Thursday, 18th December 2014

World News

Flashback: Watch people react to gas prices 14 years ago (CBS News)

Bargains galore in High Street war as shoppers enjoy biggest price drops in 12 years (Daily Mail)

Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz react to move to normalize relations with Cuba (CBS News)

Pope Francis' role in Cuba stretches back years (Los Angeles Times)

Sony hack is 'US security issue' (BBC)

Richard Bowler found guilty of killing P&O chef is jailed for five years (Daily Mail)

Dog Runs for the First Time Thanks to 3-D-Printed Legs (NBC News)

Moment thieves stole elderly couple's Christmas money seconds after they withdrew it (Daily Mail)

Obama has power to further weaken Cuba sanctions (Reuters)

Team America' Screenings Canceled After Sony Pulls The Interview' (Time Magazine)

Mother involved in bitter row over parking space knifed to death in the street on her way to work (Daily Mail)

Bill Cosby is under full-scale police investigation (Daily Mail)

President Obama signs bill authorizing sanctions against Venezuela (Guardian)

Nigeria sentences 54 soldiers to death by firing squad (CBS News)

Emerson Stone, CBS News VP produced first live call-in show with sitting President, dies at 86 (CBS News)

Anthony Crolla on road to recovery after brutal attack left him with fractured skull (Daily Mail)

5-year-old girl shot at Peshawar attack despite Taliban instructions not to kill 'small children' (Daily Mail)

Biggest Gains for U.S. Stocks in Years (Time Magazine)

Anti-Morrocan chant lands anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders in court (Russia Today)

Pakistan grants bail to Mumbai attack accused (ALJAZEERA)

Analysis - Despite billions in aid, U.S. unable to get Pakistan to confront militants (Reuters)

Report: Suspect in custody for alleged NYPD attack (CBS News)

Ibuprofen may provide 12 extra years of good health, study finds (Daily Mail)

Obama signs Russia sanctions bill, says no new penalties planned (Reuters)

Putin Strikes Harsh Tone With West (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man held over armed police stand-off (BBC)

Watch the incredible moment double amputee uses TWO mind-controlled prosthetic arms for the first time (Daily Mail)

Miss World pageant reveals swimsuit round will be removed as of 2015 (Daily Mail)

U.S. will hit back after Sony hack, official says (CNN)

US congressional leaders vow to block Cuba embassy and ambassador (Guardian)

Life Expectancy Increases by Six Years (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Peshawar attack nurse is haunted by memory of children slaughtered (Daily Mail)

U.S. considers 'proportional' response to Sony hacking attack (Reuters)

U.S. Weighs Response to Sony Cyberattack, With North Korea Confrontation Possible (New York Times - Paywall)

Vladimir Putin reveals he is in a relationship a year after his divorce (Daily Mail)

Sony hasn't learned lessons (CNN)

Alleged Mastermind of 2008 Mumbai Attack Granted Bail (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama signs Venezuela sanctions legislation (Reuters)

San Diego police sued over tracking cell phones with 'stingray' (Russia Today)

Everything's fine, says Putin in press conference including my love life (Guardian)

Defiant Putin blames west for Russia's economic woes (Financial Times - Paywall)

How Sony execs cut Angelina Jolie out of group email exchange so they could attack her (Daily Mail)

Pakistan court grants bail to alleged leader of Mumbai terror attack (Guardian)

After Devastating Sony Hack, Experts Ask: Who's Next? (NBC News)

Pakistani military chief signs death warrants for six hard-core' terrorists (Washington Post - Paywall)

Boston Marathon bombing suspect back in court for 1st time since 2013 (CBS News)

Man dies 2 weeks after police used stun gun on him (CBS News)

Was British doctor in Peshawar attack's Taliban death squad? (Daily Mail)

Who Was the CIA Spy Freed in the Cuba Prisoner Swap? (NBC News)

Obama Calls into Public Radio Show Hosted by Gov. Deval Patrick (Time Magazine)

Obama signs Russia sanctions bill, no plans to use it for now (Russia Today)

World War II bomb defused in German city after nearly 10,000 people evacuated (Fox News)

Obama Surprises Pal Deval Patrick on Call-in Radio Show (NBC News)

McKinley brothers who beat Choudhry Zishan to death arrested (Daily Mail)

Lily-Mae McKinstry bought Christmas presents for family before she died of cancer (Daily Mail)

Wales school orders parents to delete Facebook video of daughter in nativity play (Daily Mail)

U.S. Companies Assess a Beachhead in Cuba (New York Times - Paywall)

Army Public School yearbook shows idyllic life of pupils before (Daily Mail)

