Tuesday, 16th September 2014

World News

Latvian motorist passes his driving test first time... despite having no arms and having to use his FEET to steer (Daily Mail)

Ukraine Moves on EU Deal, Peace Plan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'Life is but a passing shadow. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing': Rik Mayall quotes Shakespeare in poignant final TV interview weeks before his death (Daily Mail)

Why U.S. must be part of Ebola cure (CNN)

Labour Leader Campaigns Against Scottish Independence (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Could UK join another war in Iraq? (CNN)

ISIS strike (CNN)

Expat Scots Must Sit Out Vote (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

One in eight music albums sold worldwide is by a BRITISH pop star... bringing billions into the country every year (Daily Mail)

Pentagon: US ground troops may join Iraqis in combat against Isis (Guardian)

U.S. pledges 3,000 troops to fight Ebola; experts say more needed (Reuters)

U.S. Prison Population Expands For the First Time in 3 Years (Time Magazine)

3 reasons Scotland will likely reject independence (CBS News)

Kenyan police apologise after mistaking teenage girl for deadly terrorist (Daily Star)

France's Hollande Wins Confidence Vote (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Israel says mortar fired from Gaza in first since August 26 truce (Reuters)

US to send 3,000 troops to Africa to fight... Ebola crisis (Russia Today)

House Expected to Vote on Training Syrian Rebels to Fight ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

French government wins high-risk confidence vote (Guardian)

Pentagon: US ground troops may fight Islamic State despite no military solution' (Russia Today)

Ukraine lawmakers approve EU pact, autonomy and amnesty for rebels (Los Angeles Times)

Bankrupt' Ukraine cannot pay for needed reforms to join Europe (Russia Today)

Timeline: The Worst Ebola Outbreak in History (Time Magazine)

Scotlands independence referendum (CBS News)

Islamic State wants to kill the Pope, warns Iraqs Vatican ambassador (Daily Express)

French PM Valls wins confidence vote (BBC)

French Prime Minister Wins Parliamentary Vote of Confidence (New York Times - Paywall)

U.N. says it could take nearly $1 billion to fight Ebola (Los Angeles Times)

French PM Valls sees off revolt to win confidence vote (Reuters)

U.S. General to Seek Combat Troops if Airstrikes Can't Stop ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

The Scottish Independence Debate Gets Nasty (Time Magazine)

Islamic State shoots down Syrian war plane - monitor group (Reuters)

Top general open to using ground troops against ISIS (CNN)

US hints at ground troops for Isis fight (Financial Times - Paywall)

General John Allen: the intellectual US hawk leading the coalition against Isis (Guardian)

Passionate Scottish nationalist dies days before independence vote - but his family vow to commemorate him with Yes wreath at polling station (Daily Mail)

Ukraine ratifies EU deal, offers special status to rebels (Reuters)

US to send 3,000 troops to Ebola danger zone Liberia (Daily Mail)

Valls wins vote and vows to continue reform (Financial Times - Paywall)

Coptic Christians clash with police in Egypt (Fox News)

Teenager facing murder charges after pushing 'sex attacker' to his death from her ninth-floor balcony when he 'tricked his way into her home and assaulted her' (Daily Mail)

UN calls for $1bn to fight Ebola (BBC)

Official: Suspect Identified in Police Ambush (Time Magazine)

UN: World "dangerously behind" in Ebola fight (CBS News)

French chefs fight to put songbird back on menu (Guardian)

EU and Ukraine ratify trade agreement (Financial Times - Paywall)

Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim speaks of her prison ordeal for first time (Independent)

South Yorkshire police commissioner Shaun Wright resigns over Rotherham sex abuse scandal (Daily Mail)

Isis senate hearing: Dempsey calls Foley rescue mission 'highest-risk mission ever' as it happened (Guardian)

The WHO Says It Needs $1 Billion to Fight Ebola (Time Magazine)

US forces to help combat spread of Ebola (Financial Times - Paywall)

The other big vote in Scotland (BBC)

The State Department's Twitter War With ISIS Is Embarassing (Time Magazine)

