Wednesday, 17th December 2014

World News

Flash Points: How will restoring diplomatic ties with Cuba affect the U.S. economy? (CBS News)

Beauty of Cuba revealed in photographs (CBS News)

Rikers Island guard convicted in NYC inmates 2012 death (CBS News)

Bob Schieffer on "bombshell" Cuba developments (CBS News)

Church bells ring in Havana as U.S. and Cuba open relations (CBS News)

Man imprisoned in Cuba for spying on U.S. behalf freed (CBS News)

Alan Gross makes first remarks after being freed from Cuban prison (CBS News)

St. Pauls Choir School releases debut Christmas album (CBS News)

Special Report: Obama announces major shift in Cuba relations (CBS News)

Proof just one Christmas drink can put you over the limit (Daily Mail)

Sony Cancels The Interview After Threats (Time Magazine)

U.S. Normalizes Cuba Ties as American Is Released (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Cuba Today (CBS News)

Death penalty for Nigeria soldiers (BBC)

World Briefing: Foul Play Ruled Out in German Politician's Death (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama announces U.S. to restore diplomatic ties with Cuba (Reuters)

Sony cancels The Interview release (BBC)

5 lessons from the Sony hack (CNN)

Pakistan raises death toll in Peshawar school attack to 148 (Los Angeles Times)

Ruble Volatile Despite Intervention (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Viva Cuba Libre (Time Magazine)

Transcript of Alan Gross on being released from captivity in Cuba (Fox News)

US embassy in Cuba announced as Alan Gross is freed (Daily Mail)

Dear Police Unions: Please Stop Asking Jocks To Apologize (Time Magazine)

Suicide blamed on ruble (CNN)

How will Pakistan deal with armed groups? (ALJAZEERA)

Historic Thaw: Obama Scraps 'Outdated Approach' on Cuba (NBC News)

Taking Cuba Off the Blacklist Leaves Only North Korea as Cold War Vestige (New York Times - Paywall)

'The police aren't saying I beat my wife. The hospital isn't saying I beat my wife. Who IS accusing me?' Mel B's husband breaks silence after quitting Britain amid claims of 'explosive rows' with ex-Spice Girl (Daily Mail)

Cuba deal could free unnamed spy held 20 years in Havana (Fox News)

Russia on the brink of another recession (CBS News)

US to restore ties with Cuba after 50 years (ALJAZEERA)

Anger and grief as Pakistan buries students massacred at school (Reuters)

Obama already signed new Russia sanctions bill State Department (Russia Today)

Pakistani Army and Intelligence Chiefs Ask Afghans to Help Find Taliban Commanders Behind Massacre (New York Times - Paywall)

Teenager dragged off plane by police over fears she was travelling to join Islamic State (Daily Express)

Opponent calls for Putin's exit as Russia slides into crisis (Reuters)

Here's What Hillary Clinton Said About Cuba in Her Book (NBC News)

Crolla has surgery after attack (BBC)

Kill Spree Suspect's Death Is Still a Mystery (NBC News)

WorldViews: 6 graphs that explain Cuba (Washington Post - Paywall)

Blood litters school floors (CNN)

Can Americans Travel to Cuba Right Now? (NBC News)

Roland McKoy who beat ex-partner to death before slashing his daughter's throat is jailed (Daily Mail)

LAPD becomes first major police force to equip all officers with body cameras (Russia Today)

DealBook: Ruble Remains Volatile as Russia Pledges to Sell Foreign Currency (New York Times - Paywall)

Greek PM Samaras falls short in first round presidential vote (Reuters)

Mary Scholey with EIGHTY little ones to buy Christmas presents for (Daily Mail)

The US and Cuba are now on equal terms for the first time in history (Guardian)

WorldViews: 4 reasons an opening to Cuba is long overdue (Washington Post - Paywall)

Taliban Attack Reflects Barbaric Competition (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama to start normalizing U.S. relations with Cuba (CBS News)

Ala. dad arrested in death of 8-year-old daughter (CBS News)

School attack: 'Bodies were falling' (CNN)

Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton: The power dynamics of the two first families (Independent)

