Monday, 26th January 2015

World News

ISIS spokesman calls for more attacks on West (CBS News)

10 killed in jet crash at military base in Spain (CBS News)

Will Syriza win rock the global economy? (CBS News)

Martin Rowson on Syriza's election victory in Greece (Guardian)

Putin Ukraine remark nonsense - Nato (BBC)

Kurdish Defenders Say ISIS Has Retreated From Syrian Border Town of Kobani (New York Times - Paywall)

Eight French, two Greeks killed in NATO plane crash in Spain (Reuters)

Greece's new prime minister Alexis Tsipras' first act is to lay flowers for soldiers killed by Nazis (Daily Mail)

Ukraine rebels move to encircle government troops in new advance (Reuters)

Essay contest billed as tribute to 'life and leadership' of Saudi king Abdullah (Guardian)

deadly attack on Ukraine city of Mariupol violated international law, could be war crime (Fox News)

Europe Holds Firm on Greek Bailout Terms (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Alexis Tsipras pays homage to Greek communists at site of Nazi atrocity (Guardian)

Here's Why Americans Who Love British Chocolate Are Freaking Out (Time Magazine)

Kidnappers who held man hostage then cut off his little finger when his family could not pay £60,000 ransom are jailed for total of 152 years (Daily Mail)

Greece elections: New coalition ready and determined to do battle carefully with EU over austerity (Independent)

Ukraine wants war crimes probe (CNN)

ISIS poised for huge symbolic defeat in Kobani (CBS News)

Auschwitz survivors visit the concentration camp a day ahead of 70th anniversary (Daily Mail)

Two people killed and dozens injured in Chinese coach crash (Daily Mail)

Raw grief at Ukraine graves (CNN)

Greece elections: Spanish left hails Syriza victory as a sun of hope and democracy' (Independent)

Greece elections: Syriza's triumph a blow for Germany but Greeks warned not to delude themselves over EU debt (Independent)

In New Delhi, Obama announces modest efforts to bolster trade with India (Washington Post - Paywall)

Greek leftist Tsipras sworn in as PM to fight bailout terms (Reuters)

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge almost unrecognisable on Woman's Day cover (Daily Mail)

Germany warns Greece over debts (BBC)

Now ELEVEN party leaders could take part in TV debates (Daily Mail)

Why was AirAsia jet the only one in trouble? (CNN)

After Voters in Greece Have Their Say, Country's Creditors Seek Their Turn (New York Times - Paywall)

The Greek people have chosen hope (Guardian)

Greece: claims of a far-left victory are nonsense (Guardian)

WorldViews: As Obama visits, what Delhi's air pollution says about India and climate change (Washington Post - Paywall)

PM: Greece is leaving austerity (CNN)

Here's Why You Should Binge Watch The Fall During the Blizzard (Time Magazine)

Kurds 'take Kobani' from ISIS (CNN)

Isis hostage: Murder of Haruna Yukawa has grim echoes of a killing in Iraq 11 years ago (Independent)

How Alexis Tsipras has risen to become youngest Greek PM in 150 years (Daily Mail)

Germans Weigh Response to Likely Demands of New Greek PM (Time Magazine)

Syriza's election victory in Greece how Europe reacted (Guardian)

No love lost between Obama & Netanyahu' (Russia Today)

Greek F-16 jet crashes at base, killing 10, Spain officials say (Fox News)

Nato accuses Russia over Ukraine (Financial Times - Paywall)

Dignity: why I voted for Syriza (Guardian)

At Least 10 Killed in NATO Fighter Plane Crash (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Cease-Fire in Shreds, Ukraine Sees Heaviest Fighting in Months (New York Times - Paywall)

At Least 10 Dead After Greek F-16 Crashes in Spain During NATO Training (Time Magazine)

Denis McDonough: White House admits President Barack Obama's chief of staff erred by naming ISIS's US hostage (Independent)

Radical left takes power in Greece (BBC)

Japan asks for international help to save hostage (CBS News)

Athens and creditors dig in on Greek debt (Financial Times - Paywall)

