Wednesday, 31st December 2014

World News

Dubai rings in New Year with massive fireworks display (CBS News)

New Years stampede in Shanghai leaves dozens dead (CBS News)

Philippine storm leaves dozens dead in landslides and flash floods (CBS News)

Girlfriend of MH370 victim offers advice to families of AirAsia crash (CBS News)

Palestinians join ICC to pursue war crimes charges against Israel (CBS News)

Protesters present "eviction notice" to St. Louis police (CBS News)

World rings in 2015 with pyrotechnics, prayer (CBS News)

Video: New Years fireworks from around the world (CBS News)

Conspiracy allegations against Clive Palmer's adviser detailed in court documents (Guardian)

World celebrations bring in 2015 (BBC)

Comet Lovejoy set to ring in the New Year (Daily Mail)

Shanghai new year crush 'kills 35' (BBC)

Dozens killed in New Year's stampede in China (ALJAZEERA)

35 reported killed in Shanghai stampede (Washington Post - Paywall)

Houthis killed in Yemen suicide bombing (ALJAZEERA)

First two bodies of AirAsia flight victims arrive back on land as it emerges others 'may wash up on Borneo beaches' as storms scatter wreckage and hamper rescue operations (Daily Mail)

Shanghai Stampede Kills 35, China State News Agency Says (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

International Space Station astronauts celebrate Happy New Year 16 TIMES as it orbits the globe at 17,500 miles per hour (Daily Mail)

Man City extend Lampard contract (BBC)

Dozens die in New Year stampede (CNN)

Man with two penises pens memoir 'Double Header' (Daily Mail)

More Bodies Recovered From AirAsia Wreckage (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Dozens killed and injured in stampede at Shanghai's new year celebrations (Guardian)

Dare you go ginger Its the red hot trend for 2015 and as these women found it changes FAR more than just your looks (Daily Mail)

New Year's Eve STAMPEDE leaves 35 dead in Shanghai (Daily Express)

Canada mass killing was 'planned, deliberate and targeted' police say (Guardian)

35 Dead and Dozens Injured in Shanghai New Year's Stampede (New York Times - Paywall)

Palestinian president backs membership in International Criminal Court (Washington Post - Paywall)

Shanghai Stampede Leaves 35 Dead During New Year Celebrations (Huffington Post)

New Year 2014: At least 35 killed and 42 injured in Shanghai stampede (Independent)

Rocket kills 26 at Afghan wedding party, police say (Fox News)

Climbers missing on Mount Cook feared dead, New Zealand police say (Guardian)

New Year 2014: from Sydney to Beijing, the best photos from celebrations around the world (Independent)

Nicholas Soames' son banned for a year after crashing car while almost double drink-drive limit (Daily Mail)

Veronica J. Rutledge shot dead at a Walmart by her son in accident pictured (Daily Mail)

At least 26 killed in Yemen suicide bombing - security official (Reuters)

'Landmark in Russian history': President Vladimir Putin's New Year address (Russia Today)

Demonstrators arrested during protest at St. Louis police headquarters (Russia Today)

Bodies from crashed AirAsia plane arrive in Indonesian city (Reuters)

At least six killed by suicide bomb in bus in Nigeria's Yobe state - witness (Reuters)

French president makes fighting racism and anti-Semitism a priority in 2015 (Fox News)

U.S.: We killed Al-Shabaab leader (CNN)

Mom killed by own gun described as loving, responsible (CBS News)

Ebola spreads in Sierra Leone as global cases top 20,000 - WHO (Reuters)

Revelers Hail New Year (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

New Year 2015 LIVE: Britain counts down to London and Edinburgh firework displays (Daily Express)

'US an enemy': Palestinian official blasts Washington over UNSC statehood veto (Russia Today)

New Years around the world (CBS News)

The newest (and coolest) tech innovations for 2015 (CBS News)

Five dead in New Year's Eve clashes on India-Pakistan border (Reuters)

Crowds gather to see in New Year (BBC)

AirAsia disaster: It's soul destroying (CNN)

