Thursday, 8th January 2015

World News

Eiffel Tower goes dark to honor terror victims (CBS News)

MI5 chief: Paris attack a "terrible reminder" that West is a target (CBS News)

Obama meets with former Rep. Gabby Giffords on 4th anniversary of shooting (CBS News)

Westerners increasingly joining terror groups overseas, says DOJ official (CBS News)

Terror attack adds to violence done in prophets name (CBS News)

Report: 2 dead in Houston car dealer shooting (CBS News)

Newspaper apologizes for linking Israel to Charlie Hebdo attack (CBS News)

We could be next target: As Paris killers are hunted in forest, MI5 chief's chilling warning (Daily Mail)

QUENTIN LETTS on the first session of Ed Miliband's 'People's Question Time' (Daily Mail)

Armed French gendarmes swoop on villages in manhunt for newspaper attackers (Reuters)

Search for Paris Attack Suspects Intensifies (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hunt continues for Charlie Hebdo suspects, one linked to Al Qaeda (Los Angeles Times)

Crooked police officer Osman Iqbal caught after turning up for work in Ferrari (Daily Mail)

Paris magazine attack: one suspect had traveled to Yemen, French minister says - live (Guardian)

Police search for two brothers in massive French manhunt amid fears of more attacks (Washington Post - Paywall)

News: Updates on Search for Suspects (New York Times - Paywall)

Toure is African Player of the Year (BBC)

Sibling Barbarity: What Drove the Brothers Accused of Paris Attack? (Time Magazine)

Provocative Books Tap a Mood of Profound French Anxiety (New York Times - Paywall)

Charlie Hebdo gunmen could hide out in forest for WEEKS (Daily Mail)

French hunt focuses north of Paris (BBC)

French police still hunting for Paris attack suspects (Financial Times - Paywall)

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: Chilling first picture of inside bloodied Charlie Hebdo office (Daily Express)

Police converge on area north-east of Paris in hunt for Charlie Hebdo gunmen (Guardian)

Apple iPhone and iPad owners have spent half a BILLION dollars on apps in 2015 (Daily Mail)

Above average temps in 2014 for 18th straight year (CBS News)

Cleveland police handcuff Tamir Rice's sister after shooting 12-year-old - video (Guardian)

Cops restrained Tamir Rices sister after shooting (CBS News)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: First picture inside Paris magazine massacre as manhunt continues (Daily Star)

Video shows police restraining Tamir Rices sister (CBS News)

Charlie Hebdo image reveals aftermath of shooting that left 12 dead (Daily Mail)

Thousands around the world rally against terror attack (CBS News)

Tesco to close 43 stores across UK (BBC)

Drunk father in Yizhou, China gets his son to drive him home (Daily Mail)

Thousands rally in Australian cities to remember Charlie Hebdo victims (Guardian)

Survivors Retrace a Scene of Horror at Charlie Hebdo (New York Times - Paywall)

Atlantic jet stream set to bring gale force winds and SNOW to UK (Daily Mail)

Search narrows for Charlie Hebdo suspects (ALJAZEERA)

Manhunt for Paris attack suspects intensifies (CBS News)

Hunt for Charlie Hebdo killers switches to rural France (Guardian)

Muslim police officer and editor's police bodyguard were among those slain in Paris attack (Fox News)

China uses long-range intimidation of U.S. reporter to suppress Xinjiang coverage (Washington Post - Paywall)

Charlie Hebdo attack: Killings prompt only disgust in Paris's deprived northern suburbs (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo Manhunt Focuses On Forest 50 Miles Outside Paris (Huffington Post)

Charlie Hebdo Suspects Target of Manhunt as France Mourns Its Dead (New York Times - Paywall)

Danish newspaper once targeted for Prophet Muhammad cartoons reacts to Paris attack (CBS News)

Twitter tribute to murdered Paris policeman Ahmed Merabet launched (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo murders: Dave Brown's second cartoon in response to the atrocity (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo: Dave Brown's second cartoon in response to the atrocity (Independent)

