Sunday, 17th August 2014

World News

Kurdish fighters take Iraq's largest dam from Jihadists after support from US airstrikes: Recapture is biggest prize since Islamist State started offensive (Daily Mail)

Sainsbury's strips kosher food from its shelves over fear of attacks by anti-Israeli protesters picketing as Gaza demonstrators run amok in Tesco branch (Daily Mail)

Gang that couldn't lift a cash machine: Bungling robbers took so long trying to get ATM into back of car that police turned up to arrest them before they could getaway (Daily Mail)

'We Have Had Enough,' Sharpton Says at Rally for Michael Brown (NBC News)

Obama writes to Congress as Iraq air strikes include bombers for first time (Guardian)

'All of us were thunderstruck': Missouri Governor Jay Nixon disturbed by 'over-militarization' of police in Ferguson (Daily Mail)

Federal autopsy ordered for teen shot by police in Ferguson, Missouri (Reuters)

Crowd loots Ebola centre in Liberian capital, worker says patients removed (Reuters)

Confusion as Ebola patients vanish (BBC)

If You're Scared, Go Home': Countdown to Curfew on the Streets of Ferguson (Time Magazine)

Obama Authorizes Airstrikes in Iraq to Help Retake Dam (Time Magazine)

'We Have Had Enough': Sharpton Holds Rally for Michael Brown (NBC News)

easyJet passenger is jailed for foul-mouthed rant and breaking police officer's thumb (Daily Mail)

35 found in ship container were from Afghanistan, British police say (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: HELI YEAH Man waltzes with HELICOPTER in incredible stunt clip (Daily Star)

New, Larger Ebola Center Opens in Liberia (New York Times - Paywall)

In Another Rebel Setback, Ukraine Says Army Controls Center of Luhansk (New York Times - Paywall)

Foreign ministers discuss Ukraine crisis in Berlin (Russia Today)

Ukraine says rebels shot down fighter jet (ALJAZEERA)

Conn. man killed in home on his birthday by stray bullet (CBS News)

Photos show moment Michael Brown was shot dead in Ferguson, Missouri (Daily Mail)

Ukraine 'makes gains' on separatists (CNN)

Feds Will Perform Another Autopsy on Michael Brown (NBC News)

NAACP president: Special prosecutor "critically important" in Ferguson (CBS News)

US orders federal autopsy on Ferguson teen (ALJAZEERA)

Up to 3,000 women and girls kidnapped by Islamic State jihadis in Iraq in just a fortnight (Daily Mail)

Syrian jets hammer Islamic State stronghold (ALJAZEERA)

Ebola patients flee attack on Liberian isolation ward as Nigerian man in Alicante tested (Daily Mail)

DOJ orders federal autopsy of Michael Brown (CBS News)

Moment 35 Afghan Sikhs were freed from metal coffin: Screaming stowaways are helped by police who are now hunting international network of people smugglers who brought them to Britain (Daily Mail)

World's Most Pierced Man Denied Entry to Dubai (Time Magazine)

Pope Francis reaches out to China, eyeing ties (CBS News)

Pope Francis Reaches Out to China (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Daybreak Brings Calls for Peace in Ferguson (NBC News)

Md. 3-year-old killed in police shootout with suspect (CBS News)

Emerging Solid State Storage And Higher Endurance Flash (Forbes)

As U.S. steps up Iraq bombing, Kurds report retaking most of key dam (Los Angeles Times)

Gaza rioters attack police and smash up shop in Tesco rampage (Daily Star)

Gunmen attack; Ebola patients flee (CNN)

Fear of Spread: Slum Residents Loot Ebola Clinic in Liberia (NBC News)

Ukraine claims breakthrough in east (Financial Times - Paywall)

'Too Much Anger' As Ferguson Ignites Again (Sky News)

Perth Islamic preacher denies any involvement in extremist youth group (Daily Mail)

Ukraine crisis: Kiev moves on last rebel stronghold (Independent)

EPL: Man City and Liverpool win (CNN)

Connecticut Man Killed by Stray Bullet on His Birthday (NBC News)

Man dies after falling into the sea (BBC)