AirAsia QZ8501: Flight attendant's final heartbreaking note - 'I love you from 38,000ft' (Daily Express)

Oil price and Greek poll worries at end of year when US and Chinese stocks came out on top (Guardian)

15 killed in Boko Haram village raid (CNN)

Lucky 15 who missed teh flight (CNN)

This Was Seth Rogen's Other Infuriating Performance This Year (Time Magazine)

New Year celebrations so far (CNN)

Events worth seeing in 2015 (CNN)

VIDEO: Surabaya vigil for AirAsia victims (BBC)

Pentagon confirms death of Al Shabaab 'spy chief' killed in US air strike in Somalia (Daily Mail)

Camera catches drunk man swearing at bouncer 165 times in Canterbury (Daily Mail)

Liberia lifts Ebola New Year curfew (BBC)

Rome Statute: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas signs up, paving way for Israel war crimes probe by ICC (Independent)

Edmonton gunman's family called police to search his house but they didn't go inside (Daily Mail)

Woman who took part in notorious 'Banana King' threeway that killed mother-of-two dies five years later of cocaine overdose (Daily Mail)

London named most reviewed city in the world on TripAdvisor (Daily Mail)

Bodies of AirAsia flight victims 'may wash up on Borneo beaches' (Daily Mail)

Labour is waging 'class war' against private schools, says top head (Daily Mail)

Ed Miliband says Labour can copy Obama and Bob the Builder in New Year message (Daily Mail)

Questions raised about Ebola screening procedures at British airports (Los Angeles Times)

Sydney kicks off New Year celebrations with seven tonnes of fireworks (Daily Mail)

AirAsia victims remembered at vigil (BBC)

See world's 2015 celebrations (CNN)

U.N. council: No to a Palestinian state (CNN)

VIDEO: Experimental drug for UK Ebola nurse (BBC)

Mom shot dead by 2-year-old son (CNN)

New York police arrests tumble by two-thirds amid row with Mayor Bill de Blasio (Independent)

2014: a rough year for Europe, with worse to come (Guardian)

World Briefing: Nigeria: Militants Attack Town (New York Times - Paywall)

What (not) to look forward to in 2015 (CNN)

It's the toilet police India to track WC usage with tablets in real time (Russia Today)

These Are the Elections to Watch Around the World in 2015 (Time Magazine)

Brazilian man drives for two hours with knife in his head (Daily Mail)

Convicted killer goes on the run from prison days after his two sons are jailed for murder of newsagent (Daily Mail)

Ebola patient: I want new treatment (CNN)

Witnesses claim French terror' suspect was victim of police brutality (Independent)

Body found in hunt for missing man (BBC)

U.S.: Drone Killed Al-Shabaab Spy Chief (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police launch probe into Katie Hopkins' Ebola tweets (Daily Mail)

Pictured: Fairground worker who died with her two young sons aged one and six in caravan fire (Daily Mail)

U.S. confirms drone strike killed al Shabaab leader in Somalia (Reuters)

Unbelievably' steep climb recorded before AirAsia crash, report says (Fox News)

Beyonce And Jay-Z's Marriage Ruled The World In 2014 (Huffington Post)

Russia's Putin praises Crimea's 'return home' in New Year address (Reuters)

A year of fast and furious politics in south Asia (Guardian)

Palestinian president signs up to join international criminal court (Guardian)

VIDEO: New Year fireworks around the globe (BBC)

UN condemns coup attempt against 'the legal and democratic institutions' in Gambia (Fox News)

2014 - A Bad Year for Reasoned Debate (Huffington Post)

Weather Hinders Effort to Recover AirAsia bodies (Time Magazine)

Nasa: stunning pictures of the year in space (Independent)

Six Reasons Why Your New Year Diet Just Isn't Going To Work (Huffington Post)

Manchester United Will Return to the Top of the Tree in 2015 (Huffington Post)

Man left with bizarre criss-cross pattern on his chest in mystery mugging attack (Daily Express)

Palestinian statehood resolution fails at UN council, U.S. votes against (Daily Mail)

