Monday, 13th October 2014

World News

Hong Kong police remove some barricades but leave main protest zone untouched (Washington Post - Paywall)

American cameraman recovering from Ebola speaks out (CBS News)

ISIS captures Iraq army camp as bombs hit Baghdad (CBS News)

Dallas officials vow to care for Ebola patients dog (CBS News)

Sister of British hostage John Cantlie calls on Islamic State to 'restart dialogue' with the family (Daily Mail)

How the Ebola outbreak is set to make the price of chocolate soar (Daily Mail)

Ebola fears: La. waste facility wont take Dallas mans incinerated belongings (CBS News)

Cornell West arrested as hundreds march to Ferguson police station (CBS News)

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un makes first public appearance in 40 days, state media reports (Fox News)

Spanish Ebola nurse 'had 30 minutes training' (CNN)

Islamic State forces 180,000 to flee in Iraq (Reuters)

Protesters demonstrate in St. Louis area over police shootings of blacks (Reuters)

U.S. needs to rethink Ebola infection controls says CDC chief (Reuters)

Sister of Islamic State hostage John Cantlie makes emotional appeal (Daily Star)

ISIS Captive's Sister: Abandonment Claims 'Not True' (NBC News)

In symbolic move, British Parliament votes to recognize Palestine as state (Fox News)

Man Utd needed signings - Ferguson (BBC)

Turkey denies reaching accord with U.S. on use of air base against Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ebola 'moving faster than us' (CNN)

Spain's Catalonia to call off independence referendum on November 9 - media (Reuters)

Sister of captive British journalist John Cantlie urges Islamic State group to contact family (Fox News)

In Hong Kong, opponents scuffle with pro-democracy protesters (Los Angeles Times)

Hostage's family pleads to ISIS (CNN)

CDC chief says U.S. must "rethink" how it handles Ebola (CBS News)

MPs Vote To Recognise Palestinian State (Sky News)

UK MPs pass motion to recognize Palestine as a state (Russia Today)

Mong Kok Becomes Wild Card for Hong Kong Protesters (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Philip Hammond compares Iraqi Kurdistan fighting against ISIS to SCOTLAND (Daily Mail)

Clashes between police and Palestinians at Jerusalem's al-Aqsa mosque - video (Guardian)

Oscar Pistorius prosecutors decry house arrest idea, seek prison term (Los Angeles Times)

Sister of British hostage John Cantlie calls on Isis to resume negotiations (Guardian)

Binge drinking is a 'cluster bomb' for health issues, warn scientists (Daily Mail)

ISIS militants take Iraq army camp, at least 30 dead as bombs grip Baghdad (Fox News)

British Parliament Recognizes Palestinian State in Symbolic Vote (New York Times - Paywall)

Who Is Nina Pham? Meet the Dallas Nurse Who Contracted Ebola (NBC News)

In Brazil, Man Suspected of Carrying Ebola Tested Negative Again (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Palestinians clash with Israeli police at Jerusalem's al-Aqsa compound (Reuters)

Pistorius A 'Broken Man' After Killing Model (Sky News)

Are health officials calming nerves or stoking panic amid Ebola outbreak? (CBS News)

Plane quarantined at airport over Ebola scare after passengers vomit (Daily Star)

UK Labour MP: Palestinians deserve to live in peace and prosper like Israelis do (Russia Today)

Cornel West among protesters arrested in Ferguson (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Turkey Says No Deal Yet on U.S. Use of Bases in ISIS Fight (New York Times - Paywall)

Violence hits Hong Kong protests as hundreds of masked men storm barricades (Daily Mail)

Specialist Hospitals Face Ebola Challenges (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Islamist State publication seeks to justify slavery and sexual abuse (Los Angeles Times)

Chris Brown ridiculed for suggesting Ebola is population control (Daily Mail)

CDC chief urges US 'rethink' of Ebola strategy after second diagnosis (Guardian)

CDC Confirms Texas Health Worker Has Ebola (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ebola Infected Dallas Nurse Nina Pham 'Stable' (Sky News)

U.K. Analyzing Article Purportedly by Journalist Held by Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ebola 'could lead to failed states' (BBC)

