Saturday, 17th January 2015

World News

U.S. helping Belgium look for terror suspect in Greece (CBS News)

Greek elections: Syriza's young radicals plot a political earthquake for Europe (Guardian)

The DNA photofit: Amazing breakthrough means police can tell suspect's colour, height and even age - from a tiny speck of blood (Daily Mail)

Greece arrests four jihadists over Belgian terror plot inspired by the murder of Lee Rigby, including one who 'matches the description' of the ringleader (Daily Mail)

Adorable Russian quintuplets saved by British experts after Moscow doctors said wouldn't survive back in the UK to meet their deliverer (Daily Mail)

Four terror suspects arrested in Greece may be linked to Belgium cell (Los Angeles Times)

Niger Charlie protesters burn churches (BBC)

Derby County fan attacks defender Kelvin Wilson after 2-1 defeat by Nottingham Forest (Daily Mail)

Niger rioters torch churches and attack French firms in Charlie Hebdo protest (Guardian)

Helicopter pilots missed two vital warnings in mid-air drama that left Paul McCartney and wife Nancy 2ft from death (Daily Mail)

Five killed in second day of Charlie Hebdo protests in Niger (Reuters)

At last... I can look at Facebook and not cringe at my bald spot: Transplants aren't just for men - as this mother of two reveals in a story that will inspire every woman with hair loss (Daily Mail)

Belgium Ramps Up Security After Terror Raids (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Two Eds hid truth about global crash: Miliband and Balls knew UK economy was due to 'fall off a cliff' a year before it happened... but kept it a secret (Daily Mail)

Angry motorists abused police officers trying to save the life of a man who jumped from a multi-storey car park because they were 'unable to return to their cars' (Daily Mail)

Schoolgirl arrested at Stansted airport returning from warzone bailed after being questioned overnight by anti-terror police (Daily Mail)

Greek Police Detain 4 Suspected Terrorists (Time Magazine)

Charlie Hebdo attacker buried in secret (ALJAZEERA)

Pope to conclude Asian trip with huge outdoor Mass in Manila (Reuters)

Isis using UK female jihadists to incite terror acts back home, say researchers (Guardian)

President Obama Hosted a Private Screening With the Cast of Selma (Time Magazine)

Niger president: 10 dead after protests against French magazine cartoon of Islam's prophet (Fox News)

Pope Honors Filipinos Who Suffered Typhoon's Devastation (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Anti-Charlie Hebdo protests continue in Niger (ALJAZEERA)

How a team of social media experts is able to keep track of the UK jihadists (Guardian)

Police respond to shooting at Florida mall (CBS News)

Suspect located in Alberta shooting that left two Mounties wounded (Guardian)

Iranian authorities ban newspaper after front page story about George Clooney's support for Charlie Hebdo magazine (Daily Mail)

We are fed up': Thousands march against TTIP & GMOs in Berlin (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Troops take to Belgian streets to guard against attacks (Reuters)

Farmer Andrew Main appears in court charged with Oxford arson attack (Daily Mail)

Blast outside Algeria embassy in Libya wounds two guards (Reuters)

Two killed, one hurt in Florida mall shooting - police (Reuters)

Canadian police find suspect in shooting of two officers (Reuters)

Greek police detain 4 terror suspects, including possible Belgium jihadi cell ringleader, report says (Fox News)

Were war crimes committed in Palestine? (ALJAZEERA)

Ed Miliband claims voters will be 'choking on their cornflakes' after David Cameron urged firms to use cheaper oil prices to give workers pay rises (Daily Mail)

Two Canadian Mounties Shot in Alberta (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Source: Greek police detain 4 alleged terrorists, including suspected Belgium cell ringleader (Fox News)

Belgians arrested in Greece 'linked to terror plot' (Channel4)

Israel PM slams impending war crimes probe (ALJAZEERA)

Charlie Hebdo gunman Said Kouachi buried at secret location in Reims (Daily Mail)

US-led task force launches 29 air strikes against Isis targets in 24-hour period (Guardian)

