Friday, 5th September 2014

World News

Flash Points: Fight against jihadists in Somalia, Libya continues (CBS News)

OUTRAGE as police let off rapists with slap on the wrist punishments (Daily Express)

Obama makes surprise visit to Stonehenge following NATO summit (Daily Mail)

Obama says he has a 'developing strategy' to 'ultimately destroy' ISIS (Daily Mail)

Ukraine Signs Truce With Pro-Russia Separatists (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ukraine agrees ceasefire with rebels (BBC)

Pentagon claims only a dozen Americans are fighting alongside ISIS (Daily Mail)

Video said to show launch of rockets in Ukraine (CBS News)

Suspected ISIS sympathizer pleads not guilty (CBS News)

VIDEO: Heavy shelling before Ukraine ceasefire (BBC)

Obama Commits to Fight Against Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

US confirms al-Shabab leader's death (ALJAZEERA)

Officials Urge Use of Ebola Survivors' Blood to Treat Patients (Time Magazine)

Somalia Militant Chief Dies in U.S. Strike (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ukraine ceasefire with rebels takes hold (ALJAZEERA)

Ebola deaths accelerating rapidly as Liberia closes contaminated police station (Daily Mail)

Unicef report finds more than one in 10 girls around the world is sexually abused (Daily Mail)

Can Syria be enlisted in ISIS fight? (CNN)

Is ISIS threat mostly hype? (CNN)

Estonia: Officer Abducted Near Russia (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Why Westerners Are Fighting for ISIS (Time Magazine)

Ukraine And Pro-Russian Rebels Agree Ceasefire (Sky News)

Russia Detains Estonian Officer, Raising Tensions (New York Times - Paywall)

U.N. to set up Ebola crisis centre, aims to stop spread in 6-9 months (Reuters)

Ukraine and rebels agree ceasefire (Financial Times - Paywall)

Europe To Hit Russia With Fresh Sanctions (Sky News)

Who is runing ISIS social media? (CNN)

Penelope Davis's husband pays tribute to mother stabbed to death in New Forest (Daily Mail)

Faith, Medicine or ZMapp: What Cured The Ebola Patients? (NBC News)

Death Of Al-Shabab Leader Ahmed Abdi Godane By US Airstrike Hailed By Foreign Office (Huffington Post)

At Summit, U.S. and Allies Form Coalition Against ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Lib Dems accused of 'hypocrisy' after voting against bedroom tax (Daily Mail)

Ebola treatment: why America's largest biocontainment unit is in Nebraska (Guardian)

NATO creates 'spearhead' military force to deter Russia; 'Our solemn duty to each other' (Fox News)

From schoolgirl to ISIS bride (CNN)

Estonian security officer detained in Russia on suspicion of spying (Russia Today)

U.S. confirms death of al Shabaab leader Godane in Somalia strike (Reuters)

Joan Rivers Autopsy Leaves Cause of Death Unclear (Time Magazine)

Tucson police rescue kidnapped teen and arrest extortion suspects (Guardian)

ISIS loses ground in Iraq battles (CNN)

Obama aide: Coalition will fight ISIS (CNN)

'What Russia has done is wrong and needs to be reversed' (Channel4)

Mortars rain on ISIS (CNN)

U.S. says forms 'core coalition' to counter Iraq militants (Reuters)

Muslim councillor Aicha Mesrar flees Italy in fear for her life after death threats (Independent)

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: Shocking video of motorbike crash released by police (Daily Express)

Ebola Vaccine Could Be Ready by November, W.H.O. Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama: Russia threatens Europe (CNN)

What Joan Rivers wanted at her funeral (CNN)

The alliance against Islamic State: regional support will be key (Guardian)

Try Blood Therapy First for Ebola Crisis, WHO Says (NBC News)

Girl with a BASKETBALL for a body triumphs against the odds (Daily Star)

WorldViews: MAP: Russia's expanding empire in Ukraine and elsewhere (Washington Post - Paywall)

Estonia says its security service officer abducted to Russia by gunmen (Fox News)

WorldViews: Clinton in Mexico, worried about Russia (Washington Post - Paywall)

