Wednesday, 12th November 2014

World News

Breaking down the U.S.-China climate deal (CBS News)

U.N.: Ebola death toll has now topped 5,000 (CBS News)

Are Irans Ayatollah and Obama pen pals now? (CBS News)

McConnell "distressed" over emissions deal (CBS News)

Obama Faces Obstacles to Emissions Deal With China (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Roy Keane 'punched' fan outside Republic of Ireland's team hotel in Dublin: Irish police confirm investigation into former Manchester United midfielder (Daily Mail)

Qatar To Be Cleared Of World Cup Corruption (Sky News)

Probe bounces onto comet (CNN)

Workers trapped 68 floors up at One World Trade Center rescued (CBS News)

Boost pressure on Russia over Ukraine: U.S. tells U.N. council (Reuters)

Comet landing is amazing (CNN)

Ebola Victim's Family Agree Deal With Hospital (Sky News)

Ebola Fight Only Just Begun - Philip Hammond (Sky News)

Researchers to Study Two Antivirals in Ebola Patients in December (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Watch: Rescuers cut man out of wall (CBS News)

GOP Grills Obama Officials Over Ebola Funding Request (Time Magazine)

WATCH: First World War Christmas 'truce' recreated in poignant Sainsbury's festive advert (Daily Express)

Renzi and Berlusconi agree electoral deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ebola the Trade Killer? (Time Magazine)

Climate deal is 'watershed moment' (CNN)

Wait after comet landing 'bounce' (BBC)

President Obama denies US supported Hong Kong protesters (Independent)

Rosetta's Philae probe successfully completes comet landing (Daily Mail)

Rosetta's Probe Lands on Comet (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

One World Trade Centre window washers left dangling after platform collapse (Daily Mail)

NATO: Russia Entering Ukraine Again (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

European probe lands on comet, but fails to anchor down (Reuters)

Final deal in Iran nuclear talks unlikely by deadline - sources (Reuters)

Ebola outbreak deaths pass 5,000 (BBC)

Pregnant U.S. Teenager Shot by Police in Mexico (NBC News)

Russia resuming Cold War-era bomber flights close to U.S. shores (Los Angeles Times)

Ebola death toll crosses 5,000 mark (ALJAZEERA)

Russia to Expand Military Presence (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

US Ebola family settles with hospital (BBC)

Window cleaners stranded outside One World Trade Center's 69th floor - video (Guardian)

To boldly go where no spacecraft has gone before: William Shatner wishes Rosetta luck in video ahead of comet landing today (Daily Mail)

Rosetta Probe Touches Down On Speeding Comet (Sky News)

US-China climate agreement catches world by surprise after months of secret negations (Fox News)

Kiev not fully committed to ceasefire, amasses troops along E. Ukraine front line Russia (Russia Today)

Three police forces under investigation by IPCC for 'failing to act on child porn intelligence' (Daily Mail)

Pentagon Downplays Iranian Replica Drone After First Flight (NBC News)

U.S. lawmakers take hard line on prospective Iran deal (Reuters)

Health workers strike at southern Sierra Leone's only Ebola clinic (Reuters)

Sainsbury's unveil World War One inspired Christmas advert (Daily Star)

Moment Russian lesbian couple walk down aisle thanks to legal loophole (Daily Mail)

Family of Michael Brown calls for non-violence when grand jury makes its decision as Missouri police ready for a fight in Ferguson (Daily Mail)

Window Cleaners Rescued At World Trade Center (Sky News)

Egypt and the Thought Police (ALJAZEERA)

Blackpool man denies child cruelty charges after daughter 'ingested' cannabis (Daily Mail)

Karachi Bank robbery suspect wearing noose T-shirt held by police (Daily Mail)

Historic Comet landing (CBS News)

Judge strikes down South Carolina same-sex marriage ban (CBS News)

Phew! Window Washers Safe After Rescue at World Trade Center (NBC News)

Russia plans long-range bomber flights near North American waters - agency (Reuters)

