Tuesday, 4th November 2014

World News

Mob beats to death Christians over blasphemy, Pakistan police say (CBS News)

Melbourne Cup horse Araldo put down hours after Admire Rakti (Daily Mail)

Ukraine sends more troops to east (ALJAZEERA)

Canadian seeks world travel partner (BBC)

VIDEO: Inside UK-funded Ebola centre (BBC)

East Jerusalem residents divided over approval of new settler homes - video (Guardian)

Hong Kong Canceled Suspect's Trade Permits (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Drinking while pregnant could become criminal offence in UK (Russia Today)

US tries Russian man over Afghan attack (ALJAZEERA)

Jon Hamm Is Incredibly Well-Versed in the World of Internet Cats (Time Magazine)

New EU foreign chief calls for creation of Palestinian state in 5 years (Russia Today)

Pro-Russia separatists press forward with their secession from Ukraine (Los Angeles Times)

America goes to the polls at the midterm elections - in pictures (Guardian)

Ukraine orders troops to key cities (BBC)

Grimsel electric car smashes world record accelerating from 0-100km/h in 1.8 seconds (Daily Mail)

Skier Johan Berg's double-handed high five upside-down AND in mid-air on video (Daily Mail)

A Woman Recreated That Viral Catcalling Video in New Zealand and Got Very Different Results (Time Magazine)

Thousands violate Ebola quarantine to find food in Sierra Leone (CBS News)

Man Finds Out Wife Is Pregnant After Using Her Urine for His Drug Test (Time Magazine)

US midterm elections: Eyes turn to George P Bush and then to Jeb as a political dynasty shows no sign of stepping out of the spotlight (Independent)

ISIS threat to female Peshmerga fighters - lay down your weapons or we will MARRY you (Daily Mail)

Ebola outbreak limits travel options (CNN)

Republicans set for gains in US midterm polls (ALJAZEERA)

Here's a Video of All the Times Kramer Takes Jerry Seinfeld's Food (Time Magazine)

WATCH: Police car scores a strike against 11 bowling pin trick-or-treaters (Daily Express)

Why Election Day Could Drag on Beyond Tonight (NBC News)

Scientists discover why red meat is bad for the heart and how to SOLVE the problem (Daily Mail)

Man arrested over skate park death (BBC)

Police investigate after 'much-loved' student was found dead after Halloween night out (Daily Star)

Post-Melbourne Cup celebrations begin as punters let down their hair (Daily Mail)

Midterms 2014: New Hampshire predicts high turnout for Democrats' must-win state live updates (Guardian)

Firefighters had to wear GAS MASKS to rescue obese man who hadn't washed in 5 years (Daily Star)

Islamic State captured, beat Kurdish boys in Syria, rights group says (Los Angeles Times)

UK royal aims for Olympics (CNN)

Libyan soldiers 'seek UK asylum' (BBC)

Burkina military leader pledges to step aside as world watches (Reuters)

US midterm elections: Despite record campaign spending, weather could still dampen turnout (Independent)

Man seeks ex's namesake for air ticket (CNN)

You said just nine? 300 iPhones succumb to #BendGate VIDEO (Russia Today)

U.S. man held in UAE for taking photo (CNN)

Why Only Taylor Swift Could Leave Spotify (Time Magazine)

Thousands Break Ebola Quarantine to Find Food (NBC News)

America votes: Millions cast ballots in midterm election (CNN)

Asia must do more to help global Ebola fight - World Bank (Reuters)

Antigua woman who tried to thwart police investigations into the murders of Welsh couple is jailed (Daily Mail)

Separatists swear in new leader in east Ukraine (CBS News)

Watch This Video of a Meteorite Exploding (Time Magazine)

Man on trial over toddler's death (BBC)

UK loathe to pressure China over Hong Kong because of trade - former governor (Reuters)

New Delhi High Court frees man jailed for raping and killing his 60-year-old 'mother' (Daily Mail)

Ukraine rebel leaders sworn in, Kiev says peace plan violated (Reuters)

