Friday, 15th August 2014

World News

Family outraged after police name Michael Brown robbery suspect deflect from shooting (Daily Mail)

Ferguson, Mo., police shooting (CBS News)

Ebola Outbreak Could Last Six More Months (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ukraine 'Destroys Russian Armoured Convoy' (Sky News)

Ebola 'to last at least six months' (BBC)

VIDEO: Russia denies Ukraine incursion (BBC)

Negative Ebola test for detainee (BBC)

Pope Francis calls for urgent military action to stop the 'systematic violence' against minorities in Iraq (Daily Mail)

Ferguson protests: Michael Brown family calls for calm amid criticism of video release live (Guardian)

Mother misses United Airlines flight to New York after police haul her off plane over 'stolen passport' reported missing by someone with the same name THREE years ago (Daily Mail)

Brown Family Accuses Police of 'Character Assassination' (NBC News)

Ferguson police release surveillance video related to Michael Brown shooting (CBS News)

Police accuse killed teen (CNN)

Ukraine Says Russian Armored Vehicles Destroyed (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Kiev says forces destroyed Russian armour inside Ukraine (Reuters)

Sunni leaders propose Iraq deal (BBC)

EU backs plans by member states to arm Kurds in Iraq (Russia Today)

Video shows alleged robbery (CNN)

What really happened to Salem Shamaly? - video (Channel4)

Iraqi Sunnis say could join new government, fight Islamic State (Reuters)

Ukrainian army in battle with Russian armoured column after it crosses border and claims it has destroyed Kremlin forces (Daily Mail)

Video Rocks Mexican Opposition Party (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

UN moves to rein in Islamic State group (ALJAZEERA)

The Crisis in Ferguson and Other Fascinating News on the Web (Time Magazine)

Officer in Missouri shooting unaware teen was a suspect - police (Reuters)

ISIS massacres 90 Yazidis in northern Iraq town, say Iraqi officials (Fox News)

Violence on the West Bank as Israel and Hamas continue peace talks to bring permanent Gaza ceasefire (Daily Mail)

Ukraine says it attacked Russian military convoy (Financial Times - Paywall)

United Nations security council unanimously blacklists Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria video (Guardian)

Ebola epidemic sparks offerings of fake drugs claiming to cure disease (Russia Today)

700 Britons Have Joined Islamic State Forces, According To Iraq-Born Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi (Huffington Post)

Ukraine forces destroy most of a column of Russian military vehicles, president says (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ukraine says it destroyed military vehicles that crossed from Russia (Los Angeles Times)

Woman from Sierra Leone undergoes tests for Ebola in Scotland (Daily Mail)

Ukraine 'strikes column from Russia' (BBC)

Dutchman Returns Holocaust Medal in Protest Over Israel's Gaza Incursion (New York Times - Paywall)

War Claims Thousands of Lives in Eastern Ukraine (Time Magazine)

Meet Captain Ron Johnson, Star of the Ferguson Crisis (Time Magazine)

Imran Khan convoy reaches Pakistan capital (ALJAZEERA)

Germany's Merkel presses Putin to halt flow of military goods, personnel into Ukraine (Fox News)

Iraq crisis: Sunni and Shia tribal and clerical leaders agree to back new Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi (Independent)

Ukraine: Russian military vehicles destroyed after crossing border (CBS News)

Russian food embargo leaves Europe with glut of fruit, pork and mackerel (Guardian)

Ukraine: We destroyed military convoy (CNN)

Russia denies it sent military vehicles across Ukraine border (Fox News)

Ferguson police release name of officer who shot Michael Brown (Guardian)

WorldViews: Ferguson riots play big in Russia (Washington Post - Paywall)

Maliki's resignation as prime minister prompts relief in Iraq (Los Angeles Times)

Surveillance video of store robbery in Ferguson (CBS News)

Foreign Ministers Agree To Arm Kurds In Iraq (Sky News)

UN approves resolution targeting al-Qaida-linked fighters in Iraq and Syria (Fox News)

Pope Holds First Mass in South Korea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

E.U. Foreign Ministers Back Military Support for Kurds in Northern Iraq (New York Times - Paywall)

91yo Dutch man returns Israeli WWII medal after Gaza strike kills 6 of his relatives (Russia Today)

