Monday, 17th November 2014

World News

Flash Points: ISIS executes another American (CBS News)

Missouri governor declares state of emergency in Ferguson (CBS News)

Cautious Missouri declares state of emergency (ALJAZEERA)

Doctor With Ebola Dies in Nebraska (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ISIS hostage Peter Kassig's parents say they'll forgive killers for beheading son (Daily Mail)

Third woman to accuse Bill Cosby of raping her as a teenager speaks out (Daily Mail)

French suspect named in ISIS killings (CNN)

Aid agencies 'exploiting Ebola orphans to fund lavish lifestyle in luxury $800-a-night hotels' (Daily Mail)

Peter Kassig's parents speak for first time since son's death - video (Guardian)

Does video show ISIS on the run? (CNN)

French National Suspected in Peter Kassig Killing (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Palestinian Bus Driver Found Dead in Jerusalem (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

State Of Emergency For Ferguson Decision (Sky News)

Was US hostage killed in American airstrike BEFORE beheading video? Peter Kassig died in bombing raid days in raid days before Jihadi John paraded his severed head, claim Syrian activists (Daily Mail)

Bird flu found at Yorkshire duck farm (Daily Mail)

Kassig family: 'Our hearts will mend' (BBC)

Sheriffs deputy kills woman who grabed stun gun (CBS News)

Protests in Ferguson: 'It's 101 days since Mike Brown was killed. People are pissed off' video (Guardian)

Frenchman said to be among Islamic State militants in beheading video (Los Angeles Times)

Peter Kassig's parents: 'Our hearts are battered, but they will mend' (Guardian)

'Robust action' on UK bird flu case (BBC)

Parents of ISIS victim Peter Kassig: 'Good will prevail' (CNN)

Cleric: ISIS head 'going to hell' (CNN)

Frenchman identified in ISIL beheading video (ALJAZEERA)

EU adopts new bird flu measures (BBC)

Axe-wielding raiders caught on video smashing into Beaverbrooks jewellery store (Daily Mail)

Burglar smashes his way into TV antiques expert's shop in Hythe, Kent in video (Daily Mail)

Kurds say Islamic State militants near defeat in Kobani (Los Angeles Times)

Surgeon brought to US for Ebola treatment dies at Nebraska hospital (Guardian)

Security Analyst Juan Zarate discusses the latest attack on the State Departments email system (CBS News)

Isis jihadists and Assad regime enjoy 'symbiotic' relationship says John Kerry (Guardian)

Peter Kassig beheading: Parents Paula and Ed say they need time to 'mourn, cry and forgive' following their son's murder (Independent)

State of emergency in Missouri (BBC)

'Good Will Prevail': Parents of American Killed by ISIS Speak (NBC News)

Red Cross: Harder to recruit for Ebola than Iraq (CBS News)

VIDEO: Kassig parents: 'Good will prevail' (BBC)

Missouri Governor Declares State of Emergency (NBC News)

Frenchman seen in Islamic State video of beheadings (Reuters)

ISIS fighters from Europe take lead roles in beheading video (CBS News)

Missouri gov. declares state of emergency ahead of Ferguson verdict (Russia Today)

Two Frenchmen and a German jihadist identified as ISIS executioners in beheading video (Daily Mail)

ISIS victim helped war victims (CNN)

Ebola hurting Africa (CNN)

Overweight woman reveals society's disgust at her obesity in powerful new photo series (Daily Mail)

Bird flu found in UK, Netherlands but authorities say little risk to humans (Reuters)

Stars sing again -- for Ebola (CNN)

Nigeria set to extend state of emergency (ALJAZEERA)

Palestinian driver found hanged in Jerusalem bus (Reuters)

Missouri Governor Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Grand Jury Decision (Time Magazine)

Putin vows to protect Ukraine separatists from defeat (Los Angeles Times)

Additive found in soap, toothpaste and shampoo linked to cancer and liver disease (Daily Mail)

Egyptian woman dies of bird flu (BBC)

