Wednesday, 10th September 2014

World News

Ray Rice video was sent to NFL, source tells AP (CBS News)

"48 Hours" goes inside the Oscar Pistorius verdict (CBS News)

Ray Rice reaction from John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens players (CBS News)

So THAT'S why rice can taste rubbery! Chinese farmers cover entire road with their crop to dry it out... and don't mind motorists driving over it (Daily Mail)

Obama to expand air strikes to 'degrade' ISIS (Daily Mail)

U.S. military to expand its air campaign against ISIS (CBS News)

Obama to lay out Islamic State plan (BBC)

U.S. plan to fight Islamic State depends on new Iraq leadership, Kerry says during visit (Washington Post - Paywall)

Jeh Johnson: 'No credible information that Isis planning to attack the US' (Guardian)

Obama Set to Push Wider Islamic State Offensive (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

iPod Classic removed from the online store as Apple quietly kills it off (Daily Mail)

Israeli army opens probe into Gaza war (ALJAZEERA)

Ray Rice elevator video was sent to the NFL three months ago, source says (Guardian)

Barack Obama prepares to step up US military role in battle against Isis (Guardian)

20 Years of Change: Joe Biden on the Violence Against Women Act (Time Magazine)

Why She Stayed: Abuse Survivors React to Ray Rice (NBC News)

Obama unveils strategy against Islamic State: How did we get here? (Los Angeles Times)

AP: Source Says Ray Rice Video Was Sent to NFL (NBC News)

With World Trade site largely rebuilt, New York marks Sept.11 (Reuters)

AP Newsbreak: Source Says Rice Video Sent to NFL (Time Magazine)

Apple Hasn't Solved the Smart Watch Dilemma (Time Magazine)

Oscar Pistorius Faces Judgement Day In Trial (Sky News)

Mike Tyson directs vulgar rant against Canadian TV host after rape conviction brought up (Fox News)

Dutch preliminary MH17 crash report leaves too many questions Russia (Russia Today)

Parents, Unite! No Apple Watch for Kids (Time Magazine)

Kerry in Iraq for Islamic State Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Joining the fight against Islamic State? (ALJAZEERA)

Obama authorizes $25 million in immediate military aid to Iraq - White House (Reuters)

Pistorius Verdict Set for Thursday (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Internet jokers create own version of Apple Watch (Daily Mail)

'No' campaign retakes the lead 53% to 47% against independence (Daily Mail)

Democrats Plan Bill Authorizing U.S. Military to Train Enemies of ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Did Apple iPhone 6 handsets look thinner with clever lighting? (Daily Mail)

US, EU to ban Exxon, BP and Shell from oil exploration in Russia report (Russia Today)

5 things to look for in Obama's speech on Islamic State militants (Los Angeles Times)

Kerry in Iraq backs government, says Baghdad a partner against Islamic State (Reuters)

Is this the most dedicated teacher in Britain? English teacher who cannot walk uses Skype to beam his face onto whiteboard for lessons (and he still puts on a tie) (Daily Mail)

'Young people are sloppy and don't dress or talk properly': Ofsted boss claims teenagers are not taught the right skills for surviving in the world of work (Daily Mail)

Watch: Man captures his own helicopter rescue on phone (CBS News)

Oscar Pistorius is innocent, says journalist Mark Williams-Thomas (Daily Mail)

Obama 'open to hitting ISIS in Syria' (CNN)

Obama prepared to authorise air strikes in Syria against Islamic State (Reuters)

These Are the Products the Apple Watch and Apple Pay Must Defeat (Time Magazine)

Israeli military opens its own criminal investigations into Gaza war (Washington Post - Paywall)

Islamic State: Barack Obama unveils strategy against Isis on eve of 9/11 anniversary (Independent)

7 Things Parents Need to Know About the Apple Watch (Time Magazine)

Questions for Apple Watch (CNN)

Colorado Teenager Pleads Guilty of Conspiracy to Support ISIS (Time Magazine)

Fight against Isis dealt savage blow as rebel group leader among 50 killed (Independent)

Colombia says US has withdrawn extradition request for man erroneously charged (Fox News)

