Wednesday, 3rd September 2014

World News

Tech insiders: Sotloff video halted from spreading (CBS News)

The bridge that separates ISIS jihadis from Kurdish troops (Daily Mail)

Was ISIS hostage video inspired by Homeland's opening credits? (Daily Mail)

ISIS executioner who threatens to behead British hostage will be hunted down like 'Bin Laden' (Daily Mail)

'This is my world': Tragic Facebook post by wife of British ISIS hostage that showed her husband and his baby daughter... two years before he was seized by terrorists (Daily Mail)

US and allies consider military options for confronting Isis live updates (Guardian)

France suspends delivery of warship to Russia (CBS News)

France halts warship delivery to Russia (ALJAZEERA)

Isis hostage threat: Which countries pay ransoms to release their citizens? (Independent)

Lithuanians joining paramilitary group amid claims Ukraine is 'only the beginning' for Russia (Daily Mail)

Historic maps given new lease of life with British Library project (Daily Mail)

Ebola outbreak is 'global threat' (CNN)

Ukraine Troops In Call For Better Arms (Sky News)

After Celebrity Photo Hack, Nicki Minaj's Anaconda' Video Looks Even More Provocative (Time Magazine)

U.S: We will pursue ISIS killers to 'gates of hell' (CNN)

Amazon's Fire TV box launches in the UK (Daily Mail)

Video Shows Fighter Jet Crashing Into Flats (Sky News)

Barack Obama and David Cameron seek coalition against Isis (Guardian)

Ebola death toll exceeds 1,900 (BBC)

Missouri Governor Lifts Ferguson State of Emergency (NBC News)

Putin unveils Ukraine ceasefire plan, France halts warship (Reuters)

Foley, Sotloff Videos Not Shot at Same Time: Officials (NBC News)

France Postpones Delivery of Warship to Russia (New York Times - Paywall)

Putin unveils peace plan for Ukraine (ALJAZEERA)

Vladimir Putin drafts peace plan for eastern Ukraine (Guardian)

Obama says Putin's show of 'brute force' in Ukraine threatens peace in Europe (Daily Mail)

Putin Outlines 7-Point Plan for Ukraine Cease-Fire (New York Times - Paywall)

Warships squeeze into Cardiff Bay ahead of tomorrow's Nato summit (Daily Mail)

David Cameron tells European leaders to stop funding ISIS with ransom payments (Daily Mail)

U.N. says $600 million needed to tackle Ebola as toll tops 1,900 (Reuters)

President Obama knew about ISIS threat for at least a YEAR (Daily Mail)

Obama & State Dept. contradict each other on Russian troops in Ukraine' - Putin's spokesman (Russia Today)

Sky Films Troops 'In Russian Gear' In Ukraine (Sky News)

Third U.S. aid worker infected with Ebola identified (CBS News)

Fox urges air strikes against IS (BBC)

British man and his Saudi wife 'assaulted by religious police' in upscale supermarket carpark in Riyadh (Independent)

Why Muslims must challenge ISIS (CNN)

Isis not comparable to al-Qaida pre-9/11, US intelligence officials say (Guardian)

Obama lands in Wales for Nato summit (BBC)

Nancy Writebol, U.S. Ebola survivor, breaks her silence (CBS News)

France halts Russia warship delivery (BBC)

Obama to Baltic states: NATO, U.S. forces bulwark against Russia (Washington Post - Paywall)

Minister: Poland is "surprised" by German reluctance to lift NATO troop presence in the east (Fox News)

EXCLUSIVE: American Extremist Reveals His Quest to Join ISIS (NBC News)

British Parents Reunited With Ill Child After Arrest in Spain (New York Times - Paywall)

The top 10 most irritating selfie snaps as voted for by the British public have been revealed (Daily Mail)

Eastern European gypsies living in UK marrying off girls as young as 13 (Daily Mail)

UK 'will not waver' on defeating IS (BBC)

US Vows To 'Degrade And Destroy' Islamic State (Sky News)

U.S. Aims to Shrink Islamic State Influence (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Cannibal slugs spotted in gardens after coming to UK from Spain (Daily Mail)

David Cameron tells Commons Britain will fight back against ISIS (Daily Mail)