Is Rolando Sarraff Trujillo the US spy freed by Cuba after 20 years? (Daily Mail)

Man fakes heart attack so friend can steal toys at Florida Wal-Mart (CBS News)

How Learnvest's CEO Raised Her First $1 Million in 6 Months (Time Magazine)

Lessons to learn as US and Cuba relations thaw (Guardian)

Sony hack: US Government will handle cyber-warfare with care (Independent)

Pakistan Grants Bail to Key Suspect in 2008 Mumbai Attacks (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Mourning and rage after school attack (BBC)

Sony hack a US national security matter' (Financial Times - Paywall)

The U.S. Still Doesn't Have Diplomatic Relations with These Five Countries (NBC News)

Putin speech: President says Russian bear 'won't be chained' by the West as he warns of tough two years ahead (Independent)

The Interview: Hollywood figures outraged as Sony cancels film following North Korea's threat (Independent)

Pakistan Taliban Vows More Killings of Military Children (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S. Considering 'Proportional Response' to Sony Hack (NBC News)

This Is How Much It's Costing Sony to Cancel The Interview (Time Magazine)

Sony Pictures scraps release of The Interview after theaters pull out (Guardian)

IN PICTURES: Nudity and Rudolph 10 MORE of the most AWKWARD Christmas family photos (Daily Express)

Islamabad's infamous Red Mosque faces protest over school massacre (Guardian)

Boston Bombing Suspect Speaks in Federal Court (NBC News)

Some Pakistan militants denounce school attack, amid national outrage (Reuters)

White House Doesn't Rule Out Cyber Counterattack in Sony Hack (Time Magazine)

Is Putin right? (BBC)

US Congress threat to Cuba thaw (BBC)

EU Court Sees Conflicts With Rights Pact (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Vladimir Putin likens Crimea takeover to bear guarding his territory (CBS News)

'Interview' Isn't Alone: 5 Movies That Riled World Leaders (NBC News)

Pakistan Seeks Afghan Aid Against Taliban (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Sony hack leaves US looking powerless (Financial Times - Paywall)

Primary school teacher who hit pupil on the head with a ruler is cleared of assault (Daily Mail)

Obama Gives Christmas Clemency' to 20 (Time Magazine)

Eye Opener at 8: Alan Gross returns home after five years in Cuban prison (CBS News)

Andrew Lloyd Webber Will Pen Tunes for School of Rock Musical (Time Magazine)

Spear phished': Hackers attack internet overlord ICANN (Russia Today)

Powell on Cuba shift: "We can produce positive change" (CBS News)

'Millions' more given right to move to UK after court rules EU workers free to bring families (Daily Mail)

I feel no responsibility for rouble's collapse, says Putin (Guardian)

Dazzling Christmas lights as seen from space (CBS News)

Ecuador has set up independent inquiry into the death of the indigenous leader Jos Tendetza (Guardian)

Euphoria hits Cuba amid doubts on detente (Financial Times - Paywall)

U.S., Cuba restore ties after 50 years (Reuters)

10 Songs That Ruin Christmas Every Single Time (Time Magazine)

We can bearly see you! German zoo releases first pictures of its new polar bear cub born just two weeks ago (Daily Mail)

Husband banned from having sex with wife by High Court judge (Daily Star)

Cuba-US relations: President Obama welcomes home a spy whose sacrifice has been known to only a few' (Independent)

Bush Commerce Secretary Says Obama Gave Cuba a Major Political Win' (Time Magazine)

Hollywood slams Sony for cancelling The Interview after hackers' threats (Russia Today)

Climate change could cut world food output 18 percent by 2050 (Reuters)

The Stoke Inn in Plymouth landlord posts rules for once-a-year Christmas drinkers (Daily Mail)

Vladimir Putin takes swipe at West over Ukraine (Daily Mail)

Festive fry-up Chippie sells 950-calorie deep-fried MINCE PIES and Christmas PUDS (Daily Express)

What U.S. policy shift means for tourism and trade in Cuba (CBS News)

The Queen arrives at Sandringham by train for Christmas (but where's the Duke of Edinburgh?) (Daily Mail)

Rand Paul Breaks with Other 2016 Candidates on Cuba (Time Magazine)

Taliban death squad's request for instructions after slaughtering 132 innocents (Daily Mail)

Former Anonymous hacker doubts North Korea behind Sony attack (CBS News)

U.N. members want North Korea in international court for rights abuses (Reuters)

VIDEO: Bubba Watson's Christmas rap video (BBC)

Is this the end of the traditional Christmas dinner? (Daily Mail)