West to reach out to Syrian rebels to fight Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

WHO Outlines Timeline for Experimental Ebola Drugs (Time Magazine)

NATO alliance: Moment of truth? (ALJAZEERA)

Police probe sex abuse claims against TV host Scott Rogers shot dead last week (Daily Mail)

Joan Rivers' Book Sales Up 60,000 Percent (Time Magazine)

WorldViews: MAP: Islamic State's brutal massacres in Syria and Iraq (Washington Post - Paywall)

Third arrest over Tilbury death (BBC)

Key Nato allies 'ready to fight IS' (BBC)

Britain To Spearhead Nato Rapid-Reaction Force To Deter Russia (Huffington Post)

Poroshenko announces accord on cease-fire in eastern Ukraine (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ukraine crisis: Fighting fizzles out as ceasefire agreed but for how long? (Independent)

New Nato force to reassure east (BBC)

Ukraine ceasefire holds so far as Poroshenko orders halt at dusk (Guardian)

Estonia says officer abducted on border; Russia says it detained spy (Reuters)

Journalist Sotloff Honored After Brutal ISIS Killing (NBC News)

Ukraine crisis: Estonian security officer abducted on border (Independent)

U.S. Ebola patient arrives home (CNN)

Obama urges Mideast partners to join fight against Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

World News Update: Cairo grinds to a halt from daily power cuts (Daily Star)

Islamic State: Battle to end ISIS 'could take three years' (Independent)

Islamic State: Battle to end ISIS 'could take three years', warns US (Independent)

Ukraine signs cease-fire deal with pro-Russian rebels (CBS News)

Use Ebola survivors' blood - WHO (BBC)

David Haines' wife will not tell daughter, 4, he's been abducted by ISIS (Daily Mail)

Iraq troop deployment called into question as days wear on (Guardian)

ISIS grabs headlines, but Al Qaeda remains top threat to US, say experts (Fox News)

Third American with Ebola arrives in US (BBC)

Prince Charles and Camilla pay tribute to Joan Rivers who had unlikely friendship with royal couple (Daily Mail)

Why Putin Holds All the Cards in Ukraine Peace Deal (NBC News)

NATO Approves New Reaction Force for Eastern Europe (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS Wants Me Dead: Why You May Be Next (Time Magazine)

Astonishing 130 members of same family fly in from around the world for UK gathering (Daily Express)

Chinese ISIS fighter captured? (CNN)

Royal Navy will get second aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales after Nato leaders agree to boost military spending (Daily Mail)

'Quenelle' comedian Dieudonn M'bala M'bala may face prosecution over sketch about Isis executions (Independent)

Fighting Tapers Off in Ukraine as Cease-Fire Takes Effect (New York Times - Paywall)

Staffordshire bull terrier starved to death after owner left it surrounded by filth and so hungry it tried to chew through dog food cans (Daily Mail)

Hackers used police spy tool to steal nude celebrity pictures (Russia Today)

Sexism, Lies, and Video Games: The Culture War Nobody Is Winning (Time Magazine)

Rivers autopsy 'inconclusive' (CNN)

Obama Vows to 'Degrade and Ultimately Destroy' ISIS (NBC News)

Estonia angry at Russia 'abduction' (BBC)

US forms 'core coalition' to fight Isis militants in Iraq (Guardian)

A World Without a Globo-Cop (Huffington Post)

Wales has 'done UK and Nato proud' (BBC)

Tunisian police arrest suspected jihadists accused of planning attacks (Reuters)

Obama Vows to Degrade and Destroy' ISIS (Time Magazine)

Qatar should not hold World Cup, say relatives of missing human rights workers (Guardian)

French president defends himself against ex-first lady's accusations that he hates the poor (Fox News)

Americans rethink war after killings (Financial Times - Paywall)

Estonian security officer abducted on border with Russia (Guardian)

American Ebola Patient Dr. Rick Sacra 'Sick but Stable' (NBC News)

Responders on Scene 6 Minutes After Joan Rivers 911 Call (NBC News)

UK pledges 1,000 troops to Nato (BBC)