Pregnancy-style Ebola test 'gives results in 15 minutes' and could be available by January (Daily Mail)

UK splits with rest of EU on web privacy (Financial Times - Paywall)

US Midterm Elections: Bitter Fight For Senate (Sky News)

US midterm elections: Brash, bloated and all funded with a tsunami of cash - this has been an American election not of issues, but of excesses (Independent)

Study shows it's cheaper to fly to US and buy iMac than buy in the UK (Daily Mail)

New Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone raises fears of new infection chain (Guardian)

Women Can Be Make-Up Artists, Too, Says India's High Court (Time Magazine)

UN: World faces largest refugee crisis in decades (Independent)

Patten: 'Speak up' over Hong Kong (BBC)

International Dog Dancing Tournament held in Freiburg video (Guardian)

Why Egypts mass evictions in Sinai are a risky strategy (Guardian)

State Departments diplomatic security agents train to survive fires (CBS News)

Researchers in France develop 15-minute Ebola test - video (Guardian)

Israel holds major stakes in US midterm elections (Russia Today)

Ukraine rebel leader sworn in after election heavily criticized by West (Fox News)

British police to quiz 'around ten' witnesses in Madeleine McCann case (Daily Mail)

Are you named Elizabeth Gallagher? Man seeks woman with ex's name for round the world hols (Daily Star)

This Video Perfectly Sums Up the Effect Matthew McConaughey Has on Women (Time Magazine)

Ukraine to send reinforcements to key cities in case of rebel attacks (Guardian)

West Yorkshire firefighters attacked in video with fireworks (Daily Mail)

How heavy drinking affects the sexes: Men are more likely to lose their memory, while women become 'obnoxious and insulting' (Daily Mail)

Government ends training of Libyan soldiers in UK as five face court (Daily Mail)

Could hackers cyber-hijack a plane? UK scientists develop tech to fight malware (Russia Today)

WorldViews: This feels like a carnival of freedom': 25 years later, a Tiananmen veteran visits Hong Kong (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS execute women and children by firing squads new report reveals (Daily Mail)

Will Ukraine return to war? (BBC)

ISIS sets prices for Yazidi and Christian women with girls under nine fetching the highest price (Daily Mail)

Protect megafauna': Call to save sea life in UK waters from overfishing, pollution (Russia Today)

Top travel trends for 2015 revealed in World Travel Market report (Daily Mail)

Eastern Ukrainian separatists swear in rebel leader in Donetsk - video (Guardian)

Why Are Muslim Charities Guilty Until Proven Innocent? (Huffington Post)

Family of Hong Kong sex worker demand death penalty for 'psychopath' British banker (Daily Express)

Why has he covered his face with insects?! (CNN)

Toure Twitter abuse to be investigated by police (Daily Mail)

More Follow Midterm Elections on Social Media: Pew (NBC News)

One in four women feel stressed EVERY DAY says research and tensions reach boiling point when Brits battle to 'have it all' and achieve a work/life balance (Daily Mail)

Kurdish fighters help Islamic State group militants in battle for key Syrian town of Kobani (Fox News)

A real Eeyore Miserable-looking donkey finds himself stuck down drain (Daily Express)

Libyan troops training in UK sent home in disgrace (Channel4)

Serena Shim's death: why conclusions without evidence are stupid (Channel4)

Zambia at 50: The Transformative Potential of Women (Huffington Post)

Ninety-year-old man faces jail for giving food to homeless people (Independent)

Jodie Marsh on Virgins explores Cambodia's virgin prostitutes (Daily Mail)

Police arrest man in Cornwall 'for preparing act of terrorism connected to Syria' (Daily Mail)

UK ends Libya army course after 'sex attacks' (ALJAZEERA)

College Football Players Lift Truck Off Pinned Man (NBC News)

Two women murdered by British banker were Indonesian nationals (Guardian)

Digital evolution? UK govt launches Bitcoin & e-currency consultation (Russia Today)

Wayne Rooney Sings 'Lego House' With Ed Sheeran Down The Pub (VIDEO) (Huffington Post)

