Wednesday, 28th January 2015

World News

Charge dropped in death of aspiring meteorologist (CBS News)

Coyote runs with Mass. police cruiser during blizzard (CBS News)

Massachusetts man dies after shoveling snow, mayor says (CBS News)

Hillary Clinton agrees to testify on Benghazi attack (CBS News)

Jordan Willing to Swap Prisoner for Pilot (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Jordanian state TV willing to swap ISIS terrorist for hostage Kenji Goto (Daily Mail)

Obama administration eyes untapped oil fields in Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico (Russia Today)

Why Your Coffee Addiction Isn't So Bad for You (Time Magazine)

Why winner Figo wants to rule soccer (CNN)

Friend disputes police account of teens death (CBS News)

Police warning to drivers over snow (BBC)

Jordan offers to free prisoner for ISIS hostage (CBS News)

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is asked about 'Nazi' grandfather at Auschwitz memorial ceremony (Daily Mail)

Bald man left with 50 dent-like scars on his head after hair transplant goes wrong (Daily Mail)

Israel blames Hezbollah for Spanish peacekeeper's death on Lebanese border (Russia Today)

Blast furnace demolished at steel mill in Maryland - video (Guardian)

Attack Kills Two Israeli Soldiers (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Here's Why Bill Gates Is Jealous of Mark Zuckerberg (Time Magazine)

Argentine Officials Point to Aide in Prosecutor's Mysterious Death (New York Times - Paywall)

Coventry thug drags elderly lollipop man to the floor just to steal his sign (Daily Mail)

Cuba will not give 'one millimetre' of its sovereignty, says president Ra l Castro - video (Guardian)

Branch of ISIS claims responsibility for deadly attack on hotel in Libya (CBS News)

Hezbollah Missile Attack Kills Israeli Soldiers Near Lebanon, Raising Fears of Escalation (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS in life-or-death hostage talks (CNN)

New Hampshire bill proposes ban on police receiving military-grade weapons (Russia Today)

Lynch defends Obama immigration policy (Financial Times - Paywall)

Isis hostage crisis: Jordan offers prisoner in exchange for its captured pilot - but no mention of Japanese captive held by militants (Independent)

Missile attack hits Golan Heights (CNN)

Russia considers creation of bad bank' (Financial Times - Paywall)

WVU frat pledge drank 6 times legal limit of alcohol before death (CBS News)

European watchdog and the US call on Russia to free jailed Ukrainian officer on hunger strike (Fox News)

Jordan prisoner swap on hold, fate of Japanese ISIS hostage unclear (Reuters)

Jordan shows that negotiating with terrorists can reap rewards (Guardian)

Here's the Real Reason Why Taraji P. Henson Almost Turned Down Empire (Time Magazine)

Losses show limits of ISIS (CNN)

Jordan prepared to swap terrorist convict for pilot captured by Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

Tache-tastic Man has groomed enormous facial hair every day for 38 YEARS (Daily Express)

Isis retreat from Kobani: Most of the militants have left the embattled Syrian town, and its residents are eager to return home (Independent)

Pro-Life Congressman Explains Why He's Now Pro-Choice (Time Magazine)

Syriza links with Russia spark alarm (Financial Times - Paywall)

EU May Extend Russian Sanctions by Nine Months (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

PACE strips Russia of voting rights until April over Ukraine, Russia quits for 1 yr (Russia Today)

Michael Wenham is found guilty of stabbing prostitute to death with Stanley knife (Daily Mail)

Drunk football star Tasered by police after he climbed a tree and taunted them 'You can't get me now!' (Daily Mail)

Jordan terror trade may strengthen ISIS, expert warns (Fox News)

Jordan agrees to prisoner swap with ISIS in deal that could free pilot, Japanese journalist (Fox News)

Ed Miliband's attack on NHS privatisation left in tatters (Daily Mail)

Germany Gears Up Against Russian Propaganda (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Russia says Kiev's actions will escalate Ukraine fighting (Reuters)

As Obama visits India, Pakistan looks to Russia for military, economic assistance (Washington Post - Paywall)

Boston Police Aid Search for Mystery Marathon Shovelers (Time Magazine)

Egypt seeks to distance police from protester killing (Fox News)

Never-seen-before photos of Sir Winston Churchill's burial discovered 50 years after death (Daily Express)