Obama to lay out plan to 'degrade and destroy' Isis threat (Guardian)

Is Apple Pay really safer than using your credit card? (Daily Mail)

ISIS women share bizarre world online (CNN)

Obama to lay out case for taking on Islamic State militants in speech (Los Angeles Times)

Sec. of State Kerry visits Iraq (CBS News)

Nineteen-year-old Denver woman pleads guilty in Isis terror case (Guardian)

World 'cannot watch IS evil spread' (BBC)

Israel Investigating Possible Gaza War Misconduct (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia to start focusing on offensive weapons, Putin says (CBS News)

Ukraine says Russia withdrawing forces from east, sees boost for peace (Reuters)

Man Utd have 'bright future ahead' (BBC)

Ukraine leader pledges more autonomy for east (ALJAZEERA)

Kerry, Iraqis vow to eradicate Islamic State; French offer airstrikes (Los Angeles Times)

WorldViews: The world's most humane' prison system is so overcrowded, it's now sending criminals abroad (Washington Post - Paywall)

British Leaders Campaign Against Independence Vote in Scotland (New York Times - Paywall)

Islamic State group: A fearsome jihadi outfit, but not an unstoppable juggernaut (Fox News)

'State of perpetual war seems to guarantee Obama and Congress remain popular and re-electable' (Russia Today)

Ukraine offers rebels more autonomy (BBC)

World News Update: French feminists get rowdy in Notre Dame Cathedral (Daily Star)

Republican Presidential Hopefully Ben Carson Says Read 'Mein Kampf' To Understand Obama (Huffington Post)

Oscar Pistorius trial verdict: Who is Judge Thokozile Masipa? (Independent)

Israeli Military Opens its Own Probe Into Gaza War (Time Magazine)

Verdict in Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial Is Due (New York Times - Paywall)

Q. & A.: What Obama Faces in a Campaign Against ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Discovery of coca plants in southern Mexico state a 1st for the country, authorities say (Fox News)

Separatists Around the World Draw Inspiration From Scotland (New York Times - Paywall)

Majority of Chinese Expect War With Japan by 2020, Poll Finds (Time Magazine)

Double blow for Alex Salmond as businesses come out against independence (Daily Mail)

Ukraine's chief says most Russian forces gone, vows more local powers (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State: Government must heed lessons from previous Iraq war, says Ken Clarke (Independent)

Poland stops reverse gas flow to Ukraine, Kiev blames Russia (Russia Today)

Diplomatic dress up: Colombia arrests man posing as Lebanese ambassador (Fox News)

The Most Beautiful Wildfire Photos You'll Ever See (Time Magazine)

And the first game unveiled for new Apple Watch is... an ARM WRESTLING APP (Daily Mail)

Most Russian Forces Now Out of Ukraine, Kiev Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Colo. teens support of ISIS raises alarm about American jihadists (CBS News)

How Apple Is Invading Our Bodies (Time Magazine)

Russia stokes tensions with the west by cutting gas exports to Poland (Guardian)

Putin Says Russia Will Keep Building Military Power (New York Times - Paywall)

Muslim students will be offered Sharia law-friendly student loans by government in bid to get more Islamic pupils to go to university (Daily Mail)

British Ghoncheh Ghavami jailed in Iran after trying to watch men's volleyball match (Daily Mail)

Early Apple Designer: Apple Is Now a Marketing-Driven Company (Time Magazine)

Former Obama press secretary Jay Carney joins CNN (Russia Today)

Oscar Pistorius verdict due: what to expect (Channel4)

7 US-based researchers share $1.3M science prize for fight against blindness (Fox News)

War crimes acceptable? Ukraine parliament mulls amnesty for troops in E. Ukraine (Russia Today)

Iraqi PM: World must halt ISIS 'cancer' (CNN)

Apple Watch: Everything You Need To Know (Forbes)

Ukraine 'Regrouping' Forces To Defend East (Sky News)

Infographic reveals the 30 most germ-ridden tourist attractions (Daily Mail)

Teenage girl jihadists inspire copycats as more try to run away to Syria to join ISIS (Daily Mail)

Is the Apple Watch a game changer? (CNN)

