Monday, 27th October 2014

World News

Boy, 5, tests negative for Ebola virus in NYC (CBS News)

Two boys from Africa attacked by classmates over Ebola fears (CBS News)

Family of dead British jihadist blame Government for making it hard to return (Daily Mail)

Washington state school shooters death ruled a suicide (CBS News)

S Africa police hunt for footballer's killers (ALJAZEERA)

School killer invited victims to lunch (CNN)

Ukraine election a win for president and allies, early count suggests (Guardian)

Russia ready to recognize Ukraine parliament election - Lavrov (Russia Today)

Prince Charles honours brave British military and civilian heroes (Daily Express)

John Cantlie is used as a NEWS REPORTER from the city of Kobane in new ISIS video (Daily Mail)

ISIS Releases New Propaganda Video With British Hostage (NBC News)

U.S. Soldiers Being Monitored for Ebola In Italy (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Samantha Power, US ambassador to UN, blasts international response to Ebola (Daily Mail)

Don't let quarantine hysteria deter Ebola health workers: U.N. (Reuters)

CDC Rejects Mandatory Ebola Quarantines (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police probe Kentucky shooting that left 4 dead (CBS News)

Scientists create litmus-like paper Ebola tests taking 30 minutes (Russia Today)

Five-year-old boy quarantined with 103F fever after returning from west Africa tests NEGATIVE for Ebola (Daily Mail)

New federal Ebola guidelines issued in US after criticism from UN (Guardian)

Syria rebels launch attack on Idlib (BBC)

US advises against Ebola isolation (BBC)

U.S. Signals It Might Back Egypt Bailout (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

5-Year-Old Tests Negative for Ebola in NYC (Time Magazine)

Nurse being held in quarantine over Ebola fears in New Jersey is released (Daily Mail)

Nurse Under Ebola Quarantine Released From Hospital (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Suicide bomber kills 27 militiamen south of Iraqi capital (Reuters)

Ukraine's Europe-leaning leaders prepare to form coalition after vote (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. and EU hail pro-West election outcome in Ukraine, Russia guarded (Reuters)

ISIS moves hostage to battle city (CNN)

Uruguay's Vazquez in strong position in election runoff (Reuters)

Five-year-old boy is being tested for Ebola at New York hospital after returning from family trip to West Africa (Daily Mail)

ISIS takes British hostage John Cantlie to besieged Kobani (Russia Today)

Ukraine's Election Marks a Historic Break With Russia and its Soviet Past (Time Magazine)

White House Pushes Back On State Ebola Quarantines (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Propaganda Video Shows John Cantile Report for ISIS (NBC News)

James Foley was waterboarded, starved and hung upside down before he was beheaded by ISIS (Daily Mail)

Ukraine Coalition Talks Get Under Way (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S. Marines, British troops end mission in restive Afghan province (Washington Post - Paywall)

Last British troops leave Helmand (BBC)

Isis releases John Cantlie video claiming battle for Kobani nearly over (Guardian)

Canada Police Head Says Shooter Was 'Deliberate and Lucid' (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

John Cantlie: Battle for Kobani is 'nearly over' says British hostage in latest Isis video (Independent)

Hostage Daniel Rye Ottosen tortured by Isis is now 'drowning in debt' after paying ransom (Daily Mail)

When Billy Joel took Christie Brinkley back to his New York apartment Elle McPherson was waiting (Daily Mail)

Italy, France Back Off From EU Budget Clash (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

VIDEO: Last British troops leave Helmand (BBC)

Footballer killed for a phone (CNN)

Last British Troops Fly Out Of Camp Bastion (Sky News)

Spain central government moves to block new Catalan vote (Reuters)

Pro-Europe parties dominate Ukraine vote, snubbing Russia (CBS News)

Can U.S. stop ISIS oil sales? (CNN)

Scientists discover Ebola ancestors are 23 MILLION years old (Daily Mail)

IRS seizes hundreds of perfectly legal bank accounts, refuses to give money back (Russia Today)

Brazil's Rousseff to be 'open to dialogue' (ALJAZEERA)

Ebola Quarantines Not Grounded on Science,' Say Leading Health Groups (Time Magazine)

S. Africa's football captain killed (CNN)

U.S. urges stronger fight against ISIS propaganda in Mideast (CBS News)

Mother says her 3 US children were taken by police 2 weeks ago in northern Mexico (Fox News)

When the Thrill Is Gone: 4 Ways to Bring Passion Back to Your Business (Forbes)

The ISIS effect: First Downton's dog faces the axe, now Belgian chocolatiers are to change their name (Daily Mail)

Brit Dr Abbas Khan found hanged in Syrian prison cell was unlawfully killed (Daily Mail)

Footballers mourn killed star (CNN)