China and Australia sign landmark free trade deal (Russia Today)

World Cup: Qatar Whistleblowers Complain To FIFA (Sky News)

ISIS victim 'devoted to treating injured' (CNN)

'We used every possible treatment available' Surgeon dies of Ebola in US hospital (Daily Express)

Ruslana Korshunova's desperate last days 'after joining Rose of the World cult' (Daily Mail)

ISIS victim Peter Kassig was hero to Syrians as well as Americans (Daily Mail)

Fire bull' festival in Spain disrupted by animal rights protesters - video (Guardian)

EU Commission adopts emergency measures to contain bird flu in UK, Netherlands (Reuters)

VIDEO: Top Gear comes to China minus Clarkson (BBC)

French Citizen Identified in ISIS Execution Video (Time Magazine)

Peter Kassig murder: experts try to identify foreign jihadis in Isis video (Guardian)

Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka rowed at O2 after comment from world No 2's wife (Daily Mail)

Woman Sues Peppa Pig Producers Over Goat That Shares Her Name (Time Magazine)

Two Frenchmen in Isis video investigated for murder (Guardian)

Sierra Leone doctor dies of Ebola at Nebraska hospital (Reuters)

Hunt for IS killers in Kassig video (BBC)

Shocking viral video of seal RAPING a penguin baffles experts (Daily Star)

ISIS killed nearly 1,500 Syrians outside battle since June monitor (Russia Today)

A world without chocolate? Confection giants sound the alarm (CBS News)

The New Bird Flu Outbreak: Should You Worry? (Time Magazine)

Aerial view of flooding and landslides aftermath in Italy - video (Guardian)

Billy Joel Defends Taylor Swift's New York State of Mind (Time Magazine)

'Further cuts' to benefits needed for George Osborne's increase to state pension (Daily Mail)

Palestinian family rejects suicide verdict on driver found hanged in bus (Independent)

Doctors Without Borders Says DRC Ebola Outbreak Under Control' (Time Magazine)

Doctor Being Treated for Ebola in Omaha Dies (New York Times - Paywall)

Tom Queally found asleep at the wheel is banned from driving (Daily Mail)

Frenchman in Isis beheading video had told TV of caliphate hopes (Guardian)

Putin claims west is provoking Russia into new cold war as spies' deported (Guardian)

VIDEO: 'Bird flu not a threat to food safety' (BBC)

Frenchman Identified as Executioner in ISIS Video (NBC News)

Police hunt for missing Miss World contestant Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alvarado (Daily Mail)

Islamic State boasts influx of foreign recruits in latest beheadings video (Guardian)

Ebola patient Dr. Martin Salia dies in Omaha (CBS News)

Bird Flu Returns: What Past Outbreaks Can Teach Us (Time Magazine)

WorldViews: French wonder if Islamic State executioner is one of their own (Washington Post - Paywall)

WorldViews: German motorcycle gang follows Dutch bikers into fight against Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

Students stuck in lift belt out Aerosmith as they await rescue in video (Daily Mail)

EU targets Ukraine separatists but is split on more Russia sanctions (Reuters)

Your State Bird Could Be Gone By 2080 (Time Magazine)

Nebraska Hospital Recalls Heroic Effort' to Save Ebola Victim Martin Salia (Time Magazine)

Kerry: Isis is wrong to think it can intimidate the world - video (Guardian)

Jihadists attempt to heighten disgust with horrifying new video (Daily Mail)

ISIS's last US hostage is a 26-year-old woman (Daily Mail)

Bird flu case at Yorkshire duck farm (BBC)

Another woman accuses Bill Cosby of rape (Russia Today)

US-led airstrikes great recruiting tool to provide ISIS with cannon fodder' (Russia Today)

UK and Netherlands in bird flu cull (Financial Times - Paywall)

Artillery explosions shake Donetsk airport in east Ukraine (Reuters)

Surgeon with Ebola dies in American hospital (Independent)

Sierra Leone Ebola doctor dies in US (BBC)

