Sunday, 11th January 2015

World News

Muslim immigrant hailed for saving Jews in Paris attack (CBS News)

Five guns found in car of Idaho shooting spree suspect (CBS News)

Unity rally in France draws enormous crowds (CBS News)

Hunt Continues for AirAsia Black Boxes (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

America snubs historic Paris rally: Holder skipped out early, Kerry was in India and Obama and Biden just stayed home to leave no U.S. presence at anti-terror march joined by global leaders (Daily Mail)

Paris Rallies Against Terror (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Paris attacker, in video, claims he was acting for the Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

Islamic State Adds to Terror In Afghanistan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Millions rally for French unity (BBC)

We won't be beaten, says biggest Paris crowd since 1944: ROBERT HARDMAN witnesses two million pencil-waving protesters take to streets of the city for solemn demo (Daily Mail)

That's my daughter! Father of jihadi girl had no idea about her terror links... then saw her mugshot on television (Daily Mail)

Amedy Coulibaly admits link to Charlie Hebdo killers in ISIS suicide video (Daily Mail)

Pictured - INSIDE the freezer at Kosher deli: Terrified hostages cradle a child and send desperate text messages to loved ones as crazed fanatic was in standoff with armed police upstairs (Daily Mail)

Bullet-ridden print works where Charlie Hebdo killers staged their final stand becomes grim tourist attraction with some taking selfies amid the carnage (Daily Mail)

Three million people prepare to march through Paris after terror attacks (Daily Mail)

Kouachi brothers hostage tells how he made Charlie Hebdo gunmen coffee (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo gunman headbutted neighbour for listening to pop music (Daily Mail)

New York City cops warned of lone wolf terror attack risk - as memo tells officers to 'watch civilians' hands, don't bunch up and always have a cop on guard' (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: The free-speech hypocrisy of some world leaders marching in Paris (Washington Post - Paywall)

Veteran correspondent's view on huge Paris rally: awesome bonding of French in time of terror (Fox News)

Paris March Against Terror Draws Huge Crowds and 40 World Leaders (New York Times - Paywall)

Man Who Filmed Ahmed Merabet Murder Regrets Posting Video Of Policeman's Death Online (Huffington Post)

French, foreign leaders walk arm-in-arm as millions protest Paris attacks (Reuters)

Terror attack in Britain 'unlikely' despite thousands of potential radicals, says Met police chief (Daily Mail)

Mentor of Charlie Hebdo gunmen has been UK-based (Guardian)

New ISIS video calls for more attacks in the West (CBS News)

AirAsia Flight 8501: Searchers hone in on black boxes (CBS News)

More than 1 million flood Paris to defy terrorists, honor victims (Los Angeles Times)

After Paris attacks, Israel vows to welcome European Jews seeking to immigrate (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ghostly ocean-floor graveyard of hundreds of ships and planes makes eerie memorial for WWII attack on Japanese Pacific base (Daily Mail)

Video purports to show French gunman pledging loyalty to Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Millions attend unity rallies in France (ALJAZEERA)

Paris attacks: French Israelis urge relations to emigrate to escape anti-Semitism (Independent)

Sunday Journal: Aftermath of the Paris terror attacks (CBS News)

Paris march: Political divide exposed as politicians who repress freedom of speech join rally (Independent)

Man who took Paris terror attack video regrets it (CBS News)

Two suspected child suicide bombers attack Nigerian market (Guardian)

'We are Charlie': Across France, nearly 4 million march to honor victims of terrorist attacks (Fox News)

Rallies mourn France terror attack victims (CBS News)

Paris shootings: London landmarks lit in colours of French national flag (Daily Express)

Man Who Filmed Terrorists Shooting Paris Cop Says He Regrets Sharing Video (Time Magazine)

Thousands join world leaders at Paris unity rally (CBS News)

London goes Tricolore in Paris tribute (BBC)

Leaders join 3m French in display of unity (Financial Times - Paywall)

Mutinous New York police turn blind eye to petty crime in protest against Mayor Bill de Blasio (Independent)

