Monday, 12th January 2015

World News

Montana police officer breaks down moments after he fatally shoots an unarmed suspect (CBS News)

Terror cell members linked to Paris attack possibly still at large (CBS News)

White House admits to "mistake" for on Paris rally (CBS News)

Je Suis Charlie now an app, in record time (CBS News)

5 community police members reported killed in Mexico ambush (CBS News)

Safety Experts Focus on In-Flight Upset as Cause of AirAsia Crash (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

No proof that rape occurred at UVA fraternity, police say (CBS News)

French Jews Question Future in France (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

France Ramps Up Security at Jewish Sites (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Defiant Charlie Hebdo's first cover since massacre depicts weeping Prophet Mohammed holding Je Suis Charlie sign as authors aim to sell 3 MILLION copies (Daily Mail)

Paris attacks: police step up search for possible accomplices (Guardian)

Six terror cells STILL on the loose in France: Gun police on the streets to protect Jewish schools 24 hours a day (Daily Mail)

Margaret Cho Isn't Sorry About Mocking North Korea at the Golden Globes (Time Magazine)

New Mexico police officers face murder charges in shooting death of homeless man (Russia Today)

Charlie Hebdo's New Issue Has Mohammed on Cover (New York Times - Paywall)

Security camera footage purportedly shows France suspects widow entering Turkey (CBS News)

Turkey's Awkward Place in the Paris March (Time Magazine)

German rally held to 'stop the Islamisation of the West' - video (Guardian)

Prayers for the fallen as Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu visits Paris kosher deli (Daily Mail)

Katie Piper reveals how 'proud' she is to have survived acid attack (Daily Mail)

Video 'of Paris suspect' in Turkey (BBC)

Divers retrieve AirAsia 'black box', explosion theory questioned (Reuters)

Could ISIS Attack Saudi Arabia's Oil? (Time Magazine)

Police called to 'body in water' (BBC)

France mobilises 10,000 troops at home after Paris shootings (Reuters)

US police charged in homeless death (BBC)

World War II veteran and viral video star dies at 95 (CBS News)

Canadian police arrest 3rd man in terrorist conspiracy charge (Fox News)

U.S. Ramps Up Security After Paris Attacks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Golden Globes stands up for fee speech (CNN)

Nigel Farage says West bares some 'culpability' for Paris massacres (Daily Mail)

Police: Up to 6 Paris terror suspects may still be at large (Fox News)

Qatar Airways Plans to Live Stream Flight Data from Black Box Recorders (Time Magazine)

France's most wanted woman: Paris terror suspect caught on CCTV for first time (Daily Star)

David Cameron brands Fox News terror expert a 'complete idiot' (Daily Mail)

Paris terror attacks: US admits higher-level representative should have attended Sunday's unity rally (Independent)

White House criticized for lack of high-ranking official at Paris Rally (CBS News)

Turkey: French suspect's partner in Syria (ALJAZEERA)

White House admits mistake over Paris anti-terror march - video (Guardian)

France mobilises 10,000 troops after attacks (ALJAZEERA)

WorldViews: Controversial French comedian investigated for Facebook post: I feel like Charlie Coulibaly ? (Washington Post - Paywall)

White House apologizes for not sending top officials to Paris unity march (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo: How did it affect ordinary Parisians whose city was under siege? (Independent)

Unprecedented levels of security in Paris (CBS News)

Paris attackers widow apparently escapes to Syria (CBS News)

Mother of murdered schoolboy says she warned police of grooming fears (Daily Mail)

Canadian police fail to protect female Aboriginals - report (Reuters)

Greggs told staff at shop closed by police cordon after tragedy that they risked having their wages docked (Daily Mail)

Up to 6 Paris Terror Suspects May Still Be at Large, Police Say (Time Magazine)

White House admits Paris error (CNN)

Up to 6 terror-cell members may be at large after Paris attacks police (Russia Today)

French comic investigated for Charlie Hebdo remark (CBS News)

Fatwa declared against camel snowmen in Saudi Arabia (Daily Mail)