News Analysis: Deal on Carbon Emissions by Obama and Xi Jinping Raises Hopes for Upcoming Paris Climate Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

ECB Council's Weidmann Talks Down Sovereign Bond Purchases (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

VIDEO: First Tower of London poppies removed (BBC)

Watch Twitter Explode During the Comet Landing (Time Magazine)

What Took Silicon Valley So Long to Join the Ebola Fight? (Time Magazine)

Thomas Eric Duncan's family settkes with Dallas hospital over Ebola treatment (Guardian)

Ebola crisis in Africa remains urgent as Congress considers $6.2bn aid plan (Guardian)

Scaling Back? U.S. Won't Send Full Force of Troops to Fight Ebola (NBC News)

Ebola death toll up 200 since Friday, WHO figures show (Guardian)

Family of first U.S. Ebola victim and hospital reach "resolution" (CBS News)

Ebola To Have A Global Burden Of $5.9 Billion By End Of 2016 (Forbes)

Rosetta mission: Esa lands spacecraft on comet live coverage (Guardian)

Man rescued from sinking truck by co-workers (CBS News)

Family of Dallas Ebola victim reaches settlement with hospital (Reuters)

NATO: Russia sending forces into Ukraine (ALJAZEERA)

Secret deal to tackle emissions ushers in a new era in the fight against global warming (Independent)

How the Republican-led Congress could kill the climate change deal (Guardian)

World War One Christmas Day Football Match Recreated In Epic Sainsbury's Advert (Huffington Post)

Russia flexing military muscle with expanded bomber patrols (CBS News)

5 questions about the European Space Agency's historic comet landing (Fox News)

Mali Races to Contain Second Ebola Case (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama strikes deal with China to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 (Daily Mail)

Serb war crimes suspect freed by UN court (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iran claims replica U.S. stealth drone airborne (CBS News)

Watch: Man rescued from stores walls after being trapped for days (CBS News)

WHO: Ebola Moderates in Guinea, Liberia (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Sponsor quit threat over Evans deal (BBC)

Dozens in quarantine after Mali Ebola death (ALJAZEERA)

NHS refuses to remove saggy skin of Buckinghamshire man who lost 19st (Daily Mail)

'Disgraceful rapper' How gum-chewing Obama outraged China & other adventures of APEC Star Trek crew (Russia Today)

Ebola returns to West African nation (CBS News)

Watch Live: Senate Hearing on Ebola (NBC News)

BREAKING: Resuce underway as window cleaners DANGLE from new World Trade Center building (Daily Star)

SAVED: Window cleaners rescued after DANGLING from new World Trade Center building (Daily Star)

Brazilian police kill 6 people a day, study finds (CBS News)

Mali quarantines dozens as second Ebola outbreak spreads in country (Reuters)

Ebola health workers go on strike in Sierra Leone (Russia Today)

Trapped: Window-Washer Rescue Underway at World Trade Center (NBC News)

Police probe dentist patient's death (BBC)

Rosetta's Philae Space Probe Sends First Pictures From Surface Of A Comet (Huffington Post)

Iran says it has responded to Obama's letters (Fox News)

China's Climate Change Plan Raises Questions (New York Times - Paywall)

At least two workers trapped on scaffolding dangling from 1 World Trade (Independent)

Two workers trapped on scaffolding dangling from 1 World Trade rescued by firefighters (Independent)

Scaffold Rescue Underway at World Trade Center (NBC News)

Grandmother blames board for death (BBC)

Police to share DNA with Europe's forces (Financial Times - Paywall)

Space probe successfully lands on comet (ALJAZEERA)

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED Joy as Philae probe successfully touches down on comet (Daily Express)

Russia 'advancing into Ukraine' (CNN)

War crimes suspect back in Belgrade (BBC)

A look at what the US-China climate deal means for the fight against global warming (Fox News)

Ebola Victim's Family and Dallas Hospital Reach Settlement (Time Magazine)