Police say Muslim mob in Pakistan kills Christian couple over allegedly desecrating the Quran (Fox News)

The Impact of One Young World (Huffington Post)

'He killed her so he must be put to death': Dad of Hong Kong murder victim speaks out (Daily Star)

Amazing 'fallstreak' cloud formation over Australian state baffles local residents (Independent)

Ukraine threat after rebel poll (BBC)

For Ebola Survivors, Sex Carries Added Risk (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Voters head to the polls for US midterm elections - video (Guardian)

WorldViews: Chart: The world leaders who just won't step down (Washington Post - Paywall)

Man denies New Year's Eve killing (BBC)

Ebola in Africa: This is how much of the continent is really affected (Independent)

Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween prank video shows kids sobbing (Daily Mail)

Fugitive Mexican mayor detained by police (ALJAZEERA)

How did pilot Pete Siebold survive Virgin Galactic crash with just an injured shoulder? (Daily Mail)

Libyan soldiers trained in UK sent home amid sex assault allegations (Russia Today)

What Would Lincoln Do? Why This Is the Wrong Question (Time Magazine)

New video of missing students (CNN)

Ebola Rates Accelerate in Sierra Leone (Time Magazine)

There's no Ebola vaccine 'as virus only affected African nations', WHO chief says (Daily Mail)

Virgin Australia Plane Forced To Turn Back Over 'Unbearable' Stench (Huffington Post)

Ebola crisis: A village fights back in Sierra Leone (BBC)

Dozens of millionaire investors pulling out of Richard Branson's Virgin space flights (Daily Mail)

World Bank to Asia: Step Up in Ebola Battle (NBC News)

VIDEO: Remote village builds Ebola centre (BBC)

Teenagers in clown masks attack man with CAVITY FILLER in Halloween 'horror' prank (Daily Express)

LIVE fish is removed from a man's intestine in video from Brazil (Daily Mail)

The Top-Earning Women In Music 2014 (Forbes)

New celebrity trend means women expected to go bare-legged through colder months (Daily Mail)

Why learning Chinese is so damn hard (CNN)

Video shows Halloween partygoers as SKITTLES bowled over by police car (Daily Mail)

Dame Sally Davies admits she's worried about Ebola reaching UK (Daily Mail)

William Cornick from middle class home who turned into a loner obsessed with zombie video games (Daily Mail)

Mexican mayor is captured after going on run over disappearance of 43 students after his wife ordered police to stop them from interrupting her speech (Daily Mail)

Police attacked during Derry alert (BBC)

US midterm elections: American politics is all about the money but being a rich candidate doesn't always help (Independent)

Tinder CEO Sean Rad Is Stepping Down (Time Magazine)

First gay wedding' video sends 8 Egyptians to jail for 3 years (Russia Today)

Police probe 'racist' tweets to Toure (BBC)

Cracks Appear in Hong Kong Government Support (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Two Surrey Police detectives under investigation over Jimmy Savile case (Daily Mail)

Shia festival of Ashura around the world in pictures (Guardian)

Victoria's Secret Backlash: The Problem With Getting Women to Celebrate Their Imperfections (Huffington Post)

Why MasterChef Jr. Is the Best Cooking Show on TV (Time Magazine)

McDonald's video shows how they make the McRib (Daily Mail)

Germany moves closer to getting 1st state governor from a party with communist roots (Fox News)

$3.8bn in UK aid for developing states 'routed through tax havens' (Russia Today)

Authorities investigating tax trades made by Hong Kong murder suspect (Fox News)

Nurse Explains Why She Fought Ebola Quarantine (Time Magazine)

Nicole Crees receives video from Alan Fletcher, Kerry Ingram and more for her wedding (Daily Mail)

Why Meditation and Yoga Are Recommended for Breast Cancer (Time Magazine)

Private life of British banker Rurik Jutting held in Hong Kong revealed (Daily Mail)

Australia & UK to jointly build Ebola hospital in Sierra Leone (Russia Today)