Suicide bombing targets Shiites in Yemen; at least 33 dead (Los Angeles Times)

The Year Of Sequels: The Films We're Dying To See In 2015 (Huffington Post)

Ebola Survivor Rick Sacra: Why I'm Going Back to Liberia in the New Year (Time Magazine)

AirAsia flight QZ8501 crash: Airlines were warned about over-reliance on automation 16 months ago (Independent)

NYC set for Times Square bash amid tense times for police (CBS News)

Putin's New Year Speech Hails Crimea's Historic 'Return Home' (Huffington Post)

Australia and NZ first to welcome 2015 (ALJAZEERA)

Police shoot, kill man they say was about to run them over (CBS News)

AirAsia executives: bad weather is hampering work around flight QZ8501- video (Guardian)

Tracking the source of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa (CBS News)

AirAsia flight QZ8501 crash: Flight attendant's message from plane - 'I love you from 38,000ft' (Independent)

A Better Feminism for 2015 (Time Magazine)

Two in U.K. Test Negative for Ebola (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Scottish nurse with Ebola will be treated with survivors' blood plasma (Guardian)

AirAsia Flight 8501 Crash Highlights Booming Indonesia Airline Industry's Safety Issues (New York Times - Paywall)

BREAKING NEWS: Woman, 25, from London arrested on suspicion of Syria terror offences as she steps off flight from Turkey (Daily Mail)

Grim AirAsia search for bodies hampered by storms (Washington Post - Paywall)

Watch Live as People Celebrate New Year's Eve All Over the World (Time Magazine)

Hidden camera catches drunk man swearing at bouncer 165 times (Daily Mail)

Arise, Sir Viagra Queen knights inventor of sex performance drug in 2015 honours list (Russia Today)

Sydney brings in new year with epic fireworks display video (Guardian)

Scottish nurse 'doing well' as she receives experimental drug to fight deadly Ebola virus (Daily Express)

Angry naturists on nudist beach chase down man hiding camera in his cooler bag (Independent)

Ebola in UK: Scottish nurse 'sitting up and talking' during EXPERIMENTAL drug treatment (Daily Star)

World Begins Ringing In 2015 With Spectacular New Year's Celebrations (Huffington Post)

Storm brings halt to AirAsia search operation (Guardian)

Sonar Appears to Show Wreck of AirAsia Jet on Ocean Floor (Time Magazine)

Bosnian man is charged with recruiting people to fight with Islamic militants in Syria (Fox News)

Jonathan Cainer on a year of significant astrological events and what they mean for YOU (Daily Mail)

Japan in 2014: a year spent looking back and lurching right (Guardian)

AirAsia Crash Casts Light on Indonesian Hub (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Scots honoured in New Year list (BBC)

Explosions Kill 17 at China Factory (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

How AirAsia crash compares to AF447 (CNN)

AirAsia QZ8501: What happens next? (CNN)

AirAsia pilots may have attempted steep climb (CBS News)

15 Movies We Want to See in 2015 (Time Magazine)

Watch Australia and New Zealand celebrate 2015 with spectacular fireworks (Independent)

Man faces firearms charges in Ottawa mall shooting that wounded 1 (Fox News)

2014 On Course To Be Britain's Hottest Ever Year Since Records Began (Huffington Post)

Frozen instruments, deliberate crash? AirAsia plane crash versions multiply (Russia Today)

2014: The year Russia-bashing got ugly - and dangerous (Russia Today)

New Zealand fireworks welcome in 2015 new year video (Guardian)

AirAsia flight QZ8501: Radar data shows 'unbelievably steep climb' before crash (Independent)

Iraqi Kurdish forces begin new ground offensive against Islamic State group outside of Mosul (Fox News)

Blair: I expect Labour win in 2015 (BBC)

AirAsia Flight QZ8501 Search Finds Body 'Wearing Lifejacket' (Huffington Post)

Secrets of Royal Mint revealed as they unveil three new coins for 2015 (Daily Mail)

Police dismantle soup kitchen for London homeless, evict activists (Russia Today)

How will AirAsia families grieve? (CNN)

