Thursday, 21st August 2014

World News

Ohio Catholics and State Department throw cold water on ice bucket challenge (CBS News)

Hamas says they kidnapped and killed 3 Israeli teens at West Bank (CBS News)

Has Ebola reached Ireland? Man dies in County Donegal following return from Sierra Leone (Daily Mail)

David Cameron returns to holiday in Cornwall after emergency ISIS beheading talks (Daily Mail)

James Foley was an ISIS 'whipping boy' (Daily Mail)

ISIS offered to swap Foley for 'Lady Al Qaeda': Terrorists wanted return of MIT-graduate jailed in U.S. for planning 'mass casualty strike' with dirty bomb, ebola, and chemical weapon 'that spared children' (Daily Mail)

Hagel calls James Foley 4th July rescue mission 'flawless' despite raiding the wrong camp before 'well funded' ISIS demanded $132 million ransom (Daily Mail)

Playing golf AGAIN: Obama tees off just 24 hours after being criticized for hitting the course within minutes of solemnly pledging justice for beheaded journalist James Foley (Daily Mail)

Governor orders withdrawal of Missouri National Guard from Ferguson (CBS News)

Cameron urged to confront France over claims it is funding ISIS terror with underhand ransom payments (Daily Mail)

British man in James Foley video identified as 'John' - a London jihadis (Daily Mail)

South Africa issues Ebola travel ban (BBC)

British Muslims blame jihadi subculture after beheading video (Reuters)

Morning Mail: Shorten speaks on assault investigation, Palmer rejects GP plan, James Foley fallout (Guardian)

'We DID kidnap the three Israeli teens': Hamas veteran exiled in Turkey claims responsibility for 'heroic operation' that sparked Gaza conflict (Daily Mail)

Strike Kills Top Hamas Commanders (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

5 Gaza militants slain as Israel shifts focus of its airstrikes (Los Angeles Times)

Mexican police arrest 13 activists at Maya Indian protest against water rate increase (Fox News)

China Faces Growth Concerns (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Halting ISIS Would Require Attacks in Syria, Top General Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Police have 'power trip problem' (CNN)

Foley killers 'wanted $132m ransom' (BBC)

U.S. Ebola patient leaves hospital (CNN)

Israeli air strike kills three Hamas commanders in Gaza (Reuters)

US National Guard to withdraw from Ferguson (ALJAZEERA)

Remember MERS? Scientists Want Treatments to be Ready, Unlike Ebola (Time Magazine)

Travelers defy Hamas threat (CNN)

Hagel Says ISIS Threat 'Beyond Anything We've Seen' (NBC News)

US bombs Islamic State fighters in north Iraq (ALJAZEERA)

Lack of leadership hurts Ebola fight in West Africa - MSF (Reuters)

Pope Francis Calls James Foley's Family (NBC News)

'That would explain why Johnny Depp has been calling': TV bosses making 'Nick Clegg The Movie' set to hit screens before 2015 election (Daily Mail)

Fear spreads, borders close as Ebola restricts travel in West Africa (Los Angeles Times)

ISIS sells $3M of oil daily (CNN)

Hamas buries commanders killed by Israel (ALJAZEERA)

Ukraine Suffers Losses (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

How Some People Are Surviving the Deadliest Ebola Outbreak in History (Time Magazine)

WHO holding talks next month on Ebola treatments (Reuters)

German police investigation into neo-Nazi killers a 'fiasco' - report (Reuters)

What Cured the American Ebola Patients? (NBC News)

Ebola Doctor 'Thrilled' As He Leaves Hospital (Sky News)

Revulsion for ISIS Builds, but Lawmakers Remain Wary of Greater U.S. Military Role (New York Times - Paywall)

Why Access to Screens Is Lowering Kids' Social Skills (Time Magazine)

Inspection of Russian Trucks at Ukraine Border Begins (New York Times - Paywall)

Suspected Irish Ebola Case 'From Sierra Leone' (Sky News)

BBC's Tony Hall insists journalists 'acted appropriately' at Cliff Richard's police raid (Daily Mail)

Armed Texas protesters call for end to police shootings (CBS News)