Islamic State seizes third Iraqi army base in Anbar after military retreat (Washington Post - Paywall)

UKIP and fringe politics don't signal end of democracy: Neo-conservatism in UK and US did that (Russia Today)

Suspected UK Ebola patient arrives at Lewisham hospital (Daily Mail)

Cornel West Arrested as Protests Continue in Ferguson (Time Magazine)

Strike over Ebola pay hits Liberia hospitals (ALJAZEERA)

Scuffles in Hong Kong, some barricades torn down, others fortified (Reuters)

Maggie De Block accused of being too big to be 'credible' as minister for public health (Daily Mail)

Can Egyptian police silence angry students? (ALJAZEERA)

Ferguson protesters vow action (CNN)

US braces for more Ebola infections (BBC)

Getting through to Isis could take years (Guardian)

9 ways travelers handle Ebola stress (CNN)

ISIS justifies enslaving women (CNN)

Liberia medics may strike (CNN)

Jeremy Hunt: Ebola screening to begin in airports - video (Guardian)

Kurd: If ISIS takes crossing 'it's over' (CNN)

As Hong Kong protests challenge Beijing, authorities extend backlash to books (Washington Post - Paywall)

Syria Border City Kobani Holding Off' ISIS Militants (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Mussels 'threat to UK waterways' (BBC)

NHS strike fiasco: Midwives and nurses to walk out and police to chase ambulances (Daily Mail)

Jake Sweeney shouted 'boom' as he threw single punch that killed man (Daily Mail)

The West needs to balance tactics and strategy in the battle against Isis (Independent)

UK to start fever tests for Ebola at Heathrow airport (Guardian)

Oscar Pistorius Returns for Sentencing (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Turkey Denies Deal With U.S. on Air Bases Against ISIS (NBC News)

Exclusive: Bring back our girls - UK urged to take the fight to Boko Haram (Independent)

Police cow shootings criticised (BBC)

A teenage girl bled to death over two days: Ebola nurses describe life and death on the frontline (Guardian)

Islamic State captive Peter Kassig told parents his 'time was running out' (Guardian)

Canada Launches Clinical Trials of Ebola Vaccine (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Isis recruits take part in training regime at camp in Iraq in latest propaganda video (Independent)

Gruesome photos may show ISIS using chemical weapons on Kurds, report says (Fox News)

New Ebola centers in Liberia could triple capacity (CBS News)

Cops: NJ man just freed from prison kills mom (CBS News)

Liberal Group Blames Republicans for Ebola in New ad (Time Magazine)

Some Hong Kong protesters blame triads for rise in violence (CBS News)

Naked man in Kazakhstan road SHOT by passersby in video (Daily Mail)

Sore after the gym? Get off your backside: The best way to beat pain is to move MORE, doctors say (Daily Mail)

French police block road in Calais in protest over refugee crisis (Daily Mail)

Spain to increase Ebola training as nurse remains seriously ill (Reuters)

How to avoid catching Ebola (Guardian)

How many years is drinking, drugs and smoking shaving off YOUR life? (Daily Mail)

Emergency airport screening to be introduced tomorrow as Health Secretary warns there will be 'a handful' of Ebola cases in Britain within months (Daily Mail)

Oscar Pistorius sentencing: Athlete could get as little as three years' house arrest for Reeva Steenkamp manslaughter (Independent)

Ebola outbreak: Liberian frontline health workers refuse to strike (Independent)

Oscar Pistorius should not be jailed for killing his lover, says social worker (Daily Mail)

German student shot by police in Mexican state of Guerrero (Reuters)

Afghans Sound Alarm Over Islamic State Recruitment (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Will Oscar Pistorius go to prison? The factors that may affect his sentence (Fox News)

Mexican police shoot, wound German student in apparent confusion (Fox News)

Parents of Isis hostage Abdul-Rahman Kassig speak out as beheading is threatened (Independent)

Zionists, the US and 'wicked' British created ISIS says Ayatollah (Daily Mail)

Hong Kong protests: Barricades enlarged after effort at clearance (Independent)