In demographically impaired Japan, women still face gender bias (Los Angeles Times)

Man looks for woman with same name as ex-girlfriend - to use round-the-world plane ticket (Daily Express)

Men are calling the police to PROPOSE to female operators (Daily Star)

This Italian Police Motorbike Display Is Incredible (Huffington Post)

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Why the hell are we importing beggars? (Daily Mail)

Brussels warns the UK faces £70m-a-month interest on bill for extra £1.7bn (Daily Mail)

Police shoot Utah man carrying sword (CNN)

Stick to the day job Rooney Man United ace teams up with Sheeran for hilarious sing-along (Daily Express)

US midterm elections: Where midterm marijuana legalisation votes are happening today? (Independent)

US midterm elections: Where midterm marijuana legalization votes are happening today? (Independent)

US midterm elections: Where marijuana legalisation votes are happening today (Independent)

US midterm elections: Where are marijuana legalisation votes are happening today (Independent)

Man dies after car and lorry crash (BBC)

Sir Richard Branson defends Virgin Galactic: Space tourism 'worth the risk' (Independent)

Hong Kong murders: Parents of victim want death sentence for 'sadistic' killer (Independent)

ISIS introduces price scheme' for selling enslaved women and girls (Russia Today)

Rights group: Child captives faced torture and abuse' by Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

Firefighters forced to wear gas masks to rescue unwashed 25-stone man (Daily Mail)

The women whose cancer doesn't show on mammograms (Daily Mail)

Man in court on poet murder charge (BBC)

China Shoots Down Drones Using Laser Weapon (Sky News)

Libyan Soldiers Sent Home After UK Sex Attacks (Sky News)

US midterm elections 2014: everything you need to know video (Guardian)

How Splunk Caught Wall Street's Eye By Taming The Messy World Of IoT Data (Forbes)

Maddie McCann: British police to return to Portugal for fresh interviews (Daily Express)

Hong Kong Students Plan Beijing Protest (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Saudi police arrest six on terror charges (Financial Times - Paywall)

Man Punches Ticket Inspector To The Ground At London Bridge Station (Huffington Post)

Woman's Abduction Captured In Chilling Video (Sky News)

Fireball meteor seen over Japan - video (Channel4)

The utter horror of the man hug: QUENTIN LETTS on why he can't embrace the creepy new trend for male cuddling... (Daily Mail)

Virgin Galactic 'Astronaut' Namira Salim Says Branson Will Still Fly To Space (Huffington Post)

This Video Is Proof That Tahr Goats Are The Masters Of Disguise (Huffington Post)

Ukraine to reassess accord with east rebels (ALJAZEERA)

Hong Kong Killer 'Must Be Put To Death' (Sky News)

Ukraine Leader's Threat After Rebel Elections (Sky News)

Islamic State releases 93 Syrian Kurds - monitor (Reuters)

US midterm elections: Undercover investigation exposes 'easy' electoral fraud in North Carolina (Independent)

Come Start a Jihadi Family: ISIS Lures Women and Kids (NBC News)

'Perfect' bra decodes what women want (CNN)

Ebola nurse reaches US state deal (BBC)

Labour's Sadiq Khan reported to police after accusation of looking as phone while driving (Daily Mail)

Corgi puppy learns how to use a human loo in video (Daily Mail)

Russian statue removed after Apple CEO comes out as gay - video (Guardian)

Man wears Star Wars costume to 'meet child for sex' (Daily Star)

Man arrested under Terrorism Act (BBC)

Rurik Jutting, British Banker, 'Was In Love Triangle' With Women Found Dead In His Flat (Huffington Post)

New York's World Trade Center opens for business - video (Guardian)

Merkel underlines displeasure over Russia's Ukraine role, says no reason to lift sanctions (Fox News)

'Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare' Interview: On Innovation, Risk, And Video Games (Forbes)

Essay: Treating Ebola Without Fear (New York Times - Paywall)

Richard Branson says we need to 'move forward' following Virgin Galactic disaster (Daily Mail)

Police clueless how man found dead in Romford Tesco car park died (Daily Star)

