Friday, 9th January 2015

World News

What do we know about slain Paris terror suspects? (CBS News)

Former police chief held old baton to throat of noisy neighbour (Daily Express)

Gunshots ring out in Paris streets (CBS News)

Watch: Hostages helped from Paris grocery store (CBS News)

French Police Say They Killed Suspects in Two Places (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

British Cleric Sentenced to Life for Terror Ties (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hostage deaths as two French sieges end (ALJAZEERA)

Asterix cartoonist Albert Uderzo pays tribute to Charlie Hebdo victims (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo shooting suspects and third gunman killed in twin police raids (Guardian)

Massive search for female suspect (CNN)

Indonesia says 'pings' detected in search for AirAsia flight recorders (Reuters)

Terror suspects killed as police strike (CNN)

Inside Ohio Randall Park Mall, once the biggest in the WORLD (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo assassins shot dead then Paris hostage taker as commandos kill all three terrorists (Daily Mail)

Ferguson' Is 2014's Name of the Year (Time Magazine)

Charlie Hebdo Suspects Dead in Raid; Hostage Taker in Paris Is Also Killed (New York Times - Paywall)

French forces kill newspaper attack suspects, hostages die in second siege (Reuters)

Four hostages killed and 15 people set free after police storm Jewish supermarket in Paris (Daily Express)

Reports: Suspected Charlie Hebdo gunmen dead (CBS News)

French police end twin standoffs, killing Charlie Hebdo terror suspects and an associate (Washington Post - Paywall)

In a kosher grocery store in Paris, terror takes a deadly toll (Washington Post - Paywall)

Is that Ron Weasley? 2014's WORST police e-fit images revealed (Daily Star)

Video catches gunfire, explosions at Paris standoff scenes (CBS News)

News: Latest Updates From France (New York Times - Paywall)

Charlie Hebdo attack: five killed in Paris as manhunt for gunmen ends live updates (Guardian)

WorldViews: One of the Paris shooters called a French journalist. Here's their conversation. (Washington Post - Paywall)

Sri Lanka's strongman president voted out after a decade (Reuters)

The Lahore beauty salon where acid attack survivors can rebuild their lives (Daily Mail)

South Sudan massacres last year may be war crimes - U.N. (Reuters)

Opinion: Attack will feed intolerance (CNN)

Angelina Jolie reveals she was married to Brad Pitt BEFORE ceremony in France (Daily Express)

Watch Kathy Griffin's Finest Celeb Burns As She Takes Over Fashion Police (Time Magazine)

Al-Qaeda Group Claims Responsibility for Paris Terror Attack (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Paris attacks: Local residents react (BBC)

Boasts of Charlie Hebdo terrorists responsible for massacre in Paris revealed (Daily Mail)

Bloody end to sieges in France (BBC)

Abu Hamza sentenced to life in prison for terror charges (Daily Mail)

Two held hostage in Montpellier, France in third siege in three days (Daily Mail)

Paris police officer shot outside deli where Islamist militant held hostages (Daily Mail)

Siege at kosher supermarket in Paris in pictures (Guardian)

'Wife' of Kosher supermarket killer 'armed and dangerous' and on the run, police warn (Daily Mail)

The hostage the terrorists didn't know they had: Print worker hid in box and texted police while Charlie Hebdo gunmen held his boss captive in final showdown (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo: Al-Qaeda in Yemen claims it ordered attack in line with Osama bin Laden's 'warnings' (Independent)

Al-Qaeda in Yemen claims directing Paris attacks as revenge' reports (Russia Today)

Police say fourth graders plotted to kill NY teacher (Russia Today)

Charlie Hebdo suspects admitted links to Al-Qaeda, coordinated with Paris store hostage French TV (Russia Today)

France Mulls Deep-Rooted Problems Behind Attacks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Deadly shoot-outs end French sieges (Financial Times - Paywall)

French interior minister heads to market standoff (CBS News)

France's three days of terror sparked by Charlie Hebdo shooting leaves 20 people dead (Daily Express)