10 Dead As Greek F-16 Jet Crashes Into Spanish Base During Nato Maneuvers (Huffington Post)

Expat Greeks frustrated after exclusion from election (Guardian)

Euro drops below 75p as Syriza party triumphs in Greek elections (Daily Mail)

Alexis Tsipras sworn in as new Greek prime minister as it happened (Guardian)

Greek fighter-jet crash in Spain leaves at least 10 dead (Guardian)

Experts plan to fix King Tut mask after glue gaffe (CBS News)

Obama enlists help of Indian diaspora in US to bolster stronger economic ties (Guardian)

Pressure mounts on Chris Grayling to abandon Saudi Arabia prison contract (Independent)

Who killed Alexander Litvinenko?- video (Guardian)

Greek fighter jet crash: 10 killed in Spain after aircraft crashes into hangar at military base (Independent)

Greek F-16 fighter jet crash: French citizen among 10 killed in plane crash at Spanish military base (Independent)

Fighter jet crash: At least 10 French and Greek nationals killed at military base in Spain (Independent)

President makes history at Indias Republic Day parade (CBS News)

Syriza Gets Right-Wing Party's Backing (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Taiwan's 'New King of Asian Pop' Jay Chou marries in North Yorkshire's Selby Abbey (Daily Mail)

Saudi Arabia to maintain expenditure (Financial Times - Paywall)

Why Obama will visit Saudi King (CNN)

Meet the New Prime Minister of Greece Who Has Shaken Brussels and Berlin (Time Magazine)

Why We Need to Teach Young People About the Holocaust (Huffington Post)

Why Republicans Run in Cowboy Boots (Time Magazine)

If they can do it in Greece, we can do it here' British left stage Greek embassy demo (Russia Today)

Victory Kurdish forces end four-month siege by reclaiming Kobani from Islamic State (Daily Express)

Obama seeks to mine 'untapped potential' in U.S.-India relationship (Los Angeles Times)

Iraqi woman involved in al-Qaida's 2005 Jordan attack named in Islamic State hostage crisis (Fox News)

Kurds claim victory over Isis in Kobani (Financial Times - Paywall)

Israel FM Lieberman orders party to hand out free copies of Charlie Hebdo (Russia Today)

How your glass of 'pure orange juice' could be TWO YEARS old... and why raspberry flavouring's made from beavers, in our series on the unsavoury truth behind some of your favourite foods (Daily Mail)

Honor the True Spirit of Valentine's Day by Adopting a Cockroach in Your Ex's Name (Time Magazine)

WorldViews: Why France won't let you name your child Nutella' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Narendra Modi: Indian Prime Minister wears suit with pinstripes that spell his name to meet Barack Obama (Independent)

Saudi Arabia carries out first beheading under new king in case that has stirred attention (Fox News)

Russia dismisses "hysteria" over Ukraine bloodshed (CBS News)

Who killed Litvinenko? Inquiry opens into ex-KGB man's death (Fox News)

VIDEO: Greek elections: What next? (BBC)

Why Will No One Let the Muslim World Be Secular? (Time Magazine)

Social worker high on drugs hosted party where 13-year-old snorted cocaine (Daily Star)

What happens next in Japan's ISIS hostage crisis? (CNN)

Labour MPs urge Ed Miliband to lurch left after Syriza party victory in Greece (Daily Mail)

After Victory at Greek Polls, Alexis Tsipras Is Sworn In and Forms Coalition Government (New York Times - Paywall)

Greek singer Demis Roussos dies (BBC)

Why Iran sanctions fight is a big deal (CNN)

Syriza forms Greek government: what we know so far (Guardian)

Police release video of missing mother-of-four shopping on day she disappeared as search turns to woodland near her home (Daily Mail)

The Holocaust's Forgotten Victims: The 5 Million Non-Jewish People Killed By The Nazis (Huffington Post)

Why TV Is the Perfect Place for Indie Filmmakers (Time Magazine)

WorldViews: Obama attends India's elaborate Republic Day parade (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama ends day of Indian pageantry with $4 billion pledge (Reuters)

Obama Makes the Most of India's Republic Day Parade (New York Times - Paywall)

Alexis Tsipras' grand promises for Greece (CNN)

