Tuesday, 20th January 2015

World News

What President Obama should focus on in the State of the Union (CBS News)

Trial begins over Birmingham police use of pepper spray in schools (CBS News)

James Holmes sports new look in court appearance (CBS News)

British jihadi Imran Khawaja who spent six months in Syria before faking his own death (Daily Mail)

Terror suspects cased Jewish institution (CNN)

Ukraine accuses Russia of attack (BBC)

'I'm not Martin Luther King': Dennis Rodman weeps in trailer for new film on his North Korea trips as he begs 'someone just shoot me today' (Daily Mail)

Arresting romance! The moment Texas police officer gets his girlfriend pulled over in elaborate marriage proposal (Daily Mail)

Supreme Court sides with bearded Muslim inmate (CBS News)

Iranian Commander Threatens Thunderbolt' Against Israel After General's Death in Airstrike (New York Times - Paywall)

This Video of a Seal Hugging a Dog Will Warm Your Heart (Time Magazine)

France, Germany Seek Help Policing Terror Online (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Yemen rebels attack president's home (BBC)

Third outbreak of bird flu detected in Washington state (Guardian)

WorldViews: Four months ago, Obama called Yemen's war on terror a success. Now the Yemeni government may fall. (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ohio death penalty anonymity law is unconstitutional, inmates say (Guardian)

Yemen -- a wrench in Obama's terror message (CNN)

Al-Qaeda creates video guide for jihadists using Snowden leaks report (Russia Today)

50 Years Ago, the State of the Union Actually Meant Something (Time Magazine)

ISIL attacks home of key Iraqi tribal leader (ALJAZEERA)

Congo's Police Disperse Election-Delay Protests (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Mystery deepens in prosecutor death (CNN)

New York mayor goes to Paris to show support after terror attacks; visits sites, lays flowers (Fox News)

First global solar plane flight closer (CNN)

Why Taking a Page Out of a UK Tabloid Is Good for Women (Time Magazine)

US police employ radar to look' through walls - report (Russia Today)

Fighting breaks out in Nepal parliament - video (Guardian)

Yemen rebels attack presidential compound in escalating attacks seen as coup bid (Washington Post - Paywall)

Yemen coup: Houthi rebels seize presidential palace and attack Hadi's official residence (Daily Mail)

Paris Attack Hero Lassana Bathily Receives French Citizenship (Time Magazine)

Obama leaks State of the Union speech (CBS News)

Coronation Street's Anne Kirkbride dead at 60 after short illness (Daily Mail)

Argentina erupts in protest over mystery death of prosecutor investigating bombing of a Jewish community centre in 1994 (Independent)

Nearly 20 more air strikes target Islamic State - U.S. coalition (Reuters)

France arrests 5 in alleged terror plot (CBS News)

Ukraine says its forces come under attack from Russian troops (Reuters)

Leatherhead vets carry out first c-section on fox mother to save five cubs (Daily Mail)

Five Chechens suspected of planning terror attack are arrested in France (Daily Mail)

British jihadist faces life in prison after faking his death in Syria so he could return home (Independent)

British jihadist who faked his death in Syria so he could return home facing life in prison after terrorism conviction (Independent)

Militias attack Yemen president's private home - minister (Reuters)

This Is the Most Popular Way to Lose Weight in North America (Time Magazine)

Sandbanks futuristic house inspired by Thunderbirds' Tracy Island home sells for £1.9million (Daily Mail)

Tunisian military court sentences blogger to 1 year in prison for insulting army (Fox News)

Bill de Blasio Pays His Respects in Paris After Terror Attacks (New York Times - Paywall)

New York businessman Sammy Almahri arrested in Tanzania after Cardiff death (Daily Mail)

French arrest 5 linked to explosives; official discounts ties to terror (Los Angeles Times)

'Care failure' before killer's death (BBC)

Widow of Bristol man dead from meningitis after waiting five hours for an ambulance (Daily Mail)

Lauded as hero in Paris attack, Malian man made French citizen (Reuters)