The Charlie Hebdo attack: Geo-politics, eurocentrism, Islamophobia, and blowback (Russia Today)

Some doctors avoid prescribing Tamiflu despite 'bad year for the flu' (Guardian)

Israelis Link Terrorism in France to Their Own Struggles (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama: US stands with France after terror attacks - video (Guardian)

Turkish leftist group retracts claim of responsibility for bomb attack (Reuters)

Armed boats and police dogs: Tight security for Boston Marathon bombing trial (CBS News)

Charlie Hebdo gunmen were on British no-fly list after link to Al Qaeda (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo staff gather in offices of Liberation to plan next edition (Daily Mail)

Thirty Jewish shoppers in Paris avoided being taken hostage by hiding in freezer (Daily Mail)

Suspects involved in two standoffs in France believed to be connected (CBS News)

Tackling terror 'national priority' (BBC)

Gunman holding hostages at jewellery shop in French city of Montpellier (Independent)

Paris Attacks Show Europe's Terror Nightmare As Al-Qaeda, IS And Lone Wolves Create 'Hydra-Headed Beast' (Huffington Post)

Editor of Britain's Jewish Chronicle claims people are fleeing Paris (Daily Mail)

Bahraini protesters clash with police over opposition leader's detention (Reuters)

7 Tips for Upping Your Social Media Game in 2015 (Time Magazine)

Muslims in Europe fear anti-Islamic mood will intensify after Paris attacks (Guardian)

Eye Closer: Terror in Paris (CBS News)

Paris shootings: what we know so far (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo attacks: A complex network of dissidents stretches from Algeria to Finsbury Park (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo attacks: Cornered and then killed, the last stand of the fugitive brothers (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo attack: 4 suspects killed by police, 3 hostages dead (Los Angeles Times)

Four hostages and gunman killed as police act swiftly to end store siege in central Paris (Independent)

At least six killed in attack on Shi'ite mosque in Pakistan (Reuters)

Charlie Hebdo shooter says financed by Qaeda preacher in Yemen (Reuters)

World Briefing: European Official Criticizes Russian Law Banning Transgender Drivers (New York Times - Paywall)

Toucan loses half its beak in attack by thugs in Costa Rica (Daily Mail)

Who are GIGN? Elite police force formed after 1972 Olympics attack on Israelis (Independent)

Paris shootings: Police hunting for grocery shop gunman's girlfriend Hayat Boumedienne (Independent)

Former ally defeats Sri Lankan president (Independent)

VIDEO: Tributes to Charlie Hebdo editor (BBC)

Charlie Hebdo suspects on US terrorist watchlist for years' (Guardian)

Gunman reportedly holding hostages in Paris supermarket (CBS News)

Abu Hamza gets life and is linked to Charlie Hebdo killers (Independent)

Bulldog Daisy wins pet slimmer of the year after shedding over a quarter of her bodyweight (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Paris attacks: Kouachi brothers killed (BBC)

Al-Qaida in Yemen, suspected of ties to Paris gunmen, has long urged strikes in the West (Fox News)

Girlfriend of Charlie Hebdo editor Stephane Charbonnier says 'I always knew he was going to die' (Daily Mail)

See police raid Paris supermarket (CNN)

Paris Attacker Met French President in 2009 (Time Magazine)

New hostage situation emerges in southern France, connection to Paris attacks unknown (Fox News)

Marine Le Pen: Suspend visa-free zone, strip terror suspects of French citizenship (Russia Today)

Paris gunman 'mentor' Abu Hamza handed life sentence and WILL rot in prison (Daily Star)

Watch the moment police launch assault to end siege at kosher store in Paris (Independent)

UK's Cameron and other leaders to join French President Hollande at rally after terror attacks (Fox News)

Profiles: key suspects in Paris attacks (Guardian)

Bizarre e-fits computer-generated images of suspects wanted by the police (Daily Mail)

Kosher Grocery Assault Confirms Worst Fears of French Jews (Time Magazine)

Hostage situation in Paris (CBS News)

How Hebdo suspects taken down (CNN)

Dozens killed in Boko Haram attack (Financial Times - Paywall)