Paris gunman buried in secret grave (BBC)

Anthony Grainger shooting case against police chief crumbles (Daily Mail)

Teacher who had sex with 16-year-old pupil jailed for two years (Daily Mail)

Churches set on fire as protests against Charlie Hebdo cartoon turn violent (Daily Express)

Eye Opener: Will the Supreme Court say "I Do"? (CBS News)

Former FBI official on Europe terror raids (CBS News)

FBI catches would-be domestic terrorists before attacks (CBS News)

Dozens arrested in anti-terror raids across Europe (CBS News)

Supreme Court to rule on same-sex marriage (CBS News)

Two homes targeted in 'hate crimes' (BBC)

Ch rif and Sa d Kouachi's Path to Charlie Hebdo (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Niger violence over Charlie Hebdo cover (BBC)

Yemen detains two French al-Qaeda suspects (ALJAZEERA)

Belgian Troops Take to Streets to Guard Against Possible Terrorist Attacks (Time Magazine)

Charlie Hebdo: Niger protesters burn churches in second day of demonstrations - video (Guardian)

Pope visit to Tacloban cut short by storm (Channel4)

Belgium guards possible terror targets amid manhunt (CBS News)

In typhoon-ravaged Tacloban, another storm forces Pope Francis to cut visit short (Washington Post - Paywall)

Private jet carrying Philippine officials on Pope Francis trip crashed off runway (Daily Mail)

Amir Khan called David Cameron for help after he was denied US visa (Daily Mail)

Iran bans paper over article French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo (Fox News)

Uproar over '£9m' ransom paid to Islamic militants for release of two Italian hostages (Daily Express)

Charlie Hebdo 'survival issue': what do you think? (Guardian)

US doesn't have as big a problem with ISIS; Turkey, Europe should do more (Russia Today)

Man in court over arson attacks (BBC)

Strong winds force plane off Philippine runway minutes after Pope Francis's aircraft takes off safely (Independent)

For Charlie Hebdo Gunman, A Discreet Burial in Reims (New York Times - Paywall)

UK Weather Forecast Brings Freezing Temperatures With Snow, Ice And Hail Expected (Huffington Post)

Pope Francis comforts Philippine typhoon survivors, then cuts short visit due to storm (Fox News)

Towie fan who travelled to Syria with son tells of her shock at living in a war zone (Daily Mail)

Churches torched as Niger's anti-Charlie Hebdo protest escalates (Russia Today)

Inside GCHQ: First ever pictures from the heart of Britain's spying station show intelligence agency working to prevent Charlie Hebdo terror attack in Britain (Daily Mail)

Kurds battle Assad's forces in Syria, opening new front in civil war (Reuters)

Soldiers to guard Belgian Jewish sites as Europol warns of further attacks (Guardian)

Charlie Hebdo gunman Said Kouachi buried in low-key ceremony (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo protests: Five dead as churches and French flags burn in Niger riots over cover (Independent)

Ed Miliband Reckon's These David Cameron Comments Will Have Workers 'Choking On Their Cornflakes' (Huffington Post)

Private jet blows front tyres moments after Pope Francis departs same Philippine airport (Daily Express)

Charlie Hebdo march photograph draped over the Pompidou Centre in Paris (Independent)

A dream come true! Photographer captures magical pictures of two little girls dressed up as their favorite fairy tale characters (Daily Mail)

Police say truck fire triggered alarm in Channel Tunnel (Los Angeles Times)

Belgium to deploy soldiers in cities after terror raids (Fox News)

Sleeper cells': 3,000 in Turkey linked to ISIS, police report says (Russia Today)

Channel Tunnel closed due to lorry fire - Police (Reuters)

Oldest person in UK Ethel Lang dies aged 114 (Daily Mail)

Obama backs David Cameron over the economy (Daily Mail)

Australian nurse treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone airlifted to UK (Daily Mail)

Rangers fans thwarted in court bid (BBC)