Debris from Virgin Galactic disaster is found 35 MILES from crash site (Daily Mail)

Ebola Crisis Offers Lessons, Warnings on Epidemics, Gates Says (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Devin Eckhardt's video at son Connor's graveside warns of synthetic marijuana (Daily Mail)

India to allow women make-up artists (BBC)

Police release shocking video of an abduction in Philadelphia (Independent)

Police release shocking video of moment woman is abducted in Philadelphia (Independent)

BREAKING: Man arrested in Cornwall on suspicion of preparing for an act of terrorism (Daily Express)

Ukraine president in crisis talks with security chiefs over electoral farce (Guardian)

Ebola virus: 9 things to know (CNN)

Why are midterms important? (CNN)

RBS Will Help City Police Tackle Financial Crime (Huffington Post)

Police probe 'racist abuse' sent to Yaya Toure hours after Man City star rejoins Twitter (Daily Express)

Soldiers projected on to Stonehenge as part of new exhibition that will tell story of how one million men trained on Salisbury Plain during First World War (Daily Mail)

Ebola Victims Break Quarantine In Hunt For Food (Sky News)

Both victims in suspected Hong Kong double murder were Indonesian women (Fox News)

Ukraine crisis: Separatist leaders elected in Donetsk and Luhansk in 'sham' vote (Independent)

For months I shuffled like an old man - but an hour after taking a steroid I was reborn (Daily Mail)

WHO Pillories Drug Industry On Failure to Develop Ebola Vaccine (Time Magazine)

Leaks force Virgin plane to return after passengers complain of 'unbearable smell' (Independent)

Virgin Australia plane forced to fly back to LA after passengers complain of 'unbearable smell' from leaking toilets (Independent)

Global prize for UK school campaigner (BBC)

Investigation into Virgin Galactic crash 'could take a year' (Daily Express)

Ebola: Australia to help manage a UK field hospital in Sierra Leone reports (Guardian)

Mexican security chief shot dead with wife as gang violence in border state escalates (Independent)

VIDEO: Why we should go wild for bees (BBC)

Rights group accuses Islamic State militants of torturing captured Kurdish children in Syria (Fox News)

East Ukraine faces uncertain future (CNN)

Gunmen shoot dead five people in Saudi Arabia - state news (Reuters)

Red tape 'blocks use of statins to treat MS' Charity says drugs that could slow down breakdown of brain tissues by 40% are not prescribed because of licensing rules (Daily Mail)

Asia 'not doing enough' to fight Ebola (ALJAZEERA)

Virgin Galactic's Richard Branson Says the Risk of Space Tourism Is Worth It' (Time Magazine)

Moscow cracks down on Crimea's Tatars (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ebola crisis highlights China's philanthropic shortfall (Reuters)

Thousands gather for ceremony naming soldiers died in First World War (Daily Mail)

Pilot actions examined in U.S. crash of Virgin Galactic spacecraft (Reuters)

The White House Slams Separatist Elections in Southeastern Ukraine (Time Magazine)

Police Hunt for Dachau Death Camp Thieves (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

G20 Brisbane: police prepare for large-scale political demonstrations (Guardian)

Old Navy port trying to prevent more Muslims from traveling to Syria to join Islamic State (Fox News)

U.S. nurse, Maine settle Ebola quarantine suit (Reuters)

Why Legalizing Medical Marijuana Will Make Investors Extremely Wealthy (Forbes)

UK warned of EU bill interest charge (BBC)

Peshmerga, Syrian rebels battle Islamic State in besieged Kobani (Reuters)

Hong Kong Murder Suspect Involved in Disputed Trades (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S.-Russia Relations Slide Over Ukraine (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Regional security chief in Mexican border state of Tamaulipas killed (Fox News)

Ebola nurse cuts quarantine deal (CNN)

Blocking the Ebola stigma (CNN)

Shia Muslims chanting down with Isis join Ashura procession in Sydney (Guardian)

As Ebola declines in Liberia, health officials reassess response plans (Washington Post - Paywall)

