Tuesday, 9th December 2014

World News

Mother, 2 young sons among 6 dead in Maryland plane crash (CBS News)

The CIA techniques described in the Senate torture report (CBS News)

What a longtime CIA operative has to say about the torture report (CBS News)

The Senates CIA report: "Interrogation" vs. "Torture" (CBS News)

U.S. warns of violence abroad after release of interrogation report (CBS News)

Report: Unarmed black man shot by white Fla. cop (CBS News)

CIA torture report: CBS News coverage (CBS News)

Who is accountable for the Senates CIA torture report? (CBS News)

White House responds to torture report (CBS News)

Senate Report Blasts CIA Interrogation Program (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

CIA torture report reveals waterboarding and sleep deprivation (Daily Mail)

The CIA report's rectal feeding and rectal rehydration horrors: At least five detainees subjected to humiliating forced nutrition (Daily Mail)

US Senate report condemns CIA brutality (ALJAZEERA)

Inside the CIA torture report (CBS News)

Kerry Warns Senate Against Curbs on Fighting ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Trans people in EU face widespread violence, discrimination - report (Reuters)

WorldViews: The CIA claimed its interrogation policy foiled a dirty bomb' plot. But it was too stupid to work. (Washington Post - Paywall)

Can Uber recover? (CNN)

Uber loses court round in Spain (CNN)

CIA lied over 'brutal' interrogations (BBC)

Uber rape case sweeps across India (CNN)

As New Scotland Yard is sold, pictures show what Met Police HQ was like in 1967 (Daily Mail)

What could Ukraine learn from South Africa? (Russia Today)

CIA tortured, misled, U.S. report finds, drawing calls for action (Reuters)

Texas Man Charged in Israel May Have Sought to Attack Holy Sites (New York Times - Paywall)

Senate report on CIA torture claims spy agency lied about 'ineffective' program (Guardian)

Shocking cases in CIA report reveal an American torture program in disarray (Guardian)

CIA 'took credit for UK intelligence work' (Independent)

Sen. Dianne Feinstein talks about CIA torture report (CBS News)

Torture program: Brutal, fatal, flawed (CNN)

Shocks inside CIA torture report (CNN)

What Did Top Democrats Know About CIA Interrogation? (Time Magazine)

Uber Driver in New Delhi, Accused of Rape, Faces Other Charges (New York Times - Paywall)

UN diplomats say report cites increased Iranian purchases for reactor that could make bombs (Fox News)

Former CIA director: "We dont torture people" (CBS News)

Uber taxi app gets nationwide Spanish ban (Russia Today)

Inmate Facing Execution Takes IQ Appeal to Supreme Court (NBC News)

Nazi massacre case thrown out by German court (CBS News)

Swedish police raid downs Pirate Bay,' website back online (Russia Today)

New York police promise to rebuild trust as protests continue (Reuters)

Shrien Dewani offered champagne on first-class flight after being cleared of murder (Daily Mail)

Police killing of 22 dogs 'unlawful' (BBC)

America's day of shame: Report shows the CIA tortured suspects at secret overseas sites for years, achieved nothing from it, and lied about it (Independent)

How the CIA Tried to Break Prisoners in 'The Salt Pit' (NBC News)

U.N. sanctions push for South Sudan stalls on arms embargo - envoys (Reuters)

DOJ will not prosecute CIA officers over torture report (CBS News)

Rectal rehydration and broken limbs: the grisliest findings in the CIA torture report (Guardian)

CIA torture report seen abroad as proof of U.S. human rights duplicity (Los Angeles Times)

South Sudan war puts wildlife in danger (CBS News)

Police hunt for man, son after mom found in fridge (CBS News)

Cops hunt for man, baby after mom found dead in fridge (CBS News)

Here's What the CIA Actually Did in Interrogations (Time Magazine)

Va. man charged with murder of mother, daughter (CBS News)

Torture Debate Once Again Hinges on a Ticking Time Bomb' (Time Magazine)

Texas Man Arrested in Israel for Anti-Muslim Plot (NBC News)

