Wednesday, 3rd December 2014

World News

Grand jury does not indict in Eric Garner death (CBS News)

Report: Hundreds of police killings not reported to FBI (CBS News)

VIDEO: No charges in police chokehold case (BBC)

Uncle of 12-year-old shot by Cleveland cop calls for changes in police training (CBS News)

Robertson stunned by Dott in UK (BBC)

Cosby urged to allow court cases (BBC)

Abu Dhabi authorities release video of suspect in Americans murder (CBS News)

Iran Attacked ISIS in Iraq, Pentagon Officials Say (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Prosecutors Say Video Shows Captain Leaving Doomed Ship (NBC News)

New York Protests Held Over Grand Jury Decision No To Indict Cop Over Eric Garner's Death (Huffington Post)

Lawmakers Call for Federal Investigation Into Chokehold Death (Time Magazine)

Kerry: attacks are slowing Isis advance but defeating jihadis could take years (Guardian)

World Briefing: Bombing in Yemen Targets Iranian Envoy's Home (New York Times - Paywall)

Minnesota judge asked to detain alleged ISIS recruit (CBS News)

Court Relieves Perry From Death Penalty Dilemma (NBC News)

Woman in burqa in Abu Dhabi lay in wait for woman before stabbing her (Daily Mail)

Eric Garner chokehold case: Police officer Daniel Pantaleo not charged (Independent)

Lebanon says detained woman was Baghdadi wife for three months (Reuters)

Lebanon: Woman Identified Herself as Baghdadi's Wife (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Supreme Court Weighs Job Protections for Pregnant Workers (NBC News)

Ferguson redux? St. Louis Bosnians on edge after hammer attack (CBS News)

Bill Cosby sued by woman who claims he sexually assaulted her at Playboy Mansion (Daily Mail)

Couple cleared in daughters death leave behind lengthy saga (CBS News)

US officer not indicted in chokehold death (ALJAZEERA)

American school teacher stabbed to death in Abu Dhabi (CBS News)

Mexico federal police and soldiers to patrol Acapulco, 20 more townships north of resort (Fox News)

WorldViews: As heroic woman is buried, Germans ask: Would we have been as courageous? (Washington Post - Paywall)

British expat dies of hypothermia after falling into ditch near his home in Tuscany (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: Police investigate the mysterious stabbing death of an American teacher in an Abu Dhabi bathroom (Washington Post - Paywall)

Assad mocks U.S. airstrikes on ISIS as not "serious" (CBS News)

Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Pregnancy Discrimination Case (Time Magazine)

No indictment in U.S. chokehold death (CNN)

No Formal Police Investigation Yet in UVA Rape Case (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Veiled killer flees supermarket after stabbing teacher to death (Daily Star)

Amazing moment rare armadillo-like animal fends off FIVE lions thanks to armour-plating (Daily Express)

Report: Grand Jury Declines to Indict NYPD Officer in Eric Garner Chokehold Death (Time Magazine)

Iran Targets ISIS With Airstrikes in Iraq (New York Times - Paywall)

Iraqi official casts doubt on claims of ISIS leaders wife arrest (CBS News)

Trapped by ISIS 'she blew herself up' (CNN)

Grand jury doesn't indict NYPD officer accused in chokehold death - reports (Russia Today)

U.S. believes Iran launched air raids on Islamic State in Iraq (Reuters)

Blitzen the reindeer's antlers fall off the day before Christmas attraction is due to open (Daily Mail)

Nurse 'stabbed to death by her married stalker ex-lover Dariusz Miakienko (Daily Mail)

Police give new info on deadly Tenn. school bus crash (CBS News)

Couple cleared over death leave Qatar (CNN)

Ebola Death Toll Tops 6,000, WHO Says (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Wisconsin State University student Brooke Baures found dead in dumbwaiter food elevator (Independent)

Scott Panetti: US appeals court grants stay of execution for mentally ill death row inmate (Independent)

Grenade blast injures two in Kenya town near Somali border - police (Reuters)

US: Any Iran strikes on IS positive (BBC)