See the Eiffel Tower Go Dark in Honor of Paris Attack Victims (Time Magazine)

Charlie Hebdo attack: mourners in France fear political backlash (Guardian)

Police in Florida say father threw daughter, 5, off Tampa Bay bridge (Independent)

WorldViews: Europe's far right on the Paris attack: We told you so (Washington Post - Paywall)

French mosques attacked amid fear of reprisals (CBS News)

Man flies Harry Potter fan girlfriend from Texas to UK for surprise proposal at Surbiton railway station (Daily Mail)

Manhunt for Paris shooting suspects (CBS News)

The Men Behind the Cartoons at Charlie Hebdo (New York Times - Paywall)

Charlie Hebdo shooters: The has-been' jihadis considered too old for security surveillance (Independent)

Female police officer shot dead in Montrouge, Paris was '27-year-old rookie' (Daily Mail)

Inside fake Gravesend, Kent town where police face mobs to train (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Hebdo contributor tells of attack scene (BBC)

Policeman Ahmed Merabet mourned after death in Charlie Hebdo attack (Guardian)

Ben Wilson jailed for attack on father after snapping over domestic violence (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo and the defence and definition of free speech (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo: A crime by individuals not a community (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo: Freedoms must not be applied selectively (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo: To publish and be damned or not (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo attacks: The massacre has brought out the best - and worst - of France (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo attacks: The massacre has brought out the best, and worst, of France (Independent)

Slain French Police Officer Becomes Symbol of Protests (New York Times - Paywall)

Bolivian police cry foul after diplomat bites officer's nose at traffic stop (Guardian)

Paris attack: UK steps up security (BBC)

Stupidity won't win': Charlie Hebdo to publish 1mn copies next week (Russia Today)

Police search for Paris attack suspects as security in the capital is increased - video (Guardian)

Yemeni police arrest six suspects in police college bombing - TV (Reuters)

Charlie Hebdo suspect Cherif Kouachi linked to network of French militants (Guardian)

Brazil Orders Spending Cuts Until Budget Bill for 2015 Approved (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

West should own up to its mistakes amid Charlie Hebdo aftermath (Russia Today)

Muslims fear backlash after Charlie Hebdo deaths as Islamic sites attacked (Guardian)

Al-Qaida militants in Syria say they've launched attack on 2 Shiite towns in north (Fox News)

Far-right seeks to gain from Paris terror (Financial Times - Paywall)

Around the world people join France in vigil to remember Charlie Hebdo victims (Daily Mail)

Paris shooting: Massacre could see political instability in France, expert warns (Daily Express)

Experts look for direct connection between Paris terror attack and Islamist groups (Fox News)

Expo World Fair 2015: Italy's bid for a Mafia-free event already looks doomed (Independent)

Father called a 'fat git' by teenagers sheds NINE stone in a year using NutraCheck app (Daily Mail)

Pen vs. sword: Cartoonists unite against Islamist terror (Fox News)

Charlie Hebdo attack 'a grave reminder of terror threat to West' MI5 chief (Russia Today)

New information on Paris terror suspects (CBS News)

Pornhub: 2014 was the year everyone switched to mobile to watch porn, too (Independent)

Headlines: How newspapers are handling Charlie Hebdo cartoons (CBS News)

China agrees to invest $20bn in Venezuela to help offset effects of oil price slump (Guardian)

Stock Rebound Continues as Dow Turns Positive for 2015 (Time Magazine)

Matthew Menczyk sets world record after having 4500 piercings in EIGHT HOURS (Daily Mail)

NYPD and CIA insiders on terror attack against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo (CBS News)

Tito Tomasi slaloms his way down 2,600ft mountain in the French Alps on special BIKE (Daily Mail)

Fury at UKIP using Charlie Hebdo shooting to score political points (Daily Mail)

Nigeria's Boko Haram killed more than 100 during weekend attack (Reuters)

'Ideal target': Brothers suspected in Paris massacre radicalized in France, known to authorities (Fox News)

WorldViews: After massacre, Charlie Hebdo promises to release 1 million copies of its next issue (Washington Post - Paywall)