Obama, Cameron vow to take on 'poisonous ideology' of radical Islam (Reuters)

Lawyers continue protest against Charlie Hebdo in Pakistan - video (Guardian)

US and Israel criticise ICC war crimes probe (ALJAZEERA)

How Cameron solved Khan's visa woes (BBC)

Volunteer dies in accident after Mass by Pope Francis in typhoon-ravaged Philippine city (Fox News)

Snapchat and WhatsApp should be monitored by security services, says EU police agency head (Daily Express)

Paris attacks: Jean-Marie Le Pen says French terror attacks were work of western intelligence (Independent)

Paris attacks: Jean-Marie Le Pen says French terror attacks were work of Western intelligence (Independent)

'David Cameron is my mate' shock admission from Amir Khan (Daily Star)

Detentions in Europe Amid New Terror Probes (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Europe on high alert for terror attacks (Daily Star)

Pope Francis visits rainswept Tacloban - video (Guardian)

Storms shortens Pope Tacloban visit (BBC)

Air India flight from Chennai to Paris delayed by three hours after FIGHT breaks out in the cockpit between the pilot and an engineer (Daily Mail)

Teenager who has been dating her father for two years reveals the pair are planning to get married - and have children (Daily Mail)

What's his secret? John Travolta sports thick mane TWO days after thinning hair selfie (Daily Express)

Mexico's disappeared students: Police arrest gang hit man (Russia Today)

Charlie Hebdo fallout: Belgium deploys troops, UK raises terror alert to severe' (Russia Today)

Stopping all terrorist attacks is impossible, says Europol chief (Guardian)

Hackers Make New York Post And UPI Twitter Feeds Announce World War Three (Huffington Post)

Obama invites presidential letter writers to big address (Reuters)

French Theaters to Screen Film About Charlie Hebdo (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Crowds sigh as Pope leaves early (BBC)

Sister-in-law makes dream come true for couple told they would never have a baby after six years of trying and two failed rounds of IVF (Daily Mail)

David Cameron and Barack Obama unite against terrorism - video (Guardian)

MoD police spend £360,000 on huge stockpile of Tasers - despite using the weapons just ONCE in eight years (Daily Mail)

UK Terror Police On 'Beheading Alert' After Attacks In France And Plot In Belgium (Huffington Post)

Europe terror arrests: Five charged after Belgium raids as Europol admits difficulty of tracking 'thousands of potential terrorists' (Independent)

Pope Cuts Short Visit to Typhoon-Hit Philippine Region Because of New Storm (New York Times - Paywall)

Florida police 'used mug shots of black men' for target practice (Russia Today)

Security beefed up in Britain's Jewish communities after Paris terror attacks (Daily Express)

Belgium terror suspects had police uniforms, report says (Fox News)

Mauritania activists jailed as police quash resurgent anti-slavery protests (Guardian)

Belgium sends troops to guard key sites for first time in 30 years in bid to stop new attacks (Fox News)

Islamic State terror attacks in Europe cannot be prevented, EU police agency warns (Daily Express)

Britain on beheading alert: Security stepped up for police and Jewish schools as fears grow of new jihadi strike (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Plane misses runway after Pope departs (BBC)

Pope meets Haiyan victims amid new storm (ALJAZEERA)

1/16: Supreme Court takes up same-sex marriage; The custodian who became a counselor (CBS News)

Europe high alert for terror attack (BBC)

ICC to probe possible war crimes in Palestine (ALJAZEERA)

Dozens held across Europe in Islamist suspect sweeps (Reuters)

Bob Schieffer interviews U.K. PM David Cameron (CBS News)

CIA insider evaluates European terror threat (CBS News)

Pope Francis alters Philippines visit because of storm (Los Angeles Times)

Pope cuts trip to typhoon-hit Philippine city due to impending storm (Fox News)

Pope Francis meets typhoon survivors at emotional Philippines mass (Guardian)

Pope Francis cuts shorts visit to typhoon-hit Philippine city of Tacloban due to storm (Fox News)