Bali Nine: Indonesian president rules out clemency for inmates on death row (Guardian)

Inside the Our Lady of Death cult the world's 'fastest growing religion' (Daily Mail)

CIA 'torture report': The shocking Senate Intelligence Committee's document in numbers (Independent)

WorldViews: The 10 most harrowing excerpts from the CIA interrogation report (Washington Post - Paywall)

Green dismisses report of QPR fight (BBC)

Andrei Lugovoi wanted for Alexander Litvinenko's murder hired as a TV CONSULTANT (Daily Mail)

Police raid mum's home and find CANNABIS PLANT instead of Christmas tree (Daily Star)

Volunteers drown in South Africa (BBC)

Third Ohio Man Wrongly Accused of Murder Exonerated (NBC News)

US Senate report on CIA practices could speed up Poland's investigation of secret site (Fox News)

Senate Report Raises Doubts About C.I.A. Claims on Hunt for Osama bin Laden (New York Times - Paywall)

British girls drown off coast of South Africa after going swimming (Daily Mail)

Athletes join police violence protests (CNN)

Ambulance man walked past crush (BBC)

WorldViews: 5 major takeaways from the report on the CIA's detention and interrogation program (Washington Post - Paywall)

Texas Baby Missing After Mom Found Dead in Fridge (NBC News)

Worldwide security clampdown to combat CIA torture report backlash (Daily Star)

Is the US overseeing torture in Somalia? - video (Channel4)

Senate accuses CIA of lies and brutality (Financial Times - Paywall)

Uber Is Ordered by Spain and Thailand to Halt Operations (New York Times - Paywall)

Ten Rangers fans appear in court (BBC)

Ex-Uber Driver Charged With Manslaughter in Death of 6-Year-Old (Time Magazine)

Gang cut off finger of kidnap victim and sent it to his family to demand ransom cash (Daily Express)

US report on 'enhanced interrogation' concludes: torture doesn't work (Guardian)

Man held over threats to kill police (BBC)

Profile: Former CIA Director George Tenet (Independent)

Lawyers Believe Torture Report Will Help Prosecution of CIA Agents in Europe (Time Magazine)

CIA interrogation techniques were not effective, says Senate intelligence chair - video (Guardian)

CIA torture report: The doctors who were the unlikely architects of the CIA's programme (Independent)

Germany rallies against immigration (Financial Times - Paywall)

Meet the cast of characters in the Senate's report on CIA torture (Guardian)

CIA Misled Congress About Use of Religion, Torture Report Says (Time Magazine)

Dianne Feinstein on CIA torture report: 'A stain on America's value' video (Guardian)

Banning Uber Won't Make Delhi Women Any Safer, And It Could Make Things Worse (Time Magazine)

India grills Uber exec after alleged rape (CBS News)

CIA torture report: A programme of cruelty and violence and secrets and lies that didn't work and has dragged America into a moral black-hole (Independent)

Shrien Dewani's family care village under threat of closure after report (Daily Mail)

Ava Jayne-Corless mauled to death by dog after mother fell asleep and animal escaped (Daily Mail)

Senate report on CIA program details brutality, dishonesty (Washington Post - Paywall)

CIA Falsely Claimed 'Enhanced Interrogation' Foiled UK Terror Plots To Justify Brutal Techniques (Huffington Post)

CIA 'torture report': Read the Senate Intelligence Committee's damning findings in full (Independent)

McCain: CIA Report Proves What I Personally Know (NBC News)

Supreme Court Rules Amazon Workers Don't Have to Be Paid for Security Checks (Time Magazine)

Counter-terror police arrest man over alleged plot to kidnap and murder officer (Daily Mail)

Work life balance is dead (CNN)

Iran, Iraq, Syria to continue cooperation against Islamic State (Reuters)

South Sudan peace talks stutter as economy becomes casualty of war (Guardian)

Unarmed black man in stolen car shot by Orlando police officer (Independent)

Merkel wins overwhelming party backing to fend off German left (Reuters)