WorldViews: The first dolphins of Japan's annual hunting season have been killed at The Cove' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hurricane Eduoard Becomes First Major Storm of Atlantic Season (Time Magazine)

Alan Henning was kidnapped by ISIS just 30mins after arriving in Syria (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: What the world is doing to stop Ebola (Washington Post - Paywall)

Sarah Palin steps out without her wedding ring for first time since family fight (Daily Mail)

Putin on our side': Farage demands West work with Moscow to defeat ISIS (Russia Today)

U.N. Sees Need for $1 Billion to Fight Ebola (New York Times - Paywall)

Turkey considers Isis buffer zone (Financial Times - Paywall)

Scotland's top civil servant accused of 'school bully' tactics to stop businesses speaking out against independence (Daily Mail)

Scottish independence referendum could see 1 in 7 millionaires 'flee the country' (Daily Mail)

Ed Miliband Heckled In Edinburgh, Attacks 'Ugly Side' Of Scottish Independence Campaign (Huffington Post)

'Calm captives do not know they are about to die,' reveals French war reporter held by ISIS (Daily Mail)

British Virgin Islands under pressure (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ukraine boldly goes where it tried to go before (CBS News)

Things We Can All Be Doing to Support Women Survivors of War (Huffington Post)

Ukraine rebels to get self-rule (BBC)

Joint Chiefs Would Recommend' Ground Troops in ISIS Fight If Current Plan Fails (Time Magazine)

Thailand beach murders: Police on the lookout for 'Asian-looking' male (Independent)

Ukraine Moves to Strengthen Ties With Europe, and Bolster Truce (New York Times - Paywall)

Naked skier competes against the worlds best at the annual One Hit Wonder ski jump event-PICS and VID in (Daily Mail)

Protester yells at ISIS hearing (CNN)

Britons gather stones at Scotland-England border to support the union before vote (Washington Post - Paywall)

Vietnam urged to tackle 'alarming' rate of police abuse (Reuters)

The inward-looking rump UK that will follow a yes vote (Channel4)

End intimidation of journalists covering Scottish referendum' trade union leader (Russia Today)

Uzbekistan's first daughter 'pictured under house arrest' (Guardian)

Oscar Pistorius judge Thokozile Masipa under police protection in South Africa (Daily Mail)

Case against Oskar Gr ning highlights Germany judiciary's Holocaust problem (Guardian)

World briefing on US-led coalition to defeat Isis in Iraq and Syria (Guardian)

VIDEO: Watch mob dump hated Ukraine MP in rotting skip (Daily Star)

Joint Chiefs Would Recommend US Ground Forces Return To Iraq If Air Strikes Against ISIS Fail (Huffington Post)

Spain to Block Catalonia Vote (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police commissioner resigns over Rotherham child abuse scandal (Russia Today)

Ebola outbreak: UN says $1bn needed to contain epidemic (Guardian)

Two days to go until crunch vote and the blame game has begun as Cameron insists he could not have done more (Daily Mail)

Russian ruble drops to historic low amid sanctions over Ukraine (Fox News)

Islamic State Take On Charles Darwin Banning Evolution From Curriculum In Iraq (Huffington Post)

Chelsea Manning breaks silence to criticise Obama's Isis strategy (Guardian)

Ukraine ratifies association with E.U., grants concessions to rebels (Washington Post - Paywall)

RT exclusive interview with ISIS fighter (Russia Today)

al-Qaeda asked Islamic State to release captured Briton Alan Henning (Daily Express)

Fijians eager to vote after 8 years of military rule, but questions remain about regime leader (Fox News)

U.S. Efforts Against Islamic State Complicated by Mideast Divide (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Thailand beach murders: families pay tribute to British tourists (Guardian)

Can ISIS be destroyed? (CNN)

WorldViews: The French war on American-style free soda refills (Washington Post - Paywall)

Islamic State: Pope 'being targeted by Isis', Iraqi ambassador to the Holy See warns (Independent)

Islamic State: Pope is 'being targeted by Isis', Iraqi ambassador to the Holy See warns (Independent)