Iraq 'doomed' if new prime minister Abadi fails to bridge sectarian divide (Guardian)

Kiev claims the partial destruction of a Russian military convoy video (Guardian)

World stock markets shaken by Ukraine attack on Russian convoy (Daily Express)

EU tackles crises in Iraq and Ukraine (BBC)

Ferguson Cops Tell Their Side of the Story (Time Magazine)

New Top Cop in Ferguson Talks to NBC News (NBC News)

Ebola outbreak: No accurate death toll as crisis runs out of control, warn doctors (Independent)

Ferguson cops beat innocent man, then charged him with bleeding on their uniforms (Russia Today)

Ukraine claims it has destroyed Russian vehicles that crossed border (Guardian)

See Surveillance Video From Alleged Brown Robbery (NBC News)

The British Muslims who want to live under the Islamic State (Channel4)

Russian Ambassador Summoned To Foreign Office After 'Military Incursion' Into Ukraine (Huffington Post)

The Gaza rift: The sense is the Americans are disgusted with Netanyahu' (Independent)

WorldViews: Important alert from Chinese state media: No, Ebola isn't a zombie virus' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Steven Seagal tours Russian arms fair days after Crimea concert (Daily Mail)

Gaza and the propaganda machines (Guardian)

India's Modi takes on rape issue in his first Independence Day speech (Washington Post - Paywall)

Kentucky state fair opens (CBS News)

Displaced Yazidis continue to arrive in Kurdistan seeking safety and shelter video (Guardian)

Ebola Epidemic Is Like 'War Time' Says MSF (Sky News)

Sir Cliff police given 'information' (BBC)

Ferguson police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown identified (CBS News)

'Beyond Outraged': Brown's Family Accuses Police of Smear (NBC News)

EU says status quo for Gaza 'not an option' as peace negotiations continue (Fox News)

Police name officer who shot US teenager (ALJAZEERA)

'Carry on arming the Kurds': EU backs Britain and France sending weapons to front line in battle against ISIS militants in Iraq (Daily Mail)

Tear gas clears on riot-ravaged Ferguson (Financial Times - Paywall)

Taxi terror: Cab driver hit speeds of up to 100MPH in hair-raising journey for two young women (but at least the police gave them a lift after pulling him over) (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: BBC on board RAF mission in Iraq (BBC)

Canada to help bring weapons into to Kurdish forces in Iraq (Fox News)

Ukraine says Russian APCs destroyed after crossing border (Independent)

American Ebola Patient: 'I Am Recovering in Every Way' (NBC News)

Haider Al-Abadi: From fixing the BBC's lifts to running Iraq (Independent)

Ebola outbreak vastly underestimated, WHO says (Guardian)

Number of people come forward following search of Sir Cliffs home, police reveal (Daily Express)

Ebola outbreak likely "vastly" underestimated (CBS News)

Why didn't police prosecute 24-year-old man who had sex with my daughter? Grieving mother whose 14-year-old girl was found hanged questions decision to let boyfriend off (Daily Mail)

Ukraine 'destroys' Russian military vehicles (ALJAZEERA)

UK economy now best in the world as new figures show growth even faster than first thought, outstripping US, EU and Japan (Daily Mail)

Police investigate hospital death (BBC)

Dow Drops 100 Points on News of Ukraine Violence (Time Magazine)

African Ebola outbreak like 'wartime', food shortages threaten (Reuters)

Russell Brand slams Bill O'Reilly over Ferguson protests (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan's car hit by gunshot and his convoy pelted with stones as tens of thousands protest at Pakistan's government (Daily Mail)

Gov.: Ferguson response good example of "too much armor" (CBS News)

Military vehicles enter Ukraine (CNN)

Ebola Epidemic Most Likely Much Larger Than Reported, W.H.O. Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Righteous Among the Nations medal winner hands back honour after family are killed in Gaza (Independent)

Iraq crisis: The ultimate power struggle why Nouri al-Maliki had to go (Independent)

Lecturer Paul Kohler beaten to pulp in own home speaks for first time (Daily Mail)

Armored personnel carriers join Russian 'aid' convoy heading for Ukraine (Daily Mail)