Calls for BBC's Tim Willcox to resign over Paris interview (Daily Mail)

Know Right Now: The Hardest Climb in the World (Time Magazine)

World Briefing: Bitter Cold Claims More Lives in Gaza (New York Times - Paywall)

Paris terror attacks: 3m copies of Charlie Hebdo to be distributed on Wednesday (Independent)

Russia calls West's linkage of Ukraine and terror fight 'childish' (Los Angeles Times)

Paris gunman told reporter he lived with "underwear bomber" (CBS News)

Joanne Froggatt's Golden Globes speech pays tribute to rape victims (Daily Mail)

Like Mike? Woman who bit off ear in Tyson-style attack is jailed (Daily Star)

24 fan who changed his name to Jack Bauer jailed for 16 months for knife attack (Daily Mail)

On Kerry's visit to Pakistan, campaign against militant remains priority (Washington Post - Paywall)

New clues In Paris attack (CNN)

Anonymous 'forced first jihadi website down' after Charlie Hebdo attacks (Daily Mail)

Naomi Campbell turns heads in plunging feathered dress at Golden Globes afterparty (Daily Express)

AirAsia plane 'hit water and exploded' (CNN)

ISIS threatens police (CNN)

WATCH: Stunning time-lapse video of Dartmoor squeezes year of beauty into eight minutes (Daily Express)

US admits Paris 'no-show' mistake (BBC)

World Briefing: British Nurse With Ebola Is Improving, Hospital Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Ronaldo named world player of year (BBC)

White House: High-ranking official should have been at Paris rally (Los Angeles Times)

French TV executive recalls interview with Hebdo attackers (Guardian)

Helric Fredou 'shot himself after meeting relatives of Charlie Hebdo victim' (Daily Mail)

'A flash of orange and then people prayed': Panic on board BA flight from Gatwick to Glasgow after it was struck by lightning (Daily Mail)

Erdogan jabs French intelligence over surveillance of Paris gunmen (Fox News)

White House Says It Should Have Sent a More Senior Official to Paris (Time Magazine)

Noel Gallagher pokes fun at Oasis video rant with new single Ballad Of The Mighty I (Daily Express)

Wednesday's Charlie Hebdo will include cartoons of Prophet Mohammed (Daily Mail)

French police commissioner kills himself hours after Charlie Hebdo attack (Fox News)

French Intelligence Warns That There Might Be Worse Attacks to Come (Time Magazine)

France sends 10,000 troops across country, protecting hundreds of Jewish sites (Washington Post - Paywall)

Kerry to push Pakistan to keep up terror fight (CBS News)

Pictures from Charlie Hebdo reveal how victims were shot before they had a chance (Daily Mail)

JK Rowling condemns Rupert Murdoch on Twitter after Paris terror attacks tweet (Daily Mail)

Time-lapse video shows a year in the life of Dartmoor (Daily Mail)

Hayat Boumeddiene shown on CCTV at Istanbul airport - video (Guardian)

'Girlfriend' of murdered Charlie Hebdo editor will not attend his funeral (Daily Mail)

'Bullies make me sick' Kym Marsh hits back at Twitter Trolls attack on her daughter (Daily Express)

Eye Opener at 8: Paris rally largest in French history (CBS News)

Obama takes heat for not attending 'anti-terror' Paris rally (Russia Today)

Divers retrieve one of two AirAsia Flight 8501 black boxes (CBS News)

EU officials consider pooling air passenger data after Paris attacks (Guardian)

Sen. Marco Rubio on terror threat to U.S., absence of President Obama at Paris rally (CBS News)

'Spiritual leader' who radicalised Charlie Hebdo gunman was nurse at Paris hospital (Daily Express)

French PM: Not a 'lone wolf' attack (CNN)

West 'ignoring' Nigerian attacks (BBC)

Two 10-year old girls carry out suicide bomb attack in Nigeria (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo gunmen robbed petrol station with ROCKET LAUNCHER (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: CCTV shows Paris attacker's partner (BBC)

Fifty Shades Of Grey' Film: Extended Trailer Featuring Jamie Dornan And Rita Ora Released During Golden Globes (VIDEO) (Huffington Post)