John Kerry refuses to comment on possible Iranian strikes on Isis - video (Guardian)

Ian Griffin 'drove Mercedes into front door of girlfriend's home and then beat her' (Daily Mail)

CIA live-tweet inaccuracies in Katherine Heigl's new show State of Affairs (Daily Mail)

Damning video in cruise liner trial (CNN)

Ex-officer receives death threats (CNN)

Hong Kong protests: Occupy Central leaders surrender to police to jeers from pro-Beijing protesters (Independent)

Russia Today UK Is Bad News - But Even Tyrants Have a Right to Free Speech (Huffington Post)

France is ready to increase airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq (Fox News)

Iraqi Leader Seeks Additional Aid in ISIS Fight (New York Times - Paywall)

Anti-Semitic Attack Reported Near Paris (New York Times - Paywall)

Driverless car UK test cities named (BBC)

U.S woman murdered in mall toilet (CNN)

Saudi woman driving blog 'arrest' (BBC)

Execution of Delusional' Death Row Inmate Scott Panetti Halted (Time Magazine)

Ex-rebels in Central African Republic attack officials trying to re-exert control in north (Fox News)

UK court rejects appeal bid by soldiers' killers (Fox News)

Mars One whittles down its shortlist of hopefuls wanting to live on the red planet - but Chris Hadfield warns mission may never lift off (Daily Mail)

Sri Lankan Catholics Urge Pope Francis to Put Off Visit (New York Times - Paywall)

Terminal cancer sufferer Richard Potts tells how he doesn't fear death after meeting long-lost daughter (Daily Mail)

Autistic boy 'lucky to be alive' after teenagers chased him and slashed his neck in unprovoked attack (Daily Mail)

Woman in China loses control of her car and plummets into a roadside river (Daily Mail)

Why It's Hard to Tell How Many People Are Killed by Police Each Year (Time Magazine)

Hong Kong's Occupy leaders surrender to police, along with 62 others (Los Angeles Times)

LOBSTER-ZILLA: Giant beast that can bear hug a man caught off California coast (Daily Star)

Court to rule on Thai murders trial (BBC)

Court Halts Execution of 'Delusional' Death Row Inmate (NBC News)

More Game of Thrones Cast Set to Join Video Game Adaptation (Time Magazine)

US and Iran have been forced on to the same side by Isis (Guardian)

Funeral for 'brave' German woman (BBC)

'This is a moment for Britain to be proud of' Government will finally pay off WWI debt (Daily Express)

Amanda Holden poses for selfie with fans before taking off on the back of a motorbike (Daily Express)

Kerry: Well fight ISIS "for as long as it takes" (CBS News)

UK has b******t attitude' towards immigration UN investigator (Russia Today)

Doctors remove two-inch PENKNIFE from stomach of Indian baby which had been tied round his neck to ward off evil spirits (Daily Mail)

Killing in the name of Kim Jong-un launches attack on others named 'Kim Jong-un' (Daily Star)

Watch overloaded truck teeter and tip over on motorway in China (Independent)

Portugal top court rejects motion to free ex-PM in graft case (Reuters)

Ecuadorean police reportedly harass environmentalists going to climate conference in Peru (Fox News)

Los Angeles father Roman Atwood pretends to throw his toddler son off balcony in prank (Daily Mail)

Pakistan police allegedly 'baton charge' blind men protesting on International Day of Persons with Disabilities (Independent)

China loser in corruption ranking (CNN)

Israeli politicians move to dissolve Knesset triggering elections video (Guardian)

Why are people protesting in Mexico? video (Guardian)

Iran conducted air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq, says Pentagon video report (Guardian)

Hong Kong 'Occupy' leaders surrender as pro-democracy protests appear to wither (Reuters)

Iran may have bombed ISIS in Iraq (CNN)

100-year payback: UK pledges to honor all World War I debts, a century later (Russia Today)

Iranian air force bombs Isis targets in Iraq, says Pentagon (Guardian)

Global corruption index: Australia drops out of top 10 countries and UK 'not good enough' (Independent)