Why Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Is a Waste of Taxpayer Money (Time Magazine)

Michael Brown Shooting in Ferguson Inspires Vigils Across The Nation (Time Magazine)

India's prime minister Narendra Modi vows to fix broken government video (Guardian)

WATCH: London bus driver MOUNTS the pavement in latest video of road rage (Daily Express)

Israel weighing whether to deal with UN war crimes probe, accusing it of bias (Fox News)

Ukraine says it has destroyed Russian vehicles that entered territory (Guardian)

Ukraine Says It Destroyed Military Vehicles Crossing Border From Russia (New York Times - Paywall)

Philip Hammond Would Supply UK Arms To Kurds Fighting Islamic State If Requested (Huffington Post)

Mourners pack medieval cathedral in Tuscan town to remember AP video journalist killed in Gaza (Fox News)

Why Chelsea will win Premier League (CNN)

EU condemns 'atrocities' in Iraq (BBC)

Local police kill at least 400 people a year, mostly minorities (Russia Today)

A Widening War: We're Back in Iraq (Huffington Post)

Is Our Failure to Invest in an Ebola Cure 'Morally Bankrupt' or Financially Prudent? (Huffington Post)

Retired army general Jay Garner: 'The Iraq that we knew no longer exists' (Guardian)

Secret Service investigating photo of Islamic State flag outside of White House (Russia Today)

EU backs supply of arms to Kurdish fighters in Iraq (Guardian)

Car careers off road and misses pedestrian by inches before smashing into wall (Daily Mail)

Arab press blasts Islamic State militants for tarnishing Muslims worldwide (Fox News)

Russian convoy attacked by Ukrainian forces (Daily Star)

Ukraine: Russian Military Vehicles Struck After 'Incursion' (NBC News)

Watch Live: Missouri Gov Speaks on Ferguson Shooting (NBC News)

Turkish lira weakens on Moody's note, Ukraine concerns (Reuters)

Living in an Ebola Crisis - 'I'm Just Missing Watching Everton and Doing My Job' (Huffington Post)

Fasten Your Seatbelts! Jet Takes Off Near Funnel Cloud (NBC News)

Iraqi MP and UN chiefs attack Obama's claims that Islamic State stand-off was 'broken' (Daily Mail)

Ebola is OUT OF CONTROL: Scale of outbreak 'vastly underestimated' (Daily Star)

Who is police officer Darren Wilson? (CNN)

WorldViews: How the violent Islamic State extremists got their signature flag (Washington Post - Paywall)

(VIDEO) Teads Goes Outside Pre-Roll Play To Solve Video Inventory Shortage (Huffington Post)

Former soldier and game hunter, 50, shot himself dead after four-hour stand-off with armed police (Daily Mail)

Why Changing Your Attitude Matters (Huffington Post)

Islamic State 'a cancer' says Iraq's Zebari- video (Channel4)

Huge truck convoy inspected (CNN)

Police Report: Read Documents Released by Ferguson Cops (NBC News)

Aid convoy to Ukraine faces disruption, may be attacked - Russia (Russia Today)

Ukraine to inspect Russian convoy (BBC)

Ukraine claims conflict with pro-Russia rebels entering endgame (Guardian)

Owners of cat dubbed 'ball of fury' call police after creature would not let them leave bedroom (Independent)

Ferguson riots: Police officer who shot Michael Brown named as Darren Wilson (Independent)

Iraq crisis: EU backs plans by member states to arm Kurd fighters live updates (Guardian)

Why Banks Can't Provide Finance for Start-Ups (Huffington Post)

Ferguson Chief Identifies Officer Who Killed Unarmed Teen (NBC News)

Red Cross and Ukraine border guards to check Russia aid convoy before it enters Ukrainian territory video (Guardian)

127 victims of Ukraine plane disaster identified; top prosecutor wants trial in Netherlands (Fox News)

Russell Brand Says Fox News Is Supporting 'Oppression And Exploitation' Of People In Ferguson (Huffington Post)

Iraq: UK open to arming Kurds to fight Isis - video (Guardian)

Cliff Richard Raid: Thames Valley Police Deny Tipping Of Media But South Yorkshire Force Stays Silent... (Huffington Post)