Cuba thaw may be momentous, but it won't come overnight (Los Angeles Times)

White House refuses to rule out Obama visit to Cuba after relations breakthrough live updates (Guardian)

Alan Gross thanks Obama for release from Cuba - video (Guardian)

Details of Alan Gross release from Cuba prison (CBS News)

3 Reasons People Think North Korea Hacked Sony (Time Magazine)

Movie theaters refuse to show Seth Rogen's The Interview after Sony hacks (Daily Mail)

10 Steps Obama Plans to Take to Change Cuba Relations (NBC News)

Afghan suicide attack on bank kills at least 10 (CBS News)

Pakistan PM calls to 'defeat terrorism' (ALJAZEERA)

Sony Hack: Studio Cancels 'Interview' Release (NBC News)

Sony Hack: Top Movie Chains Drop 'The Interview' (NBC News)

Greek MPs fail to elect president in first round, risking fears of early elections (Guardian)

Bookies suspend betting on Queen abdicating in Christmas Day speech after flurry of bets (Daily Mail)

Birmingham mother of eight planning Christmas funded by benefits (Daily Mail)

Smethwick primary school teacher 'hit boy over the head with a ruler' (Daily Mail)

Torture claims against British soldiers a 'attempt to use legal system to attack our forces' (Daily Mail)

Historic swap ending Cuba isolation (CNN)

Prince Charles condemns Peshawar attack as a 'sickening example of sacrilege' (Daily Mail)

Breakthrough on Cuba Highlights Pope's Role as Diplomatic Broker (New York Times - Paywall)

Taliban suicide squad who slaughtered 132 Pakistani children in Peshawar pictured (Daily Mail)

One festive log you won't be eating yes, it's poo in a box a Christmas gift nobody wants (Daily Star)

Sydney siege hostage details daring escape (CBS News)

Cruise Line Shares Sail Higher as U.S., Cuba Relations Improve (Time Magazine)

Attack at southern Afghanistan bank leaves at least 12 dead (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: Game show contestant flops on easiest first question EVER (Daily Star)

Bacardi, Exiled From Cuba in 1960, Is Hopeful for Change (Time Magazine)

US and Cuba to normalise diplomatic relations after months of secret talks (Guardian)

Colombian rebels at peace talks in Cuba announce unilateral cease-fire with their government (Fox News)

Lost toy rabbit reunited with young owner just in time for Christmas after huge campaign (Daily Express)

Peshawar school attack: As the Taliban release pictures of the gunmen responsible, Pakistan takes a new approach to terrorism (Independent)

Cuba Action Is Obama's Latest Step Away From 6 Years of Caution (New York Times - Paywall)

Italy police break up international money laundering ring in Rome (Reuters)

Peshawar school attack: Mullah Radio' grew to be a cult figure and was also behind Malala Yousafzai assault (Independent)

Peshawar school attack: Mullah Radio' grew to be a cult figure and was also behind Malala Yousafzai assassination attempt (Independent)

Air traffic control boss says no repeat of UK flight meltdown ahead of Christmas (Guardian)

Wresting Pakistan from the extremists (Guardian)

Pakistani spy agency's relations with militants blamed for school massacre (Guardian)

Obama Announces U.S. and Cuba Will Resume Relations (New York Times - Paywall)

Alan Gross arrives in US after release from Cuba - video (Guardian)

Malala Yousafzai's father says his 'heart is bleeding' over Peshawar school massacre (Daily Mail)

Watch Live: American Speaks After Release From Cuba (NBC News)

Rouble crisis opens up Putin to attack (Financial Times - Paywall)

Athens fails at first presidential poll hurdle (Financial Times - Paywall)

Sydney siege: Australian PM Tony Abbott orders review of café terror attack (Independent)

Inquiry after Tony Abbott wrongly claims Sydney siege gunman had a licence (Guardian)

Pakistan Reaches Out to Kabul After School Massacre (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Peshawar school images show bombed-out offices of principal Tahira Kazi who was burnt alive (Daily Mail)

Obama moves to normalize relations with Cuba as American is released by Havana (Washington Post - Paywall)

Russia takes new measures to shore up sagging rouble (Independent)