London police chase ends with crash inches from TWO rival TV newsreaders (Daily Mail)

Scientists Celebrate Comet Landing Decades in the Making (NBC News)

That was awkward: Cringe-worthy moments at APEC summit in China (CBS News)

Mali Reports a Second, Larger Ebola Outbreak (New York Times - Paywall)

Who's prepared for climate change? (CNN)

Woman who went through clinical death faces bankruptcy after being rushed to wrong hospital (Russia Today)

Farage: I could do deal with Labour (BBC)

Hero's welcome for Serb accused of war crimes (ALJAZEERA)

Family of Ebola Victim Settles With Dallas Hospital (NBC News)

Pay rising faster than prices for the first time in five years, with 30.8m now in work (Daily Mail)

Rio de Janeiro opens first nudist beach after naked activist campaign (Daily Mail)

Dealing with China: Pact on climate change, friction on human rights (CBS News)

Mali quarantines clinic after second Ebola death (Guardian)

Is This The Most Hated Man in the World? (Time Magazine)

'America sent Ebola to Africa to punish us', Thomas Eric Duncan's sister claims (Daily Mail)

Western media's image of Iran serves only Neo-Con warmongers (Russia Today)

Police face child abuse inquiry (BBC)

VIDEO: What is Comet 67P? In 60 seconds (BBC)

Iran says centrifuge testing, but no violation of atom deal with powers (Reuters)

Pictured: Dentist at centre of police probe into death of woman and infection alert as more than 22,000 patients urged to get tested for HIV and hepatitis (Daily Mail)

British Army abandoned' Afghan war interpreters to resurgent Taliban (Russia Today)

Historic! Probe Lands on Comet 317 Million Miles Away (NBC News)

Know Right Now: From the Nurse Strike Over Ebola to Tarantino's Future Retirement (Time Magazine)

Stop making excessive demands of Iran in nuclear talks, Rouhani tells US (Guardian)

Video: Man receives 'deliverance from the spirit of homosexuality' in Missouri (Independent)

Is Obama's Climate Deal His Second Term Legacy? (NBC News)

Idioms Of The World (Huffington Post)

The bullet that hit the first ever pilot injured during war turned into a pendant (Daily Mail)

Obama In China: Taking Candy From A Baby (Forbes)

See the Rosetta Spacecraft's Best Photos of Comet 67P (Time Magazine)

Sierra Leone Ebola nurses on strike (BBC)

Mali confirms new case of Ebola, locks down Bamako clinic (Reuters)

Judge Strikes Down South Carolina Gay Marriage Ban (NBC News)

Ebola virus: Second outbreak in Mali as imam and nurse who treated him die of disease (Independent)

Philae space probe lands on Comet 67P (Financial Times - Paywall)

First #CometLanding in history as Rosetta's Philae lander touches down (Russia Today)

VIDEO: Man trapped in wall for three days (BBC)

Flash Points: Will the latest round of nuclear talks with Iran yield a deal? (CBS News)

Police blunder: Terror suspect on bail flees to Syria with family (Russia Today)

Sinosphere Blog: An Online Store Whose T-Shirts Tacitly Support Ai Weiwei Is Shut Down (New York Times - Paywall)

Once-secret Cold War naval communications base Criggion station is sold (Daily Mail)

Brazilian police kill 11,000 people in five years, study says (Independent)

Brazilian police accused of abusing lethal force after study finds officers killed 11,000 people in five years (Independent)

Federal Judge Strikes Down S.C. Gay Marriage Ban (Time Magazine)

Home owner walks into his new apartment for the first time... and finds the body of murdered previous owner in the bathroom (Daily Mail)

U.S., China sign symbolic emissions plan, play down rivalry (Reuters)

Mali confirms its second and third Ebola deaths (Washington Post - Paywall)

Israeli border officer held in shooting death of Palestinian teen (Los Angeles Times)

Lebanon hopes Iran deal would unlock political crisis-PM (Reuters)