Hamas Admits to Kidnapping and Killing Israeli Teens (NBC News)

James Foley death: I know the identity of Isis killer, says French journalist (Independent)

What it will take to beat ISIS (CNN)

James Foley death: President Obama calls the jihadists' bluff and launches fresh air strikes against Isis targets near Mosul (Independent)

Has Ebola arrived in Ireland? Man dies after returning from Sierra Leone (Daily Express)

WorldViews: Islamic State video shows scores of Yazidis converting to Islam (Washington Post - Paywall)

'Thrilled to Be Alive': Ebola Patients Not Contagious (NBC News)

Execution raises stakes for ISIS hostages (CNN)

James Foley death: Elite US military took part in failed bid to rescue photojournalist (Independent)

2 Liberians who got experimental Ebola medicine said to be improving (Los Angeles Times)

Ferguson solidarity protests spread to dozens of cities nationwide (Guardian)

Air France employees' unions want to suspend flights into Ebola countries (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Possible Ebola case in Ireland (BBC)

National Guard to leave Ferguson (BBC)

"Miraculous day": American Ebola patients discharged from Atlanta hospital (CBS News)

State Legislatures Move to Stomp Out Federal Gun Laws (NBC News)

War in east Ukraine to leave economy in ashes. Who will pay for recovery? (Russia Today)

Grief in Gaza (CNN)

Airstrikes hammer ISIS advance (CNN)

Hamas admits responsibility for kidnapping and killing of three teenagers (Daily Express)

Balotelli v Suarez: Why always them? (BBC)

Missouri governor orders national guard withdrawal from Ferguson (Guardian)

Quiet returns to Ferguson streets (CNN)

Dr Kent Brantly beams with delight after beating Ebola with experimental serum (Daily Mail)

Three senior Hamas leaders killed in Israeli air strike (Daily Mail)

US police should shoot to kill or not at all, law and justice experts say (Guardian)

National Guard Pulled From Ferguson After Night of Relative Calm (Time Magazine)

Ten more Westerners are hostages of Isis including Britons and in grave danger (Independent)

Russian aid convoy clears customs at east Ukraine border (Guardian)

Canada MP quits party over Gaza (BBC)

Are the US and Syria now on the same side? - video (Channel4)

Why Some Catholics Won't Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Time Magazine)

1,400 Are Dead From Ebola and We Need Help, Says Doctors Without Borders President (Time Magazine)

This Berry Is Causing A Super-Food War Between America and Canada (Time Magazine)

James Foley's captors 'demanded $132M ransom' (CNN)

Governor Orders National Guard Out of Ferguson (NBC News)

GlobalPost chief: Kidnappers demanded $132.5 million for James Foley (Los Angeles Times)

Liberian Boy Dies After Being Shot During Clash Over Ebola Quarantine (New York Times - Paywall)

Exclusive: Militants, weapons transit Gaza tunnels despite Egyptian crackdown (Reuters)

Russian aid convoy poised to enter Ukraine as fighting rages (Los Angeles Times)

Authorities analyze voice in hunt for James Foleys killer (CBS News)

Ebola outbreak: Billy Graham's son declares righteous war on the virus (Independent)

Supermarket petrol price war pushes cost of filling up to its lowest in three years (Daily Mail)

Michael Brown shooting: Rap artists broadcast word on the street about the Ferguson teenager's death (Independent)

Former top general calls on Obama to wipe out Isis in wake of Foley killing (Guardian)

Crash in China sees car flattened by a cement mixer as driver and passenger survive (Daily Mail)

Michael Brown shooting: Ferguson police officer was doing his job' says his growing band of supporters (Independent)

Israel kills three Hamas leaders (CNN)

WHO says 70 die from illness in Congo, denies Ebola link (Reuters)

South Africa Issues Ebola Travel Ban (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Israel to call up 10,000 reservists as Hamas vows revenge for the killing of three of its commanders in an airstrike (Independent)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Israel to call up reservists as Hamas vows revenge for the killing of three of its commanders in an airstrike (Independent)

Sierra Leone's 365 deaths from ebola linked back to one healer (Daily Mail)