Charlie Hebdo hits U.S. stores (CBS News)

New Charlie Hebdo issue hits U.S. stores (CBS News)

As Pope Francis Visits Philippines, Tensions Between Church and Government Surface (New York Times - Paywall)

Police in Europe launch anti-terror operations (CBS News)

Muslims protest Charlie Hebdo prophet cartoon; 4 killed in Niger (CBS News)

Secretary of State Kerry spends mournful day in Paris after terrorist assaults (Washington Post - Paywall)

Supreme Court to rule on gay marriage bans (Russia Today)

Obama tells Congress that more sanctions on Iran could lead to war (Los Angeles Times)

US, UK want to tackle technical issues' of accessing encrypted private information (Russia Today)

Washington city "cuts cheese" as Seahawks square off against Packers (CBS News)

Pope Francis met by huge crowd on visit to typhoon-hit Tacloban in Philippines (Independent)

18-year-old UK woman arrested on suspicion of terrorism (CBS News)

Churches burned in Niger, photographer shot in the chest in Pakistan and violent clashes in Jordan: Muslim world reacts angrily to Charlie Hebdo's 'survivor' edition (Daily Mail)

British teenager arrested over Playstation and Xbox cyber attacks (Daily Mail)

Obama gives Cameron extraordinary pre-election endorsement as an 'outstanding' partner on the world stage (Daily Mail)

Obama Sets Fight Over Iran Sanctions (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Backlash over police sniper training (BBC)

Deadly Niger protests over Charlie Hebdo (ALJAZEERA)

'My husband is the victim' says British-based wife of Al Qaeda leader who radicalised Charlie Hebdo killers (Daily Mail)

UK and US in joint anti-terror push (BBC)

Obama and Cameron join hands against 'terror' (ALJAZEERA)

Here's What 5 Supreme Court Justices Have Said About Gay Marriage (Time Magazine)

Four dead in Niger as Charlie Hebdo cartoon sparks protests (Guardian)

Capitol terror plot suspect faces judge in Ohio (CBS News)

War Crimes Court Opens Probe into Palestinian Territories (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Sarah Ferguson says York family are a 'unit' days after slamming sex slave allegations against Prince Andrew as 'lies' on TV (Daily Mail)

Dozens arrested in Europe 'anti-terror' raids (ALJAZEERA)

UN chief Ban Ki-moon marks El Salvador civil war anniversary, says path to peace not over (Fox News)

Police arrest two dozen as they fan out across Europe to prevent fresh violence (Washington Post - Paywall)

Why the Supreme Court is Set to Make History on Gay Marriage (Time Magazine)

Mexico court orders cartel capo Caro Quintero recaptured in 1985 torture, killing of DEA agent (Fox News)

US Secretary of State John Kerry visits Paris after terror attacks (Daily Mail)

Hague Court Opens Inquiry Into Possible Israeli War Crimes in Palestinian Territories (New York Times - Paywall)

Pope Francis defends church's opposition to artificial contraception (Guardian)

Counter-terrorism sweeps net more than two dozen suspects in Europe (Los Angeles Times)

Rapist footballer Ched Evan's website to be probed by police (Daily Mail)

Obama Warns Against Shredding Privacy Protections As Cameron Presses For More Data Access (Huffington Post)

Will the UK and Pakistan co-operate on security interests? (BBC)

Rangers fans protest against board (BBC)

US Supreme Court to hear cases on same-sex marriage (Independent)

Obama says Europe should integrate Muslims to curb terrorism (Los Angeles Times)

US top court to rule on gay marriage (BBC)

Europe Edges Closer to Deflation (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

French centre, churches attacked in Niger in Charlie Hebdo protest (Reuters)

Protests break out around the world against Charlie Hebdo (CBS News)

Raids may be accelerating other terror plots, expert warns (CBS News)

Pakistanis Protest Charlie Hebdo Cover (Time Magazine)

US supreme court agrees to hear cases on right to same-sex marriage nationwide (Guardian)