Dangerous unrepentant paedophile who raped nine-year-old and sexually assaulted girl, 7, is released by judge who says it's 'unlawful' to keep him locked up... and police refuse to release a photo of him (Daily Mail)

Life in the slow lane: journey to South Pole by tractor fulfils 'huge dream' for Dutchwoman (Independent)

Spanish taxi drivers force ban on 'unfair' Uber (Independent)

Dog death baby mum's 'nightmare' (BBC)

Find Out Who South Park Plans to Roast in This Holiday Special Preview (Time Magazine)

Torture Report: Read the TIME Story That Concerned' the CIA (Time Magazine)

Kenya government to probe makers of Al-Jazeera report on death squads (Fox News)

Worldwide impact of Senates CIA torture report feared (CBS News)

CIA torture report: 11 ways in which the CIA was worse than it ever admitted (Independent)

Torture Report: Here's What Made George W. Bush Uncomfortable (Time Magazine)

Police kill knife-wielding man in Brooklyn synagogue (CBS News)

U.S. embassies on alert as CIA report is revealed (CBS News)

Tesco sees £2bn wiped off value of share price after annual profits warning (Daily Mail)

Malala shows off bloodied uniform (CNN)

CIA Paid Torture Teachers $80 Million (NBC News)

CIA Paid Torture Teachers More Than $80 Million (NBC News)

Doing the housework means men get LESS sex: Researchers reveal chores seen as feminine can put women off (Daily Mail)

Two arrested over M25 death crash (BBC)

Explosive revelations expected in CIA interrogation techniques report (CBS News)

Robert Mugabe sacks deputy and seven ministers over plot' against him (Guardian)

Not Enough Evidence to Prosecute CIA Operatives: Feds (NBC News)

Lucky escape for driver after his milk float flies up a hill when it swerved off the road (Daily Mail)

Uber taxi driver held on rape charge is serial sex offender, Indian media claim (Guardian)

Tax fraud charges against Spain's Princess Cristina may be dropped (Guardian)

Dutch actress drives a tractor to the South Pole (Independent)

Delhi Uber 'rape': Taxi company 'ignored warnings' about driver days before alleged attack (Independent)

Delhi Uber 'rape': Taxi company ignored warnings about driver days before alleged attack (Independent)

U.S. says reduced defence role for atom bombs, Britain against ban now (Reuters)

Iraq presses Hagel for greater U.S. military support against Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hong Kong braces for clearance of final Occupy protest zones (Reuters)

Pakistan Failing to Protect Religious Minorities, Report Says (Time Magazine)

Senate Torture Report Shows C.I.A. Infighting Over Interrogation Program (New York Times - Paywall)

WorldViews: Decoding the secret black sites on the Senate's report on the CIA interrogation program (Washington Post - Paywall)

Senate Torture Report Condemns C.I.A. Interrogation Program (New York Times - Paywall)

CIA 'torture' report: Timeline from 9/11 to Dianne Feinstein's findings (Independent)

More than 150 detained in California as police killing protests reignite (Russia Today)

CIA 'torture report': Senate investigators say interrogation 'went beyond legal limits' (Independent)

Torture Report: A Timeline of the Interrogation Program (Time Magazine)

Senate Intelligence Committee's Report Into CIA Torture Details Horrific Brutality And Deceit (Huffington Post)

Indian prisoners stage jailbreak after throwing chilli pepper in faces of police (Guardian)

Death of an asylum seeker: The tragic story of the Eritrean teenager killed just as he made it into Britain (Independent)

No Worker Pay for Security Screening, Supreme Court Says (NBC News)

The Roots of the Torture Debate (Time Magazine)

Execution Set for Man Whose Drunk Lawyer Botched His Defense (Time Magazine)

Senate accuses CIA of torturing prisoners beyond legal boundaries (Russia Today)

Madeleine police interviews under way (BBC)

TGI Friday's drone stunt goes badly wrong after slicing off part of a woman's nose (Daily Star)