Before Killing James Foley, ISIS Demanded Ransom From U.S. (New York Times - Paywall)

Hundreds of Yazidis convert to Islam to avoid ISIS execution (Daily Mail)

US Ebola patients out of hospital (BBC)

Kajieme Powell Graphic Video Seems To Contradict Officer Accounts Of Fatal St Louis Shooting (Huffington Post)

Hamas leader says group kidnapped Israeli teens in West Bank in June (Fox News)

That's my granddad! Woman solves mystery of iconic First World War image as she names four 'Tommies' in German trench (Daily Mail)

World News Update: US ebola victims discharged from hospital (Daily Star)

Why freelancing is so dangerous (CNN)

'Britain's worst driver' jailed after smashing into two motorbikes, driving on wrong side of road and flipping car during three mile police chase (Daily Mail)

Watch & listen: Police stop wrong way motorist on M-way with head-on crash (Daily Star)

ISIS Demanded $132 Million for James Foley's Release (NBC News)

U.S. Tried to Rescue Slain Journalist (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ukraine inspects Russian aid convoy (BBC)

U.S. Army veteran, West Point grad killed fighting for Ukraine (Fox News)

Spending on food drops for the first time in 25 years as supermarket price war kicks in (Daily Mail)

The Media Intifada: Bad Math, Ugly Truths About New York Times In Israel-Hamas War (Forbes)

Ukraine border guards begin checks on Russian aid trucks (Reuters)

Ebola Patient Released From Hospital: 'I Am Thrilled to Be Alive' (NBC News)

Ukraine begins checks on Russian aid trucks (ALJAZEERA)

VIDEO: Ebola survivor 'thrilled to be alive' (BBC)

'Today is a miraculous day' says Ebola surviving doctor (Channel4)

Islamic State video shows Yazidi men converting to Islam - video (Guardian)

Israel kills three Hamas commanders (Guardian)

'Sugar tax' on soft drinks could wage war on obesity epidemic (Daily Mail)

Liberia overwhelmed by number of Ebola dead (ALJAZEERA)

Cop suspended for threatening to kill Ferguson protesters, journalists (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Ferguson has calm night after attorney general visits 'fractured' community (Guardian)

British neighbours at war in French village after one barricades other's house (Daily Mail)

Ukraine captures Russian armoured vehicles (Financial Times - Paywall)

What ISIS hopes video will achieve (CNN)

VIDEO: Mass rally as Hamas leaders buried (BBC)

US Launches Criminal Probe Into Foley Killing (Sky News)

Gaza Airstrike Kills Senior Hamas Commanders (Sky News)

Israeli strike kills 3 Hamas commanders (Financial Times - Paywall)

Russian scientists to set up lab in Guinea to fight Ebola (Russia Today)

UK offers £6.5m for emergency Ebola research (Russia Today)

Hamas official admits group murdered 3 Israeli teens (Russia Today)

The Untold Legacy of the Vietnam War (NBC News)

Seven slashed in knife attack in China's Guangzhou - state media (Reuters)

Reports: At least 7 stabbed in apparently random attack in southern China (Fox News)

Islamic State in overdrive to keep propaganda network online (Channel4)

How China Will Change the Smartphone Industry: Predicting Winners and Losers (Time Magazine)

The Ferguson riots: Overkill (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Ukraine and Russia: Battering on (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Rural schools: Down and out in rural China (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Hamas official: we were behind the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers (Guardian)

One in four foreign jihadists fighting for ISIS are British (Daily Mail)

Israel kills three top Hamas commanders (ALJAZEERA)

Are myths making Ebola crisis worse? (CNN)

'Not Contagious': Ebola Patient Declares 'I Am Thrilled to Be Alive' (NBC News)

Insight - "Terrorists" help U.S. in battle against Islamic State in Iraq (Reuters)

Chinese police stumped by mystery of meat cleaver jammed into outside of Chengdu block of flats 13 floors up (Daily Mail)

Best Friend: James Foley Was Brave, But Not Reckless (NBC News)

Watch Live: Ebola Patient Is Released From Atlanta Hospital (NBC News)

