won't rule out sending a combat force to Iraq to prevent genocide (Fox News)

Actor Robin Williams' death was 'suicide' (ALJAZEERA)

Iraq Crisis: US Sends 130 More Military Advisers (Sky News)

Canada to give WHO Ebola vaccine (BBC)

Robin Williams' Family Remembers the Gentle, Loving' Actor (Time Magazine)

Iranian Stanford professor first woman to win top maths prize (Reuters)

World Briefing: India: Modi Criticizes Pakistan (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Mexico: Mining Spill Pollutes River (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Turkey: Aid Flotilla Is Planned for Gaza (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: North Korea: Captive's Kin Apologize (New York Times - Paywall)

Hollywood icon Lauren Bacall dies at 89 (ALJAZEERA)

World Briefing: Denmark: Fatal Outbreak Tied to Meat (New York Times - Paywall)

Robin Williams 'very drawn and thin' day before he hanged himself (Daily Mail)

Williams death confirmed as suicide (BBC)

Dick Cavett: Robin Williams Won't Be the Last Suicidal Star (Time Magazine)

Robin Williams' secret passion (CNN)

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: The perils of being drawn back into Iraq (Daily Mail)

Ukraine says may block Russian aid convoy (Reuters)

Robin Williams: Marin Residents Remember Beloved' Local Legend (Time Magazine)

Pope Francis heads to South Korea for first visit to Asia (Washington Post - Paywall)

Iraqi helicopter carrying aid to Yazidi refugees stranded on Sinjar mountain crashes killing pilot and injuring 20 evacuees (Daily Mail)

International tourism to Mexico grows 19.6 percent in first half of year, central bank says (Fox News)

Cameron Under Increasing Pressure To Take Military Action In Iraq (Huffington Post)

Son of Chariots of Fire star stalked his ex-girlfriend for four months at her £1m flat after she dumped him following the death of his father (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Eddie Izzard tribute to Robin Williams (BBC)

Ebola claims first European victim as Spanish priest Miguel Pajares dies (Daily Mail)

Russian aid convoy puts Ukraine in difficult position (Los Angeles Times)

Deadly Stigma: Robin Williams' Suicide Exposes Silent Epidemic (NBC News)

U.S. Sending 130 More Troops to Northern Iraq (NBC News)

U.S. Sending 130 More Military Personnel to Northern Iraq (NBC News)

U.S. Sending 130 Military Advisers to Northern Iraq (NBC News)

Fire that destroyed Nimbin main street buildings suspicious, police say (Guardian)

Ukraine Adopts Law to Allow Sanctions (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Opting Not to Give Ebola Drug to African Doctor (New York Times - Paywall)

Maliki's Bid to Keep Power in Iraq Seems to Collapse (New York Times - Paywall)

Lesbian teacher who had sex with pupil after grooming her with intimate texts and video messages walks FREE from court (Daily Mail)

WHO backs use of experimental Ebola drugs in West Africa (Reuters)

Russian dictators 'A-level choice' (BBC)

Robin Williams wrestled with demons before killing himself (Daily Mail)

Lauren Bacall Dead: Golden Age Actress Dies Of A Stroke (Huffington Post)

Williams Committed Suicide by Hanging Himself: Police (NBC News)

U.S. to Send 130 More Military Advisers to Iraq (New York Times - Paywall)

Suicide bomb explodes near new Iraq PM's home (ALJAZEERA)

Air Strikes Against Islamic State In Iraq Boasts Strong Support In UK And US (Huffington Post)

The Robin Williams Effect: Could Suicides Follow? (NBC News)

Ebola Worker: 'We Do Get People Who Survive' (NBC News)

Giant panda triplets born in China video (Guardian)

Twitter users pay tribute to Robbie Williams after ROBIN Williams' death (Daily Mail)

Funny Face of Depression: Williams Death Reveals Agony (NBC News)

Police Say Shots Killed Missouri Teen, But Not How Many (NBC News)

VIDEO: Gaza conflict: Allegations of war crimes (BBC)

Exclusive - Canada to donate its own Ebola vaccine to WHO for use in Africa (Reuters)

Canada will donate up to 1,000 experimental Ebola vaccine doses to WHO (Russia Today)