Huge crowds gather for Paris unity rally - as it happened (Guardian)

Paris gunman Amedy Coulibaly declared allegiance to Isis (Guardian)

German Newspaper Firebombed After Printing Charlie Hebdo Cartoons (Huffington Post)

Paris anti-terror rally: all religions, ages and nations in massive show of unity (Guardian)

British hate preacher Mizanur Rahman BACKS the Paris massacres (Daily Mail)

Austrian police detain 2 teenage girls looking to join ISIS (Fox News)

Presence at Paris rally of leaders with poor free press records is condemned (Guardian)

City holds vigil after terror deaths (BBC)

Paris attacker seen in ISIL allegiance video (ALJAZEERA)

Lebanese gather to remember the victims of Paris attacks (Los Angeles Times)

Pope Francis defends himself against communism claims (CBS News)

People around the world join rallies to honor Paris victims (Fox News)

Paris massacre possible prelude to wave of Europe-wide attacks media citing NSA (Russia Today)

Terror Attacks in Paris: The Victims (New York Times - Paywall)

World champion Selby out of Masters (BBC)

Charlie Hebdo attack: family of fallen policeman gather in Paris for tribute (Guardian)

Egypt And Turkey Leaders 'Spit On Graves' Of Charlie Hebdo By Attending Paris March 'While Persecuting Journalists' (Huffington Post)

Divers hone in on black boxes from AirAsia plane in Java Sea (Fox News)

Indonesia confident AirAsia fuselage discovered, zero in on black box (Reuters)

Austrian police detain 2 teenage girls allegedly looking to take Islamic militant husbands (Fox News)

World leaders join French marchers (CNN)

Eric Holder says US at war' with lone wolf' terrorists after Paris attacks (Guardian)

Who were the attack victims? (CNN)

The chief rabbi's son, shop worker saving for his marriage, teacher and pensioner: Faces of kosher deli hostages killed by Jew-hating jihadist - one of whom was executed when he grabbed one of terrorist's guns and it JAMMED (Daily Mail)

British man who rode motorbike naked through Cambodia due to be deported for 'violating country's beautiful customs and culture' (Daily Mail)

World leaders in Paris - who's who? (Guardian)

Amid Heavy Security, 40 World Leaders Join Huge Crowds for Unity March in Paris (New York Times - Paywall)

Paris attacks: estimated 1.5 million turn out in defiance - video (Guardian)

Video appears to show confession of France gunman (CBS News)

Body of missing vulnerable man found (BBC)

Possible ecstasy link after man dies (BBC)

Attack on German newspaper raises tension before anti-Islam rally (Reuters)

Rupert Murdoch says ALL Muslims should be held responsible for France terror attacks (Daily Mail)

Unity in face of terror, rally fills Paris streets (CNN)

Paris attacks: David Cameron to discuss greater spying powers with UK security chiefs as calls to revive 'snooper's charter' grow (Independent)

Holder: No Credible Information on Which Group Responsible for Paris Attacks (Time Magazine)

AirAsia black boxes to be retrieved Monday, officials say (Los Angeles Times)

Man arrested after ammunition find (BBC)

Man seriously hurt in M8 crash (BBC)

Police find hideout of gunman -- reports (CNN)

Video Shows Paris Terrorist Suspect Pledging Allegiance to Islamic State (New York Times - Paywall)

In photos: Thousands rally in Paris after terror attack (CNN)

Dozens killed in fire after crash between Pakistani bus and oil tanker (Daily Mail)

Egyptian police officer kidnapped in Sinai -security sources (Reuters)

US-led forces launch air strikes against Isis targets in Syria and Iraq (Guardian)

VIDEO: Crowds unite in applause in Paris (BBC)

Paris welcomes world leaders to solidarity rally against terror attacks (Guardian)

Diana WAS pregnant with Dodi's child when she died in Paris car smash, sensational West End play will claim (Daily Mail)

The Swedes who told the world about the Holocaust: Forgotten heroes of WWII who were sentenced to death for smuggling proof of Nazi murders out of Poland (Daily Mail)