'Clear split: Scottish support YES ? campaign, UK media NO ? movement' (Russia Today)

Another Child Abuse Claim Against NFL Star (Sky News)

Helicopter Crashes Into Sea At Flamborough, Police Say (Huffington Post)

Gaza war set to reverse Palestinian economic growth (Guardian)

UN estimates Ebola fight to cost nearly $1bn (ALJAZEERA)

EU deal brings Ukraine closer to West (CNN)

Watch the New Trailer for Carl Hiaasen's First YA Novel (Time Magazine)

ISIS Fight Will Not Be 'Shock and Awe,' Top General Says (NBC News)

Dempsey: ISIS Fight Will Not Be 'Shock and Awe' (NBC News)

Czech Republic police to help train Kurdish security forces to fight Islamic State (Fox News)

'No combat mission:' US to deploy 1,600 military advisers to fight ISIS in Iraq, ready for Syria strikes (Russia Today)

'No combat mission:' US ready to strike Syria, may use up to 1,600 troops to fight ISIS in Iraq (Russia Today)

US Takes Fight To Islamic State Militants (Sky News)

Turkish PM: Turks are not joining ISIS en mass (Fox News)

See Barbra Streisand's First Appearance on The Tonight Show in 51 Years (Time Magazine)

Iraqi commanders expect widening U.S. airstrikes against Islamic State positions (Washington Post - Paywall)

FBI investigate Missouri police stun gun incident that left teenager injured (Guardian)

Canadian man in vegetative state for 16 YEARS reacts to Hitchcock film (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Westfield shopping centre evacuated as police deal with suspicious package (Daily Star)

Police Chief Quits Over Child Sex Abuse Scandal in English Town (New York Times - Paywall)

Supermarket price war drives down inflation to four a half year low of 1.5% (Daily Mail)

Thai police search for killer of British tourists video (Guardian)

Gaza war to reverse years of growth in Palestinian economy - World Bank (Reuters)

U.N.: $1 Billion Needed to Fight Ebola (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ukraine Ratifies EU Pact Amid Fragile Ceasefire (Sky News)

ISIS Draws a Steady Stream of Recruits From Turkey (New York Times - Paywall)

Was there a time British people couldn't buy olive oil? (BBC)

Swedish Liberals say ready to work with centre left after vote (Reuters)

Utah authorities alter account of Darrien Hunt shooting by police (Guardian)

Police Commissioner Quits Over Rotherham Abuse Scandal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Gordon Brown Accuses SNP Of 'Lying' About NHS In Scottish Independence Vote (Huffington Post)

First US strike under new IS plan (BBC)

Finally! Ukraine Seals Deal That Triggered Bloody Chaos (NBC News)

Roadside bomb kills 6 Egyptian police officers in Sinai Peninsula (Los Angeles Times)

South Africa deports murder suspect to Botswana even though he could face death penalty there (Fox News)

Veterans fight to keep Britain together with warning Scottish independence would be 'irresponsible' (Daily Mail)

Two sisters on their first day at school? auntie with her niece (who's just THREE DAYS younger!) (Daily Mail)

Islamic State luring young Western women with cash to breed and carry suicide bombs (Daily Star)

They're class acts! Four British universities rank in the global top ten with Imperial College London joint second with Cambridge (Daily Mail)

EDITORIAL: We back No vote because only together can we build a better future (Daily Express)

3,000 U.S. troops to fight Ebola? (CNN)

3,000 U.S. military members to fight Ebola in Africa (CBS News)

Death sentence for Nigeria mutineers (BBC)

Nationalists accused of 'patronising' older voters after producing guide teaching teenagers how to try and persuade their grandparents to support independence (Daily Mail)

Saudi court postpones verdict on popular Shiite cleric who faces potential death sentence (Fox News)

Sinai bomb kills Egyptian police officers (ALJAZEERA)

Libya's leaders shelter by the sea as country tilts toward civil war (Los Angeles Times)

'Scottish Independence Referendum: Separatism is an ugly business'. (Russia Today)

Iraq parliament fails to approve defence, interior minister nominees - state TV (Reuters)