NYPD commissioner on new terror threat: This is real, need to be constantly vigilant (CBS News)

Obama and senior U.S. officials skip rallies for Paris terror victims (CBS News)

Where was Obama during Sunday's Paris march? (Daily Mail)

Millions join Frances largest demonstration ever to denounce terror (CBS News)

Charlie Hebdo memorial edition to show cartoons of prophet Muhammad (Guardian)

Government Responds To Attack On Our Freedoms With New Plans To Curtail Our Freedoms (Huffington Post)

Tories surge to SIX point poll lead as Labour's NHS attacks fail to hit home (Daily Mail)

Bangladesh Files Sedition Charges Against Opposition Leader (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Eye Opener: Homeland on high alert for terror (CBS News)

Paris attacks prompt fears France's Muslim 'no-go' zones incubating jihad (Fox News)

France to deploy 10,000 troops; says killers likely had help (Los Angeles Times)

Charlie Hebdo to lampoon Prophet Muhammad in upcoming issue, lawyer says (Fox News)

David Cameron says 'The world will not fall in if Tories cut spending' (Daily Mail)

Amal Clooney leads stars flashing 'je suis Charlie' at Golden Globes (Daily Mail)

Paris market attacker 'on U.S. terror database' (CNN)

French far-right leader faults EU immigration, security policy, austerity for attacks (Fox News)

Maggie Gyllenhaal on the Complicated' Character That Won Her a Golden Globe (Time Magazine)

France to Investigate Media Coverage of Shootings (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Golden Globes: Comedian Margaret Cho accused of racism over North Korea general skit (Independent)

I am not bothered with civil liberties stuff for terror suspects' Boris Johnson (Russia Today)

Margaret Cho accused of racism at Golden Globes in North Korean general sketch (Daily Mail)

Channing Tatum and Wife Celebrate the Golden Globes With a Dance-Off (Time Magazine)

The Hoxton Hotel advertised new Paris venture using 'je suis Charlie' hashtag (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo, Europe, Britain, and Terrorism: dangers ahead (Guardian)

Senior U.S. officials absent from Paris rally (CBS News)

New terror data laws needed, says PM (BBC)

BBC reporter apologises for telling Paris mourner: 'Palestinians suffer at Jewish hands' (Daily Express)

France to Deploy Thousands of Forces to Protect Jewish Schools and Sensitive Sites' (New York Times - Paywall)

Charlie Hebdo massacre shows clash of globalization and ideologies raises stakes for satirists (Fox News)

Turned a blind eye? Police urged to investigate Prince Andrew's bodyguards (Russia Today)

Why female recruits are vital to terror groups (CBS News)

Giant rhea bird gives police the slip after a YEAR on the run in Hertfordshire (Daily Mail)

Web of terrorism: Charlie Hebdo gunman's mentor had links to UK and Abu Hamza (Russia Today)

Paris Attacks Prompt Tougher Stance on Security in Britain (New York Times - Paywall)

John Kerry WILL go to Paris but only after US was shamed for snubbing rally of world leaders (Daily Mail)

AirAsia QZ8501 black box flight recorder brought back to Indonesia video (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo: French Comic Dieudonne Investigated For Facebook Post 'I Feel Like Charlie Coulibaly' (Huffington Post)

Lazy to claim French terror attacks nothing to do with Islam' UK Culture Secretary (Russia Today)

What the 2015 Golden Globes Mean for This Year's Oscar Race (Time Magazine)

Go Inside the InStyle and Warner Bros. 2015 Golden Globes After-Party (Time Magazine)

Sarkozy: French Society on 'Razor's Edge' (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Video purports to show Paris gunman's girlfriend in Istanbul (Independent)

Paris attacks: Get up to speed (CNN)

U.S.-funded Afghan police payroll at risk of waste and abuse - watchdog (Reuters)

Peshawar school reopens after attack (BBC)

Memes of Chrissy Teigen Crying at the Golden Globes Are Now a Thing (Time Magazine)