Second shooting, hostage situation unfolding in eastern Paris (CBS News)

British Cleric Sentenced to Life in Prison in Terror Case (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. investigating depth of Al Qaeda group's ties to attack in France (Los Angeles Times)

Paris shootings: How sieges at Dammartin-en-Goele print works and Jewish grocer ended (Independent)

Terrorist killed in kosher bakery siege was in SAME jihadi network as Charlie Hebdo killers... and boasted of meeting former President Sarkozy (Daily Mail)

Headlines: MI5 warns al Qaeda planning Paris-style attack on U.K. (CBS News)

Paris attack witness: "It was like an eternity" (CBS News)

Charlie Hebdo timeline: how events have unfolded (Guardian)

3 days of terror: Key events in Paris newspaper attack and hostage-takings (Fox News)

Pakistani police say suicide bomber has killed 5 people outside mosque in Rawalpindi (Fox News)

Boko Haram Militants Are Back on the Attack in Nigeria as a Presidential Election Looms (Time Magazine)

British Jewish community steps up security in light of Paris attack (Daily Express)

French police storm Paris kosher supermarket - video (Guardian)

Behind the police tactics used to corner French terror suspects (CBS News)

Obama proposes two years of free community college (CBS News)

New details from inside Charlie Hebdo attack (CBS News)

Ohio delays execution to search for new death penalty drugs (Independent)

What an Asthma Attack Feels Like When There's No One Who'll Help (Huffington Post)

Civil servant FINALLY sacked after 25 YEARS sick leave (Daily Star)

VIDEO: Ice hockey player banned for attack (BBC)

Two people held in THIRD hostage situation in France (Daily Star)

French police surround terror suspects outside Paris (CBS News)

Ex-Army major who ran military souvenir business admits stabbing his wife of more than 40 years to death at their home (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo gunmen 'killed' as siege comes to a climax (Daily Mail)

Hostage situation in a jewelery store in Montpellier, France - reports (Russia Today)

'Four hostages dead' in police raid in Paris (ALJAZEERA)

Police official: gunman holds 2 people hostage in southern French city of Montepllier (Fox News)

Charlie Hebdo: The Moment Police Stormed Jewish Supermarket Held By Gunman Amedy Coulibaly (Huffington Post)

Charlie Hebdo suspects killed as siege ends (ALJAZEERA)

Week in pictures: 3-9 January 2015 (BBC)

Sri Lanka Swears In New President (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Death crash woman named by police (BBC)

Watch the moment police launch assault on Charlie Hebdo suspects (Independent)

This Morning from CBS News, Jan. 9, 2015 (CBS News)

AirAsia jet: Search teams detect 'pings' from missing black boxes of Flight QZ8501 (Daily Express)

Charlie Hebdo attack: gunfire and explosions heard at siege - video (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo: Asterix creator Albert Uderzo comes out of retirement to draw 'Je suis Charlie' cartoon (Independent)

Hacker group declares war on jihadists to avenge Paris attacks (Daily Express)

Paris Terror Attack Suspects Killed After Police Standoffs (Time Magazine)

Paris attacks: Anonymous vows to avenge Charlie Hebdo shootings with cyberattacks on Islamist websites (Independent)

Police called to soldier's funeral (BBC)

VIDEO: Explosions at Paris siege supermarket (BBC)

Joe Sacco: On Satire a response to the Charlie Hebdo attacks (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo: Fox News Anchor Shannon Bream Suggests Skin Colour Helps Identify 'Typical Bad Guys' (Huffington Post)

Paris shooting suspects in standoff with police (CBS News)

VIDEO: Moment police take warehouse roof (BBC)

Experts Fear Terror Threat Is Greater Than Capacity of Security Agencies to Respond (Time Magazine)

3Doodler CEO Max Brogue Brings The Craft (And The Joy) Back To Tech At CES 2015 (Huffington Post)

Witness Scenes From the Paris Hostage Standoff (Time Magazine)

Paris kosher market siege is a war situation, say police video (Guardian)