Islamic State supporter warns of attacks against U.S. - SITE (Reuters)

Meriam Ibrahim sentenced to death speaks of ordeal for the first time (Daily Mail)

ISIS Threatens to Behead Iraqi Journalist (NBC News)

Builder spotted First World War medals through pensioner's window in Burnley and stole them (Daily Mail)

Vote on war against ISIS? Don't be silly (CNN)

Russia says weapons from NATO states would abet war crimes in Ukraine (Reuters)

Al-Qaeda urged ISIS to release UK aid worker following his abduction (Russia Today)

ISIS 'shows us what we're fighting for' (CNN)

VIDEO: Strugglers 'more likely to vote yes' (BBC)

Was early Earth more like Eden than Hell? Planet was cooler and more hospitable than first thought 4 billion years ago (Daily Mail)

'Unparalleled' Crisis: Ebola Death Toll Now Tops 2,500 (NBC News)

Indonesia anti-terror police question four foreigners (Reuters)

'There were people swimming in tomato juice!': Thousands take to the streets to hurl fruit as protest for farmers turns into massive food fight (Daily Mail)

Ukraine votes to give more power to east to end separatist fighting (Guardian)

French prime minister to seek vote of confidence from parliament (Guardian)

Ukraine ratifies key EU association deal (ALJAZEERA)

Police driver probe over road death (BBC)

Hand in hand just moments before their death: CCTV captures haunting last image of two British tourists murdered on Thai beach - and the migrant worker who is now chief suspect (Daily Mail)

Thai Police Hunt for Killer of Tourists (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Power play: UK leaders pledge further devolution if Scots vote No' (Russia Today)

Scottish independence would be an expensive mistake, says top economist Alan Greenspan (Daily Mail)

Scottish Independence Vote Triggers Mass Banknote Shift Amid Fears Of Run On ATMs (Huffington Post)

Lesotho brings forward vote to ease political crisis (Reuters)

Nigerian Troops Sentenced To Death For Mutiny (Sky News)

Auschwitz guard charged with 'helping Nazis' murder 300,000 Jews in death camp (Daily Star)

Ukraine parliament ratfies EU deal that sparked political crisis (Fox News)

Porn Star Christy Mack's First Images Of Recovery Since Alleged Beating By Boyfriend 'War Machine' Jon Koppenhaver (Huffington Post)

Ukraine Parliament Ratifies E.U. Pact (Time Magazine)

Syrian military plane crashes in Islamic State stronghold, say activists (Guardian)

Ukraine and EU ratify landmark association agreement (Russia Today)

Quintessentially British mansion featured in star-studded M&S campaign with Rita Ora, Emma Thompson and Annie Lennox goes on sale for £5million (Daily Mail)

ANNE SHOOTER THE SAVVY SHOPPER: Ten of the best British foods (Daily Mail)

Police to probe actress handcuffing (BBC)

Ukraine and EU to ratify key pact (BBC)

Nigeria soldiers face death for mutiny (ALJAZEERA)

UN war crimes panel emphasizes Assad government role in daily atrocities (Fox News)

Thai Murders: Police Focus On Migrant Workers (Sky News)

The Day I Came Face To Face With Islamic State (Sky News)

Leaders Differ on Scotland Independence (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Russia says 'cynical' U.S. policy pushing world towards new cold war (Reuters)

New stream of foreign fighters from Europe as Kurds take up arms against Islamic militants (Fox News)

US begins expanded campaign against ISIL (ALJAZEERA)

BREAKING: Shaun Wright steps down as South Yorkshire Police Commissioner (Daily Star)

BREAKING: Shaun Wright steps down as Police Commissioner following Rotherham sex scandal (Daily Star)

Special status to E. Ukraine regions, amnesty to combatants - parliament (Russia Today)

On front line in battle against ISIS (CNN)

Nigerian soldiers fighting Boko Haram sentenced to death for mutiny (Guardian)

With 48 hours to go, 2 sides scramble to convert swing voters in Scottish independence vote (Fox News)

