Saturday, 18th October 2014

World News

The latest on the Ebola crisis (CBS News)

Boy, 17, crucified for three days after ISIS militants accuse him of being paid to take photographs of the terror group's HQ (Daily Mail)

How Savile's niece's demand for compensation led to police fraud probe: Her own daughter says story is many more of the 211 claims for vast payments will police investigate? (Daily Mail)

Bacon made of salmon to be launched in UK supermarkets...(Ideas don't get rasher than that!) (Daily Mail)

How the police fitted me up for a vile sex crime they knew I hadn't done, says Met's gun girl who is suing over 'malicious leaks' (Daily Mail)

Hong Kong protesters battle police (ALJAZEERA)

Clashes at Hong Kong protest site (BBC)

U.S.-led coalition jets strike Kobani, Islamic State shells hit Turkey (Reuters)

Americans 'can't give in to hysteria or fear' over Ebola - Obama (Reuters)

President Barack Obama berates top aides over handling of Ebola (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Gonzalo batters Bermuda with 110mph winds but island escapes predicted deaths and large scale destruction (Daily Mail)

New at the Helm of Indonesia's Government: A Common Man (New York Times - Paywall)

Brace yourselves for Gonzalo Gale Force 10 winds and heavy rain set to batter Britain when massive Atlantic storm hits (Daily Mail)

Is 21 days in isolation enough? New study suggests Ebola patients could still be contagious after three-week quarantine (Daily Mail)

Now German biker gangs join their Dutch counterparts in fighting against ISIS in Kobane (Daily Mail)

Predicting Ebola Spread Depends on Data (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

WHO promises to review Ebola response (ALJAZEERA)

Texas hospital mounts '#PresbyProud' fightback as Ebola criticism mounts (Guardian)

Hong Kong protesters strike back (BBC)

Canada Ships Out Experimental Ebola Vaccine (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Prosecutors: Man plotted to kill witnesses in his trial (CBS News)

Hong Kong Officials Offer Fresh Talks With Protesters (New York Times - Paywall)

Fidel Castro offers cooperation with US in fight against Ebola (Russia Today)

Kurdish Women Fight on Front Lines Against Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Bermuda Mending After Hurricane Gonzalo (New York Times - Paywall)

Ebola monitoring inconsistent as virus spread (CBS News)

Memorial Service Held for First U.S. Ebola Victim (NBC News)

Hong Kong democracy street battles rage on despite imminent talks (Reuters)

Hurricane Ana Brings Rain, Floods to Hawaii (NBC News)

A day in the life of 22-year-old Kurdish fighter battling ISIS (Daily Mail)

South African man convicted of murdering Anni Dewani dies in jail (Guardian)

Man dies after crash at Down Rally (BBC)

Hurricane Gonzalo blacks out Bermuda (BBC)

Calls for more action to stop Ebola - video (Channel4)

Seeking peace with Boko Haram? (ALJAZEERA)

Hurricane Gonzalo pounds Bermuda with 110mph winds (Guardian)

Easton and Otley College's video is an internet hit with its gangster rap (Daily Mail)

Ebola and the Epidemics of the Past (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ex-Blue Peter girl Diane Louise-Jordan given police warning after bust-up (Daily Mail)

Both sides in Hong Kong warn of crisis as clashes continue (Los Angeles Times)

Families join at memorial service for British hostages killed by Isis militants (Guardian)

Free Runners bring Mirror's Edge game to life in daring video (Daily Mail)

Dewani killer dead in prison: Hit man Xolile Mngeni dies of cancer (Independent)

Man freed after 28 years behind bars (CBS News)

Hostage Families Urge Unity To Fight IS Evil (Sky News)

Hong Kong Government, Protesters Set to Meet (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ebola Drug Race Ramps Up in Earnest (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hurricane Gonzalo slams into Bermuda bringing chaos (Daily Mail)

At least 2,000 police officers suspected of corruption says Home Office report (Daily Mail)

Suspected Boko Haram fighters mount deadly attacks after Nigeria 'ceasefire' (Reuters)

Leading scientist warns Ebola is changing to become more contagious (Daily Mail)

Oxfam calls for troops in Africa as criticism of inadequate Ebola response mounts (Guardian)

US-led air strikes against Isis in Syria 'killed 10 civilians' (Guardian)