News Analysis: Role in Gaza Talks Signals a Comeback for Abbas (New York Times - Paywall)

Robin Williams death caused by suicide due to asphyxia (CBS News)

Obama calls Turkey's next president Erdogan for first time in months (Russia Today)

Warsi attacks Vince Cable over decision to block British arms exports to Israel only if the ceasefire in Gaza breaks down (Daily Mail)

Officials: US to Send 130 More Advisers to Iraq (Time Magazine)

WHO OKs use of experimental drugs for Ebola patients in West Africa (Los Angeles Times)

Russia Sends Aid Convoy to Ukraine (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Robin Williams had money troubles at the time of his death (Daily Express)

US sends 130 additional military advisors to Iraq (Russia Today)

Police withholding name of officer in fatal Missouri shooting (CBS News)

Soldier who survived Iraq fireball to run his 127th marathon for hospital that saved him (Daily Express)

Robin Williams: The man behind the laughter (Daily Express)

Robin Williams poses with fan at ice cream parlour in last photo of tragic actor (Daily Express)

Yazidi families fleeing Islamic State are paying smugglers to get them out of Iraq (Daily Express)

Cricket is simply baseball on Valium' Robin Williams' BEST one-liners (Daily Star)

British police free 8 men allegedly held as slaves (CBS News)

Obama administration sending 100 more advisers to Iraq (CBS News)

Top Math Prize Has Its First Female Winner (New York Times - Paywall)

Russian Convoy Heads for Ukraine, With Aid and Suspicion (New York Times - Paywall)

We wont rule out military action in Iraq, says Tony Abbott video (Guardian)

Iraq crisis: Cascade of support for Abadi to take prime minister slot live (Guardian)

Top Mathemathics Prize Awarded to a Woman For First Time (Time Magazine)

Robin Williams: Comic Jen Kirkman Says He Wasn't Jaded' (Time Magazine)

ISIS fighters' bizarre Twitter outburst over Robin Williams film Jumanji (Daily Mail)

WHO backs use of experimental Ebola drugs in West African epidemic (Reuters)

Party Animals: Inside the Wild World of 'Furries' (NBC News)

Robin Williams' Death Strikes Chord for Buzz Aldrin (NBC News)

Police in Haiti say they have captured the kidnapper said to be behind mass prison breakout (Fox News)

Suspected thief stung by wasps attempting to hide from police in bush (Independent)

Morning Mail: Iraq crisis, Robin Williams tributes, Icac resignations (Guardian)

'Game of Thrones' actor dies (CNN)

A new highway... up to Everest: First tarmac road to town known as gateway to the mountain set to be built (Daily Mail)

Patch Adams: Thank You for All You've Given This World Robin, Thank You My Friend' (Time Magazine)

'Thousands' trapped by Iraq rebels (BBC)

Bill Maher: You Could Just Tell There Was a Humanity in Robin Williams' (Time Magazine)

RAF jets in Cyprus for Iraq mission (BBC)

Watch a Dog Just Lose His Mind Meeting The Family's New Kitten for the First Time (Time Magazine)

Van Gaal wins first Man Utd home game (BBC)

Last moments of Steven Herbert who was beaten to death by mother and thugs in unprovoked New Year's Day attack (Daily Mail)

Retired police testify about North Carolina sheriff's 'racial profiling' (Guardian)

Iraq crisis: Video shows Kurdish TV reporter confront Islamic State militants (Independent)

Ukraine: Russian aid can enter -- only if Red Cross inspects shipment (CBS News)

War hero who took the lead landing craft ashore at Sword Beach on D-Day and then got it home despite it being unseaworthy dies aged 95 (Daily Mail)

Israeli shelling of Gaza mosques targets Hamas' capabilities, but also hurts social fabric (Fox News)

Shocking injuries of swimmer who nearly died after being stung by deadly Portuguese man-of-war during endurance challenge... but carried on to become first British person to conquer SEVEN oceans (Daily Mail)

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Iraq crisis: UN warns Yazidis refugees trapped on Mount Sinjar are facing imminent 'genocide' from IS militants (Independent)

Iraq crisis: Yazidis refugees trapped on Mount Sinjar are facing imminent 'genocide' from IS militants, UN warns (Independent)

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