Arson spree suspect charged by police (BBC)

No little piggies? UK publishing firm in stew over report it banned pig, pork mentions (Fox News)

Did Italy pay Al Qaeda £9MILLION to free two hostages? (Daily Mail)

Pakistan sees violent backlash over Charlie Hebdo (CBS News)

Europe warned of ongoing terror threat (CNN)

Islamic State kills 17 in Syria after hit-and-run attacks (Reuters)

Paris police arrest 12 linked to shootings, Kerry visits sites (Reuters)

Afghan war waste: $500k, adobe-style police base melted in rain - report (PHOTOS) (Russia Today)

Charlie Hebdo 'survivors' issue' sells out (CNN)

International court opens preliminary probe of Israel, Palestinians (Los Angeles Times)

Terror attacks in Europe: the five danger zones (Guardian)

Terror attack suspects detained (CNN)

As Europe Moves Aggressively Against Terrorism, New Challenges Emerge (New York Times - Paywall)

Libya parties agree to more talks; two factions call ceasefire (Reuters)

4 killed, dozens wounded in violent protests against French newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Niger (Fox News)

Cameron and Obama vow joint measures to 'poisonous and fanatical' Islamist extremism (Independent)

Cameron and Obama vow joint measures to tackle 'poisonous and fanatical' Islamists (Independent)

David Cameron and Barack Obama vow joint measures to tackle 'poisonous and fanatical' Islamists (Independent)

Belgian raids reinforce fears of new terror attacks in Europe (Guardian)

Diffused nature of terror cells makes attack prevention 'extremely' hard Europol (Russia Today)

Facebook and WhatsApp must not be a 'safe haven' for terrorists, vows Cameron (Daily Mail)

Sri Lanka scraps ban on foreigners visiting northern former war zone (Reuters)

A continent on edge: Paris attacks leave Europe on terror high alert as police in five countries arrest more than twenty extremist suspects (Independent)

Paris attacks leave Europe on high alert (Independent)

Twitter reacts after Barack Obama calls David Cameron a 'great friend' (Daily Star)

Deadly Charlie Hebdo protest in Niger (BBC)

Eye Closer: Paris unity rally largest in French history (CBS News)

Woman, 18, arrested at Stansted Airport on suspicion of terror offences (Independent)

Kerry brings Paris a "hug" after terror attacks (CBS News)

Erdogan lashes out at Charlie Hebdo magazine (ALJAZEERA)

Obama and Cameron warn on Iran sanctions (Financial Times - Paywall)

Charlie Hebdo: Hundreds of Londoners queue to buy satirical magazine following Paris attacks (Independent)

Arrests expose growing web of terror (CNN)

Pope doesnt shy away from hot-button issues in Manila (CBS News)

Danny Simpson appears in court accused of throttling mother of his child (Daily Mail)

4 killed in anti-Charlie Hebdo march in Niger amid global Muslim protests (Russia Today)

Cameron and Obama vow action against Isis in Iraq following Paris attacks (Independent)

British police offered more protection in face of 'deliberate targeting' from terrorists (Daily Mail)

Homeless boy hugs Pope Francis on surprise visit to Philippines slum (Daily Mail)

18-year-old woman arrested at London airport on terrorism suspicions, police say (Fox News)

Police commander sacked over 'leak' (BBC)

Christopher Taylor drowned after TWO emergency operators missed 999 call (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis greeted by Catholic devotees in Philippines - in pictures (Guardian)

U.S., U.N. envoys warn Myanmar against stoking religious tensions (Los Angeles Times)

Barack Obama and 'great friend' David Cameron vow to tackle 'poisonous' extremism (Daily Express)

Teenager in terror arrest at airport (BBC)

Obama promises to help France (CNN)

Obama, Cameron agree to cyber war games, joint 'cyber cell' (Reuters)

2,000 protest against ejection of kissing lesbian couple from Vienna cafe (Fox News)