Police blamed for fresh Ferguson unrest (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ukraine says troops entered rebel-held city (Fox News)

Dubai officials deny entry to world's most pierced man (Guardian)

Iraq says Kurds advance in retaking Mosul dam (CBS News)

Netanyahu says undeterred by Hamas warnings in talks on ending Gaza war (Reuters)

Michael Brown shooting: Missouri governor thunderstruck' by images of riot police in Ferguson (Independent)

Ukraine says its troops make breakthrough in rebel stronghold (Reuters)

7 people arrested for defying curfew in Ferguson (CBS News)

Missouri governor points finger at Ferguson police chief for new violence (Guardian)

Russian sanctions start to bite as growth forecasts are downgraded (Guardian)

VIDEO: Former Iraq FM spells out IS threat (BBC)

Italian authorities urged not to kill bear who attacked man in woods (Guardian)

VIDEO: Missouri governor criticises police (BBC)

Hundreds of animals trapped in Gaza zoo by weeks of Israeli shelling (Daily Mail)

U.S. Strikes Militants at Iraq Dam (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Governor criticises riot town police (BBC)

Service to end War commemorations (BBC)

Ferguson Curfew Extended As Justice Department Calls for Extra Autopsy (Time Magazine)

Russian Missile Launchers 'Cross Into Ukraine' (Sky News)

Ebola Protesters Storm Liberia Health Centre Heightening Infection Fears (Huffington Post)

Report: Armed men attack Liberia Ebola clinic (CBS News)

Spain Ebola Alert Over As Man Tests Negative (Sky News)

Ebola Spread Feared As Sufferers Flee Mob (Sky News)

Girl, 3, dies in police gunbattle (CNN)

Struggling Liberia creates 'plague villages' in Ebola epicentre (Reuters)

Teen visited by police who accused him of scaring horses by SKIPPING (Daily Mail)

U.S. rethinks giving excess military gear to police (CBS News)

Ferguson protesters ignore midnight deadline lockdown and taunt police (Daily Mail)

Cliff Richard's family rally to support him saying police raid is a 'witchhunt' (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis baptizes father of South Korea ferry victim, urges 'fraternal dialogue' among Asian nations (Fox News)

Syrian airstrikes target Islamic State group (Fox News)

For Want of Gloves, Ebola Doctors Die (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'In five seconds you'll be blind': Chilling taunt of man who doused two teenagers in drain cleaner during family feud (Daily Mail)

Kurdish militants train hundreds of Yazidis to fight Islamic State (Reuters)

Russia and Ukraine ministers to meet in Berlin for ceasefire talks (Guardian)

Holder Orders Federal Autopsy of Michael Brown (NBC News)

Looting of Ebola Clinic in Liberia Sparks Fresh Infection Fears (Time Magazine)

UK police say migrants found in shipping container are Afghan Sikhs (Reuters)

Ebola outbreak: Serious infection risk as 'at least 20' patients flee Liberia quarantine clinic after protesters break in and loot building (Independent)

Ebola outbreak: 'At least 20' patients flee Liberia quarantine clinic after protesters break down door and loot building (Independent)

VIDEO: Russia aid convoy at Ukraine border (BBC)

Man Found Dead in Shipping Container (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

First Photos of Cop Who Shot Michael Brown Emerge (NBC News)

English police probing immigrant's death say 35 hidden in cargo container were Afghan Sikhs (Fox News)

Syrian government air strikes target Islamic State in Raqqa (Reuters)

'Don't Shoot': See Striking Photos From Ferguson (NBC News)

U.S. Must Forge New Ties With Iraq to Tackle ISIS Threat (Time Magazine)

Ebola patients flee as Liberia clinic looted (ALJAZEERA)

New freedom of cafe culture in Kabul is threatened after police raid (Guardian)

Saudi Arabia does not support Islamic State terrorists or any others (Guardian)

David Cameron says we will need more than just airstrikes in Iraq (Daily Mail)

Migrants In Suffocating Metal Container Found In Essex Docks Had Been Inside A Long Time, Belgian Police Believe (Huffington Post)

Gaza talks reconvene in Cairo; truce could expire Monday night (Los Angeles Times)