UFOs Outside The International Space Station: Why Do We Keep Seeing Them? (Huffington Post)

Isis spokesman calls for terror attacks around the world while praising Charlie Hebdo massacre (Independent)

Greek anti-austerity party to form coalition after election win (Fox News)

Ukraine at war: 'People feel abandoned' (Guardian)

Greek F16 fighter jet crashes at Albacete airbase in central Spain - reports (Russia Today)

Here's Why This PlayStation 4 Just Sold For $129,000 (Time Magazine)

Saudi men call for 'no girls on Twitter' (BBC)

Oops, he chewed again: Obama working jaws' at India's R-Day parade (Russia Today)

Opinion: Syriza shows failure of 'cartel politics' (CNN)

Syriza's Tsipras sworn in after Greek government formed with rightwingers (Guardian)

Why Sapphire Glass Isn't the Future of Smartphones (Time Magazine)

Voting online to become a reality for the 2020 general election (Daily Mail)

Ed Miliband's Response To Syriza's Greek Election Win Is Pretty Tepid (Huffington Post)

David Cameron: Greek election result highlights danger of re-electing Labour (Guardian)

Germany pledges to work with new Greek government (Guardian)

West's tributes to late Saudi King reveal hypocrisy not democracy (Russia Today)

Human rights warning issued over UK £5.9mn Saudi prisons contract (Russia Today)

Obama gets a rare honor in India (CBS News)

Ukraine miners rescued after shelling left them trapped (Guardian)

Google marks India's Republic Day with new website logo (Independent)

Japan Hostage Crisis Revives Defense Debate (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

See President Obama Attend India's Republic Day Parade (Time Magazine)

Game of Thrones: Why the British Monarchy Must Go (Huffington Post)

Syriza Victory Roils Europe's Political Landscape (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Can Greece really walk away from its debts? (Channel4)

Greek singing legend Demis Roussos dies, aged 68 (Daily Star)

Leftist Syriza party forms government and looks ahead to battles over bailout deals (Washington Post - Paywall)

Why nudity doesn't shock us anymore (CNN)

Syriza triumphs: Cameron defends austerity, British left say hope has won' (Russia Today)

ISIS Nearly Pushed Out of Syrian Town (Time Magazine)

Another Greek tragedy (Huffington Post)

East London footballers who quit UK to join ISIS linked to Jihadi John (Daily Mail)

Fifty Shade of Grey sexy hotel packages in time for Valentine's day (Daily Mail)

Syriza election victory: what's the mood in Greece? (Guardian)

Obama, new Saudi king to discuss Yemen, Islamic State - White House (Reuters)

As far-left win in Greece - 'far-right here to stay' (Channel4)

Greece Q&A: what now for Syriza and EU austerity? (Guardian)

Total madness? Green Party to cut British Army, replace with home defense force' (Russia Today)

Renowned Greek Singer Demis Roussos Dead at 68 (Time Magazine)

Putin: Ukraine army is NATO legion aimed at restraining Russia (Russia Today)

Simon Cowell gives David Walliams a fun make-up-over for Red Nose Day (Daily Express)

Greek singer Demis Roussos dies aged 68 (Daily Express)

Day in pictures: 26 January 2015 (BBC)

12bn black hole in Greece: where Syriza will get money from?' (Russia Today)

Kiev introduces state of emergency in Donbass, high alert across Ukraine (Russia Today)

Obama push to expand Alaskan refuge (BBC)

What the hostage crisis means for Japan (CNN)

DANIEL HANNAN: What's the Eurocrats' real fear? Greece quits and thrives (Daily Mail)

IMF pressed to increase lending to Ukraine (Financial Times - Paywall)

Demis Roussos Dead: Greek Singer Dies, Aged 68 (Huffington Post)

Greece elections: Who are Syriza and what effect will their new government have on Europe? (Independent)

Markets Take Greek Result in Stride (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Almost 500 miners trapped underground in Ukraine after shelling hits power station (Independent)

Barack Obama chews gum at India's Republic Day parade (Independent)

Demis Roussos dead: Famous Greek singer dies aged 68 (Independent)