Senate Torture Report Describes CIA Interrogation Program (Time Magazine)

French police arrest 5 suspects in connection with Brussels Jewish museum shooting in May (Fox News)

C.I.A. Kept Bush Ill Informed on Interrogation Tactics, Torture Report Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Watch Senate CIA 'torture' report live (Independent)

Exposed US torture methods 'unacceptable' to UK - video (Channel4)

Victoria's Secret Angels dance around and lip sync to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off (Daily Express)

CIA 'torture' report: 10 things you need to know about the Senate report on interrogation methods (Independent)

Security Reviewed Ahead of CIA Report (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man in Marylebone, London dead after becoming impaled on railings (Daily Mail)

Watch Live: Senate Intelligence Committee Chief Unveils Torture Report (Time Magazine)

Thousands in Dresden rally against Islamization, call for Western values (Russia Today)

Bristol woman hit by police car on 999 call which 'wasn't using siren' (Daily Mail)

Sinosphere Blog: A Day Among the Protesters' Tents in Hong Kong (New York Times - Paywall)

Berkeley Protestors Stage 'Die-In' On Train Tracks To Campaign Against Police Brutality (Huffington Post)

India widens Uber probe as government vows overhaul of driver databases (Washington Post - Paywall)

'Deeply Flawed': Report Blasts CIA for 'Torture' Tactics and Lies (NBC News)

Egyptian TV crew criticised over police raid on Cairo bath house (Guardian)

Hong Kong police to remove protesters from streets after court order (Los Angeles Times)

Widow of South African slain in Yemen raid speaks of forgiveness (Los Angeles Times)

CIA torture report: 5 questions you'll wish you didn't have to ask (Independent)

5 Accusers Speak Out Against Bill Cosby (Time Magazine)

Prince Charles condemns graphic images of murder by terror groups (Daily Mail)

Shrien Dewani leaves South Africa after murder acquittal video (Guardian)

Activists launch online initiative against Internet Tax' (Russia Today)

Pelican almost becomes dessert for whale off Californian coast (Daily Mail)

Earl Hayes shot dead Stephanie Moseley as 'Floyd Mayweather watched on FaceTime' (Daily Mail)

India Uber 'rape' prompts taxi ban (BBC)

Former SS officer will NOT be charged with mass murder of 25 people in WW2 (Daily Mail)

Berkeley to Brooklyn: Crowds Protest Police Violence (NBC News)

CIA torture report details 'ugly truth' - video (Channel4)

Protesters and Police Clash Amid Vote in Northern India (New York Times - Paywall)

Uber rape claim shows risks to Indian women (Financial Times - Paywall)

CIA 'torture' report: These are the countries that will be worried by controversial revelations (Independent)

CIA 'torture' report: The 54 countries that will be worried by controversial revelations (Independent)

New York Synagogue Assailant Shot By Police After Stabbing Student (Time Magazine)

Shrien Dewani leaves South Africa after acquittal (Guardian)

Force warned over police kill threat (BBC)

Anonymous tipoff: Police threatened with kidnap & murder (Russia Today)

Shrien Dewani leaves South Africa on First Class flight after murder trial collapses (Daily Express)

Stephanie Moseley Dead: Actress Shot Dead In Apparent Murder/Suicide By Husband, Earl Hayes, Which Floyd Mayweather 'Witnessed On FaceTime' (Huffington Post)

What to Expect From the Long-Awaited CIA Torture Report (NBC News)

Torture Report: Here's Where the Key Players Are Now (Time Magazine)

Lena Dunham to alter Not That Kind Of Girl after man 'matched description of alleged rapist' (Daily Mail)

German court drops probe of 89-year-old for French massacre (Reuters)

German court throws out Nazi massacre case against former SS man (Guardian)

US to publish CIA 'torture' report (BBC)

South Africa faces electricity crisis (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iraq Premier Says More American Help Needed in Fight Against Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man fleeing debt collectors plunges 16 storeys down tower block air vent and SURVIVES (Daily Star)