Kidnapped David Haines' colleague recounts moment ISIS militants grabbed him (Daily Mail)

Isis 'propaganda' shows baby lying on flag surrounded by Kalashnikov and grenades (Independent)

Watch Live: Obama Discusses ISIS, Ukraine at NATO Summit (NBC News)

Obama: We are readying new sanctions on Russia despite peace agreement in Ukraine (Russia Today)

EU Commits $181 Million to Fight Ebola (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

NATO Leaders Start 'Spearhead' Force (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Rivers 'pioneering and unapologetic' (CNN)

Pentagon Confirms Death of Somalia Terror Leader (Time Magazine)

Hostage David Haines' Family Under Police Guard (Sky News)

UK to send 1,000 troops for NATO Spearhead Force (Russia Today)

Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels agree ceasefire (Reuters)

Ukraine rebels 'want to take Briton's Donetsk house' (Channel4)

Ukraine and Pro-Russia Rebels Agree to Cease-Fire (NBC News)

Ukraine peace plan: Withdraw military hardware, exchange POWs, open corridors (Russia Today)

Ukraine ceasefire 'agreed for east of country' at Minsk peace talks (Guardian)

Watch Live: Obama Gives Press Conference at NATO Summit (Time Magazine)

President: France ready to join coalition to act against Islamic State group if UN approves (Fox News)

Pro-Russian rebels sign cease-fire deal with Ukraine (Fox News)

Joan Rivers dies at age 81 - just a week after routine throat procedure left her in a coma (Daily Mail)

NRA goes head-to-head against billionaire Bloomberg's anti-gun campaign (Russia Today)

Kenyan president's Hague trial halted in blow to war crimes court (Reuters)

Declan Hainey's death 'avoidable' (BBC)

World Beard Day: Which Style Of Beard Should You Choose? (Huffington Post)

Investigation carried out at clinic where Joan Rivers suffered cardiac arrest (Daily Express)

'Junior jihadis' who show how ISIS terrorists are even indoctrinating babies (Daily Mail)

Ukraine: Nato To Form Rapid Response Force (Sky News)

Calais migrants accuse French police of violence (Reuters)

A Wind Machine, Toe Tag, and Meryl Streep: Joan Rivers' Dream Funeral (NBC News)

Russia REFUSES to take part in public inquiry into death of poisoned spy Alexander Litvinenko (Daily Mail)

Nato summit: Newport looks forward to future benefit from global exposure (Guardian)

At least 4,000 troops: NATO approves new E. Europe-based spearhead force (Russia Today)

Nationalist MP suggests community work for foreign military fleeing to Russia (Russia Today)

Norfolk police release footage of fatal motorcycle crash video (Guardian)

How to Get World Class Experts to Support Your Company (Forbes)

Traffic warning as Nato summit ends (BBC)

Lebanon's Christians rush to arm themselves amid fears of Isis crossing border from Syria (Daily Mail)

Knitting Might Be Fun But I'd Rather Change the World (Huffington Post)

The Other Ebola Toll: African Economies (New York Times - Paywall)

Hundreds fear attack by Islamic extremists, flee northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri (Fox News)

Russia refuses to take part in Litvinenko death inquiry (Daily Express)

'NATO anxious to move towards de-escalation over Ukraine' - former UK ambassador to Russia (Russia Today)

Canada sending military advisers Iraq to bolster forces against Islamic militants (Fox News)

Isis 'ice bucket challenge': Lebanese activists burning flag sparks anti-Islamic State hashtag campaign (Independent)

ISIS leader killed in U.S. airstrike in Iraq? (CBS News)

The ISIS Call for Women to Join Their Jihad: Love and Romance as Motivators (Huffington Post)

Ukraine Signs Cease-Fire With Pro-Russia Rebels (Time Magazine)

Britain to send 1,000 troops to lead new Nato 'spearhead' force based in Poland amid growing threat from Russia (Daily Mail)

Watch Live: Hospital Speaks on Third American With Ebola (NBC News)

Armed police shoot man dead after he broke into woman's Islington home in North London (Daily Mail)

NATO to launch 'spearhead' force (CNN)