U.S. Airstrikes Pound ISIS Near Syrian Border Town (NBC News)

Canada Shipping Experimental Ebola Vaccine to Curb Outbreak (Time Magazine)

US-led coalition jets strike Isis targets in Kobani as militant launch shells across border into Turkey (Independent)

Hong Kong government agrees to meet protesters (Financial Times - Paywall)

Madagascar police disperse pro-Ravalomanana rally with teargas (Reuters)

Protesters take back key parts of Hong Kong (ALJAZEERA)

Rise in attacks from ISIS militants (CBS News)

Hurricane Gonzalo leaves most of Bermuda in the dark (CBS News)

More on America's Ebola czar and our response to the outbreak (CBS News)

Travel concerns increase amid Ebola fears (CBS News)

Asimo the football playing, disco dancing, bartending robot arrives in the UK (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Gonzalo Blacks Out Bermuda, Downs Trees (NBC News)

Has This Mullah Been Drinking? Video Goes Viral (NBC News)

Bermuda Faces Extensive' Damage From Hurricane Gonzalo (Time Magazine)

Canada to Ship Experimental Ebola Vaccine to WHO (NBC News)

Obama warns against Ebola hysteria as cruise ship heads back to Texas (Guardian)

Hong Kong protesters force police back after battle (Daily Mail)

Ebola outbreak could be 'definitive humanitarian disaster of our generation' (Independent)

Ebola outbreak could be 'definitive humanitarian disaster of our generation', warns Oxfam (Independent)

Hurricane Gonzalo Bears Down On Britain As 'Yellow' Weather Warning Issued (Huffington Post)

Ramped-up air strikes stall Islamic State advance on Syrian town (Reuters)

This Is What Hurricane Gonzalo Looks Like From Space (Time Magazine)

Man accused of spying worked on strategic Polish gas project (Reuters)

No US travel ban over Ebola - Obama (BBC)

VIDEO: Hurricane Gonzalo hits Bermuda (BBC)

Power out for thousands in Bermuda as hurricane moves away (Reuters)

Texas Hospital Worker Quarantined for Ebola on Ship (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ebola Outbreak Shows The Dark Side Of Mother Nature (Forbes)

Obama on Ebola: 'we must not give in to hysteria' - video (Guardian)

Hurricane Gonzalo Hits Bermuda With 110mph Winds (Sky News)

Colorado police warn marijuana sweets may end up in children's Halloween trick-or-treat bags (Independent)

Sierra Leone revamps Ebola response (BBC)

WHO Pledges Review of Its Ebola Crisis Response (NBC News)

Tens of thousands take to UK streets in pay protest (Guardian)

False Ebola alarm as police claim Terry Thames 'said she'd visited Africa' (Daily Mail)

The Apprentice's James Hill attacked man in pub then bit another's ear (Daily Mail)

Edward Snowden filmmaker Laura Poitras avoids UK because she fears arrest (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Gonzalo passes Bermuda (CNN)

Fight for Syrian City Strains Jihadists (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

British survivor of Nepal avalanche: 'people's eyes were freezing' - video (Guardian)

British police to join Thai murder probe after pressure from David Cameron (Daily Mail)

David Cameron asks Brussels for £800m to fight Ebola (Daily Mail)

Hong Kong Clashes As Protesters Fight Back (Sky News)

Mexico and Belize close ports to US ship possibly carrying worker with Ebola (Daily Mail)

Britain Needs A Pay Rise: Workers Rally Across The UK In Demand For Better Wages (Huffington Post)

How part-time ventures boost UK economy by £8bn a year (Daily Mail)

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No - it's a mystery man flying past an Airbus full of passengers as it flew over Macclesfield (Daily Mail)

Ebola risk on planes (CNN)

Messy truth about Ebola (CNN)

Ebola commentary proves dangerous (CNN)

Obama: We Can't Give In to Ebola 'Hysteria' (NBC News)

An ISIS air force? (CNN)

Hurricane Gonzalo Slams into Bermuda (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

From guerrillas to conquerors: How ISIS changed (CNN)

British police to join Thai investigation into tourist murders (Reuters)

British soldiers train Iraqi Kurds to take on IS - video (Channel4)

Oxfam: World must do more to stop Ebola becoming disaster of our time (Guardian)