Rhea exit Runaway bird gives police slip AGAIN (Daily Express)

Paris terror attacks: 10,000 troops deployed as France hunts for accomplices (Guardian)

Lebanese security forces clear notorious jail block holding militants after attack (Fox News)

Special forces officer reveals Paris Kosher deli jihadist was shot 40 times (Daily Mail)

3mn copies of Charlie Hebdo's new edition to have Muhammad cartoons (Russia Today)

Vatican denies reports of attack warnings (Reuters)

WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT: Sickening video show girls chanting "P*** in rhyme (Daily Star)

French comedian Dieudonn faces inquiry over Charlie Coulibaly' remark (Guardian)

Paris gunman 'knew underwear bomber' (CNN)

U.S. leaders missing from Paris march (CNN)

Jihadist Paris attacks are like Nazi atrocities against the Jews, says Harvey Weinstein (Daily Mail)

Key witness who helped jail police killer Dale Cregan is now homeless after fleeing Britain (Daily Mail)

French warned terror "threat is still present" (CBS News)

What stars feasted on at the Golden Globes revealed (Daily Mail)

Global search for Paris suspect (CNN)

Charlie Hebdo attackers: born, raised and radicalised in Paris (Guardian)

White van man goes worldwide! Adventurer quits his job, turns £2,500 vehicle into 'studio apartment' and travel 10,000 miles around the world (Daily Mail)

Huge Show of Solidarity in Paris Against Terrorism (New York Times - Paywall)

Security footage shows Paris gunman's alleged accomplice at Istanbul airport (Fox News)

U.K. Security Chiefs Brief Cameron on Terror Risks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Islamic extremism threat balances tougher law enforcement against civil liberties around world (Fox News)

France deploys 10,000 troops for security (Financial Times - Paywall)

Charlie Hebdo: French police commissioner 'kills himself after meeting with victim's family' (Independent)

Kerry to visit Paris amid scramble to counter Charlie Hebdo march criticism (Guardian)

Boko Haram attacks Cameroon military base (ALJAZEERA)

Review: From Cosby to Charlie, This Golden Globes Had Something to Say (Time Magazine)

The Golden Globes 2015 red carpet's worst dressed (Daily Mail)

Disturbing video shows children as young as five singing racist song (Daily Mail)

Paris march: TV wide shots reveal a different perspective on world leaders at largest demonstration in France's history (Independent)

Golden Globes 2015: Ricky Gervais Mocks Celebrity Audience At Awards Bash (PICS) (Huffington Post)

Chinese passengers open doors of MOVING China Eastern Airlines flight to protest delay (Daily Mail)

Police chief urges calm over UK terror threat (Russia Today)

PM reviews UK risk of Paris attack (BBC)

Incredible pictures show Paris hostages hiding in freezer during supermarket siege (Daily Star)

Tim Willcox apologises to daughter of Holocaust survivor at Paris rally for saying 'Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well' (Independent)

AirAsia black box recovery may clear up confusion over final moments (Guardian)

AirAsia jet's flight data recorder retrieved (ALJAZEERA)

Why did the world ignore Boko Haram's Baga attacks? (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo: Obama slammed for failing to send senior official to Paris march (Independent)

Paris March 'Photo Op' Leads To Criticism Of World Leaders' Support For Charlie Hebdo Tribute (Huffington Post)

Charlie Hebdo killings: five days that shook France (Channel4)

Paris shootings: investigation launched into where gunmen got GoPro cameras (Guardian)

Footage shows Indiana baby putting gun in mouth video report (Guardian)

Dawn French To Return As 'The Vicar Of Dibley' For New, One-Off Comic Relief Sketch? (Huffington Post)

Best of Golden Globes (CNN)

Charlie Hebdo: Pope urges Muslim leaders to denounce extremist interpretations of religion (Daily Express)

'Extremist' Muslim prisoners in France to be put in solitary isolation to halt terror 'phenomenon' (Independent)

Russell Brand Says Charlie Hebdo Killer Represent Islam 'Like Bush And Blair Represent Christianity' (Huffington Post)