Why Did the U.S. and Cuba Sever Diplomatic Ties in the First Place? (Time Magazine)

Sharif vow to end Pakistan terrorism (BBC)

Quotes from Pakistani families, officials over attack in Peshawar school (Fox News)

VIDEO: Pakistan attack 'darkest day of my life' (BBC)

Russia's Neighbors in Europe Warily Watch Ruble Crisis (New York Times - Paywall)

Q. and A.: Q. and A. on Alan Gross, American Prisoner Freed in Cuba (New York Times - Paywall)

British embassy uses social media campaign to issue travel advice for those holidaying in UAE this Christmas (Independent)

Coming Up: American Speaks After Release From Cuba (NBC News)

President Hails Secret Agent Freed From Cuba (NBC News)

A look at steps Pakistan is taking after school massacre and challenges ahead in uphill battle (Fox News)

Prince George has Christmas dinner with granny as Kate and Wills take him to see the Queen (Daily Express)

U.S. to begin talks with Cuba on overhaul of relations, Obama says (Los Angeles Times)

New evidence related to mans death raises questions about Florida police conduct (CBS News)

Ikea Christmas delivery anger as firm is accused of arriving hours late (Daily Mail)

Russell Brand accuses US of terrorism on day that 132 Pakistani children are slaughtered by Taliban (Daily Mail)

Agony and anger as Pakistan buries dead after school attack (Guardian)

Royal Mail refuses to deliver Christmas cards and presents to street (Daily Mail)

Lindt manager Tori Johnson was executed by Man Haron Monis as a final act of siege (Daily Mail)

US servicemen in first ground battle with ISIS Kurdish media (Russia Today)

Cops should not be judge, jury & executioner' - witness to police beating (Russia Today)

Peshawar school massacre: what does the future hold for Pakistan? (Guardian)

Russia crisis leaves banks around the world exposed by the billions (Russia Today)

Church of England names Rev Libby Lane as first female bishop (Daily Mail)

Obama explains new Cuba policy (CNN)

How Pope Francis Helped Broker Cuba Deal (Time Magazine)

US and Cuba to normalise diplomatic and economic ties - ending years of hostility (Daily Express)

Why Democrats Changed Their Minds on Cuba (Time Magazine)

Venezuelan children learn to read and write ... about Hugo Chavez (Reuters)

School Massacre Unites Pakistan Against the Taliban (Time Magazine)

Inside The Chedi, Andermatt's first five-star hotel in the Swiss Alps (Daily Mail)

5 Million Kids Aren't In School Because of Ebola (Time Magazine)

Russia acts to halt rouble rout (Financial Times - Paywall)

WorldViews: Meet the Cuban Five' at the center of the blockbuster U.S. announcement on Cuba (Washington Post - Paywall)

Rape survivor turns 'superhero' in India's first digital comic (Reuters)

Peshawar attack: The faces of the innocent children killed by Taliban gunmen (Independent)

Cannabis for kids: Medicinal marijuana could treat children with epilepsy (Russia Today)

Viva Cigars! Easing of Cuba Trade Would Be 'Huge' (NBC News)

US and Cuba talks: A timeline of relations between rival nations from the rise of Castro to today (Independent)

Taliban Suicide Bombers Strike at Bank in Southern Afghanistan (New York Times - Paywall)

Pakistan school attack: New video inside massacre (CBS News)

Smokers who light up with children in the car face £50 fine from October (Daily Mail)

Dalai Lama says his role should cease after his death (Reuters)

Svetlana Krivsun accused of causing death of Total oil chief 'loses her baby' (Daily Mail)

Australia ignored Tehran's warnings about Sydney hostage-taker - Iranian official (Russia Today)

U.S. Moves to Normalize Cuba Ties as American Is Released (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

We Must Not Surrender to the Pakistan Taliban (Huffington Post)

US and Cuba seek to normalise ties (BBC)

3 police officers charged with manslaughter in mentally ill man's custody death (Russia Today)

Reddit bans Sony leak file-sharing subforum (Russia Today)

Domestic violence can traumatise children even before they are born (Daily Mail)

