Sunday, 18th January 2015

World News

Driver survives his trucks demolishing by two semis (CBS News)

Security for police officers is stepped up in bid to prevent British copycat terror attack in wake of Paris murders (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo: Nearly half of French people oppose Mohammed cartoons (Independent)

Belgian jihadi leader' remains free despite two arrests in Greece (Guardian)

Douglas McWilliams questioned by police over claims he assaulted prostitute (Daily Mail)

Hezbollah commander killed in 'Israeli raid' (ALJAZEERA)

David Cameron says Pope Francis is wrong to claim people who mock Islam should 'expect a punch' (Daily Mail)

Hezbollah commander reported killed by Israeli strike in Syria (Los Angeles Times)

Paramedic Student steps in to save the day after Ryanair passenger fell unconscious (Daily Mail)

At least one Hezbollah commander killed in Israeli strike in Syria - sources (Reuters)

Manila Wafers: Pope Francis Holds Giant Mass in the Philippines (Time Magazine)

Record 6 million turn up for popes last day in Asia (CBS News)

5,000 Rally Against Charlie Hebdo in Pakistan (Time Magazine)

One bomb explodes, police detonate two others in Istanbul (Reuters)

Terror threat forces 'anti-Islamisation' Pegida group to cancel rally (Independent)

Terror threat forces 'anti-Islamisation' group Pegida to cancel rally (Independent)

Uber Wants to Take 400,000 Cars Off the Road in Europe This Year (Time Magazine)

PETER HITCHENS: Don't like the PC mob? Well now that makes YOU a terror threat (Daily Mail)

ISIS 'is using British female extremists to incite UK terror attacks' (Daily Mail)

Police examining footage of footballer pitch 'attack' (Daily Express)

Two thirds of Ukip supporters think party will form part of government after May elections (Daily Express)

Chadian troops join war against Boko Haram (ALJAZEERA)

Police investigate footage of footballer being 'attacked' on pitch (Daily Star)

Northampton murder probe launched after man stabbed in attack close to Lazeez restaurant (Daily Mail)

Greece arrests four jihadists over Belgian terror plot (Daily Mail)

Police in France, Belgium Release Detainees (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police quiz Nigel Farage 'lover' Annabelle Fuller over claim she faked sex attack (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis Opposes Contraceptives During Address of Millions in Philippines (Time Magazine)

Seven million flock to hear Pope in Manila (Financial Times - Paywall)

The Golden Grate Bridge 'zipper truck' that lays out $30million safety barrier every day (Daily Mail)

Magistrate Yvonne Davies 'stabbed to death by husband who then killed himself' (Daily Mail)

Germany's first ever aerial blitz on UK: Zeppelin raids began a hundred years ago tonight with bomb mission which killed four (Daily Mail)

Second Paris gunman buried in secret (BBC)

Anti-terror chief Mark Rowley tells police not to go out on the streets alone (Daily Mail)

Egyptian liberals demand Mubarak face court over attack by supporters on camels (Reuters)

ISIS fighters fake death in Syria to slip back to UK and Europe (Daily Mail)

Severely disabled Baroness Campbell's speech against Assisted Dying Bill (Daily Mail)

Greg Plitt dead: Actor and fitness instructor killed after being struck by train, aged 37 (Independent)

Michael Adebolajo's brother praises Paris jihadis who killed 12 in Charlie Hebdo attack (Daily Mail)

Man hit by learner driver car dies (BBC)

Pakistani Muslims and Christians hold countrywide protests over Charlie Hebdo caricatures (Fox News)

London Eye turns red as Coca Cola sponsorship deal is launched... but campaigners hand out toothbrushes to families in protest against sugary drink firm (Daily Mail)

Eiffel Tower, Louvre among Paris tourism sites seeing smaller crowds after terror attacks (Fox News)

Pegida rally in Dresden cancelled after threat made against its founder (Guardian)

Pope Francis in Philippines: Six million people attend outdoor Mass event in heavy tropical rain (Independent)

Six million-strong crowds gather to welcome Pope Francis to Manila (Daily Express)

Screenwriter Gary Devore killed 20 years ago was working for CIA (Daily Mail)

Suspect in Alberta shooting of two Mounties found dead in home (Guardian)

