Wednesday, 8th October 2014

World News

Fidel Castro compares NATO chief to ISIS (CBS News)

U.S. claims airstrikes drive ISIS back in Kobani (CBS News)

Another person with possible Ebola symptoms hospitalized in Texas (CBS News)

Flash Points: What to expect as Ebola hotspots emerge (CBS News)

UK will deploy over 750 soldiers and medical ship to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone (Daily Mail)

Man charged with murdering Mich. teen (CBS News)

Second man rushed to hospital with Ebola symptoms after contact with 'patient zero' Thomas Duncan (Daily Mail)

North Carolina police pepper sprayed black teen after assuming he was a burglar (Daily Mail)

World's richest man Carlos Slim says a 3-day working week WILL become a reality but you'll have to work 11 hours a day and won't retire until 75 (Daily Mail)

Douglas Carswell on verge of becoming UKIP's first elected MP in Clacton by-election (Daily Mail)

Ebola victims remains still infectious (CBS News)

Geoffrey Boycott's 16 vitamins a day to keep cancer at bay (Daily Mail)

John Kerry makes "urgent plea" for Ebola help from other countries (CBS News)

Islamic State Masses Forces Around Syrian City Despite U.S.-led Strikes (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Three new Spanish medics on Ebola watch (CNN)

Ebola outbreak: Latest updates (CNN)

Allies consider 'buffer zone' inside Syria (ALJAZEERA)

U.S. begins Ebola screening (CNN)

Dallas Ebola Patient Dies (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Witchcraft is a "hidden crime" in London, police say (CBS News)

North Korea admits existence of labour camps for first time (Daily Mail)

Sophie, Countess of Wessex fails to hit the target in her first attempt at wheelchair archery (Daily Mail)

Renewed assault on Kobani; 21 dead in Turkey as Kurds rise (Reuters)

NC police pepper spray black teen, thinking foster son is burglar (CBS News)

UK sending 750 troops to tackle Ebola (BBC)

US Stocks Have Their Best Day of 2014 (Time Magazine)

Spanish Ebola nurse's dog Excalibur is PUT DOWN over fears it could transmit the disease (Daily Mail)

Dog Exposed to Ebola in Spain Put Down (NBC News)

Couple in wedding day death pact (CNN)

Dallas Ebola patient dies: Thomas Eric Duncan succumbs to deadly disease after bringing it to America from Liberia (Daily Mail)

Texas Ebola Patient Thomas Eric Duncan Dies (Sky News)

First Ebola death in U.S. (CNN)

U.S. airports, border crossings to check travelers for Ebola (CBS News)

Exclusive - Liberian leader sees signs Ebola in decline but aid too slow (Reuters)

Cosmic Big Brother? UK academics start world's first space detective agency (Russia Today)

Halting Flights to Ebola Regions Could Threaten Relief Efforts, Experts Warn (Time Magazine)

SWAT kills Georgia man using info from drug addict who stole his car (Russia Today)

Fiona Nalty and Arry Green who attacked and left man in skip guilty of murder (Daily Mail)

Global failure to grip Ebola crisis criticised by World Bank president (Guardian)

Obama administration DENIES Duncan Hunter claims 'over ten ISIS fighters' (Daily Mail)

Girlfriend of Ebola Victim in 'Shock and Despair' (NBC News)

Spain Ebola nurse may have touched face with contaminated gloves (Reuters)

U.K. Independence Party poised to win first parliamentary seat in Britain (Washington Post - Paywall)

Shrien Dewani 'on gay fetish sites' day after wife Anni was killed in South Africa (Daily Star)

Police hunt for two men after teen is knocked to the ground and raped in park (Daily Star)

Liverpool man was put on end of life pathway without wife Liz's knowledge (Daily Mail)

Newly released medical records of First World War soldiers reveal the other dangers of trench life (Daily Mail)

Student who filmed man swearing at him mounts successful private prosecution (Daily Mail)

US Ebola patient dies in hospital (BBC)

Pictures INSIDE Syrian border town of Kobane show ISIS fighters prowling the streets (Daily Mail)

Isis in Kobani: Still no sign of Turkey reacting to threat on its border as John Kerry says preventing the fall of the town is not a 'strategic objective' (Independent)