Shaun Wright, South Yorkshire Police And Crime Commissioner, Resigns Over Rotherham Child Abuse (Huffington Post)

Scottish Independence Rally Sparks Wave Of Twitter Wrath At Bob Geldof And English Celebs (Huffington Post)

Scottish Independence: Obama White House Repeats Preference For 'No' Vote (Huffington Post)

Taiji cove: Dolphin hunting season begins with death of first pod (Independent)

Palestinian bagpipers join battle cry for Scottish independence (Guardian)

The West hits back: US launches air strike on Islamic State terror fanatics (Daily Express)

US, NATO policies push world to brink of new Cold War Duma Speaker (Russia Today)

Ebola Surge: Obama to Announce Military-Led Fight (NBC News)

Viewpoint: Why Islamic State will not endure (BBC)

London Repeats Offer of New Powers if Scotland Votes No on Independence (New York Times - Paywall)

French government faces confidence vote (Financial Times - Paywall)

Nigeria sentences 12 soldiers to death for mutiny in northeast (Reuters)

Price of War: Will Obama Split the Tab of ISIS Fight With Allies? (NBC News)

Price of War: Will Obama Split the Tab of ISIS Fight? (NBC News)

British Tourists Killed In Thailand Named As Hannah Witheridge And David Miller (Huffington Post)

Islamic State: US defies Iran's accusations of plot to 'dominate' Middle East to bomb Isis in Iraq (Independent)

United in having a laugh Pranksters set up fake passport control at Scottish border (Daily Express)

Air France strike causes chaos for thousands of British travellers (Daily Mail)

Raqqa: Islamic State's Menacing Power Base (Sky News)

Confidence vote in French parliament hinges on stagnant economy, split within Socialists (Fox News)

British Politicians Make Final Push to Save Union With Scotland (Time Magazine)

Obama to announce plan to beat Ebola (ALJAZEERA)

Syria activists say military aircraft crashes in city held by militant Islamic State group (Fox News)

Heartwarming moment a pit bull puppy reunites with the man who rescued him from the brink of death (Daily Mail)

Mrs Salmond could get YES vote: Scottish leaders wife could be countrys new first lady (Daily Express)

The high road or the low road? Scotland took a long and winding path to independence vote (Fox News)

Thailand beach murders: Police 'detain three Burmese migrant workers for questioning' over deaths of British tourists David Miller and Hannah Witheridge (Independent)

Obama ramps up Ebola virus effort (CNN)

Former Auschwitz guard charged over 300,000 deaths in Nazi death camp role (Russia Today)

Bob Geldof, Eddie Izzard and Al Murray join Scottish referendum debate in Trafalgar Square (Daily Mail)

Zookeeper doing her dream job is brutally mauled to death by 300lb tiger (Daily Express)

Iran supreme leader spurns U.S. overture to fight Islamic State (Reuters)

Six police killed in Egypt bombing (BBC)

Donetsk council says 3 killed, 5 wounded in eastern Ukraine city despite cease-fire (Fox News)

Obama pledges 3,000 military personnel to west Africa as Ebola outbreak worses (Independent)

Thai police focus on migrant workers in search for killer of British tourists (Guardian)

White House says body cameras on police would be useful (CBS News)

US air strike targets Islamic State in Iraq (Channel4)

Porsche death man was rugby player (BBC)

Six police dead in attack in Egypt's Sinai - interior ministry (Reuters)

Would Scottish 'yes' be just the start? (CNN)

Where is Thai murder victim's missing friend? Police hunt for man who knew Jersey victim bludgeoned to death on Koh Tao beach along with English woman (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: UK party leaders sign No vote pledge (BBC)

US jets strike Isis to help Iraqi military (Financial Times - Paywall)

British Tourists Found Dead in Thailand (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police attack Christians (CNN)

Thai police reportedly suspect friend of one of two murdered British tourists in killing (Fox News)

Stand up to bullies, No supporters are urged as Alex Salmond is accused of failing to take a stand against 'mob' outside BBC headquarters in Glasgow (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Police search after Thailand deaths (BBC)