Web founder Berners-Lee slams UK online surveillance (Russia Today)

Politicians want inquiry into Barcelona police clashes with party goers (Guardian)

The table that transforms into a ROWING MACHINE: Innovative furniture doubles up as a gym for home workouts (Daily Mail)

Fawlty Towers it ain't! Inside the country retreat that was founded by BBC show's designer... but is now home to one of Wales's top Michelin-starred chefs (Daily Mail)

LRA leader on way to Hague court (BBC)

Do Europes police need more firepower? (CBS News)

Watch Charli XCX and Rita Ora Have a Raunchy Slumber Party in Doing It' Video (Time Magazine)

Argentinian prosecutor who planned to expose alleged government cover-up found dead (CBS News)

France grants French citizenship to Muslim man who saved lives at kosher grocery in Paris (Fox News)

State of the Union: Six things to watch for as Barack Obama reaches out to the American middle class (Independent)

Linford Christie's 29-year-old son appears in court charged with drug dealing (Daily Mail)

Tesco cat Mango who lived at Tiverton, Devon store feared DEAD 'after being run over' (Daily Mail)

Police radar looks through walls (BBC)

Rebels attack home of Yemeni president (Financial Times - Paywall)

Terror Suspects Exploit Ease of Travel in Europe (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

4 men in Paris court are first to face terror attacks charges (Fox News)

Property tycoon Scot Young's coffin arrives covered in flowers spelling Daddy for his funeral today more than a month after he fell to his death from balcony of his London flat (Daily Mail)

Saudi Arabia's free-speech crackdown linked to war on terror and critical support of clerics (Fox News)

Rome mayor: 500 extra police, soldiers needed to keep key sites safe from terror attacks (Fox News)

Rome court convicts 6 far-right extremists for promoting pro-fascist, anti-Semitic ideas (Fox News)

Houthi rebels seize Yemen president's palace and shell home (Guardian)

Boston shooting: Police arrest man after shooting at hospital (Independent)

Scientists uncover surprising parallels between man and nature (Daily Mail)

The only place in the UK where immigration is DOWN: The Isle of Purbeck in Dorset where proportion of migrants has fallen by 0.9% since 2001 (Daily Mail)

As Yemen's Government Falls, So May a U.S. Strategy for Fighting Terror (Time Magazine)

Accused bin Laden spokesman faces U.S. trial on terror charges (Reuters)

Pope Francis to visit New York, Philadelphia and D.C. (CBS News)

'Aggressive' and 'Stingy': Anti-Semitism in the UK (Huffington Post)

Argentina government backs inquiry into suspicious death of prosecutor (Guardian)

Obama to outline tax proposal in State of the Union (CBS News)

British Jihadist Who Faked Death To Return Home Is Convicted of Terrorism (Time Magazine)

1st charges expected over France terror attacks (CBS News)

Online Video Shows Japanese Hostages Threatened by ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Jihadist admits terror offences (BBC)

Nigerian officers face court martial over Boko Haram (Reuters)

Gordon Ramsay loses court battle over rent at London pub (Daily Mail)

Nobel winners voice world growth optimism (Financial Times - Paywall)

French police arrest five Chechens suspected of preparing attack (Reuters)

ISIS fighters killed in first confirmed ground battle with Western forces after attacking Canadian special forces as they were training Iraqi troops (Daily Mail)

Two Yemenis charged in U.S. court over alleged al Qaeda link (Reuters)

Islamic State demands $200 million ransom for two Japanese hostages (Washington Post - Paywall)

Man bitten to death by his friend's pet CAMEL in India (Daily Mail)

'I'm Not Privileged' Says Straight, White, Privately Educated Man (Huffington Post)

The poignant words of Anne Kirkbride following her death (Daily Mail)

ISIS police sentence musicians to 90 lashes because they were playing an 'un-Islamic' electronic keyboard (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: MAP: These 66 countries haven't merited mention in more than 50 years of State of the Union speeches (Washington Post - Paywall)

Algerian man suspected of links with jihadi plot in Belgium appears before Greek prosecutor (Fox News)