Domestic violence surveys help police stay in touch with victims (CBS News)

Man offers free round the world trip to women called Elizabeth Gallagher (Daily Mail)

9 Shocking Facts That Show How Far Women Still Are From Equal Pay (Huffington Post)

One World Trade Center opened for business (CBS News)

VIDEO: One World Trade Center opens (BBC)

UK Minister Norman Baker Resigns (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Florida police threaten arrest under new homeless hate law' (Russia Today)

St Louis Police Deny Ferguson No-Fly Zone Was to Keep Media Out (Time Magazine)

Hollywood Works to Maintain Its World Dominance (New York Times - Paywall)

Gender pay gap is getting WORSE: Women found to be half as likely as men to earn £50,000 a year (Daily Mail)

Russia Continues to Train and Equip Ukraine Rebels, NATO Official Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Whiteout to Blackout: Maine Storms Down Power for 100K (NBC News)

Why the Internet is broken (CNN)

World Briefing: Afghanistan: A Provincial Official Is Among 5 People Killed in Attacks (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Burkina Faso: A Regional Warning (New York Times - Paywall)

Women and children caught in ISIS slaughter (CNN)

World Briefing: Nigeria: Suicide Bombing Kills 32 (New York Times - Paywall)

U.N. official: Breeding Ebola panic (CNN)

Why Temple Mount flashpoint? (CNN)

Why no-fly zone over Ferguson? (CNN)

Singapore to Join Effort Against Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police name main suspect in L.A. Halloween hit-and-run deaths (CBS News)

No benefits for migrants New call to crack down on handouts (Daily Express)

Salmond hints at UK deal with Labour (Daily Express)

ISIS training video showing boys as young as 5 being trained (Daily Mail)

Ebola crisis: On the frontline (BBC)

Why the French state has a team of UFO hunters (BBC)

Ukraine crisis deepens after rebel vote in east (Reuters)

Africans in China feel Ebola panic (Financial Times - Paywall)

New inquiry into Plebgate' police officers (Daily Express)

Jenna Coleman goes make-up free as she enjoys some down time in Hollywood with her mum (Daily Express)

Jonah Lomu and Israel Dagg referred to NZ police for election day tweets (Guardian)

Australian prime minister blames Islamic State for shooting outside Sydney prayer hall (Fox News)

Russian iPhone statue taken down after Tim Cook comes out (CBS News)

New security laws would not have stopped reporting of Snowden leaks, says George Brandis - video (Guardian)

Canada Boosts Funding to Combat Ebola (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Descent tool probed in Virgin crash (BBC)

Virgin Galactic Descend System Deployed Early (Sky News)

Ukraine rebel elections illegitimate, says new EU foreign policy chief (Guardian)

U.S. Condemns Elections by Russia-Backed Separatists in Ukraine (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S. Slams 'Sham' Ukraine Vote With Warning to Russia (NBC News)

Tutu-wearing thugs hunted by police for homophobic attack on passers-by outside Surbiton YMCA (Daily Mail)

Hooray! Nose Spray Ebola Vaccine Protects Monkeys (NBC News)

What Richard Branson Can Learn From the Virgin Galactic Tragedy (Time Magazine)

Soldiers Faulted in Deadly Crackdown During Ebola Protests in Liberia (New York Times - Paywall)

WorldViews: Why stealing corpses is big business in China (Washington Post - Paywall)

Richard Branson Clashes With Channel 4's Jon Snow Over Virgin Galactic Safety (Huffington Post)

UK faces punitive interest charges if Cameron ignores £1.7bn EU bill (Guardian)

Video Captures Struggle in Philadelphia Abduction (NBC News)

Russia recognizes Ukraine separatists, provoking new sanctions threat (Los Angeles Times)

Russian memorial to Steve Jobs torn down because Tim Cook 'called for sodomy' (Guardian)

Piecing together the Virgin Galactic crash (Channel4)

Why Ukraine's future is vital to West (CNN)

Afghan police sell arms to Taliban to feed families' as wages go unpaid for months report (Russia Today)