Russia declines role in spy death probe (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ukraine Signs Cease-Fire With Pro-Russian Rebels (Time Magazine)

Awkward! Afghan Officer at NATO Summit Seeks Asylum (NBC News)

Ukraine crisis: Government and pro-Russian rebels sign ceasefire agreement, reports say (Independent)

Forgiving my war criminal dad (CNN)

NATO approves plans for rapid response force aimed at deterring Russia (Fox News)

Isis sets its sights on Lebanon (Financial Times - Paywall)

Kelly Osbourne leads tributes after death of Joan Rivers (Daily Mail)

Nato states to form coalition to fight Isis (Financial Times - Paywall)

What we'd done in Iraq had been fairly useless' ex-Reuters bureau chief in Iraq (Russia Today)

'Western powers do not intend to go to war over Ukraine' (Russia Today)

NATO agrees to form joint rapid-action force (ALJAZEERA)

Exclusive: Islamic State guides Egyptian militants, expanding its influence (Reuters)

Kiev, E. Ukraine militia sign ceasefire agreement - reports (Russia Today)

'Waging jihad against America' is primary goal of al Qaeda's new Indian terror group (Daily Mail)

US Doctor With Ebola Arrives In Nebraska (Sky News)

NATO Authorizes New Rapid Response Force to Deter Russia (Time Magazine)

U.S., Allies to Battle Islamic Militants (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Michael Brown shooting: US justice department to probe Ferguson police force (Independent)

West should stop dragging Ukraine into NATO Gorbachev (Russia Today)

Nato agrees new 'spearhead' force (BBC)

Death toll climbs in Asian monsoons (CNN)

Watch Conan O'Brien's Moving Tribute to Joan Rivers (Time Magazine)

Australia Iranian asylum-seeker dies (BBC)

U.S., European allies promise new support for Ukraine (Los Angeles Times)

British tourist James Andre Young sparks armed police response in Azerbaijan after urinating in garden (Daily Mail)

David Cameron REJECTED a plan to squeeze ISIS 'out of existence' two years ago (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Ebola border controls hit cocoa crop (BBC)

Do you support military action against Isis? (Guardian)

Massive bidding war over One Day author David Nicholls' new romantic novel 'Us' (Daily Mail)

Ukraine crisis: Nato agrees major troop deployment to guard against Russian aggression (Independent)

Russia denies Ukraine presence (CNN)

NATO Approves New Force Aimed at Deterring Russia (Time Magazine)

Lebanon's Version Of The Ice Bucket Challenge, Burning The Islamic State Flag, Goes Viral (Huffington Post)

Russian TV shows funeral of soldier killed 'on leave' in Ukraine (Guardian)

Third American Ebola Patient Arrives in Omaha (Time Magazine)

Amid new hope for truce, Ukraine fighting rages (CBS News)

Nato to announce 4,000-strong rapid reaction force to counter Russian threat (Guardian)

Benny Hill's spectacles worn in The Deputy sketch go on sale 20 years after his death (Daily Mail)

Nato summit news conferences - live stream (Guardian)

Don't You Tell Me What's Funny' Watch Joan Rivers' Epic Response To A Heckler (Huffington Post)

U.S. Presses for Anti-ISIS Coalition at NATO Summit (Time Magazine)

Lack of communication between US and Russia makes the world more dangerous' (Russia Today)

Nato Leaders To Unveil Tough Russia Sanctions (Sky News)

Tributes paid to comedian Rivers (BBC)

This Is What It Feels Like To Survive Ebola (Time Magazine)

West Raises Pressure on Russia Ahead of Ukraine Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Talks on Ukraine Cease-Fire Start in Belarus (Time Magazine)

Kerry Seeks Coalition Against ISIS - but No Ground Troops (NBC News)

In Eastern Europe, Ukraine Crisis Focuses Minds on NATO and Military Spending (New York Times - Paywall)

Police to quiz 'beheading' suspect (BBC)

NATO to help coordinate security assistance for Iraq (Reuters)

UK will not pay ransom for British hostage held by ISIS Cameron (Russia Today)

Countdown in Guinness book of World Records for 'most series broadcast of TV gameshow' (Daily Mail)