A tale of U.S.-China contrasts: Obama sounds conciliatory, Xi sounds competitive (Washington Post - Paywall)

Touchdown! Rosetta's Philae probe lands on comet - live (Channel4)

Sputnik has lift-off: what Russia's new media brand thinks of the world (Guardian)

Obama, Chinese president agree to landmark climate deal (Los Angeles Times)

Mexico police shoot pregnant 14-year-old US girl during high-speed car chase near border (Independent)

Disappointing news for drug war in Afghanistan (CBS News)

U.S., China Find Rare Accord at Summit (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Tattoos, Shatner and singing space rocks why Brits can't resist the Philae comet landing (Daily Express)

Smoked Out? Mass. Town Would Be First to Ban Tobacco (NBC News)

Man guilty of murdering two-year-old (BBC)

US Agreement With China Paves The Way For A Global Climate Deal (Forbes)

Rosetta: Comet Probe Beams Back Pictures (Sky News)

Rosetta Probe Heads Toward Comet (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Michelle Obama received a $71,000 necklace from the queen of Brunei (Daily Mail)

Robot on historic descent to comet (BBC)

Cheers and Fears: Philae Heads for Comet - But There's a Glitch! (NBC News)

Armenian military helicopter shot down by Azerbaijani forces, killing three (Guardian)

China And US Sign Ambitious Climate Change Agreement (Huffington Post)

Canadian sergeant-at-arms who gunned down Parliament invader visits Israel, hailed by premier (Fox News)

A Fruitful Visit by Obama Ends With Blunt Words by Xi Jinping (New York Times - Paywall)

Q&A: the US-China plan on climate change (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iran denies nuclear scientist killed in Syria - IRNA (Reuters)

21 Miners Confirmed Dead From August Mine Explosion in China (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Will Obama's climate surprise deliver a global deal? (BBC)

Comet lander sends signal before descent (ALJAZEERA)

The bloody rise of Mexico's Maria de los Angeles Pineda, First Lady of murder (Daily Mail)

You May Finally Earn A Bit More For The First Time In Years (Huffington Post)

Carer secretly buried man so she and his wife could claim benefits (Daily Mail)

4 Things You Might Not Have Known About the World Wide Web's Inventor (Time Magazine)

Japanese man sets himself on fire in Tokyo park to 'protest against change in military law' (Independent)

Ebola: Has the world stopped caring? (Russia Today)

Ukraine, West wage information war against us' Russians (Russia Today)

Pedophiles targeted with fake social media accounts, police warn innocents at risk (Russia Today)

US and China strike deal on carbon cuts in push for global climate change pact (Guardian)

Burma 'backsliding' on some reforms, Obama says before visit (Guardian)

Harry Roberts, Notorious Police Killer, Released From Prison Despite Pleas From Families (Huffington Post)

U.S., China widen co-operation (CNN)

Swede wins World Series of Poker, $10 million (Daily Mail)

Female suicide bomber kills herself, injures 3 in attack on school in west Nigeria, police say (Fox News)

'Teen diplomacy' in China (CNN)

President Obama angers the whole of China by chewing gum (Independent)

VIDEO: Foo Fighters' Grohl Obama interview (BBC)

The most fun cities in the world revealed (Daily Mail)

Why China is investing in the Comoros (CBS News)

'Major Milestone': U.S., China Reach Climate Deal (NBC News)

Comet landing an 'engineering miracle' (CNN)

Special Report - The fighters of Iraq who answer to Iran (Reuters)

Watch as man uses his eye socket to paint calligraphy (Daily Mail)

ASEAN to pressure China to stick to diplomacy on maritime disputes (Reuters)

Saudi teenager calls police after father arranges marriage with man in his 90s (Daily Mail)

21 trapped miners confirmed dead from August mine explosion, collapse in China (Fox News)

Azerbaijan shoots down Armenian military helicopter in Nagorno-Karabakh (Fox News)