Social worker was 'gurning with her jaw swinging' as she hosted riotous all-night drink and drugs party where children as young as 13 snorted cocaine (Daily Mail)

Obama f ted in Delhi as US cements closer ties with India (Guardian)

Left-wing leader declares victory in Greek election (CNN)

Obama attends India's Republic Day (BBC)

Holocaust Memorial Day Highlights Uneasy Comparisons With Anti-Semitism And Islamophobia (Huffington Post)

Japan Works to Free Remaining Hostage (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

King Tut's mask repaired after 'close shave' (CNN)

Despite Initial Tremors, Markets Mostly Shake Off Greek Election Results (New York Times - Paywall)

Far-right Golden Dawn party takes third place in Greece elections (Russia Today)

Happy Australia Day Now Enjoy The Twitter Hashtag #FiveWordsToRuinAustraliaDay (Huffington Post)

Spain's Podemos inspired by Syriza's victory in Greek elections (Guardian)

Euro hits 11yr low after anti-bailout' Syriza takeover (Russia Today)

Optimism and uncertainty on the streets of Athens following Greek elections video (Guardian)

Survivors pray for the dead at Auschwitz a day ahead of 70th anniversary commemorations (Fox News)

Ex-Thai PM's party vows calm, U.S. calls for inclusive politics (Reuters)

In pictures: anti-austerity Syriza wins Greek election (Channel4)

Shelling of Ukraine coal hub leaves hundreds of miners trapped for hours (Russia Today)

Stiff upper lip is why half of over-50s ignore cancer symptoms (Daily Mail)

ISIS: Swap terrorist for hostage (CNN)

Obama to Russia: Big countries don't bully (CNN)

The New Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras REALLY Likes Putting His Hands In The Air (Huffington Post)

43 Philippine commandos killed in battle with Muslim insurgents (Guardian)

Greece elections: Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras the man who opposes EU austerity measures and believes capitalist system is ripe for replacement (Independent)

Japan turns to Jordan for help with gaining release of hostage (Fox News)

2 suspected looters killed in South Africa during wave of attacks on immigrant-owned shops (Fox News)

Philippine police killed in clashes (BBC)

Monstrous democratic slap to EU': Le Pen hails Greek anti-austerity party victory (Russia Today)

Scores of Philippine Police Officers Killed in Firefight With Rebels (New York Times - Paywall)

Greece's Syriza to Form Government After Election Victory (Time Magazine)

Will it be a Greek tragedy? Anti-austerity party march to power sparking Eurozone fears (Daily Star)

EU markets shaken as anti-austerity alliance could see Greece kicked out of Euro (Daily Express)

Greece has a new government as Syriza forms coalition with right-wing Independent Greeks (Independent)

Yemen crisis is first big test for Saudi Arabia's King Salman (Reuters)

Alexis Tsipras's victory speech: the facts behind the Cassandra myth (Guardian)

Syriza: Everything you need to know about Greece's new Marxist governing party (Independent)

Syriza Leader Alexis Tsipras Thanks Hugh Laurie In First Tweet After Election Win (Huffington Post)

Madrid Says Syriza is Greek Phenomenon (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ukip MEP Admits Split In Party And Warns Against 'Out Of Control Egos' (Huffington Post)

Malaysia Airlines website hacked by group claiming to support ISIS (Fox News)

How Greece made history in a day - video (Guardian)

Syriza starts talks to form coalition (Financial Times - Paywall)

Anne Kirkbride's final photo shows her enjoying Christmas Day with her family (Daily Express)

So much for a healthy start! One fifth of us start the day with sugary treats ... with chocolate, croissant and even crisps our top picks for breakfast (Daily Mail)

Why aren't markets panicking about Greece? (BBC)

India Pulls Out All the Stops for Obama at Republic Day Parade (Time Magazine)

After Victory at Greek Polls, Leftist Politician Begins Coalition Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

Commandos Killed in Clash in Philippines (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Greek election: your questions answered (Guardian)

Australia Day 2015: Prime minister Tony Abbott ridiculed after making Prince Philip a knight (Independent)