Fatty fatty bulldog Porky pooch sheds 8kg and wins Pet Slimmer of the Year (Daily Star)

Sri Lanka election: Outsider candidate Maithripala Sirisena sworn in after storming to victory in huge upset (Independent)

Watch Parisians Vow To Stand Strong Against Terror Threat (Time Magazine)

Sri Lanka's Rajapaksa in poll defeat (BBC)

Several killed in Paris store hostage crisis, Charlie Hebdo suspects also dead (Russia Today)

Paris attacks timeline: From Charlie Hebdo to Dammartin-en-Goele - how the double hostage situation unfolded (Independent)

Paris attacks timeline: From Charlie Hebdo to a Jewish grocery store - how the double hostage situation unfolded (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo staff hold emotional first editorial meeting after deadly attack (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo attacks: French security operation causes Paris airport disruption (Independent)

Today We're All Charlie Hebdo, but We Need to Understand We're Also All Neighbours Now (Huffington Post)

Police warn Britons to check home for 'code' left by rogue traders marking them as targets (Daily Express)

US to launch LNG exports by end of 2015 (Russia Today)

Fran ois Hollande: France has thwarted terrorist plots in past few months video (Guardian)

Je suis Charlie: French internet authority builds tribute into internet's infrastructure (Independent)

Saudi Interior Ministry says 3 Saudi citizens took part in deadly attack along Iraq border (Fox News)

WorldViews: A tweet from far-right icon Le Pen causes anger in France (Washington Post - Paywall)

2014, the year porn went MOBILE: Stats reveal Android users in the US watch the most - and Monday is the most popular day to tune in (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo Attack Chills Satirists and Prompts Debate (New York Times - Paywall)

Paris makes Charlie Hebdo 'honorary citizen', support pours in (Reuters)

Wildebeest turns the tables on cheetah after a surprise attack by world's fastest cat (Daily Mail)

The link between the Paris siege suspects: Three were part of same terror cell (Daily Express)

Another gunman takes hostage in kosher grocery in Paris (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo suspects were on British terror watch list for years (Russia Today)

Paris terror suspects cornered (CBS News)

French Police Respond to Hostage Situation in Industrial Estate (Time Magazine)

France faces double hostage crisis (BBC)

US enjoys best year for job creation since 1999 (Independent)

Wahaca offers free food during cutlery amnesty after revealing 4,000 spoons are stolen every year (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: 'Shooting' at kosher Paris supermarket (BBC)

Second French siege as hostages taken in Paris supermarket (Guardian)

Sirisena sworn in as Sri Lanka president (ALJAZEERA)

Ordeal of Charlie Hebdo survivors who saw colleagues murdered in attack (Daily Mail)

Paris attacks: Charlie Hebdo journalist says gunman spared her because she was a woman (Independent)

#JeSuisJuif: Twitter Stands In Solidarity With Paris Jews As Second Siege Unfolds At Kosher Supermarket (Huffington Post)

Sri Lanka's life after Rajapaksa (BBC)

Lonely Planet names the world's hottest new travel experiences for 2015 (Daily Mail)

Paris shootings - analysis: Why is there such a huge military operation surrounding a building with two gunmen in it? (Independent)

Gunman takes hostages at Paris kosher supermarket (Guardian)

French municipal-websites hacked, replaced with ISIS flag (Russia Today)

Grand Budapest Hotel Leads The 2015 BAFTA Nominations (Time Magazine)

Sri Lankan president admits election defeat; challenger sworn in (Los Angeles Times)

British MP: Paris Shooting Suspects Have Been Communicating With People in Yemen (Time Magazine)

Police Hunt for Suspects in Paris Attack as Nation Mourns (New York Times - Paywall)

Hostage taking at Paris kosher supermarket, one wounded (Reuters)

Paris police at scene of second siege at kosher supermarket - video (Guardian)

Watch Live: Hostage Situation in Paris Grocery (Time Magazine)

Islamic State claims responsibility for Paris attacks (Channel4)

Yemeni official: 1 brother in Paris attack suspected of fighting for al-Qaida in Yemen (Fox News)