No helping hand from the West when ISIS killed only Syrians, Iraqis and Christians' (Russia Today)

Sri Lankan activist says president is trying to undermine credibility of UN war crimes probe (Fox News)

Foley pal blames Obama policies for birth of ISIS (Fox News)

Humanitarian convoy: First trucks with Russian aid may enter Ukraine on Friday (Russia Today)

Fox News Sean Hannity Berates Ferguson Politician Patricia Bynes Over Claims Of Police Brutality (Huffington Post)

Israeli airstrikes kill 3 top Hamas commanders in Gaza Strip (Washington Post - Paywall)

Insight - As Ukraine forces gain in east, focus of German diplomacy shifts (Reuters)

Cliff Richard Investigation: BBC Journalists 'Acted Appropriately' Over Police Raid (Huffington Post)

The Police Are Right to Say Watching James Foley Video an Offence, as Should Be Watching All Films Showing Torture and Death (Huffington Post)

Claire McCaskill: Ferguson Will Mean More Diversity in Missouri's Government (Time Magazine)

Police release video of fatal Kajieme Powell shooting in St. Louis (Guardian)

Clashes Over Liberia Ebola Quarantine (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ferguson tries to return to normal after chaos (CBS News)

Hamas 'Admits' It Kidnapped Israeli Teens, The Murder Which Escalated The Conflict (Huffington Post)

Ukraine claims upper hand against rebels in east (CBS News)

Miami Beach plans for body-worn cameras on meter maids and police (Guardian)

Boko Haram 'control police academy' (BBC)

James Foley video is as slick as it is sickening (Daily Mail)

Ukraine 'Captures Russian Armoured Vehicles' (Sky News)

No sex charges for undercover police (BBC)

Hamas official admits group abducted, killed Israeli teens (Fox News)

South African men suspected of killing farmworker with oranges, police say (Fox News)

Experimental drug success: US Ebola doctor to be discharged after recovery (Russia Today)

Experimental drug success: US Ebola doctor discharged after recovery (Russia Today)

South Africa: opposition lawmakers disrupt parliament over state spending on president's home (Fox News)

British ISIS Jihadi vows to be first woman to behead UK or US prisoner (Russia Today)

Ukraine Warns on Economic Fallout (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Russian Aid Trucks Finally Roll Into Ukraine (NBC News)

Israel kills top Hamas commanders (BBC)

Driver films moment he confronted speed camera operator in police van (Daily Mail)

Israeli Strike in Gaza Strip Kills 3 Top Hamas Commanders (New York Times - Paywall)

US troops entered Syria to find James Foley (ALJAZEERA)

Video Shows Yazidis 'Converting To Islam' (Sky News)

Hunt on for James Foley's executioner (CNN)

ISIS Demanded Ransom From U.S. Before Killing Reporter (New York Times - Paywall)

Indonesian police fire tear gas at poll protesters (Fox News)

Billionaire Branson, fellow business leaders offer support to end violence in Ukraine (Russia Today)

Historic war memorial clock in Leek silenced by Premier Inn (Daily Mail)

Melanie Sykes has common assault caution withdrawn from police records (Daily Express)

Police officer jailed over tip-off (BBC)

U.S. Drops Leaflets Urging Iraqis to Stand Up to ISIS (NBC News)

Toddler cuddles with giant dog Simba in adorable video (Daily Mail)

Office block housing elite South African police unit broken into for fifth time in three weeks (Independent)

A Step-By-Step Guide To What Happens In Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' Video (Huffington Post)

Three Hamas Commanders Killed by Israeli Strike (NBC News)

U.S. military failed in rescue attempt for journalist Foley (Reuters)

Dear Sony, Here's Why So Many People Are Buying The PS4 (Forbes)

Intl manhunt underway for British' extremist in beheading video (Russia Today)

US reporter's death galvanizes anger but little action yet against Islamic State fighters (Fox News)

President Barack Obama vows to punish ISIS for beheading James Foley (Daily Mail)

Islamic State's Latest Chilling Video Shows Scores Of Captured Yazidis 'Converting' (Huffington Post)

VIDEO: Why are Moscow McDonald's shut? (BBC)