Binyamin Netanyahu praises Muslim for saving Jews at Paris kosher shop video (Guardian)

VIDEO: Security high at French Jewish school (BBC)

Paris march: Critics say President Barack Obama 'let the world down' by not attending rally (Independent)

2015 Golden Globes: Highlights (CNN)

French interior ministry releases video of both Paris siege operations (Independent)

AirAsia Flight Black Boxes Are Found (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

How The Simpsons Paid Tribute to Charlie Hebdo (Time Magazine)

Sydney Siege Heroine Katrina Dawson 'Was Killed By Police Bullet' (Huffington Post)

'Why no one was eavesdropping on Paris brothers?' (Russia Today)

Kerry Dismisses Criticism of U.S. Presence at Paris Rally (Time Magazine)

Yemeni interviewed Paris gunman in 2010, says he claimed to have lived with 'underwear bomber' (Fox News)

Suspected Paris Accomplice Crossed Into Syria, Official Says (Time Magazine)

FBI reveals Imam who inspired Charlie Hebdo terrorists has been busted for soliciting prostitutes (Daily Mail)

France hunts down Paris terror widow in Syria and reveals existence of another accomplice (Daily Express)

2,000 feared slain in Boko Haram attack (CNN)

In photos: Thousands rally in Paris after terror attack (CNN)

Paris Attacks Fuel Tensions in Germany (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Syria blasts Turkey over allowing Paris attacker's wife to cross border (Fox News)

The 2015 Golden Globe Awards, In 22 Funny GIFs (Huffington Post)

AirAsia divers recover 'black box' (BBC)

Taliban attack school reopens (CNN)

Giant wasp goes head-to-head with tarantula in video but which creature emerged as winner? (Daily Mail)

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler ridicule Bill Cosby in first minutes of Golden Globes (Daily Mail)

France opens probe into comic Dieudonne for 'defending terrorism' after Facebook post (Fox News)

Experts prepare to analyze AirAsia flight recorder (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: New video shows French siege police (BBC)

Father of jihadi girl had no idea about her terror links... then saw her mugshot on television (Daily Mail)

'Without freedom, there is no humanity' - Charlie Hebdo victims paid tribute to in special issue of Spirou magazine (Independent)

A unique chance to forge future as a top flight journalist (Daily Mail)

Saudi police say al-Qaida gunman involved in last week's deadly Iraq border attack (Fox News)

Charlie Hebdo: Hamyd Mourad speaks of shock at being wrongly named as massacre suspect (Independent)

Peshawar school reopens in Pakistan after Taliban massacre video (Guardian)

Black box: What is it and what questions will it answer about the AirAsia crash? (Independent)

Amazon and Netflix Crash the Golden Globes Party (Time Magazine)

German government's plea to ditch 'disgusting' Pegida rally against 'Islamification of Europe' (Independent)

Paris supermarket siege video footage released by French authorities (Guardian)

In Trafalgar Square a circle of pens pays tribute to Charlie Hebdo (Guardian)

Flight data recorder recovered from AirAsia wreckage; Divers seek cockpit voice device (Washington Post - Paywall)

'It went down - boom': Doomed AirAsia jet EXPLODED when it slammed into the Java Sea... as divers locate crucial second black box which will reveal final words of pilots before crash (Daily Mail)

Spain: Police arrest 16, including 12 lawyers, for alleged ties with Basque armed group ETA (Fox News)

Paris terror attacks: Hunt on for mystery accomplice who helped supermarket killer (Daily Star)

France will deploy 10,000 members of its security forces around 'sensitive sites' including Jewish schools in the wake of Charlie Hebdo terror attacks (Daily Mail)

11 Troubling World Leaders At The Paris Charlie Hebdo Rally (Huffington Post)

Pope condemns 'deviant forms of religion' in the wake of French massacre, accusing them of causing 'the breakdown of society and spawning violence and death' (Daily Mail)

US Attorney: Fear of lone wolf attack keeps me up at night (Russia Today)

Golden Globes: 9 Best Moments For Women (That Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With What They Were Wearing) (Huffington Post)