Two Merseyside teens arrested over racist graffiti at school of black pupil found dead (Daily Mail)

Petro Poroshenko says Ukraine is ready to go to war with Russia (Daily Mail)

Frenchman is part of ISIS beheading video, Paris prosecutor says (Fox News)

China Caps Big Week of Diplomacy (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Woman in China cut her nephew's penis off when he burst in on her on the loo (Daily Mail)

Isolated at G20, Putin shows he will do it his way in Ukraine (Reuters)

Ebola doctor falls victim to virus (CNN)

Christmas turkey supply could be ruined if bird flu spreads, experts warn (Daily Express)

WorldViews: Listen: The Ebola song that isn't Do They Know It's Christmas?' (Washington Post - Paywall)

World of Warcraft hit by server bugs (BBC)

Peter Kassig's Powerful Silence Before ISIS Beheaded Him (Time Magazine)

Bird flu strain H5N1 kills teenager in Egypt (Daily Mail)

Eights Reasons Why The Peter Kassig Islamic State Video Is A Game-Changer (Huffington Post)

Woman dies and husband treated in decompression chamber after diving accident (Daily Express)

Dramatic Video Shows Strangers Lift Car To Save Trapped Woman After Horrific Crash (Huffington Post)

Elite Saudi troops brace for ISIS returnees (CBS News)

Video: Crowd in China lifts a car off woman following crash (Independent)

Palestinian bus driver found hanged was murdered, say his family (Daily Mail)

Egyptian woman dies from H5N1 bird flu after close contact with infected poultry (Independent)

Nigeria seeks to extend state of emergency in three northern states (Reuters)

Islamic State's 'Progessive Potential' As 'Stabilising Force' Debated By New Left Unity Party (Huffington Post)

Red Cross Officials: Ebola Flaring Anew in Africa (Time Magazine)

Ukraine pushing Europe to WWIII nationalist party leader (Russia Today)

Watch Allison Williams Sing in the New Peter Pan Live! Trailer (Time Magazine)

Israel To Demolish West Bank Homes, While Palestinian Bus Driver Found 'Lynched' (Huffington Post)

How a U.S. woman got stuck in an East Timor jail (CBS News)

What's happened in Ukraine since the ceasefire agreement? (Channel4)

U.S. targets Islamic militants with more airstrikes in Syria, Iraq - Central Command (Reuters)

Brazil's Rousseff tries to boost U.S. ties but state visit up in the air (Reuters)

Protests as Palestinian found hanged on bus (ALJAZEERA)

Is Germany doing enough to tackle Ebola? - video (Channel4)

Peter Kassig murder: police investigate claims Cardiff student is in Isis video (Guardian)

Katherine Heigl's State of Affairs May Not Save Her Reputation (Time Magazine)

Vladimir Putin 'had someone taste his food to check it wasn't poisoned' during the G20 (Daily Mail)

Palestinian bus driver found hanged in Jerusalem, sparks riots amid rumors of foul play (Russia Today)

China opens up $4.2tn stock market to world via Hong Kong (Russia Today)

Dazzling images of a hidden world (CNN)

Rally for woman stripped naked (CNN)

Headteacher pays tribute to five teenage car crash victims - video (Guardian)

MH17 plane crash: new footage emerges of aftermath video (Guardian)

Scientists testing if Yorkshire bird flu case is linked to Netherlands outbreak (Guardian)

Kenyans protest after woman is beaten and stripped in public (Guardian)

First Outbreak of Avian Flu in U.K. Since 2008 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Australia, China Reach Free-Trade Pact (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

WHO Is Wasting Vital Ebola Crisis Cash on Ineffective Smartphone Applications (Huffington Post)

Why murder shows ISIS is in trouble (CNN)

Father denies son in beheading video (BBC)

Now ear this Severed EAR found in city centre (Daily Express)

Thailand: Baby Body Parts Found in U.S.-Bound Parcels (Time Magazine)

Avian Flu Detected in the Netherlands and Britain (New York Times - Paywall)