Family fear Christmas misery as massive sinkhole threatens to engulf their home (Daily Express)

Colin Powell: Cuba "still a terrible regime," but nothing wrong with opening diplomatic relations (CBS News)

The Victorian inventions that DIDN'T change the world (Daily Mail)

Putin says Russia economy will be cured, offers no remedy (Reuters)

Here's a First Look at Season 3 of Orphan Black (Time Magazine)

Rand Paul Breaks With Rubio and Bush Over Cuba (NBC News)

Duck Hunt Will Land On Nintendo's Wii U on Christmas Day (Time Magazine)

This Poll Shows America's Stark Racial Divide Over the Police (Time Magazine)

Joy in the streets of Cuba as diplomatic ties with U.S. are renewed (CBS News)

Obesity IS a DISABILITY, rules highest EU court (Daily Mail)

"Im free": Alan Gross returns to U.S. after five years in Cuban prison (CBS News)

4 Things Every Single Person Can Learn From the Sony Hack (Time Magazine)

Keeping the Christmas Spirit (Huffington Post)

Artist Amit Shimoni imagines former world leaders as HIPSTERS in Hipstory series (Daily Mail)

How Venezuela's Collapse Helped Thaw Cuban-American Relations (Time Magazine)

Eye Opener: Outrage from Hollywood after Sony surrenders to hackers (CBS News)

As US-Cuba relations warm, fuming Venezuelan president left in the cold (Guardian)

Sony Pulls Korea Film; U.S. Blames Pyongyang for Hack (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Christmas Quiz 2014 (Daily Star)

EU top court clears path for stem cell patenting (Russia Today)

Peshawar school attack: Young girl, 3, who witnessed shooting says it has inspired her to become a doctor (Independent)

Putin predicts economic recovery but warns West against pressuring Russian bear' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Boston bombing: Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev receives shout of encouragement as he appears in court (Independent)

Net overseers hit by phishing attack (BBC)

Analysis: As Pakistan mourns, focus shifts to how country will address Islamic militancy (Fox News)

Controversy At World Pie Eating Competition (Huffington Post)

Chinese man beats former friend's daughter to death with hammer over insult 20 YEARS ago (Daily Mail)

Abu Dhabi's Etihad Airways gets its first A380, outfitted with lux suite, bathroom with shower (Fox News)

Cold War to New Thaw: A History of U.S.-Cuban Relations (NBC News)

City frozen in time wakes up to new reality in Cuba (CBS News)

What Cuba deal says to Latin America (CNN)

What British People Say Vs What They Mean... At Christmas (Huffington Post)

Sony scraps The Interview worldwide (BBC)

Man jailed for five years over cling film death of P&O chef in sex game (Daily Express)

Brad Pitt dismissed from jury duty as his presence would be too 'distracting' in court (Daily Express)

Putin says Moscow wants solution to Ukraine crisis (Reuters)

Police investigate 3 murders in alleged Westminster pedophile inquiry (Russia Today)

Pakistan army kill 57 Taliban 'monsters' in deadly airstrikes after Peshawar school attack (Daily Express)

Sony slammed by Deputy PM Clegg for bowing to N. Korean intimidation' (Russia Today)

Obama Just Handed the Castro Regime a New Lease on Life (Time Magazine)

Punch-Drunk: Putin Joke About Stroke Survivor Falls Flat (NBC News)

Islamic State fight to take at least three years - U.S. general (Reuters)

Man arrested after 'shots fired' at Christchurch school groundsmen (Daily Mail)

John Boehner's Christmas poem is full of festive partisan cheer (Independent)

Her Majesty wraps up warm as she leaves for Christmas holidays on public transport (Daily Express)

Disabled man guilty of lover's death after wrapping him in clingfilm for kinky sex game (Daily Star)

Can't stuff this bear' & other Putin Q&A quotes (Russia Today)

Boston bombing suspect in court (BBC)

FIRST PICTURES: Rita Ora steals the limelight in official The Voice UK snaps (Daily Express)

British man mourns cousin Muhammed Yassen killed in Peshawar school massacre (Daily Mail)

Polar bear cubs and mothers' bond pictured over 10 years (Daily Mail)

Will a comet shower end life on Earth? Rogue star could send icy rocks hurtling into the solar system 240,000 years (Daily Mail)

Science Breakthroughs That Changed The World In 2014 (Huffington Post)

Obesity can be viewed as disability EU court (Russia Today)

As door opens to Cuba the sanctions versus engagement debate revives (Guardian)

New Zealand Couple Close to Death - Because They Didn't Know How to Get Out of Their Locked Car (Daily Mail)