Wildlife-loving couple encounter most venemous snake in the world on dive trip to Indonesia... and wrench it from coral reef to pose for PHOTOS (Daily Mail)

Russell Brand gatecrashes Daily Mail owner's home (Russia Today)

Supreme court rules Missouri prisoner's death penalty appeal should be heard (Guardian)

Oil firm to cut 300 North Sea jobs (BBC)

Musician Weird Al' Yankovic Announces World Tour Dates (Time Magazine)

Australia Police See Growing Terror Risk (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Explosives Found as French Police Arrest 5 Chechens (Time Magazine)

Norwegian police order house arrest at asylum center for Mullah Krekar after prison release (Fox News)

Gloucestershire Police Release CCTV Footage Of Vicious 'Unprovoked' Street Attack (Huffington Post)

Former spy chief warns the internet could become a free space 'for evil doers' to plot terror if it is protected from snooping (Daily Mail)

NHS SOS: UK top doc says health service may use private insurance model (Russia Today)

Syrian artist denied UK visa will miss his own exhibition (Russia Today)

Court orders Indian government to release Greenpeace funds (Los Angeles Times)

North Korea Pushes Back on Human Rights (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Roman Polanski's extradition to US requested by Polish court (Guardian)

Dutch police search house of 18-year-old Belgian raid suspect (Reuters)

Microscopic machines travel inside a living ANIMAL for the first time - and could one day be used to deliver drugs in humans (Daily Mail)

Japan's PM Shinzo Abe demands that Isis release hostages - video (Guardian)

Man with constant deja vu stops doing almost EVERYTHING as he's 'done it before' (Daily Star)

Man suspected of Cardiff murder arrested in Tanzania (Daily Express)

She's got the stomach for it! American player pictured vomiting on court during marathon match at the Australian Open - and powers through to win it (Daily Mail)

French police arrest five Russians suspected of planning an attack (Guardian)

VIDEO: UK terrorist attack 'highly likely' (BBC)

Transgender American woman is coming to UK for a FREE operation (Daily Mail)

Man dies after 3-day gaming binge (CNN)

Prosecutor Who Accused Argentina's Leader Found Dead (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

International Criminal Court warns it will prosecute all parties to war crimes in Nigeria (Fox News)

Father jailed over girl's drug death (BBC)

Islamic State threatens two Japanese captives in video (Reuters)

Harrods becomes world's first department store to sell property using virtual reality tours (Daily Mail)

Man goes on trial in Germany for helping attack on Syrian jail (Reuters)

North Korea embraces late night shopping (Guardian)

Turkish police launch wiretapping raids targeting Erdogan foes (Reuters)

Coming to a cinema near you - the man reunited with his mum through Google Earth (Daily Star)

Italian police break up mafia drug ring in Rome, arresting 26 (Reuters)

Scotland's struggling North Sea oil industry WILL be bailed out by British taxpayers, Osborne admits (Daily Mail)

Opinion: Jindal is wrong on UK 'no-go zones' (CNN)

Japan Denounces Islamic State Video (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Britain First Resume 'Christian Patrols' In 'Muslim-Dominated' Brick Lane In London (Huffington Post)

Down under hunger for online video (BBC)

Bulgaria to extradite French terrorist suspect linked to attack on Charlie Hebdo (Fox News)

Ringleader of Belgian terror cell sought (CNN)

AirAsia data reveals no terror (CNN)

Taken 3 keeps UK box office captive (BBC)

Greece to extradite Algerian man linked to attack in Belgium (Reuters)

Transoceanic canal: fears of disruption on Nicaragua's Caribbean coast video (Guardian)

Here's What John Boehner Said About Joe Biden's Suit at Last Year's State of the Union (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: First transplant from UK newborn (BBC)

Five Russian Chechens arrested in Beziers by France for 'preparing to launch terror attack' (Independent)

Five Russian Chechens arrested in France for 'preparing to launch terror attack' (Independent)

Hopes and fears for the transoceanic canal at Lake Nicaragua video (Guardian)