World's most pierced man turned away from Dubai over black magic' concerns (Russia Today)

Corey Griffin, friend of man who inspired ice bucket challenge dies (Daily Mail)

Tear gas fired after Missouri curfew (BBC)

Ukraine fighter plane shot down by pro-Russian rebels as government forces advance (Independent)

Ukrainian troops pictured beating man accused of being pro-Russian spy (Daily Mail)

Iraqi Kurds battle Islamic State fighters (ALJAZEERA)

German foreign minister says independent Kurdish state would destabilise region (Reuters)

Yazidi men flock to join military training camps and fight the Islamic State video (Guardian)

Israel: No Gaza deal until security needs met (ALJAZEERA)

Police officers attacked and stock thrown around as Gaza protestors 'wreak havoc' in Tesco store (Daily Mail)

Gaza peace talks resume in Cairo (BBC)

Purported letter from inside Gaza tells of tunnel toil, Hamas cruelty (Fox News)

Optimism Fades as Talks to Resume on Gaza War (Time Magazine)

Separatists shoot down Ukraine fighter plane (CBS News)

Ukrainian, Russian officials to meet in Berlin as Germany warns conflict could escalate (Fox News)

Cliff Richard raid leaves BBC in crisis as police furious over filming of swoop (Daily Mail)

Pope Urges Fraternal ? Dialogue With China, Others (Time Magazine)

Iraqi official: Kurdish forces retake parts of Mosul Dam from Islamic extremists (Fox News)

Common enemy Islamic State draws Kurd factions together (Los Angeles Times)

Ukraine Says Troops Entered Rebel-Held City (Time Magazine)

Police Deploy Tear Gas to Impose Ferguson Curfew (Time Magazine)

Man on slashing spree in China kills 2, injures 14 (Fox News)

German man with record for most piercings denied entry to Dubai before nightclub appearance (Fox News)

Ferguson tense after emergency state declared (ALJAZEERA)

Twerking Siberia: Russian dancers become YouTube sensation (VIDEOS) (Russia Today)

Gulf War veteran John Nichol: My day with the Chinook heroes of Mount Sinjar (Daily Express)

Police quizzing container survivors (BBC)

Lashes for Saudi woman who called morality police liars - newspaper (Reuters)

Iraq Kurdish forces launch ground offensive to retake key dam, as US airstrikes continue (Fox News)

Binyamin Netanyahu: no long term Gaza ceasefire unless Israel's security needs met video (Guardian)

Rebels Shoot Down Military Plane: Ukraine (NBC News)

One man critically injured after being shot in continuing protests in Ferguson, Missouri video (Guardian)

Looking back at life in Iraq after IS captures Mosul - video (Channel4)

Rebuilding Gaza for future (CNN)

VIDEO: Bishop criticises PM's Iraq response (BBC)

Millionaire preacher sends 4,000 bottles of holy water as Ebola cure (Independent)

Ebola outbreak: Millionaire preacher TB Joshua 'sends 4,000 bottles of holy water to Sierra Leone as cure' (Independent)

Ferguson Erupts Again as Protests Turn to Violence (Time Magazine)

Islamic extremists pose a threat to streets of Britain, David Cameron warns (Daily Express)

Man takes fit in 'road rage' attack (BBC)

UK must use 'military prowess' to help stop Islamic State - PM Cameron (Reuters)

MP's ferocious attack on a serving Chief Constable: As long as this police chief stays, paedophiles and sex abusers will get away with it, writes SIMON DANCZUK - Labour MP for Rochdale (Daily Mail)

Jailed Kurdish leader says war with Turkey nearing end - Firatnews (Reuters)

I needed more time at Man Utd - Moyes (BBC)

Pope Francis poses for a selfie on South Korea trip video (Guardian)

Man tries to sail to US in a dinghy (BBC)

Heat On BBC As Top Politicians Slam Cliff Richard Raid Leak By South Yorkshire Police (Huffington Post)

Shots Fired: Ferguson Protests Spiral Into Violence (NBC News)

Iraq crisis: US confirms air strikes on Isis near key Mosul dam (Guardian)

Protesters defy curfew in Ferguson after Mike Brown shooting (Channel4)