Sony chose not to release The Interview so a cinema decided to show Team America instead (Daily Star)

School Punishes Blind 8-Year-Old By Replacing His Cane With a Pool Noodle (Time Magazine)

Boston bombing: Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to appear in public for first time since 2013 (Independent)

Obama Moves to Restore Ties to Cuba (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

What Putin is not telling us (Russia Today)

Rev Margaret McPhee clamied that Father Christmas was 'make believe' at festive concert (Daily Mail)

Putin voices optimism on economy, ruble (CBS News)

Nick Clegg is confronted by angry mother over unhealthy school dinners (Daily Mail)

Missouri school punished boy born without eyes by replacing his walking cane with a pool toy (Daily Mail)

Vivienne Westwood Tries To Give David Cameron Asbestos For Christmas (Huffington Post)

Police probe 'sex attacks' on boys (CNN)

Putin Vows To Rebuild Russian Economy, Blames West For Trying To 'Defang' Russian Bear (Huffington Post)

Putin accuses West of trying to 'de-claw' Russia (Daily Express)

Carter: Cuba took 'political courage' (CNN)

Putin protest: 20 arrested outside news conference - video (Channel4)

Woman's Lost Luggage Found in Airport 20 Years Later (NBC News)

U.S.-Cuba relations (CNN)

Boy beaten to death by teacher after parents were too poor to pay tuition fees (Daily Star)

When you start thinking about ratings they start to fall' Putin (Russia Today)

WorldViews: Not as skinny as Obama, like Putin is okay.' China censors schoolboy's suggestion that Xi lose weight (Washington Post - Paywall)

EU court gives UK visa direction (BBC)

Celebrity chefs reveal their secret tips for the perfect Christmas dinner (Daily Mail)

Putin Shows Stick to West, Carrot to Oligarchs, and Heart to'Someone' (Time Magazine)

Prince Harry beams in a Santa hat for heartwarming Christmas visit with orphaned children (Daily Express)

Chair of school governors forced to quit after taking his children out of lessons for a three-day trip (Daily Mail)

Thief Fakes Heart Attack so Friend Can Steal Toys (NBC News)

Cops Hope Cuba Thaw Will Lead to Fugitive's Capture (NBC News)

BREAKING: Police arrest man near Dorset school in lockdown after reports of shots fired (Daily Express)

Denver the dog caught red LIPPED after devouring Christmas tree decorations (Daily Mail)

Sony Pictures hack - whodunnit? (BBC)

EU top court rules obesity a 'disability' (ALJAZEERA)

Black Friday sends retail sales soaring at fastest rate in more than 10 years (Daily Mail)

What does two more years of crisis mean for Russia? And how will it affect us? (Independent)

It Begins: Boston Bombing Suspect Arrives in Federal Court (NBC News)

Who is Maulana Fazlullah? A look at the 'Radio Mullah' behind Pakistan school attack (Daily Express)

No Ordinary Lame Duck: Obama Fights Back (NBC News)

Europe must decide if it wants gas via Turkey- Putin (Russia Today)

Putin Blames Outside Forces for Economic Woes (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama's Cuba decision: US tries to move Russian allies away' (Russia Today)

Police arrest man after shots allegedly fired at Dorset school ground staff (Guardian)

Vladimir Putin Jokes Stroke Survivor Journalist Is Drunk (Huffington Post)

Bizarre promo of Putin released (CNN)

Watch This Woman Take Her First Steps in Ten Years (Time Magazine)

Faces of the innocents: Heartbreaking images show children massacred by Taliban in school horror attack (Daily Mail)

School bus death hearing adjourned (BBC)

Peshawar school attack: Haunting transcripts of militants' last conversation saying 'we've killed all the children' after massacre (Independent)

Pakistan court bails man accused of masterminding Mumbai attack (Reuters)

Westminster paedo police probe three alleged murders (Daily Star)

Highcliffe School In Dorset Under Lockdown After 'Gunman Fired Shots At School Workmen' (Huffington Post)

Jubilant Cubans Celebrate Thaw in U.S. Relations (NBC News)

BREAKING: School on lockdown after shots reported (Daily Star)

World Health Organisation and DfID slow to react on Ebola, say UK MPs (Guardian)

Police investigating 'murders of three boys' linked to Westminster paedophile ring (Daily Express)

Putin says Russian economy will rebound (ALJAZEERA)

UK school in lockdown after gun shots reported (Russia Today)

Watch Alan Gross breathe American air for the first time in five years (Independent)

The cult of Vladimir Putin (CNN)

N. Korean Hack on Sony Won't Go 'Unanswered': U.S. Official (NBC News)

Pakistan bails Mumbai attack suspect (BBC)