In Pictures: Golden Globe Awards 2015 (BBC)

German police release 2 men detained over arson attack on paper that printed Charlie cartoons (Fox News)

France Mobilises 10,000 Troops to Protect Sensitive Sites (Time Magazine)

Couple arrested after video shows child playing with a gun (Independent)

The Best Jokes From Tina Fey And Amy Poehler's Golden Globes 2015 Opening Monologue (Huffington Post)

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy says immigration 'is not linked to terrorism, but complicates things' (Daily Mail)

'Je Suis Charlie' George Clooney and stars show support for Paris at Golden Globes (Daily Express)

'Je suis Charlie': George Clooney and Helen Mirren show unity with France at Golden Globes video (Guardian)

Paris shootings: Jewish school likely target' of gunman Coulibaly (Guardian)

China says police kill bombing suspects (ALJAZEERA)

Indonesia's search & rescue: AirAsia jet likely exploded before impact - report (Russia Today)

#OpCharlieHebdo: Anonymous take down French extremist website after threatening 'retribution' for Charlie Hebdo attacks (Independent)

Paris Attacks: Terror is over but questions grow (BBC)

Israeli Opera refuses to pay tribute to Paris victims, French conductor protests (Russia Today)

Ship to Join Search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Paris Rallies Against Terror (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Gary Glitter to stand trial accused of historic sex allegations against three girls (Daily Express)

German Muslims unite in commemoration of Charlie Hebdo massacre (Russia Today)

Kerry Says He Will Visit France to Pay Tribute to Victims (Time Magazine)

Paris march: President Hollande asked Israel's Netanyahu not to attend Paris march (Independent)

France deploys 5,000 police officers to protect Jewish schools in Paris (Daily Express)

Charlie Hebdo: Pope slams 'deviant forms of religion' in wake of Paris attacks (Independent)

Father of Hayat Boumeddiene devastated to hear she is named 'most wanted' woman in France (Independent)

Jews scrutinize future in Europe against emigration to Israel after Paris market attack (Fox News)

Nigeria: two suspected child suicide bombers attack market (Guardian)

Police in China shoot dead six in restive Xinjiang (Reuters)

France mobilizes 10,000 security forces to protect sensitive sites (Fox News)

America snubs historic Paris rally (Daily Mail)

Paris attacks live: Thousands of troops sent to Jewish schools amid fears of anti-Semitic attacks (Independent)

The Boston Marathon bombing: how the city coped with its deadly terror attack (Guardian)

Kerry to go to Paris in gesture of sympathy (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hollywood glam Kelly Brook flaunts her curves in demure gown at Golden Globes after party (Daily Express)

VIDEO: First video of AirAsia 'black box' (BBC)

Divers retrieve AirAsia black box (Financial Times - Paywall)

Building where Charlie Hebdo killers died becomes grim tourist draw (Daily Mail)

Fox News terror expert forced to apologise after claiming Birmingham is 'totally Muslim' (Daily Express)

JK Rowling Smashes Rupert Murdoch For Blaming All Charlie Hebdo Deaths On Muslims (Huffington Post)

Flight attendants see drawing, refuse to fly (CNN)

Police probe Big Brother's Jackson (BBC)

Boyhood takes Golden Globe honours (BBC)

Egyptian court acquits 26 men of 'debauchery' in trial over raid by police looking for gays (Fox News)

Pakistan Pupils Head Back To Peshawar School After Taliban Attack That Killed 150 Classmates (Huffington Post)

Charlie Hebdo: Man regrets 'stupid' decision to put video of police officer's death online (Independent)

Pope: Fundamentalist terrorism that inspired Paris attacks result of 'deviant religion' (Fox News)

Germany hosts Russian, Ukrainian, French foreign ministers in push for diplomatic progress (Fox News)

Nearly 5,000 soldiers to defend more than 700 Jewish schools across France after Paris attacks (Independent)

Student is given three-year jail sentence for declaring himself an atheist on Facebook in Egypt after his FATHER testified against his 'extremist views against Islam' (Daily Mail)