Has Katie Hopkins gone too far? Police investigating rent-a-gob's outrageous tweets (Daily Star)

VIDEO: Watch the worst fare dodger in the world knock himself out (Daily Star)

Park Sang-hak: The man trying to liberate North Korea using balloons (Independent)

How has Bismarck escaped most of the blame for the first world war? (Guardian)

Gunman in Edmonton, Canada, 'kills eight people, including two CHILDREN, then commits suicide' (Daily Mail)

AirAsia flight QZ8501: two bodies moved as search stops for the day - video (Guardian)

Many killed in Burundi-DRC border clashes (ALJAZEERA)

Bodies recovered from AirAsia crash site (ALJAZEERA)

Four migrants found dead on cargo ship in Italy (Guardian)

Sinosphere Blog: 3 Chinese Police Officers Arrested in Migrant Worker's Death (New York Times - Paywall)

Sinosphere Blog: Hong Kong Police Criticized After 14-Year-Old's Detention (New York Times - Paywall)

Katie Hopkins Ebola tweets probed (BBC)

Why 2014 Was Actually a Great Year for Women in Tech (Time Magazine)

Why Police Aren't Catching Drunk Drivers (Time Magazine)

Bad weather stalls AirAsia wreckage search; 7 bodies recovered (Los Angeles Times)

Eight Killed in Canada Attacks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

An alternative view of 2014 - the year in GuardianWitness (Guardian)

2014 as we saw it: Top 10 NEWS videos of the year (Russia Today)

Photojournalist criticises police after being arrested as he used drone (Guardian)

2014 in review: The year according to Fox News (Independent)

The man who wants to bring Putin down: Who is Alexei Navalny and why is the Kremlin so scared of him? (Independent)

The man who wants to bring Putin down: Who is Alexei Navalny and why is the Kremlin so scared of him? (Independent)

New Year Eve's 2014 Live: The most spectacular celebrations from around the world (Independent)

TRACEY COX's 15 love resolutions EVERY couple should make for 2015 (Daily Mail)

Asda boss says 2015 will be tough (BBC)

Pictures Of The Year 2014: Rex Features Present Their Best Images (PHOTOS) (Huffington Post)

Ebola nurse cleared to fly by Heathrow, screening procedure slammed (Russia Today)

Police revisit Belfast murder scene (BBC)

Ebola Nurse Pauline Cafferkey Could Receive Blood From Survivor Will Pooley (Huffington Post)

Palestinian UN resolution fails (BBC)

Joan Collins named in New Year Honours list 2015 (Daily Mail)

Cause of Ebola outbreak in West Africa was 'boy playing near infected bats' (Daily Mail)

Scottish Ebola case triggers Save the Children investigation (Guardian)

Man charged with murdering father (BBC)

Armitage appeals against 12-week ban (BBC)

Man drove himself to hospital after being stabbed in head with knife (Daily Star)

Here's Where Scientists Believe the Ebola Epidemic Started (Time Magazine)

AirAsia flight QZ8501: 8 theories that could explain the crash (Independent)

Happy New Year from the South Pacific Where It's Already 2015 (Time Magazine)

Food trends of 2015 revealed (Daily Mail)

AirAsia flight QZ8501 crash - Live: Bodies wearing lifejackets spotted as plane seen 'at bottom of the sea' (Independent)

AirAsia flight QZ8501 crash - Live: Radar data shows 'unbelievably steep climb' that could have pushed plane beyond its limits (Independent)

Countdown to 2015: Happy New year around the world Sydney starts with a bang (Daily Star)

Countdown to 2015: Happy New Year around the world Sydney starts with a bang (Daily Star)

Profiles of some of the victims of AirAsia Flight 8501 (Fox News)

Happy New Year 2015: New Zealand kicks off 2015 with stunning fireworks display (Daily Express)

Dozens Killed in Yemen Suicide Bombing (New York Times - Paywall)

10 New Ways to Start the Year Off Light (Time Magazine)

Here's How the World is Celebrating the New Year (Time Magazine)

Four killed in bus crash in Germany (Independent)