March for Unity: Over 40 world leaders, up to 1,000,000 rally in Paris against extremism (Russia Today)

March for Unity: Over 40 world leaders, up to 1.5mn rally in Paris against extremism (Russia Today)

Jews killed in Paris attack to be buried in Israel, Netanyahu says (Fox News)

Historic Paris Rally Against Terrorism Draws 1 Million As Hollande Declares: 'Today, Paris Is The Capital Of The World" (Huffington Post)

Paris attacks: worldwide inquiry into jihadi networks under way (Guardian)

Pledging allegiance to ISIS: Paris hostage taker Coulibaly jihad video emerges (Russia Today)

Muslim immigrant from Mali hailed for life-saving courage during Paris siege at kosher market (Fox News)

U.S. investigating whether strikes against Islamic State killed civilians (Los Angeles Times)

AirAsia flight recorders 'found' (BBC)

The victims of the Paris terror attacks - interactive (Guardian)

World leaders join Paris march for unity (Financial Times - Paywall)

Driver arrested after woman struck by car and killed as she walked along M25 at 3am (Daily Mail)

AirAsia plane's black box flight recorder found, says Indonesia (Guardian)

Five people arrested in connection with Paris terror attacks are released (Daily Mail)

Kenya pastor gunned down in coastal church attack (Reuters)

Large Crowds Rally Against Terrorism in Paris After Attacks (Time Magazine)

Amedy Coulibaly's family condemn Paris attacks and his 'extreme ideas' (Daily Mail)

PLO civil trial over attacks in Israel begin as jury selection gets underway (Guardian)

Man held after woman killed on M25 (BBC)

Patrick Lamb's body found in River Medway after month-long search (Daily Mail)

Paris supermarket attacker Am dy Coulibaly claims link to Isis - video (Guardian)

'Paris is the capital of the world' World leaders join march of sorrow and defiance (Daily Express)

Second body found after sea 'dare' (BBC)

UN official in Congo says its force, with government troops, ready to attack rebels in east (Fox News)

Charlie Hebdo's survivors, amid tears and debate, focus on next edition (Los Angeles Times)

Officials says divers have 'found black box' flight recorders of AirAsia flight that could provide crucial clues to the crash (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: Video released of purported Paris gunman pledging allegiance to Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police stopped watching Paris killers six months ago after terror cell of kosher deli attacker and his crossbow jihadi wife - who has fled to Syria - were deemed 'low-risk' (Daily Mail)

Hero Muslim shop assistant hid customers in freezer during Jewish deli attack (Daily Mail)

Can Cavendish rule the world again? (BBC)

Paris siege: Family of Amedy Coulibaly condemn his 'odious acts' at Kosher supermarket (Daily Express)

Charlie Hebdo attacks: More than one million join world leaders at 'Unity' march in Paris (Daily Star)

Charlie Hebdo attacks: More than two million join world leaders at 'Unity' march in Paris (Daily Star)

Israeli premier: Bodies of French Jews killed in Paris grocery store to be buried in Israel (Fox News)

Two arrested over attack on Hamburg paper (Financial Times - Paywall)

Paris Prepares for Huge Display of Solidarity (Time Magazine)

Charlie Hebdo suspect may be in Syria (Financial Times - Paywall)

Al Jazeera emails reveal how staff are split over its coverage Charlie Hebdo attack (Daily Mail)

Huge crowds attend Paris solidarity march (ALJAZEERA)

Paris attacks: Print works owner taken hostage by Charlie Hebdo killers 'gave gunmen coffee and bandaged wounds' (Independent)

AP Exclusive: Man who filmed French policeman's death says he's sorry he shared video online (Fox News)

VIDEO: Hollande greets world leaders (BBC)

Paris shootings: 'Heroic' Muslim man hid hostages of Kosher supermarket siege in freezer (Daily Express)

AirAsia QZ8501 black box found - Indonesia authorities (Russia Today)

Pastor shot dead in extremist attack in Kenya, police say (Fox News)