Isis seizes key military base in Iraq (Financial Times - Paywall)

UK funds Kurd bomb disposal training (BBC)

Fierce fighting between ISIS and Kurds resumes in Kobani (CBS News)

China tries to blame US for Hong Kong protests (Fox News)

CDC Director: We Need to 'Rethink' Ebola Control in U.S. (NBC News)

Is this Britain's clumsiest drug dealer? Jailed supplier and his car were covered in heroin after he tried and failed to dispose of £16,000 of drugs during police car chase (Daily Mail)

ISIS Defends Enslaving Women in New Magazine (Time Magazine)

Thieves escape with thousands of pounds after blowing the front off cash machine by pumping it full of explosive gas (Daily Mail)

Ebola vaccine research stalled by budget cuts - NIH director (Russia Today)

Pistorius Is 'Broken' After Killing Girlfriend: Witness (NBC News)

Islamic State suicide bomber detonates truck near Syria-Turkey border (Reuters)

Police search for Hollywood actress missing for over a week (Daily Star)

Isis brings back slavery: Yazidi girls sold to Isis fighters as concubines for $1,000 (Independent)

Blood-curdling screams and headless bodies of siege town: Mail man SAM GREENHILL reports from the frontline as jihadi squads lie in wait for Western hostages (Daily Mail)

Tunisia becomes breeding ground for Islamic State fighters (Guardian)

Nigeria's global lesson for quashing Ebola (Financial Times - Paywall)

Labour MP Fears Ukip Would Hurt Britain's Efforts To Tackle Ebola (Huffington Post)

Canadian-made Ebola vaccine begins human trials in US (Guardian)

Mexican man posts horrific photos of him pointing a 'gun' at his nephew's head (Daily Mail)

The discovery of a terrifying sea monster? No, this writhing mass of tentacles caught off the Singapore coast is just a bizarre relative of the starfish (Daily Mail)

Watch Live: Health Officials Speak on Latest U.S. Ebola Patient (NBC News)

Passengers from Ebola-infected countries to be screened at UK borders (Guardian)

Amazon to create 1,000 new full-time jobs in 8 distribution centres in the UK (Daily Mail)

'Sham' wedding busted by immigration police just moments before couple say 'I do' (Daily Express)

Heathrow Ebola screening from Tuesday (BBC)

Hong Kong Protesters, Opponents Clash (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Coming Up: Health Officials Speak on Latest U.S. Ebola Patient (NBC News)

Ebola and Liberian Bodies: Thomas Eric Duncan's Death Raises Doubts About Treatment (Time Magazine)

Seven decks of cards memorised each day, 1,500 digits recited aloud and 4.5 years of training: How this man became a legendary memory champion (and how you can improve yours) (Daily Mail)

Who is Buying the Islamic State's Illegal Oil? (Time Magazine)

Liberian Health Workers Defy Calls to Strike Over Pay (NBC News)

UK firm's spyware used to snoop on Bahraini activists, police told (Russia Today)

NHS staff strike in dispute over pay (BBC)

Ebola Health Care Workers Face Hard Choices (Time Magazine)

More Missouri protests planned over police shootings (CBS News)

Dog Owned by Dallas Ebola Patient Won't Be Put Down (Time Magazine)

Crabzilla Satellite Picture Reveals Giant Crustacean Lurking Off The Coast Of Whitstable (Huffington Post)

85% of U.S. Nurses Say They Lack Ebola Training (Time Magazine)

Comedian Billy Eichner Is Accusing Burger King's Latest Ad of Ripping Off His Act (Time Magazine)

US warns of possible rise in Ebola cases (Financial Times - Paywall)

Islamic State Have A Magazine Out, And It Justifies Sex Slavery (Huffington Post)

Photos: West African Countries Try to Cope With Ebola Crisis (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Liberia Ebola medics ignore strike (BBC)

Black History Month: 'The UK Has A Bizarre Denial Of Its Black Culture,' Says 'Interstellar' Star David Oyelowo (Huffington Post)

As Oscar Pistorius is sentenced, new evidence raises more questions (Daily Mail)