Charlie Hebdo Tragedy Creates Momentum for German Right Wing (Time Magazine)

Charger that powers up your mobile phone in 30 SECONDS unveiled at CES 2015 (Daily Mail)

French Twitter Users Say #JeSuisCharlie Isn't For Everyone (Time Magazine)

Charlie Hebdos long pursuit of free expression (CBS News)

Ahmed Merabet was the Muslim police officer killed in Charlie Hebdo attack (Daily Mail)

Police investigating suspicious parcel at Madrid train station (Reuters)

BBC 'insensitive' for Silent Witness episode on day of Charlie Hebdo attack (Daily Mail)

This Morning from CBS News, Jan. 8, 2015 (CBS News)

Manhunt for suspects as Paris reels from terror attack (CBS News)

Cleveland police share new footage of fatal Tamir Rice shooting (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

French magazine attack set to deepen Europe's 'culture war' (Reuters)

From margins to mainstream: the rapid shift in French public opinion (Guardian)

RAF appoint first ever female bomber commander (Russia Today)

Watch Live: Crowds Gather for a Vigil in Paris After Attack (Time Magazine)

Adorable reactions of children being told about sex for the first time (Daily Mail)

Nigel Farage condemned over Paris massacre comments (Daily Express)

Wales gets first female Fifa referee (BBC)

Kien Lam's Time and Again video compiles wanderlust-inducing timelapse of photos around the world (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Cherif Kouachi was known to police (BBC)

Charlie Hebdo attack: All 12 victims are named (Independent)

Cartoonists react to Charlie Hebdo Paris massacre with their own drawings and #JeSuisCharlie (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: French far-right leader seeks to reintroduce death penalty after Charlie Hebdo attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

Try This Life-Changing Stress Hack for a More Relaxed 2015 (Time Magazine)

RAF appoints first woman bomber commander (Daily Mail)

Ray McFall the man who first booked The Beatles dies age 88 (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Charlie Hebdo victims in 60 seconds (BBC)

US air force to leave three UK bases (BBC)

Putting Financial Inclusion at the Heart of the Development Agenda for 2015 and Beyond (Huffington Post)

Charlie Hebdo: Classmates protest innocence of suspect Hamyd Mourad, 18, with school alibi (Independent)

NATO calls Russia anti-terror ally after Paris attack (Russia Today)

UK Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey remains critical, say family (Guardian)

Mexico holds 13 police for investigation in journalist's disappearance, tests 2 bodies for DNA (Fox News)

Paris suspects 'rob service station' (BBC)

Nick Clegg Says Society Should Be 'Free To Offend' On LBC Call-In After Charlie Hebdo Shooting (Huffington Post)

Charlie Hebdo Attack: #JesuisAhmed Hashtag Commemorates Murdered Police Officer Ahmed Merabet (Huffington Post)

Charlie Hebdo shooting: Far-right Front National leader Marine Le Pen 'wants to offer France referendum on the death penalty' (Independent)

Police seal off Paris in huge manhunt for Charlie Hebdo attackers (Guardian)

Video: Emergency services in China save the life of man stuck in thick mud (Independent)

French media raises 500,000 to keep satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo open (Independent)

Assault on democracy': Ofcom says Greens not a major UK party (Russia Today)

Charlie Hebdo attack suspect Ch rif Kouachi in 2004 French TV footage video (Guardian)

Student who poisoned room-mate as an April Fool's joke loses death sentence appeal in China (Daily Mail)

Arrest as police called to MP office (BBC)

Elizabeth Banks Freaked Out the First Time She Saw a Stripper (Time Magazine)

Cartoonists wonder whether Charlie Hebdo's irreverent brand of humor will survive killings (Fox News)

China Wants Taxes Paid by Citizens Living Afar (New York Times - Paywall)

UK Newspapers Mock Charlie Hebdo Attackers With Ballsy Cartoons: 'Careful, They Might Have Pens' (Huffington Post)

Satirical Magazine Staff Murdered in Paris - Can Psychology Explain why Satire Provokes Violence? (Huffington Post)