FIFA president calls foul, says 2018 World Cup will stay in Russia (Russia Today)

New Threat: Ebola Spreads Further in Nigeria (NBC News)

Mr Darcy beats Bond in the battle of the bodies: British women would rather date a man with love handles than a six pack (Daily Mail)

Russia could be stripped of 2018 World Cup over military intervention in Ukraine (Daily Mail)

Barack Obama looks to Muslim countries for help in crushing Isis (Guardian)

Will the U.S. have to rethink stance against Assad amid ISIS threat? (CBS News)

Public warned of Nato disruption (BBC)

British Ebola patient who got ZMapp drug is released from hospital (Los Angeles Times)

Obama hints at NATO membership for Ukraine, urges military support (Russia Today)

Bullish Obama vows to 'degrade and destroy' Islamic State (Guardian)

Death toll from Congo Ebola outbreak rises to 31 (Daily Mail)

What next for Islamic State, the would-be caliphate? (Guardian)

Ebola death toll accelerates in West Africa (ALJAZEERA)

British hostage threatened by Isis militants was seized last year in Syria (Independent)

Can brutal ISIS tactics be foiled? (CNN)

Nato Leaders Warn Putin 'We Will Fight Back' If Alliance Attacked (Huffington Post)

Double standards mar the fight against global jihad (Guardian)

British Ebola victim William Pooley is discharged from hospital after being CURED (Daily Mail)

France halts delivery of warship to Russia over grave Ukraine crisis (Daily Express)

David Cameron refuses to rule out air strikes on IS after latest sick beheading video (Daily Express)

WHO: Ebola death toll tops 1,900, surpassing all previous outbreaks combined (Washington Post - Paywall)

Russia threatens to derail British Karl Bushby's round-the-world hike (Daily Mail)

Israeli rights group files war crimes complaint against Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal (Fox News)

Nato summit: President Obama's leadership under scrutiny as world looks to US for response to Isis (Independent)

ISIS Video Intensifies Pressure on Britain (Time Magazine)

Obama to Islamic State: We will not be intimidated' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Biden Warns: We Will Chase ISIS 'to the Gates of Hell' (NBC News)

Confusion Over Ukraine 'Permanent Ceasefire' (Sky News)

Ukraine crisis: West reserves judgement on claims of permanent ceasefire' (Independent)

Republicans Use ISIS for Campaign Fodder as Midterm Elections Loom (Time Magazine)

British human rights investigators disappear in Qatar after being followed by plain clothes police (Independent)

France May Withhold Warship Delivery to Russia (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Putin urges Ukraine to withdraw troops, rebels to "stop advancing" (CBS News)

NATO to exercise in Ukraine (CNN)

Turkey stifles supplies to Isis at border (Financial Times - Paywall)

Sleepy Hollow Scores Hideous PR Fail With 'Headless Day' Promotion On Same Day As Steven Sotloff Beheading Video (Huffington Post)

Insight - Path to jihad: from upscale Cairo to Islamic State beheadings (Reuters)

Murdered Journalist Sought to Give Voice to the Voiceless (Time Magazine)

Rights group accuses ISIS militants of mass killing up to 770 Iraqi soldiers (Fox News)

Obama says will "degrade and destroy" Islamic State (Reuters)

This message is to you, Vladimir Putin': ISIS threatens to liberate Chechnya and Caucasus' (Russia Today)

From the killer's calm voice to the barren backdrop of the grisly scene, how experts will forensically comb latest execution video for clues in the hunt for Isis killers (Daily Mail)

Steven Sotloff: John Kerry condemns Isis's 'unfathomable brutality' - video (Guardian)

France caves and cancels 600m warship deal with Russia (Independent)

Amy and Ella Meek taken out of school for year-long educational tour of UK (Daily Mail)

Obama Offers Muddled Message to Europe in Face of Crises (Time Magazine)

Taliban losing to ISIS in battle to recruit foreign fighters (Fox News)

U.S. Ebola doctor identified (CNN)

France halts delivery of warship to Russia in protest at role in Ukraine (Guardian)

EXCLUSIVE: Kent Brantly 'Not Worried' About Ebola Stigma (NBC News)