This Is What It's Like to Direct Beyonc in a Music Video (Time Magazine)

Cut Video time-lapse film reveals the past century of hairstyles in 60 seconds (Daily Mail)

Manchester thief raids pensioner's home as victim works yards away (Daily Mail)

Peter Mills-Coles died from major internal injuries after falling off his bike (Daily Mail)

Kent woman with inoperable cancer given dream wedding by generous well-wishers (Daily Mail)

Autumn Statement 2014: Osborne Accused Of 'Warped View' Of UK Housing Market (Huffington Post)

Baffled biologists fear hottest summer on record has lured bizarre sea creatures to UK (Daily Express)

Anni Dewani's brother urges South African judge to continue case video (Guardian)

UN nuclear agency to call on members to help fund extended monitoring of interim Iran deal (Fox News)

Turkish MPs pass bill shaking up judiciary, boosting police powers (Reuters)

Why is this valley home to supercars? (CNN)

'Significant damage' inflicted on ISIS but fight could take years, warns John Kerry (Daily Mail)

Can Becky G Actually Stop Dancing? An Investigation into Her New Video (Time Magazine)

Assad: Airstrikes 'not changing' ISIS (CNN)

David Simpson bled to death after fall because drugs stopped blood clotting (Daily Mail)

Crimewatch appeal after sex attack (BBC)

Exonerated in Qatar, American Couple Head Home (New York Times - Paywall)

Meet 'Hungry Hamza' - the cat loving ISIS fighter from London (Daily Mail)

Is detained woman ISIS leader's wife? (CNN)

This Video Of Four Men Hammering A Tent Peg Into The Ground Is Very Impressive (And Oddly Mesmerising) (Huffington Post)

China says Britain has 'no sovereignty or moral responsibility' for Hong Kong (Daily Mail)

Gangland execution video in Brazil found on teen's mobile after being stopped for speeding (Daily Mail)

Suicide Car Bomb Hits Iran Envoy's Residence in Yemen, Three Dead (New York Times - Paywall)

Osborne: UK lead role in Mars mission (BBC)

Exit South Stream, enter Turk Stream (Russia Today)

British police quiz sex offender in Madeleine McCann case (Fox News)

Sir Cliff Richard has suffered reduction in UK airplay since home raid (Daily Mail)

UK govt: Half of pregnant women should use midwives, not hospitals (Russia Today)

Egypt Sentences Nearly 200 to Die in Mass Trial Over Killings of Police (New York Times - Paywall)

Detained woman is not al-Baghdadi's wife, Iraqi official claims (Independent)

U.S. Pledges to Fight Islamic State 'For as Long as It Takes' (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Inside Kobani: The female fighters taking on Isis (Independent)

Hong Kong Protests Divide Along Generations (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

L.A. couple, cleared in daughter's death after legal saga, leave Qatar (Los Angeles Times)

Egypt Court Sentences 188 to Death (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hong Kong protest leaders throw in the towel (CBS News)

UK targets multinationals with Google tax' (Financial Times - Paywall)

Woman detained in Lebanon is not Isis leader's wife, says Iraq (Guardian)

Pentagon: Iran Appears to Be Launching Airstrikes Against ISIS in Iraq (Time Magazine)

Police investigate ties between Rome gangsters, corrupt politicians over lucrative contracts (Fox News)

Time-lapse video captures a young dog transform into an adult (Daily Mail)

Woman pays tribute to WW1 hero grandfather (Daily Express)

Afghanistan says 760,000 refugees risk deportation from Iran (Reuters)

Barrister cleared of letting her dog run wild in Greenwich Park after it bit police horse (Daily Mail)

Occupy trio surrender to HK police (BBC)

American mother murdered by knife-wielding burqa-clad woman at Abu Dhabi mall (Daily Mail)

International court judges issue ultimatum to prosecutors in Kenya president case (Fox News)

Belgian legislators refine text recognizing Palestinian state; government holds off on timing (Fox News)

Autumn Statement 2014: Osborne Admits Deficit Reduction Off Target (Huffington Post)