French Muslims resent scrutiny after Charlie Hebdo attack (Los Angeles Times)

Six million attend Pope Manila Mass (BBC)

UK Home Secretary urges redoubling of efforts to wipe out anti-Semitism amid fears post Paris (Fox News)

Germany's anti-Islam PEGIDA march cancelled due to attack threat (Reuters)

Police examine footballer 'assault' (BBC)

VIDEO: Eurostar services disrupted for second day (BBC)

Millions flock to Pope Francis' final Mass in Philippines (Fox News)

Sicko escapes jail after sharing snaps of having sex with vomiting teen who killed herself (Daily Star)

Terror leader Baghdad Meziane with links to Paris extremists we can't kick out (Daily Mail)

Breck Bednar's murderer Lewis Daynes was on TWO national crime databases prior to killing (Daily Mail)

Nigerian television reports 4 killed by suicide bomber in northeastern town (Fox News)

Paris gunman Cherif Kouachi buried in unmarked grave amid security fears (Daily Express)

Saudi Muslim leader organising 'legal action against Charlie Hebdo' over Mohamed cartoons (Independent)

Iran bans newspaper for reporting George Clooney's support of Charlie Hebdo (Independent)

Police trace 'attacked' cyclist (BBC)

Why are so many disabled roles played by non-disabled actors? (BBC)

'I don't feel a day over 70' Britain's oldest resident celebrates 112th birthday (Daily Express)

Charlie Hebdo gunman Ch rif Kouachi buried in unmarked grave near Paris (Guardian)

Pope Francis In The Philippines Draws 6 Million Crowd In Manilla, Who Got Very, Very Wet In Rainstorm (Huffington Post)

Belgium rules out Greek 'terror' link (ALJAZEERA)

Niger police fire tear gas as opposition defies ban on protest (Reuters)

Qatari man once imprisoned in US as an enemy combatant over support to al-Qaida returns home (Fox News)

Helicopter pilots missed two vital warnings in mid-air drama that left Paul McCartney and wife Nancy 2ft from death (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis holds mass with millions in Manila - video (Guardian)

Why has Islamic State released 200 Yazidis in north Iraq? (Channel4)

Netanyahu eyes Asian markets, cites anti-Israel mood in Europe (Reuters)

Is this the next Tiger Woods? 11-year-old linksman makes a name for himself on the greens and the mic in viral videos while playing as many as 8 hours a day (Daily Mail)

British women being used by Isis to incite acts of terror at home (Independent)

Sri Lanka ravaged by mystery kidney disease that has killed 20,000 in 20 years (Independent)

Sri Lanka ravaged by mystery kidney disease that has killed 20,000 people in 20 years (Independent)

Pope Talks Poverty, Climate Change Ahead of Manila Mass (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Five killed in second day of Charlie Hebdo protests in Niger (Channel4)

Pope celebrates mass with millions in wet Philippines (Channel4)

What a difference a day makes, Kate: Duchess looks out of sorts on trip to shops - but is transformed as she returns to duty (Daily Mail)

French police release 3 suspects, extend questioning of 9 rounded up after terror attacks (Fox News)

Belgium Ramps Up Security After Raids (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Belgium rules out Greek terror link (BBC)

The eight-year-old who performs Chopin and the homeless man who gives a classical masterclass: Amateur musicians play street pianos that are springing up parks, bus shelters and train stations around the world. (Daily Mail)

Superman scared of flying? Well, why else would Man of Steel star Henry Cavill have an emotional support dog at the airport (Daily Mail)

No link to Belgian attack plot from those detained in Greece - police (Reuters)

'Increasing concern' for missing teenager as search reaches fourth day (Daily Star)

Pope says Mass for huge Manila crowd, appeals for suffering children (Reuters)

Pope Francis: Listen to women, men are too machista (Russia Today)

Pope Francis thrills Manila as 3 million turn up for mass (Guardian)

VIDEO: Millions join Pope for Manila Mass (BBC)

VIDEO: Adoring Philippine children hug Pope (BBC)

3 million gather in Manila to hear Pope Francis (Los Angeles Times)

Pope Honors Filipinos Who Suffered Typhoon's Devastation (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

EUROGEDDON! Why the shocking new price of Swiss cheese and chocolate means Europe's single currency dream is heading for disaster (Daily Mail)