Sinosphere Blog: Theaters in China Screen Movies, and Viewers' Text Messages (New York Times - Paywall)

Talk on Discharge of Ebola Patients (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

End of the line: GMO production in China halted (Russia Today)

'No Confrontations' in Ferguson as Arrests Plummet (NBC News)

U.S. Mission to Rescue Foley in Syria Failed: Officials (NBC News)

Heading Home: Ebola Patient to Be Released From Atlanta Hospital (NBC News)

Why Ukraine is not a cause for Hollywood celebrities? (Russia Today)

Ferguson Protests Stay Peaceful for the First Night in Nearly a Week (Time Magazine)

Sacked Taiwan official says probe could damage China ties (Reuters)

Why We're So Obsessed With Distorting Disney Princesses (Time Magazine)

Psychopathic violence': British Muslim organizations condemn ISIS extremism (Russia Today)

At Least 1 American With Ebola To Be Discharged From Atlanta Hospital (Time Magazine)

China's state media jabs U.S. on Ferguson (Los Angeles Times)

Police and community can fix Ferguson (CNN)

5 Sect Members Go on Trial in Killing at McDonald's in China (New York Times - Paywall)

Op-Ed Contributor: When Sanctions Lead to War (New York Times - Paywall)

Ukraine army pushes into rebel-held territory (ALJAZEERA)

Israeli strike kills 3 top Hamas military leaders (CBS News)

Ebola outbreak: US doctor Kent Brantly released from hospital (Independent)

Indonesia police fire teargas ahead of court verdict on election (Reuters)

Officer who pointed gun at journalists in Ferguson suspended (Channel4)

Gaza militant leader targeted (CNN)

American Doctor Who Had Ebola Has Recovered (Time Magazine)

Shots fired at Liberia Ebola protest (BBC)

China tries five cult members for McDonald's murder (Washington Post - Paywall)

Only' American fighter within Kiev forces dies in battle in E. Ukraine (Russia Today)

Indonesian Police Fire Tear Gas at Poll Protesters (New York Times - Paywall)

5 sect members stand trial in China for allegedly beating woman to death in McDonald's (Fox News)

Fresh air strikes in Gaza while Israeli troops remain on the border video (Guardian)

Iceland Volcano: Mini-Quakes Revealed In Video (Sky News)

#YesBecause Day Takes Over Twitter As Scots Tell The World Why They're Voting For Independence (Huffington Post)

Iraq, Syria and the Islamic State: A war that crosses national boundaries (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Why You Should Encourage Lateral Growth In Your Team (Forbes)

Ebola outbreak: Police in Liberia open fire on crowd trying to break virus quarantine (Independent)

Rusnano probed: Prosecutors launch anti-corruption audit into state hi-tech co. (Russia Today)

VIDEO: Police take wrong-way driver head on (BBC)

Why Your Data-Devouring Kids Will Beg You To Buy A Chevy (Forbes)

New Yorkers unfurl huge Palestinian flag from Manhattan Bridge during Gaza march (Independent)

James Foley beheading: Fox news presenter Megyn Kelly annoyed by Ferguson update during broadcast about murdered journalist (Independent)

VIDEO: Ferguson vigil: 'We stand strong' (BBC)

Emory: American Missionaries Who Had Ebola To Be Discharged, Brantly To Speak (Forbes)

Protesters attack police as two Indian states fight over territory (Reuters)

ISIS spokesperson reported as dead (Independent)

Dozens die in Ukraine in street battles, Donetsk shelling (Reuters)

Is Ebola Coming to the UK? (Huffington Post)

Islamic State: 10 Things We Know About James Foley's Left-Handed 'British' Killer (Huffington Post)

Tibetan rights group claims five dead after unarmed protesters shot by police (Fox News)

Three senior Hamas leaders killed during Israeli airstrike (Daily Star)

Israeli air strike kills three senior Hamas leaders in Gaza (Daily Express)

Lens Blog: Photographing Both Sides in Ukraine (New York Times - Paywall)

James Foley beheading sparks international manhunt for 'John' the British jihadist (Independent)