Wendy Davis on the Filibuster That Mattered to Her Most (Time Magazine)

Ukraine offers concessions to pro-Russian separatists (Independent)

Colorado Woman, 19, 'Tried To Help Islamic State' (Sky News)

A monumentally important moment in the Obama presidency (Channel4)

Could this former trade minister be France's most despised man? (Independent)

John Kerry Arrives in Iraq for Talks on ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

WorldViews: If the Islamic State's plan was to terrify America, it worked (Washington Post - Paywall)

Nevada floods prompt governor to declare state of emergency (Guardian)

Kerry: World will not watch IS evil spread (ALJAZEERA)

Is This The World's Most Insensitive Political Campaign? (NBC News)

Is This the World's Most Insensitive Political Campaign? (NBC News)

South Carolina man to be charged with murder in deaths of his five children (Guardian)

Obama To Set Out Plans To Tackle IS Threat (Sky News)

UK considering setting up three new bases to fight ISIS in the Middle East (Daily Mail)

Oscar Pistorius trial verdict: Athlete is a 'broken man' ahead of hearing fate tomorrow (Independent)

Pistorius murder trial enters final lap (CNN)

Oscar Pistorius Verdict: The 6 Key Figures Who Have Shaped The Case (Huffington Post)

Sinosphere Blog: Group Urges Action Against Sexual Harassment on University Campuses (New York Times - Paywall)

NFL commissioner responds to Janay Rice (CBS News)

Are these the world's most extraordinary hotel rooms? (Daily Mail)

After Israel-Hamas war in Gaza, Palestinian unity government on rocks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Apple Is Killing the Joy of Personal Style (Time Magazine)

Most overcrowded trains revealed (BBC)

Israeli military opens five criminal investigations into Gaza war conduct (Reuters)

Oscar Pistorius braced for Reeva Steenkamp murder trial verdict (Daily Mail)

Watch How Anna Faris Pranks Her Mom (Time Magazine)

Cheney Slams Obama Ahead of ISIS Speech (NBC News)

Kerry: U.S. Won't Stand By and Let ISIS 'Evil' Spread (NBC News)

VIDEO: Kerry: 'We cannot watch evil spread' (BBC)

Watch Jeremy Lin Totally Freak People Out by Pretending to Be a Wax Statue (Time Magazine)

Russia cuts gas supplies to Poland (Financial Times - Paywall)

Daily Mail Headline Features World's Most Ironic Typo (Huffington Post)

Oscar Pistorius trial: With the verdict expected tomorrow, the case against (Independent)

Oscar Pistorius trial: With the verdict expected tomorrow, the case against Oscar (Independent)

Charges Expected Against Father of 5 Dead Children (Time Magazine)

France urges name change for extremists in Iraq and Syria, saying Islamic State is misnomer (Fox News)

'99 Red Balloons' Played on Actual Red Balloons Is the Most Meta Cover You'll Ever See (Time Magazine)

India drops solar anti-dumping plan before Modi meets Obama (Reuters)

NFL chief doesn't rule out Rice return (CNN)

Former Obama Spokesman Joins CNN (Time Magazine)

In Syria, Obama must win trust to beat Islamic State (Reuters)

Kerry Swoops Into Iraq to Spur Action on ISIS (NBC News)

Oscar Pistorius murder trial: the key moments video (Guardian)

Canadians fighting with ISIS in Syria (CNN)

Obama has a plan -- who's with him? (CNN)

Merkel: Put Russia Sanctions Into Effect (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Dying man ambulance delay apology (BBC)

Apple's Watch Will Make People and Computers More Intimate (Time Magazine)

Former glamour model, 40, claims she'll be single forever because no man is as good as her cats (Daily Mail)

Pro-Russian rebels mockingly compare battle for Ukraine with Scottish independence (Daily Mail)

Man United predicts fall in profit (BBC)

Obama to outline plan to combat IS fighters (ALJAZEERA)

Where the f@#* in the UK do people swear most on Twitter? (Russia Today)

Israeli Military Opens Its Own Probe Into Gaza War (New York Times - Paywall)

Apple Pay Is Doomed Unless It Can Do These 7 Things (Forbes)