Islamic State threatens to kill two Japanese hostages, demands ransom from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (Washington Post - Paywall)

Nicaraguans on the Pacific coast discuss the interoceanic canal video (Guardian)

Human Rights Watch cites police abuse of migrants in French port (Reuters)

A look at the hostages still believed held by the Islamic State group (Fox News)

Q&A: A look at Japan in the Middle East and hostage-taking by Islamic State group (Fox News)

Oxfam, World Economic Forum shine light on wealth inequality (Los Angeles Times)

Larry Wilmore's First Nightly Show: The Underdog As Top Dog (Time Magazine)

What will be the impact of Nicaragua's transoceanic canal? video (Guardian)

It has been open season on Jews since 9/11, Theresa: RICHARD LITTLEJOHN says Home Secretary's solidarity will be seen as an empty gesture unless it is followed up with firm action (Daily Mail)

State of the Union: Obama's Robin Hood turn (CNN)

Five Russians detained in France on suspicion of planning attack - prosecutor (Russia Today)

British jihadist stabs man who insulted Prophet, boasts of escape to Syria (Russia Today)

Here's Russell Comedian tries to AMBUSH Daily Mail owner at his home (Daily Star)

UK minister says deplores Saudi activist's flogging, plans to raise matter (Reuters)

Horrific moment 60-year-old man is knocked out in unprovoked one-punch assault by thug in shopping arcade (Daily Mail)

How Many People Will Watch the State of the Union? (Time Magazine)

Drone video shows wrecked airport (CNN)

Latest Islamic State video threatens lives of two Japanese hostages (Guardian)

Spy Chief: We will have to snoop on innocent people to stop terror (Daily Express)

German official urges Israel to cooperate with international court on possible war crime probe (Fox News)

Three newborn puppies left to freeze to death after being dumped in bag in Aldi car park (Daily Express)

Watch 5 Years of Obama's State of the Union Addresses in 90 Seconds (Time Magazine)

Truck jack-knifes on black ice in New Jersey video (Guardian)

Apparent ISIS video contains chilling, urgent threat (CBS News)

Islamic State threatens to kill Japan hostages; demands $200 million (Los Angeles Times)

Xbox, Sony hackers hit by hack attack (BBC)

'Unforgivable' Japanese PM vows to save Islamic State hostages after video threat (Daily Express)

Lamborghini Huracan Crash Video Catches Horrific Smash At 200mph (Huffington Post)

Dutch court blocks extradition to U.S. over torture concerns (Reuters)

7 State of the Union Quotes That Sound Like Lines From Spider-Man (Time Magazine)

Julia Martinez who falsely claimed £44k benefits walks free from court (Daily Mail)

First life-saving organ transplants from a baby in Britain take place (Daily Express)

Death of the Page 3 girl (Financial Times - Paywall)

South Korean women try American snacks for the first time (Daily Mail)

Baby who died FIVE times in hospital returns home alive and well with overjoyed mum (Daily Star)

Paris terror attacks: Four face charges over links to kosher supermarket gunman Amedy Coulibaly (Independent)

Argentine death sparks protests (BBC)

Recipient of Artificial Heart Goes Home (New York Times - Paywall)

Imf cuts uk 2014 growth reading (Daily Mail)

Op-Ed Contributor: A First Amendment for Australia (New York Times - Paywall)

Abu Rahin Aziz skips bail and joins Islamic State in Syria (Daily Mail)

Guatemala court jails former police chief over embassy attack (Guardian)

King Henry VIII was the first EUROSCEPTIC, argues top historian ahead of BBC Tudor drama (Daily Express)

Help us crowdsource vaccine prices around the world (Guardian)

Catholics don't need to breed like rabbits, says Pope from the papal plane video (Guardian)

A year after marijuana legalisation in Colorado, 'everything's fine' confirm police (Independent)

Congo police fire shots in air to disperse protesters (Reuters)

First mass media warning over religious cartoons issued in Russia (Russia Today)

Video shows the first Lamborghini Huracan crash at over 200mph (Independent)