China Expresses Interest in EU's Investment Plan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Borrowing up but millions better off with stamp duty, ISA and flight duty overhaul (Daily Express)

Siday director guilty of manslaughter after worker was crushed to death (Daily Mail)

Afghan Taliban attacks rise, UK ex-army chief plays down resurgence fears (Russia Today)

Eight primary school children taken to hospital and 20 treated by paramedics after lorry slams into coach that was taking them home from carol concert (Daily Mail)

Osborne: UK 'on path to prosperity' (BBC)

Iraq says woman detained in Lebanon is not Baghdadi wife (Reuters)

Bristol police hunt for missing Charlotte Bevan with her newborn (Daily Mail)

Al Shabaab kills 4 in AU convoy attack (CNN)

China slips in corruption index (Financial Times - Paywall)

Somali Militants Kill 36 in Kenya Attack (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Report Condemns Police Torture in Philippines (New York Times - Paywall)

Ingenuity keeps Iran's Vietnam war-era planes flying in fight against Isis (Guardian)

Bristol University students asked to kiss strangers in awkward video (Daily Mail)

Littlewoods accused of ripping off customers with Christmas gift payment plans (Daily Mail)

Dying to get here: the boat that became a tomb - video (Channel4)

Watch driver in China crash car into river and escape unscathed (Independent)

Yemen: At least 2 people die in car bombing near Iranian ambassador's home (Los Angeles Times)

Hong Kong Occupy protest leaders surrender to police video (Guardian)

Steven Mutch battered boyfriend to death with table leg then watched England football match (Daily Mail)

Kidney death man told donor was ill (BBC)

Suffolk woman who woke up unable to move or speak launches modelling career (Daily Mail)

Twitter Mocks Sun's Russell Brand 'Hypocrite' Attack With Hilarious #TheSunLogic Hashtag (Huffington Post)

Japanese Hayabusa-2 Launches On Collision Court With Asteroid (Huffington Post)

Iran Appears to Be Bombing ISIS in Iraq, Pentagon Says (NBC News)

Three Somalis killed in attack on U.N. convoy in capital (Reuters)

Peter Piot who discovered Ebola slams WHO for taking months to declare state of emergency (Daily Mail)

Iran denies bombing ISIL targets in Iraq (ALJAZEERA)

Sinosphere Blog: China Slips in Corruption Perceptions Report (New York Times - Paywall)

American couple cleared in daughter's death set to leave Qatar (Fox News)

EU companies face 2.5bn in losses over South Stream abandonment (Russia Today)

Suicide car bomb hits Iran envoy's house in Yemen, three reported dead (Reuters)

Syrian president claims US-led airstrikes against Islamic State group not serious or efficient (Fox News)

Yotaphone 2 double-sided mobile handset with e-book launches in UK (Daily Mail)

Iraqi government denies woman detained in Lebanon was IS leader's wife (Washington Post - Paywall)

Blast kills 6 at Iran diplomat's home (CNN)

US school teacher stabbed to death in Abu Dhabi (Fox News)

Victim's family asks accused husband to testify in South African court in ongoing murder trial (Fox News)

Woman held 'is not IS leader's wife' (BBC)

'Invincible' turtle that fought off crocodile and got hit by boat returned to wild after recovery (Independent)

Pentagon says Iran bombs ISIS in Iraq, Tehran 'cannot confirm' (Russia Today)

Egyptian court issues death sentence to 188 people 'who massacred 11 policemen' (Daily Mail)

Occupy Central leaders surrender to Hong Kong police (Guardian)

Why Iraq Is Pumping Oil Like Crazy, Despite ISIS (NBC News)

Woman Connected to ISIS Leader Held in Lebanon (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

UK Treasury chief to unveil economic plans ahead of next year's elections (Fox News)

Hong Kong Protest Leaders Attempt to Surrender to Police (Time Magazine)

The woman trying to tame the rouble (Financial Times - Paywall)

WorldViews: 200,000 dead? Why Syria's rising death toll is so divisive (Washington Post - Paywall)

WorldViews: The Pakistani origins of the Israeli state (Washington Post - Paywall)

