Sunday, 5th October 2014

World News

Despite coalition airstrikes, ISIS continues push against Syrian Kurds (CBS News)

Hong Kong protester threatens to throw himself from bridge (Daily Mail)

Hong Kong Protesters Split After Call to Retreat (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

High risk Ebola could reach France and UK by end-Oct, scientists calculate (Reuters)

Munich sees out Oktoberfest with traditional salute; police record fewer crimes than usual (Fox News)

HK protesters braced for police move (BBC)

En Route: NBC News Freelancer With Ebola Leaves Liberia for U.S. (NBC News)

'US-trained ISIS militants used to reorganize Middle East' (Russia Today)

Alan Henning's Life Is Celebrated In Church (Sky News)

Suicide bomber kills 5 police officers (Financial Times - Paywall)

HK protesters brace for police action (Financial Times - Paywall)

Cured Ebola patient did NOT relapse: Dr Rick Sacra who was re-admitted to the hospital has a respiratory infection (Daily Mail)

Hong Kong protests appear to be headed into a smaller but durable holding pattern (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ebola outbreak: Homeless man exposed in Dallas sought (CBS News)

Ebola patient Thomas Duncan may have spread virus, NIH expert says (CBS News)

Former Ebola Patient in Hospital, But Likely No Virus (NBC News)

'Madman of Rock and Roll' Paul Revere Dies at 76 (NBC News)

Former F1 driver De Cesaris dies (BBC)

Alan Henning's widow attends service (BBC)

Moment US Ebola victim arrived in Dallas after Liberia flight in pictures (Daily Mail)

Med Student Dies After Being Tased in Police Custody (NBC News)

US authorities find homeless man thought to be Ebola victim contact (Guardian)

Inside Baharka refugee camp: RT talks to Iraqi survivors of ISIS attacks (Russia Today)

Found: Homeless Man Sought in Ebola Case Being Monitored (NBC News)

Deadline looms to clear Hong Kong streets (ALJAZEERA)

Green taxes DO harm the British economy and let other countries carry on polluting, Vince Cable admits (Daily Mail)

Nick Clegg vetoes airstrikes on ISIS in Syria in snub to David Cameron (Daily Mail)

Paul Revere of Raiders Rock Band Dies at 76 (Time Magazine)

Mexico mass grave discovered by police with at least '15 bodies' (Daily Mail)

Q&A: Hong Kong protest leader Audrey Eu (ALJAZEERA)

Authorities Search for Homeless Man in Dallas Ebola Case (NBC News)

British headteacher David Bolam freed by militants in Libya (Guardian)

Hundreds attend 'service of reflection' held for Alan Henning in home town (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Man rescued from bubble in Atlantic (BBC)

Hong Kong democracy protesters start to pull back, fear government crackdown (Reuters)

U.S. Mulling Ebola Screening at Major Airports (NBC News)

Outbreak of Ebola-Like Marburg Fever Kills Man in Uganda (NBC News)

Ebola Contact Sought By Dallas Law Enforcement (Time Magazine)

Airstrikes Hit More ISIS Targets in Syria and Iraq (NBC News)

Hong Kong braces for deadline to remove pro-democracy protesters (Guardian)

Hong Kong protests get visual: Marriage proposals, angry man climbs bridge, drone overflights (VIDEOS) (Russia Today)

Authorities Search for Man Exposed to Dallas Ebola Patient (NBC News)

VIDEO: Henning 'died a martyr', says bishop (BBC)

Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier dies from heart attack at home near Port-au-Prince (Daily Mail)

Hong Kong protesters react to ominous police warning (CBS News)

'No Doubt That We Will Stop' Ebola in U.S., CDC Head Says (NBC News)

Hong Kong protests: Day of reckoning dawns as pro-democracy protesters told to leave streets (Independent)

Sinosphere Blog: New Image of the Hong Kong Protests: Umbrella Man' (New York Times - Paywall)

Jahi McMath family release video showing teen moving on command (Daily Mail)

Ray Cole British holidaymaker jailed for four months in Morocco for being gay (Daily Mail)