Nigerian soldiers sentenced to death for refusing to fight Boko Haram as Islamist group 'kidnaps 100 women and children' in remote village raid (Independent)

Pakistani school attackers were told to kill soldiers' after massacre of pupils (Guardian)

Putin press conference: 'economy will rebound within two years' (Guardian)

Revellers warned not to drink too much as Christmas party season reaches its peak (Daily Mail)

Pakistani Court Grants Bail To Mumbai Terror Attack Suspect (Time Magazine)

House Syncs Its Christmas Lights To 'Star Wars' Music, And It's Amazing (Huffington Post)

Ukraine wouldn't have civil war if not for EU - Putin (Russia Today)

Dog owner tried to stop mum from saving daughter, 6, as she was mauled, court hears (Daily Star)

Confronting Ebola for the first time generates strong emotions' (Guardian)

'Black magic witch held me down while her husband raped me when I was 11', court hears (Daily Star)

King revealed as a HOARDER who clung on to everything from court papers to bakery flyers and even his own scribbled plans for an impossible palace (Daily Mail)

Will 'Undulatus asperatus' be the first new cloud type in 60 years? (Daily Mail)

Khodorkovsky has right to enter politics, no regrets over pardon Putin (Russia Today)

Putin seeks to ease economic fears (BBC)

Pakistani court bails out main suspect in Mumbai attack trial, defense lawyer says (Fox News)

U.S. spy freed by Cuba was longtime asset (Washington Post - Paywall)

Russian Bear Won't Become 'Stuffed Animal,' Putin Vows (NBC News)

We're all living six years longer: Fall in deaths from cancer, heart disease and infections is boosting life expectancy around the world (except Africa, where the scourge of HIV continues) (Daily Mail)

Youngest ever person executed in US now exonerated 70 years later (Daily Express)

Putin says deal on Iran's nuclear programme 'very close' (Reuters)

Proof just one Christmas drink can put you over the limit (Daily Mail)

British police are looking into 3 alleged murders as part of historic child sex abuse case (Fox News)

Putin says US and key oil producers may be equally interested in lower oil (Russia Today)

Police arrest protestors trying to get into Vladimir Putin's news conference (Independent)

Free school meals 'for 85% infants' (BBC)

Astronaut Twins: Mark and Scott Kelly, the Early Years (Time Magazine)

Snapchat boss tearful at Sony hack (BBC)

28-day police bail limit proposed (BBC)

Drunk Staffie owner grabbed mother and pinned her down to STOP her rescuing six-year-old daughter from being mauled on Christmas Day, court hears (Daily Mail)

Families are using less energy than five years ago despite increasing number of gadgets (Daily Mail)

Tanks for the ride: UK dad drops off kids at school in a 17-ton army tank (Russia Today)

Egyptian court convicts 41 Islamists for rioting, sends them to prison for up to 15 years (Fox News)

20 detained for unsanctioned gathering at Putin Q&A venue (Russia Today)

Boston Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to Make Rare Court Appearance (Time Magazine)

Bashneft boss Yevtushenkov proved not guilty in money-laundering - Putin (Russia Today)

For the best value traditional Christmas getaways head to Germany, Sweden or Belgium (Daily Mail)

Jimmy Savile 'Could Have Been Prosecuted' While Still Alive, Police Admit (Huffington Post)

Putin Accuses the West of Trying to Sideline Russia (Time Magazine)

European Court Rule That Obesity Could Be a Disability (Time Magazine)

Pakistan court grants bail to accused mastermind of Mumbai attacks (Los Angeles Times)

Top Catholic cleric in Holy Land condemns violence in Christmas message (Fox News)

Putin speech live: Watch Vladimir Putin's end-of-year press conference live (Independent)

Haul of £26.6m stolen in Northern Bank heist 10 years ago 'may be sitting somewhere' (Daily Express)

Birmingham mother of eight planning Christmas funded by benefits (Daily Mail)

Girl aged just THREE escaped from Taliban terrorists by hiding under her desk at nursery... and now wants to be a doctor to help friends injured in attack (Daily Mail)

Russia not attacking west, just defending its interests - Putin (Russia Today)

Putin blames sanctions for crisis (Fox News)

Obesity can be disability, EU court rules (Financial Times - Paywall)

Parents' fury as clergywoman tells schoolchildren Father Christmas is not real (Daily Express)

Castro urges US to lift embargo on Cuba (ALJAZEERA)

Man critical after takeaway attack (BBC)

Thai police 'harassing' tourists on streets of Bangkok with searches and drug tests (Daily Mail)