Spanish Nurse Found Out She Had Ebola Online (Sky News)

Kurdish teenage girl hailed a heroine after killing NINE ISIS fighters on her own (Daily Star)

Doctor: Ebola Infection Might Be Human Error (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man forced into 'modern day slavery' (BBC)

Police mistake black teen for burglar at white foster parents' home (Guardian)

Airstrikes Push Back IS In Syrian Border Town (Sky News)

'I followed protocols but still got Ebola': Spanish nurse under police guard after she contracted killer disease says she has 'no idea' how she got it (Daily Mail)

Is this Britain's tallest horse? Towering Shire horse is more than 8ft tall with appetite to match eating two stone of carrots every day (Daily Mail)

Isis in Kobani: Dramatic images emerge from clash as US rules out boots on ground (Independent)

Spanx Get a Shout Out From the First Lady (Time Magazine)

Ebola poses $33bn threat to west Africa (Financial Times - Paywall)

Douglas Carswell set to become UKIP's first MP (Daily Star)

Thomas Eric Duncan, Ebola victim in Texas, has died (CBS News)

Hospitals gearing up for unlikely case of UK Ebola outbreak (Guardian)

Don't walk into A&E or doctors' surgeries potential Ebola victims told (Daily Mail)

Shrien Dewani surfed gay fetish dating site day after wife Anni's body was found (Daily Mail)

Lawyers for Members of Islamic Group Reject Allegations (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Thomas Eric Duncan fled Liberian war years before fatal Ebola infection (Guardian)

Sticky situation UK roads covered in TREACLE for winter to rid roads of ice (Daily Star)

'Untouchable' fugitive who posted holiday pictures on Facebook caught by police (Daily Star)

Man convicted in Auburn triple killing (CBS News)

ISIS Shoots Down Iraqi Military Helicopter, Killing 2 (New York Times - Paywall)

Five US airports to begin Ebola screenings for west Africa arrivals (Guardian)

WHO: no control over spread of Ebola (ALJAZEERA)

Spain kills dog of woman with Ebola (CBS News)

Hong Kong Protest Groups Show Strains Ahead of Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S., allies examining' Syrian buffer zone as Islamic State fight deepens (Washington Post - Paywall)

Deadly protests urge ISIS action (CNN)

Ebola outbreak: Spanish medics and union blame government cuts for virus escape (Independent)

Ebola nurse 'may have touched face' (BBC)

Ebola outbreak: Mini-riot as Spanish authorities seize pet dog of nurse who contracted virus (Independent)

Ebola crisis: Spanish health workers attack poor training for combating virus (Guardian)

American jihadist talks to CBS News in Syria (CBS News)

UK hostage strategy scrutinised after Isis threatens fifth western hostage (Guardian)

Turkey cracks down on Kurds demanding action against ISIS (Fox News)

Spanish nurse reported Ebola symptoms many times before being quarantined (Guardian)

Fever Rising: U.S. Airports to Screen for Ebola (NBC News)

Ebola Cases Surpass 8,000 (Time Magazine)

Poorest countries hit with Ebola debt (CNN)

Venezuela militia members killed by police amid political unrest (Guardian)

Terror four held for second day (BBC)

IKEA Made A Talking Mirror That Basically Just Tells You You're Pretty All Day (Time Magazine)

U.S. powerless to stop ISIS taking Syria town? (CBS News)

VIDEO: Ebola outbreak: Your questions (BBC)

They shoot Ebola dogs, don't they? Outrage at Spain's killing of infected nurse's dog (Russia Today)

Journalist with Ebola to get blood from survivor (CBS News)

Mother of boy banned from school over parents' Ebola fears hits back at 'ignorant prejudice' (Daily Mail)

What Will Happen to Texas Ebola Victim's Body? (NBC News)

As ISIS Storms Syrian City, U.S. Focuses On Bigger Fight (NBC News)

Ebola outbreak: Charities despair as airlines refuse to land in West Africa (Independent)

New clue may explain how nursing aide got Ebola (CBS News)

Worst Ebola epidemic in history (Russia Today)