Nato aircraft in summit fly past (BBC)

Ukraine ceasefire: Kiev and self-defense forces start peace talks in Minsk (Russia Today)

David Cameron demands fellow Nato leaders do not pay ransoms to ISIS (Daily Mail)

Kerry, Hagel press nations to lay plans for fight against Islamic State by late September (Fox News)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Nigeria in the Time of Ebola (New York Times - Paywall)

Hamid Kehazaei dies after family give permission to switch off life support (Guardian)

Xi war on corruption hits China's EMBAs (Financial Times - Paywall)

Russia bans all confectionary imports from Ukraine (Russia Today)

Australia is 'prepared to participate' in future air strikes in Iraq (Guardian)

ISIS too extreme for the extremists? (CBS News)

WHO holds urgent talks on Ebola treatments (ALJAZEERA)

David Cameron's Handshake Fail At The NATO Summit Is Both Hilarious And Slightly Heartbreaking (Huffington Post)

Ukraine endures heavy shelling hours before agreed ceasefire (Guardian)

Fans Mourn After Death Of Argentine Rock Star (Sky News)

Prince Charles and Camilla pay tribute to utterly irreplaceable close friend Joan Rivers (Daily Express)

Transport For London Pays Tribute To Joan Rivers With Highly Amusing Sign At Hackney Wick Station (Huffington Post)

Knife-wielding man shot dead by police in London (Daily Express)

Comedian Joan Rivers dies aged 81 (BBC)

Man who modified Maserati to resemble 'Transformers' Decepticon cleared of impersonating police charges (Independent)

Police shoot knife-wielding man dead (BBC)

New York police test body cameras (Guardian)

NATO leaders to unveil outlines of rapid response force aimed at deterring Russian aggression (Fox News)

IS Leader's Top Aide 'Killed In Iraq Airstrike' (Sky News)

In quotes: Joan Rivers (BBC)

Joan Rivers 'killed by same drug as Michael Jackson' as authorities investigate op clinic (Daily Star)

Comedian Joan Rivers Dies In New York Aged 81 (Sky News)

'Queen of Comedy' dies after surgery (CNN)

Scott Rogers death: police investigate sex abuse claims (Guardian)

Scottish schoolgirl now ISIS bride (CNN)

Islamic State Massacred Hundreds Of Iraqi Army Recruits. One, Ali Hussein Kadhim, Survived (Huffington Post)

Climber dies in Cornish cliff fall (BBC)

Police Subdue Naked Knife-Swinging Man in Harlem Street (NBC News)

Late Joan Rivers admitted in unseen interview it would be fabulous to die having surgery (Daily Express)

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Crime victims being failed by the PC police (Daily Mail)

Pastor imprisoned in Iran faces death for 'spreading corruption on Earth' (Fox News)

NATO tackles ISIS, Ukraine (CNN)

Police shoot dead man holding woman at knifepoint at London home (Daily Star)

NATO's big problem on Russia (CNN)

Joan Rivers Dead: Comic Joked 'It Would be Fabulous To Die On The Operating Table' In Interview Before Her Death (Huffington Post)

Death toll rises to 28 as heavy rains continue to lash India's Kashmir, cutting phone links (Fox News)

Police Shoot Knife-Wielding Man Dead In Islington, North London (Huffington Post)

Outside the Nato summit in pictures (Guardian)

All three bodies recovered from Rozelle rubble, as police investigate blast (Guardian)

For this, Joan Rivers, we thank you (CNN)

Violence against women a national emergency, say Our Watch campaigners (Guardian)

NATO chief asks Russia to pull back troops (ALJAZEERA)

Shaquille O'Neal Applies to Join Reserve Police Force in Florida (Time Magazine)

Police searching for missing boy find 4 bodies (CBS News)

U.S. doctor infected with Ebola heading to Neb. (CBS News)

World Briefing | Middle East: Militants Kidnap About 50 Men From a Village in Iraq (New York Times - Paywall)

What Joan did for misfit girls (CNN)