Rubber bullets fired by Israeli border police hit AP photographer and a Swiss freelancer (Fox News)

Tunisian Secularists Claim Win in Vote (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Watch: British PM David Cameron confronted by man on street (CBS News)

Rousseff win rattles Brazil markets, focus turns to economy (Reuters)

Isis attack on Idlib: Assad's army leaders 'slaughtered' as jihadists storm Syria's second city (Independent)

Isis attack on Idlib: Assad's army leaders 'slaughtered' as jihadists storm Syrian provincial capital (Independent)

Watch: Belligerent man shouts slurs, kicks man at Dallas airport (CBS News)

23 British sports students rushed to hospital in Dubai just hours after arriving on coaching trip (Daily Mail)

California Mom Killed in Possible Road Rage Shooting (NBC News)

WorldViews: Dilma Rousseff has won the election. But she has some serious problems to address. (Washington Post - Paywall)

British chemistry teacher admits to supporting ISIS (CBS News)

Canada must do more to rein in threat from radicals - police head (Reuters)

Rebels attack army posts in Syria's Idlib (ALJAZEERA)

Tunisia secularists set to win vote (BBC)

Gunman in Canada attack talked about country's foreign policy, religious beliefs in video (Fox News)

Britain's fattest woman killed by 6,000 calories a day and fridge next to bed (Daily Star)

Uruguay Presidential Election Headed to Runoff (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ukraine elections: pro-Europe parties take the lead (Independent)

U.S. soldier fighting ISIS with Kurds (CNN)

'We have to defend our land': Lebanese Christians organize self-defense to fight ISIS (Russia Today)

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff re-elected with slim majority (Independent)

Get a Rare Look Inside a City Besieged by ISIS (NBC News)

Union Breaks From A.N.C. as South Africa Alliance Frays Further (New York Times - Paywall)

High speed rail needed so Manchester United fans from south can get back after game (Daily Mail)

U.S. soldiers returning from Liberia monitored for Ebola in Italy (CBS News)

Senzo Meyiwa was shot at point-blank range in front of screaming children at girlfriend's South African home (Daily Mail)

Women have finally twigged that a humble man is best for a relationship (Daily Mail)

Moment heroic Virginia rescuers dragged man from his flaming car minutes before an explosion (Daily Mail)

Man goes on EIGHT-mile joyride in stolen double decker bus (Daily Star)

Second girl dies in US school attack (BBC)

Chinese student, Ju Peng offers sex to different man in each city on her trip to pay travel costs (Daily Mail)

Brazilian election: one battle over but another begins for Dilma Rousseff (Guardian)

Fake clown attacks put French police on alert and trigger vigilante response (Guardian)

Dozens killed in Iraq bomb blasts (BBC)

Ebola outbreak: Top American diplomat promises USA is in the fight 'for the long haul' (Independent)

Bahamas police identify US man killed in small plane crash (Fox News)

Civil servants with half day's training drafted in for Ebola checks at Heathrow (Daily Mail)

No Chances: Army to Quarantine Troops Back From Ebola Zones (NBC News)

N.J. Gov. Christie takes to Twitter to defend Ebola policies (CBS News)

Why Christie's Ebola Quarantine Gambit Backfired (Time Magazine)

Terror offences teacher Jamshed Javeed condemns brutality of Isis (Independent)

Family sell their home and take son out of school to travel all around Europe in a camper van meeting their Facebook friends (Daily Mail)

Two gang members arrested after girl, 9, killed (CBS News)

Bulgaria election winner struggles to form government (Reuters)

Election marks turning point for Ukraine (Financial Times - Paywall)

Shove It! Man Pushes British Prime Minister (NBC News)

Fisherman's creel killed rare turtle (BBC)

Pet Shop Boys top cover version vote (BBC)

Child being tested for Ebola at NYC hospital (CBS News)

Real falls sharply on Brazil election result (Financial Times - Paywall)

Pro-European parties hold lead in Ukraine parliamentary elections (Fox News)

Nurse quarantined over Ebola fears in N.J. to be released (CBS News)

Analysis - Rousseff will struggle to restore Brazil's economic good times (Reuters)

Man makes millions by shining shoes (CNN)

Former president Vazquez tops Uruguay's presidential election but will face tight runoff (Fox News)

Car bomb kills 15 people in central Baghdad - police (Reuters)

We Need a More Nuanced Approach for Dealing With British Jihadists Who Want to Come Home (Huffington Post)

Ouch! Bear cub gets a clam stuck on his nose as soon as his mom turns her back (Daily Mail)

Three-year-old boy shot dead by drunk man while playing game of 'gun tag' (Daily Mail)

Watch a Wayward Jogger Collide With the British Prime Minister (Time Magazine)