Latest ISIS beheading video offers key clues for US officials, former special agent says (Fox News)

British Boy With Brain Tumor Reunites With Parents (NBC News)

Thousands flee Islamic attack in north Nigeria, UN says (Fox News)

British Isis hostage is aid worker (Guardian)

Obama pledges to send more aircraft and military to Estonia (Russia Today)

NATO leaders gather amid new menace from old foe (Washington Post - Paywall)

Analysis: Is NATO able to tackle global wars? (CNN)

Iraqi forces 'advance against IS fighters' (ALJAZEERA)

Ebola Survivor: All My Doctors Could Say Was 'We Are So Sorry' (NBC News)

American Ebola Survivor Recalls the Fear of Not Knowing If She'd Get Home (Time Magazine)

Nato Summit: Ukraine Crisis To Top The Agenda (Sky News)

Third U.S. Ebola Patient Is Massachusetts Family Physician (NBC News)

France says it cannot deliver Mistral warship to Russia over Ukraine (Russia Today)

U.S. and Europe Are Struggling With Response to a Bold Russia (New York Times - Paywall)

Angry mourners accuse politicians over Lebanese soldier beheaded by Isis (Guardian)

UKIP's Farage tells Fox News host Britain must stand up ? for its values against ISIS (Russia Today)

Video Captures Moment When a Mom with Alzheimer's Remembers Who Her Daughter Is (Time Magazine)

Energy-pinched Ukraine orders 1mn tons of coal from South Africa (Russia Today)

Obama Calls Ukraine a Moment of Testing' for NATO (New York Times - Paywall)

Ukraine leader talks of cease-fire as Putin offers his own peace plan (Los Angeles Times)

Israeli official says American journalist beheaded in Syria was also an Israeli citizen (Fox News)

Obama reassures Baltic allies of NATO support amid conflict in Ukraine (Los Angeles Times)

US vows to avenge Sotloff's death after confirming authenticity of execution video (Russia Today)

Putin lays out plan for Ukraine ceasefire (Financial Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Obama condemns Russian 'assault' (BBC)

Ebola Survivor Speaks Live: 'There Were Some Very Very Dark Days' (NBC News)

Disciplined Cadre Runs Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama calls on Nato to strengthen Ukrainian military against Russia (Guardian)

Russia Today 'Corrects' Tweet About Ukraine's War With Russia (Huffington Post)

British ex-boxing champion Anthony Small defends ISIS beheadings (Russia Today)

Conde Naste Traveller reveals the top 20 hotels in the UK (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Ebola patient on his lowest point (BBC)

Iraqi soldier survives Isis mass execution by lying on floor and pretending to be dead (Independent)

Ukraine deal 'by Friday' - Putin (BBC)

Parents 'betrayed' by Isis daughter (BBC)

'Kiev obsessed with presenting conflict in Ukraine as war with Russia' (Russia Today)

Watch Live: Ebola Survivor Nancy Writebol Speaks to Press (NBC News)

In the eye of the storm: Watch the moment a tornado destroys a village in Russia from INSIDE the twister (Daily Mail)

ISIS fighter killed in Syria worked at Minneapolis International Airport (Russia Today)

Isis Wallet App Rebrands as 'Softcard' (NBC News)

ISIS struggles to control oil riches (CNN)

British Ebola Patient Discharged From Hospital (New York Times - Paywall)

Funny or Die Enlists Michelle Obama to Cameo in Junk Food Sketch (Time Magazine)

NATO summit: Wales prepares for largest police operation in history (Daily Express)

Violent shaking and slow suffocation: American doctor who survived Ebola tells of traumatic fight with deadly disease (Daily Mail)

Really Big Coloring Books published new anti-terror books for children with references to ISIS (Daily Mail)

ISIS beheading victim Steven Sotloff was grandson of Holocaust survivors (Daily Mail)

American Ebola Survivor Not Worried' About Stigma (Time Magazine)

Oil workers return to Iraqi Kurdistan after UK lowers travel warning (Reuters)

Library of Fragrance run of Mark Crames new perfume range hits UK stores (Daily Mail)

Ukraine announces progress in achieving a cease-fire deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