World Briefing | Asia: U.S. Seizes Assets Traced to South Korean Ex-President (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing | Europe: British Premier Offers to Expand Assistance to Kurdish Forces in Iraq (New York Times - Paywall)

Joan Rivers' best TV moments (CNN)

Kathy Griffin: Joan blazed a trail (CNN)

World Briefing | Asia: Miscommunication Blamed for Mistaken U.S. Airstrike in Afghanistan (New York Times - Paywall)

Abbott denies Australia is considering sending military personnel to Ukraine (Guardian)

American doctor infected with Ebola heading to US for treatment (Russia Today)

Comanchero bikie boss Mick Hawi pleads guilty to Sydney airport death (Guardian)

Wedding party dies in floods (CNN)

Al Qaeda moves to counter ISIS pull (CNN)

Limits to Growth' vindicated: World headed towards economic, environmental collapse (Russia Today)

As Turkey turned blind eye, ISIS took advantage (CBS News)

Joan Rivers was venomous and hilarious writes MICHAEL THORNTON (Daily Mail)

New York's Joan Rivers Lived There In Style (Forbes)

ISIS-affiliated militants kidnap dozens in Iraq (CBS News)

Comedian Joan Rivers dies at 81 (CBS News)

Iraq crisis prompts Obama, Cameron to revisit U.S.-Britain ties (Los Angeles Times)

Comparing ideology: ISIS vs al Qaeda (CNN)

'The NATO Show': Putin's favorite comedy? (CNN)

US warns ISIS could get ahold of Syria's chemical weapons (Daily Mail)

Who Is This Dame? How Joan Rivers Killed in the Clubs (Time Magazine)

NATO Too Wary of Russian Threats to Let Ukraine Join (Time Magazine)

Comedy and TV Pioneer Joan Rivers Dies at 81 (NBC News)

British air strikes on Islamic State jihadis 'within weeks' (Daily Mail)

David Haines' daughter reveals family's anguish at ISIS kidnapping terror (Daily Mail)

Did he mean Alaska?' Obama wrongly blames Russia for trying to return lands lost in 19th century' (Russia Today)

Joel Clark charged after 'baking friend's dog to death in the oven' (Daily Mail)

As U.S. seeks commitments in fight against Islamic State, its focus is tightly on Iraq (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama 'having a great time' in Wales as he greets Prince Charles at Nato summit reception (Daily Mail)

Appeals court decides against same-sex marriage bans in Wisconsin, Indiana (CBS News)

NATO Prepares New Sanctions Over Russian Action in Ukraine (New York Times - Paywall)

Harry Smith: Joan Rivers Never Stopped Swinging (NBC News)

Flash Points: Is Russias offer of a ceasefire in Ukraine genuine? (CBS News)

EU Expected To Announce New Russia Sanctions (Sky News)

Luke Rhoden shown being restrained by police before dying in 'drug-fuelled' fall (Daily Mail)

Why We Needed to Take Joan Rivers Less Seriously (Time Magazine)

U.S. missionary with Ebola en route to Nebraska for treatment (Reuters)

Three ISIS lieutenants killed in US bombing as Cameron vows to bring Jihadi John to justice (Daily Mail)

Syrian raids kill eighteen Islamic State foreign jihadists (Reuters)

Ukraine President: I will try to stop the war (CNN)

Watch the World Wish Beyonc Happy B'Day on Twitter: Exclusive (Time Magazine)

Obama leaves Cardiff Nato dinner (BBC)

Cuts at W.H.O. Hurt Response to Ebola Crisis (New York Times - Paywall)

Joan Rivers dies in New York hospital (Financial Times - Paywall)

Death of Yoda the Old Tree Tells Tale of U.S. Drought (NBC News)

3,000 Russian troops fighting in Ukraine as peace talks go on (Daily Express)

Funny all the way to the end Veteran enterainer Joan Rivers dies aged 81 (Daily Express)

Drunk driver tried to fool police by hiding the keys up his BUM (Daily Express)

Four Cardiff Nato protest arrests (BBC)

Moscow and Kiev sign up to peace deal for Ukraine (Daily Express)

British troops readied in show of strength against Russian aggression (Daily Express)