Thai police sweep scenic island of Koh Tao in hunt for killer of 2 British tourists (Fox News)

Convenient': Cameron using ISIS atrocities to beat Mid-East war drum (Russia Today)

Afghan Vote Fight Highlights Military's Divided Loyalties (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S. conducts airstrikes in first steps of expanded fight against ISIS (CBS News)

Obama has bipartisan support against Islamic State, still faces doubts (Los Angeles Times)

GM Lawyer Increases Death Toll From Recalled Cars (Time Magazine)

World Briefing: Russia: Putin's Loyalists Dominate Vote (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. courts Mideast allies in ISIS fight (CNN)

Why ISIS makes execution videos (CNN)

Ebola Pledges Lagged in Crisis's Early Months (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Growth and climate fight can coexist (Financial Times - Paywall)

Israel nixes drone deal with Ukraine to not anger Russia report (Russia Today)

Obama to Call for Expansion of Ebola Fight (New York Times - Paywall)

Aid Surge: Obama to Pledge Millions to Fight Ebola (NBC News)

U.S. to Commit $500 Million, Deploy 3,000 Troops in Ebola Fight (Time Magazine)

Kyrgyzstan hosts first World Nomad Games, but can they unite the region? (Guardian)

U.S. to increase medical aid to fight Ebola outbreak in West Africa (Los Angeles Times)

Spoof passport control checkpoint on Scottish border set up to 'lighten' the independence debate (Daily Mail)

Victoria to expunge convictions under pre-1981 laws against homosexual acts (Guardian)

William Tyrell search: police say sniffer dogs have found no trace of boy (Guardian)

U.S. Airstrikes Hit Targets Near Baghdad Held by ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

12 Nigerian troops fighting extremists sentenced to death for mutiny, shooting at officer (Fox News)

British tourists murdered in Thailand (Guardian)

US envoy to Ukraine caught posting fake images on Twitter (Russia Today)

Deadly shooter of Pa. troopers may have had police or military training (CBS News)

Tony Abbott 'confident' on timeline for Indigenous constitutional recognition vote - video (Guardian)

Sudanese Christian woman sentenced to death says she had God by her side (Fox News)

Obamas ISIS plan faces a grilling from all sides (CBS News)

Zoo keeper mauled to death by tiger in enclosure with 'defective' lock was doing her dream job, her mother tells inquest (Daily Mail)

U.K. prime minister under increased pressure after ISIS killing (CBS News)

Tony Abbott: Military action against Isis will cost half a billion dollars a year (Guardian)

Karlton Burton jailed for stabbing Queens market trader Rashid Naeem to death (Daily Mail)

David Beckham Wants Scots to Vote No' (Time Magazine)

U.S. war hero receives top honor (CNN)

U.S. Pushes Back Against Warnings That ISIS Plans to Enter From Mexico (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. Launches First Strike In Campaign Against ISIS (Time Magazine)

Cat Stevens steps out of the (moonlight) shadows for first US tour since 1976 (Guardian)

Turkish military weighs 'buffer zone' against Iraq, Syria threats - media (Reuters)

Op-Ed Contributor: Obama Must Get Congress's Backing for the Fight Against ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

We haven't got a clue where he is: Philip Hammond's frank admission on British hostage (Daily Mail)

A Yes' vote will be heartbreaking says emotional Cameron (Daily Express)

US steps up campaign against Isis with air strike near Baghdad (Guardian)

British man hunted after naked bodies of two British tourists found on Thailand beach (Daily Express)

Battle Begins: U.S. Launches Strikes Against ISIS Near Baghdad (NBC News)

Cameron warns Scots over independence (ALJAZEERA)

Afghan gang-rapists sentenced to death (ALJAZEERA)

Report: First US Strike in Expanded Iraq Fight (Time Magazine)

Woman, 22, becomes one of the youngest people in Britain to be charged with assisting suicide after death of friend, 21 (Daily Mail)

ISIS eradicates art, history and music from curriculum in Iraq (CBS News)

US launches first offensive' airstrike on ISIS near Baghdad (Russia Today)