How to cut 10 cherry tomatoes in EIGHT SECONDS! Video reveals novel way of cutting fruit ... using two plates and a knife (Daily Mail)

Volunteers sought for Ebola vaccine trial (Financial Times - Paywall)

Hilarious Video Shows How Every Mumford and Sons Song Sounds Exactly The Same (Time Magazine)

Ukraine says ceasefire agreed with Russia (ALJAZEERA)

A THIRD of Brits on holiday prefer British food to foreign dishes (Daily Mail)

Nato put on high alert' for cyber attack (Financial Times - Paywall)

'This message is addressed to you, oh Putin': ISIS now threatens Russia over its ties to Syria's Assad and promises to 'liberate Chechnya and all the Caucasus' (Daily Mail)

Obama to Russia: 'It Doesn't Have to Be This Way' (NBC News)

Obama slams 'Russian aggression' (CNN)

Barack Obama unleashes anger in stern speech and vows to destroy Islamic State (Daily Express)

'Justice will be served': Barack Obama says America will not be intimidated by 'horrific' violence of ISIS after another U.S. journalist is brutally beheaded (Daily Mail)

British support for military action against ISIS grows - poll (Russia Today)

Obama to Russia: 'It Doesn't Have to be This Way' (NBC News)

Obama Vows: We Will 'Degrade and Destroy' ISIS (NBC News)

Newport's businesses, police and protesters prepare for Nato summit (Guardian)

Sinosphere Blog: Q. and A.: Ren Jianming on the Fight Against Corruption in China, and His Own Solution (New York Times - Paywall)

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Hands-On Preview, UK Price And Release Date (Huffington Post)

You cannot have the same Ukraine we had before this conflict started' (Russia Today)

Nato summit: US and UK to debate military options for tackling Isis (Guardian)

3 in Denmark suspected of backing Islamic State group for selling bumper stickers (Fox News)

Op-Ed Contributor: A Way Out for Ukraine and Russia (New York Times - Paywall)

So just who is Jihadi John? Security experts say ISIS executioner with London accent is NOT the Hip Hop rapper from Maida Vale (Daily Mail)

Does video hold clues on ISIS? (CNN)

Why the U.S. Won't Buckle Under ISIS Pressure (Time Magazine)

Tensions rise in Wales as security skyrockets for Nato conference (Daily Star)

EXCLUSIVE: Ebola Survivor 'Not Worried' About Stigma (NBC News)

France's Moroccan-born, Muslim education minister fights back against racist slurs (Fox News)

UK cannot hold unbiased probe into Litvinenko's death' - Russia (Russia Today)

Russia, Ukraine Discuss Steps to End Fighting (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Older workers must wait to see if they will get all of the new 'flat-rate' state pension (Daily Mail)

Putin: Ukraine Must Withdraw, Rebels Must Halt (Time Magazine)

Group: Islamic Militants Killed 770 Iraqi Troops (Time Magazine)

Video of Beheading Is Authentic, U.S. Says (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Markets rally on promise of ceasefire in Ukraine (Russia Today)

Cheapest air travel? India where it costs a third less than in the UK (Daily Mail)

Isis will be squeezed out of existence, says David Cameron (Guardian)

Video showing Sotloff beheading is authentic: U.S. (CBS News)

After Beheading of Steven Sotloff, Obama Pledges to Punish ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Steven Sotloff: 'Brave and talented' US journalist who 'deeply loved' the Middle East (Independent)

Steven Sotloff: 'Brave and talented' journalist who 'deeply loved' the Middle East (Independent)

Bosnian police arrest 16 Islamic militants suspected of recruiting fighters for Syria, Iraq (Fox News)

British Ebola Patient William Pooley Discharged, Says 'I'm Very Lucky' (Huffington Post)

Ukraine ceasefire: Putin lays out 7-step plan to stop hostilities in E. Ukraine (Russia Today)

Ukraine, Russia agree to cease-fire, Ukraine says (CBS News)

Obama arrives in Estonia for defence talks (ALJAZEERA)

'I was worried I was going to die': Brit Ebola victim discharged from hospital (Daily Star)

Russia gains 11 points in Global Competitiveness Report 2014 (Russia Today)