German Court Finds Insufficient Evidence Linking Ex-Soldier to Nazi Massacre (New York Times - Paywall)

Uber ban after driver rape claim (CNN)

'Credible' threat against UK police (CNN)

CIA torture report: agency braces for impact of inquiry as release nears (Guardian)

VIDEO: CIA report raises threat to US (BBC)

Pistorius' five-year sentence showed too much mercy, Gerrie Nel tells court (Guardian)

Shaky grip on northern road as Iraqi army advances against IS (Reuters)

Hong Kong Police Announce Plan to Clear Main Protest Site (New York Times - Paywall)

UK complicit? US Senate report into CIA torture and rendition due (Russia Today)

UK complicit? US Senate report reveals CIA torture and deception of Congress (Russia Today)

Uber executive questioned over India rape (ALJAZEERA)

Persecution of Pakistan's religious minorities intensifies, says report (Reuters)

CIA torture report expected to spark violence around the globe (Daily Mail)

Appeal clears ex-gang man of murder (BBC)

VIDEO: Force warned over police kill threat (BBC)

Horror as man found impaled 60ft below £3m luxury London penthouse (Daily Express)

Arsenal owner Alisher Usmanov hands Nobel Prize back to disgraced DNA scientist James Watson straight after buying it off him (Independent)

Police shoot knife-wielding man after Jewish student is stabbed in synagogue (Daily Express)

'Rich People Don't Know How To Cook,' Says New Report (Huffington Post)

Someone Threatened to Kidnap, Kill British Cop: Report (NBC News)

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Man shot and killed by police in synagogue after stabbing student in head (Daily Star)

Oscar Pistorius: prosecutors launch bid to appeal against verdict (Guardian)

Slayer guitarist Kerry King rescues kitten from homeless man for a dollar (Daily Mail)

US sheriff calls on people 'to not rush to judgment' after Florida police officer shoots and wounds unarmed black man (Independent)

Minnesota Man Fights Off 525-Pound Bear With a 5-Inch Knife (Time Magazine)

India clamps down on unregistered taxis after Uber rape claim (Reuters)

India Advises States to Ban Uber and Other Car-Hailing Services (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

13 times higher: Ivory prices soar in China over increasing demand, report finds (Fox News)

Texas laboratory workers use liquid nitrogen to freeze off dirt on office floor (Daily Mail)

David Cameron flies to Turkey to demand more action against ISIS terrorists (Daily Mail)

US set to publish CIA 'torture' report (ALJAZEERA)

British man in honeymoon slaying case leaves South Africa after being acquitted of murder (Fox News)

Jewish student stabbed in head in attack at New York synagogue - suspect shot dead by police (Independent)

VIDEO: Dewani leaves South Africa (BBC)

Plot to kidnap and kill police officer sparks security alert (Daily Star)

Lancashire man who went to Africa and married bride 32 years his junior proves critics wrong (Daily Mail)

Oscar Pistorius appeal hearing begins in South African court video (Guardian)

Man stabbed in Brooklyn synagogue (CNN)

10,000 Germans March Against 'Extreme Islam', As Far Right Numbers Swell (Huffington Post)

Plane crashes into house, 6 dead (CNN)

Hong Kong police warn democracy protesters to leave camp before they shut it down Thursday (Fox News)

Moldovan police arrest 7 suspected of uranium smuggling to make 'dirty bomb' (Fox News)

Neo-Nazi police officer mauled by lions at Barcelona zoo pictured (Daily Mail)

Power drills and broomsticks: US beefs up security ahead of CIA torture report (Russia Today)

Sean Abbott returns to play for first time since Phillip Hughes' death (Daily Mail)

Man Utd v Liverpool like a pub match (BBC)

VIDEO: Explorer drives tractor to South Pole (BBC)

Hong Kong Protest Site to Be Cleared (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

South Sudan: Standing at a Crossroads After a Year of Conflict (Huffington Post)

South African prosecutor appeals Pistorius verdict (Reuters)

Australia is the 'worst industrial country in the world for climate change', report finds (Independent)