Ailing Serb nationalist returns from decade-long war crimes detention (Reuters)

Best man catches friend's wife cheating with a barman (Daily Mail)

Police search for man wanted in connection with sex attack on nine-year-old girl (Daily Star)

Plane passenger records speeding circular 'UFO' zooming over Iran (Daily Mail)

First Tower poppies are removed (BBC)

First preview of Doctor Who Christmas special to air on Children in Need (Daily Express)

Woman attacks man with pepper spray in Hollywood cinema after being asked to 'turn off her phone' during Mr Turner screening (Independent)

Man dies after crash at hospital (BBC)

Barack Obama criticised by Chinese for chewing gum during Apec summit video (Guardian)

Ebola: 2nd death in Mali (CNN)

John Doar dead: Barack Obama pays tribute to leading US civil rights lawyer of the Sixties (Independent)

John Doar dead: Barack Obama pays tribute to leading civil rights lawyer of the Sixties (Independent)

Police killer Harry Roberts released (BBC)

Armistice Day: Volunteers Take Down Massive Poppy Display At Tower Of London (PICTURES) (Huffington Post)

VIDEO: Rosetta scientist shows off comet tattoo (BBC)

Thruster Glitch Adds Drama as Philae Lander Heads for Comet (Time Magazine)

Will Congress kill an Iran nuclear deal? (CNN)

Sinosphere Blog: Politicians and Climate Experts React to U.S.-China Emissions Pact (New York Times - Paywall)

Brazilian police have killed more than 11,000 people in five years (Daily Mail)

Russia sees chance of deal at nuclear talks with Iran (Reuters)

Serb ultranationalist Seselj back home after UN war crimes judges approve provisional release (Fox News)

As Xi and Obama Stress Common Ground, Stubborn Differences Persist (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia to build Iran atomic reactors (BBC)

Mali races to head off Ebola outbreak after second death (Guardian)

Report: Man self-immolates in Tokyo public park to protest changes in Japan's defense policies (Fox News)

Obama lands in Burma amid criticism over country's human rights abuses (Washington Post - Paywall)

Will comet mission discover alien life? (CNN)

Death Penalty for Women Offenders (Huffington Post)

Mali Reports 2 New Ebola Deaths in Capital (Time Magazine)

Mali reports 2 new Ebola deaths in capital (Fox News)

Scottish unemployment down by 10,000 (BBC)

Book Review: 'Heaven's Bankers: Inside the Hidden World of Islamic Finance', By Harris Irfan (Huffington Post)

Comet landing: take a tour of the Rosetta control room (Channel4)

Clashes with Mexican police after protesters shut down airport over students murders (Daily Mail)

Iran shows flight of replica of US stealth drone captured in 2011 (Fox News)

Climate change deal: China, U.S. must 'lead global effort' (CNN)

This Is What Rosetta's Comet Smells Like (Huffington Post)

US And China Sign 'Historic' Emissions Deal (Sky News)

Young mother 'took selfies with killer boyfriend as she hid him from police after botched burglary that led to death of widower, 87' (Daily Mail)

Experts Are Skeptical Over the U.S-China Emissions Deal (Time Magazine)

Car-loving Dubai targets commuters with first tram line, complete with chilled stations (Fox News)

World Series of Poker 2014: Martin Jacobsen claims $10m prize after learning the game while training to be a chef (Independent)

Pax Pacificana? US, China agree to avoid military conflict (Russia Today)

Killer George Holtby who strangled heiress to death in 2006 is let off a curfew (Daily Mail)

Starbucks Chestnut Praline Latte: Coffee chain launches first new holiday drink for five years (Independent)

Obama denies US role in Hong Kong protests (ALJAZEERA)

German police arrest suspected IS supporters, raid properties (Reuters)

Japanese man self-immolates protesting govt push to end 60 years of pacifism (Russia Today)

Abbott Faces Pressure on Climate (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Russia agrees to build up to eight new nuclear rectors in Iran as deal deadline approaches (Independent)