Michael Brown shooting: Police officer suspended for pointing semi-automatic gun at peaceful protester (Independent)

Secret US mission FAILED to save hostages from Islamic State - including James Foley (Daily Express)

Foley Family Sent Email Threat By IS Kidnappers (Sky News)

Ferguson Cops Sued Over 2011 Alleged Wrongful Death (NBC News)

Why Wales will make its own mind up on independence (BBC)

Take a Look at James Foley's Finest Reporting (NBC News)

U.S. 'tried to rescue Foley' in Syria (CNN)

Kajieme Powell shooting: Missouri police release video footage of second man killed by officers (Independent)

Kajieme Powell: Missouri police release video footage of second man killed by officers (Independent)

Some See Qatar's Hand in Collapse of Gaza Talks (Time Magazine)

Foley: US Mission To Rescue Hostages Failed (Sky News)

Hamas says three top commanders killed by Israeli airstrike in Gaza (Fox News)

After reporter killed, Interpol warns of danger of foreigners among Islamic State fighters (Fox News)

Israeli Air Strike Kills 3 Senior Hamas Leaders (Time Magazine)

U.S.: Foley rescue bid failed (CNN)

Is ISIS a threat to the U.S.? (CNN)

Hamas leaders die in wave of Israeli strikes on Gaza (Guardian)

James Foley: US reveals failed special forces rescue mission within Syria (Guardian)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Three top Hamas military leaders killed in airstrikes (Independent)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Hamas official admits organisation was behind kidnapping of teenagers (Independent)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Hamas official admits military wing was behind kidnapping of teenagers (Independent)

Islamic State militants threatened journalist's death in email to family, CEO says (Fox News)

Israeli Strike Destroys Gaza Building, Kills Six (NBC News)

VIDEO: Foley parents 'haunted' by killing (BBC)

Bill Shorten addresses untrue and abhorrent sexual assault allegations video (Guardian)

Police open fire, use tear gas on crowds as Liberia struggles to contain deadly Ebola (Russia Today)

James Foley beheading: US forces tried to rescue hostages in failed secret mission (Independent)

Hamas says 3 of its senior military leaders killed in Israeli airstrike in Gaza (Fox News)

Large fish eats shark whole from fisherman's hook video (Guardian)

Foley remembered (CNN)

Ferguson protests (CNN)

Qatar, home to Hamas boss and funder of Gaza Strip, criticized amid cease-fire talks' collapse (Fox News)

VIDEO: How 1992 riots changed LA police (BBC)

Holder: I See Why People Don't Trust Police (Sky News)

Bill Shorten's statement on the police investigation into allegations against him (Guardian)

Israel pounds Gaza for second day after truce talks collapsed; 6 killed in Rafah airstrike (Fox News)

Police officer suspended after pointing rifle at Ferguson demonstrators (CBS News)

US military tried to free Foley (BBC)

Melbourne police seizing begging bowls, say social workers (Guardian)

Foley killing 'a message to London' (CNN)

Foley's work as a war reporter (CNN)

Foley murder stirs up past horrors (CNN)

3 Reasons Why Your Relationship With Food is Crazy (Time Magazine)

Video of deadly St Louis police shooting raises questions (Russia Today)

Tony Abbott says James Foley killing highlights world's vulnerability (Guardian)

U.S. staged secret operation into Syria in failed bid to rescue Americans (Washington Post - Paywall)

5 cult members go on trial in China for allegedly beating woman to death in McDonald's (Fox News)

China manufacturing growth weakens in August in sign economic recovery is losing momentum (Fox News)

Ferguson Protesters Hopeful Holder Can Bring Peace (NBC News)

Sinosphere Blog: Soul-Searching in China After Subway Passengers Flee Fainting Foreigner (New York Times - Paywall)

What kind of risk does ISIS pose to the U.S.? (CBS News)

Liberian police open fire on Ebola protesters (ALJAZEERA)

Grand jury to mull Ferguson case (CNN)

Clashes As Liberia Slum Sealed Off To Curb Ebola (Sky News)

China arrests 1,000 cult members (CNN)

U.S. tried to rescue hostages in Syria, but couldnt find them (CBS News)