Health warning over vintage Christmas decorations filled with asbestos (Daily Mail)

Shopping frenzy, social media fuss and jokes in Russia as ruble collapses (Russia Today)

Lawmakers Slam Obama Over Cuba Relations (NBC News)

Hilarious photos reveal the cats and dogs ruining Christmas (Daily Mail)

Russia plans new action over rouble (BBC)

How English and German soldiers bonded during WWI Christmas Day Truce (Daily Mail)

HO OH NO: Father Christmas arrested for climbing national statue (Daily Star)

Pakistan school attack: funerals and aftermath in pictures (Guardian)

The criminal file of Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Monis revealed (Daily Mail)

Meet the Church of England's First Ever Female Bishop (Time Magazine)

Mother handed £200 in cash by stranger in the street as she did her Christmas shopping (Daily Mail)

Who is Alan Gross? The American aid worker released by Cuba in historic deal with US (Independent)

Cuba frees American prisoner Alan Gross (Guardian)

Is Cuba prisoner swap an ice breaker? (CNN)

Cuban-American Senators Rip Obama's Cuba Trade (Time Magazine)

Taliban kill 10 in Afghan bank raid (BBC)

Military enthusiast Nick Mead drives children to school every morning in a TANK (Daily Mail)

USAID head resigns as US & Cuba plan 'normalizing' relations (Russia Today)

Cameraman stayed to aid police (CNN)

CHILD KILLERS: Taliban release pictures of the Islamic fanatics behind school massacre (Daily Star)

Where's outrage over Sony hack? (CNN)

Royals including Prince William, Kate and Harry descend on Buckingham Palace for Christmas lunch (Daily Mail)

US moves to restore relations with Cuba (Financial Times - Paywall)

Alan Gross lost hope, health in Cuba (CNN)

Taxi driver took Christmas tree hostage after teen couldn't pay £15 fare (Daily Mail)

Who are Pakistan Taliban? (CNN)

The Interview' premiere canceled in wake of Sony hacker 9/11-style' terror threats (Russia Today)

Model reduces breasts so she will be 'taken seriously' in dream job as a police officer (Daily Mail)

How wife of Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Monis became his greatest supporter (Daily Mail)

Panic on the streets of Russia: Worried shoppers queue to panic-buy big-ticket items amid fears of rising prices as ruble collapses (Daily Mail)

What to Know About the American Released By Cuba (Time Magazine)

Indigenous Brazilians attack police with ARROWS as they storm Congress in Brasilia (Daily Mail)

Peshawar school pupil Dawood Ibrahim overslept yesterday and missed shooting (Daily Mail)

Rouble halts fall but remains volatile as Russia awaits Vladimir Putin speech (Guardian)

Keep 1 round for each other': Brits fighting ISIS agree death pact, won't submit to capture (Russia Today)

Africa Rising - Creating Global Investment Opportunities, Not Band Aids for Christmas (Huffington Post)

Pakistani soldiers inside Peshawar school where Taliban massacred children video (Guardian)

First female bishop named in England (CNN)

Kurdish teenager shot dead in clashes with Turkish police (Russia Today)

News of Cuba Changes Drawing Early Reaction (NBC News)

News of Cuba Changes Drawing Reaction (NBC News)

Ruble crisis (Russia Today)

E-JOINT: Britain's first cannabis e-cigarette to debut in January (Daily Star)

Inside Pakistan school where 132 children were gunned down by Taliban (Fox News)

Sydney siege: Mourners in Australia pay tribute to victims of gunman (Independent)

Pakistan Brings Back Death Penalty After School Attack (NBC News)

Taliban Attacks Kill 12 Across Afghanistan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Cuba releases American Alan Gross as U.S. prepares to overhaul Cuba policy (Reuters)

A guide to the Sony Pictures hack (BBC)

Chilling Pictures Reveal Taliban Fighters Who Murdered More Than 100 Children In Peshawar Attack (Huffington Post)

US worker released from Cuba prison (BBC)

Alan Gross case: Cuba releases US prisoner in exchange for three agents (Independent)

Obama to announce major Cuba policy change, US may open embassy (Russia Today)