Ukraine crisis: France suspends warship delivery to Russia (Channel4)

Ebola outbreak: First British victim discharged from hospital after receiving 'amazing care a world apart from West African sufferers' (Independent)

Global drive underway to stop jihadis from joining ISIS (Fox News)

Airstrike among options after Isis threatens British hostage, says Hammond - video (Guardian)

UK downturn 'less deep than thought' (BBC)

Russia downplays Kiev 'truce' news (CNN)

How will Obama respond to ISIS? (CNN)

Nato v Russia in 99 seconds video animation (Guardian)

Russell Brand Says We Are All To Blame For Young Britons Joining Islamic State (Huffington Post)

Deal or No Deal? Ukraine Cites Truce, Russia Disagrees (NBC News)

Obama Expresses Skepticism About Ukraine Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

£3.5bn armored vehicle order as Cameron calls for more NATO spending (Russia Today)

Obama says beheadings will not intimidate US (ALJAZEERA)

Underwater wedding video captures beautiful scenes of floating bride and groom (Daily Mail)

4 NATO warships to enter Black Sea before September 7 military source (Russia Today)

Mourners gather at Miami home of beheaded journalist Steven Sotloff (Fox News)

Obama says Russia must stop meddling in Ukraine for ceasefire to work (Reuters)

Poroshenko: Ukraine, Russia agree (CNN)

British Man Released After Ebola Treatment (Time Magazine)

Obama: US will not be intimidated by Isis 'barbarism' (Guardian)

British Ebola patient 'discharged' (BBC)

Ukraine And Russia Agree Ceasefire -- But That Might Not Stop The Fighting (Huffington Post)

Former UK NATO ambassador to vote Yes' for Scottish independence (Russia Today)

Obama promises to end Isis threat (Financial Times - Paywall)

U.S. confirms authenticity of second journalist beheading video (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S. says Islamic State video of journalist's killing is authentic (Reuters)

Ebola Sickens Third U.S. Missionary (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Journalist Killed by ISIS Was Also Israeli Citizen (NBC News)

Pope encourages Iraq Christians under Islamic militant threat, says they are 'heart' of church (Fox News)

UK service sector sees strong growth (BBC)

Ashya King's father says doctors in UK were going to turn his son into a 'vegetable' (Independent)

UK will examine 'every possible option' to free British hostage held by Isis (Guardian)

Islamic State 'beheads second US journalist' (ALJAZEERA)

British Ebola victim has been DISCHARGED from hospital after experimental drug treatment (Daily Express)

Mystery Over Timing Of Steven Sotloff Killing As Video Release Catches Islamic State On The Hop (Huffington Post)

Ukraine may need extra $19bn if fighting continues IMF (Russia Today)

Ebola Patient Out of Hospital After Taking New Drug (NBC News)

VIDEO: Obama on Ukraine: 'Too early to tell' (BBC)

Pictured: The British businessman and his Saudi wife who were attacked for using a women-only till at a Riyadh supermarket as he says they have received an apology from country's religious police (Daily Mail)

UK economy stronger than first thought (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ukraine, ISIS loom large as Obama starts Europe trip (CBS News)

Obama: U.S. Strategy Is to Contain Threat, Not Eliminate ISIS (Time Magazine)

Obama: Justice Will Be Served' on ISIS for U.S. Journalist's Killing (Time Magazine)

British hostage whose life is threatened in latest ISIS execution video was subject of failed rescue attempt by US special forces (Daily Mail)

Obama: Video of slain journalist is authentic, U.S. won't be intimidated (Los Angeles Times)

Sotloff Beheading Video Is Authentic, White House Says (NBC News)

Eerily empty streets, Soviet-style skyscrapers and state officials on patrol: Undercover camera captures everyday life in North Korea (Daily Mail)

Sotloff Family Grieving After Hostage Killed (Sky News)

'Iranian' woman dances and takes off hijab in viral video, going against country's strict laws (Daily Mail)

Obama Says It's Too Early to Tell ? What the Ukraine Ceasefire Means (Time Magazine)

Steven Sotloff beheaded: Isis supporters apologise to fellow terrorists for posting footage of murder online early (Independent)