AirAsia bodies returned to airport (BBC)

Police discuss toddler shooting own mother dead in Idaho Walmart - video (Guardian)

Palestinian statehood resolution fails at U.N. council, U.S. votes against (Reuters)

AirAsia flight QZ8501 crash: Pilot's son 'thinks daddy is still at work' (Independent)

Danniella Westbrook Reports Abusive Tweets To The Police After Josie Cunningham's Support Sparks Negative Replies (Huffington Post)

From President Obama's emotional embrace with an Ebola survivor to the First Lady's trip to China with her daughters: The White House releases best photos of 2014 (Daily Mail)

Ebola: Two more tested in UK (CNN)

Six adults and two kids dead in 'extreme domestic violence' shooting (Daily Star)

At least 33 killed in suicide attack near cultural center in southwest Yemen (Russia Today)

US and Israeli intervention led UN to reject Palestinian resolution (Guardian)

Child Grooming 'Happening Across The Country' Says Senior Police Officer (Huffington Post)

Lost AirAsia plane may have been intact before crash (Channel4)

Profiles of some of the passengers and crew aboard AirAsia Flight 8501 (Fox News)

Tragic mum shot dead by two-year-old son was a 'beautiful, loving mother' (Daily Star)

VIDEO: US woman killed by two-year-old son (BBC)

'No more waiting': Palestinian president signs Rome Statute to join ICC (Russia Today)

China imposes record fines on polluters (Financial Times - Paywall)

A science news preview of 2015 (BBC)

Nine dead in Canada murders - video (Guardian)

Sonar finds location of downed AirAsia Flight 8501 (CBS News)

Ebola screening tests under scrutiny (BBC)

China factory explosions kill 17 workers (Financial Times - Paywall)

Chinese tiger slaughter tour organiser who killed endangered animals and drank their blood is jailed after police seize footage (Independent)

3 Chinese police arrested in beating death of female construction worker (Fox News)

Ebola plans under review after Glasgow positive (Channel4)

The slaying of the big supermarkets: How battle with budget chains sent shares in Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons into freefall in 2014 and sparked price war that will last well into 2015 (Daily Mail)

Woman Shot Dead By 2-Year-Old Son In Wal-Mart In Idaho, America (Huffington Post)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Wednesday 31st December 2014 (Huffington Post)

Palestinian statehood resolution rejected (Financial Times - Paywall)

The Number of Police Officers Killed by Firearms Jumped by 56% in 2014 (Time Magazine)

Ambushes on U.S. police rising (CNN)

Eight found dead after 'senseless mass murder' in Canada (Daily Express)

Incredible forgiveness of mother who befriended elderly man who ran over her infant daughter in church parking lot - and even let him hold her new son (Daily Mail)

Celebrity Big Brother' 2015 Line-Up: Former X Factor' Star Marcus Collins Set For CBB' Stint? (Huffington Post)

Birmingham man overcharged by £59,400 for Card Factory wrapping paper (Daily Mail)

Shake It Off:' A Year In Review of Music Surprises (CBS News)

Woman charged with pointing gun at police officer in L.A. (CBS News)

VIDEO: A topsy turvy year in politics (BBC)

Moodiesburn, Lanarkshire man posted 'revenge porn' image on Facebook (Daily Mail)

Edmonton police say man kills 8 people before committing suicide (Fox News)

Eight people killed in 'senseless' Canada murder (Channel4)

AirAsia disaster's lasting impact (CNN)

New Year Honours gong for Blair aide David Manning who brokered deal that took us into Iraq war (Daily Mail)

7 bodies found from AirAsia crash in Indonesia, but bad weather, big waves hinder recovery (Fox News)

RBS chief WILL take £1m 'bonus' a year after refusing it to avoid bad publicity (Daily Mail)

2014 Year in Review: The Events That Shaped a Turbulent Year (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Katie Hopkins is reported to police for committing a hate crime (Daily Mail)

Elderly man obsessed with wearing female rubber 'bodysuits' on My Strange Addiction (Daily Mail)