Kate Hudson And Matt Bellamy Split: Actress And Muse Frontman Call Off Engagement After Four Years Together (Huffington Post)

Activists: Syrian rocket attack in south kills 3 staffers from opposition-linked TV station (Fox News)

South African Prosecutors Start Push to Appeal Pistorius's Sentence (New York Times - Paywall)

Powerful typhoon leaves 21 dead in Philippines (Fox News)

'Painful Details': What to Expect From the CIA Torture Report (NBC News)

Malaria Deaths Have Almost Halved Since 2000 Says WHO Report (Time Magazine)

US steps up security measures ahead of CIA torture report release (Daily Express)

Daniel Welsh repeatedly raped woman despite being monitored by police (Daily Mail)

Police force in Britain warns staff to take extra security measures after anonymous tip (Fox News)

South African judge to respond on Wednesday to request for appeal in Oscar Pistorius case (Fox News)

Portland Sues Uber and Orders It to Cease Local Operations (Time Magazine)

Hong Kong democracy protesters brace for final camp shutdown (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hong Kong demonstrators facing final showdown (CBS News)

Hagel in Baghdad as U.S. sees momentum against Islamic State (Reuters)

2,000 Marines on Alert Ahead of Torture Report's Release (NBC News)

Cricketer Phillip Hughes Named as Posthumous 13th Man In Australian Team (Time Magazine)

Uber rape allegation: Delhi bans all unregistered internet taxi firms (Guardian)

Hong Kong's Remaining Protest Sites Are About to Be Cleared (Time Magazine)

Bowler back after Hughes death (CNN)

Boxer Floyd Mayweather 'witnesses Twilight actress' murder on FaceTime' (Daily Star)

Hong Kong Students Vow to Stay on Streets (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Wife of South African hostage killed in Yemen raid on Al-Qaida mourns her husband (Fox News)

M25 CRASH: One dead and others trapped after motorway smash in Essex (Daily Star)

M25 Crash Leaves One Dead (Huffington Post)

M25 horror: One dead and others trapped as cars crash through central reservation in Essex (Daily Express)

German court throws out case against former SS man accused of massacre, for lack of evidence (Fox News)

China condemns U.S. report on South China Sea claims (Reuters)

The cruel trade in Giraffe meat that sees them trapped in vicious snares or hacked to death with machetes before it is sold for as little as 30p per pound (Daily Mail)

Japanese woman is replacing dead villagers with creepy SCARECROWS (Daily Mail)

Bush refutes CIA torture claims (CNN)

Rogers: Report will cause deaths (CNN)

Court hears Pistorius appeal (CNN)

Sinosphere Blog: Q. and A.: Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung on the Hong Kong Protests' Legacy (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Gobby: The man who shouted at ministers (BBC)

Clarke retires hurt against India (BBC)

Police order extra security measures after officers' safety is threatened (Daily Star)

Chinese court jails seven students of Uighur scholar Ilham Tohti (Guardian)

Get Set for a Superman Spin-Off About the Man of Steel's Grandfather (Time Magazine)

Q. and A. About the Torture Report (New York Times - Paywall)

Anni Dewani's sister claims Shrien took control of funeral as he's cleared of murder (Daily Mail)

LeBron James leads the way in 'I Can't Breathe T-Shirt' as hundreds of anti police protesters mob NBA game attended by British Royals William and Kate (Daily Mail)

Uber driver appears in court (CNN)

Hong Kong maid: I was tortured (CNN)

China investigates another senior military official for graft - report (Reuters)

CIA torture report coming Tuesday (CBS News)

US-led coalition pledges 1,500 more troops to ISIS fight, report says (Fox News)

Supreme Court rejects BP appeal over oil spill payments (Russia Today)

You May Run Into Kim Jong-un in South Korea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

South African hostage killed in tragic rescue attempt (CBS News)

South African hostage killed in rescue try (CBS News)

Sen. Feinstein races to release torture report (CBS News)

Uber Banned in Delhi After Rape Allegation (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