Damning report reveals 12 years of social services failures that allowed schizophrenic man to stab schoolgirl to death on bus (Daily Mail)

World leaders pledge to help Iraq fight ISIL (ALJAZEERA)

Ukraine cease-fire in peril; Merkel urges Putin to respect it (Los Angeles Times)

Scots vote sparks 10m Facebook hits (BBC)

Rio police 'corruption' arrests (BBC)

Africa's first education tablet (BBC)

Omen cloud cast shadows of doubt ahead of Scottish poll (Daily Express)

Cancer doc Myles Bradbury admits 25 sexual offences against child patients (Daily Star)

'Please don't leave us', David Cameron pleads with Scotland to vote No (Daily Star)

Murder in paradise: Brit backpackers battered to death as police hunt for pal (Daily Star)

Death threats force family of Manchester Dogs' Home suspect to leave home (Daily Star)

Death threats force family of Manchester Dogs' Home suspect to relocate (Daily Star)

Sumatran tiger was starving hungry as it dragged screaming zookeeper to her death (Daily Express)

'One punch' death CCTV released (BBC)

The Possible Price of Scottish Independence (Time Magazine)

Turkey Is a Steady Source of ISIS Recruits (New York Times - Paywall)

British prime minister campaigns against Scottish independence (Los Angeles Times)

Iran won't join U.S. in Islamic State fight (Washington Post - Paywall)

Morning Mail: World joins against Isis, bins on terror alert, near-nude cyclists (Guardian)

How Putin Got His Way In Ukraine (Time Magazine)

Washington DC fights in Senate hearing to become the 51st state of the union (Guardian)

Al Qaeda in India apparently botches first terror attack, reports say (Fox News)

Police job panel 'not compromised' (BBC)

Welsh politicians debate Scots vote (BBC)

Ukraine crisis: Russian chefs adopt creative methods in the face of ban on Western produce (Independent)

End 'panic' measures undermining fight against Ebola - Ghana (Reuters)

NUJ Demands Journalists Be Allowed To Cover Scottish Independence Debate Free From Intimidation (Huffington Post)

Turkish military weighs "buffer zone" against Iraq, Syria threats-media (Reuters)

Ghosts of ethnic conflicts past haunt Fiji vote (Reuters)

Merkel: Russia must withdraw troops from Ukraine for peace plan to work (Fox News)

Scotland independence referendum: Young Scots favor break from UK (Fox News)

Suicidal mother, 24, jumped to her death on Dartmoor with her eldest son, 5, holding on to her in a 'piggy back ride' just hours before youngest son, 2, was found dead at home (Daily Mail)

Scots Are Told Painful' Split Would Follow a Yes Vote (New York Times - Paywall)

Pope meets with Argentine judge in Dirty War probe who confirmed bishop was assassinated (Fox News)

Ukraine Truce Falters (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Celebs backing gifted musician raising money for addiction charities after brother's death (Daily Star)

Who is joining coalition against ISIS? (CNN)

UK rules out trying to save Briton held by ISIS (Russia Today)

Ukraine is still alone (CNN)

Maryland police believe 2 missing kids are dead (CBS News)

World leaders vow to do 'whatever necessary' to defeat Isis jihadis (Guardian)

Obama urges Scotland not to ruin America's 'special relationship' with Britain by voting for independence (Daily Mail)

Ukraine Proposes Special Status' for Breakaway Regions (New York Times - Paywall)

Sir Jeremy Heywood accused of urging business chiefs to warn against Scottish independence (Daily Mail)

Alan Henning: Al-Qaeda appealed to Isis to release British aid worker following kidnap (Independent)

Obama to announce boost in U.S. aid for Ebola response (Los Angeles Times)

Former Auschwitz guard, 93, is charged with 300,000 counts of accessory to murder for his role at the Nazi death camp (Daily Mail)

Scottish Independence: Londoners Rally In Trafalgar Square To Ask Scots To Vote No (Huffington Post)

VIDEO: What next for Wales after Scots' vote (BBC)

Many Questions Arise From Scottish Independence Vote (New York Times - Paywall)