Ebola risk: 'we must not kid ourselves', says John Kerry - video (Guardian)

Indonesia's Widodo to name ex-Astra chief state enterprises minister (Reuters)

Lebanon pulled into war with ISIS (Fox News)

Beyond battlegrounds of Iraq and Syria, Lebanon gets pulled into war with Islamic State group (Fox News)

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong retake initiative (CNN)

Germany arrests 2 suspected supporters of Islamic State group, searches homes of others (Fox News)

VIDEO: Sad plight of UK slavery victims (BBC)

General: We can blunt ISIS (CNN)

Nigeria: Truce Signed With Boko Haram (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

EBOLA HITS UK: Patient quarantined in London displays symptoms of deadly virus (Daily Star)

U.K. Leader Urges Europe to Step Up Ebola Fight (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ebola envoy defends UN effort (BBC)

Hong Kong: violence flares again as protesters reoccupy streets (Guardian)

Ebola could be scourge like HIV, John Kerry warns the world (Guardian)

Want the Cara Delevingne look? Power brows in a bottle on sale for £20 (Daily Mail)

World Health Organisation botched initial handling of Ebola outbreak (Independent)

Ebola outbreak: World Health Organisation botched initial handling (Independent)

2nd Nurse with Ebola may have had worse case during flights (CBS News)

South Korean Man Jumps to Death After Concert Accident (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Thailand beach murders: UK police head to Koh Tao to join investigation after junta leader drops objections (Independent)

Thailand beach murders: British police head to Koh Tao to join investigation after junta leader drops objections (Independent)

David Cameron Tells Rest Of The World To Step Up Their Game With Ebola Aid (Huffington Post)

UK police to probe Thailand murders (BBC)

Cameron Presses EU Leaders On Ebola Fund (Sky News)

Mexico captures leader of gang suspected of of conspiring with corrupt police to massacre 43 missing students (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Gonzalo scores bull's eye hit on Bermuda (Reuters)

In Hong Kong, Dueling Definitions of Democracy (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

In Hong Kong, No Endgame for Chaotic Protests (Time Magazine)

Water crisis squeezes Sao Paulo state (ALJAZEERA)

Miliband, Ebola and footballer debate - the papers (BBC)

Man eaten by bear after suffering heart attack (CBS News)

Nigeria says ceasefire agreed with Boko Haram (ALJAZEERA)

US looking to boost production of experimental Ebola drug (Russia Today)

Anticorruption Agency Gains Power in China (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Mexican police arrest top leader of cartel linked to missing students (Los Angeles Times)

10/17: Obama appoints Ebola czar; Broken hearts on the mend (CBS News)

San Diego State Student Dies After Contracting Meningitis (NBC News)

Hurricane Gonzalo hit Bermuda, leaves 29,000 without power (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Hurricane Gonzalo crosses over Bermuda, giving island second pummeling by storm this week (Fox News)

Nigerian schoolgirls to be released, ceasefire reached with Boko Haram (Russia Today)

Experts Oppose Ebola Travel Ban, Saying It Would Cut Off Worst-Hit Countries (New York Times - Paywall)

Hurricane Gonzalo Hits Bermuda, Causing Widespread Power Failures (New York Times - Paywall)

Lights Out: Hurricane Knocks Out Power in Bermuda (NBC News)

Hong Kong protesters, police clash after Mong Kok sit-in site cleared (Los Angeles Times)

Anthem to arms: Man performs Star-Spangled Banner with gun (Russia Today)

Obama Sends Aide to Texas to Help With Ebola Response (NBC News)

CNN tweets pic mocking Ebola panic, sparks backlash (Russia Today)

Ana becomes hurricane near Hawaiian coast (CBS News)

David Cameron to become first Tory PM to send his children to a state school (Daily Mail)

Quick History: Ebola Alarm, Rebellion in Europe and Turkey's Puzzling Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

CDC to Issue New Guidelines for Ebola Health Workers (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

WHO faulted for Ebola response failures (ALJAZEERA)

NY man freed after 28 years in prison (CBS News)

Bermuda Prepares for Hurricane Gonzalo (New York Times - Paywall)

Hurricane Gonzalo makes landfall in Bermuda; 22,000 without power (Los Angeles Times)