Suicide bomber kills five police in Russia's Chechnya - agencies (Reuters)

Alice police remove body from park (BBC)

LIVE: 'No Doubt That We Will Stop' Ebola in U.S., CDC Head Says (NBC News)

Last chance saloon for Hong Kong protests? (Channel4)

Ebola crisis: Virus could reach the UK and France by the end of October, scientists claim (Independent)

Ebola crisis: Virus could reach the UK and France by the end of the month, scientists claim (Independent)

Counter-terror police raid Islam academy in London with links to extremists (Daily Mail)

'Authentic Elephant Rides' spoof video reveals abuse and torture (Daily Mail)

UN Security Council: Why is the veto right so important? (Russia Today)

Shot man dies outside police station (BBC)

Italian man wins cow-milking competition as world record holder churns up scandal (Independent)

Moment Dana Vulin removes recovery mask after two and half years on video (Daily Mail)

Yuri Lyubimov, founder of Moscows Taganka Theatre, dies aged 97 (Guardian)

Horse collapses and dies at Shenzhen Safari Park in China (Daily Mail)

Ebola outbreaks winding path to U.S. shores (CBS News)

Yusra Hussien may have been recruited to Syria by group of British women (Daily Mail)

Fury of Alan Henning's family over Britain's failure before ISIS beheading (Daily Mail)

Hot air balloons descend on Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta - video (Guardian)

The View on Protests From Old Hong Kong (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Russian theatre director Lyubimov dies at 97 (Reuters)

Ashoka Mukpo's father reveals last call of NBC reporter with Ebola (Daily Mail)

Air strikes against Isis are not working, say Syrian Kurds (Guardian)

White House Confident U.S. Can Tackle Ebola Crisis (NBC News)

Ebola fears at the Hajj (CNN)

Coming Up: CDC Updates Investigation of U.S. Ebola Case (NBC News)

Hong Kong protesters won't back down despite warnings (Los Angeles Times)

Indiana victim hit by four cars that didnt stop, police say (CBS News)

Operation Yewtree investigating 12 new suspects including police officers and politicians (Daily Express)

6 Questions You Might Have About Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution (Time Magazine)

Kurds fight ISIS in Syrian town (CNN)

Protesters in Hong Kong Ease Sit-In at Government Headquarters (New York Times - Paywall)

Man who escaped car crash hit and killed by wife rushing to rescue him (Independent)

NBC News Freelancer With Ebola Heading to U.S. (NBC News)

Hong Kong's protesters aren't backing down (CNN)

Hong Kong protesters make apparent concessions (Fox News)

Thousands more troops needed against Islamist terror, warns former British military chief (Daily Mail)

Man threatens to jump from Hong Kong bridge if protesters don't remove blockades - video (Guardian)

Cameraman with Ebola to U.S. (CNN)

U.S. Ebola patient in critical condition (CNN)

From Guinea to Dallas: Tracing the Ebola threat (Los Angeles Times)

Release of British hostage welcomed (BBC)

Police task force launched to tackle child sex abuse (Daily Express)

Isis militants: Britain should send ground troops in to combat jihadists in Iraq, says General Lord Dave Richards (Independent)

First US case of Ebola upgraded from 'serious' to 'critical' (Daily Express)

CDC Director: Ebola 'Drug Pipeline Will Be Slow' (NBC News)

Lord Richards Says 'Tall Order' For SAS To Track Down ISIS Killers, Including 'Jihadi John' (Huffington Post)

Thailand scientists claim to have developed 'most effective' antibody against Ebola (Daily Mail)

US Ebola Patient's Condition Now Critical (Sky News)

Fighting in Syrian town of Kobani spills over border into Turkey video (Guardian)

Brazilians go to the polls to vote in the presidential election - video (Guardian)

Deadlock in Hong Kong protest (CNN)

Israeli Prime Minister: ISIS and Nuclear Iran Are Twin Challenges' (Time Magazine)

4 police killed in suicide blast outside concert hall in Chechnya, Russia (Russia Today)