Obama Vows to Veto Bipartisan Bill on New Iran Sanctions (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama hosts screening of the acclaimed civil rights drama 'Selma' after Oscar snub (Independent)

Italy Says Against Paying Ransom for Hostages (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Belgium charges terror plot suspects (BBC)

John Kerry declares profound emotion' for France in Paris address (Guardian)

Obama promises to veto new sanctions on Iran (Russia Today)

Obama Gives 'Bro' Cameron General Election Boost With Gushing Praise At White House (Huffington Post)

Terror expert on how ISIS is influencing European attacks (CBS News)

German police tipped off that Islamists may target rail stations (Reuters)

Case of Saudi blogger referred to higher court as flogging postponed (Independent)

Twelve held over Paris attacks (BBC)

Belgium terror suspects killed in police shootout (CBS News)

U.K. prime minister to talk terror, tech with Obama at White House (CBS News)

Over 20 terror suspects arrested in massive ops across Belgium, France and Germany (Russia Today)

Terrorists plotting to kill UK cops in 'Lee Rigby copycat' attack, police chiefs warn (Daily Star)

Police ramp up patrols in Jewish areas after Paris attacks Scotland Yard (Russia Today)

Obama and Senator Robert Menendez Spar on How to Handle Iran (New York Times - Paywall)

Charlie Attack Raises Stakes for Saudi Arabia in Flogging Case (New York Times - Paywall)

Hong Kong police haul in protesters for 'arrests by appointment' (Los Angeles Times)

Why Pope is wrong on religious speech (CNN)

Ex-girlfriend of Lostprophets paedophile Ian Watkins claims she tried to tell police chief constable of his child sex obsession but was ignored (Daily Mail)

Recruiting girls into Army Cadets could cut teen pregnancy rates' UK education minister (Russia Today)

Anti-Screen Scraping Ts and Cs Can Be Effective, Rules European Court (Huffington Post)

Nuclear waste trains to carry UK passengers (Russia Today)

Londoners seek Charlie Hebdo copies (BBC)

UK likely to survive' catastrophic climate change experts (Russia Today)

4 Shot During Protest Against Charlie Hebdo in Pakistan (New York Times - Paywall)

Alpari UK closes over currency crisis (BBC)

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge sells out two dresses in two days (Daily Mail)

What's involved in cyber war games? (BBC)

Pope in Manila says 'end corruption' (BBC)

Record numbers of French turn to tranquilizers after Charlie Hebdo attack (Russia Today)

'Assaulted' cyclist sought by police (BBC)

Kerry Travels to Paris to Show Solidarity After Terror Attacks (New York Times - Paywall)

ICC opens inquiry into possible war crimes in Palestinian territories (Russia Today)

PICTURED: Belgium 'jihadists who planned to kill police on the street' (Daily Express)

Pakistan clashes over Hebdo cartoon (BBC)

Stuart Kerner who escaped jail for sex with pupil launches appeal against CONVICTION (Daily Mail)

Protests grow against Bahrain crackdown (Financial Times - Paywall)

UK military jets risk mid-air crash with airliner due to lack of safety systems report (Russia Today)

Caravaggio dispute lost in court (BBC)

Congo Government Says Offensive Against Rebels Imminent (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The Beagle has landed: UK Mars lander found' after 11 yrs by NASA high-res images (Russia Today)

More Chinese students in the UK than from the whole of the EU (Daily Mail)

Boom-bust economy': IMF praise of UK economic growth dismissed as inaccurate by experts (Russia Today)

Gunman arrested and hostages freed after storming Paris post office with Kalashnikov (Daily Express)

Disenfranchised generation: 1 million voters missing from UK election register (Russia Today)

First UK school specifically for gay and transgender pupils planned (Russia Today)

VIDEO: 'I hid Paris hostages in freezer' (BBC)

Possible Ebola cases flown to UK (BBC)

#IlSontHypocrites: Why should Charlie Hebdo deaths mean more than those in E.Ukraine? (Russia Today)

Cryptic cross words: Cameron ban on encrypted messages sparks China-style' comparison (Russia Today)