Police seize £250,000 of cash intended to fund Isis at Manchester Airport and north-west ports (Independent)

Putin's Russia is weak - the UK in many ways is stronger (Guardian)

Kurdish forces battle Isis on streets of Kobani video (Guardian)

Kurds 'Holding Off' ISIS Militants in Syria Border City (NBC News)

Isis justify capture and sexual enslavement of thousands of Yazidi women and girls (Independent)

No Ebola Checks at Europe's Gateway to U.S. (NBC News)

Louisiana: Texas Can Keep Its Ebola Waste (NBC News)

Turkey gives go-ahead to America launching airstrikes from its giant base just 100 miles from Kobane as ISIS explodes suicide truck bomb in bid to storm more of besieged town (Daily Mail)

Islamic State Boasts Of 'Revival Of Slavery' (Sky News)

Hong Kong pro-democracy activists reinforce barricades at protest site (Guardian)

Liberian Health-Care Workers Threaten to Strike (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Pistorius 'community service' row (BBC)

How could U.S. Ebola case happen? (CNN)

Ebola Health Care Workers Strike in Liberia (Time Magazine)

Argentina's UK ambassador accuses Jeremy Clarkson of 'fabricating' claims Top Gear crew were in danger from mob during controversial number plate filming (Daily Mail)

Egypt universities rocked by fresh protests (ALJAZEERA)

Visiting Iraq, British foreign minister says airstrikes alone won't stop Islamic State group (Fox News)

Angry Hong Kong mob leads assault against pro-democracy protesters (Fox News)

Gigantic gaggle of geese take off like a spectacular TSUNAMI from a baseball field in Canada (Daily Mail)

Ebola: UK cancels resumption of direct flights to Sierra Leone (Guardian)

New Ebola checks for NHS 111 calls (BBC)

Taliban fighters kill 22 Afghan soldiers and police in ambush on convoy (Guardian)

UK firms to face new rules aimed at ending slavery in supply chains (Guardian)

What will it take to keep ISIS out of Baghdad? (CBS News)

Crabzilla! Photo appears to show giant CRAB in the waters off Whitstable (Daily Mail)

Vortex winds from low-flying plane blamed for blowing tiles off roof of Kitts Green, Birmingham home (Daily Mail)

Police 'seize £250K of IS money' (BBC)

Palestine Statehood Vote: Parliament To Argue For Recognition From UK (Huffington Post)

Oscar Pistorius should serve house arrest sentence, says social worker (Guardian)

Turkey denies new deal reached to open air bases to US in fight against Isis (Guardian)

SHOCKING PICS: Man apologises for holding gun to baby's head for Facebook (Daily Star)

Egypt students plan more university protests (ALJAZEERA)

Pistorius should get house arrest, community service, social worker says (Reuters)

Ebola dangers (CNN)

Eight police officers probed over Ian Watkins investigation (Daily Mail)

Khamenei blames United States, 'wicked' Britain, for creating Islamic State (Reuters)

Building a Bamboo Bulwark Against the Hong Kong Police (New York Times - Paywall)

Kurds hold off Islamic State in Kobani; fighters strike in Iraq (Reuters)

Islamic militants, Kurds resume fierce fighting in Syrian town near Turkey (Fox News)

Surgeons battle to save woman's arms after Alsatians almost tear limbs off in attack In Great Amwell, Hertfordshire (Daily Mail)

Oscar Pistorius trial: sentencing begins as it happened (Guardian)

70-90% efficiency: Russia to send Ebola vaccine to W. Africa in 2 months (Russia Today)

Ebola Fears: Uni Cleaners Warned To Watch For Blood And Vomit In Students' Bedrooms (Huffington Post)

VIDEO: UK government to sell Eurostar stake (BBC)

Female Kurdish Fighter Diana Nammi Warns Islamic State Will Take Middle East Back To Dark Ages (Huffington Post)

'Broken man' Oscar Pistorius awaits fate (CNN)

Will judge send Oscar Pistorius to jail? (CNN)

W.H.O. Chief Calls Ebola Outbreak a Crisis for International Peace' (New York Times - Paywall)