Ebola Should Change How We Fund Drugs for Emerging Disease (Time Magazine)

Civilians flee amid Kashmir border clashes (ALJAZEERA)

U.S. to Screen Passengers From West Africa for Ebola at 5 Airports (Time Magazine)

360,000 Sign Petition to Spare Ebola Patient's Dog (Time Magazine)

US Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan dies (Daily Star)

Hong Kong leader Leung Chun-ying could face impeachment over secret £4m payment' from Australian engineering company (Independent)

Theresa May to push EU to stem flow of jihadis to and from Syria and Iraq (Guardian)

Airstrikes Target IS Fighters In Border Town (Sky News)

Shrien Dewani trial: Murderer of Anni Dewani says he was told: A man wants his spouse dead' (Independent)

First US Ebola patient dies in hospital (ALJAZEERA)

What Midterms? Americans Focused on Ebola, ISIS (NBC News)

Intense fight for Syrian border town (BBC)

Texas Ebola patient dies as officials monitor those who had direct contact (Guardian)

ISIS fight in Kobani cause for alarm in Turkey (Fox News)

Spanish Prime Minister Defends Handling of Ebola Case (New York Times - Paywall)

British troops to be sent to help fight Ebola (Guardian)

Hezbollah attack on Israel-Lebanon border raises worries of escalation (Fox News)

Bodies of Ebola victims lie in streets of Sierra Leone after burial teams strike over backlog in hazard pay (Daily Mail)

ISIS Advances in Syrian Border Town of Kobani Despite Airstrikes (New York Times - Paywall)

US airstrikes trigger Islamic States' 'biggest retreat' as battle for Kobani rages on (Daily Express)

Friends and foes in the fight against Isis (Guardian)

Disgusting': Anti-homeless cages installed at UK university (Russia Today)

ISIS truck bomb hits Kobani (CNN)

Kurds protest Turkish inaction in Syria conflict; at least 19 killed (Los Angeles Times)

World's first 3D-printed CAR unveiled in Chicago (Daily Express)

U.S. F-15 crashes in UK (CNN)

Isis in Kobani: Fighters filmed firing on besieged Syria-Turkey border town (Independent)

Turkey expects Cyprus to swiftly resume peace talks (Reuters)

Nineteen dead in Turkey protests (BBC)

Kobani: anger grows as Turkey stops Kurds from aiding militias in Syria (Guardian)

Watch an Army Vet Throw a First Pitch Like a Grenade (Time Magazine)

UK police questioning 4 terrorism suspects; possible link to Islamic State group (Fox News)

Cody Gibson gets punched in face after UFC star tells man to Google him (Daily Mail)

India, Pakistan Trade Mortar, Small-Arms Fire Across Border (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

EU Urges Moves on Turkey Accession (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ebola dead abandoned in Sierra Leone (ALJAZEERA)

Ebola 'hysteria' halts school visit (BBC)

Stockport primary school BANS African boy over Ebola fears (Daily Star)

Jihadi plot to attack UK smashed by MI5 (Daily Mail)

Ebola survivor gives blood for transfusion with Nebraska patient (Guardian)

Inside Qatar Airways' new £4,000 first class suites (Daily Mail)

Ebola drug race challenges ethics (CNN)

Deaths in Kurdish protests in Turkey (ALJAZEERA)

U.S. Orders Agents to Monitor Travelers for Ebola (Time Magazine)

U.S., allies intensify strikes near Kobani as Islamic State closes in (Los Angeles Times)

Indian and Pakistani Troops Clash Over Kashmir Border (New York Times - Paywall)

First Ebola Patient Diagnosed in U.S. Dies (Time Magazine)

Robert Downey Jr.: No Plans' for Iron Man 4 (Time Magazine)

South African police investigate fatal stabbing of Moroccan diplomat in capital guesthouse (Fox News)

Thomas Eric Duncan dead: First US Ebola victim dies (Independent)

Thomas Eric Duncan dead: First US Ebola victim dies in Texas hospital (Independent)

Ebola dog 'dead': Spanish social media users grieve as nurse's pet reportedly is put down (Independent)

Ebola dog dead: Spanish social media users grieve as nurse's pet is put down (Independent)