5 Healthy Eating Habits to Adopt This Year (Time Magazine)

UK vote 'not about referendum' (BBC)

Charlie Hebdo Attack Minute's Silence Held In Newsrooms Around The World (Huffington Post)

Jon Stewart On Paris Charlie Hebdo Massacre: 'Comedy Shouldn't Be An Act Of Courage' (Huffington Post)

Demonstrations of solidarity after Charlie Hebdo attacks - in pictures (Guardian)

Nigel Farage accused of using Paris atrocity for 'political point' scoring (Russia Today)

Leap second: Internet giants atwitter as world to catch up with clocks (Russia Today)

Charlie Hebdo Paris Shooting: First Image Of Bloodied Newspaper Office Emerges (Huffington Post)

France Stands in Silence for Terror Attack Victims (Time Magazine)

Selfie Stick BANNED: Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur become first to banish popular monopod (Daily Express)

Hongshan people that lived 2,400 years before the first dynasty lived ACROSS China (Daily Mail)

Paris shooting product of West's conflict with ISIS' Foreign Sec Hammond (Russia Today)

#JeSuisCharlie rallies held worldwide to condemn Paris massacre (PHOTOS) (Russia Today)

Charlie Hebdo Attack's 12 Victims Included A Muslim Police Officer (Huffington Post)

Petrol prices hit five year low (BBC)

Dead newborn's identity stolen by UK police to spy on protesters (Russia Today)

The Next Edition of Charlie Hebdo Will Definitely Be a Collector's Item (Time Magazine)

Parents Give Their Children The Sex Talk For The First Time... On Camera (Huffington Post)

Charlie Hebdo to publish next week (BBC)

Police shot in new Paris attack (CBS News)

UK police commemorate French officers killed in Charlie Hebdo attack (Guardian)

Special forces comb area in northern France after Charlie Hebdo shooting suspects spotted (Russia Today)

'Je Suis Charlie': World's media reacts to horrific Charlie Hebdo murders (Daily Express)

French police pursue Charlie Hebdo suspects - watch live (Channel4)

Charlie Hebdo staff vow to publish next week with 1m print run (Guardian)

Cameron rebukes Farage over fifth column' Charlie Hebdo comments (Guardian)

UK tightens border security to aid manhunt for Charlie Hebdo suspects (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo: 'One million copies' of magazine will be published as French media vow to keep it running (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo attack: 'One million copies' of magazine will be published as French media vow to keep it running (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo journalists 'provoked' their own slaughter with 'disgusting record', says American Catholic group (Independent)

Police officer murdered in Paris street after massacre at Charlie Hebdo offices (Daily Mail)

Cartoonist to draw Muhammad every day for rest of 2015 in protest to Paris shootings (Daily Star)

Britain raises security at ports, border after Paris attack (Fox News)

Terror threat severe,' security tightened at UK ports COBRA meeting ends (Russia Today)

Charlie Hebdo shooting suspect defended by classmates on Twitter (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo suspects: what we know so far - video (Guardian)

Was Charlie Hebdo massacre Al-Qaeda's bid to re-establish itself after being 'eclipsed by ISIS'? (Daily Mail)

'I'm honoured': Rising star Jack O'Donnell on his BAFTA 2015 nomination (Daily Express)

'I'm honoured': Rising star Jack O'Connell on his BAFTA 2015 nomination (Daily Express)

Day in pictures: 8 January 2015 (BBC)

Paris attack: German anti-immigrant groups say proof of Islamist threat (Guardian)

China Steps in to Support Venezuela and Ecuador as Oil Prices Tumble (Time Magazine)

UK police hold 2 minutes silence for slain Paris officers (Russia Today)

Charlie Hebdo: A Realisation that Europe's Identity is Freedom? (Huffington Post)

Charlie Hebdo victims remembered in minute's silence at Notre Dame in Paris video (Guardian)

Bill Cosby heckled as he leaves first stand-up show since November (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo magazines featuring Prophet Mohamed caricatures receive ebay bids of over £1,000 (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo issues featuring Prophet Mohamed caricatures receive eBay bids of over £1,000 (Independent)