ISIS 'second message to Obama' (CNN)

Afghan Militants May Join ISIS Says Their Commander (Time Magazine)

IS Beheading: British Hostage Will Be Next (Sky News)

Ukraine president says cease-fire deal agreed with Russia's Putin (Fox News)

Jack Straw Labels Barack Obama Indecisive And Backs UK Airstrikes Against Islamic State (Huffington Post)

Duck Dynasty Phil: It's Time to Convert ISIS or Kill Them (Time Magazine)

U.S. Says Sotloff Beheading Video Is Authentic (Time Magazine)

EU considering sports sanctions against Russia over Ukraine, but swift imposition unlikely (Fox News)

Australia to sign civil nuclear deal with India; imposes Russia ban (Reuters)

US confirms killing of US journalist (Financial Times - Paywall)

Locals chase escaped Ebola patient (CNN)

'Jihadi John': Identity of Isis militant who beheaded Steven Sotloff and James Foley still a mystery (Independent)

Desperate WHO Calls Ebola Drug Summit As Crisis Worsens (Time Magazine)

We may consider airstrike': UK confirms ISIS hostage video authentic (Russia Today)

Video Purports to Show Beheading of American Journalist (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Steven Sotloff Isis beheading: Obama criticised over lack of strategy to deal with militants (Independent)

Steven Sotloff beheading: Obama warns US 'will not be intimidated' by Isis militants (Independent)

Sotloff beheading video 'authentic' (BBC)

Money, Land, Revenge: What Do ISIS Extremists Really Want? (NBC News)

Russia calls Australian foreign minister a 'he' in G20 Twitter spat (Guardian)

UK 'considering every possible option' to protect British hostage threatened by Isis (Independent)

UK 'considering rescue mission' to save life of British hostage threatened in beheading video (Independent)

UK 'considering every option' to save life of British hostage threatened in beheading video (Independent)

Steven Sotloff beheading: US forces tried to rescue British hostage' in failed night time raid (Independent)

Ebola 'going to get even worse' (CNN)

Ukraine President Says Cease-Fire Deal Agreed (Time Magazine)

Steven Sotloff 'beheaded': David Cameron under pressure to negotiate with Isis after threat to kill British hostage (Independent)

Steven Sotloff beheaded: David Cameron under pressure to negotiate with Isis after threat to kill British hostage (Independent)

Ukraine rebels say they are poised to recapture Donetsk airport (Reuters)

We could shut down Calais says mayor in bid to stop illegal immigration to UK (Daily Express)

Ukraine crisis: Poroshenko agrees 'permanent ceasefire' as Russia gears up for tests of long-range nuclear arsenal (Independent)

Ukraine crisis: Russia to begin testing missile forces for long-range nuclear arsenal (Independent)

Ukraine President Poroshenko claims 'permanent ceasefire' agreed with Russia but Putin insists no deal has been done (Independent)

Ukraine crisis: Poroshenko and Putin agree 'ceasefire regime' but confusion remains (Independent)

'Jihadi John' threatens to execute British hostage after Steven Sotloff beheading (Daily Mail)

Barack Obama seeks to reassure Baltics over Russia (Guardian)

Remembering journalist Sotloff (CNN)

Read Steven Sotloff's Best Reporting for TIME (NBC News)

Steven Sotloff embodied 'what it takes to report from combat zones' (Guardian)

Nato summit: Newport locals unimpressed as world leaders arrive in Wales (Guardian)

Easy to see why young Muslims in UK turning to radical Islam' (Russia Today)

Tony Abbott rules out sale of Australian uranium to Russia (Guardian)

Glenn Stevens cautions against risk-taking because of low interest rates (Guardian)

How NATO's responding to Russia (CNN)

Steven Sotloff Murder: Emergency Cobra Meeting Over Threat Against British Hostage (Huffington Post)

Obama in Europe for Ukraine talks (BBC)

White House confirms authenticity of ISIS video showing beheading of reporter (Fox News)

Steven Sotloff 'beheading': Mother's tragic appeal to Isis to 'follow Mohamed's example' and show mercy on journalist (Independent)

Cameron to set out UK response to Isis threat to kill Briton (Guardian)