How NHS staff will help treat Ebola (BBC)

A High School Student Responds To TIME Cover (Time Magazine)

U.S. veteran battles ISIS (CNN)

Mayor Russell Brand? Boris Johnson thrilled' to oppose comedian in election race (Russia Today)

German police defend tactics during violent far-right protest that injured 49 officers (Fox News)

Italy's president urged to allow coverage of his testimony about alleged Mafia negotiations (Fox News)

Toronto voters expected to boot Ford brothers in mayoral election (Fox News)

Scotland Yard launch inquiry after man runs past police protection officers and shoves Cameron in 'very significant security breach' (Daily Mail)

Ukraine vote gives green light to begin talks on pro-Western coalition (Daily Mail)

Security slip: Man barges into PM (CNN)

South African Prosecutors to Appeal Oscar Pistorius Sentence (Time Magazine)

British surgeon found hanged in Syrian cell was 'unlawfully killed' (Daily Express)

Death penalty sought for sunken South Korea ferry captain (Daily Mail)

Washington school shooting death toll rises to 3 after 14-year-old girl dies (Daily Express)

WorldViews: The blue-state, red-state divide that shaped Brazil's election (Washington Post - Paywall)

Fighting erupts again in South Sudan; each side blames the other (Reuters)

Ebola nurse (CNN)

Poland to move thousands of troops to border with Ukraine (Russia Today)

Taliban claims deadly attack on Afghan court (ALJAZEERA)

#BumpGate: Man runs into David Cameron, sparks security frenzy (Russia Today)

South African Prosecutors Say They'll Appeal Pistorius Conviction and Sentence (New York Times - Paywall)

Man who cheated hangman at the gallows freed after 19 years on death row in Nigeria (Fox News)

'I love you and I forgive you Jaylen': Student shot by cousin in Washington school cafeteria forgives gunman on Twitter from intensive care (Daily Mail)

Supernovae in the GARDEN: Photographer captures stunning stellar explosions with telescopes in his back yard (Daily Mail)

Moment former Taiwanese marine KILLED a burglar when he arrived home with his pregnant wife... and public are outraged that he has been locked up over the incident (Daily Mail)

'Hero' stopping fight killed by car (BBC)

Reports: U.S. Soldiers Returning From Liberia Isolated for Ebola Observation (Time Magazine)

Pro-West parties set for Ukraine win (BBC)

Nurse quarantined against her will over Ebola scare, released after threatening to sue (Russia Today)

Defendant in semi-secret British terrorism trial denies plotting attacks (Fox News)

Good Samaritan run over and killed after he stepped in to help during argument (Daily Mail)

South Africa's cricketers pay tribute to Senzo Meyiwa video (Guardian)

Citizens of Mosul endure economic collapse and repression under Isis rule (Guardian)

Russia: We'll Recognise Ukraine Election Result (Sky News)

Why Can't an HIV Vaccine Be Rushed Like an Ebola Vaccine? (NBC News)

Kurdish fighters see off fresh ISIS attempt to cut off Kobane (Daily Mail)

Lynda Bellingham could be back on TV as Oxo considers bringing back iconic ad (Daily Mail)

Erdogan caricatures: cartoonists mock Turkey's president in pictures (Guardian)

Deaths of 453 British servicemen and women in Afghanistan have NOT been in vain (Daily Mail)

Tunisia election may be win for main secular party (Los Angeles Times)

Senzo Meyiwa's teammates devastated by South Africa captain's death video (Guardian)

Iraq make gains against ISIS (CNN)

Nigeria's Jonathan brushes off scandals to lead 2015 election race (Reuters)

What you want to make those eyes at me for? Moment karaoke singer launches violent attack at audience member who was giving him 'funny looks' - only to find out he was cross-eyed! (Daily Mail)

US mandatory Ebola quarantine measures could discourage health workers (Guardian)

Poland To Move Troops East Due To Conflict In Ukraine (Huffington Post)

Dramatic Video: Taliban Suicide Bombers Attack Court (NBC News)

June trial for four accused of Isis plot to kill police and soldiers in London (Guardian)

UK police briefly detain man for running up to David Cameron and appearing to collide with him (Fox News)

African Boys Attacked and Called 'Ebola' at NYC School (NBC News)

White House warns Cuomo and Christie over Ebola quarantine rules (Guardian)

South African prosecutors to appeal Oscar Pistorius verdict, sentence (Los Angeles Times)

Thai holiday hotspot bans beach parties after murder of British backpackers (Daily Mail)

Teenager's sex tour of China sees her bed a man in EVERY CITY (Daily Star)

Family of Dallas Ebola victim ask: could more have been done to save him? (Guardian)

Rousseff has a very weak mandate' after Brazil vote (Russia Today)