BREAKING: Police hunt for 'out of character' mum with missing newborn (Daily Star)

Government to pay off WW1 debt (BBC)

Perception of corruption in China and Turkey rises (Guardian)

'Pantyhose Prankster' Stabbed to Death: Police (NBC News)

Yemen car bomb targets Iran ambassador (Guardian)

Home Births Could Be The Best Option For Future Mothers To Avoid Surgical Interventions (Huffington Post)

Police hunt for mother who disappeared from hospital with her 4-day-old newborn baby girl (Daily Express)

Diplomats worldwide ready to take down ISIS (Fox News)

Egyptian court sentences almost 200 people to death just days after former president Mubarak is cleared on legal technicality (Independent)

3 Hong Kong Protest Leaders Turn Themselves In to Police (New York Times - Paywall)

Woman commits suicide by freezer (Daily Star)

Taiwan's ruling party in crisis as China factor looms large (Reuters)

Home birth 'could be best for mums' (BBC)

At least three Somalis killed in attack on U.N. convoy in capital - police (Reuters)

Woman arrested in Lebanon not ISIS leader's wife, Iraqi official says (Fox News)

HIV positive woman finally has the family she always longed for (Daily Mail)

Suicide attack hits United Nations convoy in Somalia; 3 dead (Los Angeles Times)

Stereosonic festival reveller who tried to take photos with CREDIT CARD caught on video (Daily Mail)

Harry Enfield strips off to spoof Southern Comfort advert for Save The Children (Daily Mail)

German murder police 'cold' to family (BBC)

Sister of Briti Jihadi who posed with son and AK47 urges him to return to UK (Daily Mail)

Court 'must hear Myanmar death case' (BBC)

Funeral for woman who protected girls from harassment expected to draw thousands of mourners (Fox News)

Iran jet fighters bomb IS militants in Iraq (Channel4)

Pre-Charge Police Bail: An Assault on Liberty (Huffington Post)

Former Labour minister Michael Meacher pleas to let off thieves if they've lost their benefits (Daily Mail)

Fraudsters target elderly with bogus phone calls from banks or the police (Daily Mail)

Iranian jets target Isis in eastern Iraq (Financial Times - Paywall)

Indictment Decision In NYC Chokehold Death Expected Soon (Time Magazine)

Iraqi official denies woman arrested in Lebanon is wife of Islamic State group leader (Fox News)

The South African domestic worker taking country's Masterchef competition by storm: Siphokazi is two rounds away from winning and raising profile of 'forgotten army' (Daily Mail)

China and Turkey fall behind in global corruption index (Reuters)

Iran launched airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq, Pentagon says (Fox News)

Sinosphere Blog: An Addict on the Jade Trail to China (New York Times - Paywall)

Iran launches piloted air strikes against Isis, flying in to Iraqi airspace for first time (Independent)

Ryde Academy head sent 40 girls home in a day as their skirts were too short (Daily Mail)

Egypt sentences 185 to death over attack (ALJAZEERA)

California woman sues Cosby, claiming sexual abuse (CBS News)

Iraqis fleeing Islamic State group find differing levels of aid amid renewed sectarian tension (Fox News)

3 Hong Kong protest leaders turn themselves in after call to withdraw from streets (Fox News)

Zimbabwe's Mugabe says deputy planned to unseat him - state media (Reuters)

Pakistan police register blasphemy case against 'disco mullah' (Reuters)

The moving order of service for Phillip Hughes' funeral as his home town Macksville (Daily Mail)

China mistress jailed over bribery (BBC)

Yemeni officials: car bomb targets home of Iranian ambassador in capital (Fox News)

Egyptian Court Sentences 188 People to Death (Time Magazine)

Joe Hockey: national accounts show some economic growth improving - video (Guardian)

Space rock mission: Japan's asteroid-exploring Hayabusa-2 blasts off (Russia Today)

Police departments weigh use of body cameras (CBS News)

China Tumbles in Annual Corruption Index (Time Magazine)