President Obama Gets Personal With Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report (Time Magazine)

Hong Kong protesters face one last showdown with police (Fox News)

Plan to release report on CIA interrogation tactics prompts warnings (Los Angeles Times)

Hong Kong court issues order to clear Admiralty protest site (Guardian)

Hong Kong democracy protest camp shutdown looms after court authorizes clearance (Fox News)

Bombshell in CIA report? (CNN)

Typhoon Hagupit death toll rising (CNN)

Didn't say that' Psaki ducks CIA torture report delay issues (Russia Today)

Pakistan Clashes Leave One Dead (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Guard arrested in death of NYC inmate in hot cell (CBS News)

Coalition nations to send troops to aid Iraq against Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Hong Kong Court Orders Protest Sites To Be Cleared (NBC News)

Hong Kong Court Orders Protest Sites Cleared (NBC News)

White House and G.O.P. Clash Over Torture Report (New York Times - Paywall)

Torture report sparks alert (CNN)

Party Backs off Demand That Immigrants Speak German (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Shocking facts about Cleveland police (CNN)

U.S. officials split on torture report (CNN)

Rogue FBI agent 'gave secrets to IRA as it plotted to kill Thatcher': Secret files show agents launched series of investigations into plots to murder former PM in the US (Daily Mail)

Party Backs Off German-Only as a Suggestion for Immigrants (New York Times - Paywall)

First Court Appearance for Missouri Man Charged With Running Down Muslim Teen (Time Magazine)

Rikers Island guard arrested in death over inmate who baked to death' (Russia Today)

Africa takes spotlight as 122 states that belong to the International Criminal Court meet (Fox News)

Death of Dolphin Shot With Arrow Sparks Hunt for Killer (NBC News)

Bus companies DON'T have to force parents with buggies to make way for wheelchair users, court rules (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Jetpack maker takes off in Australia (BBC)

Palestinians Become Observers at Meeting on International Criminal Court (New York Times - Paywall)

Supreme Court rejects BP appeal of oil spill settlement (CBS News)

Joel Adesina stabbed to death in late night row in Bethnal Green (Daily Mail)

Surrey woman dead in car accident with fianc minutes after discovering she was pregnant (Daily Mail)

Three charged with fraud after terror arrests in East London appear in court (Daily Mail)

Children 'shrug off crimes of violence': Young victims fail to report six out of seven offences (Daily Mail)

Police chief claims cuts will take bobbies off the beat (Daily Mail)

Barcelona police officer mauled by lions after climbing into enclosure (Guardian)

Maternal death rates 'are falling' (BBC)

Madeleine McCann police fly to Portugal to quiz 11 key witnesses (Daily Express)

Kissed back to life Man has heart attack in club full of nurses (Daily Star)

Saudi in race against time' to cut reliance on oil (Financial Times - Paywall)

How Shrien Dewani, honeymoon murder suspect, changed his story (Daily Mail)

Van Gaal admits Man Utd got 'lucky' (BBC)

U.S. Embassies Brace for Release of CIA Torture Report (NBC News)

Six dead after private aircraft crashes into house in Maryland (Daily Express)

European Report Sees Risks to Internet From U.S. Surveillance (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

100-year-old fought off gang of children who attacked her in Rugby park (Daily Mail)

Heartbreaking moment man describes being unable to afford to feed himself (Daily Express)

Three dead and eight injured after car crashes into giant BEAR (Daily Star)

Google tries to halt British court challenge over 'secret tracking' of internet users (Daily Mail)

Climate Change Isn't Causing California Drought? Report Causes Storm (NBC News)

Heather Mack and Tommy Schaefer accused of Bali suitcase murder to be transferred (Daily Mail)

Honeymoon murder case dismissed (CNN)

Berkeley protests: man assaulted trying to stop looter' - video (Guardian)

Slain Md. man was kidney-transplant survivor (CBS News)

Suspects arrested in Fort Worth fire, murder (CBS News)

Siberian poacher places glass in paw of dead beaver to 'toast its slaughter' (Daily Mail)