Europe on high alert as troops hunt terrorists (CBS News)

#BlueLivesMatter: Hundreds rally in support of police officers in Washington DC (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Filipinos flock to hear pope offer message of consolation to poor: "We have to learn to cry." (Fox News)

Thousands cheer Chadian troop deployment against Boko Haram (PHOTOS) (Russia Today)

Charlie Hebdo protests in Niger leave at least 10 dead (Fox News)

Man unlikely to face charges after allegedly shooting police chief (CBS News)

VIDEO: Arrests as Europe tightens security (BBC)

Suspect in shooting of two Canadian police found dead (Reuters)

VIDEO: Angry protests over Charlie cover (BBC)

At last... I can look at Facebook and not cringe at my bald spot: Transplants aren't just for men - as this mother of two reveals in a story that will inspire every woman with hair loss (Daily Mail)

Why is tiny Belgium Europe's jihad-recruiting hub? (Washington Post - Paywall)

RACHEL JOHNSON: The 'groomed teacher judge and (tin hat on!) why she got it RIGHT (Daily Mail)

The DNA photofit: Amazing breakthrough means police can tell suspect's colour, height and even age - from a tiny speck of blood (Daily Mail)

Terrorism suspects arrested in Greece may be linked to Belgium cell (Los Angeles Times)

Two French citizens arrested in Yemen may have ties to Paris attacks (Los Angeles Times)

A new idea steals across Europe should Greece's debt be forgiven? (Guardian)

Niger rioters torch churches and attack French firms in Charlie Hebdo protest (Guardian)

Madeleine police check chef's alibi (Daily Express)

Police drug squad files found in used car boot (Daily Express)

Paris attacks: Jonathan Swift had a point about religion. Did Charlie Hebdo? (Independent)

If all right-thinking people are united against terrorism, where are the 'Je suis Nigeria' banners? (Independent)

BIG FREEZE: Britain gets ready for coldest day in THREE YEARS (Daily Star)

Pope braves approaching storm to comfort typhoon victims (Washington Post - Paywall)

Two Canadian Mounties Shot in Alberta (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Greek elections: Syriza's young radicals plot a political earthquake for Europe (Guardian)

Niger Charlie protesters burn churches (BBC)

'Domestic violence' may have sparked Florida mall shooting police (Guardian)

Florida mall shooting sees one dead and two injured, police say (Daily Mail)

New Zealand man with rod lodged in his head drives to service station (Daily Mail)

Mr Blondie's Caribbean hideaway: £2.1m dream home of the man who catapulted group to global fame (Daily Mail)

My wife was screaming 'I am going to die' - so why did the ambulance come an HOUR too late? Grandmother who lived 10 minutes from A&E died waiting in vain for help (Daily Mail)

Angry motorists abused police officers trying to save the life of a man who jumped from a multi-storey car park because they were 'unable to return to their cars' (Daily Mail)

Greek Police Detain 4 Suspected Terrorists (Time Magazine)

Pope to conclude Asian trip with huge outdoor Mass in Manila (Reuters)

Isis using UK female jihadis to incite terror acts back home, say researchers (Guardian)

Niger president: 10 dead after protests against French magazine cartoon of Islam's prophet (Fox News)

Belgium Deploys Troops After Foiling Possible Plot (New York Times - Paywall)

Suspect located in Alberta shooting that left two Mounties wounded (Guardian)

Iranian authorities ban newspaper after front page story about George Clooney's support for Charlie Hebdo magazine (Daily Mail)

Taiwanese man dies after Internet gaming binge (Daily Mail)

Belgium deploys troops after 'terror' threat (ALJAZEERA)

Greek authorities question Belgium attack plot suspects (Reuters)

We are fed up': Thousands march against TTIP & GMOs in Berlin (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Troops take to Belgian streets to guard against attacks (Reuters)

Farmer Andrew Main appears in court charged with Oxford arson attack (Daily Mail)

Blast outside Algeria embassy in Libya wounds two guards (Reuters)

Greek police detain 4 terror suspects as Belgium deploys troops to cities (Fox News)

VIDEO: Soldiers mobilised to protect Belgium (BBC)

Belgium deploys hundreds of anti-terror troops (Channel4)