Iraq crisis: inside the Yazidi refugee camp (Channel4)

German police rescue man trapped in handcuffs after 'autoerotic accident' (Daily Mail)

Spanish police arrest woman at Madrid airport with cocaine in breast implants (Fox News)

Undercover Scotland Yard police officers named for first time (Daily Mail)

NATO boss says alliance observed Russian incursion into Ukraine, which Russia denies (Fox News)

Mob attacks convoy of Pakistani opposition leader Imran Khan (Reuters)

Steven Seagal Visits Russian Arms Fare In Moscow Following Controversial Concert In Crimea (Huffington Post)

Ferguson police identify officer (BBC)

'IS' flag causes brawl in Sheffield as EU debates Iraq arms deal (Daily Star)

The first punch took my eye out Battered academic speaks of eight minutes of hell during (Daily Express)

Police name officer in Missouri shooting (Financial Times - Paywall)

Why No One Likes an Activist (Huffington Post)

Russia's aid for Ukraine: 'What loneliness is more lonely than distrust?' (Russia Today)

Why Ferguson, Mo., looked like a war zone (CBS News)

Thai military government approves first rice sale since coup (Reuters)

Lebanon Launches Police Raids Targeting Gay Men (Huffington Post)

Police name officer who shot unarmed black teenager (Channel4)

Why do whites run mostly black town? (CNN)

Ferguson Police Name Officer in Michael Brown Shooting Death (Time Magazine)

Man who feared he'd lose his 'wonderland' Talliston House, in Essex, which he spent 25 years and £700,000 transforming after losing his job takes it off the market after strangers raised cash to help him keep it (Daily Mail)

iPhone 6 Leaks Reveal First Real Pictures (And Maybe A New NAME) (Huffington Post)

Police Reveal Name of Missouri Cop Who Shot Teen (Time Magazine)

No Russian troops crossed into Ukraine FSB (Russia Today)

Did police get it wrong in Ferguson? (CNN)

Ohio State band director wants job back after scandal (CBS News)

Officials identify police officer who shot teenager in Ferguson (Russia Today)

Google Maps UNDERWATER view sees reefs and wrecks mapped for first time (Daily Mail)

Missouri shooting: highway patrol captain heads security to quell unrest as protests continue - video (Guardian)

Ukraine inspects Russia aid convoy near border (CBS News)

Russia denies military vehicles entered Ukraine (Guardian)

Famously Charitable - Why Charities Still Need Celebrity Support (Huffington Post)

UK 'Very Alarmed By Russian Forces In Ukraine' (Sky News)

Pope's broken English, on display for first time in South Korea, endears him to crowd (Fox News)

CAT-ASTROPHE: Evil feline in tense police stand-off after holding family hostage (Daily Star)

Why Retail Is a Great Industry to Earn and Learn In (Huffington Post)

Michele Rodriguez posts Instagram video of Sarah Lane singing at wedding (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Airport adopts infrared Ebola 'test' (BBC)

With Eye on China, Abe Skips Visit to War Shrine (New York Times - Paywall)

WHO says Ebola 'vastly' worse than first thought (Daily Mail)

After huge Gaza protests & anti-Semitic attacks, top UK cop seeks to calm tensions (Russia Today)

Milton Tan's time-lapse video shows planes taking off and landing like shooting stars (Daily Mail)

Russian aid convoy checked; military vehicles mass near Ukraine (Reuters)

Rugby league's Keith Mason in police probe over hit-and-run crash (Daily Mail)

The Price of Human Life After the MH17 Tragedy in Ukraine (Huffington Post)

These 4 Cities Show What Federal Intervention Could Look Like in Ferguson (Time Magazine)

West Africans Banned from Some Youth Olympics Events Over Ebola Fears (Time Magazine)

Ferguson Officials to Release Name of Cop Who Shot Michael Brown (Time Magazine)

British man held by police on Crete after angry mob accused him of taking pictures of children on busy beach (Daily Mail)

Can Smarter Police Work Prevent Another Ferguson? (NBC News)

Olympics: Ebola hits youth event (CNN)

Toddler left paralysed from the chest down for life the same day he walked up stairs for the first time after car thief smashed into family's car (Daily Mail)