Ebola Patient Thomas Eric Duncan Diagnosed In USA Dies In Texas Hospital (Huffington Post)

Dallas Ebola patient has died, hospital confirms (Russia Today)

Ebola crisis: how health workers on west African frontline are paying with their lives (Guardian)

Ebola Claims First Victim in the U.S., Hospital Confirms (NBC News)

Ebola screening begins at US airports (BBC)

China detains 8 for backing Hong Kong demos (CBS News)

'We Need to be Persistent': Hong Kong Protest Leader (NBC News)

Could this 13-year-old girl from Louisiana be the first human on Mars? (Independent)

Now ISIS clashes spread across Europe: Riot police separate hundreds of Kurds and Islamist supporters in Germany after at least nine are killed in protests in Turkey (Daily Mail)

Huge rise in UK child abuse through witchcraft and religious rituals' police (Russia Today)

Ebola Epidemic Could Cost Africa More Than $30B (NBC News)

UK to send 750 troops to Sierra Leone in Ebola support effort BBC (Russia Today)

12 dead in Turkey after protests (Financial Times - Paywall)

Venezuelan government loyalist among 5 dead following standoff with police (Fox News)

French investigators searching for family suspected of leaving to wage jihad in Syria (Fox News)

See How Ebola Drugs Grow In Tobacco Leaves (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: EE launches home TV service in UK (BBC)

Hong Kong chief executive was paid £4m by Australian company (Guardian)

Viva Excalibur! Dogs (with a little help) tweet pictures in campaign to save Spanish Ebola pooch... but have they done enough to save him as authorities take him away? (Daily Mail)

Save Excalibur, the Ebola patient's dog, demand animal rights protesters video (Guardian)

Death rate 10 a day in east Ukraine despite ceasefire - U.N. (Reuters)

5 crazy fake Ebola cures that are circulating online right now (Russia Today)

Face of a Roman goddess unearthed for the first time in 1,800 years: Finely carved stone head depicts ancient idol Brigantia (Daily Mail)

Mistrust Ahead of Hong Kong Protest Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Last Bark? Ebola Pooch Howls From Doggy Death Row (NBC News)

Battle for Kobani: New air strikes target Isis forces amid new appeals for help (Guardian)

Robert Downey Jr. Is Talking About 'Iron Man 4' So You'll Talk About 'The Judge' (Forbes)

Ebola dead left in Sierra Leone streets as gravediggers strike (Russia Today)

The Ebola Ward: Life, Death and Grim Routine Fill the Day at a Liberian Ebola Clinic (New York Times - Paywall)

FBI asks public for help identifying ISIS militant (CBS News)

Battle for Syria Border Town: Strikes Pound ISIS Targets (NBC News)

Cuba's Ebola boot camp (CNN)

British hospitals on Ebola alert as scientists warn virus could be here in 16 days (Daily Mail)

As Protests Ebb, Hong Kong Finds Itself in Stalemate Over Barricades (New York Times - Paywall)

Ebola Outbreak Could Cost West Africa's Economy $32.6 Billion (Time Magazine)

4 NHS hospitals on standby for UK Ebola outbreak (Russia Today)

'It's a concentration camp' British man jailed for being gay describes Morocco prison (Daily Express)

Ebola Survivor Donates Blood To NBC Cameraman (Sky News)

Save Excalibur! Pet Lovers Want Ebola Dog Off Death Row (NBC News)

Chinese mother chains up her son, nine, to her bike so he can't run away just minutes after telling police she would treat him kindly (Daily Mail)

Radiographers opt for new strike day (BBC)

Ebola burial teams go on strike in Sierra Leone (CBS News)

US Ebola patient in critical condition as CDC mulls additional airport screenings (Guardian)

Jimmy Carter: Obama Dropped the Ball on ISIS Threat (Time Magazine)

In a Gritty Hong Kong District, Protests Display a Populist Edge (New York Times - Paywall)

Hinkley Point, first nuclear power station in a generation given go-ahead (Daily Mail)

What is the risk of Ebola in the UK? (Guardian)

Man hit with £1,040 bill for getting on WRONG train (Daily Express)