Paris supermarket attacker claims allegiance to Islamic State in video (Guardian)

French security forces prepare for march (CNN)

AirAsia QZ5801: Search enters third week video (Guardian)

Bird Flu Found at Six More Taiwan Farms (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Islamic State kills 24 Kurds in surprise attack in Northern Iraq (Reuters)

Thousands Converge In Paris For Unity Rally (Time Magazine)

Paris attacks boost support for Dutch anti-Islam populist Wilders (Reuters)

Charlie Hebdo march: Cameron to join French president as one million people prepare to march through Paris (Daily Mail)

Paris attacks: World leaders gather as a million expected to march in French capital (Independent)

Paris attacks live: World leaders gather as a million expected to march in French capital (Independent)

German justice minister: cancel next anti-Islam rally out of respect for Paris victims (Fox News)

At least 19 killed by bomb strapped to girl, believed to be 10, in Nigeria (Independent)

Paris attacks: Family of Paris supermarket gunman Amedy Coulibaly condemn his 'odious acts' (Independent)

Paris supermarket gunman Amedy Coulibaly linked to third shooting by ballistics evidence (Independent)

Scores Killed After Bus Collides With Oil Tanker in Pakistan (New York Times - Paywall)

Islamic State militants video appears to show Paris gunmen (Channel4)

Preacher who radicalised Charlie Hebdo killers is now a nursing intern 'on duty' in A&E unit at victims' hospital (Daily Mail)

Scores killed in Pakistan bus collision - video (Channel4)

Untangling web of terror (CNN)

It is still too easy for terrorists to get BULLETS warns former security minister amid claims 150 jihadists are planning UK gun attacks (Daily Mail)

Newspaper firebombed days after printing Muhammad cartoons in support of Charlie Hebdo (Daily Star)

Ed Miliband rejects calls for revival of snooper's charter after Paris attacks (Guardian)

Armed forces will be asked if they are gay in a bid to end homophobic attacks (Daily Express)

1 million expected in Paris for solidarity march - in pictures (Guardian)

Man freed in murder investigation (BBC)

Arsonists hit German paper that published French cartoons (Los Angeles Times)

Ahmed Coulibaly Isis video: Footage shows Paris supermarket gunman pledging allegiance to 'Islamic State' (Independent)

Amedy Coulibaly Isis video: Footage shows Paris supermarket gunman pledging allegiance to 'Islamic State' (Independent)

Murdered Police Officer Ahmed Merabet's Brother Malek Says Charlie Hebdo Terrorists 'Pretend To Be Muslims' (Huffington Post)

Swansea agree Bony fee with Man City (BBC)

59 killed as bus crashes into oil tanker in southern Pakistan (Los Angeles Times)

Cry for freedom': Hundreds of thousands ready for solidarity march in France (Russia Today)

Thousands gather for rally after Paris attacks - watch live (Channel4)

The British connection: Jihadis behind both Charlie Hebdo and Jewish shop attacks in Paris pictured with Al Qaeda recruiter who preached at Finsbury Park Mosque (Daily Mail)

Dozens killed after bus hits oil tanker in Pakistan (CBS News)

'We vomit on all these people who suddenly say they are our friends', says Charlie Hebdo cartoonist as he scoffs at surge in support after attack (Daily Mail)

Hamburger Morgenpost firebomb: Arson attack on German newspaper that printed Charlie Hebdo cartoons (Independent)

Woman Killed After Being Hit By Car On M25 (Huffington Post)

BREAKING NEWS: Arsonists attack office of German newspaper that printed Charlie Hebdo cartoons (Daily Mail)

Nusra Front claims Lebanon suicide attack (ALJAZEERA)

Arsonists attack offices of German newspaper that reprinted Charlie Hebdo cartoons (Daily Express)

AirAsia crash: Plane fuselage that could contain bodies and black boxes suspected to be found (Independent)

AirAsia crash: Search teams believe they have found fuselage that could contain black boxes (Independent)

AirAsia crash: Search teams believe they have found black box recorders as well as fuselage (Independent)