Nigeria Ebola Patients Get Untested Drug (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hezbollah sees Islamic State as threat to Gulf, Jordan (Reuters)

Israel bans national service with human rights group B'Tselem in Gaza row (Guardian)

Aid convoy stops short of border as Russian military vehicles enter Ukraine (Guardian)

Eyewitness: Gaza (Guardian)

Asahi U-turn reignites Japan war debate (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iraq crisis: Britain is prepared to arm Kurdish fighters to push back 'terrible threat' of Isis, Foreign Secretary says (Independent)

Russian military trucks cross border into Ukraine (Channel4)

Ukraine destroys part of Russian military column (Channel4)

Imran Khan's convoy shot at amid Pakistan violence (Financial Times - Paywall)

China's Ebola curbs drive Africans away from youth Olympics (Los Angeles Times)

LEAKED: First Star Wars Episode 7 movie photos emerge (Daily Star)

False flag: Kurds clash with Gaza protesters in UK after ISIS' banner mix-up (Russia Today)

Peter Andre Shows Off His Dodgy Cornrows In Twitter Holiday Photos (PICS) (Huffington Post)

US and UK successful air drops 'broke the Islamic State siege' (Daily Mail)

Wedding amid Gaza rubble offers hope (CNN)

Kabul cafe is a front line in a war over culture and social mores in Afghanistan (Washington Post - Paywall)

Iraq: Maliki steps down as Kurds prepare to fight Isis - video (Guardian)

Liberian police seal newspaper office, try to detain publisher for critical coverage (Fox News)

Could attack on lawyer in his own home be linked to his burlesque cabaret bar? Police investigate as part of 'meticulous inquiry' (Daily Mail)

Poland puts on big military parade in years as tensions rise next door in Ukraine (Fox News)

After Ferguson shooting, nearly half of Americans don't believe in justice poll (Russia Today)

Marine In Urination Video Found Dead At Home (Sky News)

Sky News journalist Tweets police searching 'Sir Keith Richards' home (Daily Mail)

Michael Brown shooting: Ferguson falls quiet as race campaigners rally across the US (Independent)

Can this man keep Iraq together? (CNN)

We're travelling abroad more... but spending less: Holidaymakers' outgoings are 16% less in first half of 2014 than during 2013 despite 4% increase in number of trips (Daily Mail)

Ebola crisis 'vastly underestimated' (BBC)

Racoons captured on video washing piles of clothes at zoo in Russia (Daily Mail)

SWAT arrests journalists in Ferguson during clashes over Michael Brown shooting (Daily Mail)

Russian MPs split over fresh suggestion to ban foreign adoptions (Russia Today)

With Islamic State on march, Lebanon's Christians must agree on president (Reuters)

Which foods are off Russian menus? (CNN)

Why Parkinson's Disease Is So Scary: No Cause, No Cure. But It's Not A Killer. (Forbes)

Violence against women in PNG 'they hit her, kicked her' video (Guardian)

Ebola outbreak: Athletes banned from combat and pool sports at Youth Olympics (Independent)

Why are Iraq oil prices so stable? (CNN)

Gaza counts the cost of war: 'Whole families smashed under the rubble' (Guardian)

Iraq: US broke the Isis siege of Mount Sinjar, says Obama - video (Guardian)

World's first panda triplets (CNN)

Proportion of rape cases referred for prosecution is at lowest ever level: Just 28% of allegations reported to police end up being sent on (Daily Mail)

Russia Military Vehicles Join Stalled Convoy at Border (NBC News)

Japan: Shinzo Abe offering to war dead angers China and South Korea (Guardian)

U.K. Police Search Singer Richard's House (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

VIDEO: Fear of Ebola spreads to economy (BBC)

Russian Convoy Nears Ukraine Border (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ferguson Police Finally Back Peaceful Protests Not Tear Gas and Tanks In US (Huffington Post)

Kirk calls for debate on Iraq action (BBC)

Arab playboys show off their super wheels on streets of London (Daily Mail)

Burial team disinfects women suspected of Ebola death as Liberia decides who to give untested drug (Daily Mail)

Police investigate possible premeditated murder of U.S. tourist in Bali (Reuters)