"I've Watched ALL The West Wing". Student's Note To Uni Over Barack Obama Invite Snub Is Spot On (Huffington Post)

Crowd Lifts Car Off Woman Dragged Under Wheels (Sky News)

Video emerges of MH17 aftermath (CNN)

Doctor dies of Ebola at Nebraska hospital (ALJAZEERA)

German, Dutch, UK bird flu outbreaks could be linked - OIE chief (Reuters)

Ebola in US: Dr Martin Salia dies in Nebraska hospital after contracting disease in Sierra Leone (Independent)

US Ebola patient dies in hospital (Independent)

A doctor's mistaken Ebola test: We were celebrating. . . . Then everything fell apart' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Kaci Hickox accuses governors of exploiting Ebola fears for political gain (Guardian)

European jihadis appear to take lead roles in Islamic State video showing beheaded hostages (Fox News)

Ebola Patient Being Treated in Nebraska Has Died (NBC News)

Nebraska Hospital Says Surgeon From Sierra Leone Dies of Ebola (Time Magazine)

Woman dies in dive centre incident (BBC)

World Cup 2018: Ex-Football Assocation Chair David Bernstein Calls For Uefa Boycott (Huffington Post)

Doctor with Ebola dies at Nebraska hospital (Russia Today)

Sick Baby body parts and adult heart found in DHL packages bound for USA (Daily Star)

He must fear Allah now': UK father says son features in ISIS execution film (Russia Today)

Missing woman case now murder inquiry (BBC)

American Killed by ISIS 'Didn't Give In' to Fear: Friend (NBC News)

VIDEO: 'Goggle camera' records Ebola crisis (BBC)

British and French Militants May Have Been Seen in ISIS Execution Video (New York Times - Paywall)

In pictures: Ebola orphans (BBC)

Britain and America 'leave Isis hostages to die' say captives' relatives (Daily Mail)

The woman with 50 mustaches (CNN)

US ramps up Iraq troop-training mission to counter growing ISIS threat (Russia Today)

4,000-year-old razor used to keep facial hair tidy found in Vengerovo, Russia (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: 'Contagious' bird flu at Dutch farm (BBC)

UK doctor on the Ebola front line (BBC)

Bird flu not found in farms near outbreak site, say Dutch officials (Reuters)

Bird Flu discovered on Yorkshire farm health risk low (Russia Today)

Is Cardiff Medical Student Nasser Muthana Jihad John's Islamic State 'Apprentice'? (Huffington Post)

Baby Body Parts & Adult Heart Found In DHL Packages Bound For USA From Thailand (Huffington Post)

Meet America's Top Ebola Doctor (Time Magazine)

US State Dept locks down email system after suspected hacker attack (Russia Today)

The World Is Running Out Of Chocolate (Partly Because We're Eating Too Much) (Huffington Post)

AUDIO: Ebola vaccine on track for January (BBC)

What is bird flu and why is it in the news again? (Guardian)

British, Dutch Slaughter Poultry to Fight Bird Flu (Time Magazine)

Picture power: End of the line for Putin (BBC)

Suicide or Foul Play? Palestinian Found Hanged (NBC News)

From Vlad to worse: He was snubbed at the airport, made to sit alone at dinner, shunted to the edge of the family photo and condemned by world leaders it's no wonder President Putin was Russian to leave the G20 summit (Daily Mail)

Youtube video that shows homeless man's daily struggles on Austin's streets goes viral (Independent)

Deadly flooding in Italy and Switzerland - video (Channel4)

The Arizona woman who suffers up to 180 orgasms in just two HOURS (Daily Mail)

Bird flu risk to humans very low, says UK's chief vet video (Guardian)

On front lines in eastern Ukraine (CNN)

NATO: Russian tanks in Ukraine (CNN)

4 more Aussies join ISIS in Syria, social media blamed (Russia Today)

Punchbag Putin beats hasty retreat (CNN)

Baby body parts found inside Bangkok package destined for Las Vegas (Daily Mail)