Much of Bermuda Is Without Power as Hurricane Gonzalo Arrives (New York Times - Paywall)

Texas Ebola Hospital Executive: 'We Fell Short' (NBC News)

U.S. tracks and quarantines Ebola contacts (CNN)

Sick, Cured, Quarantined: Where Do America's Ebola Victims Stand? (NBC News)

Hong Kong Protesters, Police Clash (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Not surprised hospital missed Ebola (CNN)

Playing video games can boost your brain: Researchers say action games increase our ability to quickly learn new motor skills (Daily Mail)

ISIS Keeps Up Pressure Near Baghdad as Iraqi Troops Stumble (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump calls Obama psycho' over Ebola response (Russia Today)

UK medical ship joining efforts (CNN)

ISIS Militants in Syrian Border Town Begin to Retreat After a Monthlong Battle (New York Times - Paywall)

Boko Haram militants, Nigeria come to cease-fire agreement (CBS News)

Ebola defense options: Quarantine, isolation and self-monitoring (CBS News)

Kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls 'to be freed' after deal with Boko Haram (Daily Mail)

Texas nurse with Ebola said she "felt funny" in Ohio, CDC says (CBS News)

Colorado police worried pot candy will ruin Halloween treats (Russia Today)

Russia at the gates? US State Dept, Pentagon grilled over NATO expansion (Russia Today)

Evil drugs gang used soldiers charity to smuggle £1billion worth of drugs into UK (Daily Star)

David Cameron snubs Eton as the first Prime Minister to send their kids to state school (Daily Star)

Brit 'Ebola ship' crew heading to Sierra Leone to fight deadly virus say they're 'nervous' (Daily Star)

Soaring cost of staying warm sees 80% of Scots ration winter power use (Daily Express)

UK city planning advice for China (BBC)

Hurricane Gonzalo storms in to the UK (Daily Express)

Hong Kong police clear pro-democracy camp at key intersection (Washington Post - Paywall)

China Said to Pull the Strings in Hong Kong Crackdown (New York Times - Paywall)

Clashes continue as Hong Kong police clear tents from protest zone (CBS News)

Fresh Clashes in Hong Kong as Thousands Take to the Streets (Time Magazine)

General: ISIS suffering losses in fight over Syria town (CBS News)

Gonzalo spawns a "big wall of water" as it closes in on Bermuda (CBS News)

999 crew dump body near bins: 'Inhumane' paramedics left dead man on floor of ambulance station as their shift had ended (Daily Mail)

Analysis - U.S. health agency chief faulted over confusing Ebola messages (Reuters)

WHO 'failed' in early Ebola response (BBC)

Hurricane Gonzalo photographed from International Space Station as it starts to batter Bermuda (Independent)

Boko Haram deal (CNN)

U.S. Airstrikes Hit ISIS in Key Syrian City (NBC News)

British police will investigate brutal murders of backpackers in Thailand (Daily Express)

Boko Haram, Nigeria agree to cease-fire, officials say; fate of schoolgirls uncertain (Washington Post - Paywall)

Democratic Senate Candidates Back Ebola Travel Ban (Time Magazine)

Nigeria, Boko Haram agree to immediate cease-fire (Fox News)

Nigeria and Boko Haram 'agree truce' (BBC)

Pentagon Hit by Ebola Scare (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Arizona ban on same-sex marriage struck down as states give up fight (Guardian)

Police Say MMA Fighter Who Beat Porn Star Girlfriend Tried to Kill Himself (Time Magazine)

Sick elderly man makes 'complete turnaround' after emotional reunion with dog (Independent)

Sinosphere Blog: Q. and A.: Ruby Yang on Hong Kong Youth and Identity (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: IS hostage's brother in tribute video (BBC)

In Europe, Fear of Ebola Far Outweighs the True Risks (New York Times - Paywall)

Canada Pledges to Almost Double Contribution to Fight Against Ebola (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Texas Tells Ebola Health Care Workers Not to Travel (Time Magazine)

Hong Kong activists regroup to force police retreat in protest hotspot (Reuters)

Pentagon Ebola scare: Car park shut after woman 'returned from West Africa' vomits (Independent)

Pentagon Ebola scare: Car park shut after woman 'back from West Africa' vomits (Independent)

Britain 'leading Ebola battle' says PM as screenings planned at more UK airports (Daily Star)