WorldViews: China launched an anti-corruption campaign last year. So why is its reputation getting worse? (Washington Post - Paywall)

Mistress of corrupt China official sentenced to 5 years for helping facilitate bribery (Fox News)

Why do we overlook the criminal state of mind? (BBC)

Oil price slide a mixed blessing for China (Financial Times - Paywall)

Sinosphere Blog: Chinese Wildlife Traders Find a Home Online (New York Times - Paywall)

Occupy leaders in Hong Kong seek protests' end, plan to surrender (Los Angeles Times)

Report Says Cyberattacks Originated Inside Iran (New York Times - Paywall)

Reported arrest in Lebanon of Islamic State leader's wife unconfirmed (Los Angeles Times)

Recent Iran airstrikes in Iraq help drive Islamic State from 2 towns (Los Angeles Times)

French Lawmakers Vote to Recognize Palestinian State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Woman Says Cosby Molested Her When She Was 15 in New Suit (NBC News)

VIDEO: Controversial DNA test comes to UK (BBC)

Iraq, Kurds agree on oil deal, uniting to fight Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Video Claims Islamic State Responsibility for Saudi Shooting (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Iran 'conducts air strikes' in Iraq (BBC)

Qatar to Allow Americans to Return Home (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Scott Morrison announces plan to increase refugee and humanitarian intake video (Guardian)

Woman Sues Bill Cosby, Claiming Underage Abuse (Time Magazine)

Terror suspect David Souaan had video of throat-slitting on his phone (Daily Mail)

NYPD Preparing for Grand Jury Decision in Chokehold Death (NBC News)

Family saved from burning home by 6-year-old girl (CBS News)

St. Louis Police Say Hammer Attack on Bosnian Man Not Racially Motivated (Time Magazine)

Men put off by macho culture: Workers avoiding some jobs because they think they are not 'man enough' for the role (Daily Mail)

EU Justice Court bans tests for LGBT asylum seekers (Russia Today)

"Heartless government": Hong Kong protest leaders to surrender to police (CBS News)

Egyptian court sentences 185 to death for attack on police (Reuters)

Scottish NHS 'better off in UK' (BBC)

Inside the city ravaged by ISIS (CNN)

VIDEO: UK economy - ok or not? In 90 secs (BBC)

'My iPod won't work': Fed up IS jihadists want to go home (Daily Star)

Captain was showing off when he sank Costa Concordia (Daily Star)

Rolling Stones 'devastated at loss of dear friend' and long time saxophonist Bobby Keys, 70, who died today at his home in Tennessee after long illness (Daily Mail)

'Powerful' wife of ISIS leader arrested (CNN)

Fans can stay at home - Pearson (BBC)

Greek protesters smash cars, clash with police in Athens (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Hampshire teen jumped to her death after suffering at the hands of bullies (Daily Mail)

Iran using U.S.-made jets to bomb ISIS targets in Iraq (CBS News)

Egyptian court sentences 188 to death for attack on police (Russia Today)

Egypt condemns 188 to death over fatal attack on police station (Guardian)

Egypt court sentences 188 to death (BBC)

Qatar to lift travel ban on L.A. couple cleared in daughter's death (Los Angeles Times)

Wisconsin woman found dead in restaurant dumbwaiter (Guardian)

Greek police clash with protesters in Athens (Reuters)

Video shows S.F. restaurant worker "tenderizing" meat on sidewalk (CBS News)

Iran seeks post on key U.N. committee, Israel deems it 'absurd' (Reuters)

Saudi Woman Arrested for Driving, Activists Say (NBC News)

China is banning puns and wordplay (CBS News)

Stones mourn saxophonist's death (BBC)

Captain of wrecked cruise ship denies showing off for dancer (Los Angeles Times)

British jihadi brides are 'running brothels for ISIS fighters in Syria' (Daily Mail)

UK generals play down Taliban attacks (BBC)

U.S. couple cleared to leave Qatar after child death case (CBS News)

'Extreme Christians' behind Uganda anti-gay violence - video (Channel4)

Woman who tore off Sikh's turban and set it on fire was given caution (Daily Mail)