Abdul-Rahman Kassig's parents say they're 'heartbroken' over his beheading by ISIS (Daily Mail)

China says its aid must not interfere in other nations' affairs (Reuters)

Hack Fears Shut Down State Department Email (Sky News)

MH17 crash wreckage removal starts in eastern Ukraine video (Guardian)

Families of Lebanese soldiers held captive by Islamic militants block roads following threats (Fox News)

AUDIO: Kassig recording released by parents (BBC)

Outbreak of Bird Flu hits Brit duck breeding farm (Daily Star)

French jihadi believed among killers in beheadings by Islamic State group (Fox News)

Bird Flu Confirmed At Yorkshire Duck Farm In First UK Case In 6 Years (Huffington Post)

Could coffee prevent obesity? Chemical in the drink found to halt weight gain (Daily Mail)

Xi says China won't use force to achieve aims (ALJAZEERA)

Students from China still flocking to US (Financial Times - Paywall)

British farm hit by bird flu outbreak (Daily Express)

British woman in Goa 'knocked out by thieves using chemicals during burglary' (Daily Mail)

The World Could Be Heading Toward a Global Shortage of Chocolate (Time Magazine)

US men wanted over baby body parts found in Thailand (Guardian)

Ebola Among Top Three Health Concerns for Americans: Study (Time Magazine)

FIFA critics say Garcia should resign or leak the entire investigation into World Cup bids (Fox News)

Husband secretly films his wife 'being herself' and rapping along to Salt-N-Pepa's 'None of your business' before uploading it to YouTube for the whole world to watch (Daily Mail)

Peppa Pig sued by woman called Gabriella Goat (Daily Mail)

Dictator Kim in Qatar 2022 World Cup slave labour scam (Daily Star)

As Somerset faces new floods, we're set to pay £600m for Third World flood defences (Daily Mail)

Hilarious video shows tired baby boy desperately trying to stay awake and feed himself, but can't help it and falls asleep in his high chair (Daily Mail)

Meet the young woman who suffers from anorgasmia (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Bernstein calls for World Cup boycott (BBC)

Did ISIS hostage Peter Kassig REFUSE to read jihadist speech in murder video? (Daily Mail)

11/16: ISIS executes another American hostage; New Jersey dig site reveals exciting fossils (CBS News)

Peter Kassig beheading video labelled an act of 'pure evil' by US President Obama (Independent)

Peter Kassig beheading video labelled act of 'pure evil' by President Obama (Independent)

How France's philandering President sent 29 texts A DAY to win back the First Lady he cheated... even when he was meant to be meeting Obama and Putin (Daily Mail)

Xi Jinping says China will always seek to resolve disputes peacefully (Guardian)

China and Australia seal trade deal (BBC)

VIDEO: Driverless cars compete in China (BBC)

Vaccinate Yourself Against 5 Common Flu Myths (Forbes)

David Cameron Warns World Is 'Teetering On The Brink' Of Second Global Financial Crash (Huffington Post)

Passengers Arriving in the U.S. From Mali Will Now Be Screened for Ebola (Time Magazine)

ISIS video 'sign of desperation' (CNN)

How is this video different? (CNN)

Putin says peace in east Ukraine is possible, but both sides not fully upholding a peace deal (Fox News)

China and Australia sign agreement ending almost a decade of free-trade negotiations (Fox News)

U.S. hostage Peter Kassig killed by Islamic State (Reuters)

State Department Shuts Down Unclassified Email System Over Hacker Attack (Time Magazine)

Police officers told not to wear their uniforms to work or talk about jobs on social media amid fears Islamic extremists are plotting to target them on the streets (Daily Mail)

Bernstein call to boycott World Cup (BBC)

Missouri woman sentenced for extreme abuse of her children (CBS News)

Obama calls ISIL beheading 'act of pure evil' (ALJAZEERA)

China and Australia agree trade deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

US Aid Worker Beheading 'Pure Evil' - Obama (Sky News)

Alan Jones tells Tony Abbott the China free trade deal doesn't pass the 'pub test' video (Guardian)