AirAsia jet recovery efforts suspended (Financial Times - Paywall)

Get ready to gross out: Video goes viral of man using only tweezers to get rid of what could be the world's longest ingrown hair (Daily Mail)

Oh what a degrading year for us women, writes SARAH VINE (Daily Mail)

New details: Two year old shot and killed mother (CBS News)

Afghan official: Gunmen kill 3 people after police halt car, motorcycle packed with explosives (Fox News)

NYC mayor meets with police unions, but "no resolve" comes (CBS News)

AirAsia flight QZ8501 crash: 'Large, dark object' spotted on sea bed believed to be missing plane (Independent)

AirAsia flight QZ8501 crash: Body recovered wearing life jacket as sonar image appears to show outline of aircraft just 30m underwater (Independent)

More Bodies Are Being Recovered From the AirAsia Disaster (Time Magazine)

12/30/14: First bodies recovered from AirAsia flight 8501; Vaccine offers hope for koalas with STD (CBS News)

Covering Ebola from the front line (BBC)

UN rejects Palestinian-backed resolution to end Israel's occupation within 3 years (Fox News)

Airport Ebola testing 'shambles' (BBC)

Cities around the world prepare to ring in New Year (Fox News)

Indonesia AirAsia flight search shifts to recovery effort (Los Angeles Times)

AirAsia flight QZ8501: reports that sonar images show fuselage on bottom of Java Sea rolling report (Guardian)

8 slain in Edmonton, Canada; gun used was reported stolen, police say (Los Angeles Times)

Eight killed in Canadian 'mass murder' (BBC)

How police officers feel during a violent protest (CBS News)

A Few Forecasts on the Defining Questions of 2015 (Time Magazine)

Big Idea 2015: Make This the Year You Finally Launch Your Own Startup (Time Magazine)

Palestinian U.N. Resolution Defeated (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Parents of wrongfully executed teen in China to get 2.05 million yuan (Reuters)

Canada police: Edmonton man with lengthy criminal record kills 8 people before taking own life (Fox News)

China's homemade regional jet gets licence to fly - China Daily (Reuters)

AirAsia search-and-rescue effort becomes a recovery operation (Washington Post - Paywall)

What the black box will tell of AirAsia crash (CBS News)

Gas explosion at auto parts factory kills 17 in southern China (Fox News)

UNSC rejects resolution on Palestinian state (ALJAZEERA)

9 found dead in Edmonton, police say (CNN)

Chinese man jailed for 13 years for eating tigers and making wine from their blood (Guardian)

Security Council rejects Palestinian demand to withdraw Israeli forces (Los Angeles Times)

World Briefing: Cuba: Dissidents Are Detained (New York Times - Paywall)

UN security council votes against Palestinian resolution video (Guardian)

Searchers Pull AirAsia Plane Debris and Bodies From Java Sea (New York Times - Paywall)

Colorado Man Gets 5 Years In Jail For Raising His Sons In Squalor (Time Magazine)

Thousands protest against Peru labour laws (ALJAZEERA)

"Zombie" nativity scene puts Ohio man at odds with town (CBS News)

Nine People Have Been Found Dead in a Mass Murder in Canada (Time Magazine)

10 questions about AirAsia tragedy (CNN)

PA police shoots suspect dead for resisting arrest over online threats (Russia Today)

China markets mixed on factory data (BBC)

Families grieve for AirAsia victims (CNN)

Numbers of the year 2014 (BBC)

Two adult film actors test positive for HIV (CBS News)

Resolution for Palestinian State Fails in Security Council (New York Times - Paywall)

Two Albanian sailors killed while towing the smoldering wreck of stricken Greek ferry (Daily Mail)

AirAsia search all but over, giving way to recovery (CBS News)

World Briefing: El Salvador: Murder Rate Soars (New York Times - Paywall)

Further remains found as AirAsia search resumes (CNN)

World Briefing: Libya: Bomber Targets Parliament (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Canada: Man Kills Eight in Alberta and Then Commits Suicide, Police Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Somalia Says Al-Shabaab's Intelligence Chief Killed in U.S. Airstrike (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Metal detector discovers World War Two shell in Kent garden (Daily Mail)