Sony hack, and North Korea's refusal to deny it - video (Channel4)

Migrant death ships: 'We have to do the rescue' - video (Channel4)

Ireland to ask European Court of Human Rights to reopen landmark case against Britain (Daily Mail)

Extremist attack singles out non-Muslims again in Kenya (CBS News)

Iran suggests it will not cooperate with UN probe of allegations Tehran worked on nuclear arms (Fox News)

US attorney Eric Holder cheered for supporting Ferguson protesters - video (Guardian)

Berlin police adopt Minority Report-style software that seeks out criminal behaviour (Daily Mail)

Asylum seekers told they will get only temporary protection video (Guardian)

Iran accused of Gulf state hack attacks (Financial Times - Paywall)

Kenyan police chief quits, interior minister dismissed after attacks (Los Angeles Times)

WorldViews: South Korea approves plan for new Christmas tree to annoy North Korea (Washington Post - Paywall)

Rochdale has more asylum seekers than the WHOLE of the South East of England (Daily Mail)

Ireland accuses UK of torturing IRA suspects in 1971 (Fox News)

Symbolic Vote in France Backs Palestinian State (New York Times - Paywall)

Listen to the Aztec DEATH WHISTLE that may have accompanied human sacrifices (Daily Mail)

French MPs back Palestinian state (BBC)

Capture of Isis leader's wife is another murky tale from the pit of marital scandals (Independent)

Boko Haram victim: 'we heard the gunshots closer and closer' - video (Guardian)

Russia's South Stream pipeline falls victim to Ukraine crisis, energy rout (Reuters)

Rioters in Athens burn bus, cars and clash with police after large anarchist protest (Fox News)

Isis leader's wife and child captured by Lebanon army (Independent)

Anti-Poaching Dogs In South Africa Trained To Sniff Out Hidden Rhino Horn And Attack Poachers (Huffington Post)

French MPs recognise Palestine as state (ALJAZEERA)

Lebanon detains wife of Islamic State leader (Reuters)

Woman dies on United flight from London to Newark (Guardian)

Hong Kong Occupy founders urge students to retreat amid fears of violence (Reuters)

Lithuanian builder Viktoras Bruzas charged with murder of married couple at their Surrey home (Daily Mail)

Stockport armed robber Peter Thomas in video pulling gun on unarmed shopkeeper (Daily Mail)

Body of French woman suffering from 'severe loneliness' is found in her own freezer (Daily Mail)

Israel's fury with France after parliament votes to recognise Palestine as a state (Daily Mail)

Wife and child of Islamic State leader Baghdadi held in Lebanon (Guardian)

Russia abandons South Stream but not goal of bypassing Ukraine (Reuters)

WorldViews: The battle for Hong Kong's future, captured in one powerful image (Washington Post - Paywall)

Bulgarian politicians say Russia's decision on South Stream logical' (Russia Today)

Mother of South African baby swapped at birth says hospital mocked her (Reuters)

Pupil who claimed she had sex with teacher Stuart Kerner 'is a proven liar', court hears (Daily Mail)

GP Victor Calland gave teen injection then sexually assaulted him with his boyfriend, court hears (Daily Mail)

Legal limbo': Police say spending cuts jeopardize suspects' rights (Russia Today)

China to send film, TV workers to rural areas to learn 'correct view' (Los Angeles Times)

Three-year-old girl walks half a mile home from Springfield Infant school without staff realising (Daily Mail)

China to Tighten Multinationals Oversight (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Estonia issues 1st electronic residency card to UK journalist (Russia Today)

Kerry: Qatar lifts travel ban on American couple after cleared in daughter's death (Washington Post - Paywall)

US claims Iran is bombing ISIS in Iraq (Russia Today)

Google-Backed Home DNA Screening Banned In America Comes To The UK (Huffington Post)

Israeli Canadian woman said to deny capture by Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

German police 'ignored girl's death' (BBC)

U.S. couple stuck in Qatar in child death case can soon leave - ambassador (Reuters)

EU court fines Italy 40m for failing to clean up illegal waste (Guardian)