Watch Conan O'Brien Talk About The Charlie Hebdo Attacks (Time Magazine)

Syria's main Western-backed opposition group calls on world to help Syrian refugees amid storm (Fox News)

Oil companies in turmoil, UK jobs and projects face chop (Russia Today)

Bank keeps UK interest rates on hold (BBC)

Is this the man who radicalised the Paris suspects? (Channel4)

The Only Detox And Wellness Regimen You'll Need For The New Year (Huffington Post)

Police and media in Paris silence (BBC)

Britain increases security at ports, borders in wake of deadly attack on Paris newspaper (Fox News)

Surviving Charlie Hebdo employees vow that magazine WILL be published next week (Daily Express)

Rogue UK firms scam workers out of legal minimum wage (Russia Today)

It's official: 2014 was the hottest year on record - and 10 of the warmest have been since 1998 (Daily Mail)

Photojournalism Daily: Jan. 8, 2015 (Time Magazine)

'No-one murdered because of this image' Onion article takes on grim new relevance following Charlie Hebdo attack (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo attack: minute's silence held for victims around the world (Guardian)

Mexican police held over kidnapping (BBC)

Russell Brand and Dizzee Rascal to be studied in UK schools (Russia Today)

Paris shooting: French far-right leader Le Pen calls for death penalty (Russia Today)

Paris attack prompts concerns of anti-Islamist movement, far right gaining support in Europe (Fox News)

Charlie Hebdo Shootings In Paris Followed By Manhunt For Killers (LIVE UPDATES) (Huffington Post)

Media condemn Charlie Hebdo attack as assault on freedom of expression (Guardian)

The 12 victims of the Paris shootings (Financial Times - Paywall)

Terror in Paris: A blow against freedom (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Paris: armed police at scene of fresh shooting day after Charlie Hebdo attack video (Guardian)

A nation falls silent: France remembers murdered Charlie Hebdo victims (Daily Express)

After the Charlie Hebdo attack, let's not pretend we're not afraid (Guardian)

Donald Trump labelled a 'moron' for blaming Charlie Hebdo attacks on France's lack of guns (Independent)

2 brothers now the most wanted men in France, sought in lethal attack on Paris newspaper (Fox News)

Mosque attacks reported in wake of Charlie Hebdo attack (Channel4)

Anna Marinenko creates Bearded Year calendar in which facial hair appears to GROW (Daily Mail)

Alleged Charlie Hebdo gunman was convicted extremist 'WELL-KNOWN' to police (Daily Express)

Tension mounts in Paris as police officer dies in shooting (Los Angeles Times)

French ski-trip student found dead (BBC)

No birthday celebrations for North Korea's Kim this year (Reuters)

PARIS TERROR ATTACK: Policeman gunned down by Islamic terrorists was Muslim (Daily Star)

Cartoonist promises to draw Mohamed every day for the rest of the year in protest of Charlie Hebdo attack (Independent)

Live Updates: Shots Fired in Paris (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Paris Attack Coincides With Provocative Author's New Book (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Charlie Hebdo: Cartoonists show solidarity (Financial Times - Paywall)

Eurozone deflation threat to UK (BBC)

Who are the Charlie Hebdo victims? (Channel4)

Charlie Hebdo: Cobra emergency talks after Paris shooting, UK security tightened (Russia Today)

Paris shootings live: Female police officer dies in second Paris shooting (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo gunmen 'trained in Yemen as assassins' (Daily Mail)

Explosion rocks kebab shop near Mosque in east France - police source (Reuters)

Cobra emergency committee meets in London to assess threat to Britain from 'different' kind of terror plot (Daily Mail)

Salman Rushdie brands Charlie Hebdo attacks a sign of the 'deadly mutation in the heart of Islam' (Independent)

Ex-Charlie Hebdo writer Caroline Fourest says the paper will not be silenced (Daily Mail)

Thousands Join Rally in Paris (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Je suis Charlie (Huffington Post)

China to invest $20bn in struggling Venezuela (ALJAZEERA)