India Court Drops Charges Against Amit Shah (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Sierra Leone Journal: Ebola Ravages Economies in West Africa (New York Times - Paywall)

Canada police: 9 dead in 3 crime scenes (Daily Mail)

Senseless mass murder' leaves nine people dead in Canada (Guardian)

Gmail service back up in China (CBS News)

100 things we didn't know last year (BBC)

Source of Ebola Outbreak Might Be Bats, Study Says (New York Times - Paywall)

AirAsia crash recovery intensifies (BBC)

House prices drop by £800 in three months but are still up 7% over the year (Daily Mail)

Edmonton mass murder: Two children among nine bodies discovered at two crime scenes after 'senseless' killings (Independent)

Edmonton mass murder: Two children among nine bodies discovered at crime scenes after 'senseless' killings (Independent)

Doctors battle to save Scots ebola nurse (Daily Express)

UK ebola shambles: Brits left untested due to Heathrow staff running out of testing kits (Daily Star)

Comic Andy Cameron made MBE as Scots join New Year Honours list (Daily Express)

Mild end to the warmest year on record: New Years Day set to be a glorious 13C (Daily Express)

WATCH: Stunning Sydney New Year fireworks welcome 2015 in with a bang (Daily Express)

Two couples tie the knot in Scotland's first same-sex weddings (Daily Express)

New Year celebrations heat up as Britain is set for a warm start to 2015 (Daily Star)

Jail on the cards for World Cup sticker thief (Daily Star)

Nine dead in related homicides in western Canada city (Reuters)

UN Security Council Rejects Palestinian Resolution (Time Magazine)

Bodies, debris from missing AirAsia plane pulled from sea off Indonesia (Reuters)

Canadian police investigating 9 deaths at 3 crime scenes (Fox News)

Last Facebook post of Dover man Mark Lavoie who shot dead his sick wife (Daily Mail)

UN security council rejects Palestinian statehood bid (Guardian)

Second woman 'negative' for Ebola (BBC)

Woman shopping in Walmart shot and killed by her toddler (Russia Today)

Palestinian-backed resolution fails at U.N. Security Council (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ebola patient may get plasma therapy (BBC)

Ebola Leaves West African Economies Ailing Heading Into 2015 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Italy warns ferry fire death toll could rise, two killed in salvage (Reuters)

First details of AirAsia flight 8501 passengers begin to emerge (Daily Mail)

Rugrats and Babe voice actress Christine Cavanaugh dead at 51 (Daily Mail)

Canada police: 9 dead in 3 separate Edmonton-area crime scenes (Fox News)

UN rejects Palestinian resolution to end Israel's occupation (Independent)

UN rejects Palestinian resolution to end Israel's occupation within three years (Independent)

Hillsborough mum is awarded a CBE in the New Year Honours list (Daily Express)

Teresa Giudice Pledges to Give Up Bad Carbs' for the New Year in Prison (Time Magazine)

Encounter with bat may have sparked Ebola outbreak (CBS News)

UN rejects Palestinian resolution to demand Israel withdraw from disputed territories (Fox News)

Honours for Rugby World Cup winners (BBC)

New Year Honours: Twelve famous faces (BBC)

More than 80 New Year Honours for NI (BBC)

VIDEO: SBTV founder gets New Year Honour (BBC)

As families mourn, attention turns to cause of AirAsia disaster (Fox News)

Here is the Most Anticipated Film of 2015 (Time Magazine)

Palestinian statehood bid fails at UN Security Council as US, Australia vote against (Russia Today)

White tiger dead after being bitten by black cobra at Indian zoo (Daily Mail)

Complaints about rogue private parking firms soar by 41% in a year (Daily Mail)

Two-year-old boy accidentally shoots woman dead in supermarket (Daily Express)

VIDEO: AirAsia pilot 'humble and professional' (BBC)

Nurse with Ebola transferred to London hospital (CBS News)

'Shambolic' Ebola screening revealed as SECOND patient arrives at Aberdeen hospital (Daily Mail)