Philippines typhoon downgraded, but death toll rises to at least 22 (Los Angeles Times)

Uber 'betrayed the people of India', say activists - video (Guardian)

Torture report: Battle lines being drawn (BBC)

Hagel defends raid that ended with death of two hostages (Russia Today)

Indian capital bans taxi-booking service Uber (ALJAZEERA)

WorldViews: 5 questions about the CIA detention and interrogation report you wish you didn't have to ask (Washington Post - Paywall)

Shrien Dewani acquitted: Anni Dewani's family vow to fight on as South African court throws out murder case against Shrien (Independent)

Shrien Dewani acquitted: Anni Dewani's family vow to fight on as murder case against Shrien is thrown out of court (Independent)

NY call for police killing inquiries (BBC)

WorldViews: Does New Delhi's Uber ban hurt women? (Washington Post - Paywall)

South Africa court throws out murder case in honeymoon killing (Los Angeles Times)

Shrien Dewani Q&A: Witness accounts just did not stand up in court of law (Independent)

Israeli lawmakers dissolve parliament, kick off election campaign for March 17 vote (Fox News)

Second night of violent protests over police violence in Calif. (CBS News)

U.S. says it was in the dark about South African killed in Yemen raid (Los Angeles Times)

WorldViews: The tragic plan for a monument to Qatar's dead World Cup workers (Washington Post - Paywall)

Sisters who threw man through window and attacked wife jailed for gang assault (Daily Mail)

Wilders tells police he stands by anti-Moroccan comments (Reuters)

Bahrain authorities say police officer killed in 'terror attack' (Fox News)

Uber Is Banned in Delhi After Driver Is Accused of Rape (New York Times - Paywall)

Man charged with murder and rapes (BBC)

Uber banned in Indian capital after alleged rape by driver (CBS News)

VIDEO: Huge sperm whales found dead on beach (BBC)

US embassies braced for attacks as report on CIA torture comes out (Independent)

Tribute to 'my beautiful Anni' as judge clears Shrien Dewani of murder (Daily Mail)

Man 'spent hour' inside anaconda (CNN)

Properties auctioned off with guide price of £750 in Limetrees Close in Teesside (Daily Mail)

Turkish Mayor Altinok Oz SLAPS blind man at UN's Disability Day rally (Daily Mail)

Inside Kenya's Death Squads (ALJAZEERA)

Fight against terror should not trump privacy rights Human Rights Commissioner (Russia Today)

Some like dead animals, some don't (CNN)

6 dead after aircraft crashes into house in Maryland (Russia Today)

Bush blasts CIA torture report even before its release (Russia Today)

Falklands vet with lung cancer told to report back for government work programme (Daily Mail)

New Delhi bans Uber over rape case, says it failed to check driver's past (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: Uber cabs ban after Delhi 'rape' (BBC)

Missing stag do man 'found dead' (BBC)

Driver on A76 dead after crash with ambulance in freezing conditions (Daily Mail)

Pastor tells gay reporter he is a 'filthy f**' and that all gays should be put to death (Daily Star)

Hafiz Saeed: Twitter suspends account of man accused of orchestrating Mumbai terror attack (Independent)

Man crushed under lorry during fight (BBC)

An Ebola Doctor's Return From the Edge of Death (New York Times - Paywall)

Uber banned in Indian capital after taxi driver accused of raping passenger (Russia Today)

Thai police chief to discuss case of murdered Brits with police (Guardian)

Army bosses 'order soldiers to take four weeks off over Christmas to save on bills' (Daily Mail)

Dog's army set to lead the fight against rhino poachers in South Africa (Independent)

The death of Eric Garner is the turning point that Ferguson never was (Independent)

Evesham teens caught after 20-mile police chase on stolen tractor (Daily Mail)

Dewani cleared of honeymoon murder (BBC)

8 Sentenced to Death for Attacks in Western China (New York Times - Paywall)

Canada sends military police to Ukraine to boost security (Russia Today)

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