Kristina Rihanoff nearly voted off Strictly Come Dancing after public punish her for raunchy rumba (Daily Mail)

UK vote on Palestine status will not change policy - Cameron's spokesman (Reuters)

See Pictures of the Weekend of Protests Around St. Louis (Time Magazine)

Oscar Pistorius sentencing - latest updates (Channel4)

BRITAIN is the world's tornado hotspot: UK has MORE twisters than America, say experts (Daily Express)

EU to Discuss Ebola Border Controls (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

HK protesters rebuild barricades (CNN)

Ebola fears in NY's Little Liberia (CNN)

Spain defends Ebola repatriations (Guardian)

Cost of Madeleine McCann search tops £10m: New drive for answers means police bill will be double initial £5m estimate (Daily Mail)

Taliban ambush kills 22 Afghan soldiers, police in north - official (Reuters)

Police looking into Flower punches (BBC)

VIDEO: Collecting the bodies of the Ebola dead (BBC)

Hundreds Try to Tear Down Sit-In Barricades in Central Hong Kong (New York Times - Paywall)

Crowds clash with pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong - in pictures (Guardian)

Ebola outbreak to get a lot worse' UK Health Secretary (Russia Today)

Tens of thousands of NHS workers stage historic pay strike (Russia Today)

Funding Cuts Delayed Ebola Vaccine, U.S. Official Says (Time Magazine)

Baghdad residents persevere as Islamic State advances (Los Angeles Times)

Horror of Kobani: Headless corpses left in the street and victims with their eyes 'cut out', the savagery of Isis laid bare (Independent)

Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters clash with counter-demonstrators video (Guardian)

Texas health care worker who treated Ebola patient there tests positive for the disease (Daily Mail)

Sinosphere Blog: Relatives of People Detained for Supporting Hong Kong Protests Appeal for Their Freedom (New York Times - Paywall)

Man in court on explosives charges (BBC)

Parents of U.S. ISIS Hostage: 'We Haven't Abandoned Him' (NBC News)

As Israeli Police Lock Al Aksa Mosque, U.N. Chief Denounces Provocations' (New York Times - Paywall)

House of Drones: UK Lords to debate unlawful' surveillance aircraft (Russia Today)

Man arrested as mother, child and baby found stabbed to death in house (Daily Express)

Watch a Science Cop Take on the Ebola Fear Mongers (Time Magazine)

Afghan officials say air strike killed civilians, NATO says 'enemy' (Reuters)

Pro-Democracy Protesters Scuffle With Masked Rivals (NBC News)

'We can't afford it': Jeremy Hunt defends Government as 400,000 strike in NHS pay row (Daily Express)

Two young children and woman found dead at house after 'stabbing' as man is arrested in Stoke (Daily Mail)

Bomb hits Somali police car day after deadly cafe attack (Reuters)

Police Start To Remove Hong Kong Barricades (Sky News)

Scuffles at Hong Kong protest site (BBC)

VIDEO: Pistorius in court for sentence hearing (BBC)

Suspected Ebola carrier wrapped in plastic after Czech police seal off rail station (Russia Today)

Foreign buyers are buying starter homes across the UK (Daily Mail)

Latest on Ebola (CNN)

Oscar Pistorius Trial Hears The Athlete Has No Interest In Running After His Sentence (Huffington Post)

Turning point for Kobani? Turkey agrees to let US use military bases on border to attack Isis (Independent)

Hong Kong protests? They're foreign to students in Beijing (Los Angeles Times)

Defense psychologist says Oscar Pistorius a 'broken man' at sentencing hearing (Fox News)

Sierra Leone's Soccer Team Struggles With Stigma Over Ebola Outbreak (New York Times - Paywall)

Screening 'won't stop ebola from reaching Britain' (Daily Mail)

Dallas hospital: more staff may have Ebola video (Guardian)

Man hides on a shop shelf for two hours in failed robbery attempt (Independent)

Dozens offer to read books to blind man after advert in bookshop (Daily Mail)

Hong Kong protests: Clashes break out as hundreds of people storm demonstrators' barricades (Independent)