France Ramps Up Security Ahead of Rally (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

World leaders gather for freedom march in Paris as millions expected to rally (Independent)

A day of precedents and firsts as world leaders gather for an expected million-strong freedom march in Paris (Independent)

Paris march: At least one million join 50 world leaders in 'overwhelming' demonstration on streets of French capital (Independent)

German paper that printed French cartoons firebombed (Fox News)

5 people detained in connection with Paris attack released (Fox News)

Lassana Bathily: the Paris kosher supermarket hero (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo Attacks Could Cause UK Terror Alert To Rise To 'Critical' (Huffington Post)

Woman Sought in Paris Terror Likely in Syria (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police detain 2 suspected of arson attack against German paper that published French cartoons (Fox News)

Sydney victim 'hit by police bullet' (BBC)

VIDEO: France remains on high alert (BBC)

Suicide attack at Lebanese cafe kills at least seven (Reuters)

Marchers gather in Sydney to honour victims of France attacks (Guardian)

Prosecutor's office: 5 people detained in connection with attacks in France freed from custody (Fox News)

Unity and defiance: Thousands to converge on Paris in rally to honor victims of terror attacks (Fox News)

Suspect hunted over Paris attacks left France last week - sources (Reuters)

Paris terror arsenal: Kalashnikovs, rocket launcher, grenade, automatic pistols mark trend (Fox News)

1/10: France stands together in defiance of terrorists; Daring climbers attempt to scale Yosemites El Capitan (CBS News)

French killings: Security failing? (ALJAZEERA)

French stopped monitoring brothers (CNN)

Arson attack at German newspaper that printed Charlie Hebdo cartoons reports (Russia Today)

Fledgling Paris terrorists fell through the cracks (Los Angeles Times)

Who is 4th French terror suspect Hayat Boumeddiene? (CBS News)

Crashed AirAsia plane 'fuselage found' (ALJAZEERA)

France continues pursuit of slain gunman's girlfriend (Los Angeles Times)

Following events in France, should U.S. adjust terror strategy? (CBS News)

SAS 'on terror alert' - front pages (BBC)

Bloody Rivals: Paris attack helps Al Qaeda outshine ISIS (Fox News)

AirAsia crash: object on sonar may be fuselage, say searchers (Guardian)

Terror sleeper cells activated, police told (CNN)

A closer look at the French terror suspects (CNN)

France displays solidarity, defiance after terror attacks (CBS News)

Leave Muslims alone': Paris hostage taker's attempt to justify attacks taped' by media (Russia Today)

Man spent a year on Airbnb (CNN)

Police hunt 'accomplice' after Paris attacks (ALJAZEERA)

VIDEO: Haiti protesters clash with police (BBC)

No recorders found in tail of AirAsia Flight QZ8501 (CNN)

Sydney siege victim Katrina Dawson was 'struck by POLICE bullet' as they stormed Lindt cafe after gunman executed Tori Johnson while the hero cafe manager had his back turned (Daily Mail)

Netanyahu to French Jews: Come home to Israel from terrible European anti-Semitism' (Russia Today)

Defiance after France terror attacks (CNN)

From 3 traumatized Frenchmen, up-close narratives of attacks that jolted their nation (Washington Post - Paywall)

Source: Terror sleeper cells 'activated' (CNN)

Success, disappointment as AirAsia tail lifted from sea (CBS News)

Boko Haram ramps up attacks (CNN)

How manhunt for terror suspects ended (CNN)

Distraught armed' parent sparks huge police response at Texas hospital (Russia Today)

Jewish patrol cars out in force in London amid fears of copycat attack (Daily Mail)

Neighbors Say Suspect in French Attacks and His Companion Lived Quiet Lives (New York Times - Paywall)

More than 2,000 feared killed in militants' attack (CNN)

Leaked Al Jazeera emails reveal disdain for Paris murder victims (Fox News)

How AirAsia tail was lifted (CNN)

Paris gunman's partner crossed into Syria' report (Russia Today)

World Briefing: Lebanon: Bombing Kills at Least 7 People at a Cafe (New York Times - Paywall)