ISIS threat: How should U.S. respond? (CNN)

Rising danger prompted U.S. effort to rescue James Foley, other hostages (Los Angeles Times)

Ferguson residents say town mischaracterized (CBS News)

Gaza Cost Far Exceeds Estimate, Official Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Why focus on one death? (CNN)

Family, friends of James Foley say war zones called to the journalist (Los Angeles Times)

Family of senior Hamas leader killed (CNN)

ISIS uses sophisticated approach to pull off brutal agenda (CBS News)

ISIS releases video of U.S. journalists execution (CBS News)

'Up to 30,000' could need Ebola drugs (CNN)

Dementia sufferer driving car in the wrong direction on motorway is smashed to a halt by police in deliberate head-on crash to prevent disaster (Daily Mail)

Grand jury set to hear evidence amid unrest in Ferguson (CBS News)

Gaza Strife Escalates After Talks Collapse (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama says U.S. will be 'relentless' in pursuing Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: Fellow hostage remembers Foley (BBC)

The Rescue That Wasn't (Time Magazine)

In Raid to Save Foley and Other Hostages, U.S. Found None (New York Times - Paywall)

Clashes Erupt as Liberia Sets an Ebola Quarantine (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS video raises moral dilemma (CNN)

Picture of Ferguson officer in Michael Brown shooting emerges (CBS News)

Israeli strike kills Hamas leaders wife, child, militants say (CBS News)

'He would have gone first, that is who he is': Brave parents of James Foley match their son for dignity and courage as they share belief he would have volunteered to face his execution (Daily Mail)

Trigger decision: when police shoot (BBC)

Ferguson officer suspended for threat (CNN)

Dr Michael Moseley on why everything you think you know about exercise is WRONG! (Daily Mail)

After Strike on Family, Fate of Hamas Commander Is Unknown (New York Times - Paywall)

Revealed, the reason why it's so difficult to sleep in old age: We lose the switch that enables us to nod off (Daily Mail)

Obama urges action to halt Isis 'cancer' as UK steps up fight against jihadis (Guardian)

Ukraine helicopters, jet 'shot down' (CNN)

James Foley death: US troops were sent on rescue mission to find Isis hostages last summer (Independent)

Obama Vows to Protect Americans as Video of Journalist's Killing Spurs Outrage (New York Times - Paywall)

Holder arrives in Ferguson as protesters demand new prosecutor (CBS News)

Thousands of furious Palestinians turn out for funeral of Hamas leader's baby son and wife (Daily Mail)

MSPs tackle police firearms policy (BBC)

Hamas denies Israel airstrike in Gaza killed elusive leader (Los Angeles Times)

Slap on the wrist for NINETY rapists: Sex attackers let off with a police caution (Daily Star)

Top MP urges Sir Cliff to 'take BBC and the police to court' (Daily Star)

U.S. Launched Operation to Rescue ISIS Hostages, Pentagon Says (Time Magazine)

James Foleys parents remember him as fearless journalist (CBS News)

The economic impact of Ebola (BBC)

Style war Lidl to shake up fashion industry by unleashing clothing range (Daily Express)

Americans Believed to Be Fighting With ISIS in Iraq (NBC News)

Palestinians say Israeli airstrike targeted, missed top Hamas commander in Gaza Strip (Washington Post - Paywall)

Israel PM vows further Gaza campaign (BBC)

Holder Meets With Brown's Family in Ferguson (NBC News)

Airstrikes target ISIS after beheading (CNN)

Family of black teenager Ramarley Graham shot by white police officer in 2012 call for promised civil rights probe (Independent)

James Foleys parents: "He was courageous to the end" (CBS News)

Gaza war rages on, Hamas says Israel tried to kill its military chief (Reuters)

Eric Holder: 'I'm the attorney general of the US. But I am also a black man' live Ferguson updates (Guardian)

The colour of war: Fascinating colour photos bring the First World War to life and show the reality of the frontline in a different light (Daily Mail)

Father of James Foley: 'We know Jimmy's free. He's finally free' (Los Angeles Times)

Obama weighs limited options to counter Isis in Iraq (Guardian)