Spanish Ebola Nurse Reported Symptoms 3 Times Before Isolation (Time Magazine)

Islamic State militants shoot down Iraqi helicopter as fears grow over group's weaponry (Daily Express)

U.N. medic in Liberia tests positive for Ebola (Reuters)

U.S. Ebola Survivor Donates Blood to Infected Journalist (Time Magazine)

Baby Lucas Moore who was given no chance of survival celebrates first birthday (Daily Mail)

Day in pictures: 8 October (BBC)

Radical chic? Kurds say H&M jumpsuits mimic fighter garb (Los Angeles Times)

'Crackdown or climbdown' - Hong Kong protesters face stark choices (Reuters)

Kenyas Uhuru Kenyatta becomes first head of state to appear before ICC (Guardian)

Report: Cost of Ebola Could Top $32 Billion (Time Magazine)

Jesse Jackson visits infected Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas to ensure doctors 'kill the disease and not the person' (Independent)

The Turkish Jewish Community Is a Part of History and the Future of Turkey and They Must Be Protected (Huffington Post)

Ebola outbreak: Survivors told to use condoms to prevent virus spreading (Independent)

Help Us Find Him: FBI Plea Over Masked Man in ISIS Video (NBC News)

Hong Kong leader criticized over alleged $6.4M contract with Australian engineering firm (Los Angeles Times)

UK police thwart suspected Islamic State terror plot (Russia Today)

Hezbollah says border attack was message to Israel (Reuters)

Officer Battling Breast Cancer For The Second Time Is Honoured With Pink Police Car (Huffington Post)

Oil and crime make ISIS rich (CNN)

Now Argentina police find BE11 END number plate in Clarkson's car after Falklands row (Daily Express)

The group that could help defeat ISIS (CNN)

$100-Per-Week Ebola Burial Workers Go On Strike (NBC News)

VIDEO: Be very afried Watch shocking clip of man SMOKING McDonald's chip (Daily Star)

Fighters from 80-plus countries in Syria may pose threats on return (Los Angeles Times)

Ebola fears prompt Stockport school to cancel Sierra Leone charity worker visit (Guardian)

Solar threat: Space weather center seeks to defend UK against extreme storms (Russia Today)

Ebola Came To America Last Week. Since Then: 5,000 False Alarms. Zero New Ebola Cases. (Forbes)

UK man freed from Moroccan jail after social media campaign; reunited with family in Britain (Fox News)

Midsummer House in Cambridge crowned best restaurant in the UK (Daily Mail)

Fox News Anchor Bill O'Reilly Insists 'Ben Affleck Would Be Beheaded By ISIS In A Heartbeat' (Huffington Post)

If the Kurds fall, then Assad will fall as well' (Russia Today)

U.S. troops face 'loudest gun:' Ebola (CNN)

International medic with U.N. Liberia mission tests positive for Ebola (Reuters)

Baghdad officials say ISIS downs Iraqi military helicopter (Fox News)

Ritual child abuse: Police vow to tackle rise in cruelty excused by witchcraft (Daily Star)

UK Opens Solar Storm 'Operations Centre' To Battle The Sun (Huffington Post)

Save Excalibur: Husband of Spanish nurse with Ebola starts online campaign to save pet dog (Independent)

British tourist jailed in Morocco for homosexual acts arrives back in UK (Guardian)

UK police report increased child abuse linked to witchcraft, ritual beliefs (Fox News)

Person from plane that landed in Texas being checked for Ebola (CBS News)

The Moment Airstrike Stopped Islamic State Reaching Kobane (For Now) (Huffington Post)

Police Officers Bitten By HIV Positive Man Face Agonizing Wait (Huffington Post)

At least 12 dead in Turkey as fate of Syrian town stirs up Kurdish tensions (Reuters)

Syria declares new chemical sites (BBC)

School cancels visit from nine-year-old boy over parents' 'misguided hysteria' over Ebola (Daily Express)

Looking at U.S. Ebola Patient Is 'Very Painful': Family (NBC News)

Intensified U.S. airstrikes keep Kobane from falling to Islamic State militants (Washington Post - Paywall)

Spain quarantines four in Ebola scare (ALJAZEERA)