Seconds from impact: Moment one of Assad's warplanes launched airstrike on Damascus suburb after heaviest rocket attacks in over a year on Syrian capital killed seven (Daily Mail)

Syriza's historic win puts Greece on collision course with Europe (Guardian)

Greece elections: Euro falls to 11-year-low as anti-austerity party Syriza sweeps to victory (Independent)

Alexis Tsipras: the Syriza leader about to take charge in Greece (Guardian)

Green party's Natalie Bennett says it should NOT be a crime to join ISIS (Daily Mail)

Greek Vote Sets Up New Europe Clash (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Golden Dawn: Extreme Nazi-inspired group could be third biggest political party after Greek elections (Independent)

Toll of Filipino commandos killed in rebel clash rises to 43; terror suspect possibly killed (Fox News)

5yrs of humiliation, suffering over': Anti-austerity party to form govt in Greece (Russia Today)

Greek poll winner vows to end 'pain' (BBC)

Two killed as South Africa township looting spree spreads (Reuters)

Princeton professor and others offer to take 1,000 lashes for Saudi blogger Raif Badawi (Fox News)

Russian ruble tumbles after violence in eastern Ukraine escalates and oil continues to drop (Fox News)

7 shocking facts about Saudi Arabia under modernizing' reign of King Abdullah (Russia Today)

Japan seeking help from Jordan, other countries, to gain release of Islamic State hostage (Fox News)

PETER McKAY: With Chilcot's delays, the Brittan affair and curtsies to dead Saudi monarchs, it seems the elite have never been so out of touch (Daily Mail)

Japan working to rescue ISIS-held hostage (CBS News)

Obama welcomed in India's parade (CNN)

Why fragile cities hold the key to stability and development (Guardian)

Greece's anti-bailout Syriza seeks coalition partners after just missing majority (Fox News)

Greek election fallout dominates papers (BBC)

Greece elections: euro hits 11-year low after victory for anti-austerity party (Guardian)

In pictures: Australia Day 2015 (BBC)

Intercepted phone calls show separatists attacked Ukraine city (CBS News)

Election that is impossible to call (BBC)

VIDEO: 'Warm hugs' define Obama India visit (BBC)

Greece elects new anti-austerity leader Alexis Tsipras (CBS News)

Zambia Election Extends Mining Dispute (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

More than 30 Philippine commandos killed in search for top terror suspect (Guardian)

Why is Boko Haram so strong? (BBC)

Leftists Sweep to Power in Greece (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Anti-austerity party wins Greek poll (BBC)

Obama Clears a Hurdle to Better Ties With India (New York Times - Paywall)

Rebels press Ukraine offensive, Obama promises steps against Russian-backed 'aggression' (Reuters)

The woman ISIS wants back (CNN)

DOMINIC LAWSON: Why persecuting smokers will cost us all more in the long run (Daily Mail)

Eighteen killed in Egypt protests (BBC)

EU's bailout program for Greece dead' Syriza economist (Russia Today)

Why Greeks voted for Syriza: We have nothing left to lose' (Guardian)

New Saudi king ascends to the throne as terrorism threat grows (Washington Post - Paywall)

Who killed Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman? (CNN)

Revolution deja vu? At least 15 killed on Egypt uprising anniversary (Russia Today)

Syriza Leader Vows to End Austerity (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Greece grapples with terror problem (CNN)

Greece elections: anti-austerity Syriza party sweeps to stunning victory (Guardian)

Syriza emerges victorious in Greek election in pictures (Guardian)

Farage at war with Tories over the 'dodgy' defector: Ukip leader launches assault on former MEP saying party was 'increasingly ashamed by his behaviour' (Daily Mail)

Surge in votes for Green Party could cost Labour 22 seats' (Daily Express)

US blames Russia after rocket attacks in Ukraine kill at least 30 (Independent)

Open Source: Greek Leftists Adopt Patti Smith Anthem People Have the Power' as Their Own (New York Times - Paywall)

Nazi-inspired party headed for 3rd place in Greek vote as leader campaigns from behind bars (Fox News)

Obama reveals nuclear breakthrough on landmark India trip (Reuters)