SPOILER ALERT: EastEnders' Charlie sobs as he updates dad Nick on Ronnie's condition (Daily Express)

Charlie Hebdo attack: hunt for Kouachi brothers as vigils held around world video (Guardian)

Researchers say dogs may have first migrated to the Americas 10k years ago (Daily Mail)

Grenades thrown at a mosque in Le Mans, west of Paris - reports (Russia Today)

Suspected Kurdish militants attack Turkish police in southeast (Reuters)

Charlie Hebdo Suspects Said And Cherif Kouachi 'Heavily Armed' And Still At Large (LIVE UPDATES) (Huffington Post)

'I just wish it wasn't real': The heartbreaking moment Sydney woman learned her partner was shot in Charlie Hebdo attacks... now he's fighting for his life (Daily Mail)

The first man killed in Charlie Hebdo attacks was Muslim police officer Ahmed Merabet (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo Paris shooting: #BlameTheMuslimGame mocks offensive tweets about Islam after attack (Independent)

Nike to sell Marty McFly's self-tying power lace trainers in 2015 (Daily Mail)

Two people critical after second Paris shooting (Channel4)

Marine Le Pen blames radical Islamism for Charlie Hebdo attack video (Guardian)

Italian winemakers in a fizz over prosecco on tap in UK (Daily Mail)

Paris attack suspect Ch rif Kouachi had been jailed for terror offences (Guardian)

Sinosphere Blog: U.S. Charter Airline Cited for Neglecting Cargo of Macaques From China (New York Times - Paywall)

Two Police Officers Shot In Paris Amid Charlie Hebdo Tensions (Huffington Post)

Silence in Paris in memory of Charlie Hebdo victims - video (Channel4)

Charlie Hebdo attack: Seven arrested as French police continue manhunt for two suspected gunmen (Independent)

Crowds rally across the world to condemn Charlie Hebdo attack (Daily Mail)

Paris shooting: Two police officers injured in assault rifle attack hours after Charlie Hebdo killings (Independent)

Shooting in Paris suburb wounds 2, including one police officer (Fox News)

Charlie Hebdo attack: what we know so far (Guardian)

Two suspects in Paris attack named (ALJAZEERA)

Hunt for 2 Continues in French Shooting as 1 Surrenders (Time Magazine)

BREAKING NEWS: Female police officer 'gravely' injured in ANOTHER Paris shooting (Daily Star)

China Boosts Support for Latin Leftists (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Charlie Hebdo: What do we know about suspects Said and Cherif Kouachi who allegedly shot 12 people dead (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo attack: several arrested but hunt for suspects continues (Guardian)

France mourns, police arrest suspects in Charlie Hebdo massacre (Russia Today)

Charlie Hebdo shooting: police release names and photos of two brothers wanted for the attack rolling report (Guardian)

1 of 3 Paris terror attack suspects surrenders to police, 2 others at large (Fox News)

People power: voters making a world of difference across the globe in 2015 (Guardian)

Ukraine says Russia behind cyber attack on German government (Reuters)

Louis C.K. Shows Solidarity By Wearing a Charlie Hebdo Shirt on Stage (Time Magazine)

Police detain man with knife outside Parliament House - video (Guardian)

Police officer shot dead outside Paris, suspect at large police (Russia Today)

Manhunt for Charlie Hebdo attack suspects (Channel4)

French police officer shot in Paris amid high tension over deadly newspaper attack (Fox News)

China says nets 680 graft suspects in 'unprecedented' haul (Reuters)

Suspect in Paris Attack Surrenders (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Katie Hopkins nominates two boring stars to face first Celebrity Big Brother eviction (Daily Express)

VIDEO: First look at largest container ship (BBC)

Social media honors slain Charlie Hebdo employees (CBS News)

Massacre at satiric newspaper in Paris (CBS News)

World Briefing: China: North Korean Soldier Dies (New York Times - Paywall)

CIA insider: Suspect in Paris shooting had "military training" (CBS News)

ISIS video threatened attack on France (CBS News)