Montreal Canadiens play French national anthem before game at Bell Centre (Fox News)

World Briefing: Libya: Rival Factions Agree to Negotiations, U.N. Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Ex-Muslim politician 'girlfriend' of Charlie Hebdo editor 'Charb' was NOT in a relationship with him, claims his family as they spark a furious row (Daily Mail)

France prepares for mass anti-terror rally (Fox News)

World Briefing: Cambodia: 212 H.I.V. Cases Linked to Contamination (New York Times - Paywall)

Tens killed in Pakistan bus-oil tanker crash (ALJAZEERA)

World Briefing: Turkey: Police Defuse Bomb Found at an Istanbul Mall (New York Times - Paywall)

Tributes laid outside Paris Jewish deli where four hostages were killed (Daily Mail)

Wife of Al Qaeda recruiter appeals against her own terror conviction (Daily Mail)

French leader declares war ? on radical Islam after attacks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hundreds of London police found not fit to chase criminals (Russia Today)

How can anyone make sense of the Charlie Hebdo killings? (BBC)

Police investigate sexual abuse on disabled child at Scottish school (Daily Express)

Paris attacks: Jews 'thinking of leaving' as fears of growing anti-Semitism are exacerbated following atrocities (Independent)

Paris attacks: French authorities were a bit 'slow off the mark' but did a good job, says former head of UK intelligence (Independent)

Paris attacks: A city reeling after 72 hours which saw the staff of a satirical magazine gunned down, two police officers shot dead and two sieges end violently (Independent)

Paris attacks: Threat high as French march 'for freedom and tolerance' (Independent)

Paris attacks: A city reeling after 72 hours which saw staff of a magazine gunned down, two police officers shot dead and two sieges end violently (Independent)

French terror wife with links to Charlie Hebdo killers is living in the UK on BENEFITS (Daily Star)

Charlie Hebdo: the presses roll again this week (Independent)

UN offensive against Hutu rebels puts DR Congo's civilians at risk (Independent)

Paul Flowers police to probe on-call children's brain doctor who was high on date-rape drug... as we reveal drug deal texts from neurologist to ANOTHER friend (Daily Mail)

Jihadists and Supporters Take to Social Media to Praise Attack on Charlie Hebdo (New York Times - Paywall)

Charlie Hebdo Is Heir to French Tradition of Religious Mockery (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Canadian Police Arrest Twin Brothers on Terrorism-Related Charges (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hostage-taker surrenders to police (BBC)

Hostage ordeal briefly paralyzes a Paris neighborhood (Los Angeles Times)

Jihadi chic: Fashion designer promotes tasteless militant-style collection on London runway just days after Paris killings (Daily Mail)

Open Source: Muslim Employee of Kosher Market in Paris Praised for Hiding Customers From Gunman (New York Times - Paywall)

Dresden protest against Pegida (BBC)

Anonymous 'declare war on jihadists' after Charlie Hebdo massacre (Daily Mail)

Tense atmosphere in France after terror rampage (CBS News)

German Man Arrested on Terror Charges (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Muslims in Neglected Paris Suburbs Worry Conditions Could Produce More Terrorists (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: AirAsia plane tail recovered from sea (BBC)

Paris policeman's brother: Islam is a religion of love. My brother was killed by terrorists, by false Muslims' (Guardian)

Here's What Paris Investigators Have Found So Far (Time Magazine)

Huge marches against France killings (BBC)

Paris terror attacks: sport pays tribute to those killed in pictures (Guardian)

A sleeper cell, and nation's worst fears, come alive in 3 days of unfinished terror for France (Fox News)

The graphic designer who texted vital information to police from his hiding place (Guardian)

The big man with a nice reputation (BBC)

Lindt cafe siege victim Katrina Dawson was hit by police bullet, reports say (Guardian)

French sport pays tribute to dead (BBC)

Toddler found dead in apartment (BBC)

Nigeria 'girl bomber' attacks market (BBC)

Hayat Boumeddiene: France's most wanted person after Paris terror attacks (Guardian)