A look at key moments in the space probe Rosetta's 10-year journey to link up with comet 67P (Fox News)

China Lines Up Deals at APEC (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Rosetta Comet Landing Explained In One Simple Infographic (Huffington Post)

New visa rules to increase economic, people-to-people ties between US and China (Fox News)

Closing on comet (CNN)

Man dies in Tokyo after setting himself on fire in protest against defence policy (Guardian)

LIVE: Rosetta Lands On A Comet (Huffington Post)

Eyes on the prize as Rosetta faces comet touchdown (Channel4)

Spacecraft Ready To Land On Speeding Comet (Sky News)

China and US set ambitious gas emission goals (ALJAZEERA)

U.S.-China agree historic climate deal (CNN)

The APEC Summit Closes With a Historic' Climate Deal Between the U.S. and China (Time Magazine)

First Winter Storm of the Season Kills Four in Minnesota (Time Magazine)

With eye on future climate treaty, US and China strike emissions deal, prod others to act (Fox News)

Brazilian police kill six people a day, says report (Guardian)

Obama and Xi in emissions pledge (BBC)

Go-go-go Rosetta's Philae lander descent to comet surface (Russia Today)

Police In Brazil Kill Six People Every Day (Sky News)

Russia to build two more nuclear reactors in Iran (Guardian)

Blundering police let Siddhartha Dhar out on bail... 24 hours later he flees to Syria (Daily Mail)

China's first female top guns: Maverick female fighter pilots show the blokes how it's done in spectacular aerobatic display (Daily Mail)

Obama speaks on Veterans Day (CBS News)

Japan man burns to death in protest (BBC)

How Philae will land on comet (CNN)

Myanmar hosts world leaders for ASEAN summit (ALJAZEERA)

'Holy Grail' of watches by Patek Philippe sells for a world record £15.1m (Daily Mail)

Russia Signs Reactor Deal With Iran (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

European Space Agency set for historic comet landing attempt (Fox News)

World Leaders Meet. Awkwardness Ensues. (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Russia Sends More Convoys Into Ukraine as Cease-Fire Collapses (Time Magazine)

Killed teen's parents: World must know (CNN)

Icy Blast: First Winter Storm of the Season Kills Four (NBC News)

U.S., China announce climate change agreement (CBS News)

Mother claims the ghost of a U.S. Marine killed in battle 30 years ago is now living inside her four-year-old son, who is now reliving details of the soldier's death (Daily Mail)

California Nurses Strike Over Ebola Preparedness (Time Magazine)

Chinas President Xi Jinping cracking down on corruption (CBS News)

Obama meets with rivals Putin and Xi in China (CBS News)

Obama Faces Rift With Suu Kyi in Myanmar (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'Major Milestone': U.S. and China Reach Breakthrough Climate Deal (NBC News)

Sinosphere Blog: U.S. and China Bid for Tourism With Expanded Visa Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

The plea for more health care workers to treat Ebola in Africa (CBS News)

Amid sluggish world economy, G-20 leaders zero in on global growth as summit's top priority (Fox News)

World Briefing: Pakistan: U.S. Drone Strike Is Reported (New York Times - Paywall)

Ebola is not a death sentence (CNN)

Deadline for Iran Nuclear Accord in Doubt (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Going green: Beijing, Washington strike landmark climate change deal (Russia Today)

WW1 pilot the 'luckiest man alive'? (BBC)

U.S., China Announce Climate Breakthrough (NBC News)

China and US in deal to curb emissions (Financial Times - Paywall)

In bid to boost climate treaty, US, China set new goals for cutting greenhouse gas emissions (Fox News)

U.S. and China Reach Climate Deal After Months of Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

Brazil police 'kill six a day' (BBC)

China Wins Support for Asia-Pacific Trade Proposal (Time Magazine)

Mali reports second Ebola case; nurse is said to have died (Los Angeles Times)

Sierra Leone to pay families of health workers who die of Ebola (Reuters)