'Dangerous Crossroads' For Hong Kong Protests (Sky News)

Remembering Steve Jobs, the Man Who Did Almost Everything Right (Time Magazine)

Teenager pulled out of canal dies (BBC)

British man jailed for committing homosexual acts' in Morocco (Independent)

Isis plans to seize Iran's nuclear secrets, attack caviar industry, ruin carpets (Independent)

Isis manifesto reveals Islamic state's plans to seize Iran's nuclear secrets, attack caviar industry, ruin Afghan carpets (Independent)

Third crime tsar Ibrahim Master quizzed by police over bid to halt probe into relative attack (Daily Mail)

Exports of chillies double thanks to 'can-do attitude of British farmers' (Daily Mail)

Manchester man stabbed 15 times after standing up to gang (Daily Mail)

Paul Merton reveals the worst HIGNFY hosts and why his father never said that he was proud of him (Daily Mail)

Five British women to be given womb transplants after breakthrough in Sweden (Daily Mail)

Ex-Haiti dictator 'Baby Doc' Duvalier dies (ALJAZEERA)

Milton Keynes woman saved after police Taser her 'abductor' in stand-off (Daily Mail)

US Ebola patient 'in critical condition' (Channel4)

VIDEO: Briton held hostage in Libya freed (BBC)

Hong Kong Protesters Make Apparent Concessions (Time Magazine)

How police hacked Mail on Sunday to identify source who exposed Chris Huhne (Daily Mail)

Chinese troops play symbolic role in Hong Kong drama over democracy (Reuters)

British hostage freed by militants in Libya (Russia Today)

Bubble trouble: rescue for man trying to 'zorb' to Bermuda (Channel4)

Peter Kassig's mother Paula dons headscarf to plead with ISIS captors in video (Daily Mail)

Russian theater legend Yury Lyubimov dies at 97 (Russia Today)

Watch Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano exploding video (Guardian)

Muslim group condemns Kurdish protesters for mock ISIS-style executions (Daily Mail)

Hong Kong protests: A guide to yellow ribbons, blue ribbons and all the other colours (Independent)

London man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after PC is shot (Daily Mail)

British hostage David Bolam released by Libya militants (Channel4)

Visitors flock to see to panda cubs at centre in China - video (Guardian)

Hong Kong government vows to clear streets (ALJAZEERA)

Did our allies execute of two British ISIS fighters? Former SAS soldier claims he saw UK jihadis captured by Kurdish forces in Iraq desert - and believes they were killed (Daily Mail)

TEN patients at Dallas Ebola apartment are classified as 'high risk' (Daily Mail)

Mobs linked to TRIAD gangs try to drive Hong Kong protesters off streets (Daily Mail)

Not Giving Up: Defiant Protests Despite Police Deadline (NBC News)

David Bolam held hostage by Islamic militants in Libya released (Daily Mail)

Notre Dame's Stunning Win Over Stanford Shows Why NBC Was Right About Fighting Irish (Forbes)

Global Support for Hong Kong Student Protest Intensifies (Time Magazine)

Alan Henning To Be Remembered In Special Church Service In Eccles (Huffington Post)

Henning family: 'Numb with grief' (CNN)

Dallas patient critical (CNN)

Bubble trouble: Man running' to Bermuda rescued off Florida coast (Russia Today)

Police find mass grave near Mexico town (ALJAZEERA)

'First U.S. casualty' in war on ISIS (CNN)

Parents of American Isis hostage appeal for his release - video (Guardian)

ISIS Front Page In Independent On Sunday Is Exactly What They Deserve (Huffington Post)

Eid Muburak 2014: What is Eid al-Adha and why is sacrifice significant? (Independent)

Eid Mubarak 2014: What is Eid al-Adha and why is sacrifice significant? (Independent)

Hong Kong protests: a social media revolution video (Guardian)

Incest case: Man marries his former stepmother in France after winning court case (Independent)

Hong Kong protests: Student proposes to girlfriend in midst of demonstrations (Independent)