U.S. aid worker Peter Kassig beheaded by Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

New Ebola Patient in U.S. in Critical Condition (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ukraine Crisis Casts Shadow Over G-20 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Bird flu detected on duck breeding farm in Yorkshire (Guardian)

Dandano Journal: Fear of Ebola Opens Wary Villages to Outsiders in Guinea (New York Times - Paywall)

Ebola Surgeon 'Extremely Critical' in U.S. Hospital (NBC News)

Australia and China successfully conclude 9 years of negotiations on free-trade deal (Fox News)

China Stock-Market Link Shows Promise and Frustration of Beijing's Reforms (Time Magazine)

Obama Condemns Islamic State's Killing of Peter Kassig (New York Times - Paywall)

State Department email system hacked, shut down (CBS News)

Viewpoint: How Iran and world powers can reach nuclear deal (BBC)

China Reverses Opposition to G-20 Anticorruption Plan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The woman who suffers up to 180 orgasms in just two HOURS: Mother suffers incurable condition that causes persistent arousal and leads to orgasms in supermarkets and on the school run (Daily Mail)

Putin leaves G20 after verbal jabs (CNN)

'Found My Calling': ISIS Victim Died Serving Mideast's Vulnerable (NBC News)

Obama Looks to Jump-Start Export Push (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Unexploded Ordnance Proves Deadly in Eastern Ukraine (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Highly contagious bird flu strain found at Dutch farm (Guardian)

Russia fears ethnic cleansing in Ukraine amid rise of neo-Nazism Putin (Russia Today)

Texas woman sues owner of dog killed by her pit bulls (CBS News)

Animal Crackers: Fun facts about the world we live in (Daily Express)

Obama confirms death of US hostage Peter Kassig after Isis releases video (Guardian)

Outpouring of support at memorial for baby in viral video (CBS News)

More than 25,000 British military personnel found to be obese over past four years (Daily Mail)

Fire in China carrot-packaging plant kills at least 18 (Fox News)

Islamic State Video Claims Beheading of American (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

State Department Hit by Cyberattack (NBC News)

Peter Kassig's parents issue emotional statement after ISIS beheading video (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: US hostage killing pure evil - Obama (BBC)

Hong Kong Protesters in China Flight Ban (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Putin: Supporting Russophobia in Ukraine will result in catastrophe' (Russia Today)

Putin says he's convinced solution to Ukraine crisis possible (Reuters)

Obama slams aid worker's beheading as 'pure evil' (CNN)

IS hostage killing pure evil - Obama (BBC)

U.S. to Begin Screening Travelers From Mali for Ebola (NBC News)

Gulf state ambassadors return to Qatar after eight-month rift (Guardian)

Op-Ed Contributor: Egypt's New Police State (New York Times - Paywall)

Islamic State beheads American Kassig; Obama condemns act of pure evil' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ukraine crisis: Artillery fire in Donetsk after warning about fresh rebel offensives (Independent)

US confirms Isis has killed US hostage (Financial Times - Paywall)

Did Peter Kassig Refuse To Speak Islamic State Propaganda Before Murder? (Huffington Post)

G20 commits to higher growth, fight climate change; Russia isolated over Ukraine (Reuters)

Peter Kassig death: He just wanted to help people' a devoted humanitarian who embraced values of Islam (Independent)

Sweden Considers Special Labels for Sexist Video Games (Time Magazine)

Obama confirms death of Peter Kassig, US aid worker held hostage by Isis (Guardian)

Peter Kassig death: A new Isis video but a different ending. What could it mean? (Independent)

Peter Kassig death: A new Isis video, but a different ending. What could it mean? (Independent)

Peter Kassig beheading: A new Isis video, but a different ending. What could it mean? (Independent)

Surgeon being treated for Ebola in Nebraska critical (CBS News)

ISIS Killing of American 'Act of Pure Evil': Obama (NBC News)

Isis in Syria: The militia that has transcended tribal divisions to fight Islamic State (Independent)