Exclusive - U.S. requests production plans for Ebola drug ZMapp (Reuters)

Wine without the wait... the POWER TOOL which opens bottles in seconds (Daily Mail)

Meet DJ Caim Morris, the devil man of Colombia (Daily Mail)

Hong Kong Protesters Retake Street, Defying Government (New York Times - Paywall)

Ebola creating food shortage (CNN)

Activists say Islamic State group may have fighter jets; offensives continue in Iraq, Syria (Fox News)

French ISIS hostage Nicholas Henin shared cell with every man beheaded (Daily Mail)

Police and protesters clash in Hong Kong - video (Channel4)

US labs asked for proposals to produce experimental Ebola drug ZMapp (Guardian)

Nigeria says reaches deal with Boko Haram to free abducted girls (Reuters)

Ostrich conman extradited to UK (BBC)

David Beckham joins fight against Ebola with message to Sierra Leone (Daily Mail)

Ebola Fear Factor: Why America Needs a Viral Reality Check (NBC News)

Arrest in death of NYC man found in bathtub (CBS News)

NIH: Nurse with Ebola "very fatigued" but "in good spirits" (CBS News)

WHO admits fudging Ebola response, blames incompetent staff', swine flu experience (Russia Today)

Mind your metadata, Isis warns followers (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ebola scare: Parents demand returning teachers from Kenya to be quarantined (Daily Star)

The power of body language: From shrugs to hand waves, gesticulations are key to being understood, study finds (Daily Mail)

Ebola fear girl taken out of school (BBC)

He's allergic to Watt? Man forced to live in wooden house due to allergy to ELECTRICITY (Daily Star)

Ebola outbreak in Texas lays bare disjointed government response (Guardian)

German bikers unite with Dutch comrades in fight against ISIS (Russia Today)

U.N. admits bungling response to Ebola outbreak (CBS News)

Man gets life for loud music killing (CNN)

Political blame game over Ebola funding (CBS News)

Islamic State 'is training pilots' (BBC)

Giant French robots fight in Beijing (PHOTOS) (Russia Today)

Hundreds of NHS medics volunteer to work in Sierra Leone as Ebola spreads (Guardian)

Ebola outbreak: US nurse is in a fair' state after move to special unit (Independent)

WHO: Senegal is free from Ebola (CNN)

Ron Paul: Ebola concern 'way overblown' (Russia Today)

Hong Kong protests: Brief calm before new storm on the barricades (Independent)

Hong Kong protests: Calm before the new storm on the barricades (Independent)

Hong Kong protests: Calm before the new storm on the barricades with demonstrators ready to continue (Independent)

As Ebola epidemic tightens grip, west Africa turns to religion for succour (Guardian)

4 people suspected of having Ebola in Spain get test results (CBS News)

Man City 'want to match men's team' (BBC)

Boarding schools issue Ebola advice (BBC)

U.S. Commander Reports Heavy ISIS Losses in Syrian City of Kobani (New York Times - Paywall)

Nigeria, Boko Haram extremists agree to immediate cease-fire (Fox News)

Ebola In America: Where The Ebola Patients Are (Forbes)

US stresses Iraq emphasis even as air strikes escalate against Isis in Syria (Guardian)

Ebola Worries Reach Pentagon as Woman Falls Ill (NBC News)

WHO declares Ebola over in Senegal (Los Angeles Times)

Nigeria announces truce with Boko Haram; fate of schoolgirls unclear (Los Angeles Times)

Watch brave police officer tackle crazed samurai sword attacker on busy London street (Daily Star)

ISIS warplanes? (CNN)

Profit over security': Business trumps climate targets Oxfam UK (Russia Today)

Kurds are repelling Isis attack on Kobani with help of US air strikes (Independent)

Nigeria Said to Declare Cease-Fire With Boko Haram Militants (New York Times - Paywall)

Libya rendition victims demand disclosure of UK surveillance policy (Guardian)

Syrian monitors claim Isis is training pilots in captured jets (Independent)

Ebola Nurse 'Felt Funny' During Her Travels: CDC (NBC News)

Muzzled: New UK laws punish owners of dangerous' dogs (Russia Today)

Police arrest Colorado teen in girls 2012 death (CBS News)