Brazil's Rousseff promises reform (BBC)

Estonia: Pupil Shoots Teacher in School Class (Time Magazine)

New Republican Ad Links ISIS, Ebola and Guantanamo (Time Magazine)

Police say 15-year-old pupil kills teacher in school shooting in Estonia (Fox News)

After 13-year Afghan war, final British combat troops leave Helmand province (Fox News)

Man arrested for 'having gentle sexual intercourse with his pet dog' (Daily Star)

Child Tested for Ebola at New York Hospital (Time Magazine)

Sport stars unite as tributes pour in for South African goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa (Daily Star)

Toronto voters head to polls to replace Rob Ford in mayoral election (Guardian)

Check, Please: Dallas Dining Took a Hit During Ebola Scare (NBC News)

At least seven killed in attack on Afghanistan court (Reuters)

Christie Says Nurse Quarantined for Ebola Can Go Home (Time Magazine)

British doctor Abbas Khan 'unlawfully killed' in Syria (Channel4)

APNewsBreak: Poland to move 1,000s of troops east in historic shift due to Ukraine conflict (Fox News)

Tunisia's Islamist party Ennahda accepts defeat in parliamentary vote (Reuters)

M4 death man 'ejected' from vehicle (BBC)

Spanish police arrest dozens in $300 million corruption case (Reuters)

Ebola outbreak: Get up to speed (CNN)

Civil rights lawyer to represent nurse in quarantine despite testing NEGATIVE for Ebola (Daily Mail)

Victoria Beckham tops list of British business people thanks to fashion empire (Daily Mail)

Free to Go: Nurse Quarantined for Suspected Ebola to Be Released (NBC News)

VIDEO: Man runs into PM on way to the gym (BBC)

Qatari intelligence chief spurns ISIS funding allegations (Russia Today)

Inquest finds British doctor was unlawfully killed in Syrian prison - video (Guardian)

Kim finds mission in Ebola crisis (Financial Times - Paywall)

David Cameron 'Shoved' By Man In Leeds (VIDEO) (Huffington Post)

Man runs over his own head during freak accident involving a cigarette (Independent)

South Africa's biggest union says leaving government alliance (Reuters)

Huge airlift operation sees final British combat troops leave Afghanistan (Daily Express)

British chemistry teacher accused of supporting Islamic State group admits 2 terror charges (Fox News)

Senzo Meyiwa, South African Soccer Star, Dies in Shooting (New York Times - Paywall)

Britain's fattest woman who weighed 40st dies of a heart attack aged 44 (Daily Mail)

Senzo Meyiwa shooting: South African president leads tributes to goalkeeper (Guardian)

South Korean Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty for Ferry Captain (Time Magazine)

South African national soccer team captain is shot and killed (Los Angeles Times)

'Male morning sickness' sufferer in final of Britain's Most Manliest Man (Daily Mail)

Official says Taliban attack targeting Afghan prosecutor's office kills at least 10 people (Fox News)

British pilots call for tough drone regulations (Russia Today)

British schoolgirl killed in hit-and-run on holiday in Canary Islands (Daily Mail)

Another schoolgirl dies in hospital from gunshot wounds inflicted by one of her closest friends in high school love triangle shooting as remaining three victims fight for their lives (Daily Mail)

Oscar Pistorius trial: South African prosecutors announce decision to appeal both verdict and sentence of disgraced Paralympian (Independent)

Oscar Pistorius trial: South African prosecutors announce decision to appeal verdict and sentence of disgraced Paralympian (Independent)

Suicide attack at checkpoint kills 24 near Baghdad (Los Angeles Times)

Washington School Shooting Victim, 14, Dies (Sky News)

EU hits back over UK payment refusal (BBC)

Egypt to step up military trials after Sinai attack (Reuters)

South African Soccer Captain Killed (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

South Africa's Football Captain Shot Dead (Sky News)

UK Jury finds British doctor was killed 'unlawfully' while in prison in Syria (Fox News)

Yemen officials say some 250 people killed over 3 days as Houthi rebels, tribesmen clash (Fox News)

Two sisters excluded from school for wearing cancer charity badges in support of granddad (Daily Express)

Dilma Rousseff pledges unity after narrow Brazil election victory (Guardian)

South Africa's football captain shot dead (ALJAZEERA)

Brazilians celebrate Dilma Rousseff's re-election as president video (Guardian)

Vid of woman having sex with a TIGER was really a man in fancy dress (Daily Star)

British tourist in France found 'murdered' with gaping head wound outside hotel (Independent)

In Liberia, Ebola survivors care for orphans of the disease (Los Angeles Times)

British doctor Abbas Khan unlawfully killed in Syrian prison, jury says (Guardian)

Suicide car bomber strikes Iraqi town after battles to drive back Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