Dutch Investigators Collect Debris From Malaysian Plane Downed Over Ukraine (New York Times - Paywall)

New ISIS video shows beheading of American hostage Peter Kassig (Fox News)

Dispatches from the Ebola zone: The traumas and successes of working in a Sierra Leone treatment centre (Independent)

US immigration: Will Obama win? (ALJAZEERA)

Putin leaves G-20 summit early, as world leaders turn on the heat over Ukraine (Washington Post - Paywall)

Latest Islamic State horror masks a week of defeats (Guardian)

Obama Rebukes Russia Over Its Actions in Ukraine (New York Times - Paywall)

Putin denies pressure led to early G-20 summit exit (CBS News)

Bird flu discovery at Dutch chicken farm raises alarm (CBS News)

Bird Flu Confirmed at Dutch Chicken Farm (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Back Injury Forces Roger Federer Out of ATP World Tour Final Match (Time Magazine)

Peter Kassig 'saved countless lives' in Syria - video (Channel4)

Prominent Afghan woman survives bombing, but 3 others die (Los Angeles Times)

US 'increasingly convinced' that Isis hostage Peter Kassig is dead (Guardian)

Video of MH17 Crash Emerges as Officials Begin Clearing Debris (Time Magazine)

Bird flu confirmed at Netherlands chicken farm (Independent)

Heavy shelling rocks rebel-held Donetsk in east Ukraine (Reuters)

Brazil's president says probe of bribes inside state oil company could change the country (Fox News)

Grisly Video Claims 'Treasured' U.S. Aid Worker Killed by ISIS (NBC News)

Mali on high alert with new Ebola cluster (Fox News)

Dutch authorities begin slaughter of 150,000 chickens as bird flu is discovered at huge poultry farm (Daily Mail)

Putin walks out of G20 summit 'to sleep' (ALJAZEERA)

White House Confirms Latest ISIS Beheading (Time Magazine)

ISIS releases Peter Kassig beheading video (Daily Mail)

How can Isis afford its own currency? (Guardian)

Isis claims responsibility for car bomb that wounds five near Baghdad airport (Guardian)

Ebola patient at Nebraska hospital is in 'hour-by-hour situation' (Guardian)

U.S. Believes ISIS Video Shows Peter Kassig, American Hostage, After Beheading (New York Times - Paywall)

Work starts in Ukraine to collect wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (Los Angeles Times)

Rat poison chemical found in antibiotics linked to Indian sterilisation deaths (Daily Mail)

Peter Kassig death: David Cameron condemns Isis video showing the 'savage murder of a compassionate man' (Independent)

Russian for the Exit: Putin Denies Fleeing Summit (NBC News)

Under-fire Putin in early exit from G20 (Financial Times - Paywall)

Putin ditches G20 (CNN)

Why China is the world's tech capital (CNN)

Peter Kassig beheading video: Family issues appeal over Isis footage showing US aid worker's apparent murder (Independent)

ISIS video claims U.S. aid worker beheaded (CBS News)

Toothless Bengal tiger kills woman in India before dying of illness two days later (Independent)

Dutch ban poultry transport over highly pathogenic' bird flu strain (Russia Today)

Eyewitness: Donetsk, Ukraine (Guardian)

Peter Kassig: Ex-Soldier Turned Aid Worker (Sky News)

Workers recover debris from MH17 crash site in rebel-held eastern Ukraine (Guardian)

Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia must take action against funding Islamic State (Daily Mail)

Tough treatment: Doctors in war-torn Ukraine (Russia Today)

ISIS has 200,000-strong force, says Kurdish leader (Russia Today)

Counsellor quits after telling depressed woman 'having sex with him' was part of therapy (Daily Star)

Target Worker Photographed Woman in Dressing Room: Cops (NBC News)

NHS surgeon struck off for sectarian violence flees Britain to front Taliban recruitment video (Independent)

The response that will win the Ebola war (CNN)

Recovery operation to collect MH17 debris underway - video (Channel4)