Peshawar attack: Picture of baby's shoe covered in blood is not from school massacre (Independent)

Queen to abdicate? Rush of bets force bookies to suspend Christmas Day abdication bets (Daily Star)

As Australia mourns siege victims, prime minister launches inquiry (Los Angeles Times)

Ruble swings against dollar, putting pressure on Russia's Putin (Washington Post - Paywall)

Human rights law: First Kenya, now Sudan (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Militants: Attack to avenge strikes (CNN)

Opinion: I was wrong on Cuba (CNN)

Police stop 15-year-old girl on her way to Syria by intercepting plane as it taxied down Heathrow runway (Independent)

Cuba Frees American Imprisoned for Five Years (NBC News)

Fury over prisoners at new HMP Grampian getting choice of luxury Christmas dinners (Daily Mail)

Upper House plans probe into Central Bank role in ruble crash (Russia Today)

Pakistan school attack: political rivals agree anti-terrorism plan (Guardian)

Nativity donkey DIES after being 'sat on by 23-stone man' police investigate (Daily Star)

Pakistan to pursue terrorists even outside its borders (Washington Post - Paywall)

'I will never forget this': Charles Bronson banned from sending Christmas photo to his mum (Daily Express)

Christmas tree shines light on plight of Mexico's missing students video (Guardian)

Christmas travel chaos looms as airport staff vote to STRIKE on December 23 and 24 (Daily Express)

Teen girl flying to join ISIS fighters in Syria stopped by police on Heathrow runway (Daily Mail)

Police charged over custody death (BBC)

Russians flock to stores as ruble remains volatile (Fox News)

Sydney-style lone-wolf terror attack could happen in London Cameron (Russia Today)

All sickened:' The trail of carnage inside Pakistan school after Taliban massacre (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: Inside Pakistan attack school (BBC)

Schools struggling with influx of Roma children who can't speak English (Daily Mail)

Russia forced to accept' 1.86bn compensation for former shareholders of oil giant (Russia Today)

'Paedophile Hunter' Proves Just How Dangerous the Internet Can Be for Children (Huffington Post)

Obese Man Who 'Squashed Nativity Donkey To Death' At Christmas Market Investigated By Police (Huffington Post)

Pakistan school massacre prompts prime minister to lift death penalty ban (Guardian)

Blasts reportedly heard near women's college in Pakistan (Fox News)

Peshawar attack: Taliban release images of gunmen who killed 148 as they claim massacre was justified and warn of further violence (Independent)

Peshawar attack: Taliban release images of gunmen who killed 132 innocent children as they claim massacre was justified (Independent)

Analysis - After Pakistan school massacre, watch for the gloves to come off (Reuters)

Peshawar school attack: teacher gave her life to save pupils (Independent)

Gabe Ortega, 5, Saves Spare Change All Year To Buy Christmas Presents For Other Children (Huffington Post)

5 MILLION travellers expected to fly in and out of the UK over Christmas (Daily Mail)

London was just 'days' away from Sydney-style terror attack, reveals Met Police chief (Daily Express)

'Adrenaline junkie', 12, was killed in a motocross accident in front of his father as he attempted huge jump for the first time (Daily Mail)

Church of England appoints first woman bishop (Financial Times - Paywall)

Sydney mourns cafe siege victims (CNN)

How siege changed 'charmed' Australia (CNN)

Mom's Boyfriend Charged With Beating Baby to Death (NBC News)

Church of England Appoints First Female Bishop (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Peshawar school attack: Video emerges showing devastation caused by Taliban school massacre (Independent)

A Dad's Hell: NBC Reporter's Kids Were Inside Attack (NBC News)

Poundland's Christmas Decorations Are Riddled With Spelling Mistakes (Huffington Post)

Sony movie's NY premiere cancelled (BBC)

Dad 'filmed his children having sex with family dog' (Daily Star)

Meet the Church of England's Sax-Playing First Woman Bishop (NBC News)

Devoted daughter beat her 93-year-old mother to death 'when she could no longer cope with caring for her' (Daily Mail)

Was Pakistan school massacre launched because of Malala's Nobel Prize? (Daily Star)