Psychologist Says Pistorius Is Broken Man' (Time Magazine)

Ed Miliband's demand on vote to recognises state of Palestine (Daily Mail)

Hong Kong protesters charged by masked men (ALJAZEERA)

Kerry Says Kobani's Fate Is Not Key to U.S. Strategy in Fighting ISIS (Time Magazine)

Nine in ten UK care homes and hospitals fail dementia patients, says damning report (Daily Mail)

Do you have ANY sympathy for the man signed off with morning sickness? His fiancee is pregnant, yet it's Harry who claims he's suffering nausea, cravings, tender breasts - and a whole lot of ribbing (Daily Mail)

Amazon to create 1,000 new UK jobs (BBC)

Oscar Pistorius to Be Sentenced in Killing of Girlfriend (New York Times - Paywall)

Bombing ISIS in Syria, US eyes Damascus: No-fly zone may be part of campaign' (Russia Today)

UK must be ready for Ebola outbreak to worsen - Jeremy Hunt (Guardian)

Oscar Pistorius arrives at Pretoria court for sentencing for killing Reeva Stenkamp video (Guardian)

Midwives Have Joined 400,000 NHS Staff On Strike For The First Time In Their 133-Year History (Huffington Post)

Oscar Pistorius trial: Psychologist testifies for defense as judge deliberates on sentencing (Fox News)

Oscar Pistorius Sentencing - Here's 4 Things That Could Happen To The Athlete (Huffington Post)

Google deletes 18,000 UK links under 'right to be forgotten' laws in just a month (Daily Mail)

Fashion tricks that'll take ten years off any older woman (Daily Mail)

Oscar Pistorius sentencing live video: Watch as Paralympian finds out sentence (Independent)

Oscar Pistorius sentencing live: Watch as Paralympian finds out sentence (Independent)

MOST WATCHED: Man transforms into Marilyn Monroe & Loose women speak on Lynda bellingham (Daily Star)

Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial: Live Footage Of Judge Delivering Sentence For Manslaughter Of Reeva Steenkamp (Huffington Post)

Pistorius Faces Sentencing in Girlfriend's Killing (NBC News)

ISIS came close to Baghdad airport (CNN)

ISIS on verge of taking key cities (CNN)

On the charge, it's Sherlock in shining armour: Benedict Cumberbatch is leading man as he films as Richard III (Daily Mail)

Oscar Pistorius sentencing: Paralympic star arrives in court for sentencing for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp (Independent)

Oscar Pistorius sentencing: Paralympian 'unlikely to fully recover' from consequences of shooting, court hears (Independent)

Oscar Pistorius sentencing: Paralympian 'is a broken man who has lost everything', court hears (Independent)

Oscar Pistorius sentencing: Paralympian 'is a broken man' and suffers 'flashbacks of shooting', court hears (Independent)

Oscar Pistorius sentencing: Paralympian 'should serve three years of house arrest and community service', court hears (Independent)

NHS call centre workers to quiz those with potential Ebola symptoms (Daily Mail)

Decontamination Begins at New Ebola Patient's Home (NBC News)

One of the lucky few: Mother-of-three who survived Ebola leaves treatment centre in Liberia as health workers threaten to go on strike leaving thousands without care (Daily Mail)

Israeli police raid Jerusalem holy site, chase Palestinian rioters toward mosque (Fox News)

Jordan cracks down on Islamic State on Facebook and Twitter (Washington Post - Paywall)

Teenager dies after attack outside a grocer's shop: Police release CCTV of man and woman they want to speak to after they launch murder inquiry (Daily Mail)

Oscar Pistorius LIVE: Athlete to hear fate over Reeva Steenkamp killing (Daily Express)

Hostage John Cantlie forced to blame the UK for beheadings by IS captors (Daily Mail)

Police move some barricades used in Hong Kong pro-democracy protests (CBS News)

Dallas Residents Wake Up To This Automated Phone Call Telling Them Their Neighbour Has Ebola (Huffington Post)

Tempers flare in Hong Kong (CNN)

Scuffles hit Hong Kong protests (CNN)