Muslim leaders condemn French massacre, but some on street disagree (Los Angeles Times)

Peshmerga troops killed in ISIL attack (ALJAZEERA)

Paris attacks: in 1986 France united. Can it find common cause again? (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo attacks: Why ask what we think of Paris? It's 250 miles away' (Guardian)

French Premier Declares War' on Radical Islam as Paris Girds for Rally (New York Times - Paywall)

Charlie Hebdo: could security services have prevented Paris attacks? (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo survivors: the magazine must carry on (Channel4)

France terror attacks: graphic designer hid in cardboard box (Guardian)

Is it a swan or a flamingo? Badly injured bird found soaked in blood after suspected crash landing (Daily Mail)

2 Ivory Coast soldiers killed in attack on military posts near Liberia border (Fox News)

Paris terrorist attacks: gunman's girlfriend evades French police (Guardian)

Muslim Man Hailed as Hero for Actions in Kosher Grocery Store Attack (Time Magazine)

London's Tower Bridge And Trafalgar Square To Display Colours Of The French Tricolore (Huffington Post)

Terror problems in France 'started in suburbs' - video (Channel4)

Dangerous' female suspect may have fled country before attacks, French police say (Washington Post - Paywall)

Charlie Hebdo attack: Three days of terror (BBC)

Moment Sedat Meric shoots at undercover police officer during London pool hall attack (Daily Mail)

Intelligence official: Turkey believes woman sought in French attacks passed through country (Fox News)

Inside the Paris suspects link to Islamic extremists (CBS News)

Terror suspect killed after grocery store standoff (CBS News)

Eye Opener: Frances terror siege ends with 17 dead (CBS News)

Israeli premier Netanyahu offers French Jews to migrate to Israel following deadly attack (Fox News)

Charlie Hebdo suspects killed outside of Paris (CBS News)

Euro Disney evacuated and armed police sent to synagogue and pharmacy in false reports (Daily Mail)

Paris attacks: Four hostages killed in kosher grocery store named (Independent)

French authorities new manhunt may be too late (CBS News)

Opinion: The Backlash Against African Women (New York Times - Paywall)

Paris attacks: Hamas condemns Charlie Hebdo massacre after Netanyahu makes comparison to Gaza rockets (Independent)

Man acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin arrested for aggravated assault (Russia Today)

James O'Brien Dismantles Radio Caller Who Demands Muslims Apologise For Paris Massacre (Huffington Post)

700,000 rally across France in wake of terror attacks & hostage crises (Russia Today)

Paris shootings: Muslim man hailed a 'hero' for hiding hostages in Jewish supermarket's walk-in refrigerator (Independent)

U.S. police arrest Zimmerman (CNN)

Search teams fail to find AirAsia 'black box' (ALJAZEERA)

Charlie Hebdo: Brother of killed Algerian officer says 'do not mix up extremists with Muslims' (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo: Brother of killed Algerian police officer says 'do not mix up extremists with Muslims' (Independent)

Man who may have inspired Paris attack (CNN)

Jews Are Leaving France 'In Droves' Claims Jewish Chronicle Editor Stephen Pollard (Huffington Post)

There she blows! Beautiful hot springs and moment Icelandic geysers bubble over captured by French photographer (Daily Mail)

35,000 Germans rally in Dresden against racism and xenophobia (Reuters)

Clash of Christian & Muslim values: What's behind the Charlie Hebdo tragedy? (Russia Today)

After Terrorist Attacks, Many French Muslims Wonder: What Now? (New York Times - Paywall)

Zimbabwe defends decision to send 62 baby elephants to zoos in China, France and UAE (Daily Mail)

Paris attacks: Moment armed police storm kosher supermarket shooting gunman and freeing hostages (Independent)

Did French intelligence drop the ball? (BBC)

The cities and towns where good value property can be found in the rural surrounds (Daily Mail)

Gunmen kill two soldiers in attack on Ivory Coast border town (Reuters)