Greeks emphatically reject austerity, elect Syriza in historic vote (Washington Post - Paywall)

Photos: Greece Heads to the Polls (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Isis hostage: Jihadists switch focus from ransom to one well-connected female prisoner (Independent)

Greece elections: Merkel has lost, hope has won (Russia Today)

Snap regional elections in Spain as anti-austerity party Podemos leads polls (Independent)

Greek election: The hour of the left has come. Hope has arrived' (Guardian)

Tsipras declares end to 'vicious cycle of austerity' after Syriza wins Greek election live updates (Guardian)

Greece's anti-bailout party wins election, threatening market turmoil (Los Angeles Times)

Final photograph of Anne Kirkbride shows her laughing and joking with family on Christmas day - just weeks before her unexpected death (Daily Mail)

Greek Radical Left Wins Election, Threatening Market Turmoil (Time Magazine)

American international ski 'ambassador' killed in avalanche on Mont Blanc in black weekend that also saw six friends killed in another accident (Daily Mail)

At least 17 killed in protests on anniversary of Egypt uprising (Reuters)

Obama Moves to Protect 12 Million Acres of Alaskan Wildlife (Time Magazine)

Rocket attack puts Ukraine back on the West's agenda (Washington Post - Paywall)

Belgian finance minister sees room to discuss 'modalities' of Greek program, not the essence (Fox News)

Obama challenges Congress on Arctic oil (Financial Times - Paywall)

British jihadi bride who fled to Syria has written guide on how to be a war widow sparking rumours her husband has been killed (Daily Mail)

Greece elections: Syriza and EU on collision course after election win for left-wing party (Independent)

Greece's anti-bailout Syriza party wins election (Fox News)

WorldViews: How Indians feel about Obama's visit for their country's Republic Day (Washington Post - Paywall)

17 killed in pro-democracy protests in Egypt on anniversary of 2011 uprising (Guardian)

Human rights warning as UK government bids for £6million contract to help run Saudi Arabia's controversial prisons (Daily Mail)

ISIS kills one hostage, offers to swap the second hostage (CBS News)

Obama defends U.S. counterterrorism strategy in Yemen (Reuters)

Raif Badawi Exclusive: Saudi blogger 'moved to tears by campaign in Independent' - a newspaper he dreamed of writing for (Independent)

Anti-Austerity Party Wins Decisive Victory in Greece (New York Times - Paywall)

Meditate at Work: Why Not? (Huffington Post)

Greek voters looking for change, stability (CNN)

Why the Tide Is Turning for Sexist Ads (Huffington Post)

Nigerian army claims rare victory against Boko Haram (Los Angeles Times)

France finds bodies of 6 skiers day after avalanche hits French Alps near Italian border (Fox News)

US changes its tune on Syrian regime change as Isis threat takes top priority (Guardian)

Japan condemns IS execution, demands remaining hostage release (Reuters)

Rebel Attack in Ukraine Signals Escalation (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ISIS hostage execution has Japan questioning engagement (CBS News)

Russia blames Kiev for Ukraine violence after Mariupol attack (Guardian)

In India, Obama and Modi talk personal bond (CBS News)

Germany 'halts weapons exports to Saudi Arabia' (Independent)

Academics Fuel Insurgent Party (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama wrong about 'fast track' trade (CNN)

Greece elections: Exit polls suggest strong victory for radical left Syriza party (Independent)

Kerry Meets With Nigerian Leaders to Encourage Peaceful Election (New York Times - Paywall)

Greece Election Won By Radical Left Syriza As Conservative Prime Minister Concedes Defeat (Huffington Post)

Netanyahu weighs in on dispute with Obama (CBS News)

Greece's anti-austerity Syriza party officially wins parliamentary elections (Russia Today)

Obama threatens more Russia sanctions (Financial Times - Paywall)

EU Ministers to Meet on Ukraine (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Down-to-earth holy leader: 12 reasons why Pope Francis is cool (Russia Today)

Boko Haram attacks northeastern Nigerian city, dozens killed (Daily Mail)

Japanese PM stands firm on foreign policy after Isis hostage murder (Guardian)

Ukraine vows to 'calm' fighting (BBC)