Rousseff scores narrow victory in Brazil (Financial Times - Paywall)

Father told he had to get back to work or lose his benefits while he was still in hospital waiting for quadruple bypass just days after he suffered heart attack (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Tories still back Vote Blue, Go Green? (BBC)

Death Penalty Sought for Captain in South Korea Ferry Disaster (New York Times - Paywall)

David Cameron urged to use talks with Emir of Qatar to end flow of cash to ISIS (Daily Mail)

Rousseff wins Brazil vote (CNN)

Man remanded on murder bid charge (BBC)

Indonesian President Reveals His New Cabinet (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Essex man died when girlfriend's pit bull bit him 42 times after an argument (Daily Mail)

Man runs over his own HEAD after dropping cigarette on himself (Daily Star)

Evaluating Ebola as a Biological Weapon (Forbes)

Preliminary Count Shows Secular Party Leading in Tunisian Parliamentary Vote (New York Times - Paywall)

British holidaymaker feared to have been murdered in France (Daily Express)

Nurse's Lawyers Threaten to Sue Over Ebola Quarantine (Time Magazine)

Suicide Attack Kills 11 People South of Baghdad (Time Magazine)

The Faces Of The 453 Britons Killed In Afghanistan In One Image (Huffington Post)

After Sinai attack, Egyptian president orders army to back police in guarding key facilities (Fox News)

Tunisia awaits election results as main anti-Islamist party claims big win (Fox News)

Indonesian president orders new cabinet to get to work (Reuters)

Senzo Meyiwa dead: Tributes made to South African goalkeeper as sporting world mourns the loss of Bafana Bafana captain (Independent)

South Korea ferry disaster: Prosecutors demand death penalty for captain (Daily Express)

What does President Dilma Rousseff's re-election mean for you? (Guardian)

Canadian parliament attacker made video of himself, police say (Guardian)

Washington State school shooting: Third victim shot by Jaylen Fryberg dies of injuries (Independent)

Washington State school shooting: Second teenage girl shot by Jaylen Fryberg dies (Independent)

Suicide bomber in Iraq kills 27 Shi'ite militiamen near Baghdad - police (Reuters)

Chris Christie Stuck Her In 'Prison.' So Ebola Nurse Says She'll Sue. (Forbes)

Activists: Syrian rebels attack army positions in north; 19 die in clashes from both sides (Fox News)

'Murdered': British tourist found with large head wound in hotel car park in eastern France (Daily Mail)

MP recall bill faces amendment vote (BBC)

The Difference Between Ebola Media Coverage In The UK And The US (Huffington Post)

Boyfriend of transgender women allegedly murdered by US Marine FAINTS at airport after being told he cannot board his flight from the Philippines back to Germany because he is on a watch list (Daily Mail)

Rousseff Is Re-Elected Brazil's President (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

South Korea ferry disaster victims' families call for death penalty for crew video (Guardian)

Al Qaeda-linked Syrian Islamists attack government-held Idlib (Reuters)

Visualised: ebola cases over time (Guardian)

Ebola Forces African Hospital to Revamp (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Australia: No immigration from Ebola nations (ALJAZEERA)

Iraqi officials: Suicide car bomber hits checkpoint south of Baghdad, killing 11 people (Fox News)

Power vows US will help West Africa Ebola fight 'for the long haul' (Fox News)

US Ebola Nurse To Sue Over Quarantine 'Ordeal' (Sky News)

Canadian parliament gunman recorded video message before attack (Daily Mail)

Russia recognizes Ukraine poll despite violations, doubts (Russia Today)

'Coronation Street' Actress Kate Ford Calls Police To Her Home After 10pm Blazing Street Row (Huffington Post)

Dilma Rousseff re-elected Brazil president (ALJAZEERA)

Firing Laser Pointers At Police Helicopters: Still Stupid (Huffington Post)

South Korean prosecutor asks for death penalty for Sewol ferry captain (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ottawa shooting: Suspect Zehaf-Bibeau's attack was 'ideologically and politically motivated' (Independent)

Brazil's president Dilma Rousseff wins re-election with 51.56% of the vote (Daily Mail)

New Zealand man balances on boot of his car to move a fridge (Daily Mail)

Football fans and neo-Nazis clash with police in Cologne (Guardian)

South Korea prosecutors seek death for captain of doomed ferry (Reuters)

Brazilian president wins re-election (CNN)

Tony Abbott hits back after U2's Bono criticises Australia's Ebola response (Daily Mail)

Indonesia's New President Appoints a Cabinet of Compromise (Time Magazine)

Girl Wounded in Washington School Shooting Dies (Time Magazine)

Death Penalty Bid For South Korea Ferry Captain (Sky News)

Death penalty plea for South Korea ferry captain (CNN)