Indian public official finally sacked after going on leave for 24 years and not once returning to his desk (Daily Mail)

Rights monitor says 2,100 people died in Syrian prisons last year (Reuters)

Police order all shops closed in famed Jewish area in central Paris far from hostage scenes (Fox News)

Did ISIS know Charlie Hebdo was going to be attacked? (Daily Mail)

Saudi says arrests seven Saudis, Syrians over suicide border attack (Reuters)

Charlie Hebdo massacre suspects on US no-fly list for years,' trained with Al-Qaeda in Yemen reports (Russia Today)

Charlie Hebdo: The Rallying Cry for Free Speech Is Noble, but Hypocritical (Huffington Post)

Man gets 10 years for killing friend (BBC)

Paris terror suspects resurface in stolen car (CBS News)

Gunman Linked to Charlie Hebdo Shooters Takes Hostages at Kosher Grocery (Time Magazine)

Shooting, hostage-taking at kosher market in Paris (Los Angeles Times)

Paris shooting manhunt: French security operation disrupts Paris flights (Independent)

Marine Le Pen calls for tighter borders following Charlie Hebdo attack - video (Guardian)

Gunman Holds Hostages in Paris Kosher Store (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Exclusive - Paris attack suspect met prominent al Qaeda preacher in Yemen: intelligence source (Reuters)

Sony: 'No playbook' for hack attack (BBC)

CES 2015 In Pictures: 19 Images That Prove We Live In The Future (Huffington Post)

Schoolgirl reads almost 1,000 books in just ONE YEAR (Daily Express)

Charlie Hebdo: '5 Hostages' At Paris Kosher Supermarket In Second Major Siege Linked To Magazine Massacre (Huffington Post)

Paris attacks live: Video from kosher grocery store siege (Independent)

Hopes raised in search for AirAsia jets "black boxes" (CBS News)

Killing of policewoman in Paris linked to Charlie Hebdo attack reports (Russia Today)

Montrouge suspect in same jihadi group as pair linked to Charlie Hebdo attack (Guardian)

VIDEO: 'I shook hands with terror suspect' (BBC)

Paris attacks: Armed gunman takes hostage in Kosher grocery shop in east of city (Independent)

'You know who I am': Paris gunman murders two and holds five hostage in Kosher grocery shop (Independent)

Hostages taken at kosher store siege in eastern Paris (Channel4)

Hero of Ottawa Attack Gets Rewarded With Ambassadorship (Time Magazine)

Women, children held in second Paris hostage situation; may be related to massacre (Fox News)

Backlash Swells in Europe After Attack (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Paris terror attacks: UK security services need MORE snooping powers, says leading Tory (Daily Express)

BREAKING NEWS: Third shooting breaks out in Paris as one person taken hostage (Daily Star)

Thai police arrest man for procuring boys for suspected American paedophile (Reuters)

Death Is the Ultimate Intimacy: The Media Were Wrong to Show Video of Charlie Hebdo Policeman Ahmed Merabet's Murder (Huffington Post)

Day in pictures: 9 January 2015 (BBC)

Charlie Hebdo massacre suspects 'were in same jihadist group' as man suspected of killing Paris policewoman (Independent)

Armed man takes at least five hostages in Paris store - reports (Russia Today)

At least 2 killed as armed man takes hostages in Paris store - reports (Russia Today)

Charlie Hebdo Siege Witness Didier: 'I Met A Terrorist & Shook His Hand' (Huffington Post)

Begging' for help: UK asks US to assist in search for Russian sub off Scotland (Russia Today)

Soap-Dodging Brits Go Three Months Of The Year Without Washing (Huffington Post)

Charlie Hebdo shooting suspects surrounded by police in Dammartin-en-Go le video (Guardian)

UN human rights chief calls for restraint following Charlie Hebdo attack video (Guardian)

Healing the sick at CES 2015 (BBC)

Meet the Women the Paris Gunmen Spared (Time Magazine)

French police hunt for Charlie Hebdo suspects - in pictures (Guardian)