Germany halts arms exports to Saudi Arabia citing regional instability report (Russia Today)

Kerry urges Nigerians to refrain from post-presidential election violence (Guardian)

Graphic Pictures Show Egypt Protester Killed In Cold Blood On Tahrir Uprising Anniversary (Huffington Post)

Obama and Modi agree to limit US liability in case of nuclear disaster (Guardian)

Ten Killed in Baghdad Bombings (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Russia's Lavrov says Moscow ready to push for peaceful solution in east Ukraine (Reuters)

Ukraine military 'to boost forces in the east' as Poroshenko calls to stick to Minsk accord (Russia Today)

What's happening in the Middle East and why it matters (CNN)

Obama to pay respects to new Saudi king (CNN)

Japanese ISIS Hostage Haruna Yukawa's Father 'Hoping Deep In My Heart' He Is Still Alive (Huffington Post)

Japan's prime minister condemns video said to show hostage killed by Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

'I am overwhelmed with sadness': Father of IS Japanese hostage speaks of his grief (Daily Express)

Anti-bailout party is the favorite as Greeks cast critical vote (Los Angeles Times)

Poland lost chance to build bridges between Russia and Ukraine at Auschwitz ex-PM (Russia Today)

1/24: ISIS appears to execute Japanese hostage; Ernie Banks, legendary Chicago Cubs player, dead at 83 (CBS News)

U.S.: No reason to doubt picture of dead ISIS hostage (CBS News)

Rockets kill at least 30 in Ukraine as rebels launch offensive (CBS News)

Video Appears to Show Decapitated Body of a Japanese Hostage of ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama heads to India to revive 'pivot to Asia' policy (Los Angeles Times)

At least 30 killed in Ukraine shelling (CNN)

Libyan Militant Group Says Its Leader, Mohammed al-Zahawi, Was Killed (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama in India: Things to watch (BBC)

Islamic State video claims one Japanese hostage beheaded; Islamists make new demand for release of second. (Washington Post - Paywall)

Japan investigating authenticity of ISIS execution claim (CBS News)

Japan investigates purported ISIS hostage message (CBS News)

Obama to visit Saudi Arabia to pay respects (CBS News)

World leaders visit Saudi Arabia - video (Channel4)

WorldViews: Why Obama's trip to India's Republic Day is a big deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama shortens trip to India to pay respects to the late King Abdullah's family in Saudi Arabia (Washington Post - Paywall)

Leftist Syriza party set to win Greek vote, setting up showdown with Europe (Washington Post - Paywall)

New Saudi King Faces Economic Challenges (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ukraine Rebel Leader Vows Advance (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Why Yemen's political collapse matters (Channel4)

WorldViews: Don't forget the late Saudi King's jailed' princesses (Washington Post - Paywall)

Greece decides on its future, and maybe Europe's - video (Channel4)

'We are going to destroy the Greek oligarchy system' (Channel4)

In pictures: Saudi King Abdullah mourned (BBC)

Why tyrants are afraid of art and beauty (BBC)

Saudi Arabia and the House of Saud: things you should know (Channel4)

Why Afrobeat is making a comeback in Britain (Channel4)

Day in pictures: 23 January 2015 (BBC)

Saudi King Abdullah dead at 90 (CNN)

King Abdullah hailed as a reformer (CNN)

Missing South Korean teen: I want to join ISIS (CNN)

The flogging of a Saudi blogger: Victim of hypocrites (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Lexington: Hugging the Saudi floggers (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Instability in Yemen: Held hostage (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Islamists in Jordan: The king and Islam (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Blame game as civilians killed in Ukraine bus stop shelling (Channel4)

In pictures: Four years of the Greek financial crisis (Channel4)

The Chilcot inquiry 2009-15: why is it taking so long? (Channel4)

Day in pictures: 21 January 2015 (BBC)

Charlie Hebdo editorial: Why we draw, write (CNN)

Charlemagne: The era of Syriza (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Saudi Arabia's gerontocracy: Ail the king (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Housing: Why grumble? (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

U.S. lawmakers to Haiti Senate: Vote for election law (Miami Herald)