WorldViews: Michelle Obama isn't the only high-profile guest to not wear a headscarf in Saudi Arabia (Washington Post - Paywall)

Eco-warrior planted homemade 'stingers' that took out THREE police cars as they answered emergency calls on New Year's Eve (Daily Mail)

Bernard Jordan who snuck out from care home leaves estate to RNLI (Daily Mail)

Jordan Offers to Release Terrorist in Exchange for Pilot Held by ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Jordan rallies around pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh (CNN)

Obama, Merkel want Russia held accountable for violence in Ukraine (Reuters)

Spies, cover-ups and the mysterious death of an Argentinian prosecutor (Guardian)

Why U.S. snow forecast so wrong? (CNN)

Holocaust Never Forgotten, But Germany's Jewish Population Is Skyrocketing (Huffington Post)

Mitt Romney to Attack Hillary Clinton in Speech (Time Magazine)

Argentine prosecutor didn't trust security detail, according to man who gave him gun (Fox News)

Why The Americans Still Resonates Decades After the Cold War (Time Magazine)

Aerials show storm damage on Massachusetts coast - video (Guardian)

Girl jumps from 14th-floor apartment in Russia after parents discover porn (Daily Mail)

Michelle Obama shakes hands with Saudi king. So? (CNN)

Jordan offers IS prisoner swap (BBC)

Jordan "ready" to free suicide bomber in ISIS swap (CBS News)

At Auschwitz-Birkenau, Holocaust Survivors, Ever Dwindling in Number, Gather to Remember (New York Times - Paywall)

Jewish leader Riccardo Pacifici trapped inside Auschwitz on 70th anniversary of liberation (Daily Mail)

'Doubt everything' Ukrainian students' warning to Russian counterparts (Guardian)

Jordan set to 'meet demands' of Islamic State and hand over Iraqi death row suicide bomber (Daily Express)

Jordan agrees to swap death-row terrorist for Isis-held pilot (Guardian)

Plaid Cymru peer forced to apologise after comparing Trident submarine base to Auschwitz (Daily Express)

Man who 'had sex with pony' denies carrying deodorant to 'cover horse smell' (Daily Star)

New footage shows extent of damage in Syrian town of Kobani - video (Guardian)

Suicide attack against Mali Tuaregs (BBC)

Jordan reportedly "ready" to meet ISIS demand (CBS News)

Michelle Obama Unveiled in Saudi: A Style Statement, Not a Political Statement (Time Magazine)

Lord Wigley compares Trident to AUSCHWITZ (Daily Mail)

Isis threatens to behead Barack Obama and 'transform America into a Muslim province' (Independent)

This Supercut Shows Why Songwriters Should Stop Using Whoa Oh Oh' All the Time (Time Magazine)

North Korea's Kim Jong Un looks set to visit Russia in May (Los Angeles Times)

Congress seeks to bring Obama's Isis war on the right side of the law (Guardian)

France launches video campaign to deter would-be jihadis (Guardian)

Kobane Pictures Reveal Devastation Of Syrian Town After Isis Was Driven Out (Huffington Post)

As deadline passes, Jordan willing to release militant for captive pilot (Los Angeles Times)

French government targets Isis in anti-jihad campaign video (Guardian)

See Aftermath of Hizballah's Attack on Israel (Time Magazine)

Man who killed mother's lover jailed (BBC)

Why the alleged Russian spy ring matters (CNN)

Aftermath of Hezbollah missile strike on Israeli military vehicle video (Guardian)

Why was ex-KGB spy's tea poisoned? (CNN)

Fate of Japanese hostage unclear after Jordan offers deal (Channel4)

The majesty of storms from SPACE: Stunning video reveals multiple lightning strikes in Romania seen from the ISS (Daily Mail)

EU emergency meeting set to punish Russia but Greece may intervene (Guardian)

Baby birds face-to-face with kitten but prove too much for him to handle in video (Daily Mail)

France unveils anti-jihad campaign with video and web site (Reuters)

Jordan offers prisoner swap with Isis (Financial Times - Paywall)

Here's Why David Letterman Can't Wait' for Retirement (Time Magazine)

Iraqi Sniper: ISIS posts pictures of their 'sniper battalion' inspired by Chris Kyle's notorious insurgent rival 'Juba' who killed 40 Americans in Baghdad (Daily Mail)