Lebanon says ISIS leaders wife arrested (CBS News)

Hong Kong ban unjustified - minister (BBC)

Polish thief Daniel Dzieliski caught after he takes off his makeshift binbag balaclava (Daily Mail)

UK readies child abuse search tool (BBC)

Ebola death toll is LESS than previously thought (Daily Mail)

Terror student arrested at Heathrow had throat-cutting video, court hears (Russia Today)

Swindon accountant syphoned off thousands from firm to pay for luxury holidays (Daily Mail)

Safety guaranteed for Gaza family allowed to settle in UK (Channel4)

New video emerges of Indian Rohtak sisters attacking another alleged sexual harasser (Independent)

Indian sisters beat up another man in new video (BBC)

French Vote Urges Recognition of Palestinian State (New York Times - Paywall)

Costa Concordia trial: Francesco Schettino in court accused of multiple manslaughter (Independent)

Tugce Albayrak's Death Rattles Germany (New York Times - Paywall)

Bodybuilding saved my life, says father who survived aggressive cancer and a heart attack (Daily Mail)

French parliament votes to recognize Palestinian state (Russia Today)

Glasgow woman feared her face would 'split open' after hair dye triggered rosacea (Daily Mail)

Lebanon Is Said to Detain Wife and Child of ISIS Leader (New York Times - Paywall)

Banned DNA test kits hit UK stores (Russia Today)

'Interstellar' charts course in China to become No. 2 import of 2014 (Los Angeles Times)

Tower Bridge timelapse video shows its beauty over 24 hours (Daily Mail)

Pervin And Farouk Kobani the father and daughter battling ISIS in Kobane (Daily Mail)

Costa Concordia's captain Francesco Schettino admits he WAS showing off (Daily Mail)

Lebanon claims arrest of Isis chief's wife (Financial Times - Paywall)

Police 'probe anti-Semitic death threats' against Paris Hilton and father Rick (Daily Mail)

Woman dies on transatlantic flight from Heathrow to Newark (Daily Express)

'Totally tragic' death of schoolboy (BBC)

Sinosphere Blog: Q. and A.: James Leibold on Ethnic Policies in China (New York Times - Paywall)

Wife, child of Islamic State head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi held in Lebanon, officials say (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS claims to have developed dirty bomb reports (Russia Today)

Russian police offer $37,000 for gadgets to hack iPhones (Russia Today)

Bulgarian pres calls for South Stream Euro partner talks (Russia Today)

Police 'ignored warning about paedophile care home boss John Allen (Daily Mail)

ISIS fanatics returning home because jihad isn't as glamorous as they hoped (Daily Mail)

EU court blocks gay asylum tests (BBC)

Police riot van used to transport Santa home after Aberdare parade (Daily Mail)

Hong Kong protest leaders to 'surrender' (ALJAZEERA)

South Stream halt is casualty of sanctions' (Russia Today)

China, U.K. at odds on Hong Kong (CNN)

Wife and child of Islamic State leader 'held in Syria after fleeing with false passports' (Daily Express)

Rare Moonlight Silver Tip tea goes on sale in UK (Daily Mail)

Hong Kong's Occupy urges retreat (BBC)

Taliban video of 'operation inside Afghan airbase' (Channel4)

Lebanese Army detains wife, son of ISIS leader (Russia Today)

VIDEO: N Korea blamed for cyber attack (BBC)

US coalition launches 55 airstrikes on ISIS over weekend (Russia Today)

Lawyers ask federal court to halt execution of schizophrenic man in Texas (Russia Today)

Are online death threats free speech? Supreme Court hears arguments (Russia Today)

Protesters, police spar in Hong Kong (CNN)

VIDEO: Obama's call for police body-camera (BBC)

Teen leader of Hong Kong protests going on hunger strike (CBS News)

Hong Kong court grants injunction after clashes between protesters and police (Washington Post - Paywall)

Indian sisters fight 'sexual harassment' - video (Channel4)

Renewed clashes in Hong Kong close government HQ - video (Channel4)

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