Seized ISIS laptop reportedly yields plans to make ricin, car bombs (Fox News)

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus And Apple Watch 'Hands On' Previews (Huffington Post)

Europe awaits Apple Pay (CNN)

Ukraine says most Russian troops have moved back across border (Guardian)

Day 5:Connecting with the outside world (Russia Today)

OPEC Says World Will Need Less of Its Oil (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Oscar Pistorius trial: What are the possible verdicts? (Independent)

Ukraine leader says Russian troops on the move (CBS News)

Putin says Russia will not engage in arms race but will respond to all security challenges (Fox News)

Islamic State: Barack Obama to lay out US plan to 'degrade and destroy' Isis in key speech (Independent)

Apple Watch: A wearables revolution? (CNN)

'A Most Wanted Man': A Body Language NLP Analysis Of Philip Seymour Hoffman's Last Starring Role (Huffington Post)

Apple Watch is finally here but will anyone stylish actually wear it? (Daily Mail)

Man climbs into the mouth of volcano (CNN)

ISIS, ISIL or the Islamic State? (CNN)

Earlier Ray Rice Video Was 'Ambiguous,' Goodell Says (NBC News)

One killed and another seriously injured by 'World War Two bomb' on French Groix island (Daily Mail)

This Giant Pendulum May Be The Most Beautiful And Mesmerising Thing You See Today (Huffington Post)

Federal body rules out drug legalization in Russia (Russia Today)

10 questions for Obama on ISIS (CNN)

Is Iraq's new government the ally Obama is looking for? (Los Angeles Times)

Man Butt-Dials 911 and Is Quickly Arrested for Drugs (Time Magazine)

Russia successfully tests nuclear missile, more planned - navy chief (Reuters)

iPhone 6 fans queue up for handsets after Apple launch (Daily Mail)

Sources: Obama Denied Entry to Four Golf Clubs (NBC News)

Watch What Happened When Jimmy Fallon Got Britney Spears on Tinder (Time Magazine)

ISIS vs. al Qaeda: Who will win? (CNN)

Russia will not get involved in arms race Putin (Russia Today)

Wives of Ex-NFL Players: We Get Why Janay Rice Stayed (NBC News)

Defeating ISIS requires genuinely collective effort and total commitment (Russia Today)

The Countries Where Teachers Spend The Most Time In The Classroom [Infographic] (Forbes)

Obama Loses Favor with Germans (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

China's battle plans in war on air pollution under scrutiny (Los Angeles Times)

Ukraine Promises More Autonomy for East (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Exclusive: Inside House Where Pistorius Shot Girlfriend (NBC News)

Exclusive: See Where Oscar Pistorius Shot His Girlfriend (NBC News)

Exclusive: See Where Pistorius Shot His Girlfriend (NBC News)

Ukraine: Most Russian troops pull out (CNN)

Kerry copters into nerve center of ISIS fight (CBS News)

Amazon warriors face off against illegal loggers to protect trees (Daily Mail)

U.S. Seeks China Backing for Coalition Against Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

00-Heaven! My world record Bond collection: Guinness's roll call of the wonderfully eccentric (Daily Mail)

Chinese majority expect war with Japan (Financial Times - Paywall)

Should the world fund food aid to North Korea? (Guardian)

Man accused of murdering his father (BBC)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Grand Strategy Obama Needs (New York Times - Paywall)

UK military plans 3 new Middle East bases to battle ISIS (Russia Today)

Crimes of Ukrainian Aidar battalion confirmed in Amnesty Int'l report - Russia (Russia Today)

Apple Watch Is Cool. It's Different. And It's Disappointing For Healthcare. (Forbes)

Poroshenko says Ukraine to stay united, sees special status for rebel-held areas (Reuters)

Missouri executes man for killing 2 during robbery (CBS News)

Putin to discuss Ukraine with Asian allies in Dushanbe (Russia Today)

Oscar Pistorius murder trial: the potential verdicts (Guardian)

How the Oscar Pistorius trial became a mirror on South African society (Guardian)

The man who threatened to rip Mourinho's head off (BBC)

MOST WATCHED: Ray Rice lift fight, Danny Dyer's foul mouthed rant and GTA 5 (Daily Star)