Spanish Ebola Case Raises Doubts Over Defenses (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

US increasingly frustrated by Turkeys inaction against Islamic State (Guardian)

India and Pakistan exchange fire in Kashmir border clashes (Guardian)

Sierra Leone burial crews reportedly on strike, leaving Ebola victims in the street (Fox News)

Besieged Syria Border Town 'About To Fall' to ISIS (NBC News)

Kurds clash with police in Turkey as protesters demand tougher action against Isis video (Guardian)

Ebola outbreak: Bodies of victims 'left in the streets' as burial teams go on strike (Independent)

Europe to see more Ebola cases after first transmission outside Africa (Reuters)

WHO warns of Ebola hospital risks (BBC)

Asylum in America: A High-Stakes Struggle for Border Crossing Kids (Time Magazine)

WorldViews: 4 reasons Hong Kong's protests failed (and 4 reasons they didn't) (Washington Post - Paywall)

Is UK still responsible for HK? (CNN)

Officials: Islamic State group downs Iraqi military helicopter near refinery, killing 2 pilots (Fox News)

Ebola 'Hysteria' Forces School To Cancel Charity Visit By Sierre Leone Mother And Child (Huffington Post)

Spain scrambles to limit spread of Ebola (Financial Times - Paywall)

India and Pakistan intensify Himalayan border conflict (Reuters)

Dallas Ebola victim Thomas Duncan's son says family find it too upsetting to see him (Daily Mail)

What's Keeping Ebola Aid From Reaching Victims? (NBC News)

VIDEO: Police examine Mexico mass graves (BBC)

#wakeupcall: New viral charity campaign raises Syria awareness (Russia Today)

Spanish nurse Teresa Romero Ramos 'followed all protocols' and has 'no idea' how she contracted Ebola (Independent)

Spanish Ebola nurse Teresa Romero Ramos 'followed all protocols' and has 'no idea' how she contracted virus (Independent)

British man in Moroccan jail for being gay is released (Daily Mail)

UK House Price Growth Cooling, Says Halifax (Huffington Post)

Pro-ISIS radicals with machetes, knives attack Kurds in Germany (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Doctors from Europe in UK increasing (BBC)

Syrian rights groups call on world to save town of Kobani from falling to Islamic State group (Fox News)

Poet, 7 others detained in China ahead of event supporting Hong Kong protesters (Fox News)

FBI issue public appeal to track Isis militants (Independent)

German police say 14 injured as Kurdish protesters clash with Islamic extremists in Hamburg (Fox News)

Palestinian protesters, Israeli police clash at Jerusalem holy site (Fox News)

Ebola Outbreak: Dozens Monitored In Spain (Sky News)

FBI appeals for help tracking down Islamic State fighters (Daily Express)

U.S. Says Syria Still Has Several Chemical-Weapons Facilities (Time Magazine)

Shrien Dewani: Day Two Of Murder Trial Begins (Sky News)

Chicago police captain believed shot by man wanted in Indiana (CBS News)

More potential Ebola cases in Spain (CNN)

VIDEO: Ebola: UK 'must not be complacent' (BBC)

Ebola Patient's Husband Now Fighting To Save His Dog From Being Euthanised (Huffington Post)

Ebola unavoidable in Europe, says WHO as Spain rushes to contain case (Guardian)

Battle for Kobani between Isis and Syrian Kurds sparks unrest in Turkey (Guardian)

Oregon man openly carrying new gun robbed by man with gun (CBS News)

Minister Norman Baker Calls For Ebola UK Airport Screening As NHS Put On Alert (Huffington Post)

Family photograph ghostly figure of Grey Lady during day out at castle (Daily Star)

First Group loses ScotRail franchise (BBC)

Israeli police clash with Palestinian demonstrators on Jerusalem's Temple Mount (Fox News)

Hong Kong talks set for Friday (BBC)

Violent Protests as Kurds Seek Help Against ISIS (Time Magazine)

The IS 'plot', and Ebola threat (BBC)

VIDEO: Turkey clashes at Kobane protests (BBC)

Turkey says Syria town about to fall as Islamic State advances (Reuters)