Islamic State Former Hostage Nicolas Henin Says He Is Still Not 'Free' In Emotional Interview (Huffington Post)

Police stymied finding ID of man in bus attack (CBS News)

Obama pressed to expand war on Isis (Financial Times - Paywall)

Human Rights Are Not for Sale: Why the UK Must Stop Arming Bahrain (Huffington Post)

WorldViews: Six months after abducting Nigerian schoolgirls, Boko Haram reportedly wants to free them (Washington Post - Paywall)

Panic! Killer virus Ebola is on the loose! video (Guardian)

NIH Official Says Ebola Nurse in 'Fair' Condition (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hong Kong police officer meets press wearing colonial-era hat (Guardian)

Islamic State training pilots to fly MiG fighter planes, says monitoring group (Guardian)

Child abuse image database launched in UK (Russia Today)

African Premier League stars to be screened for Ebola after returning from international matches (Daily Mail)

ISIS reportedly flying warplanes over Syria (CBS News)

What is Boko Haram? (CNN)

Hong Kong riot police in new clashes with protesters at cleared site (Guardian)

Nigeria agrees ceasefire with Boko Haram (Financial Times - Paywall)

Isis fighters 'crucify' 17-year-old boy in Syria (Independent)

UK on FLOOD ALERT as Hurricane Gonzalo to hit on TUESDAY and may even bring SNOW (Daily Express)

AUDIO: Will Downey Jr play Iron Man again? (BBC)

Ebola timeline: How the deadly virus worked its way across western Africa and the rest of the world (Independent)

Tortured Libyans allege UK spied on legal talks (Russia Today)

Hungry leopard has to fight off hyena determined to steal its zebra meal (Daily Mail)

Direct Hit: 'Dangerous' Gonzalo Bears Down on Bermuda (NBC News)

Oscar Pistorius sentencing: 10 years should be the minimum, says prosecution video (Guardian)

Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls Finally Set To Be Freed After Boko Haram Ceasefire (Huffington Post)

Russian govt orders extra airport facilities to prevent Ebola (Russia Today)

Soda addict? Camel brutally kills Chicago man in Mexico wildlife park (Russia Today)

Barely lucid': Mentally ill UK grandfather on death row, family appeal (Russia Today)

Boko Haram 'will release abducted schoolgirls' and agree to ceasefire claims Nigerian official (Independent)

Boko Haram 'to release abducted schoolgirls' as part of ceasefire agreement (Independent)

Abducted schoolgirls 'to be released' as Nigeria and Boko Haram agree ceasefire (Independent)

Nigeria and Boko Haram agree ceasefire, abducted schoolgirls to be released (Independent)

Kidnapped schoolgirls set for release after deal struck with Boko Haram (Independent)

Hurricane Gonzalo bears down on Bermuda as a Category 4 storm (Guardian)

Obama Taps Ex-White House Adviser Klain as Ebola 'Czar' (NBC News)

The Serious Problem With Obama's Choice Of Ron Klain As Ebola Czar (Forbes)

World Health Organisation admits botching response to Ebola outbreak (Guardian)

Group claims ISIS has taken to the air (CBS News)

Passenger, Three Spanish Cases Test Negative for Ebola (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

In Layers of Gear, Offering Healing Hand to Ebola Patients in Liberia (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama appoints Ebola 'czar' charged with coordinating fight against epidemic (Russia Today)

Exploding manhole cover on Islington's Holloway Road, north London leads to power cut (Daily Mail)

Ebola going viral: From fashion to music (Russia Today)

Man killed in PSNI chase crash named (BBC)

UK coal miners on uncertain ground (BBC)

VIDEO: Hurricane Gonzalo nears Bermuda (BBC)

UK confronts terror surge, resurrects medieval treason law to charge Brits (Russia Today)

British Big Pharma warns Ebola vaccine will come 'too late' to halt spread (Russia Today)

In The Ebola Fight, A Defense Of Embattled CDC Chief Thomas Frieden (Forbes)

Scandalous': 1.6m UK pensioners living in poverty report (Russia Today)

ISIS fighters withdraw from Syria's embattled Kobani - RT sources (Russia Today)

Electricity Prices Soaring In Top Wind Power States (Forbes)

Gonzalo sets sights on Bermuda (CNN)

NYPD officers talked a suicidal man off a ledge in Times Square (Daily Mail)