Two Brothers Suspected in Killings Were Known to French Intelligence Services (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korean army deserter shot in China dies (Guardian)

Hunt for 2 suspects in French shooting that killed 12; 1 surrenders to police (Fox News)

Cartoonists respond to Paris massacre with powerful drawings (CBS News)

What to Know About the Paris Terror Attack (Time Magazine)

One Suspect Surrenders in Attack on French Newspaper; Two Others at Large (New York Times - Paywall)

Eyewitness gives account of deadly Paris shooting (CBS News)

One police officer killed in Charlie Hebdo attack was Muslim (Russia Today)

Protesters shout at fans as Bill Cosby returns to the stage for first time since November (Fox News)

Charlie Hebdo gunmen hunt leads anti-terror police to Reims building (Daily Mail)

China hosts Latin American bloc in Beijing, pledges to double two-way trade to $500 billion (Fox News)

Charlie Hebdo suspect said to surrender; two others at large after Paris terror attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS, al Qaeda threatened France before Paris newspaper shooting (CBS News)

Hebdo killer suspect surrenders to police (Financial Times - Paywall)

British husband arrested in Portugal after body of his wife who had been missing for a year is discovered under concrete slab at their country home (Daily Mail)

The world rallies around #JeSuisCharlie as France reels from deadly terrorist attack (Daily Express)

Was al Qaeda or ISIS behind the attack on Charlie Hebdo? (CBS News)

World Briefing: Gambia: Ex-Head of Guards Led Coup Attempt, Government Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Vietnamese police arrest lawmaker for alleged fraud over housing project that never started (Fox News)

Charlie Hebdo attack: ambassador tells Australia our shared values targeted (Guardian)

Paris attack: Political cartoonists face perils of the pen (Los Angeles Times)

The work of Charlie Hebdo (CBS News)

World Briefing: Nigeria: Shell Agrees to Pay $83.5 Million for Oil Spills (New York Times - Paywall)

3 suspects identified in deadly attack on Paris newspaper (CBS News)

Man with knife detained by police at parliament house (Guardian)

CES 2015: Meet The Unhackable Gadgets Battling The Brave New World Of The 'Internet Of Things' (Huffington Post)

Manhunt for French magazine gunmen (BBC)

In pictures: Vigils held after Paris attack (BBC)

Front pages react to Charlie Hebdo attack (CBS News)

#JeSuisCharlie: Social media reacts to Charlie Hebdo massacre (Russia Today)

Capitol Hill reacts to deadly Paris magazine shooting (CBS News)

French police pursue gunmen who killed 12 at Paris journal (Los Angeles Times)

Charlie Hebdo shooting is a story about our right to be free to express ourselves (Daily Mail)

5 Facts That Explain the Charlie Hebdo Attack (Time Magazine)

President Obama calls Paris terror crisis a "cowardly evil attack" (CBS News)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Thursday 8th January 2015 (Huffington Post)

News: Latest Updates on Paris Shooting (New York Times - Paywall)

France has a history of terror attacks (CBS News)

Eyewitness gives first hand account of Paris shooting (CBS News)

How Charlie Hebdo office horror unfolded minute by minute (Daily Mail)

Front Pages React to Paris Terrorist Attack on Charlie Hebdo (Time Magazine)

Salman Rushdie condemns Charlie Hebdo attack as a sign of 'deadly mutation in Islam' (Daily Mail)

Officer shot in Paris terror attacks was Muslim, report says (Fox News)

'Eco-friendly' Frankenfoods should be grown in Britain, says Minister as she backs controversial technology for first time (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo cartoonists slaughtered for 'insulting prophet' (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo's most controversial content revolved around Islam (Washington Post - Paywall)

World Briefing: Uganda: Military Confirms Surrender of L.R.A. Commander (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Pakistan: Court Condemns American's Kidnapper to Death (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: New Zealand: All Plunge to Safety as Skydiving Plane's Engine Quits (New York Times - Paywall)

Paris attack lacked hallmarks of Islamist assaults in West (Washington Post - Paywall)

Newspaper front pages after the attack on Charlie Hebdo in pictures (Guardian)