UK to open 'solar storm' centre (BBC)

Rights group says Thailand must probe allegations police tortured suspects in tourist killings (Fox News)

Protesters, Hong Kong Schedule Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Shocking rise in ritual child abuse cases linked to WITCHCRAFT reported to police (Daily Express)

Rise in cases of ritual child abuse linked to witchcraft beliefs reported, say police (Guardian)

Hong Kong protests dwindle, but talks with government likely to go nowhere (Reuters)

Air strikes help Syria town curb IS (BBC)

Tensions simmer in Hong Kong (CNN)

Seattle to recognize Indigenous Peoples' day on Columbus Day (Russia Today)

Indiana police smash car window, Taser passenger video (Guardian)

Australia's first national mosque 'open day' aims to clear up prejudices (Guardian)

By-election campaigns enter last day (BBC)

Jennifer Lawrence speaks out for the first time about nude photo leak to Vanity Fair (Daily Mail)

Spanish nurse whose home is under police guard after she contracted Ebola (Daily Mail)

What's Next for Hong Kong (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Scientists learn from 9,000-year-old man (CBS News)

Dallas Ebola Patient's Son: Keep Praying ? (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Night of clashes at Turkey protests (BBC)

First responders brace for Ebola encounters (CBS News)

Hong Kong Retailers Experience Sharp Sales Declines Amid Protests (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama pulled 2 ways in responding to Ebola (Los Angeles Times)

Old soldiers to meet as Thai PM makes Myanmar his first foreign visit (Reuters)

Art bursts from Hong Kong protests (CNN)

100 British military medics will set up Ebola hospital in Sierra Leone (Daily Mail)

Hong Kongers weary of sit-ins (CNN)

Bill for state pensions quadruple in 50 years (Daily Mail)

What Ebola drugs are in the works? (CNN)

US Ebola patient on kidney dialysis (BBC)

A Western jihadist says why he fights in Syria (CBS News)

Meet the 43-year-old Desert Storm Air Force veteran who joined up with Kurdish militias in the fight against ISIS (Daily Mail)

U.S.-led coalition boosts airstrikes on Islamic State in Kobani, Syria (Los Angeles Times)

UK arrests foil suspected terror plot (CNN)

The Ebola Ward: Life, Death and Careful Routine Fill the Day at a Liberian Ebola Clinic (New York Times - Paywall)

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: The man who prays for Miliband to stay (Daily Mail)

Health Officials Promise Extra Airport Screening for Ebola (New York Times - Paywall)

Connecticut declares preemptive Ebola health emergency, allows quarantines (Russia Today)

Problem debt 'costs UK economy £8bn' (BBC)

Turkish Inaction on ISIS Advance Dismays the U.S. (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. EMTs adopt new Ebola procedures (CBS News)

Judge attacks Met chief Hogan-Howe over force's treatment of innocent man (Daily Mail)

U.S. Military Sends Bio Experts to Mobile Ebola Labs in Liberia (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Lord Falconer attacks police snooping on journalists and criticises abuse of anti-terror laws (Daily Mail)

Hong Kong protests shrinking (CNN)

Panetta: U.S. Helped Create 'Vacuum' That Spawned ISIS (NBC News)

Hezbollah Attack Along Border With Lebanon Wounds Two Israeli Soldiers (New York Times - Paywall)

Marijuana Police Accidentally Raid Man's Okra Garden (Time Magazine)

Syria 'kept 4 WMD plants secret' (CNN)

U.S. military fighting Ebola (CNN)

Shootout as Hundreds of Police Storm Chicago Neighborhood (NBC News)

Chicago Police Captain Shot Executing Warrant (NBC News)

Lord Hill says the UK 'WILL be in the EU in five years' (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Kurds protest across Europe over IS (BBC)

Open Source: Clashes Across Turkey as Kurds Demand Relief of Syrian Kin Besieged by ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Why Is One of America's Top Allies Sitting Out the ISIS Fight? (NBC News)

Like Worst Flu You Ever Had: What Ebola Feels Like (NBC News)

VIDEO: The man who records all his sneezes (BBC)

First picture of Ebola victim's quarantined 'wife' as DA threatens charge of aggravated assault (Daily Mail)