Italy police strike blow against Calabrian mob in north (Reuters)

Red pandas frolic in US snow - video (Guardian)

North Korean Leader to Visit Russia in May (New York Times - Paywall)

Why can't we sue negligent police? (BBC)

The town encased in ice: Russian streets turned into huge frozen block after water pipes burst during storm in sub-zero temperatures (Daily Mail)

Who are Boko Haram ... and what do they want? video (Guardian)

HE CAN'T GIVE IT AWAY: 'athletic, toned' man fails to sell virginity (Daily Star)

Obama Meets New Saudi King (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ISIS Libya branch claims hotel attack (CNN)

Russia Lifts Crisis Cost Estimate (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Kim Jong-un could meet Vladimir Putin during landmark visit to Russia in May (Independent)

Exclusive - EU draft would extend Russia sanctions over Ukraine escalation (Reuters)

Italian police arrest 163 alleged members of 'Ndrangheta mafia gang (Daily Mail)

12yo Russian girl commits suicide after argument over porn use with parents (Russia Today)

RAC man is almost killed by lorry as Terence Poolman is jailed (Daily Mail)

Dementia sufferer who had no idea he'd battered wife to death is detained indefinitely (Daily Mail)

Review: The Americans Puts Mother (and Father) Russia to the Test (Time Magazine)

Peer likens Trident base to Auschwitz (BBC)

Russian foreign minister: Moscow meeting of Syrian gov't, opposition should help peace talks (Fox News)

SARAH VINE: Oh Sherlock, why did you apologise so abjectly? (Daily Mail)

Plaid Cymru Peer Lord Wigley Causes Outrage Comparing Trident Base To Auschwitz (Huffington Post)

Joanna Michael's family CAN'T sue police over 999 failures (Daily Mail)

Communists propose Russia exit from PACE to stop negative influence' (Russia Today)

Libyan group loyal to Islamic State claims responsibility for hotel attack (Los Angeles Times)

US-led coalition launches air strikes near Kobani to drive out last of Isis forces (Guardian)

Why is Apple sitting on $142bn? (BBC)

Michelle Obama is not impressed as she pulls faces in Saudi Arabia (Daily Mail)

You Asked: Why Am I Cold All the Time? (Time Magazine)

RT's Paula Slier from Auschwitz: We each take from the Holocaust something personal' (Russia Today)

Norwich bus driver who had to make a 140-POINT turn in video (Daily Mail)

How viral video of intruder beating created #MrWrongHouse (Channel4)

Saudi Arabia carries out three more executions as new King Salman welcomes US President Barack Obama (Independent)

Russia Confirms North Korea Leader's Visit in May (Time Magazine)

Georgia executes disabled man (CNN)

What did Obama India visit achieve? (CNN)

Hezbollah claims responsibility for attack near Israel border (Los Angeles Times)

Why It's Important to Document the Lives of Holocaust Survivors (Huffington Post)

Russia to spend $35bn on rescue plan (BBC)

'I'll take lashes for Saudi blogger' (CNN)

Philippine president says a peace pact collapse after police deaths would aid terrorists (Fox News)

No cover-up: Michelle Obama's missing scarf draws Twitter fire in Saudi Arabia (Russia Today)

Why We Need a Culture Club (Huffington Post)

Why Knighting Prince Philip May Encourage Australia to Embrace Republicanism (Huffington Post)

Palestinian protesters attack Gaza UN compound after aid to war victims is suspended (Fox News)

Jordan says ready to free militant in return for release of Isis hostage (Guardian)

North Korea leader to visit Russia (BBC)

Mother of Hostage Makes Plea for Son's Life (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

How ANY woman can bag the man of her dreams in just 60 days (Daily Mail)

Playboy's Cathy Schmitz eveals why she fell for Richard Lugner (Daily Mail)

Russia announces 60 economic rescue measures (Guardian)

Tesla video shows reveals passengers reacting to 'Insane mode' button (Daily Mail)

Isis Japanese hostage crisis: Jordan ready to do pilot prisoner exchange, no mention of Kenji Goto (Independent)

Isis Japanese hostage crisis: Jordan says it has received 'no proof pilot is alive' as 24-hour 'Islamic State' deadline passes (Independent)

US warns of more sanctions on Russia (BBC)