'So Far, So Good': Tension Ratchets Down in Ferguson (NBC News)

Magnitude of Ebola crisis 'vastly underestimated' (CNN)

Hong Kong media magnate appears in video to counter rival paper's fake obit of him (Fox News)

Hundreds of police officers are failing fitness tests which will become mandatory in a few weeks (Daily Mail)

Inside the Ebola outbreak with CDC (CNN)

Russian Military Vehicles Enter Ukraine as Row Over Aid' Convoy Worsens (Time Magazine)

12 Russian armored vehicles join aid convoy poised to enter Ukraine (Fox News)

Missing Amish girls found alive in New York state (CBS News)

Canada offers 1K Ebola vaccines (CNN)

Ebola patient's son speaks out (CNN)

Russian army vehicles near border (BBC)

India's PM urges an end to violence against women, poverty in first independence day speech (Fox News)

Russian Military Vehicles Enter Ukraine, British Journalists Claim, As Aid Convoy Stops Near The Border (Huffington Post)

Ebola outbreak: First suspected case in Ireland as 'Ebola patient' transferred to isolation unit (Independent)

Ferguson Shooting: Rallies Held Across US (Sky News)

Demonstrations held in Ferguson and across U.S. (CBS News)

Japan PM sends offering to war dead shrine, angers China and South Korea (Reuters)

Ukraine crisis: British Government 'very alarmed' at reports of Russian armoured personnel carriers crossing into Ukraine (Independent)

Joe Hockey sorry for comments on poor people and cars video (Guardian)

Iraq crisis: Nouri al-Maliki steps down as prime minister (Channel4)

Tensions Cool in Ferguson After Days of Violence (Time Magazine)

Seeing horror in Iraq and possibility of spillover at home, Europe reconsiders its reluctance (Fox News)

While pope visits the South, North Korea's 'quiet Catholics' cut off from the Vatican (Fox News)

Rebuilding Gaza for the future (CNN)

First National Guard troops at Texas-Mexico border (CBS News)

Why doesn't U.S. intervene in Syria? (CNN)

Pakistani police say 10 attackers were killed as security forces foiled assault on air bases (Fox News)

Under artillery fire, Ukraine rebels switch their leaders (Reuters)

Evidence suggests Ebola toll vastly underestimated - WHO (Reuters)

Japan criticized as 2 Cabinet ministers visit war shrine; Abe sends gift but stays away (Fox News)

Police fire on Tibetan protesters' (BBC)

EU to Aid Farmers Hit By Russian Ban (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Gaza agriculture devastated by Israeli offense UN (Russia Today)

Health Officials Try to Quell Fear of Ebola Spreading by Air Travel (New York Times - Paywall)

Russian Aeroflot pilot told passengers 'we fly over remnants of Ukraine where filth lives' (Daily Mail)

WHO: Ebola outbreak 'vastly underestimated' (ALJAZEERA)

Maliki gives up Iraq PM job to rival (ALJAZEERA)

Video shows disbelief after shooting (CNN)

Fist fight in Ukraine parliament (CNN)

Russians Start Paying the Price For Putin's Ukraine Adventure (Time Magazine)

Ebola Outbreak's Scale 'Vastly Underestimated' (Sky News)

Why Cops in Ferguson Don't Have Body Cameras (Time Magazine)

Face off with cops in Ferguson prompts new approach from Missouri governor (CBS News)

US: arms to Israel were scrutinised over Gaza (ALJAZEERA)

Police head: 'How would I feel?' (CNN)

Ferguson, a war zone or U.S. city? (CNN)

Renewed Gaza truce holds after rocky start (Reuters)

U.N. Pursues Bid to Stifle Rebels in Iraq (New York Times - Paywall)

NYPD threatens mass arrests at Ferguson solidarity rally (Russia Today)

A Mix of Hope and Anger at Peaceful Ferguson Vigil (Time Magazine)

Protesters Gather Peacefully in Ferguson (Time Magazine)

How social media galvanized community in Ferguson (CBS News)

Finish the job' Thousands of Israelis rally in support of Gaza offense (PHOTOS) (Russia Today)

Nouri Maliki's departure sets stage for deeper U.S. role in Iraq (Los Angeles Times)