Investigators in Syria Seek Paper Trails That Could Prove War Crimes (New York Times - Paywall)

Isis in Kobani: At least nine killed as furious Kurds protest over Turkey's inaction (Independent)

Explosives at Lebanon border injure two Israeli soldiers (Los Angeles Times)

British borders wide open to Ebola Horror (Daily Star)

VIDEO: Girl, 13, could be first human on Mars (BBC)

Terror in Turkey: At least nine dead as demonstrators take to the streets across the country over their government's lack of action against ISIS as Islamists continue their siege of Kobane (Daily Mail)

Dallas Ebola patient remains critical (CBS News)

Japanese Man Suspected of Plan to Join Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Mexican students recall clashes with police as massacre probed (Reuters)

Spain to kill dog of Madrid woman with Ebola (CBS News)

Turkish Leader Warns Border City Could Fall (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ISIS outguns Kurd fighters (CNN)

Kurdish rallies in Turkey turn bloody, at least 9 killed (PHOTOS) (Russia Today)

Battle for Kobani: Isis bears down despite US air strikes and street clashes as it happened (Guardian)

Questions raised about safety measures used for Ebola cases in Spain (Los Angeles Times)

Threat to euthanise pet dog of Spanish nurse with Ebola sparks online campaign (Guardian)

U.S. hospitals expand efforts to prep for Ebola (CBS News)

Spain monitors Ebola nurse contacts (BBC)

U.S. Air Strikes Can't Stop ISIS in the Fight for Kobani (Time Magazine)

Islamic State assault threatens 'slaughter on APOCALYPTIC scale' (Daily Star)

The Isis propaganda war: a hi-tech media jihad (Guardian)

Thai police defend murder inquiry (BBC)

New hero fights ISIS recruiters (CNN)

Tourists pose in front of Syrian town under siege by ISIS during US airstrikes (Daily Mail)

Woman who gave birth to world's first womb-transplant baby speaks of her joy at son Vincent (Daily Mail)

Turkey says Syria border town set to fall (Financial Times - Paywall)

CDC Head Sees No Sign Ebola Spreading More Easily (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Coast Guard issues new protocols to prevent Ebola (CBS News)

Meet the Ohio Air Force Veteran Battling ISIS in Syria (NBC News)

Gay British man Ray Cole released from Moroccan prison (Independent)

U.S. Hospitals Hyper-Alert to Ebola Threat, CDC Says (NBC News)

Ebola fears in Alcorc n: how does this happen? Its really scary (Guardian)

Kobani 'About To Fall' To Islamic State (Sky News)

Arizona's high desert: where border politics become a harsh, almost sinister experience (Guardian)

Time for Turkey to stop sitting on its hands in the face of Isis threat (Independent)

Hong Kong People,' Looking in Mirror, See Fading Chinese Identity (New York Times - Paywall)

Hong Kong student leaders agree to talks but say government insincere' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Watch astronauts perform the first live US spacewalk on the ISS since April (Daily Mail)

'It is not under control': Ebola in Liberia - video (Channel4)

Long-Embattled Kurds key in fight against Islamic State group, with visions of independence (Fox News)

NekNominate prankster becomes first to be prosecuted after swallowing a frog and lizard (Daily Star)

Police find car of woman found dead in Nev. desert (CBS News)

AP ANALYSIS: US-led airstrikes have hardly dented Islamic State's gains in Iraq, Syria (Fox News)

WATCH LIVE: Health Officials Share Latest on Texas Ebola Case (NBC News)

'Shame on you, Turkey' Massive protest in London demands protection for Kobani Kurds (Russia Today)

Some US troops battling Ebola in Africa to have direct contact with potential patients (Guardian)

Isis in Kobani: Turkey's act of abandonment may mark an irrevocable breach with Kurds across the region (Independent)

Isis in Kobani: Turkey's act of abandonment may mark an 'irrevocable breach' with Kurds across the region (Independent)

Conflict in Hong Kong will affect all of Asia (Guardian)

The end of the Hong Kong protests? (CBS News)

Man who set fire to much-loved family pet jailed for 'evil' attack (Daily Star)

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