Senzo Meyiwa shot dead: South African president leads tributes to national football team captain killed 'protecting his pop star girlfriend during robbery' (Independent)

South Korea ferry disaster: Captain 'should be given death penalty' (Independent)

Senzo Meyiwa: South Africas football captain shot dead (Guardian)

Sexy Ebola nurse Halloween costumes and Ebola parties are being held as companies cash in (Daily Mail)

We'll never send British troops back to fight in Afghanistan, pledges Fallon (Daily Mail)

Ebola nurse: 'I was in shock. Now I'm angry' (CNN)

Man Runs Over His Own Head In Freak Cigarette Driving Accident (Huffington Post)

How bad can gun crime get in South Africa? (Channel4)

UK ends its war in Afghanistan: These are the 453 British men and women who died fighting the Taliban (Independent)

South Korea prosecutors reportedly ask for death penalty for sunken ferry captain (Fox News)

Teacher stepped in to stop school shooter (CNN)

Oscar Taveras dead: St Louis Cardinals star killed in car accident in Dominican Republic (Independent)

Oscar Taveras: St Louis Cardinals star killed in car accident in Dominican Republic (Independent)

Oscar Taveras: St Louis Cardinals outfielder killed in car accident in Dominican Republic (Independent)

The booksellers of South Sudan (Guardian)

South Sudan's armies gear up as fighting season approaches (Guardian)

Pro-West Parties Sweep Ukraine Vote (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Senzo Meyiwa, South African Goalkeeper, Shot Dead (Huffington Post)

Woman pinned between cars in attack (BBC)

South Korea ferry disaster: prosecutors seek death penalty for captain (Guardian)

Bus driver spent six months on bail under extreme pornography laws for being sent a film of a woman having sex with a tiger - only for prosecutors to drop the charge when it was discovered the 'animal' was just a man in a costume (Daily Mail)

2 pro-European parties take joint lead Ukraine parliamentary election (Fox News)

Hong Kong Protesters Suspend Vote (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Christine Milne says Australia must stop dragging its heels on Ebola (Guardian)

Report: South Korean prosecutors demand death penalty for captain of doomed ferry (Fox News)

Brazil's President Narrowly Wins Re-Election (NBC News)

Police say Ottawa gunman driven by ideological, political motives (Fox News)

Canadian Shooter Made Video Before Rampage, Police Say (NBC News)

N.Y. governor brings Ebola guidelines closer to federal rules (CBS News)

Afghanistan's new president to visit China this week, signaling importance of ties (Fox News)

South Africa's Soccer Captain Senzo Meyiwa Has Been Shot Dead (Time Magazine)

Tunisia's secular party Nidaa Tounes takes lead in parliament vote - source (Reuters)

St. Louis outfielder Oscar Taveras killed in car accident (CBS News)

Ukraine Election: Pro-West Parties Lead Vote (Sky News)

States stand firm on Ebola quarantines despite White House pressure (Reuters)

10/26: Nurse criticizes quarantine after testing negative for Ebola virus; Some Iraqis are making light of ISIS (CBS News)

Another victim of Washington school shooting dies (Russia Today)

Ordeal of OAP who quipped 'I'm not Muslim' at airport security after he was stopped: Man spends six months facing racism charges before case is finally dropped (Daily Mail)

'Devastated': Second High School Shooting Victim Dies (NBC News)

Challenges, divided nation confront Brazil's president following narrow re-election victory (Fox News)

Nurse's Lawyers Promise Challenge to Ebola Quarantine (NBC News)

Ottawa gunman driven by ideological, political' motives, police say (Russia Today)

Former Haitian president keep tense vigil outside his home as arrest threat looms (Fox News)

Canada Parliament gunman made a video before the attack, police say (Los Angeles Times)

Ukrainians support pro-Western parties in election (CBS News)

Cuomo backs down on NY Ebola orders (Financial Times - Paywall)

New York Governor Lays Out Ebola Rules: Home Quarantine (NBC News)

Gunman in Canada Attack Prepared Video of Himself (Time Magazine)

Brazilian President wins new term in office (CBS News)

Brazil's President Re-Elected In Tight Race (Sky News)

Cheers for 'hero' who killed shooter (CNN)

US Ebola nurse 'plans legal action' (BBC)

The First Man To Float On The Edge Of Space (Forbes)

NYC Hospital: Ebola Doctor Still Serious But 'Looks Better' (NBC News)

Uruguay vote 'to go to run-off' (BBC)

Regretful Robber Returns Cash in California: Police (NBC News)

What the Failure of ISIS to Take Khobani Means (Time Magazine)

Axe-welding US Navy veteran who attacked police officers was trying to end his own life and take revenge for 'all that racism' (Independent)