Source: Greek police detain 4 alleged terrorists, including suspected Belgium cell ringleader (Fox News)

Belgians arrested in Greece 'linked to terror plot' (Channel4)

Man arrested over pitch encroachment (BBC)

Charlie Hebdo gunman Said Kouachi buried at secret location in Reims (Daily Mail)

US-led task force launches 29 air strikes against Isis targets in 24-hour period (Guardian)

Mr and Mr Stephen Fry marries his younger man (Daily Express)

Paris gunman buried in secret grave (BBC)

Anthony Grainger shooting case against police chief crumbles (Daily Mail)

Catholic charity worker, 27, killed after scaffolding holding loud speaker falls on her head during rally for Pope's visit to Philippines (Daily Mail)

Teacher who had sex with 16-year-old pupil jailed for two years (Daily Mail)

Churches set on fire as protests against Charlie Hebdo cartoon turn violent (Daily Express)

Georgia sets new execution date for 'mentally disabled' man (Guardian)

Former FBI official on Europe terror raids (CBS News)

Dozens arrested in anti-terror raids across Europe (CBS News)

Fighting rages anew at Ukraine airport, three soldiers killed (Reuters)

Two homes targeted in 'hate crimes' (BBC)

Ch rif and Sa d Kouachi's Path to Paris Attack at Charlie Hebdo (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Niger violence over Charlie Hebdo cover (BBC)

Charlie Hebdo: Niger protesters burn churches in second day of demonstrations - video (Guardian)

Indian man arrested after he reportedly tried to bury his 9-year-old daughter alive (Independent)

Pope visit to Tacloban cut short by storm (Channel4)

Belgium guards possible terror targets amid manhunt (CBS News)

Euan Coulthard Search Stretches Into Third Day As Students Join Hunt (Huffington Post)

In typhoon-ravaged Tacloban, another storm forces Pope Francis to cut visit short (Washington Post - Paywall)

New Zealand man stabbed through head by steel tyre iron caught on CCTV footage (Independent)

Man stabbed through head by metal rod caught on CCTV footage (Independent)

Iran bans paper over article French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo (Fox News)

Charlie Hebdo 'survival issue': what do you think? (Guardian)

US doesn't have as big a problem with ISIS; Turkey, Europe should do more (Russia Today)

Man in court over arson attacks (BBC)

VIDEO: Why disc golf is proving popular (BBC)

Strong winds force plane off Philippine runway minutes after Pope Francis's aircraft takes off safely (Independent)

For Charlie Hebdo Gunman, a Discreet Burial in Reims (New York Times - Paywall)

Pope Francis comforts Philippine typhoon survivors, then cuts short visit due to storm (Fox News)

Churches torched, 5 killed as Niger's anti-Charlie Hebdo protest escalates (Russia Today)

Charlie Hebdo gunman Said Kouachi buried in low-key ceremony (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo protests: Five dead as churches and French flags burn in Niger riots over cover (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo protests: Five dead as churches and French flags burn in Niger riots over Prophet Mohamed cover (Independent)

Charlie Hebdo march photograph draped over the Pompidou Centre in Paris (Independent)

Police say truck fire triggered alarm in Channel Tunnel (Los Angeles Times)

Sleeper cells': 3,000 in Turkey linked to ISIS, police report says (Russia Today)

London mosques sent death threats and Prophet Mohamed drawings after Charlie Hebdo attack (Independent)

Moroccan man in France killed at home in front of wife in 'horrible Islamophobic attack' (Independent)

Moroccan man in France killed at home in front of wife by intruder 'shouting about Islam' (Independent)

Paris attacks: Jean-Marie Le Pen says French terror attacks were work of Western intelligence (Independent)

Paris attacks: Jean-Marie Le Pen says French terror attacks were work of western intelligence (Independent)

Storm shortens Pope Tacloban visit (BBC)

UN peacekeeper killed in Mali attack (BBC)

Mexico's disappeared students: Police arrest gang hit man (Russia Today)

Charlie Hebdo fallout: Belgium deploys troops, UK raises terror alert to severe' (Russia Today)

French Theaters to Screen Film About Charlie Hebdo (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Crowds sigh as Pope leaves early (BBC)