Lebanese army confirms identity of soldier who was abducted, beheaded by Islamic militants (Fox News)

Putin's spokesman: Putin, Poroshenko discuss peace settlement in Ukraine (Fox News)

Steven Sotloff: Isis video claims to show beheading of US journalist (Guardian)

Who is British captive David Haines? (CNN)

British researchers unlocking secrets of North Korea volcano, site of huge ancient eruption (Fox News)

Ashya King's Parents Freed From Prison After British Authorities Drop Extradition Request (Huffington Post)

Russia's RIA Novosti news agency says remains of its photojournalist found in eastern Ukraine (Fox News)

WHO: International organizations underestimated' Ebola (Russia Today)

For NATO leaders meeting at this week's summit, goal is to curb Russia without provoking it (Fox News)

Obama jets out of the country without saying a single word about ISIS beheading of Steven Sotloff (Daily Mail)

Tony Abbott doesn't rule out troops on ground in Iraq video (Guardian)

Islamic State 'beheads US hostage' (BBC)

More troops ordered to Iraq as 2nd U.S. journalist apparently beheaded (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State group beheads second journalist in message to US (Fox News)

Jihadist video 'horror' - the front pages (BBC)

Talent and passions of Sotloff (CNN)

Missing Russian journalist Andrey Stenin confirmed dead in Ukraine (Russia Today)

U.S. seeks to speed up production of Ebola drug (Los Angeles Times)

Life in the Ebola zone (CNN)

Julie Bishop: Isis is a barbaric, brutal organisation video (Guardian)

Farage Tells Fox News's Hannity Britain Should Combat ISIS With 'Judeo-Christian' Values (Huffington Post)

MPs react to delay in increasing superannuation video (Guardian)

U.N. and Medical Group Make Appeals for Ebola Aid (New York Times - Paywall)

British Activist Andy Hall in Thai Court (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama approves deployment of 350 more troops to Iraq (Washington Post - Paywall)

Amid Kremlin-backed Ukraine offensive, Russia's Putin to make 5-hour working visit to Mongolia (Fox News)

ISIS threatens life of British captive (CNN)

Obama OKs deployment of 350 more troops to Baghdad (Los Angeles Times)

Former hostage: ISIS video will backfire (CNN)

Steven Sotloff beheading video almost identical to James Foley's (Daily Mail)

UK in £3.5bn armoured vehicle deal (BBC)

Ukraine's Dilemma: Talk With Rebels or Fight With Russia (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Video Claims to Show Beheading of U.S. Reporter Steven Sotloff by ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama Sending 350 More Troops to Iraq (NBC News)

Ill UK boys parents freed from custody in Spain (CBS News)

Walter Tull, the first black officer in the British army, to feature on £5 coin (Guardian)

Obama Orders 350 More Troops To Baghdad (Time Magazine)

Despite dangers, U.S. journalist Sotloff was determined to record Arab Spring's human toll (Reuters)

Obama orders 350 additional troops to Iraq (Russia Today)

France to ask British taxpayer to help cover cost of migrant day centres in and around Calais (Daily Mail)

US prepares military drill in W. Ukraine for mid-September (Russia Today)

Why Nato is more relevant than it has been for 30 years (Guardian)

World Briefing: Charges Dropped Against British Parents of Ill Child (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. Colleges Advised to Tighten Ebola Precautions (New York Times - Paywall)

Northern Mexican state of Coahuila approves same-sex marriage (Fox News)

Russia says Putin conquer quote on Ukraine 'was taken out of context' (Los Angeles Times)

West Africa struggles to contain Ebola as warnings and deaths mount (Reuters)

Ukraine says it is now battling the Russian military (CBS News)

Private schoolgirl turned Islamic extremist encourages Muslims to carry out UK beheadings (Daily Star)

UK moves up global economic ranking (BBC)

Morning Mail: Isis kill journalist Steven Sotloff, Putin says he could conquer Kiev 'in 14 days', mining tax scrapped (Guardian)

I'M BACK: Jihadi John 'beheads' 2nd US journalist and threatens to kill British hostage (Daily Star)

Apparent ISIS killer: 'I'm back, Obama' (CNN)