Failed coup attempt reported against Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. airstrike in Somalia killed a senior Shabab leader, officials say (Los Angeles Times)

Mother and two children die in fire (BBC)

Former Turkish TV presenter Sedef Kabas held by police after Twitter post about corruption (Daily Mail)

Toddler accidentally shoots mother dead in Idaho Wal-Mart (Independent)

Toddler accidentally shoots woman dead in Idaho Wal-Mart (Independent)

Toddler accidentally shoots mother dead in Idaho Wal-Mart with concealed handgun (Independent)

Walmart shooting: Toddler shoots mother dead in Idaho store with gun he found in her handbag (Independent)

Whats next in the investigation into Flight 8501? (CBS News)

Man in hospital after escalator fall (BBC)

Doctor exposed to UK Ebola patient: Lack of clarity serves to fuel anxiety' (Guardian)

AirAsia Zest jet ends up stuck in the mud (CBS News)

China blocks Gmail (CBS News)

Maritime murders? Justice for the 2,000 sailors who go missing each year (Independent)

Police in western Canada investigate multiple deaths, not clear if connected (Fox News)

U.N. hearing Palestinian resolution on proposed peace deal (Los Angeles Times)

Aldi targets yummy mummies with New Year YOGA range (Daily Mail)

Narberth, West Wales man posted 'revenge porn' of his ex-partner onto her Instagram (Daily Mail)

UK Ebola patient was cleared to leave Heathrow despite health concerns (Guardian)

AirAsia missing flight QZ8501: The 21 most powerful photos from the tragic crash (Independent)

Analysis - Argentina's debt crisis seen rumbling on until 2015 election (Reuters)

Scottish Ebola patient moved to London; second patient tested (Los Angeles Times)

AirAsia flight QZ8501: families receive brutal confirmation of lost plane's fate (Guardian)

Katie Hopkins: 'Little Sweaty Jocks Sending Us Ebola Bombs In The Form Of Sweaty Glaswegians' (Huffington Post)

Two Albanian seamen killed in ferry rescue (Financial Times - Paywall)

Search teams find bodies from AirAsia jet (Financial Times - Paywall)

Scottish nurse who caught Ebola in Sierra Leone was terribly committed' (Guardian)

Why rape is as deadly a threat as the world has faced: Congo's cheap weapon of mass destruction (Independent)

Britain to warm up by 19C in two days and should stay dry for New Year's Eve (Daily Mail)

Relatives Distraught by AirAsia Wreckage (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Verdict against Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny galvanises opposition (Guardian)

Palestinian statehood bid submitted to UN (Russia Today)

UK Ebola patient's return exposes Public Health England's inconsistencies (Guardian)

Two Albanian sailors killed while trying to secure Greek ferry (CBS News)

Man tries to blow up ATM (CBS News)

China Cautions Against Forming Cliques (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Search crews find bodies, debris from AirAsia Flight 8501 (CBS News)

China Dust Blast Explosion Death Toll Nearly Doubles (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Couple find man who left time capsule dated 1978 in wall of their home (Daily Mail)

Putin critic Alexei Navalny detained by police after breaking house arrest to protest embezzlement verdict (Independent)

Putin critic and opposition leader Alexei Navalny detained by police after breaking house arrest (Independent)

Putin's political prisoners: Navalny brothers found guilty of embezzlement - but their real crime was to campaign against the Russian leader's despotic ways (Independent)

UK Ebola patient's infection a fresh setback for Sierra Leone clinic (Guardian)

Two seamen die in Italian ferry salvage (ALJAZEERA)

VIDEO: Ebola screening process 'chaotic' (BBC)

The year in pictures (CNN)

Superfit model Katerina Netolicka trained so hard she dropped dead from extreme exhaustion (Daily Star)

WorldViews: What happens next in AirAsia search? (Washington Post - Paywall)

EasyJet flight makes emergency landing at Stansted Airport (Daily Mail)

Westminster child abuse network: Could 2015 be the year we begin to see justice? (Russia Today)

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