Surviving the Peshawar school massacre (BBC)

George Stinney Jr Executed Aged 14 Exonerated 70 Years After His Death (Huffington Post)

Nigeria sentences 54 troops to death for mutiny (Reuters)

Canadian namesake gets free world trip (CNN)

Nigeria sentences 54 troops to death for refusing to fight extremists; officers to be tried (Fox News)

Rob Lowe Says Sony Cancelling 'The Interview' Is Like Europe Giving In To Hitler (Huffington Post)

Obama celebrates Cuba's release of Alan Gross at Hanukkah reception video (Guardian)

STEPHEN GLOVER: Imagine the outrage if those vulgar Christmas cards poked fun at Islam instead (Daily Mail)

New dawn in U.S.-Cuba relations (CNN)

Police called as parish council meeting turns violent over row about SHEEP GRAZING (Daily Express)

Christmas Carol Singers Hit By Suspected Drunk Driver (Time Magazine)

Speculation in financial markets not a crime, Putin says (Russia Today)

The Interview hacking: Sony accused of 'collapse in America's first cyberwar' after cancelling release of Kim Jong-un assassination film (Independent)

Woman Reunited With Lost Luggage - After 21 Years (NBC News)

Divided reaction in Miami to breakthrough in U.S.-Cuba relations (CBS News)

Boston Bombing Suspect to Make Rare Court Appearance (NBC News)

Western nations want chain 'the Russian bear' - Putin (Russia Today)

25 years of 'The Simpsons' (CNN)

The North Korean genius state-sponsored hackers believed to be behind the Sony take-down (Daily Mail)

The 'drunk tank' helping boozy Britons recover this Christmas (Daily Mail)

WATCH LIVE: Vladimir Putin Faces Public Amid Economic Crisis (NBC News)

Peshawar attack: Pakistan police warn terrorists could plant magnetic bombs on school buses (Independent)

Autopsy says Ebosse beaten to death (BBC)

Two world titles, one champion? (BBC)

China arrests police officer blamed for 1996 wrongful conviction and execution of teenager (Fox News)

Putin: Russian economy will inevitably bounce back, 2 years in worst case scenario (Russia Today)

Experts on N. Korea see regime's fingerprints on Sony attack (Los Angeles Times)

George Stinney Jr: Black 14-year-old boy exonerated 70 years after he was executed (Independent)

Australian police raid properties, not related to siege - authorities (Reuters)

24 days, 24 celebrities: Sienna Miller, Richard Branson, and Richard E. Grant join campaign to urge YOU to donate bone marrow in memory of Millie, 21, who died from leukaemia 10 years ago (Daily Mail)

Plus-Size Woman ask 21 magazine editors from around the world to fix her using Photoshop (Daily Mail)

Marcus Case: inquiry finds faulty aircraft played part in lieutenant's death in Afghanistan (Guardian)

Eric Garner case: New York pushes for settlement in chokehold death (CBS News)

WorldViews: 14 awkward photos of world leaders that explain 2014 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Putin speech: President to finally face his public in anticipated address amid economic crisis (Independent)

Putin speech: President warns Russian economic crisis could last two years (Independent)

Putin speech: President claims West wants to 'chain the bear' as he warns economic recovery could take two years (Independent)

Castro calls for embargo lift after US normalises relations (Channel4)

Why there's more room for your baubles this year: Two mild winters mean firs and spruces used as Christmas trees have grown with fewer branches (Daily Mail)

Aldo Zilli on the Italian cakes taking over Christmas (Daily Mail)

Watch Live: Vladimir Putin Faces Public Amid Economic Crisis (NBC News)

Release of The Interview SCRAPPED over terror attack fears (Daily Star)

Global population living six years longer than in 1990: study (Reuters)

Pakistan must resist extremism (CNN)

NY Woman Sues Cops For Not Arresting Son Before Death (NBC News)

Christian enclave in India fears violence as Hindus press for Christmas conversions (Washington Post - Paywall)

Lance Corporal Willie Loasby's letter reveals how the WWI Christmas Day Truce took place (Daily Mail)

South Korean church group cancels plans for giant Christmas tree near border with North Korea (Fox News)

Police missed chances over Savile (BBC)

Prince Charles condemns Peshawar attack as a 'sickening example of sacrilege' (Daily Mail)

Melbourne man Charles Amon Miyaho sentenced to 31 years prison for murdering his two daughters (Daily Mail)

Sporting world record falls again (CNN)

Blood litters school floors (CNN)

Sony cancels release of The Interview after hack threat (Channel4)

Car bomb kills police officer in Kabul (Los Angeles Times)