Pope tells Catholics they do not have to 'breed like rabbits' (Daily Express)

Man remanded over Tesco murder bid (BBC)

Guantánamo Diary: 'A remarkable, forgiving voice from the void' video documentary (Guardian)

How 7 Ideas in the State of the Union Would Affect You (Time Magazine)

Aussie police terror alert raised, officers told to be tight-lipped on social media (Russia Today)

How Twitter Changed the State of the Union (Time Magazine)

Stop Breeding Like Rabbits? The Pope Misses the Point on Contraception (Time Magazine)

The 7 Types of Jokes in Obama's State of the Union Addresses (Time Magazine)

Man dies after playing video games for three days (CNN)

North Korea Uses Defector's Partial Retraction to Lash Out at Washington (New York Times - Paywall)

Davos 2015: Putting the World Economic Forum in context (CNN)

Suspected ringleader of Belgian terror cell sought (CNN)

Tourists Are Reporting a Dramatic Surge in Harassment by Thai Police (Time Magazine)

Pope Francis: No need to breed 'like rabbits' (ALJAZEERA)

Amnesty International urges Europe to come clean in CIA terror cooperation (Russia Today)

North Korean website says recanted defector testimony mocks human rights accusations (Reuters)

Chris Bryant Sings James Blunt's 'You're Beautiful' In Dreamlike Video Response To 'Classist Gimp' Attack (Huffington Post)

Nisman dead before testimony (CNN)

Hundreds of police take part in Germany anti-terror raids (Fox News)

Children tear-gassed by police in Kenya (CNN)

Police force 'to lose 140 officers' (BBC)

Higher cot death risk around smokers (BBC)

Do your knees hurt as you climb up the stairs? It could be the first sign of arthritis (Daily Mail)

Mansion tax is crude, says Mandelson: Labour grandee launches stinging attack on Miliband's plan calling it 'short-termist' (Daily Mail)

ISIS release video threatening to kill two Japanese nationals (Daily Star)

Prosecutors Recommend Charges in Paris Terror Attack (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

As fighting deepens in eastern Ukraine, death toll rises (Washington Post - Paywall)

New ISIS Video Purportedly Shows Two Japanese Hostages (Time Magazine)

Australia raises terror threat level against police to second highest status (Fox News)

Islamic State rounds up at least 15 pigeon breeders in Iraq after deciding it is un-Islamic to keep birds (Daily Mail)

Minor crimes, incl. soft drugs, not police business German union (Russia Today)

Purported ISIS video threatens Japanese hostages in lieu of $200M ransom (Fox News)

Man dies in Fukushima accident (CNN)

200 police raid 13 residences in Germany based on Islamic terrorism suspicions (Fox News)

Islamic State threat to kill Japanese hostages hijacks Abe's Middle East agenda (Fox News)

'We had to beg for our lives, he was going to shoot someone': First look at the Sydney siege survivors telling 60 Minutes of their horror inside the Lindt cafe (Daily Mail)

Islamic State threatens to kill Japanese hostages unless they receive $200m in 72-hour ultimatum after Shinzo Abe pledged the same amount to countries fighting ISIS (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis says Catholics don't have to 'breed like rabbits' (Fox News)

Police chief to meet MPs over data (BBC)

Hat courtier caught after Henry VIII threw it in triumph at winning siege in 1544 to go on display at Hampton Court Palace (Daily Mail)

Ella Porter writes to Southern Rail about bringing her daddy back home on time (Daily Mail)

Australia raises its terror threat level for police to 'high' after international attacks (Fox News)

SPOILER: Broadchurch fans 'angry' after DS Ellie Miller is accused of affair in court (Daily Express)

North Korea calls for human rights campaign to be dropped (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama to focus on middle class in State of Union address (Reuters)

Melbourne man reportedly killed while fighting for Islamic State in Syria (Guardian)

Henry VIII... was the first EURO SCEPTIC: It's the TV event of the year. As the BBC's Tudor blockbuster Wolf Hall starts tomorrow, a top historian reveals why (Daily Mail)