VIDEO: Amnesty accuses Ferguson police (BBC)

Russia convoy 'near Ukraine customs' (BBC)

2011 letter shows how James Foley's faith gave him strength (Fox News)

This Heartbreaking Ice Bucket Challenge Video is the Best One Yet (Time Magazine)

Morning Mail: Clive Palmer's legal setback, News Corp accounts, James Foley's death, Ferguson protests (Guardian)

Cop Suspended for Threat to Kill Ferguson Protester (NBC News)

Accent of James Foley's executioner prompts a reckoning in Britain (Washington Post - Paywall)

James Foley's parents: 'Jimmy's free, he's finally free' - video (Guardian)

Holder to Meet With Brown's Family in Ferguson (NBC News)

Mexico: 14 police on trial for shooting attack on US Embassy vehicle outside capital in 2012 (Fox News)

James Foley's Parents: 'He Was a Martyr for Freedom' (NBC News)

Islamic State terrorist who beheaded US journalist James Wright Foley WAS British (Daily Mail)

Clashes erupt as Liberia seals off slum to prevent spread of Ebola (Los Angeles Times)

Former US ambassador to Iraq: ISIS taunting US (Fox News)

Sony's Boring PS4 Is Winning The Console War Despite More Exciting Competition (Forbes)

Attorney General arrives in Ferguson (BBC)

James Foley's Parents: 'We Know He's In Heaven' (Sky News)

Protesters plant Ukraine flag on Moscow skyscraper (Fox News)

All Eyes on Holder: Attorney General Arrives in Ferguson (NBC News)

Cameron And Obama Condemn James Foley Beheading As Search For 'British' Killer Begins (Huffington Post)

German Leader Emerges as Key Figure in Ukraine Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

Clashes reported in Liberian slum sealed to halt Ebola (CBS News)

British jihadist taunts U.S. government on Twitter praising execution of journalist James Foley as calls grow for social media blackout of savvy ISIS militants (Daily Mail)

Islamic State 'beheading': A challenge to US? (ALJAZEERA)

Islamic State militants seize four more foreign hostages in Syria (Guardian)

Family of Hamas military chief buried in Gaza (ALJAZEERA)

'Man of Incredible Bravery': Why Foley Risked His Life to Report (NBC News)

State Department Wants 300 More Troops for Iraq (NBC News)

Liberia cannot cope with Ebola (CNN)

Watching James Foley beheading video may be a terror offence, Met police warn (Daily Mail)

Deadliest Strain: Drug Cures Ebola Cousin in Monkeys (NBC News)

Air strikes again batter Gaza as peace negotiations collapse (Guardian)

Did a British Jihadist Behead Journalist James Foley? (NBC News)

Kiev in U-turn over claim Russian troops deployed in Eastern Ukraine (Daily Mail)

Gaza: wife and infant son of Hamas commander killed (Channel4)

Mother of Russian journalist missing in Ukraine addresses Red Cross for help (Russia Today)

Killer of US journalist Foley could be British' UK PM (Russia Today)

Ebola crisis: Trail of death suggests killer virus has spread to FIFTH Africa nation (Daily Express)

French protesters seek end to Israeli airstrikes as fighting in Gaza resumes (Fox News)

Innocent couple and three-year-old son are branded shoplifters by blundering police who warn public not to approach them (Daily Mail)

School police cleared to carry AR-15s in Compton, California (Russia Today)

Slain journalist James Foley's hometown in New Hampshire grieves (Los Angeles Times)

James Foley death: The video provides clues to show who is responsible' (Independent)

James Foley beheading: Police 'could have narrowed hunt for killer to very small group of people' (Independent)

Obama: US will do everything we can to protect our people from Isis - video (Guardian)

Middle East crisis: We know all too much about the cruelty of Isis but all too little about who they are (Independent)

Britain vows to stop ISIS recruiting as clues emerge on Foley executioner's identity (Fox News)

James Foley beheading prompts action by Twitter (CBS News)

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Ferguson protests: Attorney General arrives in St Louis vowing to carry out 'thorough ' investigation into shooting of Michael Brown (Independent)

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