CDC officials rush to Newark Liberty airport after Liberian man began vomiting (Daily Mail)

Muslims, Christians pray for murdered hostage Alan Henning; 2nd British captive freed in Libya (Fox News)

Man killed in County Down crash (BBC)

Pakistani Taliban gets behind ISIS as coordinated West-hatred gains momentum (Russia Today)

Hong Kong police: 'We have exercised maximum tolerance' (Los Angeles Times)

'I was looking for Isis terrorists,' woman allegedly caught stealing from cars tells police (Independent)

Photographer prison hell at the mercy of 'Pinocchio' the British torturer: ISIS defector says hostage John Cantlie was waterboarded and given electric shocks by jihadi who always lied (Daily Mail)

Back to the Bench: Why This Supreme Court Term Could Be Historic (NBC News)

Reaper drones pinpoint Jihadi John: Terrorist has been tracked by British forces but security chiefs fear 'kill or capture' mission would end in failure (Daily Mail)

WHO Says More Than 3,400 Have Died From Ebola Outbreak (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Briton Held Hostage in Libya Is Freed (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hong Kong protesters promise to keep up occupation (Guardian)

British teacher held hostage in Libya freed and reunited with family (Daily Star)

British Hostage Held By Libya Militants, David Bolam, Released (Huffington Post)

HOSPITAL HORRORS: Patient locked in cell with no toilet, food or water (Daily Express)

Ebola As ISIS Bio-Weapon? (Forbes)

VIDEO: Alice police prepare to remove body (BBC)

Aid workers ask where was WHO in Ebola outbreak? (Reuters)

Former Ebola patient under observation in Massachusetts hospital (CBS News)

Mexico mass grave discovered after student protesters go missing (Russia Today)

Man running in bubble rescued (CNN)

Raw video shows stranded man in bubble (CNN)

Man fails in attempt to reach Bermuda with inflatable bubble (CBS News)

Protesters defy order to 'clear out' (CNN)

Man Rescued After Trying To 'Zorb' To Bermuda (Sky News)

Even Al Qaeda Tried To Free Alan Henning (Sky News)

Police scuffle with Hong Kong protesters as pro-democracy movement faces clear-out deadline (Fox News)

Ex-Haitian dictator Duvalier dies (CNN)

British Muslims condemn beheading of aid worker Alan Henning (Reuters)

WATCH: Hong Kong Protest Leaders Urge Reform, Not Revolution (Time Magazine)

Ousted Haitian Dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier Dies (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Clashes break out at Hong Kong protests (ALJAZEERA)

Hong Kong Protesters Dig In Amid Warnings (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters face threat from criminal triads (Fox News)

Mexico investigators hunting 43 missing students after clashes with police find mass grave (Fox News)

Former Ebola Patient Dr. Rick Sacra Hospitalized (NBC News)

Bodies Are Found Close to Where Missing Students Clashed With Police in Mexico (New York Times - Paywall)

Why short men make better husbands (BBC)

Condition of Ebola patient in US 'critical' (ALJAZEERA)

Hong Kong Protesters Hold Huge, Defiant Rally (NBC News)

Hong Kong protesters stage massive, defiant rally (Fox News)

Hong Kong standoff reflects tensions over deepening rifts, growing influence from China (Fox News)

Why its leader is loathed (CNN)

Liberia anxiously awaits aid from U.S., others in fight against Ebola (Los Angeles Times)

'I'm in Syria - LOL': Tweet from British grammar school pupil who gave his parents the slip while on holiday in Turkey 'to join ISIS' (Daily Mail)

The ISIS hunter from Beckenham: Milwall fan who used to run a London cafe now spearheads crack Kurdish unit after answering cousin's call to fight for his homeland (Daily Mail)

Ebola patient in Dallas turns critical, no new U.S. cases (Reuters)

Why I always buy injured sheep (BBC)

U.S. Ebola patient takes a turn for the worse (CBS News)

Defiant Hong Kong demonstrators face threat of police crackdown (Guardian)