Is Tinder making you poor? Men spend £50 on every date but women only £24 (Daily Mail)

World Trade Center open for business (BBC)

Day of the Dead world record attempt in Mexico City - video (Guardian)

Poroshenko issues warning over rebel-held elections in eastern Ukraine (Washington Post - Paywall)

Heavy rains cause floods in central Peru - video (Guardian)

Russia Says It Respects Ukraine Vote (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

HIV-positive women forcibly sterilized in Namibia, court finds (CBS News)

Teen Killed Man Who Refused to Buy Him Booze: Police (NBC News)

Rising from the ashes: Amazing time-lapses of One World Trade Center construction (Russia Today)

UK should show it values its ties to Zambia (Guardian)

Australian man shot by ISIS supporters (CBS News)

Grisly murders stun Hong Kong (CNN)

WorldViews: Russian monument to Steve Jobs taken down after Apple CEO Cook says he is gay (Washington Post - Paywall)

Rurik Jutting's 'murdered prostitutes' moved to Hong Kong for 'a better life', say friends (Daily Mail)

Where Pot Legalization Midterm Votes Are Happening (NBC News)

Man Arrested in Teens' Halloween Hit-And-Run Deaths (NBC News)

UK threatened with £42m fine for missing EU surcharge deadline (Independent)

UK threatened with £42m fine for missing £1.7bn EU surcharge deadline (Independent)

Lava from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano still poses threat - video (Guardian)

Moscow recognises Ukraine separatist vote (Financial Times - Paywall)

Man 'robs Subway' after low-fat sandwiches fail to make him lose weight (Daily Star)

US midterm elections: The outcome is likely to be a more conservative America (Independent)

US midterm elections: Outcome is likely to be a more conservative America (Independent)

German public: If the Brits don't like the EU, why don't they leave?' (Independent)

German public: If the British don't like the EU, why don't they leave?' (Independent)

Piers Morgan gives ten reasons why Barack Obama deserves a shellacking in the midterm elections (Daily Mail)

British man Erol Incedal accused of targeting Tony Blair as part of Mumbai style terror plot (Daily Mail)

WHO chief: Ebola vaccine was never developed 'because it only affected poor African countries' (Independent)

Wendy Sherman named acting deputy secretary of U.S. State Department (Reuters)

Virgin Galactic crash investigators are a long way from finding the cause (Guardian)

5th doctor in Sierra Leone dies from Ebola (CBS News)

Virgin Galactic crash: 'Dozens' of investors consider pulling out of space programme (Independent)

UK downplays Merkel 'exit warning' (BBC)

Fifth doctor in Sierra Leone dies of Ebola (Guardian)

Welcome to Wan Chai: Hong Kong's dark heart where expats party with their 'Miss World' (Independent)

Hong Kong killings: Welcome to Wan Chai, the city's dark heart where expats party with their 'Miss World' (Independent)

Hong Kong murders: Welcome to Wan Chai, the city's dark heart where expats party with their 'Miss World' (Independent)

Ebola Cure Delayed by Drug Industry's Drive for Profit, W.H.O. Leader Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Emirates Ends FIFA World Cup Sponsorship (Sky News)

Hong Kong killing: The gruesome double murder case involving a British banker that is gripping residents of the former colony (Independent)

Hong Kong killing: The gruesome double murder case involving British banker Rurik Jutting that is gripping residents of the former colony (Independent)

Hong Kong murders: The gruesome double murder case involving British banker Rurik Jutting that is gripping residents of the former colony (Independent)

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic 'ignored repeated warnings' (Daily Mail)

Tech groups aid terror, says UK spy chief (Financial Times - Paywall)

Baltimore mayor wants to stop police body camera bill (Russia Today)

Foes of Hong Kong democracy protests claim petition drive success (Los Angeles Times)

Tesco slash price of TVs across UK which share name of terror group ISIS (Daily Express)

Faulty descent system may be behind Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo's fatal crash (Russia Today)