Feds launch investigation into Ferguson police department (CBS News)

Morning Mail: Joan Rivers dies aged 81, Nato summit and Light the Dark for Hamid Kehazaei (Guardian)

Argentine rock legend Cerati dies (BBC)

Joan Rivers: Stand-up Comedy's Neglected Pioneer (Time Magazine)

ISIS struggles to control oil riches (CNN)

Flash Points: What is the U.S. strategy in Iraq and Syria? (CBS News)

As NATO summit kicks off, Ukrainian leader voices cautious optimism about peace plan (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: Will Nato allies unite against IS? (BBC)

Al-Qaeda vs Islamic State? (ALJAZEERA)

Prince Charles hosts Nato reception (BBC)

New York Health Department Investigates Joan Rivers Clinic (Time Magazine)

Can Ebola be cured by using the BLOOD of survivors? (Daily Mail)

'I don't know where the bullet went': How Shiite soldier survived ISIS massacre of 800 after blood from a victim smeared across his face convinced killers he was dead (Daily Mail)

Joan Rivers dead: Tributes pour in for the comedian famed for her acerbic one-liners (Independent)

Joan Rivers in 1983: 'I Think I Represent Women' (NBC News)

Staff at nursery where Tiya Chauhan choked to death found to be 'negligent' (Daily Mail)

Third American Infected With Ebola Returning to U.S. (Time Magazine)

Dad in Hot-Car Death Indicted on Murder Charges (NBC News)

David Cameron Tells Fellow Nato Leaders Not To Pay Ransoms For ISIS Hostages (Huffington Post)

Federal inquiry into Ferguson police force to look beyond Brown shooting (Guardian)

Ukraine braces for possible assault on key port amid hopes for cease-fire (CBS News)

Ringo Starr disgusted by ISIS 'Beatles' nickname (Daily Mail)

Putin 'cannot be stopped' as NATO warns Russia has 3,000 troops in Ukraine (Daily Mail)

West signals more Russia sanctions (BBC)

Nato summit: David Cameron prepares ground for British air strikes against Isis (Independent)

Court Rules Against Gay Marriage Bans in Two States (NBC News)

U.S. Agency Pledges Nearly $100 Million in Ebola Aid (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Why ISIS is flaunting its brutality (CNN)

Joan Rivers Dead: Stars Of Stage And Screen Pay Tribute To The Legendary Comic On Twitter (Huffington Post)

Contrasting protests at Nato summit - video (Channel4)

Joan Rivers: The most memorable jokes and quotes from the Queen of one liners (Daily Express)

WorldViews: Church patriarch in Iraq blames U.S. for Christians' misery (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S. Preparing New Round of Sanctions on Russia (NBC News)

Comedian Joan Rivers dead at 81 (CNN)

Most convincing evidence': Russian embassy trolls NATO with toy tanks (Russia Today)

Clinic Where Joan Rivers Was Treated Under Investigation (NBC News)

Joan Rivers obituary: The funniest, rudest woman who ever lived (Daily Star)

Nato leaders cautiously welcome Ukraine ceasefire agreement (Guardian)

Holder: Ferguson Police Probe Fueled by 'Deep Mistrust' (NBC News)

Groundbreaker: Joan Rivers' Life in Pictures (NBC News)

Joan Rivers dead: The best jokes to remember the comedian by (Independent)

David Cameron scolds Nato leaders over Islamic State ransom payments (Guardian)

Ellen, Kimmel, Gervais and More Celebs Mourn Joan Rivers (NBC News)

Woman stabbed to death in New Forest (BBC)

Ga. dad charged with murder in sons hot car death (CBS News)

Joan Rivers: Entertainer whose huge comic talent was fuelled above all by anger (Independent)

WorldViews: That time Ukraine tried to join NATO and NATO said no (Washington Post - Paywall)

UK closer to military action against Isis (Financial Times - Paywall)

NATO meets in Wales (CBS News)

VIDEO: Joan Rivers dies surrounded by family (BBC)

Joan Rivers dead: The comedian's most controversial moments (Independent)

Thankless, dangerous the task of the Ebola burial boys in Sierra Leone (Guardian)