Missouri police fire teargas at Ferguson protesters defying curfew (Guardian)

Right Sector threatens armed march on Kiev unless police drop charges against supporters (Russia Today)

Why It Feels Like a 'Crime' to Be Christian in Pakistan (NBC News)

METAL TOMB: Police question victims of shipping container "trafficking" horror (Daily Star)

The day my brother was murdered: Lisa Howorth recounts her brother's death and reveals why she wants his case reopened (Daily Mail)

Ferguson largely calm as curfew takes hold (CBS News)

Police break up group of defiant protesters in Ferguson (CBS News)

Ukraine Plays Down Hit on Military Convoy (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Elderly women sexually enslaved by Japan in WWII hope for solace, help from pope (Fox News)

Police to question suspected illegal immigrants found crammed in shipping container (Daily Express)

Michael Brown shooting: Ferguson man 'in critical condition' after shooting during curfew (Independent)

Michael Brown shooting: Ferguson man shot in fresh clashes 'critical' as curfew expires (Independent)

Pope tells Asia's communist nations not to fear Christians (Reuters)

Ukraine says rebels shoot down fighter jet over Luhansk region (Fox News)

Gaza talks in limbo as cease-fire expiration approaches (Fox News)

Curfew imposed on divided town (CNN)

NSW police try to stop pro-Palestinian protest at Israeli Film Festival (Guardian)

Al Sharpton blasts Ferguson "smear campaign" (CBS News)

Police complain over Sir Cliff 'leak' (BBC)

Police disperse defiant Ferguson protesters (Financial Times - Paywall)

Pope Francis Offers Olive Branch to China (NBC News)

Palestinian negotiator says group 'less optimistic' as Gaza war talks with Israelis to resume (Fox News)

First Africans Receive Experimental Ebola Drug (NBC News)

Man dies after raising $100K for ALS (CBS News)

Missouri Shooting: Police Fire Smoke Bombs (Sky News)

VIDEO: Kenya to deny entry to Ebola states (BBC)

US planes hit Islamic State targets in Iraq (ALJAZEERA)

Police Move In As Ferguson Curfew Begins (NBC News)

Pope reaches out to China, urges 'fraternal' dialogue after sending greetings from 35,000 feet (Fox News)

Curfew Starts in Ferguson, Some Defy Order (NBC News)

Police disperse Ferguson protesters defying curfew (Russia Today)

Missouri Shooting: State Of Emergency Declared (Sky News)

Curfew Deadline Passes in Ferguson, Crowds Disperse (NBC News)

U.S. strikes ISIS targets near Iraq dam (CNN)

US Launches Airstrikes To Help Retake Iraq Dam (Sky News)

Islamic State group 'executes 700' in Syria (ALJAZEERA)

Pope Francis promotes dialogue with China as church's top priority in Asia (Guardian)

'A Disgrace': Will Ferguson's Curfew Do More Harm Than Good? (NBC News)

Missouri governor declares state of emergency and curfew in Ferguson (Guardian)

Curfew imposed on U.S. town divided over teen's death (CNN)

Why bombing Iraq is not 'mission creep' (CNN)

Feds opposed releasing Ferguson robbery video (CBS News)

Colombia's war victims ask country to support peace talks (Reuters)

Pope Francis focuses on charity during ceremony in South Korea (Los Angeles Times)

Is John Lewis really the new Prada?: Why are high street brand's sales booming? Because, our expert says, no one does high fashion better (shame about the shoes...) (Daily Mail)

ISIS militants 'kill 300 MORE Yazidi men and kidnap their families on second day of massacre in northern Iraq after they refuse to convert to Islam' (Daily Mail)

Ferguson cop who walked middle of road finds critics coming both ways (Guardian)

'New massacres' in Iraq and Syria (BBC)

How Mrs Brown star came 'face to face' with British officer who killed his grandfather: Relative of Brendan O'Carroll was killed because sons were members of the IRA (Daily Mail)

Last dispatch of news man John Cole: Former BBC political editor left £800,000 in his will (Daily Mail)

Gaza residents return to rubble (CNN)

Ukraine conflict: 6 questions (CNN)