Islamic State militants murder US aid worker Kassig (Channel4)

'He loved our kisses, hugs and cuddles... but I broke his heart': Triple police killer Harry Roberts had affair with woman 27 years his junior as he served life in prison (Daily Mail)

Putin leaves G-20 early as Obama, European leaders meet on Ukraine (Los Angeles Times)

Obama dismisses renewed criticism of health-care law in wake of Gruber video (Washington Post - Paywall)

NHS surgeon who fled Britain to become senior Taliban leader appears in chilling recruitment video urging foreign jihadists to join him (Daily Mail)

Stretch of New High-Speed Rail Opened in Restive Western China (New York Times - Paywall)

Putin leaves G-20 summit as Obama, European leaders meet on Ukraine (CBS News)

Gerges: Video 'a desperate move' (CNN)

ISIS executioner Jihadi John wounded in airstrike - reports (Russia Today)

Ex-Army chief calls for British troops 'on the ground' after Peter Kassig murder (Daily Express)

Australian Sky Stars in Greek Tourism Video (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

David Cameron horrified by sickening IS video appearing to show murder of US aid worker (Daily Star)

ISIS video shows beheading of US hostage Peter Kassig (Russia Today)

Afghan woman MP survives car attack (BBC)

Did China steal stealth fighter design? (CNN)

Putin Leaves G-20 Summit Early (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Putin: Economic blockade of E. Ukraine a big mistake' (Russia Today)

Ukraine rebel areas lose funding (BBC)

Ukraine to close state offices, bank services in rebel-held east (Washington Post - Paywall)

Putin faces isolation at G-20 conference (Los Angeles Times)

Ukraine scraps human rights treaty for rebel areas, cuts services, freezes banks (Russia Today)

Surgeon with Ebola treated in US (BBC)

Islamic State fighters are retreating from Baiji oil refinery, Iraq officials say (Washington Post - Paywall)

Amid Ukraine crisis, Putin gets icy reception at G-20 (CBS News)

Islamic State Says It Plans to Issue Its Own Currency (New York Times - Paywall)

In Egypt, Jihadists Release Video of an October Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

Putin to head home early from G20 - video (Channel4)

Is President Obama serious about climate change? - video (Channel4)

Top General Arrives in Baghdad to See U.S. Contribution in Fight Against ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Listening Post: Finishing Asia Tour, Obama Promotes More Ambitious Foreign Policy (New York Times - Paywall)

Putin Gets a Cool Reception From G-20 (New York Times - Paywall)

Wife reveals Ebola patients last words before leaving for U.S. (CBS News)

Congo Says Its Ebola Outbreak Is Over (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Dylan Thomas notes found 70 years on (CNN)

Has ISIS peaked? (CNN)

Bono on Band Aid 30: Ebola is a 'political failure' - video (Channel4)

On Asia trip, Obama makes the case for U.S. relevance and his own (Washington Post - Paywall)

Putin puts move on China's first lady (CNN)

Ebola cases plummet in Liberian hot spot as aid groups gain community trust (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ebola Deaths Surpass 5,100, WHO Says (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ISIS 'amputates smokers' fingers' (CNN)

WorldViews: Should Westerners who joined the Islamic State be barred from returning home? (Washington Post - Paywall)

Russia readies for oil price collapse over Ukraine - video (Channel4)

British foreign policy 'fosters ideologies of hate' - video (Channel4)

London's World War I Exhibit and Other Memorable Memorials (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

WorldViews: How a Chechen leader's obsession with Instagram and the Islamic State turned awkward (Washington Post - Paywall)

I Got Ebola and Survived (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama takes on role as adviser and ally for Burma's pro-democracy aspirations (Washington Post - Paywall)

Does Bob Geldof know Africa's Ebola aid songs? (Channel4)

French 'train surfers' video themselves dicing with death (Channel4)

Woman cleared of funding terrorism told to 'cover up' (Channel4)

Fossil-hunting: Bone China (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Fifa wrong on world cup report, says investigator (Channel4)

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