New York Times Wins Correction Of The Year With Kyrzbekistan Gaffe (Huffington Post)

Eyewitness: A cartoonist responds to Charlie Hebdo shootings (Guardian)

Seven U.N. peacekeepers wounded in northern Mali attack (Reuters)

VIDEO: Police surround hostage warehouse (BBC)

Four members of same family 'among nine people in custody' over Charlie Hebdo attack (Daily Express)

Photojournalism Daily: Jan. 9, 2015 (Time Magazine)

Ministry of Defence forced to ask American for help in search for Russian submarine (Daily Mail)

Steve Bell on the Charlie Hebdo attackers: 'Sinister figures with a severe case of jihadi's droop' video (Guardian)

Sri Lanka election: Maithripala Sirisena elected president in suprise result - as it happened (Guardian)

2015 Property Predictions for the UK Housing Market (Huffington Post)

BBC puts forward its Cliff Richard raid footage for Scoop of the Year TV award (Daily Mail)

The Isis 'Attack and Stay in Place' Meme and the 'Why' Behind the Charlie Hebdo Attacks (Huffington Post)

Sri Lanka's new president prepares to be sworn in after poll results (Guardian)

I Am Not Charlie Hebdo (Huffington Post)

Child rapist who filmed abuse told police take me out and shoot me' (Russia Today)

'A world war ... all in the name of Islam' (CNN)

How to Create Great Work Relationships in 2015 (Huffington Post)

A Tale of Two Cities: Paris and Peshawar (Huffington Post)

Charlie Hebdo staff thought attack was 'joke' before being gunned down (Daily Express)

Cartoonists defend Charlie Hebdo: 'An aggressive drawing is no match for a bullet in the head' (Independent)

As Charlie Hedbo killers are hunted, MI5 chief warns 'we could be next' (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo, Murderous Bullies, Dank Mistrust and a Lesson in Solidarity and History (Huffington Post)

Helicopters join search for Charlie Hebdo attack suspects video (Guardian)

French police chase Charlie Hebdo attack suspects video (Guardian)

Crooked police officer Osman Iqbal caught after turning up for work in Ferrari (Daily Mail)

#JeSuisAhmed -- Tributes pour in for slain Paris officer (CNN)

Charlie Hebdo office image reveals aftermath of shooting that left 12 dead (Daily Mail)

'A credit to the nation': Paris police officer shot dead had been in job for just 15 DAYS (Daily Express)

Charlie Hebdo manhunt: police close in on suspects north-east of Paris (Guardian)

Armed robber who went by cab to raids hailed a fool and jailed for 10 years (Daily Express)

Plans to axe armed police officers at British force scrapped in wake of Charlie Hebdo massacre (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo: Footage emerges of police cars chasing two attack suspects (Independent)

Tory MP David Davies Blasted For Using Charlie Hedbo Attack To Call For End Of Human Rights Act (Huffington Post)

Terror threat complex says Clegg (BBC)

Charlie Hebdo: Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger 'shocked' by Paris terrorist attack (Independent)

Why I am Charlie (CNN)

#CharlieHebdo: Charles De Gaulle Airport Flights Diverted Amid Standoff With Charlie Hebdo Shooting Suspects (Huffington Post)

Paris Murder Suspects Cornered With Hostage (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: French police 'chase gunmen's car' (BBC)

Sri Lanka Looks to Chart a New Course After Ousting Mahinda Rajapaksa (Time Magazine)

Charlie Hebdo: Muslim police officer killed in Paris attack commemorated with #JeSuisAhmed (Independent)

Suspect in Paris Attack Was Trained in Yemen (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Wolinski's daughter: I don't think you can kill ideas' (Guardian)

Search for Paris Attack Suspects Intensifies (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Charlie Hebdo murderers were on U.S. no-fly list (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo: Watch live police operation under way in north-eastern Paris (Independent)

Paris shootings: Shots fired and 'hostages taken' amid police car chase near airport in hunt of Charlie Hebdo attack suspects (Independent)

Paris shootings: Charlie Hebdo massacre suspects holed-up in print works north of Paris after 'two killed' in gunfight (Independent)