Ferguson clampdown: a brief history of curfews to contain protest in US cities (Guardian)

In Iraq, captured Yazidi women fear the Islamic State will force them to wed (Washington Post - Paywall)

Please, let American jets bomb my prison... death is better than to be forced off with a strange man: 8 months pregnant, captured by Islamic thugs waging 'Sexual Holy War' - one woman issues a heartrending plea (Daily Mail)

Police Scotland forced to apologise for blunders (Daily Express)

Thousands Flock to See Pope (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Iraq massacre reported as U.S. strikes target militants at Mosul dam (Los Angeles Times)

Curfew imposed in Ferguson state of emergency (CBS News)

Sino-theology and the Pope (CNN)

Governor Declares State of Emergency, Issues Curfew in Ferguson (NBC News)

U.S. launches airstrikes in Iraq in effort to retake Mosul dam (Washington Post - Paywall)

Michael brown shooting sparks more US riots (Daily Express)

Struck off and shamed... so why is groping psychotherapist still free to treat women today?: Victims said they were asked to undress - but lack of regulation means firm found to be 'abusing trust' keep operating (Daily Mail)

New hope for Gaza peace as fragile ceasefire holds (Daily Express)

Listen to cry of poor, says Pope Francis (Daily Express)

Ferguson Missouri riots: State Governor declares state of emergency after fresh violence over the fatal shooting of teenager Michael Brown (Independent)

Michael Brown shooting: Ferguson 'state of emergency' declared after protests descend into violence (Independent)

EXCLUSIVE: Passenger demands tighter border controls after Ebola scare (Daily Star)

Iraq crisis: Iraqi minority says massacre of civilians not over yet (Independent)

Iraq crisis: My night on a perilous mercy mission to Mount Sinjar with the RAF (Independent)

Iraq crisis: A spineless lack of leadership, an abject lack of strategy (Independent)

EXCLUSIVE: Islamic State killers were students of UK terror fanatic (Daily Star)

Ukraine crisis: Pro-Russian rebels prepare for new counter-offensive (Independent)

Gaza protesters go on rampage in Tesco and attack police over Israeli produce (Daily Express)

U.S. says conducts air strikes in Iraq near Arbil and Mosul dam (Reuters)

Liberia gives experimental Ebola drug to three African doctors (Reuters)

Preachers Focus on Faith in the Shadow of Ferguson (Time Magazine)

Michael Brown Will Be Given Independent Autopsy, Attorney Says (Time Magazine)

Ukraine officially recognizes Russian aid convoy as humanitarian (Russia Today)

Missouri Governor Imposes Midnight Curfew on Ferguson (Time Magazine)

Feds Opposed Release of Alleged Brown Robbery Video (NBC News)

Thousands Of Israelis March For Peace In Tel Aviv, Calling For End To Gaza War (Huffington Post)

Missouri Governor Declares State of Emergency, Issues Curfew (NBC News)

US hits rebels at Islamic State-held dam (ALJAZEERA)

Why Iraq Is So Desperate to Retake Mosul Dam from ISIS (Time Magazine)

'Fearful' Business Owners Reel After Ferguson Looting (NBC News)

State of emergency, curfew declared following Ferguson protests (Russia Today)

Two Tested For Ebola In British Hospitals (Huffington Post)

Islamic State executed 700 people from Syrian tribe - monitoring group (Reuters)

Islamic Fighters 'Kill 400 And Take Families' (Sky News)

Dear prime minister: what is the UK government's strategy in Iraq and Syria? (Guardian)

Van Gaal endures Man Utd debut to forget (BBC)

Ferguson Protestors Mark a Week Since Brown Shooting (Time Magazine)

Guinea reopens Ebola clinic as sick spill over border (Reuters)

Hamas says Israel must accept Palestinian demands or face long war (Reuters)

No green light to Red Cross: Russian aid convoy stuck at Ukraine border waiting for Kiev's nod (Russia Today)

Why a Belgian Chef Joined ISIS to Battle Americans (NBC News)

Strikes on militants at Iraq dam after reported massacre (CBS News)

Kiev And Moscow Agree On Ukraine Aid Convoy (Sky News)