MH17 crash: first Australian victims formally identified (Guardian)

Marchers Embrace Highway Patrol Capt. at Ferguson Rally (NBC News)

Police force 'worst for fitness' (BBC)

A Ukraine City Under Siege, Just Terrified of the Bombing' (New York Times - Paywall)

Two more top separatist leaders abandon eastern Ukraine battle (Los Angeles Times)

'Perfect Storm': Why Parkinson's Can Trigger Depression (NBC News)

Missouri State Highway Patrol to lead Ferguson security (CBS News)

State police replaces locals in U.S. city (CNN)

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Why fewer A grades are better for Britain (Daily Mail)

Calls in U.S. to demilitarize police (CNN)

Russian Convoy Draws Stern Warning From Ukraine and Stops Short of Border (New York Times - Paywall)

Maliki Agrees to Relinquish Power in Iraq (New York Times - Paywall)

Police Have 'Numerous Leads' on Missing Amish Girls (NBC News)

U.S. Says Islamic State Now Threat to West (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Eyes Turn to Cairo Talks as Cease-Fire Holds in Gaza (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ukraine sends OWN aid convoy of trucks to crisis-hit region as Russia's approach border (Daily Mail)

Ferguson swat team tear gasses Al Jazeera crew (CBS News)

Justice Department Steps Up Ferguson Involvement (Time Magazine)

How a third of pensioners can't afford to stop work: The majority work past state pension age because they need the money (Daily Mail)

Ebola outbreak: Size of the problem has been 'vastly' underestimated, claims WHO (Independent)

Ebola outbreak: Size of the problem has been 'vastly' underestimated, says WHO (Independent)

Ebola outbreak: Size of problem has been 'vastly' underestimated, says WHO (Independent)

Israel Braces for War Crimes Inquiries on Gaza (New York Times - Paywall)

First National Guard Troops at Texas-Mexico Border (Time Magazine)

'I'm totally innocent': Cliff Richard's fury as police raid his £3m home after claims of sex assault on boy at 1980s Christian rally (Daily Mail)

Help for fishermen over Russian ban (BBC)

Most Yazidis have been rescued from a besieged mountain in northern Iraq (Washington Post - Paywall)

'Completely false' Sir Cliff Richard denies sex abuse claims as home is raided by police (Daily Star)

Britain to arm Iraq's Kurd fighters against Islamic State threat (Daily Express)

Harvesting the blood of Ebola survivors could be the key to cure, says top doctor (Daily Star)

Phil Tufnell's first collection of paintings are just purrrfect (Daily Star)

Iraq crisis: Britain prepared to arm Kurdish fighters (Independent)

'We may be about to experience some turbulence...': Ryanair jet captured taking off in front of a TORNADO in East Midlands as Met Office issues severe weather warnings and downpours mark the end of summer (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Keeping the lights on in Gaza (BBC)

Show of Force: Where Do Police Get Tanks and Weapons? (NBC News)

Britain to consider providing military equipment to Kurds fighting militants in Iraq (Daily Express)

Ebola epidemic wont be sorted until NEXT year, warn experts (Daily Express)

Go away: Shopkeeper laughs off armed robbers, convinced it was a PRANK (Daily Express)

Militarized US police face-off with Ferguson protesters (Russia Today)

Maliki finally steps aside as Iraq Sunni leader sees U.S. help (Reuters)

WorldViews: Why Ukrainian politicians keep beating each other up (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police Criticized for Military-Like Response to Ferguson Riots (NBC News)

State police take charge in Ferguson (BBC)

California women call police over cat's furry fury (Daily Mail)

Bumpy landing after pilots artificial arm falls off (CBS News)

Missouri Governor Stumbles in the Ferguson Spotlight (Time Magazine)

Exclusive - Emergency food drops eyed for quarantined Ebola region of West Africa (Reuters)

Obama Rebukes 'Excessive Force' By Police (Sky News)

Ferguson crisis: Missouri governor says police will present 'softer front' live (Guardian)

Daimler staff to have emails automatically deleted during time off to guarantee peaceful holidays (Daily Mail)

A Grim Picture of Liberia's Ebola Crisis (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Morning Mail: Abbott adviser warns of global cooling, Iraq PM steps down, Ferguson protests (Guardian)