Eight Ways Joan Rivers Laughed at Herself (NBC News)

How Joan Rivers Paved the Way for Modern Funny Women (NBC News)

Possibility of permanently temporary peace' in Ukraine (Russia Today)

Ukraine crisis: Leaders talk about peace, but in Mariupol, Luhansk and Donetsk, the reality looks more like war (Independent)

Ukraine crisis: Leaders talk about peace but in Mariupol, Luhansk and Donetsk, the reality looks more like war (Independent)

Two British human rights researchers probing Qatar World Cup disappear (Daily Mail)

Comedian Joan Rivers dies age 81 (Channel4)

Comedy and TV Legend Joan Rivers Dies at 81 (NBC News)

NATO to give Ukraine 15mn euros, lethal and non-lethal military supplies from members (Russia Today)

In pictures: Joan Rivers (BBC)

Joan Rivers: Star moments (CNN)

Turkey at growing risk from Isis backlash (Financial Times - Paywall)

Joan Rivers Dead: Legendary American Comedian Dies Aged 81 (Huffington Post)

Joan Rivers dead: A career in pictures (Independent)

Joan Rivers dead: Comedian dies in New York aged 81 (Independent)

Watch Live: Holder Details Probe of Ferguson Police (NBC News)

Mother tells of fears for missing anorexic daughter, 14, a week after last sighting as police release CCTV footage of Alice Gross walking home alone on canal towpath (Daily Mail)

Ferguson police face new probe (BBC)

A jittery Israel gears up for likely war crimes battle after Gaza (Fox News)

Police warning over £80m budget cuts (BBC)

Obama meets Ukraine leader in show of solidarity (CBS News)

David Haines: Witness describes the moment Isis militants seized British aid worker (Independent)

David Haines exclusive: Witness describes the moment Isis militants seized British aid worker (Independent)

David Haines exclusive: Witness describes the moment Isis militants seized the British aid worker (Independent)

Barack Obama and David Cameron join visit school before Nato summit (Daily Mail)

New Light on Hamas Role in Killings of Teenagers That Fueled Gaza War (New York Times - Paywall)

Turkey's Banking Watchdog Places Islamic Bank Asya Under Watch (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Family says Texas police shot at schizophrenic man 80 times, killing him (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Iraq goes to court to hit Kurds' oil sales (Financial Times - Paywall)

Nato protests remain peaceful amid a show of the west's power (Guardian)

Ukraine and Islamic State crises give Nato new purpose (Channel4)

South African police guard Lesotho PM after 'military coup' (Guardian)

Nato invasion (Guardian)

Ukraine president, separatists predict cease-fire but with big 'ifs' (Los Angeles Times)

ISIS using sophisticated network to attract foreign fighters (Fox News)

WorldViews: The Lebanese ice bucket challenge has morphed into burning Islamic State flags (Washington Post - Paywall)

World Briefing: Libya Militia Fighting Takes Toll on Civilians, U.N. Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Hundreds of fast-food protesters arrested while striking against low wages (Guardian)

Iraq strikes 'kill top IS members' (BBC)

Nato summit 2014: What is the group and what does it do? (Independent)

Islamic State: The ransoms, oil and looted banks that have made Isis the $1.5bn threat it is (Independent)

Murder charges in hot car death (BBC)

US points to failed rescue attempt as possible precedent for attacks on Isis (Guardian)

British human rights activists feared detained by police in Qatar (Guardian)

US, EU preparing new round of economic sanctions against Russia (Russia Today)

Car bomb in Shi'ite area of Baghdad kills 12, wounds 30 - police (Reuters)

Iraq crisis: British lawyers prepare international war crimes case against Isis leaders (Independent)

Possible death of brutal Al-Shabaab leader in US missile attack may see group splinter into bigger terror threat, say experts (Independent)

Ukraine crisis: What if Novorossia is full of Texicans'? (Russia Today)

VIDEO: Man refuses to let cops search house without warrant, films police despite protests (Russia Today)

Sergio Rodrigues, Father of Brazilian Furniture Design, Dies at 86 (New York Times - Paywall)

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