Paris shootings: Charlie Hebdo massacre suspects holed-up with hostage in print works north of Paris after gunfight (Independent)

Sirisena set to be Sri Lanka's new president (ALJAZEERA)

French officials closing in on Charlie Hebdo shooting suspects (Los Angeles Times)

Charlie Hebdo magazine will be made 'honorary citizen of Paris' (Independent)

Police attend 'hostage taking' in eastern Paris - watch live (Channel4)

Charlie Hebdo Shooting Suspects Hijack Car, As 88,000 French Police Join Manhunt (Huffington Post)

Brothers' Past Draws Scrutiny as French Manhunt Enters Day 3 (Time Magazine)

Now that's a light show! Photographer captures spectacular Northern Lights in Norway after years hunting the perfect location (Daily Mail)

Operation to capture Paris attack suspects underway, Interior Minister says (Fox News)

WorldViews: France has strict gun laws. Why didn't that save Charlie Hebdo victims? (Washington Post - Paywall)

Gunshots, car chase, hostage situation northeast of Paris (Russia Today)

Paris attack: Police step up armed patrols at London's Eurostar station after Charlie Hebdo massacre (Independent)

Sri Lanka votes out Rajapaksa (Channel4)

Sri Lankan president suffers surprise defeat in bid for third term (Fox News)

Paris shooting manhunt live: 'Shots fired in police chase' near Charles de Gaulle Airport as hunt for Charlie Hebdo attack suspects enters third day (Independent)

Paris shooting manhunt live: Search for Charlie Hebdo attack suspects enters third day (Independent)

Paris attack: Search continues as French police question sister and wives of two brothers suspected of Charlie Hebdo massacre (Independent)

Sri Lankan president concedes defeat in election (CBS News)

'Anti-Muslim bias, police failures': Mending France after Charlie Hebdo attack? (Russia Today)

EU leaders put terrorism at top of agenda at Feb. 12 summit after French newspaper attack (Fox News)

Google pays tribute to Charlie Hebdo attack victims with black ribbon on homepage (Independent)

Police surround Charlie Hebdo suspects north east of Paris (Channel4)

Sergeant-at-arms hailed as hero in Canadian Parliament attack named ambassador to Ireland (Fox News)

Sri Lankan President Concedes Defeat After Startling Upset (New York Times - Paywall)

Europe's nightmare: Terror threats both large and small as jihadis return from Syria (Fox News)

This is how freedom is killed off. Little by little, piece by piece: LITTLEJOHN on how the State will cede yet more ground to terrorists in the wake of the Paris massacre (Daily Mail)

BBC Music Sound Of 2015: Years & Years Beat James Bay To Scoop Prize (Huffington Post)

'I saw horror,' says witness inside Charlie Hebdo office as police hunt suspects (Guardian)

BBC Sound Of 2015: Years & Years (BBC)

VIDEO: Years & Years win Sound Of 2015 (BBC)

Years & Years win BBC Sound Of 2015 (BBC)

Charlie Hebdo gunmen could hide out in forest for WEEKS (Daily Mail)

Sri Lanka's elections commissioner says opposition candidate Sirisena elected president (Fox News)

Charlie Hebdo attack: Hundreds of elite armed police comb woodland as search continues for two Paris shooting suspects (Independent)

AirAsia crash: 'Pings' detected in search for missing plane's black boxes (Independent)

AirAsia QZ8501 crash: Search teams detect 'pings' from plane's black box location beacon signal (Independent)

AirAsia crash: Search teams detect 'pings' from plane's black box location beacon signal (Independent)

Police vs. NYC Mayor, tension remains (CBS News)

Sri Lankan Australians have high hopes for new president Maithripala Sirisena (Guardian)

Suspect's possible Yemen travel draws scrutiny; manhunt for brothers enters 3rd day in France (Fox News)

VIDEO: Sri Lanka leader admits defeat (BBC)

Hunt for Charlie Hebdo suspects continues in rural France (Guardian)