Jean-Claude Duvalier, Baby Doc' of Haiti, Dies at 63 (New York Times - Paywall)

Bizarre moment MoS man rumbled lawyer in Chinese restaurant: News editor first knew his calls had been monitored after spotting his name on legal document (Daily Mail)

Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier dies at 63 (Reuters)

Ebola patient in Dallas takes turn for worse (Reuters)

Why Didn't Microsoft Turn Its New OS Up To 11? (Forbes)

VIDEO: Henning convoy leader 'distraught' (BBC)

Can man live on meal substitutes alone? They're full of vitamins and promise all the benefits of a balanced diet. But when one volunteer tried to survive on bars and shakes for a week, he was shocked by the results... (Daily Mail)

From soldier to student and medical aide: fifth western hostage under threat of death (Guardian)

Spanish fighter jets illegally invade British airspace over Gibraltar (Daily Express)

British 'bride of IS' blogs disturbing guide for girls on how to find jihadi love (Daily Express)

A wrong turn in Persian Gulf made me a hostage (Daily Express)

Hong Kong: Protesters set for backlash as China's strangulation of the Umbrella Revolution begins (Independent)

Hong Kong protests: Demonstrators set for backlash as China's strangulation of the Umbrella Revolution begins (Independent)

Ebola outbreak: The orphans of Monrovia's 'hotel' tent (Independent)

Ebola crisis: The orphans of Monrovia's 'hotel' tent (Independent)

Deadly Ebola virus could reach Britain in WEEKS say scientists (Daily Express)

Peter Kassig: Parents of hostage send message to son threatened by Isis (Independent)

Alan Henning beheading: Aid workers family 'numb with grief' over his murder by Isis (Independent)

Alan Henning beheaded: Aid workers family 'numb with grief' over his murder by Isis (Independent)

Peter Kassig: Parents of Isis hostage send message to son threatened by militants (Independent)

Alan Henning beheading: PM vows to 'hunt down' those responsible, but rules out vote on air strikes (Independent)

Alan Henning beheading: David Cameron vows to 'hunt down' those responsible, but rules out vote on air strikes (Independent)

Passenger Cleared After Ebola Scare at U.S. Airport (NBC News)

Passenger Cleared After False Ebola Scare at U.S. Airport (NBC News)

Guyana revenue chief wants police to probe how newspaper got confidential emails it published (Fox News)

Shaky Science: Why Domestic Violence Programs Don't Work (NBC News)

Man City full of errors - Shearer (BBC)

Hong Kong protests: the watchdog of Causeway Bay video (Guardian)

Parents of Hostage Plead for His Return (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Britain says teacher held hostage in Libya has been freed after 4-month captivity (Fox News)

Armed Turkish police use tear gas to disperse Kurdish protesters near Syrian border as ISIS renew their attacks on town of Kobani (Daily Mail)

Coast Guard Rescues Man Running Across Ocean in Bubble (NBC News)

British teacher held hostage in Libya freed by captors (Daily Express)

British teacher freed after being held hostage in Libya (Guardian)

Authorities announce D.C. patients Ebola status (CBS News)

U.S. Ebola patient now listed in critical condition at Texas hospital (Daily Mail)

Ousted Haitian dictator "Baby Doc" Duvalier dies (CBS News)

Biden apologizes to Turkish president for ISIS remarks (Russia Today)

For Hong Kong's pro-democracy activists, exhaustion overtakes enthusiasm and hope (Washington Post - Paywall)

Body may be Alice suspect, police say (BBC)

Hong Kong government may resume on Monday, but protests go on (Reuters)

U.S. CDC fields scores of possible Ebola case inquiries, no new infections (Reuters)

Parents of US hostage Peter Kassig appeal to Isis for his release (Guardian)

WorldViews: Hong Kong's students want you to stop calling their protest a revolution' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Watch the Coast Guard Rescue a Man Floating 70 Miles off Florida in a Bubble (Time Magazine)

CDC Meets Plane in Newark After Ebola Scare (NBC News)

Henning family 'numb with grief' (BBC)