Axe-wielding US Navy veteran who attacked police officers was trying to end his own life and take revenge for 'all that racism' (Independent)

Uruguay's presidential election heads to a runoff (Reuters)

Jeb Bush 'seriously considering' standing as Republican candidate for US President in 2016 election (Independent)

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff narrowly reelected (Los Angeles Times)

ISIS threatens to kill British jihadis who want to return home (Daily Mail)

Rising Cardinals Star Oscar Taveras Killed in Car Crash (NBC News)

Missiles of ISIS May Pose Peril for Aircrews (New York Times - Paywall)

'60 Minutes' Just Broke New Details On The Dallas Ebola Case. Here's What They Revealed. (Forbes)

VIDEO: South Sudan's child soldier problem (BBC)

Prove it British govt to enforce age checks for porn and weapons sites (Russia Today)

Egypt halts peace talks after attack on Sinai (Independent)

Van Persie rescues Man Utd (CNN)

Ukraine Election Exit Polls: The New Parliament Will Resist Putin And Defend Ukraine (Forbes)

Brazil's Rousseff narrowly wins second term (Fox News)

NY State Relaxes Ebola Quarantine Rules (Time Magazine)

Brazil's left-wing President Dilma Rousseff re-elected (Independent)

Canadian Police Say Shooting Suspect Left Video (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Woman tests negative for Ebola (BBC)

Jerusalem Adding Police Amid Fears of Violence (New York Times - Paywall)

Australia Clears Teen in Ebola Scare (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Brazil Stays With Rousseff as President After Turbulent Campaign (New York Times - Paywall)

Better Half: First Lady Stumps Where the President Has Not (NBC News)

Ukraine President Claims Win for Pro-West Parties (New York Times - Paywall)

Response to Ottawa Attack Resembled an Action Film (New York Times - Paywall)

Dilma Rousseff is reelected president of Brazil in bitterly fought runoff (Washington Post - Paywall)

WH concerned about state-imposed Ebola quarantines (CBS News)

White House wants draconian' Ebola quarantine orders lifted as nurse threatens lawsuit (Russia Today)

South Africa goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa killed in home invasion (Fox News)

Ebola outbreak: Journalist who survived disease describes the horror of contracting it (Independent)

Feds Urge States Not to Go Overboard on Ebola (NBC News)

Police analyse Canada gunman video (BBC)

800 killed in 40-day Kobani fight (CNN)

IBM offers Ebola tracking system (BBC)

SICK jokers stage Ebola themed halloween bash at posh nightclub (Daily Star)

Gazza's sister hits back at troll who mocked his alcohol agony (Daily Star)

Captain of South African national football team shot and killed (Daily Express)

Uruguays presidential election set to go to runoff (Guardian)

The man who built a chocolate empire (BBC)

'Flight from hell' Families terrified as man threatens to 'take down' plane in bomb threat (Daily Express)

Police called to Kate Ford's home following alleged assault (Daily Express)

Sir Cliff's getting back on song (Daily Express)

Ebola crisis 'may harm malaria fight' (BBC)

British towns 'under siege' by EU migrants claims MP Michael Fallon (Daily Express)

Third of voters ready to back Ukip reveals opinion poll (Daily Express)

Ebola Vaccine Trials Due December (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The last exit: The Union flag is lowered, British troops depart, and Afghanistan's next chapter begins (Independent)

Mali scrambles after toddler dies of Ebola there (CBS News)

Local tribe reels after Washington state school shooting (CBS News)

Tunisia sees solid turnout in parliamentary vote (Los Angeles Times)

South African footballer shot dead (BBC)

Police say gunman in Canada attack prepared a video recording of himself prior to attack (Fox News)

Brazilian President Rousseff Is Re-Elected (Time Magazine)

Soccer club Orlando Pirates says South Africa goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa has died (Fox News)

Rousseff reelected president of Brazil (Russia Today)

Senzo Meyiwa shot dead: South Africa captain and Orlando Pirates goalkeeper killed (Independent)

Senzo Meyiwa shot dead: South Africa goalkeeper and captain killed following 'altercation' (Independent)

Senzo Meyiwa shot dead: South Africa goalkeeper and captain killed 'protecting pop star girlfriend Kelly Khumalo from burglars' (Independent)

Senzo Meyiwa shot dead: South Africa goalkeeper and captain killed 'protecting' pop star girlfriend Kelly Khumalo from burglars (Independent)

Senzo Meyiwa shot dead: South Africa captain killed 'protecting pop star girlfriend Kelly Khumalo from burglars' (Independent)

Senzo Meyiwa shot dead: South Africa captain killed 'protecting girlfriend Kelly Khumalo from burglars' (Independent)

Captain of South African national football team shot dead (Daily Star)