Could Cuba breakthrough mean new brand of baseball players? (CBS News)

Qatar: Building a team to spring a surprise, showcase little nations at 2022 World Cup (Fox News)

Roland McKoy who beat ex-partner to death before slashing his daughter's throat is jailed (Daily Mail)

Scott Pelley reports from Cuba on groundbreaking diplomatic shift (CBS News)

US Congress raises heat on World Bank (Financial Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Sony 'forced' to bow to film hackers (BBC)

Hollywood studio pulls the plug on Steve Carell's new movie Pyongyang just hours before Sony scraps release of The Interview (Daily Mail)

Ruble continues recovery as Putin starts Q&A (Russia Today)

Venezuelan President Calls Obama's Outreach to Cuba Courageous' (Time Magazine)

Suicide attack kills policeman in Kabul (ALJAZEERA)

Two-Speed Labor System in Qatar for 2022 World Cup (Time Magazine)

Cuba 'in from the cold' - the papers (BBC)

12/17: U.S.-Cuba move to thaw diplomatic relations; Sony cancels release of " The Interview" (CBS News)

FIFA's Ethics Investigator Quits Over the Handling of His World Cup Probe (Time Magazine)

NY woman: Police should have arrested DWI son before deadly crash (CBS News)

China police chief who let off drunk son charged with graft (Reuters)

Will you be able to travel to Cuba soon? (CBS News)

Man finds woman with ex-girlfriend's name for a free trip around the world (Fox News)

Sony pulls N Korea film release after threats (ALJAZEERA)

Film critic slams Sony for pulling "The Interview" (CBS News)

A Christmas angel: Shocked mother spots extraordinary cloud in sky and believes it is a message from her late father (Daily Mail)

AP Poll: 80 percent of Russians back Putin despite ruble's fall (Fox News)

What Russia thinks of Americas shift on Cuba (CBS News)

Putin to hold Q&A marathon on 2014 geopolitical paradigm shift (Russia Today)

Afghan official says suicide car bomb kills police officer, wounds 3 (Fox News)

Castro urges US to lift Cuba embargo (BBC)

Man dies of a suspected heart attack 'while being restrained in corner shop by four men' after biting a DOG outside (Daily Mail)

Congress concerned with Obamas move on Cuba (CBS News)

Miamis Cubans react to new U.S. policy with Cuba (CBS News)

U.S. closer to formally blaming North Korea for Sony hack (CBS News)

Death Sentences and Executions at 20-Year Lows (NBC News)

To assuage critics, Qatar builds two-speed labor system of haves, have-nots for 2022 World Cup (Fox News)

US and Cuba to restore ties after 50 years (ALJAZEERA)

'Slap in the Face': Downed Pilots' Families Slam Cuba Swap (NBC News)

Flash Points: How will Pakistan respond to Taliban school massacre? (CBS News)

Boxing Day tsunami 10 years on: a survivor's story - video (Guardian)

12 best places to spend Christmas (CNN)

World Briefing: Syria: Mass Grave May Hold Bodies of 230 Members of Anti-ISIS Tribe (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Agencies Warn of Hunger in Ebola Zone (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Somalia: New Premier Is Appointed (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: China: Dalai Lama Hints Spiritual Line Might Come to an End With Him (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama Tells America to Go to the Movies' (Time Magazine)

Russias future with Cuba uncertain after new U.S.-Cuba policy (CBS News)

EU Court Takes Hamas Off Terror List (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

From the Archives: Mistrust Erodes Relations Between U.S. and Cuba (New York Times - Paywall)

Nigerian Court Sentences 54 Soldiers to Death (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Sanctions' goal is regime change, no matter Cuba or Russia (Russia Today)

Flash Points: How will restoring diplomatic ties with Cuba affect the U.S. economy? (CBS News)

Teen girl flying to join ISIS fighters in Syria stopped by police on Heathrow runway (Daily Mail)

Beauty of Cuba revealed in photographs (CBS News)

Rikers Island guard convicted in NYC inmates 2012 death (CBS News)

Sony cancels The Interview release (BBC)

No holding hands, no Christmas kisses and don't be drunk on the street: Embassy staff issue travel advice to Britons heading to Dubai (Daily Mail)

In Miami, Astonishment Over Action and Disagreement Over Cuba News (New York Times - Paywall)

Montana Man Convicted in Exchange Student's Death (Time Magazine)

U.S. to Restore Full Relations With Cuba, Erasing a Last Trace of Cold War Hostility (New York Times - Paywall)

Greek PM Samaras falls short in first round presidential vote (Reuters)