Dead man gaming: 32yo dies after 3-day non-stop marathon in Taiwan internet cafe (Russia Today)

UK Terror Police On 'Beheading Alert' After Attacks In France And Plot In Belgium (Huffington Post)

Europe terror arrests: Five charged after Belgium raids as Europol admits difficulty of tracking 'thousands of potential terrorists' (Independent)

Florida police 'used mug shots of black men' for target practice (Russia Today)

Security beefed up in Britain's Jewish communities after Paris terror attacks (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Plane misses runway after Pope departs (BBC)

Australian man says Star Wars costume saved his life (CBS News)

CIA insider evaluates European terror threat (CBS News)

As Pope Francis Visits Philippines, Tensions Between Church and Government Surface (New York Times - Paywall)

Police in Europe launch anti-terror operations (CBS News)

Muslims protest Charlie Hebdo prophet cartoon; 4 killed in Niger (CBS News)

Secretary of State Kerry spends mournful day in Paris after terrorist assaults (Washington Post - Paywall)

Pope Francis met by huge crowd on visit to typhoon-hit Tacloban in Philippines (Independent)

Backlash over police sniper training (BBC)

Counter-terrorism sweeps net more than two dozen suspects in Europe (Los Angeles Times)

Protests break out around the world against Charlie Hebdo (CBS News)

Raids may be accelerating other terror plots, expert warns (CBS News)

Europe warned of ongoing terror threat (CNN)

Charlie Hebdo 'survivors' issue' sells out (CNN)

Terror attack suspects detained (CNN)

Arrests expose growing web of terror (CNN)

Why do people dislike hearing foreign languages in the street? (BBC)

Why Pope is wrong on religious speech (CNN)

Protests grow against Bahrain crackdown (Financial Times - Paywall)

Police arrest 15 in Belgium raids (Financial Times - Paywall)

Paris and Nigeria: A tale of two hashtags (CNN)

Day in pictures: 16 January 2015 (BBC)

Guns on streets of Paris despite strict laws (CNN)

Five charged over Belgium 'terror plot to kill police' (Channel4)

Vatican backs Pope mock punch (CNN)

U.S. man held over 'ISIS-inspired plot' on Capitol (CNN)

Is this why 'Selma' was snubbed? (CNN)

Pope Francis in Asia (CNN)

Two suspected Islamist militants killed as Belgian police conduct anti-terror raids (Washington Post - Paywall)

WorldViews: How the Paris attacks turned into a war of words between Israel and Turkey (Washington Post - Paywall)

Belgian Muslims face renewed anger, alienation after attacks in Paris (Washington Post - Paywall)

Kerry visits Paris to give it a big hug' in aftermath of terrorist attacks (Washington Post - Paywall)

#FreeRaif: vigils held against flogging of Saudi blogger (Channel4)

Should Europe be more fair to migrants risking their lives? (Channel4)

On the trail of the smugglers shipping refugees to Europe (Channel4)

At least two dead after police terror raid in Belgium (Channel4)

Europe and GMOs: Gently modified (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Day in pictures: 15 January 2015 (BBC)

Belgium arrest as police probe Europe-wide terror links (Channel4)

Watch two climbers finish historic El Capitan ascent - video (Channel4)

Driver 'deliberately' injures policewoman in central Paris (Channel4)

London shopkeeper defiant despite threats over Charlie sign (Channel4)

Day in pictures: 14 January 2015 (BBC)

Charlie Hebdo sells out across France (Channel4)

Police hunt six more possible Paris terror suspects - video (Channel4)

Paris gunmen's escape revealed in new footage (Channel4)

Funeral ceremonies held for victims of Paris terror attacks (Channel4)

Defiant Paris opens glitzy new Philharmonic (CNN)

Friend of Paris jihadis: 'There are no quick answers' (Channel4)

In pictures: Bomb attack in Potiskum (BBC)

Terror in Paris: A blow against freedom (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Housing: Why grumble? (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

The fight against Ebola: Exorcising the ghostly fever (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Rick Scott tries to clarify attack ad on Charlie Crist (Miami Herald)

Missing Miami woman’s ex kills himself after police find body in car trunk (Miami Herald)

Mystery man in Rick Scott attack ad unveiled, misleads about Charlie Crist and Ponzi scheme (Miami Herald)