The pirouetting Palace guardsman: Soldier captured on video showing off his dance moves to delighted tourists (but top brass aren't so impressed) (Daily Mail)

Obama Weighs Risks and Rewards on Immigration Action (Time Magazine)

Tale of British Jihadists Shows Risks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Open Source: Video Shows Panic in Liberia as Man Wanders Out of Ebola Clinic (New York Times - Paywall)

Moscow will review military strategy in face of NATO plan for rapid-reaction force (Washington Post - Paywall)

WorldViews: Remembering Steven Sotloff through his journalism (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S. Funds Experimental Ebola Drug (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Steven Sotloff killing: US working to verify Isis video latest updates (Guardian)

NATO's Dilemma: How Tough to Get With Russia (Time Magazine)

EXCLUSIVE: Ebola Survivor Kent Brantly Reveals Near-Death Ordeal (NBC News)

Reports: Second US Journalist Beheaded By IS (Sky News)

Analysis of ISIS beheading videos (CNN)

In Praise of Steven Sotloff (Time Magazine)

RAAF completes first ammunition drop to Kurdish forces fighting Isis (Guardian)

Russia Urges U.S. to Rein In Ukraine (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'American forces are on the ground here': Kurds say US commandos are fighting ISIS with them in northern Iraq, after Obama said no 'combat troops' would fight (Daily Mail)

Video purports to show beheading of U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff (CBS News)

British government faces dilemma by refusing to pay hostage ransoms to Isis (Guardian)

US 'sickened' by video appearing to show Isis killing of Steven Sotloff - video (Guardian)

Video of Steven Sotloff beheading bears many similarities to James Foley killing (Guardian)

Officers with guns swarm Cardiff's streets ahead of Nato summit (Daily Mail)

Liberian doctors strike, food prices spike as West Africa struggles to contain Ebola outbreak (Reuters)

Evidence of Russian presence in Ukraine - video (Channel4)

Pakistan lawmakers rally around Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif against protesters (Washington Post - Paywall)

'Window of opportunity' to control Ebola is closing, CDC director says (Los Angeles Times)

Steven Sotloff 'beheading': Tributes pour in for US journalist who Islamic State militants claim to have killed (Independent)

Russia to begin building record-setting super-heavy space rocket (Russia Today)

Nato awakes to the crisis in Ukraine (Independent)

American Doctor Tests Positive For Ebola (Sky News)

VIDEO: Video shows Ukraine soldiers 'abuse' (BBC)

David Cameron Condemns Steven Sotloff 'Beheading' As 'Barbaric' (Huffington Post)

Danish mosque openly backs Islamic State's campaign of terror (Russia Today)

Steven Sotloffs killer threatens more deaths audio (Guardian)

Killing of a British hostage by Isis would shift opinion on air strikes in Iraq and Syria (Independent)

ISIS blames Obama for killing (CNN)

Who Is the British Hostage ISIS Threatens in Video? (NBC News)

British envoy visits Libya to back elected parliament against rival assembly (Reuters)

ISIS Beheads Second American, Monitoring Group Says (NBC News)

VIDEO: Escaped Ebola patient recaptured (BBC)

Ukraine bailout could need extra $19bn if conflict continues, warns IMF (Guardian)

Viral video captures Iranian woman dancing, defying strict Islamic code (Fox News)

Fox News Play Politics With Steven Sotloff's 'Beheading' (Huffington Post)

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Ukraine crisis: Europe looks to Obama as Baltic states demand West takes tougher action against Russia (Independent)

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Watch Live: State Department Briefing (NBC News)

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Steven Sotloff 'beheading': British captive shown in Isis video claiming to show death of second US journalist (Independent)

Steven Sotloff 'beheading': British captive shown in Isis video which claims to show death of second US journalist (Independent)

Steven Sotloff 'beheading': Islamic State fighters release video claiming to show death of second US journalist (Independent)

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Ebola outbreak: Video shows escaped disease victim sending market-goers fleeing in fear as he wanders streets searching for food (Independent)

Ebola outbreak: Video shows escaped disease victim sending market goers fleeing in fear as he wanders streets searching for food (Independent)

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