The Albanian Prime Minister paid a classy sartorial tribute at the Charlie Hebdo Paris rally (Independent)

French gunman's fugitive widow told police she and husband used to discuss Al Qaeda attacks and had the right 'to take up arms' (Daily Mail)

AirAsia crash: Search teams find flight data recorder from doomed jet (Daily Star)

Nusra Front threatens action against Lebanese soldiers after prison raid - Twitter account (Reuters)

AirAsia crash: Plane believed to have exploded as it hit the sea, as black boxes discovered (Independent)

AirAsia QZ8501 crash: Plane believed to have exploded as it hit the sea, as black boxes discovered (Independent)

Paris Kosher store survivors pay homage to fellow hostage and father: 'The bravest of us all' (Independent)

New York - London flight hits 1,200 km/h (CNN)

Russian Leviathan' wins Golden Globe for best foreign language film (Russia Today)

Divers retrieve one of two black boxes from AirAsia Flight 8501 (CBS News)

Golden Globes 2015: Conchita Wurst Turns Heads With Beard And Gown On Red Carpet, Supports #JeSuisCharlie With 'Freedom of Expression' Speech (PICS) (Huffington Post)

1/11: France commemorates terror attack with massive unity march; Is "Je suis Charlie" a lasting movement? (CBS News)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Monday 12th January 2015 (Huffington Post)

Crisis meeting over Paris attacks (BBC)

INSIDE the freezer at Paris Kosher deli (Daily Mail)

Golden Globes 2015: Lena Dunham 'Quits Twitter' As She's Fed Up Of Trolling, Poses For #FreeTheNipple Instagram Photo Before Hitting Red Carpet (PIC) (Huffington Post)

Police shoot six dead in Xinjiang (BBC)

Paris Attack Means We Need More Snooping Powers, Says Cameron, Amid Warnings Of 'Big Brother' (Huffington Post)

Israelis wonder if attack in France will change Europe (Fox News)

Charlie Hebdo massacre gunman reportedly knew underwear bomber (Fox News)

Rosamund Pike wears daring low-cut gown to Golden Globes (Daily Mail)

France mobilizes to find 'probable' accomplice to 3 days of terror (Fox News)

Officials confident of location of AirAsia Fligt 8501 black boxes (CBS News)

The American who inspires terror (CNN)

VIDEO: London landmarks light up for France (BBC)

Leaders join 4m French in display of unity (Financial Times - Paywall)

Islamic State Adds to Terror In Afghanistan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

After Paris: Cameron meets to discuss UK terror law (Channel4)

Kerry Says He'll Fly to France to Show U.S. Solidarity (New York Times - Paywall)

Did al Qaeda give order to Paris attack? (CNN)

AirAsia divers in race time and tide (BBC)

Millions attend unity rallies in France (ALJAZEERA)

VIDEO: Golden Globes: The highlights (BBC)

First Black Box Is Recovered From AirAsia Plane (New York Times - Paywall)

Divers retrieve AirAsia Flight 8501 data recorder, locate voice recorder (Fox News)

Kerry will go to Paris this week for talks on countering extremist violence (Fox News)

VIDEO: Golden Globes: On the red carpet (BBC)

'United against terror' - front pages (BBC)

Golden Globes 5 Most Surprising Winners (Time Magazine)

Divers find both black boxes in AirAsia crash, but only 1 retrieved from bottom of Java Sea (Fox News)

Police find hideout of gunman -- reports (CNN)

Golden Globes: What stars are wearing (CNN)

Golden Globe Awards 2015: Newly single Kate Hudson wears plunging dress to after party (Daily Express)

Golden Globes Recap: At This Show, Politics Only Go So Far (Time Magazine)

Afghan police struggle as US watchdog finds holes in payroll data (Guardian)

Golden Globes 2015: Winners List (CNN)

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai's home and office hit by arson attacks (Guardian)

Golden Globe Awards 2015: Eddie Redmayne WINS Best Actor... leaving Benedict empty-handed (Daily Express)

The Empire State Building Went Dark For Charlie Hebdo Victims (Time Magazine)