Pakistan mourns its school dead (BBC)

Britain First Blames Sydney Café Siege On Lindt's Non-Halal Chocolate (Huffington Post)

Dad gives children terrible Christmas present, children are delighted (Independent)

Pakistan lifts death penalty moratorium (ALJAZEERA)

Church appoints first female bishop (BBC)

'The Interview' Has New York Premiere Cancelled Following Threats From Sony Hackers: 'Remember 9/11... The World Will Be Full Of Fear' (Huffington Post)

Youth killed in clashes with police in southeast Turkey (Reuters)

Church of England Names Rev. Libby Lane as First Female Bishop (New York Times - Paywall)

Apple Stops Online Sales in Russia As Ruble Plunges (Time Magazine)

Urgent probe announced as Australian PM reveals Sydney hostage-taker had GUN LICENCE (Daily Express)

Russell Brand Slams Tony Abbott & Media For Linking Sydney Siege To Terrorism (Huffington Post)

Awful Christmas trees are pine-ful to look at (Daily Mail)

School shooting 'Pakistan's 9/11' (CNN)

The Church of England announces appointment of its first ever female bishop (Daily Express)

Iran Says It Requested Sydney Gunman's Extradition (NBC News)

North Korea marks third anniversary of Kim Jong Il's death (Los Angeles Times)

No signs of foul play in German Putin critic's death (Reuters)

Los Angeles lawyers stage die-in protest against police video (Guardian)

AP Exclusive: Sydney hostage, 82, planned daring escape after he thought they would all die (Fox News)

Pakistan school attack: survivors describe Taliban massacre in Peshawar video (Guardian)

Church of England appoints first female bishop (Russia Today)

Russia has enough resources to reverse ruble crisis Medvedev (Russia Today)

Man dies of a suspected heart attack 'while being restrained in corner shop by four men' after biting a DOG outside (Daily Mail)

Peshawar attack highlights Pakistan's vulnerability (Financial Times - Paywall)

Investors Fret Over Ripple Effects of Ruble Crisis (New York Times - Paywall)

Libby Lane: profile of the church of England's first female bishop (Guardian)

School Slaughter: A Glimpse Inside the Scene of a Massacre (NBC News)

Peshawar School Attack: First Pictures Show Inside After Mass Murder (Huffington Post)

First Sydney, Now Peshawar - Is There Anywhere That Is Actually Safe From the Grip of Terrorism? (Huffington Post)

Guns, knives and 600 rounds of ammunition found in car of US high school student (Independent)

Nativity donkey 'squashed to death' by obese man at Spanish Christmas market (Independent)

Boxer Anthony Crolla In Hospital After Burglar Attack (Huffington Post)

Militants take hostages in attack on bank in southern Afghanistan (Guardian)

Sex expert TRACEY COX on how to get your steamiest sex wish granted this Christmas (Daily Mail)

Church of England's first female bishop named as Libby Lane (Guardian)

Man 'bit dog' before shop death (BBC)

Watch list questions over Sydney gunman (BBC)

VIDEO: New footage shows Sydney cafe raid (BBC)

Pakistan mourns school massacre dead (ALJAZEERA)

You May Start Feeling A Bit Richer In Time For Christmas (Huffington Post)

Peshawar school attack: the boy who slept in and survived (Independent)

Pakistan Attack Halts Political Wrangling (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Sydney Siege: Dramatic new footage shows sniper on roof opposite cafe (Independent)

Sydney Siege Mourners Are Leaving Lindt Chocolates And Handing Out 'Free Hugs' After Hostage Deaths (Huffington Post)

Father Christmas gets a designer makeover as he dresses in Marni, Alexander Wang and Kenzo (Daily Mail)

Sydney siege hostage Louisa Hope was used by Man Haron Monis as 'human shield' (Daily Mail)

Small step and historic first: Church of England names first female bishop (Fox News)

Australian Government Faces Questions Over Sydney Gunman (New York Times - Paywall)

Boxer Anthony Crolla in hospital with suspected fractured skull after burglar attack (Daily Star)

Peshawar school attack: A burnt out office and the scene of the final gun battle images emerge of the aftermath of Taliban massacre (Independent)