ISIS in Syria train Iraqi pilots in captured jets monitor (Russia Today)

Game on - e-sports takes off in the UK (BBC)

The agony and ecstasy of UK recovery (BBC)

Lawmakers target ISIS propaganda on Russian social networks (Russia Today)

Hurricane Gonzalo sweeping toward Bermuda (CBS News)

VIDEO: Ebola vaccine 'will come too late' (BBC)

Ebola scare: Man dies on trans-Atlantic flight to JFK after vomiting (Russia Today)

Turkey offers to train, equip Syrian rebels in fight against ISIS (Russia Today)

Hong Kong police raid protest zone to remove barricades (CBS News)

How SARS offers lessons for Ebola (CNN)

Ebola alert in US expands to Ohio (BBC)

Iraqi police recruits prepare for uncertain war with ISIS (CBS News)

Hong Kong police clear protesters' barricades, face little resistance (Los Angeles Times)

Ebola crisis: Should the U.S. impose an air travel ban or not? (Los Angeles Times)

Caribbean nations impose Ebola ban (BBC)

VIDEO: Hong Kong 'umbrella' art movement (BBC)

Ebola hits Sierra Leone's last unaffected district (Channel4)

In pictures: Hong Kong protest art (BBC)

WorldViews: Chart: Here is what else the world is worried about, apart from Ebola (Washington Post - Paywall)

WorldViews: State Department hints that Kerry could use a new plane (Washington Post - Paywall)

Will ISIS 'weaponize' foreign fighters? (CNN)

China's booming spending power (CNN)

WorldViews: Dutch biker gang members join the fight against the Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

What's the risk of Ebola on a plane? (BBC)

Hong Kong's protests: Chipping away (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Police firearms: Weaponised (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

'God, why take my father and mother?' - Ebola orphans (Channel4)

Hong Kong: Government ready to talk with protesters but rejects key concessions (Washington Post - Paywall)

WorldViews: Islamic State fighters in new video vow to punish U.S. for every drop of blood' (Washington Post - Paywall)

The Ebola crisis: Much worse to come (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Hong Kong chief executive stands firm despite growing unpopularity (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hong Kong protesters demonstrate outside police HQ (Channel4)

Ebola in Liberia - here's why I'm angry (Channel4)

45 arrested in Hong Kong clash (CNN)

Hong Kong: Who's who? (CNN)

Hong Kong authorities investigate protester beating (Channel4)

Halting the Islamic State advance - video (Channel4)

Inside British Ebola ship heading to Sierra Leone - video (Channel4)

Educating west Africa on spread of Ebola - video (Channel4)

What have Hong Kong's protesters achieved? - video (Channel4)

Frieze effect: is art just about the money? - video (Channel4)

Pro-democracy protests continue in Hong Kong - video (Channel4)

Ebola threat: 'We must keep Britain safe' - video (Channel4)

What I want from Hong Kong's 'umbrella revolution' - video (Channel4)

'Everybody knows' where Boko Haram are - video (Channel4)

Illegal manoeuvre! Dancing policeman in Nigeria - video (Channel4)

Hong Kong: barricades fall but expectations raised (Channel4)

Ebola Is Coming. A Travel Ban Won't Stop Outbreaks (Forbes)

4000 Deaths And Counting: The Ebola Epidemic In 4 Charts (Forbes)

Hong Kong police remove barricades (CNN)

The man who turns Lego into art (CNN)

Ebola in Spain: Europe's first victim (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Lexington: The Ebola alarmists (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Hong Kong protests: The waiting game (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

The politics of Lebanon: The state that didn't fail yet (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Ukraine at war: Fight club (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

What is PLA doing in Hong Kong? (CNN)

ISIS doesn't represent us (CNN)

Charlemagne: The will to power (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Lexington: The loneliest man in Congress (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Protests: Measuring people power (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Hong Kong protests: No exit (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Chinese politics: The power of Xi Jinping (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Missing Miami woman’s ex kills himself after police find body in car trunk (Miami Herald)

Mystery man in Rick Scott attack ad unveiled, misleads about Charlie Crist and Ponzi scheme (Miami Herald)

Democracy in Hong Kong: Political city (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Politics in Hong Kong: Learning from the enemy (Economist Magazine - Paywall)