Viewpoint: Would Athenian-style democracy work in the UK today? (BBC)

Chinese paper photographs dead singer (CNN)

Jobless Brits abroad could be sent home under plans by David Cameron (Daily Mail)

UK government 'most transparent' (BBC)

Video: Islamic State group threatens to kill 2 Japanese hostages unless paid $200M in 72 hours (Fox News)

North Korea seeks to discredit prominent gulag survivor over partial backtrack on life story (Fox News)

Pakistan Terror Prosecutors Threatened (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Catholics don't have to breed 'like rabbits', says Pope Francis (Guardian)

Manhunt continues for suspects in Belgium terror plot (CBS News)

Mark Wahlberg's childhood friend Paul Campbell shot dead by police in Massachusetts (Daily Mail)

Delaware man: Police probing Biden shooting beat the daylights out of me' (Russia Today)

NSA reveals North Korea hack (CBS News)

Mystery surrounds death of Argentine prosecutor hours before he was to testify (Fox News)

What to expect from the State of the Union (CBS News)

I think he was coerced' by FBI - father of Capitol Hill terror suspect (Russia Today)

Advocates: Don't discount North Korea horror stories (CNN)

Kentucky's Bonnie and Clyde' Teens Will Face Charges in Their Home State (Time Magazine)

Key terror suspect in Belgium came "back from the dead" (CBS News)

Pope Francis Tells Catholics That They Shouldn't Be Breeding Like Rabbits' (Time Magazine)

Vietnam sentences 8 people, including 2 women, to death for heroin trafficking (Fox News)

Alpari UK 'has potential buyers' (BBC)

Why the U.S. was sure North Korea hacked Sony (CBS News)

Guatemala ex-police chief found guilty of Spanish embassy attack (Reuters)

'You won the race!' Wife of playboy jihadist congratulates her husband as he is reported DEAD fighting for Islamic State in Syria (Daily Mail)

World Briefing: Guatemala: Former Police Official Is Convicted in 1980 Embassy Siege (New York Times - Paywall)

Australia raises terror threat level against police to 'high' (Reuters)

World Briefing: Cameroon: Army Says Some Captives Seized by Gunmen Have Been Freed (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Guinea: Schools Reopen as Ebola Ebbs (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: China: W.H.O. Reports 3 Deaths Among Bird Flu Cases in Humans (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Canada: Troops Clash With ISIS in Iraq (New York Times - Paywall)

Erdogan Holds First Meeting of Cabinet (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Jewish center bombing prosecutor dead (CNN)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Tuesday 20th January 2015 (Huffington Post)

Argentine prosecutor who accused Fernandez of Iran plot found dead (Reuters)

Don't let shoplifters off, police told by high street stores after average value of each theft rises to £241, the highest for a decade (Daily Mail)

Puzzling Death of Investigator Grips Argentina (New York Times - Paywall)

Growing anger across Muslim world over Charlie Hebdo magazine cover (Daily Mail)

Argentina prosecutor who claimed cover-up over 1994 blast found dead (Guardian)

Alberto Nisman's death highlights failures of Argentinian investigation (Guardian)

Pope Francis' refreshing honesty (CNN)

Human cannonball Matthew Cranch dead after one week in the job (Daily Mail)

Doctor Dhanuson Dharmasena stands trial for FGM in first case of its kind (Daily Mail)

War with Isis: Canadian Special Forces fire on Islamic State militants in first ground engagement (Independent)

Canadian Special Forces fire on Isis militants in first ground engagement (Independent)

Good Catholics don't need to breed like rabbits' Pope Francis (Russia Today)

Pope talks contraception, Charlie Hebdo, travel (CBS News)

Pope Francis in Asia (CNN)

Oregon man dies in 1,000-foot fall from Alaska mountain (CBS News)

VIDEO: UK government 'most transparent' (BBC)

Pope Francis to Visit U.S. (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

UK and EU are heading for divorce, says Brussels boss (Daily Express)