Paris attacks: Jewish and French (BBC)

One AirAsia Black Box Found (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

VIDEO: Charlie Hebdo support at the Globes (BBC)

Paris gunman records video statement (CNN)

Watch George Clooney Pay Tribute to Wife Amal in Golden Globes Speech (Time Magazine)

A German Paper That Reprinted Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Was Firebombed (Time Magazine)

Photographer reflects on Paris rally (CNN)

Watch Michael Keaton's Emotional Best Actor Speech at the Golden Globes (Time Magazine)

The man who may have inspired the Paris attack (CNN)

Divers Recover One of AirAsia Flight 8501's Black Boxes (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Turkey expects same reaction to Islamophobia as to Charlie Hebdo attacks PM (Russia Today)

The AirAsia QZ8501 Flight Data Recorder Has Been Retrieved (Time Magazine)

World Briefing: Indonesia: AirAsia Flight 8501 Data Recorder Is Recovered (New York Times - Paywall)

See police raid Paris supermarket (CNN)

Golden Globe Awards 2015: Jennifer Aniston's AMAZING legs cause Twitter meltdown (Daily Express)

Divers recover black box from AirAsia flight but search goes on (Guardian)

AirAsia's flight data recorder recovered from Java Sea, officials say (Los Angeles Times)

Jeffrey Tambor Dedicated His Golden Globe to the Transgender Community (Time Magazine)

3 million across France march in solidarity against terrorism (Los Angeles Times)

Divers retrieve 1 black box from crashed AirAsia jet (Fox News)

Watch Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader Crack Each Other Up at the Golden Globes (Time Magazine)

Golden Globes: Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's Best Jokes (So Far) (Time Magazine)

Jihadism Born in a Paris Park and Fueled in the Prison Yard (New York Times - Paywall)

First AirAsia black box lifted from sea Indonesia rescue chief (Russia Today)

Golden Globe Awards 2015: Hilarious Benedict Cumberbatch photobombs Meryl Streep (Daily Express)

Millions rally in Paris (CNN)

This Is Who Transparent Creator Jill Soloway Was Talking About in Her Golden Globes Speech (Time Magazine)

In Cold Political Terms, Far Right and French President Both Gain (New York Times - Paywall)

Amal Clooney Wore White Gloves to Golden Globes That She Sewed Herself (Time Magazine)

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Photobomb Meryl Streep and Margaret Cho at the Golden Globes (Time Magazine)

Charlie Hebdo: Slain Muslim was proud to be policeman, says brother (Los Angeles Times)

Video Shows a Paris Gunman Declaring His Loyalty to the Islamic State (New York Times - Paywall)

Jennifer Aniston Felt Like a Kid' on the Golden Globes Red Carpet (Time Magazine)

Golden Globe Awards 2015: Benedict Cumberbatch and fiance Sophie show off baby bump (Daily Express)

The Best Zingers from Tina and Amy's Third Golden Globes Monologue (Time Magazine)

Witness regrets 'stupid' decision to publish film of Paris policeman's murder (Guardian)

Watch Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Joke About Bill Cosby at the Golden Globes (Time Magazine)

Je suis Charlie around the world in pictures (Guardian)

Golden Globes 2015: Watch Tina Fey Call Out George Clooney for His Lack of Lifetime Achievements (Time Magazine)

Golden Globe Awards 2015: Downton Abbey star Joanne Froggatt wins Best Supporting Actress (Daily Express)

Paris Jews Reel After Deadly Kosher Supermarket Attack (Time Magazine)

Golden Globes 2015: See All the Winners (Time Magazine)

This Is How Many People it Took to Make Keira Knightley's Golden Globes Dress (Time Magazine)

Golden Globe Awards 2015: Newlyweds George and Amal Clooney are loved up on the red carpet (Daily Express)

Awards season kicks off with Golden Globes (CNN)

Paris attacks: French ambassador urges Australia to remember 'the spirit of Charlie' - video (Guardian)

Golden Globe Awards 2015: Rosamund Pike and Laura Carmichael ooze glamour on red carpet (Daily Express)

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