Russia to build Iran nuclear reactors (ALJAZEERA)

China promotes Asia-Pacific dream' to counter U.S. pivot' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Abbas warns Israel of religious war amid mosque row (Russia Today)

Official: Russia behind violence (CNN)

WATCH LIVE: Obama and Chinese President Xi Speak (NBC News)

Japan man dies after setting himself ablaze in defence protest - NHK (Reuters)

VIDEO: Syria civil war in numbers (BBC)

Dont fake the monk: Greek police find a fraud (CBS News)

Brian Williams: Daring Comet Landing Attempt On Track (NBC News)

Russia adding major firepower in Crimea, NATO chief says (CBS News)

Talks on renewable energy break down (BBC)

Mali confirms second Ebola death (BBC)

China improving relations with rivals (ALJAZEERA)

Esa reveals Rosetta is in 'perfect orbit' after first systems check ahead of historic comet landing (Daily Mail)

World War II POW, 92, fought enemy overseas, gay policy at home (CBS News)

World Briefing: Mali: New Ebola Case Is Confirmed as Response to First Was Wrapping Up (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Afghanistan: Terms Tripled for Officials Who Stole Millions From Kabul Bank (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Guyana: Legislature Is Suspended (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Brazil: Police Killed 11,000 People Over Five-Year Period, Report Says (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Mexico: Protesters Burn Party Office (New York Times - Paywall)

U.N. Seeks a More Nimble Response to Ebola in Africa (New York Times - Paywall)

G20: police dismantle activists' projectors that posed no security threat (Guardian)

The 'game changing' smart paper than could instantly test for Ebola (Daily Mail)

Lava from Hawaii volcano destroys first house on Big Island (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Photos: Veterans Are Honored Across the World (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police killer Harry Roberts released from prison after 48 years behind bars (Daily Express)

'Cold' War as Vladimir Putin shoots Obama an icy stare (Daily Star)

Pregnant 14-year-old American shot by Mexican police near border (CBS News)

VIDEO: Countdown to historic comet landing (BBC)

Mali locks down health clinic over new suspected Ebola case (Reuters)

Russia's nuclear deal with Iran creates concern in West (Los Angeles Times)

LG G Watch R Review: Beats The Moto 360 Hands Down (Forbes)

UN: Indications of war crimes in Libya (ALJAZEERA)

VIDEO: Cannibal death discovery 'horror' (BBC)

In vote on wider tensions with West, Russia abstains as UN extends Bosnia peacekeeping force (Fox News)

New violence erupts in West Bank; Palestinian man killed (Los Angeles Times)

Ebola survivor Craig Spencer issues statement upon leaving hospital: 'Volunteers need to be supported' (Guardian)

Spacecraft poised for historic comet landing (ALJAZEERA)

Mexico investigates police in shooting of pregnant American teen (Reuters)

News Analysis: Xi's Rapid Rise in China Presents Challenges to the U.S. (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia Reaches Deal With Iran to Construct Nuclear Plants (New York Times - Paywall)

Colorado Man Trapped in Store Wall for Days (NBC News)

AP Interview: Nobel laureate Ebadi says human rights in Iran have not improved under Rouhani (Fox News)

WorldViews: Obama chews gum, Putin puts on the moves: The APEC summit in 7 telling GIFs (Washington Post - Paywall)

Britain First Threatens To Bury A Pig On Proposed Site Of Birmingham 'Mega-Mosque' (Huffington Post)

China Singles' Day becomes world's most lucrative online shopping day (Russia Today)

U.S., China to announce deals to reduce military tensions - report (Reuters)

Nile walker faced rat soup and war (CNN)

It's Showtime! Probe Revs Up for Historic Comet Landing (NBC News)

Canadians gather to honour war dead in shadow of deadly Ottawa shooting (Guardian)

War against Isis: PKK commander tasked with the defence of Syrian Kurds claims we will save Kobani' (Independent)