Jews and Arabs in Israel more estranged after war (Washington Post - Paywall)

Reporter's Notebook: On a Helicopter, Going Down: Inside a Lethal Crash in Iraq (New York Times - Paywall)

With Aid Doctors Gone, Ebola Fight Grows Harder (New York Times - Paywall)

Ferguson police clash with Michael Brown protesters again overnight (Guardian)

Hamas Ultimatum: Accept Our Demands or Face Long War (NBC News)

WorldViews: Some Arabs and Jews maintain friendly ties in time of war (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ebola outbreak: No accurate death toll as crisis 'runs out of control' (Independent)

Ebola outbreak: No accurate death toll as crisis runs out of control, warn doctors (Independent)

Gaza rift: The sense is that Americans are disgusted with Netanyahu' (Independent)

The Gaza rift: The sense is that Americans are disgusted with Netanyahu' (Independent)

Ukraine crisis: 'We are getting tanks and reinforcements from Russia,' says separatist leader (Independent)

Man dies after 35 found in container (BBC)

Islamic State executes 700 members of Syrian tribe, mostly civilians - report (Russia Today)

Ukraine rebels 'trained in Russia' (BBC)

Kenya Airways to suspend flights to Freetown, Monrovia due to Ebola (Reuters)

Council U-turn on dying man care (BBC)

Arab Israelis fired from jobs for criticizing Gaza offensive on Facebook - NGO (Russia Today)

Jewish Chronicle apology for Gaza ad (BBC)

Sharpton urges Ferguson protesters not to aid 'smear campaign' by rioting (Guardian)

Ukraine rebels boast of Russian military aid (Financial Times - Paywall)

After Maliki, U.S. to Boost Iraq Aid (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Facebook orders war hero Andy Reid who lost both legs to remove picture of his stump (Daily Mail)

Those Trucks Putin Sent To Ukraine With 'Humanitarian Supplies' Were Mostly Empty (Forbes)

VIDEO: Apology over Gaza appeal advert (BBC)

Islamic State 'massacres' 80 Yazidis in north Iraq - officials (Reuters)

Wales' World War One fallen honoured (BBC)

Travel restrictions amid Ebola fears (CNN)

Video shows moment overconfident Russian tries to cross floodwater in his 4x4 (Daily Mail)

Gaza Operation Reflects Shift (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Looting mars renewed protests in Ferguson (PHOTOS) (Russia Today)

Liberia Opens Second Ebola Center to Tackle Crisis (NBC News)

Mixed martial arts fighter War Machine arrested in California (CBS News)

'Do not disturb': Top Ukrainian official asks to be left alone over missing Russian journalist (Russia Today)

Ukraine rebel says he has 1,200 fighters 'trained in Russia' under his command (Guardian)

EPL: Man Utd beaten by Swansea (CNN)

Pope warns Catholic clergy to be humble, not hypocrites (Reuters)

Egypt: Police arrest suspect in rape of British citizen in country's south (Fox News)

Anger boils over again in Ferguson (CBS News)

Islamic State fighters capture 3 villages in Syria in march on rival rebel stronghold (Fox News)

Iraq voices anger as US air force defends Irbil but not Baghdad (Guardian)

Why intervene in Iraq - but not Syria? (CNN)

Ferguson riots: Ku Klux Klan raises 'reward' for officer who shot unarmed teen Michael Brown (Independent)

Michael Brown shooting: Ku Klux Klan raises 'reward' for officer who shot unarmed teen in Ferguson, Missouri (Independent)

Iraq militants kill 80 in village, capture hundreds, reports say (Los Angeles Times)

Man dies in street fight stabbing (BBC)

Spanish police nab woman smuggling 1.7kg cocaine in breast implants (Russia Today)

3 Liberian Health Workers With Ebola Receive Scarce Drug After Appeals to U.S. (New York Times - Paywall)

Jewish Chronicle Apologises After Readers Object To Gaza DEC Appeal Advert (Huffington Post)

Pope Francis delivers speech in English before leading 800,000 in Seoul open-air mass (Independent)

Pope Francis: 800,000 attend Seoul mass for 124 South Korean Catholic martyrs (Independent)