Hong Kong Leader's Warning Renews Protesters' Zeal as Crowds Swell (New York Times - Paywall)

Dallas Ebola patient in critical condition as two Europeans recover (Guardian)

Jean-Claude Duvalier, former Haitian dictator, dies aged 63 (Guardian)

'Hands off the Middle East': Hundreds rally in London against British airstrikes (Russia Today)

First US Ebola case 'critical' (BBC)

British Muslims unite in fury at Isis murder of Alan Henning (Guardian)

Ebola Ruled Out in Two Suspected Cases (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hong Kong's leader tells protesters to clear streets by Monday (Los Angeles Times)

French Nurse Who Contracted Ebola Released From Hospital (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Former Haitian Dictator 'Baby Doc' Dies (Sky News)

Hong Kong protesters mass for peace rally (ALJAZEERA)

Main Hong Kong protest sees resurgence after attacks on demonstrators (Washington Post - Paywall)

American Hostage's Parents Issue Video Plea (Sky News)

US jets attack Isis as Biden apologises to Turkish president for remarks about foreign fighters (Guardian)

Hong Kong Protesters Defy Government With Massive Rally (Time Magazine)

No Sign Ebola Has Spread in the U.S., Officials Say (NBC News)

Why It Makes Sense For Intel To Pull Ads From Gamasutra Over #GamerGate And Why It's Still The Wrong Move (Forbes)

Police searching for suspected Latvian killer of 14-year-old London girl find his body in park (Fox News)

Posters and poetry: Hong Kong protesters show their creativity (Los Angeles Times)

Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier, ousted Haitian dictator, dies at 63 (Los Angeles Times)

Baby Dies After Dog Attack At Home In Daventry, Northamptonshire (Huffington Post)

Alan Henning family: 'I always thought he'd be coming home' (Channel4)

Ebola Patient Came to U.S. to Marry Girlfriend: Pastor (NBC News)

Thousands of protesters gather in central Hong Kong (Financial Times - Paywall)

WATCH: Hong Kong Student Leader Joshua Wong Talks Protest Aims (Time Magazine)

"We must do everything we can to defeat" ISIS (CBS News)

Howard University Patient Does Not Have Ebola (Time Magazine)

U.S. Ebola Patient Now in Critical Condition (Time Magazine)

Former Haiti president Duvalier dies (BBC)

Tales of torture, mutilation and rape as Isis targets key town of Kobani (Guardian)

Scrutinized for Handling of Pro-Democracy Protests, Police Have Own Troubles (New York Times - Paywall)

Ousted Haitian Dictator 'Baby Doc' Duvalier Dies at 63 (NBC News)

US hostage's family in video appeal (BBC)

Haiti's Former President 'Baby Doc' Duvalier Dies at 63 (NBC News)

Hong Kong Protesters Get Ultimatum On Demos (Sky News)

Man dies and two injured in crash (BBC)

Ousted Haitian Dictator, Jean-Claude Duvalier Dies (Time Magazine)

Jean-Claude Duvalier, ex-Haitian leader known as Baby Doc, dies at 63 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier, ousted former dictator of Haiti, dies of heart attack at home (Fox News)

Parents Plead for Release of American Held by ISIS (NBC News)

Alice Gross Police Find Body In Search For Suspect Arnis Zalkalns (Huffington Post)

Watch Live: CDC Holds Briefing on Dallas Ebola Patient (NBC News)

American's family pleads with ISIS (CNN)

VIDEO: US hostage parents appeal for 'mercy' (BBC)

Alan Henning's Hometown Eccles Pays Tribute To Taxi Driver Murdered By ISIS (PICTURES) (Huffington Post)

Hong Kong: Chief executive issues stark warning to pro-democracy protesters (Independent)

VIDEO: Tale of two protests in Hong Kong (BBC)

Islamic State video shows second British hostage beheaded (Reuters)

Coming Up: CDC Holds Briefing on Dallas Ebola Patient (NBC News)

ISIS fighters enter Kobani in Syria (CNN)