First Specks Of Stardust Found After Years Of Searching (Forbes)

Obama bucks past presidents' trends amid calls for martial law in Ferguson (Guardian)

Missouri Highway Patrol will take over policing in Ferguson (Reuters)

Iraq PM Quits As Rescue Mission Called Off (Sky News)

Iraq crisis: Nouri al-Maliki caves in to pressure and steps down as prime minister (Independent)

Iraq crisis: Nouri al-Maliki caves in to pressure and stands down as prime minister (Independent)

Highway Patrol Capt. Sends Hopeful Message to Ferguson (NBC News)

An Expert's Perspective: Why Salt Is Not Like Tobacco And Why Guidelines Are Tricky (Forbes)

Latest Ukraine Gas Deal Will Irk Russians (Forbes)

Malaysia sets day of mourning as first Flight 17 remains due home (Los Angeles Times)

Iraq? Afghanistan? Police gear up against Ferguson protesters (PHOTOS) (Russia Today)

Missouri Gov. Puts Highway Patrol in Charge in Ferguson (NBC News)

Missouri governor removes St Louis police from Ferguson protest duty (Guardian)

Arming the Kurds may help break up Iraq but the alternatives are worse (Guardian)

UN declares Iraq emergency amid clashes (ALJAZEERA)

ModCloth Is First Retailer To Sign Anti-Photoshop Pledge (Forbes)

Israel Outflanks White House Over Gaza (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Africa's last polar bear died of broken heart, says zookeepers - video (Guardian)

Iraq's al-Maliki Agrees to Step Aside: State TV (NBC News)

Russian aid convoy for Ukraine takes turn for the confrontational (Los Angeles Times)

Ukraine and Slovakia plan to start reverse flow gas in September (Russia Today)

Washington state police release tweeting guidelines for citizens (Russia Today)

Hamas negotiator: We are not interested in confrontation - video (Guardian)

Russia's men in beige drive aid convoy (Financial Times - Paywall)

Guinea declares public health emergency over Ebola (Reuters)

Russian convoy makes abrupt change (CNN)

UN to vote Friday on resolution targeting al-Qaida-linked foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria (Fox News)

Obama: 'We broke north Iraq siege' (BBC)

Hero soldier who lost both his legs in Afghanistan IED blast celebrates A-level grades that will make him the first person in his family to go to university (Daily Mail)

Police arrest two men after Kurds in Sheffield clash with Gaza demonstrators who were waving flag linked with Islamist extremism (Daily Mail)

Displaced Iraqis trade war for hardship in a Shiite holy city far from home (Fox News)

Protester interview interrupted by police tear gas in Missouri (CBS News)

US police armed with 93,763 new machine guns (Independent)

Michael Brown shooting: US police armed with 93,763 new machine guns (Independent)

Ferguson shooting: US police armed with 93,763 new machine guns (Independent)

Michael Brown shooting: One nation, still divided by race why Ferguson was a flashpoint that could have happened anywhere across America (Independent)

Obama calls for calm in tense Ferguson (ALJAZEERA)

As Spain buries Europe's first Ebola victim ANOTHER top doctor dies of the killer disease... And it might be spreading to Kenya (Daily Mail)

British Police Search Property of Cliff Richard Over Sex Abuse Claim (New York Times - Paywall)

White House halted missile transfer to Israel over catastrophe' in Gaza (Russia Today)

Ebola risk from air travel low - WHO (BBC)

Isis makes further advances in Syria while West vacillates over Iraq (Independent)

Iraq crisis: PM calls off aid air drops as desperate' situation is made safe (Independent)

Moscow, Kiev inch closer to confrontation as Russian aid convoy heads for rebel areas (Washington Post - Paywall)

Bridge collapse in India kills three people - video (Guardian)

Iraq rescue mission 'far less likely' (Daily Star)

Britain ready to supply weapons directly to Kurdish forces in Iraq (Guardian)

In Hamas-ruled and ravaged Gaza, suffering and loss from latest war breed subtle dissent (Fox News)

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Michael Brown shooting: Arrested while reporting on the riots one journalist's first-hand account of a run-in with the Ferguson police (Independent)

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