Raising Questions Within Islam After France Shooting (New York Times - Paywall)

1/8: Massive manhunt in France; Celebrating 80 years of Elvis (CBS News)

Indonesian official says 'pings' detected in search for AirAsia black boxes (Fox News)

France manhunt enters third day (BBC)

Sri Lankan President's poll gamble fails (CNN)

Sri Lanka election result: Who is new President Maithripala Sirisena? (Guardian)

Newly released video of Cleveland boys shooting by police sparks anger (CBS News)

Fanatics fear cartoonists: We must NEVER be silenced. Mac of the Mail reveals his stance on Paris massacre and says everyone must stand together to defend freedom of speech (Daily Mail)

Sri Lanka's President Concedes Defeat In a Major Poll Upset (Time Magazine)

China punishes 17 officials after Xinjiang attack (Reuters)

In surprise, Sri Lankans vote in challenger to longtime president (Fox News)

'Pings' detected in AirAsia search (BBC)

Suspects in Paris shooting familiar to security officials (CBS News)

34-year-old Paris suspect directly linked to Al Qaeda training camp in Yemen (Fox News)

Glance at AirAsia search nearly 2 weeks after crash (Fox News)

Sources: Paris shooting suspect trained with al Qaeda (CBS News)

China PPI slumps the most in 2 years (Financial Times - Paywall)

Sri Lankan President Trails Challenger in Election, Leaves Residence (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Al Qaeda Trained Suspect in Paris Terror Attack, Official Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Indian worker sacked after going on leave for 24 years (Guardian)

AirAsia: 'Pings detected' from black box as search teams scour crash site (Daily Star)

The most wanted men in France (CBS News)

Paris Mourns After Charlie Hebdo Attack (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Parisians stand in solidarity with defiant Charlie Hebdo (CBS News)

Pings heard in AirAsia black box search (ALJAZEERA)

Eiffel Tower goes dark to honor terror victims (CBS News)

After Charlie Hebdo attack in France, backlash against Muslims feared (Los Angeles Times)

World Briefing: Indonesia: Teams Detect Pings at AirAsia Flight 8501 Site (New York Times - Paywall)

AirAsia: Search teams 'detect pings' from black box of crashed plane (Daily Express)

AirAsia plane crash: pings detected in search for black box (Guardian)

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa concedes election defeat (Independent)

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa concedes election defeat to opposite (Independent)

World Briefing: Syria: Militants Destroy Tomb of 13th-Century Scholar (New York Times - Paywall)

MI5 chief: Paris attack a "terrible reminder" that West is a target (CBS News)

Suspect in Paris attack had long-term obsession' carrying out terror attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

Rajapaksa concedes defeat in Sri Lanka vote (ALJAZEERA)

Al-Qaeda Is Planning to Attack the U.K. and May Succeed, Says Security Chief (Time Magazine)

World Briefing: Iraq: Suicide Attacks Leave at Least 23 People Dead (New York Times - Paywall)

Opposition's Sirisena wins in Sri Lanka (Financial Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Saudi Arabia: U.S. Seeks to Halt a Blogger's Lashing (New York Times - Paywall)

Policeman Killed in Attack Emerging as Hero (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

World Briefing: Peru: Jailed Ex-President Is Convicted of Corruption (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Cambodia: Tribunal Resumes Genocide Hearings (New York Times - Paywall)

Westerners increasingly joining terror groups overseas, says DOJ official (CBS News)

Charlie Hebdo attack suspects remain on the run (Los Angeles Times)

Paris Shooting: Remembering the Victims (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ROBERT HARDMAN describes change in tempo at Paris vigils (Daily Mail)

Obama Visits French Embassy (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Friday 9th January 2015 (Huffington Post)

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Charlie Hebdo murders: Dave Brown's second cartoon in response to the atrocity (Independent)

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Police in Florida say father threw daughter, five, off Tampa Bay bridge (Independent)

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Charlie Hebdo shooters: The 'has-been' jihadis considered too old for security surveillance (Independent)

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Charlie Hebdo attacks: The massacre has brought out the best, and worst, of France (Independent)

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