Hong Kong protests: police remove barricades and gather at main site (Guardian)

Hong Kong Clears Some Barricades (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Turkey approves U.S. use of its bases to fight ISIS (CBS News)

Ebola crisis: second US diagnosis 'deeply concerning', top health officials admit (Guardian)

Unidentified, Masked People Storm Hong Kong Protests (NBC News)

Turkey allows US to use its bases for the fight against ISIS - report (Russia Today)

Cambodian police detain 3 men after journalist investigating illegal logging is killed (Fox News)

Angry crowd tries to charge Hong Kong democracy protest barricades as police hold them back (Fox News)

North Korean state media warn talks with the South in danger (Reuters)

VIDEO: Hip hop, race and protests in Ferguson (BBC)

VIDEO: Top 50 FA Cup goals: Leeds upset Man Utd (BBC)

Blame game begins in US after nurse infected with Ebola (Russia Today)

Cowboys pull off 30-23 shocker against Seahawks (CBS News)

ISIS has 'rules' for reporters (CNN)

HK police start removing barricades (Financial Times - Paywall)

London Mayor Says There Is Little Doubt' Ebola Will Reach the U.K. (Time Magazine)

Car bomb hits foreign convoy in Afghan capital, one dead - police (Reuters)

US to use Turkish bases to battle Isis (Financial Times - Paywall)

Hong Kong Police Have Removed Some Barriers at Pro-Democracy Protest Sites (Time Magazine)

UK MPs To Vote On Recognition Of Palestine (Sky News)

ISIS ushers in slavery revival (CNN)

What sentence might Pistorius get? (CNN)

VIDEO: HK protesters 'would resist' police (BBC)

Fence separates them from ISIS (CNN)

Texas health worker becomes first person to contract Ebola in U.S. (Reuters)

Ebola scare causes temporary travel disruptions at LAX (CBS News)

Hong Kong police remove barricades (BBC)

ISIS magazine claims group has enslaved and sold Yazidi women and kids (Fox News)

Policewoman killed in China's Xinjiang - state media (Reuters)

First Ebola case contracted in U.S. (CNN)

Hong Kong Police Remove Some Protest Barricades (NBC News)

Hong Kong police remove some barricades as pro-democracy occupation protest enters 3rd week (Fox News)

Police Move on Barricades; Hong Kong Leader Rejects Protesters' Appeal (New York Times - Paywall)

Islamic State magazine admits, justifies enslaving Yazidi women and children (Russia Today)

Henning: Reporting on the man I knew (BBC)

Hong Kong police remove barricades, say protesters can remain (Reuters)

Hong Kong Protest Leaders, Authorities Trade Barbs (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

First US Ebola infection adds to concern (ALJAZEERA)

Hundreds of police arrive (CNN)

Police arrest 17 in St. Louis weekend demonstrations (CBS News)

HMRC's tax clampdown... on ordinary workers: Number of court cases up by almost a third but taxman is still accused of letting corporate giants off the hook (Daily Mail)

Dallas Nurse Contracts Ebola Virus, Elevating Response and Anxiety (New York Times - Paywall)

Police remove barricades at one site of Hong Kong protests (Los Angeles Times)

Hong Kong protests in Week 3 (CNN)

Police arrest 17 at Ferguson protest (BBC)

Cairns nurse in Ebola scare urges volunteers to fight virus in West Africa (Guardian)

Spanish Ebola Patient Remains in Critical Condition (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Neighbors of Dallas Ebola Patient Concerned (Time Magazine)

Why Kobani is so important to ISIS (CNN)

For Ebola caregivers, enormous fear (CNN)

Kurdish Rebels Assail Turkish Inaction on ISIS as Peril to Peace Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

NHS 111 calls to be screened for potential Ebola cases (Guardian)

Texas Caregiver Confirmed as Second U.S. Ebola Case (NBC News)

Pistorius sentence: Jail or Olympic training? (BBC)

Reports: ISIS enslaving Yazidis (CNN)

UN fatal disease expert: 'We'll control killer Ebola in 3 months' (Daily Star)

VIDEO: Court to start Pistorius sentencing (BBC)