Pakistan Begins Three Days of Mourning After Peshawar Massacre (Time Magazine)

83-Year-Old Sydney Hostage Tells of Siege Ordeal (NBC News)

Britain tells UK tourists headed to UAE for holiday: 'No holding of hands or Christmas kisses' (Fox News)

Taliban threatens more attacks as Peshawar funerals begin (Channel4)

Magistrate falsely accused of releasing Man Haron Monis on bail in police protection (Daily Mail)

Welsh yob has been linked to hundreds of police incidents over past six years (Daily Mail)

Gun battle rages as Taliban militants attack Afghan bank (Independent)

At least ten killed as suspected Taliban militants storm Afghan bank with suicide bomb attack (Independent)

Australia's PM Questions Gun and Security Laws After Sydney Siege (Time Magazine)

Russian ruble bounces back (Fox News)

Plunging Ruble Poses Test for Putin (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Sydney cafe gunman Man Haron Monis 'dropped off watchlist' and Australia refused Iran's request to extradite him, Tony Abbott says (Independent)

Peshawar school attack: Children's eyewitness accounts of Taliban massacre (Independent)

Is a Nintendo a safe Christmas present? (Daily Mail)

'X Factor' Winner Ben Haenow's 'Something I Need' Set To Take Christmas Number One Spot, Over Mark Ronson's 'Uptown Funk' (Huffington Post)

Cinema cancels controversial North Korea film premiere after threats of 9/11-style attack (Daily Express)

'Lord' Dave West's life was as lurid as his death last week was savage (Daily Mail)

Peshawar school attack: Pakistan lifts moratorium on death penalty in wake of Taliban attack (Independent)

Peshawar attack: Pakistan lifts moratorium on death penalty in wake of Taliban attack (Independent)

Derby police called in by school to probe 'sexting' epidemic (Daily Mail)

Pakistan Mourns 142 Killed In School Attack As Afghan Taliban Condemns It As Un-Islamic (Huffington Post)

Athena becomes first humanoid robot to buy a seat on a passenger plane (Daily Mail)

Pakistan revokes ban on death penalty after Taliban school siege (Russia Today)

Peshawar school attack: Pakistan mourns as the funerals of victims of Taliban massacre are held (Independent)

Peshawar attack: Pakistan mourns as the funerals of victims of Taliban massacre are held (Independent)

Sydney Victims Are Remembered (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Sydney gunman details spark urgent review (Financial Times - Paywall)

Pakistan mourns death of 142 killed in Taliban attack (Fox News)

Hot Seat contestant fails to answer very obvious first question correctly (Daily Mail)

Iran: Extradition of Sydney attacker refused (ALJAZEERA)

Sony hack: The Interview premiere cancelled in New York as hackers warn of 'bitter fate' for those who seek 'fun in terror' (Independent)

Is Sony hesitant to blame N. Korea? (CNN)

Taliban Attack in Pakistan Prompts Cross-Border Solidarity From India (Time Magazine)

Ruble starts clawing back drastic losses; dollar, euro down in trading (Russia Today)

Drone strike in Afghanistan kills four Pakistani Taliban - official (Reuters)

WorldViews: In North Korea, different recollections of Kim Jong Il on the third anniversary of his death (Washington Post - Paywall)

12/16: Taliban slaughters scores of students in Pakistan; The day WWI stopped for Christmas (CBS News)

Taliban Massacre Schoolchildren in Pakistan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Abbott vows review of Sydney attacker (BBC)

Germany's Merkel calls Putin to discuss situation in Ukraine, amid ruble plunge (Fox News)

Taliban militants says deadly siege on Pakistan school was revenge (CBS News)

Sydney cafe gunman dropped off watch list years ago (Fox News)

World Gifts Create a Buzz This Christmas (Huffington Post)

Australian leader says siege gunman was dropped off nation's security watch list years ago (Fox News)

Russia ruble declines by 3.5 pct at the opening (Fox News)

Australia seeks answers to Sydney hostage tragedy (CNN)

Philippine communist rebels announce cease-fires for Christmas and pope's visit (Fox News)