Bob Schieffer on "bombshell" Cuba developments (CBS News)

Church of England names Rev Libby Lane as first female bishop (Daily Mail)

14-year-old exonerated for double murder 70 years after his execution (Russia Today)

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Pervez Musharraf Says Pakistan Does Not Consider United States And West 'Trustworthy Allies' (Huffington Post)

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GRAPHIC CONTENT: First pictures emerge of classrooms in Pakistan (Daily Star)

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Peshawar school attack: As the Taliban release pictures of the gunmen responsible, Pakistan takes a new approach to terrorism (Independent)

Cuba-US relations: Obama ends half a century of hostility and restores ties with Havana (Independent)

Cuba-US relations: President Obama ends half a century of hostility and restores ties with Havana (Independent)

Cuba: Obama ends half a century of hostility and restores ties with Havana (Independent)

Barack Obama announces thaw in US-Cuba relations - video (Guardian)

Cuba Action Is Obama's Latest Step Away From 6 Years of Caution (New York Times - Paywall)

Italy police break up international money laundering ring in Rome (Reuters)

Peshawar school attack: Mullah Radio' grew to be a cult figure and was also behind Malala Yousafzai assassination attempt (Independent)

Peshawar school attack: Mullah Radio' grew to be a cult figure and was also behind Malala Yousafzai assault (Independent)

Kurdish Officials Seek to Reset Relations With Baghdad (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

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Cops should not be judge, jury & executioner' - witness to police beating (Russia Today)

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Kings Lynn woman reunited with real father following 34 YEARS apart (Daily Mail)

Svetlana Krivsun accused of causing death of Total oil chief 'loses her baby' (Daily Mail)

We Must Not Surrender to the Pakistan Taliban (Huffington Post)

3 police officers charged with manslaughter in mentally ill man's custody death (Russia Today)

Reddit bans Sony leak file-sharing subforum (Russia Today)

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Mother handed £200 in cash by stranger in the street as she did her Christmas shopping (Daily Mail)

Military enthusiast Nick Mead drives children to school every morning in a TANK (Daily Mail)

USAID head resigns as US & Cuba plan 'normalizing' relations (Russia Today)

Cameraman stayed to aid police (CNN)

CHILD KILLERS: Taliban release pictures of the Islamic fanatics behind school massacre (Daily Star)

Where's outrage over Sony hack? (CNN)

US moves to restore relations with Cuba (Financial Times - Paywall)

Taxi driver took Christmas tree hostage after teen couldn't pay £15 fare (Daily Mail)

The Interview' premiere canceled in wake of Sony hacker 9/11-style' terror threats (Russia Today)

Model reduces breasts so she will be 'taken seriously' in dream job as a police officer (Daily Mail)

Peshawar school pupil Dawood Ibrahim overslept yesterday and missed shooting (Daily Mail)

Keep 1 round for each other': Brits fighting ISIS agree death pact, won't submit to capture (Russia Today)

U.S. and Cuba to Start Talks on Normalizing Relations (New York Times - Paywall)

First female bishop named in England (CNN)

Kurdish teenager shot dead in clashes with Turkish police (Russia Today)

Widow who lost sight 20 years ago never misses a match for Yeovil Town FC (Daily Mail)

Obama to announce major Cuba policy change, US may open embassy (Russia Today)

Ruble stabilizes in Russian crisis, but Putin and Kremlin remain at risk (Washington Post - Paywall)

Human rights law: First Kenya, now Sudan (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

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EU court says Hamas should be removed from terror list (Daily Mail)

Fury over prisoners at new HMP Grampian getting choice of luxury Christmas dinners (Daily Mail)

In pictures: Pakistan school attack aftermath (BBC)

Sydney-style lone-wolf terror attack could happen in London Cameron (Russia Today)

All sickened:' The trail of carnage inside Pakistan school after Taliban massacre (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: Inside Pakistan attack school (BBC)

EU court takes Hamas off terror list (BBC)

5 MILLION travellers expected to fly in and out of the UK over Christmas (Daily Mail)

London was just 'days' away from Sydney-style terror attack, reveals Met Police chief (Daily Express)

Church of England Appoints First Female Bishop (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Supreme Court rules two Catholic midwives can't object to being involved in abortions (Daily Mail)

Devoted daughter beat her 93-year-old mother to death 'when she could no longer cope with caring for her' (Daily Mail)

Pakistan mourns its school dead (BBC)

Church appoints first female bishop (BBC)

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Pakistan revokes ban on death penalty after Taliban school siege (Russia Today)

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The age a woman gets her first period can predict her risk of heart disease, study says (Daily Mail)

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