MI6 does not know where Isis hostage Alan Henning is held, says UK (Guardian)

"Django Unchained" actress says police handcuffed her for kissing her boyfriend (CBS News)

4 Million iPhone Pre-Orders The First 24 Hours And A Lead-Time Update (Forbes)

Judge allows Jill Kelley privacy suit against FBI in Petraeus affair (Guardian)

'Momentum building' for war on ISIS and UK will play 'leading role', says Hammond (Daily Mail)

Who are America's regional allies in the fight against Isis? (Guardian)

Scottish independence referendum: Veterans hit back at ex-general's claim that nationalists are 'letting down dead soldiers' (Daily Mail)

How ISIS is growing, and the fight to stop it (CBS News)

Dr Myles Bradbury pleads guilty to sex offences against cancer sufferers in his care (Daily Mail)

Chief constable of police force that let rapists go free if they apologised to victims is investigated by watchdog over his force's handling of sex abuse allegations (Daily Mail)

Russia freezes Ukraine into submission: Kiev admits country doesn't have enough fuel for winter (Independent)

PM will be 'heartbroken' if Scots vote for 'painful divorce' from the UK (Daily Star)

Iran rejects American request for cooperation against ISIS (CBS News)

Oklahoma state trooper charged with kidnapping and rape (Guardian)

Mother's fury after teachers asked her not to call police when son, 5, went missing from school (Daily Mail)

Islamic State: International pledge to use any means necessary to defeat Isis throat-slitters' (Independent)

Family of Briton held by Isis 'going through hell', says Philip Hammond - video (Guardian)

The Mystery of Rapper Tim Dog's Death Is Solved (NBC News)

Sending US troops to fight ISIS is recipe for disaster,' says expert (Fox News)

At War Blog: A Sister, and Brother, in Arms (New York Times - Paywall)

Islamic State fighters drawing on oil assets for funding and fuel (Washington Post - Paywall)

Syrian city of Raqqa gripped by fear of US air strikes on Isis (Guardian)

Scotland's vote weighs on Europe (BBC)

Islamic State: Air strikes on Isis in Syria could be illegal (Independent)

World leaders vow to help Iraq fight Islamic State using 'all means' (Los Angeles Times)

"Very gruesome": British tourists found dead on popular beach in Thailand (CBS News)

WorldViews: Nevermind those freedom fries. The French are Europe's new war hawks. (Washington Post - Paywall)

'I know what happened to MH370': Police chief makes astonishing claim over mystery flight (Daily Star)

Catalan MPs set to approve law on independence vote (Guardian)

Outrage Over Red-Stained Kent State Sweatshirt (Sky News)

Violence puts pressure on Ukraine truce (Financial Times - Paywall)

Are Hospitals Part of the Ebola Problem? (NBC News)

U.K. To Play Leading Role Against ISIS (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

David Cameron Warns Of A 'Painful Divorce' If Scotland Votes For Independence (Huffington Post)

Surge in far-right support in Sweden splits vote and pushes left wing towards power (Independent)

Kerry Says U.S. Is Still Open to Talking to Iran About ISIS Threat (New York Times - Paywall)

Do Unwanted Dogs Need to Burn to Death to Get Noticed? (Huffington Post)

US campaign teams fight for small donors (Financial Times - Paywall)

The Independence Referendum Has Brought Out the Worst of the SNP (Huffington Post)

German Isis suspect offered shorter jail term in return for information (Guardian)

We do not know where Islamic State hostages are being held, UK admits (Guardian)

Iran refuses to help 'self-serving' US fight ISIS (Russia Today)

It's despair on all fronts,' says Ebola aid worker (Washington Post - Paywall)

Does British PM know who killer is? (CNN)

Iran says it rejects U.S. cooperation requests on Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Nato troops begin Ukraine drill (BBC)

Urban Outfitters Apologizes for 'Bloody' Kent State Shirt (NBC News)

Airstrikes against ISIS in Syria illegal' without Assad's OK report (Russia Today)

Court Confirms 5 Death Sentences in Afghan Rape Case (New York Times - Paywall)

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