Islamic State fighters kill dozens of Yazidi villagers (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ukraine Hits Russian Vehicles Crossing Border (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man dies in Britain as 35 people found in shipping container (Reuters)

WorldViews: Experts are predicting a famine in South Sudan. Why can't we stop it? (Washington Post - Paywall)

Pope beatifies South Korea martyrs (BBC)

Pope runs late during busy day in South Korea, asks to skip prayers so he can get home safely (Fox News)

Pope holds up Korean martyrs as models for church in Asia as he stresses role of lay faithful (Fox News)

Ukraine forces clash with rebels near Russian border (Channel4)

Back Door to Britain: REVEALED - The secret route taking African migrants from Libya to Calais in days - waved through by Italian and French police (Daily Mail)

Kabul cafe is a front line in a war over culture and social mores in Afghanistan (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ebola spreading faster, out of control for next 6 months Doctors without Borders (Russia Today)

Russian MP's son to remain in custody in Seattle until hacking trial (Russia Today)

Muslim Ukip Member, Ismail Patel, Defects To George Galloway's Respect Party Over Gaza Racism Claims (Huffington Post)

Pope Francis wows crowds in South Korea - video (Channel4)

Ukraine crisis: Russia guarantees' Putin aid convoy will not be used for direct invasion' (Independent)

Ukraine crisis: Russia 'guarantees' Putin aid convoy will not be used for 'direct invasion' (Independent)

Iraq crisis: Britain sends spy plane and aid packages as Isis massacres 80 Yazidi men (Independent)

Iraq crisis: Britain sends spy plane and fresh aid packages as Isis massacres 80 Yazidi men (Independent)

Iraq crisis: Britain sends spy plane and aid packages as Islamic State massacres 80 Yazidi men (Independent)

Russian accused of hacking detained by U.S. until trial begins (Reuters)

Brown shooting: 5 things to know (CNN)

Yazidis 'massacred' by IS in Iraq (Channel4)

Why Gaza Won't Likely Benefit From Its Gas Bonanza (NBC News)

Fighting ISIS only in Iraq is like extinguishing only half a fire (Russia Today)

Man seriously injured in disturbance (BBC)

1 million show up to see Pope (CNN)

Ferguson riots: Fresh clashes over Michael Brown shooting after authorities say officer 'did not know' unarmed teen was robbery suspect (Independent)

Ferguson riots: Riots over Michael Brown shooting reignite (Independent)

Michael Brown shooting: Ferguson police and protesters in fresh clashes as authorities say named officer 'did not know' unarmed teenager was a robbery suspect (Independent)

Michael Brown shooting: Ferguson police clash with protesters after authorities say officer 'did not know' unarmed teen was robbery suspect (Independent)

Ferguson riots: Michael Brown shooting protesters and police clash as authorities say named officer 'did not know' unarmed teenager was a robbery suspect (Independent)

Michael Brown shooting: Ferguson police and protesters clash as officer 'did not know' unarmed teen was a robbery suspect (Independent)

Neighbors proud of man who aided missing Amish girls (CBS News)

Jesse Jackson marches with protesters in Ferguson (CBS News)

Pope Asks: What Would You Be Willing to Die For? (NBC News)

Jesse Jackson joins protests in Ferguson (CBS News)

Britain's vainest man demands botox for life from NHS just months after free £5k nose job (Daily Mail)

Agencies Issue Warnings Over Bogus Ebola Cures (New York Times - Paywall)

South Koreans Flock To See Pope Francis Mass (Sky News)

With Ebola Cases Still Few, Populous Nigeria Has Chance to Halt Its Outbreak (New York Times - Paywall)

Quick History: Ferguson, Robin Williams and the Russian Convoy (New York Times - Paywall)

Police: Why shot teen was stopped (CNN)

Philippine jihadists pledge support to Islamic State (Russia Today)

Why have tailgate parties not spread to the UK? (BBC)

Man returns Israel medal over Gaza (BBC)

Resignation of Prime Minister Maliki gives rise to hope in Iraq (Los Angeles Times)

Ukraine forces destroy most of a column of Russian military vehicles, president says (Washington Post - Paywall)