Investigation begins into Sydney siege (CBS News)

Sony hackers invoke 9/11 in latest threat (CBS News)

Sydney siege: review into how hostage taker obtained gun (Guardian)

How the future of Pakistan is getting darker (Daily Mail)

Family of John Crawford files wrongful death suit against police, Walmart (Russia Today)

Pakistan mourns, prepares for funerals for 141 slain, mostly kids, in Taliban school massacre (Fox News)

Children massacred in Pakistan school attack (ALJAZEERA)

Russia invites North Korea leader for May visit - paper (Reuters)

Media reporter on ramifications of Sony hack (CBS News)

VIDEO: Sony hackers threaten cinema attack (BBC)

Pakistan school massacre: What kind of men kill children? (CBS News)

Taliban school massacre: What kind of men kill children? (CBS News)

Russia's economic woes 'critical' as ruble continues to tumble (Los Angeles Times)

Taliban attack on Pakistan school kills at least 141, mostly children (CBS News)

Did WWI stop for a Christmas Day soccer game? (CBS News)

Yemen bombing kills 20 children (CNN)

Duchess of Cornwall joins famous faces at St Paul's Cathedral for Christmas carol concert in aid of her cancer charity (Daily Mail)

Sony Hit with Another Lawsuit by Two Former Employees (Time Magazine)

As the Ruble Swoons, Russians Desperately Shop (New York Times - Paywall)

In Australia, Sydney siege inquiry continues amid grief, questions (Los Angeles Times)

Teen in Pakistani school shot by Taliban gunmen reveals how he played dead (Daily Mail)

Autopsy Ordered For German Critic of Russia (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Kerry says Russia sanctions could end if Putin takes right steps (Reuters)

Children's Cartoons Are Rife With Death and Murders: Study (NBC News)

Terror Threats Over The Interview' Are Quandary for Sony (New York Times - Paywall)

System failed to track Sydney siege gunman, Abbott says (Fox News)

Militant attack on Pakistan school kills 132 children, nine staffers (Los Angeles Times)

Note left to Sydney siege hero Tori Johnson by staff as floral tributes grow (Daily Mail)

Those craving Ruble collapse aren't immune from aftershocks (Russia Today)

Ruble Tumbles Despite Rate Rise (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Sydney Hostage Siege and a Nation's Identity (New York Times - Paywall)

Pakistani children forced to watch teacher burnt alive as Taliban murder 132 (Daily Mail)

See world's first air to ground high-five (CNN)

Simon Harris abused thousands of Kenyan boys say police (Daily Mail)

Police accused of war on motorists as convictions for traffic offences rise (Daily Express)

Survey finds 4 in 10 people will fake joy at unwanted gifts this Christmas (Daily Mail)

Death 'All Around Me': Victims Relive Horror of School Massacre (NBC News)

In Pakistan, Taliban massacre of schoolchildren fuels broad outrage (Washington Post - Paywall)

In Sydney Hostage Siege, Australia's New Antiterrorism Measures Proved Ineffective (New York Times - Paywall)

Church of England poised to name first female bishop (Guardian)

Greek government faces first test in crucial presidential vote (Reuters)

Could CANNABIS treat epilepsy? Haddington boy is one of first to trial new treatment (Daily Mail)

Fury at Brand's Twitter rant as kids are slain in Pakistan (Daily Star)

Sony hackers invoke September 11 attacks in warning to 'The Interview' moviegoers (Independent)

Sony hackers threaten 9/11 attacks on cinemas showing 'The Interview' in new message (Independent)

Sony hackers make threat, reference 9/11 (CBS News)

Car Bombs Kill at Least 26, Including School Children, in Yemen (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Teen charged with murder of Edmonton builder Jack Barry who was stabbed to death (Daily Mail)

Pakistan responds to Peshawar school massacre with strikes on Taliban (Guardian)

Tony Abbott admits ASIO and police failed to put Sydney siege gunman under surveillance (Daily Mail)

Relative of Sydney gunmans ex-wife calls him a "scam artist" (CBS News)

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Peshawar school attack: 'I will never forget the black was like death approaching me' (Independent)

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