Alan Henning's brother-in-law: I thought Alan would make it home - video (Guardian)

Arrests in Hong Kong as rival protesters clash (Channel4)

Ebola dampens Eid celebrations (BBC)

Hong Kong protesters in cyberwar (CNN)

WHO issues manual on using Ebola survivors' blood (Russia Today)

Police probe referendum postal votes (BBC)

Young Muslims: ISIS doesn't represent us (CNN)

First French Ebola patient leaves hospital (Reuters)

Who is Peter Kassig, the latest hostage threatened with beheading in Isis video? (Independent)

Family of Alan Henning "numb with grief" as they pay tribute to aid worker (Daily Star)

Bodies in barrows and patients writhing on dirty mattresses: Liberia struggles to contain Ebola epidemic as official death toll nears 3,500 (Daily Mail)

'Alcoholic Belgian female anaesthetist killed British mother after caesarean went wrong' (Daily Mail)

Six-month-old baby dies after being attacked by dog (Daily Star)

Why are French turning to jihad? (CNN)

Alan Hennings family numb with grief (Guardian)

Alan Henning beheading: British Muslims say aid worker's death marks the beginning of the end' for Isis (Independent)

Alan Henning beheading: British Muslims warn aid worker's death marks the beginning of the end' for Isis (Independent)

Dallas DA Considers Charges Against Ebola Patient (NBC News)

Brother-in-law of murdered Alan Henning slams Government for not doing enough to save him (Daily Star)

Why I Am an Accidental Entrepreneur (Huffington Post)

He will be history': Turkish president lashes out at Joe Biden over ISIS comments (Russia Today)

WorldViews: Watch: When a triad' mob attacked Hong Kong's protesters (Washington Post - Paywall)

David Cameron vows to defeat IS after 'unforgivable' murder of Alan Henning (Daily Express)

Pope accepts resignation of British bishop after report of affair (Reuters)

Sinosphere Blog: Triad Links to Attack on Protesters Raise Some Old Questions (New York Times - Paywall)

Hong Kong police deny using triads to disrupt protests - video (Guardian)

Alan Henning Was Murdered After The Government Abandoned Him, Devastated Aid Worker Friend Says (Huffington Post)

'Unforgivable': Cameron vows justice for slain hostage Alan Henning (Russia Today)

What is China's army doing in Hong Kong? (CNN)

Turkey clashes with US over rise of Isis (Financial Times - Paywall)

Guantanamo Bay: Judge rules US government must release video of detainees being force-fed (Independent)

Guantanamo Bay: Judge rules US government must release video of detainees being force feed (Independent)

Why bananas aren't just for eating (CNN)

UK Muslims Lead Outcry Over 'Despicable' Beheading Of British Aid Worker Alan Henning (Huffington Post)

Thugs who swigged beer as they tortured stolen pet rabbit in the bath and posted video online escape jail (Daily Mail)

Ebola virus outbreak: Texas family moved to volunteer's home after hotels and apartments refuse to house them (Independent)

Your Ebola questions answered (CNN)

Mom: Ebola patient didn't lie (CNN)

Dallas damage control: Ebola-positive man possibly infected 10 in Texas (Russia Today)

Alan Henning murder: David Cameron vows to defeat Isis (Guardian)

Hong Kong merchants losing patience with protesters (Los Angeles Times)

Hong Kong's Peaceful Protesters Left Bloodied By Mobs As Police Deny Triad Gang Link (Huffington Post)

VIDEO: Cameron: Henning murder 'unforgivable' (BBC)

Hong Kong legislator says government using triads against protesters (Guardian)

Alan Henning murder 'heinous and cowardly', says UN - video (Guardian)

ISIS' U.S. hostage converted to Islam (CNN)

Alan Henning murder: Outpouring of tributes following 'brutal murder' of Salford father-of-two in latest Isis video (Independent)

AUDIO: Why do butterflies shimmer? (BBC)

Hong Kong protests: Demonstrators attacked by mobs as Amnesty claims police failed to act (Independent)

American cameraman has Ebola (CNN)