Russian company takes down iPhone statue after Apple CEO comes out as gay (Fox News)

Ebola appeal raises £10m in 5 days (Russia Today)

Stephanie Charles died after she was knocked down on the road in Aberdeen (Daily Mail)

The Russian debutantes: partying like it's 1899 - video (Channel4)

Shepherds march thousands of sheep through Madrid's streets - video (Guardian)

Man in Fox News reporter Halloween costume assaulted in California (Russia Today)

VIDEO: World Trade Center open for business (BBC)

Islamic State kills 36 more members of embattled Iraqi tribe (Reuters)

Habitual speeder killed two women (BBC)

Qatar 2022 World Cup likely to be held in WINTER (Daily Mail)

Briton remanded over Hong Kong deaths (BBC)

Isis fighters barter over Yazidi girls on 'slave market day' - the shocking video (Independent)

Steve Jobs memorial torn down in Russia after current Apple CEO Tim Cook comes out as gay (Independent)

WorldViews: British banker charged with grisly American Psycho' murders in Hong Kong (Washington Post - Paywall)

Top politicians wore feminist T-shirts made by women making less than $1 an hour (Russia Today)

Islamic State seizes second gas field in Syria this week (Russia Today)

'Can one take 2 slave girls?' ISIS militants joke about selling Yazidi women (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Life under Islamic State in Iraq's Falluja: danger, rage and profit (Reuters)

DON'T LOOK DOWN: Tightrope walker completes blindfolded & uphill world record stunt (Daily Star)

More than half of UK rice products laced with arsenic report (Russia Today)

British banker charged in Hong Kong double murder (Russia Today)

Man in Ukraine gives up waiting at restaurant and kills himself (Daily Mail)

World Trade Centre site back in business after September 11 with tallest building in the US (Independent)

Long lines in Ukraine vote (CNN)

MPs' expenses scandal: Oops Evidence destroyed, UK investigations hindered (Russia Today)

U.S. targets Islamic State in 14 air strikes in Syria, Iraq - U.S. military (Reuters)

WorldViews: Map: The Africa without Ebola (Washington Post - Paywall)

Israel jails Arab citizen who fought for Islamic State (Reuters)

Virgin Galactic crash: Sir Richard Branson criticises 'self-proclaimed experts' for getting theories 'horribly wrong' (Independent)

VIDEO: UK strawberries still grow in November (BBC)

Jimmy White, snooker champion, reveals crack addiction 'cost him 10 world titles' (Daily Mail)

Why attack India-Pakistan Wagah crossing? (BBC)

World Trade Center Reopens 13 Years On (Sky News)

US midterm elections: What's going on and what does it mean for the presidential race? (Independent)

UK ready to help returning jihadists who have good intentions' (Russia Today)

Ebola Response Can Be Rational, Cruise Ship Passengers Show (Forbes)

Why Iraqi army can't fight, despite $25 billion in U.S. aid, training (Los Angeles Times)

High ketamine use in UK makes us the 'K bladder' capital of Europe (Daily Mail)

Richard Branson's biographer on how Virgin tycoon is scrabbling to save his reputation (Daily Mail)

Fifth doctor dies of Ebola in Sierra Leone (Los Angeles Times)

Blindfolded man walks on tightrope (CNN)

VIDEO: Why wear a red poppy in November? (BBC)

Sally Jones and her children held when border police mistook her for a terrorist (Daily Mail)

Sharks circle the water off Surfside Pier in South Carolina in video (Daily Mail)

China unveils anti-drone laser weapon able to shoot down 'small aircraft' within 5 seconds (Russia Today)

Virgin Galactic Crash: What We Know So Far (Sky News)

#Notjust2parties: RT America presents special coverage of 2014 midterm elections (Russia Today)

Op-Ed Contributor: Why Afghanistan Courts China (New York Times - Paywall)

Ebola scare sparked at London hospital before patient tests negative (Daily Express)

Canada carries out its first airstrikes against Islamic State (Russia Today)

ISIS is coming': Shia man shot by IS supporters in Australia (Russia Today)

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