Tail of AirAsia flight lifted from seabed, black boxes still missing (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Paris attacks: Man hid under a sink texting police information during Kouachi brothers siege (Independent)

Indonesian search team raises tail of crashed AirAsia plane, no black box found (Reuters)

Crashed AirAsia plane's tail hoisted from sea, but no 'black box' found (Los Angeles Times)

Watch dramatic moment France siege ended (Channel4)

Rupert Murdoch Thinks All The World's Muslims Should Be Held Responsible For Paris Attacks (Huffington Post)

Who is female terror suspect Hayat Boumeddiene? (Channel4)

AirAsia Jet's Tail Retrieved; Data Recorders Still Missing (New York Times - Paywall)

Opinion: Attack will feed intolerance (CNN)

Charlie Hebdo Asterix Tribute Sees Cartoonist Come Out Of Retirement (Huffington Post)

Black Boxes Likely Fell Out of AirAsia Tail: Official (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

3 days of terror: Key events in Paris shootings and hostage-takings (CBS News)

Hayat Boumeddiene, 'Armed And Dangerous' Female Terror Suspect, Still On The Run From French Police (Huffington Post)

Hezbollah leader on Charlie Hebdo: Extremists more offensive to Islam than cartoons' (Russia Today)

2,000 killed in Nigeria': Boko Haram's latest attack deadliest in history, Amnesty says (Russia Today)

Video shows police storm market (CNN)

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula says they directed Paris attack (CBS News)

AirAsia plane tail lifted from sea (BBC)

1/9: How the Paris market siege unfolded (CBS News)

Scott Pelley on Paris attack: "Silence is the end of freedom" (CBS News)

While many condemn the Paris violence, some support it (Los Angeles Times)

FBI and Justice Department recommend felony charges against Petraeus (Russia Today)

Could more French attacks be on the way? (CBS News)

British Cleric Sentenced to Life for Terror Ties (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

How the French terrorists were connected to al Qaeda, ISIS (CBS News)

Terror spree in France ends with 2 deadly hostage raids (CBS News)

French police end twin standoffs, killing Charlie Hebdo terror suspects and an associate (Washington Post - Paywall)

Paris violence may portend upmanship between Al Qaeda group, Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Amnesty: Boko Haram may have killed 2,000 in "deadliest massacre" (CBS News)

Suspects in Paris attacks are killed; several hostages dead (Los Angeles Times)

Bob Schieffer: France attacks are the next step in terrorism (CBS News)

After Paris attacks, questions about intelligence failures (Washington Post - Paywall)

In a kosher grocery store in Paris, terror takes a deadly toll (Washington Post - Paywall)

Attack suspect was known to French authorities (Washington Post - Paywall)

Deadly shoot-outs end French sieges (Financial Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Charlie Hebdo editor remembered (BBC)

WorldViews: #JeSuisJuif trends on Twitter as signal of solidarity with Paris Jews (Washington Post - Paywall)

WorldViews: One of the Paris shooters spoke to a French journalist. Here's their conversation. (Washington Post - Paywall)

Charlotte Christodoulou found dead at Harlescott Junior School pictured (Daily Mail)

Siege on Jews is 'an attack on religious freedom' - video (Channel4)

Muslims fear backlash after Charlie Hebdo deaths - video (Channel4)

Mentally-ill man with breast cancer has mastectomy against his will (Daily Mail)

See police raid Paris supermarket (CNN)

Dozens killed in Boko Haram attack (Financial Times - Paywall)

Four hostages killed in bloody end to Paris sieges (Channel4)

WorldViews: A tweet from far-right icon Le Pen causes anger in France (Washington Post - Paywall)

IS claims responsibility for Paris attacks (Channel4)

Sony: 'No playbook' for hack attack (BBC)

Gunman dead in kosher store siege in eastern Paris (Channel4)

Rebels want $5m US bounty for LRA man (BBC)

'A world war ... all in the name of Islam' (CNN)

Why I am Charlie (CNN)

Hollande addresses the French people - live (Channel4)

Charlie Hebdo suspects killed after dramatic standoff (Channel4)

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