Ukraine's President signs law allowing sanctions against Russia (Russia Today)

Music world awaits Mercury shortlist (BBC)

Hands-on with Watch (CNN)

Guinness World Records 60th anniversary: New records include the world's longest usable golf club and the cat with the biggest leap (Independent)

Teenage jihad: 2 Austrian girls stopped en route to join ISIS (Russia Today)

WorldViews: The Islamic State has supporters in paradise (Washington Post - Paywall)

MH17 report finds jet was shot down by multiple 'high energy impacts' over Ukraine (Daily Mail)

Was this man Jack the Ripper? (CNN)

Islamic State: Isis fanatics threaten terrorist attacks on Twitter employees for shutting accounts down (Independent)

British-Iranian woman imprisoned for two months for trying to watch volleyball game in Tehran (Independent)

Australia police raid Islamic centre (BBC)

Apple's Watch - what's it for? (BBC)

WorldViews: 2014: The year referendums reshaped the world (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama 'has authority' to fight IS (BBC)

VIDEO: Profile of judge in Pistorius trial (BBC)

Villagers in Ukraine cope with horrors of downed plane and fighting (Los Angeles Times)

Obama Turned Down by Top N.Y. Golf Courses: Sources (NBC News)

Obama Turned Down By Top New York Golf Courses: Sources (NBC News)

First impressions of the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch (CBS News)

With focus on ISIS, Obama recalibrates aims in Syria (CBS News)

Obama claims enough authority' to act against Islamic State (Russia Today)

Been There: What Obama Won't Say in Terror Speech (NBC News)

Sinosphere Blog: Chinese State Broadcaster Gets Its American Rices Confused (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama Ready to Authorize Airstrikes on ISIS in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

Syrian Kurdish fighters pushing back Islamic State on their own (Los Angeles Times)

Will Ray Rice ever play in the NFL again? (CBS News)

U.S., Iran again discuss Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

NFL assumed second Ray Rice tape existed (CBS News)

World Briefing: Nigeria: Ex-President's Son Wounded in Tense Battle (New York Times - Paywall)

NYPD: Terror threat against city more complex than ever (CBS News)

World Briefing: Gaza: Arrests Suggest Disagreement on Truce Details (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Pakistan: 24 Killed When Mosque Roof Collapses (New York Times - Paywall)

Longtime Rivals Look to Team Up to Confront ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Goodell talks about when the NFL saw the 2nd Ray Rice video (CBS News)

Kurds praise American support, want more against ISIS (CBS News)

U.S. military keeps pounding away at ISIS in Iraq (CBS News)

World Briefing: Pakistan: Troops Fend Off Militant Attack in Karachi (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Syria: Blast Decimates Leadership of Rebel Group (New York Times - Paywall)

Military Memo: Amid Intensifying Requests, American Military Aid to Ukraine Stalls (New York Times - Paywall)

Will Congress back ISIS strikes? (CNN)

'Why Didn't We Act Earlier?' Ravens Boss on Rice Response (NBC News)

VIDEO: Man Booker: US authors shortlisted (BBC)

Isis response: UK military planning to set up new bases in Middle East (Independent)

Suicide-obsessed US nurse is convicted of helping Coventry man kill himself (Independent)

Suicide-obsessed US nurse convicted of helping Coventry man kill himself (Independent)

In Picking Form Over Function, Apple Gave The iPhone 6 A Lousy Battery (Forbes)

VIDEO: 60 years of Guinness World Records (BBC)

Islamic State declares war against Twitter for hurting terror propaganda campaign (Russia Today)

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: The Differences Between The New Apple iPhones (Forbes)

Former X Factor winner Sam Bailey welcomes baby girl into the world (Daily Express)

Jihadi girls hunted by Interpol are inspiring other teenagers to run away and join ISIS (Daily Express)

Drowned man in Cornwall was oustanding Kew Gardens scientist (Daily Express)

Sheriff: Man shot to death at Iowa courthouse (CBS News)

Turning Point in Ukraine Fails To Materialise (Sky News)

Obama prepares for fresh military action (Financial Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Early hands-on with the Apple Watch (BBC)