China says North Korea deserter who reportedly killed four dies from injuries (Reuters)

Bangladesh Police Crack Down on Protests (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Third of us only take four or less baths over course of a year (Daily Mail)

Op-Ed Contributor: The Attack on Charlie Hebdo and the Tradition of Parisian Wit (New York Times - Paywall)

Cartoonists draw in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo (CBS News)

Slain French editor: "Id rather die standing than live on my knees" (CBS News)

Clydebank woman 'sets herself on fire' in police station horror (Daily Mail)

EastEnders' Spoiler: Will Charlie Find Out The Truth About Nick Cotton? (PICS) (Huffington Post)

Charlie Hebdo magazine attack: vigils held as French hunt suspects as it happened (Guardian)

Britain on full alert after Paris terrorist attack (Daily Express)

Threat to UK as euro slips into deflation (Daily Express)

UK weather: 270mph jet stream to bring chaos and floods to Britain (Daily Express)

PARIS TERROR ATTACK: Murdered Charlie Hebdo cartoonist was 'targeted by al-Qaida in 2013' (Daily Star)

PARIS TERROR ATTACK: Massive manhunt continues for deadly 'al-Qaida' gunmen (Daily Star)

PARIS TERROR ATTACK: al-Qaida killers screamed 'We have avenged the prophet' (Daily Star)

PARIS TERROR ATTACK: World shows solidarity as #JeSuisCharlie trends on Twitter (Daily Star)

Hundreds head to Trafalgar Square in vigil for Paris shooting victims (Daily Express)

Threat to UK is 'very real' says experts (Daily Star)

Britain could be next: Terror experts fear UK could be target of Islamic terrorists (Daily Star)

Police hunt three Frenchmen after 12 killed in Paris attack (Reuters)

Barclays becomes first lender to offer 10-year fixed deal with less than 3% interest (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: How events unfolded in Paris (BBC)

Proving pen is mightier than sword, world cartoonists draw for their slain French colleagues (Fox News)

Donald Trump Blames Charlie Hebdo Attack On Lack Of Guns (Huffington Post)

Sainsbury's blames price war for first fall in festive sales in a decade (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo editor Stephane Charbonnier pushed free speech limits until his death (Fox News)

'Celebrity Big Brother': Katie Hopkins Chooses Chloe Goodman And Alexander O'Neal To Face First Eviction, Before Being Hit With Niceness 'Curse' (Huffington Post)

#BlameTheMuslimGame Sticks One Up At the Bigots After Paris Shootings (Huffington Post)

Couples have 32 rows a year over clutter (Daily Mail)

IS police 'kidnapped' in Syria (BBC)

Thousands react to Paris shooting (CBS News)

#JeSuisCharlie sweeps Twitter as users show solidarity with Charlie Hebdo (Daily Mail)

Flash Points: Whos behind deadly attack on French newspaper? (CBS News)

Charlie Hebdo attacks: It's carnage, a bloodbath. Everyone is dead' (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo attack: Former editor urges people to use laughter as the 'ultimate weapon' against extremists (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo attack: Former editor Philippe Val urges people to use laughter as the 'ultimate weapon' against extremists (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo Broke Taboos, Defying Threats and Violence (New York Times - Paywall)

Charlie Hebdo Attackers Identified By French Police, One Suspect Hands Himself In (Huffington Post)

Vigils held across Europe for victims of Paris attack - video (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo attack: Three suspects identified including two brothers and teenager (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo attack vigils in pictures (Guardian)

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Charlie Hebdo attack: Killers' sophistication suggests they had powerful backers (Independent)

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Paris attack: Charlie Hebdo cartoonist says gunmen threatened to kill her toddler daughter unless she let them into office (Independent)

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What is Charlie Hebdo? A magazine banned and resurrected but always in the grand tradition of Gallic satire (Independent)

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Charlie Hebdo attack: Killers carry out their deadly mission with military precision (Independent)

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France manhunt: Police raid homes, suspect surrenders after Charlie Hebdo massacre (Russia Today)

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