Pro-Western blocs 'win Ukraine poll' (BBC)

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WARNING EXPLICIT VIDEO: 'Troubled' homophobe attacks man for wearing a pink shirt (Daily Star)

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Tunisians vote in first parliamentary election under new constitution (Guardian)

Isolated nurse slams Chris Christie's Ebola quarantine policy (Guardian)

At least 17 killed in suspected Boko Haram attack in Nigeria (Reuters)

Kobani Kurds repel Isis assault on strategically vital border post (Guardian)

Three surfers killed in Brit beach horror (Daily Star)

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Brother of British jihadi who died in Syria is charged with preparing to carry out terrorist acts (Daily Mail)

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Jakarta International School: Teachers and staff at top international school accused of raping students as young as five (Independent)

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Scotland Yard murder detectives make secret trip to Thai island where two Britons were killed (Daily Mail)

Marysville grapples with aftermath of school shooting (CBS News)

Poroshenko Bloc leading in Ukraine elections, 7 parties to enter Rada exit polls (Russia Today)

Child abuse 'rampant' in British institutions, says Archbishop of Canterbury (Daily Mail)

U.S. and British Troops End Combat Operations in Key Afghan Province (New York Times - Paywall)

Harry Roberts describes the murder of three police officers as 'electrifying' in interview (Daily Mail)

Kurdish, Iraqi troops up ante in fight against ISIS as US-led airstrikes continue (Russia Today)

Toronto Police Drill for Disaster After Deadly Attack (NBC News)

German intel warns ISIS can shoot down passenger planes report (Russia Today)

WHO spent £1million on conference hosted by Putin as Ebola infections passed 10,000 (Daily Mail)

Gunman shoots and kills man waiting to vote in Brazil's presidential elections (Fox News)

Ryanair flight from Malaga as man threatened to 'take the plane down' and assaults passengers (Daily Mail)

ISIS threatens Iraq's cultural heritage (CNN)

Local Fighters Help Push Back ISIS in Syria, Iraq (NBC News)

23-year-old UK man charged with terror offense; due in court Monday (Fox News)

Washington State school shooting: Hero teacher intervened potentially preventing massacre (Independent)

Washington State school shooting: Teacher Megan Silberberger hailed hero for stopping Jaylen Fryberg during gun rampage (Independent)

Ukraine crisis: Darth Vader parliamentary candidate denied vote in elections (Independent)

Israeli president warns on Arab-Jewish relations (Guardian)

ISIS torture (CNN)

Darth Vader battles babushkas at Ukraine polling station no light sabers used (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

U.S. envoy in West Africa to see how world failing in Ebola fight (Reuters)

In outreach to Arabs, Israeli president visits site of 1956 massacre (Fox News)

Christie Defends Ebola Quarantine After Nurse Blasts Treatment (NBC News)

Burglary victim comes face to face with man using his stolen credit card in freak coincidence at China bank (Independent)

Woman Killed As Massive Wave Hits Road (Sky News)

Response to Ebola crisis abroad faces growing criticism (Channel4)

Tunisian vote raises democracy hope (CNN)

Ukip sets sights on winning a HUNDRED seats as a third of voters say they could back Nigel Farage (Daily Mail)

Brazil To Elect President Amid Corruption Claim (Sky News)

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Rich-poor divide dominates Brazil's tight presidential election run-off (Russia Today)

Camp Bastion: British soldiers leave Helmand Province handing base over to Afghan forces (Independent)

Camp Bastion: British soldiers leave Helmand Province handing base to Afghan forces (Independent)

Pro-Democracy Movement's Vote in Hong Kong Abruptly Called Off (New York Times - Paywall)

Ebola outbreak: Domain investor sells for $200,000 (Independent)

Tributes to boy, 6, killed by van (BBC)

Muslim inmate found with ISIS flag at Isle of Wight jail planned to kidnap prison officer and escape with hostage (Daily Mail)

Ebola outbreak: Teenager in Australia being tested for disease after developing fever (Independent)

Ebola outbreak: Teenager in Australia being tested for Ebola after developing fever (Independent)

US envoy condemns Ebola response (BBC)

Peshmerga takes Iraqi town from ISIS (CNN)

School shooter 'targeted his cousins' (CNN)

Edinburgh turns into 'mini war zone' as riot police and helicopter hunt for man on roof in city centre close to where shooting took place earlier (Daily Mail)

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'No time for hate just love': Mom of boy, 14, shot point-blank in head by his cousin in school love-triangle shooting shows remarkable compassion as all four survivors fight for their lives in hospital (Daily Mail)

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U.S. diplomat travels to West Africa as Ebola quarantine moves take hold (Reuters)

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US Dragon spacecraft brings NASA's cargo, critical' research results back to Earth (Russia Today)

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