VIDEO: Apple unveils Watch and iPhone 6 (BBC)

Biracial Priscilla Yuki Wilson is Photoshopped around the world (Daily Mail)

iCantWatch: Apple under fire for botched unveiling event (Russia Today)

'Legalize heroin & cocaine': World leaders call for end to War on Drugs (Russia Today)

Obama to lay out ISIS strategy (CNN)

Can Apple's 'two sizes fit all' watch make customers tick? (Channel4)

Apple unveils Watch and new iPhones (BBC)

Isis jihadis paid for tip to capture Steven Sotloff (Independent)

French Muslims back Middle East Christians against ISIS (Russia Today)

Steven Sotloff sold to ISIS by rebels, family claims (CBS News)

Finland denies blocking Russia sanctions (Financial Times - Paywall)

World's most unusual beaches revealed (Daily Mail)

Shark kills man in Australia despite brave rescue attempt (CBS News)

Why Ukraine still faces Russia alone (CNN)

US policy in the Middle East is extremely reckless, leading to deeper war tension' (Russia Today)

Lavrov: West may use ISIS as pretext to bomb Syrian govt forces (Russia Today)

Israel 'unlawfully coercing tens of thousands of Eritrean and Sudanese migrants to leave the country', says Human Rights Watch (Independent)

Sotloff was sold to ISIS by moderate' Syrian rebel group, family spokesman says (Russia Today)

Islamic State: 'David Cameron's head will be on a spike,' says British woman in Syria (Independent)

What can be done to stop Isis? The options that Cameron and Obama may be considering (Independent)

U.S. urges China to help with Islamic State in Iraq (Washington Post - Paywall)

Outsourcing anti-terror: UK sends Kurds £1.6 mn in arms to battle ISIS (Russia Today)

Islamic State video shows Assad army base massacre (Channel4)

Obama intervenes in Ray Rice domestic violence row (Channel4)

Russia and Iran discuss oil for power plants' deal (Russia Today)

WorldViews: Chinese state television thinks Susan Rice is Condoleezza Rice (Washington Post - Paywall)

Can Obama build a real anti-ISIS coalition? (CBS News)

VIDEO: Man dies in Australia shark attack (BBC)

Fashion's most surreal, sexy images (CNN)

EU formally adopts new sanctions against Russia (CBS News)

VIDEO: Children killed during Ukraine 'truce' (BBC)

WorldViews: This may be the most inappropriate political hashtag of the year (Washington Post - Paywall)

WorldViews: What would happen if Russia closed its airspace to Western airlines? (Washington Post - Paywall)

WorldViews: Israelis warm to a Palestinian state carved out of Egypt (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hagel visits Turkey in bid to strategize coordinated campaign against Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

16 of world's most epic churches (CNN)

VIDEO: Panic as fear of war strikes Mariupol (BBC)

Ukraine shelling threatens delicate ceasefire (Channel4)

Russia promises 'a reaction' to EU sanctions over Ukraine (Channel4)

'What Russia has done is wrong and needs to be reversed' (Channel4)

Obama Outperforms Reagan On Jobs, Growth And Investing (Forbes)

Ukraine rebels 'want to take Briton's Donetsk house' (Channel4)

The war against jihadists: Unsavoury allies (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Lexington: Playing poker with the world (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Haunted by the Bosnian war (CNN)

New Hampshire's Senate race: Casting stones in the Granite State (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Ukraine and Russia: War, not peace (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Ukraine and Russia: Battering on (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Iraq, Syria and the Islamic State: A war that crosses national boundaries (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

The world's most beautiful clocks (CNN)

Did couple steal state secrets? (CNN)

World's most stylish bookstores (CNN)

How the first world war reshaped Europe: Redrawing the map (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Commemorating the first world war: In foreign fields (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Broward judge vacates gay marriage ruling, says state wasn’t properly notified (Miami Herald)

U.S. expands attacks on Islamic State as Iraqi forces move to reclaim villages near Haditha (Miami Herald)

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue officials warn against digging holes on the beach (Miami Herald)

AP Newsbreak: Source says Rice video sent to NFL (Miami Herald)