David Cameron to arm Kurds with weapons to fight militants in northern Iraq (Daily Star)

Ukraine factories equip Russian military despite support for rebels (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hey Cynics, Hold That Cold Water: Why The Ice Bucket Challenge Worked (Forbes)

Ferguson, Mo., police shooting (CBS News)

Ebola 'to last at least six months' (BBC)

Mother misses United Airlines flight to New York after police haul her off plane over 'stolen passport' reported missing by someone with the same name THREE years ago (Daily Mail)

Ferguson police release surveillance video related to Michael Brown shooting (CBS News)

Ukraine says it attacked military convoy (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ukraine says it destroyed military vehicles that crossed from Russia (Los Angeles Times)

Ukraine: Russian military vehicles destroyed after crossing border (CBS News)

Dear Mr. President, Why I'm Leaving America (Forbes)

WorldViews: Ferguson riots play big in Russia (Washington Post - Paywall)

EU tackles crises in Iraq and Ukraine (BBC)

The British Muslims who want to live under the Islamic State (Channel4)

WorldViews: Important alert from Chinese state media: No, Ebola isn't a zombie virus' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ebola Epidemic Is Like 'War Time' Says MSF (Sky News)

Tear gas clears on riot-ravaged Ferguson (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ebola outbreak likely "vastly" underestimated (CBS News)

Drug dealer's attempt to run over and kill man caught on camera moments before he murdered him (Daily Mail)

Military vehicles enter Ukraine (CNN)

Viewpoints: How to defeat Islamic State group (BBC)

WorldViews: How the violent Islamic State extremists got their signature flag (Washington Post - Paywall)

Islamic State 'a cancer' says Iraq's Zebari- video (Channel4)

Police arrest man during raid on London homes 'linked to Syria terrorism' (Daily Mail)

Iraq crisis: talking to the Yazidi refugees (Channel4)

Pope Francis walks the walk in flashy Seoul (CBS News)

Police name officer who shot unarmed black teenager (Channel4)

Why do whites run mostly black town? (CNN)

Did police get it wrong in Ferguson? (CNN)

Ukraine inspects Russia aid convoy near border (CBS News)

The Man Who Invented Pop-Up Ads Says 'I'm Sorry' (Forbes)

Song for Pope (CNN)

Olympics: Ebola hits youth event (CNN)

Why Chelsea will win Premier League title (CNN)

Ukraine 'destroys' part of Russian military column (Channel4)

Wedding amid Gaza rubble offers hope (CNN)

Which foods are off Russian menus? (CNN)

Why are Iraq oil prices so stable? (CNN)

Ebola crisis 'vastly underestimated' (CNN)

WorldViews: The 84-year-old Islamic cleric shaking up Iraq's political world (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: Fear of Ebola spreads to economy (BBC)

EU backs arming of Kurds in Iraq (Channel4)

Most Yazidis have been rescued from a besieged mountain in northern Iraq (Washington Post - Paywall)

WorldViews: Why Ukrainian politicians keep beating each other up (Washington Post - Paywall)

Pope Francis visits South Korea (CBS News)

Moscow, Kiev inch closer to confrontation as Russian aid convoy heads for rebel areas (Washington Post - Paywall)

Russian aid convoy moves closer to Ukrainian border (Channel4)

Israel, Gaza and the media: Propaganda war (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Higher education: Why textbooks cost so much (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

The Michael Brown shooting: St Louis blues (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

SAS 'on the ground' in Iraq (Channel4)

Iraq crisis: Yazidi refugees keen to leave for good - video (Channel4)

Ukraine to block Russian aid convoy (Channel4)

Britain to 'play a role' in Yazidi rescue mission in Iraq (Channel4)

Heading for Armageddon? Islamic State advances in Syria (Channel4)

Bomb attacks in Baghdad as US sends more military to Iraq (Channel4)

Will UK intervene in Iraq crisis? - video (Channel4)

Why is Russia sending 'aid convoy' to Ukraine? - video (Channel4)

Mike Brown protest spills into second night and onto web (Channel4)

Is attacking the Islamic State all about oil? - video (Channel4)

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