VIDEO: Texas Ebola flat sealed by specialists (BBC)

Sinosphere Blog: Color Revolution' in China a Daydream,' People's Daily Tells Protesters (New York Times - Paywall)

How to feed army of protesters (CNN)

Arrests made in Hong Kong demonstrations (CBS News)

Scott Morrison: UK hostage's murder by Isis 'brutal and medieval' (Guardian)

Hostage beheading, and plea - front pages (BBC)

Hong Kong protesters beaten and bloodied as thugs attack sit-in (Guardian)

Thai Police Arrest Two for Tourist Killings (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Snatching turtles: Man tries to smuggle over 1,000 reptiles in luggage (Russia Today)

ISIS militants enter key border city (CNN)

Amid Ebola fears, should the U.S. ban air travel from West Africa? (CBS News)

Violent turn to protests is another jolt to orderly Hong Kong (Los Angeles Times)

Former Army ranger shown in ISIS video had set up relief organization (CBS News)

Hundreds of Harvard students receive email shooting threats - police (Reuters)

Video shows militant beheading British captive, threatening American (Los Angeles Times)

ISIS Releases Video of Execution of British Aid Worker (New York Times - Paywall)

A Plan to Use Survivors' Blood for Ebola Treatment in Africa (New York Times - Paywall)

Serge Schmemann: A Week Dominated by Hong Kong, Ebola and the Secret Service (New York Times - Paywall)

Revealed: Why the Brummie accent is loved everywhere but Britain (Daily Mail)

Henning delivered aid (CNN)

Video purports to show ISIS beheading British hostage (CBS News)

Pennsylvania Police seize ambush suspects food, ammo (CBS News)

Coalition Leader Warns of Long Fight Against ISIS in Iraq (New York Times - Paywall)

CDC: 10 people at "high risk" of Ebola in Dallas (CBS News)

The U.S. acted to save Iraq's Kurds. Why not Syria's? (Washington Post - Paywall)

Inmate at Georgia jail reportedly tested for Ebola (CBS News)

'He sought only to help the Syrian people': Father of IS hostage appeals for his release (Daily Express)

Obama spending billions bombing ISIS but only millions on Ebola - Piers Morgan (Daily Mail)

US faces flight ban calls over Ebola (Financial Times - Paywall)

British hostage Alan Henning killed in latest Isis video (Independent)

British hostage Alan Henning killed in Isis video (Independent)

Alan Henning 'beheading': Isis video appears to show murder of British aid volunteer (Independent)

Hong Kong protesters reject talks with government (CBS News)

UK still deporting to Ebola affected countries - video (Channel4)

How Ebola virus spreads (CNN)

ISIS losing hearts and minds in its heartland (CBS News)

Boko Haram video apparently shows beheading of Nigeria pilot (CBS News)

Hong Kong protesters scuffle with opponents of pro-democracy campaign (Washington Post - Paywall)

Medics on Monrovia's Ebola frontline are being the world looks on (Independent)

Hong Kong protests: Demonstrators in vow not to be intimidated by 'hired guns' (Independent)

WorldViews: Is China looking to Vladimir Putin for tips on suppressing Hong Kong protests? (Washington Post - Paywall)

Father appeals to IS for hostage son's release (Channel4)

WorldViews: Hong Kong's battle lines harden after mob attacks protesters (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hong Kong: student leaders call off talks with government (Channel4)

David Cameron makes surprise visit to Kabul, pledges British support (Washington Post - Paywall)

Why Ukrainians volunteer to fight (CNN)

Hong Kong clashes break out after counter-protest (Channel4)

WorldViews: What Chinese viewers see when a western TV channel mentions Hong Kong (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hong Kong chief vows to remain as tensions deepen with pro-democracy protesters (Washington Post - Paywall)

Lexington: The loneliest man in Congress (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Heroic British nurse makes emotional plea to stop Ebola (Channel4)

Hong Kong chief executive agrees to talks with protesters (Channel4)

Ebola crisis: 'five new cases an hour in Sierra Leone' (Channel4)

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