Complete failure: MPs blast Home Office over foreign criminals after it emerges killers and rapists are among 760 on the run despite 800 more staff to tackle crisis (Daily Mail)

Shia rebel group takes control of state media and battles soldiers in Yemeni capital (Independent)

Man held after student, 22, dies in fall from window (Daily Express)

Death on Scotland's roads as winter continues to bite (Daily Express)

Pope Francis deepens rift with U.S. conservatives (CBS News)

VIDEO: Weather forecast for the UK (BBC)

Taylor Swift Responds to Viral Video of Delaware Cop Shaking It Off (Time Magazine)

Hezbollah mourns fighters killed in attack (ALJAZEERA)

Grantley Court care home grandmother given weeks to live filmed begging for food (Daily Mail)

Girl recognises her mother for the first time after receiving special glasses in video (Daily Mail)

UK tour operator quietly removes statement it can't accept orders from Russia' over Ukraine (Russia Today)

Australian prime minister calls on Indonesia to show mercy to 2 Australians on death row (Fox News)

Owen Thomas films 'grimy conditions on board first class British Airways flight (Daily Mail)

EU to Appeal Court Decision on Hamas (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Special prosecutor in Argentina found dead (CBS News)

First in UK: British doctor goes on trial for performing female genital mutilation (Russia Today)

ASAP Yams dead: Hip-hop impresario did not die from a drug overdose says ASAP Mob member in tribute video (Independent)

No need to breed like rabbits - Pope (BBC)

'No outside link' in Argentina death (BBC)

Turkish fisherman's lightning reactions saves toddler from death (Daily Mail)

Israel, Lebanon brace for possible Hezbollah retaliation after Israeli attack (Washington Post - Paywall)

Burglar is captured 'breaking in' to Parkinson's sufferer South Norwood home (Daily Mail)

Robert Ellis killing: seventh suspect is arrested over Bali death (Guardian)

Yemen rebels surround PM's home (BBC)

Mass. officers kill man, find woman stabbed to death (CBS News)

Argentina prosecutor who leveled Iran accusations found dead (CBS News)

VIDEO: Chinese man donates cells to UK boy (BBC)

Pope confirms he will visit New York, Philadelphia and Washington but not California (Guardian)

Argentine prosecutor dead after claiming President Kirschner covered up Iran's role in deadly 1994 bombing (Russia Today)

Policewoman Becci Dadswell dead following mystery illness (Daily Mail)

Separatists renew attack on airport as Russia and Ukraine bicker (Reuters)

Ukraine PM accuses Russia of sending more troops into east of the country - video (Guardian)

Cat saves baby from freezing Russian night - video (Guardian)

Iran confirms death of general in attack (ALJAZEERA)

State of the Union: Previewing what President Obama will say (CBS News)

The global spread of jihadi extremism - video (Channel4)

Romanian prosecutors reopen case of dissident beaten to death in jail 30 years ago (Fox News)

Prominent North Korean defectors story changes (CBS News)

Sony Pictures hack: US had hacked North Korea first, leaked documents show (Independent)

Ben Needham's mother pleads for police to investigate 'strange village' in Greece (Daily Mail)

Muslims burned to death in Indian village in revenge attack (Daily Mail)

Cop suspended in South Carolina for repeatedly punching man in the head (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

At least 15 dead in Yemen clashes as truce takes hold (Los Angeles Times)

Campbell Newman's electorate of Ashgrove yet to catch election fever video (Guardian)

Pope says Serra canonisation in Washington; no California visit (Reuters)

Kenyan police tear-gas schoolkids over playground (CBS News)

Pope expected to visit Philadelphia, White House, UN on September US trip (Fox News)

Yemen state news agency and TV station seized by Shia Houthi rebels (Guardian)

Terror attacks: EU foreign ministers meet in Brussels to discuss the increased terror threat and how to deal with returning jihadis (Independent)

Terror attacks: EU foreign ministers push for data-sharing laws in Brussels amid increased terror threat (Independent)

Video rant of trainee lawyer Aysh Chaudhry blaming non-Muslims for Paris terror attacks (Daily Mail)