War against Isis: PKK commander tasked with the defence of Syrian Kurds claims 'we will save Kobani' (Independent)

Canada honours war dead weeks after soldiers die in domestic attacks (Reuters)

Pope sets up commission to deal with sex abuse appeals (Reuters)

What Employers Are Doing To Counter Ebola (Forbes)

Doctor: I cried holding Ebola children (CNN)

Cocky fugitive nicked after selfies outside police station (Daily Star)

Sinosphere Blog: Putin Drapes China's First Lady in a Blanket, and Invites Speculation (New York Times - Paywall)

Pregnant US teenager, 14, shot by police in Mexican border town (Guardian)

Rosetta's comet leaves scientists baffled by mysterious sounds recorded near 67P ahead of Philae landing (Daily Mail)

U.S. and China Overcome Hurdles on Technology Pact (New York Times - Paywall)

Comet landing gets green light (CNN)

The death of prominent pastor Myles Munroe leaves behind a ministry struggling to cope (Washington Post - Paywall)

Nationalist groups clash with police in Warsaw on Independence Day (Guardian)

China's Richest Man Calls the Distinction 'A Great Pain' (NBC News)

Rosetta all set for historic but hazardous landing on a comet (Guardian)

Mexican police shoot US teen near border (Fox News)

ESA historic Rosetta mission on course to first-ever comet touchdown (Russia Today)

Landmark ECJ ruling boosts David Cameron's bid to clamp down on EU benefit migrants (Independent)

Africa Cup Disrupted by Ebola Concerns (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Blair: World 'too slow on Ebola' (BBC)

Merkel doubts more Russia sanctions (BBC)

U.S.-China deal on technology trade clears way for global accord (Washington Post - Paywall)

Jennifer Mills-Westley murder: Man who beheaded grandmother wrongly released from care unit' (Independent)

Lara Logan shoots story on Ebola in Liberia, forgets to interview Africans, gets 'self-quarantined' in luxury hotel (Russia Today)

The story of the 'most complicated' watch in the world (BBC)

Hold on, Mr. President FCC rebukes Obama over net neutrality plea (Russia Today)

Would-be police officer Jack McGillivray fined £300 for sending extreme porn to colleagues (Daily Mail)

S. Korean captain sentenced to 36 years in ferry tragedy; families want death penalty (Washington Post - Paywall)

Video shows man squeezing a spot he's had on his neck for 20 years (Daily Mail)

Developer who tore down Georgian greenhouse without permission ordered to rebuild it (Daily Mail)

B&B owner's horror at cannibal death (BBC)

Legal loophole allows Russian lesbian couple to marry because one of them was born a man (Daily Mail)

War dead: Beautiful monuments (CNN)

Bitcoin under your skin: Dutch man embeds chips in hands to store cryptocurrency (Russia Today)

Alibaba and Others Push to Improve Delivery, on Singles' Day in China (New York Times - Paywall)

Morocco Stripped of African Cup of Nations Over Ebola Fears (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

WorldViews: The terrible story of a hunger strike in the shadow of Ebola (Washington Post - Paywall)

Germany: Nuclear talks with Iran nearing make-or-break' moment for deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

Brazilian Police Show High Use of Deadly Force (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Russia to launch alternative to SWIFT bank transaction system in spring 2015 (Russia Today)

CNN to pull the plug on Russia operation (Financial Times - Paywall)

100 Years After World War I Began, Europe Remembers Its End (New York Times - Paywall)

Truth of Ebola epidemic in Liberian slum where footballer George Weah grew up (Daily Mail)

From target man to teacher (BBC)

Russia strains to feed and heat Crimea (Financial Times - Paywall)

Chinese man buys 99 iPhone 6s to propose to girlfriend on Single's Day only to be rejected (Independent)

Chinese man buys 99 iPhone 6s to propose to girlfriend on Single's Day - only to be rejected (Independent)

Hawaii lava flow claims first house as it reaches town (Independent)

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