UK waters face 'invasional meltdown' (BBC)

Global slowdown worries UK exporters (BBC)

US nurse stricken with Ebola DESPITE wearing full protective suit (Daily Express)

Two THOUSAND Brits flee to fight with Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (Daily Express)

Number of UK wine producers grows (BBC)

Possible Ebola Case Reported at LAX (NBC News)

Photos show the effects of Ebola on Liberia victims and loved ones (Daily Mail)

Home of Dallas nurse who has tested positive for Ebola under police guard (Daily Mail)

Israel, Palestine draft joint Ebola response plan (Russia Today)

Ebola outbreak: Medical staff threaten strike over hazard pay (Independent)

Ebola outbreak: Liberian medical staff threaten strike over hazard pay (Independent)

Ebola crisis: NHS 111 operators to monitor callers for symptoms (Independent)

Ebola crisis in the UK: NHS 111 operators to monitor callers for symptoms (Independent)

Ebola UK: NHS 111 operators to monitor callers for symptoms (Independent)

Man faces terror charge after raid (BBC)

British Isis hostage John Cantlie urges Government to talk to militants' (Independent)

Statistics Lessons: Why Blaming Health Care Workers Who Get Ebola Is Wrong (Forbes)

Islamic State Tightens Grip on Iraqi Province (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hong Kong's tycoons face new scrutiny as protests underline yawning inequality (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ex-Chelsea star Michael Essien rumoured to have contracted Ebola (Daily Star)

New York Health System Opts for WHO Ebola Protocol (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

St. Louis Protesters Attend Civil Disobedience Training (NBC News)

Airstrikes Hit Islamic State Near Kobani (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Battle Rages for Syria Town Under ISIS Assault (Time Magazine)

Parents of ISIS Hostage Send Message of Love (NBC News)

Activists say Kurds halt ISIS advance in Kobani as bombing in Iraq kills 58 (Fox News)

Man pleads guilty to stealing crate of cider then turns up to sentencing DRUNK (Daily Star)

British Islamic State hostage John Cantlie begs Government to pay ransom and save his life (Daily Star)

Mistake blamed for US Ebola spread (BBC)

Hong Kong chief says protesters are making impossible' demands (Washington Post - Paywall)

GOP lawmaker: "Eliminate the threat" of Ebola in West Africa (CBS News)

Spanish Nurse Infected With Ebola Makes Progress (NBC News)

17 arrested in St. Louis as sit-in against police brutality proclaimed unlawful' (Russia Today)

Egypt police storm restive universities (ALJAZEERA)

'August: Osage County' Actress Missing: Police (NBC News)

University cleaners cleaners told be vigilant for Ebola signs as students return from West Africa (Daily Mail)

Calais police to strike in protest at influx of migrants heading for Britain (Daily Mail)

Isis in Kobani: Embattled town becomes focal point for the West's fear of involvement in Syria (Independent)

Isis in Kobani: Embattled border town becomes focal point for the West's fear of involvement in Syria (Independent)

Isis kills Iraqi police chief and 29 Kurds at security HQ (Independent)

US officials: Turkey Oks use of bases for US, coalition operations against Islamic State group (Fox News)

Edward Snowden: state surveillance in Britain has no limits (Guardian)

'Heroic' Texas Health Worker Tests Positive for Ebola (NBC News)

Activists claim Kurds stopped ISIS advance on Kobani (CBS News)

Minaj fails to snatch solo UK number one (BBC)

3 German photojournalists arrested by police in Turkey while covering Kurdish protests (Fox News)

Drone strikes on Isis loom large (Financial Times - Paywall)

Obama's Top Military Adviser Warns of Possible ISIS Attacks in Baghdad (New York Times - Paywall)

Magazine by the Islamic State group says its fighters enslaved Yazidi women and children (Fox News)

VIDEO: Positive Ebola test at US hospital (BBC)

David Beckham to lead campaign to stop spread of deadly Ebola virus in Africa (Daily Mail)

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US Ebola outbreak: Pet found in Texas apartment of infected female health worker 'will be cared for', says mayor (Independent)

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