World Briefing: 4 Killed in Clashes in Northeastern India (New York Times - Paywall)

Protests against Charlie Hebdo continue across the Muslim world - video (Guardian)

World Briefing: Police Chief Arrested in Turkey in Connection With 2007 Murder of Editor (New York Times - Paywall)

Ecuador, Bolivia, Uganda among places Pope hopes to travel to in 2015 (Fox News)

North Korea Defector Changes Story (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Pope says birth control ban doesn't mean breed 'like rabbits' (Reuters)

Special prosecutor found dead in Argentina (ALJAZEERA)

EU appeals court ruling taking Hamas off its terror list (Independent)

Obama approval ratings see boost before 2015 State of the Union address (Russia Today)

Hundreds of thousands line streets of Manila to say farewell to Pope Francis (Daily Mail)

Video of police car killing shown (BBC)

Belgium authorities want alleged terror plot ringleader extradited from Greece (CBS News)

States weigh police reform bills after fatal encounters (Russia Today)

Brit gets $250k medical bill after he was airlifted to hospital with heart attack (Daily Mail)

State of the Union address: 'Lame-duck president' Barack Obama's speech has an eye on Hillary Clinton's candidacy (Independent)

13 wounded in blast outside Kharkov courthouse in Ukraine police (Russia Today)

US diplomats prepare for first high-level visit to Cuba in 35 years (Guardian)

Shocking CCTV Footage Shows Man With A Metal Rod Lodged In His Head (Huffington Post)

British spooks tapped emails from UK and US media (Daily Mail)

Isabella Janew dead after blood pressure monitor was turned away by nurse (Daily Mail)

Fox scavenging for food on frozen lake gets hand-fed a meal in video (Daily Mail)

North Korean defector recants part of bestseller (CBS News)

WorldViews: North Korean defectors are crucial but sometimes unreliable witnesses (Washington Post - Paywall)

Australia Presses Jakarta on Death Penalty (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Lord Ashcroft Poll Puts Tories And Labour Below 30% For First Time Since 1981 (Huffington Post)

Gary Glitter 'Rape Schoolgirl' Only Escaped Because She Was Wrapped Up In Blankets, Court Hears (Huffington Post)

Middle East terror bigger threat to Europeans than Cold War' ex-MI6 chief (Russia Today)

Police staff walkout called off (BBC)

China's man with the golden taste buds (CNN)

Hearing cosmic radiowaves live for first time, scientists could solve years-long mystery (Independent)

Belgium narrows in on terror plot leaders (CBS News)

Scottish First Minister leads united call for Iraq war report disclosure (Russia Today)

Five children injured as armed police use teargas to stop Kenyan playground protest (Independent)

Boy, 15, dead serious about career sets up own funeral business (Daily Star)

1,700 private jets set to fly into Davos for World Economic Forum (Daily Mail)

Syriza set to gain from home tax backlash (Financial Times - Paywall)

Saudi Arabian woman beheaded for murdering daughter in leaked video (Daily Mail)

Shale revolution on a limb, only 11 fracking projects active in UK (Russia Today)

EU seeks anti-terror alliance with Arab world (ALJAZEERA)

UK robot 3D-maps Fukushima radiation (Russia Today)

German media attack eurozone QE plans (Financial Times - Paywall)

Terrifying footage shows man kicking down apartment door wielding a machete just moments before he is shot by the homeowner (Daily Mail)

British Army's first transgender officer plea: don't sensationalize' her story (Russia Today)

UK must wipe out' anti-Semitism - Home Secretary (Russia Today)

Prominent North Korean Defector Recants Parts of His Story of Captivity (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Freezing weather hits the UK (BBC)

Mother of returning British jihadist warns of Paris-style attack in UK (Russia Today)

Muslim leaders accuse UK govt of pandering to far right' (Russia Today)

British Army's first transgender officer says she was living a lie (Daily Mail)

Argentine state prosecutor found dead (Financial Times - Paywall)

Argentina special prosecutor found fatally shot at his home (Daily Mail)

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