UK immigration triples as Cameron fails to keep election pledge (Russia Today)

Portraits by Robert Doisneau capture beauty and charm of 1950s Paris (Daily Mail)

Police arrest 15 in Belgium raids (Financial Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: 'Attacked' cyclist sought by police (BBC)

More Americans say Obama not tough enough' on foreign policy - poll (Russia Today)

OPEC split into two camps' (Russia Today)

Paris and Nigeria: A tale of two hashtags (CNN)

Gunman armed with Kalashnikov takes hostages at post office near Paris (Russia Today)

Guns on streets of Paris despite strict laws (CNN)

Charlie Hebdo sells out hours after hitting UK shelves (Russia Today)

Down-to-earth Pope scores hit in Asia (BBC)

Pakistani police clash with Charlie Hebdo protesters at French consulate (Russia Today)

Death to blasphemers': Muslims protest new Charlie Hebdo cartoons across the globe (Russia Today)

Vatican backs Pope mock punch (CNN)

Police continue to quiz man in connection with Oxfordshire arson spree (Daily Express)

VIDEO: US and UK to stage 'cyber war' games (BBC)

Elon Musk donates $10mn to stop AI from turning against humans (Russia Today)

Hezbollah reserves right to retaliate against Israeli attacks on Syria (Russia Today)

Pope Francis in Asia (CNN)

US, UK plan cyber war games' to boost defense against hackers (Russia Today)

Two suspected Islamist militants killed as Belgian police conduct anti-terror raids (Washington Post - Paywall)

WorldViews: How the Paris attacks turned into a war of words between Israel and Turkey (Washington Post - Paywall)

CIA leak trial: 90+ people reportedly knew of secret mission against Iran (Russia Today)

Belgian Muslims face renewed anger, alienation after attacks in Paris (Washington Post - Paywall)

Kerry visits Paris to give it a big hug' in aftermath of terrorist attacks (Washington Post - Paywall)

#FreeRaif: vigils held against flogging of Saudi blogger (Channel4)

Should Europe be more fair to migrants risking their lives? (Channel4)

On the trail of the smugglers shipping refugees to Europe (Channel4)

At least two dead after police terror raid in Belgium (Channel4)

Grammar school jihadi warns of IS attacks on the West (Channel4)

Europe and GMOs: Gently modified (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Pope Francis on Charlie Hebdo: You cannot insult the faith of others' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Belgium arrest as police probe Europe-wide terror links (Channel4)

Watch two climbers finish historic El Capitan ascent - video (Channel4)

Driver 'deliberately' injures policewoman in central Paris (Channel4)

London shopkeeper defiant despite threats over Charlie sign (Channel4)

Charlie Hebdo sells out across France (Channel4)

Police hunt six more possible Paris terror suspects - video (Channel4)

Irvine Welsh: Islam faces 'big moment' after attacks - video (Channel4)

Paris gunmen's escape revealed in new footage (Channel4)

Funeral ceremonies held for victims of Paris terror attacks (Channel4)

Defiant Paris opens glitzy new Philharmonic (CNN)

Friend of Paris jihadis: 'There are no quick answers' (Channel4)

Rallies held across Europe after Paris attacks (Channel4)

Paris siege hero: police thought I was a terrorist - video (Channel4)

Charlie Hebdo killings: five days that shook France (Channel4)

After Paris: Cameron meets to discuss UK terror law (Channel4)

Palestine and the ICC: See you in court (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Terror in Paris: A blow against freedom (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

19 monuments lost in war zones (CNN)

Hungary: Viktor goes to war (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

The fight against Ebola: Exorcising the ghostly fever (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

The war on obesity: Heavy weapons (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Rick Scott tries to clarify attack ad on Charlie Crist (Miami Herald)

Missing Miami woman’s ex kills himself after police find body in car trunk (Miami Herald)

Mystery man in Rick Scott attack ad unveiled, misleads about Charlie Crist and Ponzi scheme (Miami Herald)