70 years after they were liberated, Auschwitz survivors make last pilgrimage to death camp (Daily Mail)

Jordan Says It Will Release Suicide Bomber to ISIS in Return For Its Captive Pilot (Time Magazine)

Jordan says ready to release Iraqi woman militant if pilot released (Reuters)

Foreigners dead in Tripoli attack (BBC)

UN agency signs pact with Russia as West deplores new Ukraine aggression (Fox News)

Houston nanny left terrified after man hacks into camera above toddler's crib (Daily Mail)

Isis publicly behead man in Syrian town square for 'insulting Allah' as he screams for help (Independent)

Hezbollah Israel attack: IDF opens fire on southern Lebanon after convoy attack wounds multiple soldiers (Independent)

ISIS threatens to behead Obama in the White House (Daily Mail)

Alleged American ISIS Commander Has Been Killed In The Middle East (Time Magazine)

Suicide attack kills at least five people in north Mali - sources (Reuters)

Isis hostage's father calls for prisoner swap video (Guardian)

Israeli jets strike back after Syria's Golan attack - Israeli army (Reuters)

Top Kremlin official states deeper crisis in Ukraine is against Russian interests (Russia Today)

Russian parliament considers condemning "annexation" of East Germany in 1990 (Fox News)

Who is Sajida al-Rishawi? And why does ISIS care? (CNN)

Isis Japanese hostage crisis: Prisoner swap deal to save Kenji Goto 'agreed' (Independent)

Ukrainian soldiers' forced to EAT their uniform by Russian 'separatist' commander (Daily Mail)

Japan condemns Goto hostage video (BBC)

Man charged in Craigslist killings (CNN)

Real's Bale rules out Man Utd move (BBC)

Michelle Obama Looks Unimpressed & Refuses To Wear Headscarf In Saudi Arabia (Huffington Post)

Why I Should Have Chosen My Words More Carefully When Talking About the Holocaust (Huffington Post)

Turin, Italy man jailed for making daughters take up skiing to lose weight (Daily Mail)

Mother of Japanese hostage held by ISIS makes new plea amid last-minute talks (Fox News)

Pope Francis 'embraces transgender man in meeting at the Vatican' and tells him there is a place for him in the Church (Independent)

Why the term 'colored' is so offensive (CNN)

Libyan ISIS group claims responsibility for Tripoli hotel attack (Fox News)

U.S. provides more aid to Ukraine, threatens to step up sanctions on Russia (Reuters)

Will it Blend? video reveals results of Buckyballs in a BLENDER (Daily Mail)

Machete-wielding thugs in Lancashire attacked man caring for disabled son (Daily Mail)

Botched Philippine Police Raid Jeopardizes Peace Deal With Rebel Group (New York Times - Paywall)

Latest ISIS beheading video released by campaigners in Syria (Daily Mail)

Mozambique says death toll rises after heavy flooding (Reuters)

ISIS & Japan agree on hostage swap, Japanese journalist to be freed 'within hours' (Russia Today)

China court: Man wanted vengeance when he set fire on bus that injured 33, left him bedridden (Fox News)

We Have Much to Learn From How Holocaust Survivors Managed to Retain Their Sense of Meaning (Huffington Post)

'Tangible risk' of terror attack at Euro 2016 looms large in France (Russia Today)

Video Says Hostages Have 24 Hours to Live (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Kiev's attack on Russian oil companies purely political' (Russia Today)

Who put poison in Russian spy Litvinenko's tea? (CNN)

WorldViews: In one day of diplomacy, Obama showcases an American double standard (Washington Post - Paywall)

Female police officer suspended after explicit photos of her performing sex act go viral (Daily Star)

Libyan Islamic State group affiliate claims Tripoli hotel attack that killed 10 people (Fox News)

Would you let YOUR man wear meggings? (That's male leggings) (Daily Mail)

Islamic State Threatens To Kill Japanese Hostage And Jordanian Pilot Within Hours (Huffington Post)

Did the First Lady defy Saudi Arabia's traditional dress code? (CBS News)

Flash Points: The death of Alberto Nisman (CBS News)

Handcuffed woman steals police car then drives off (CBS News)

Suspect hijacks police car in wild chase (CBS News)

ISIS demands prisoner release (CNN)

ISIS Libya branch claims attack (CNN)

Leaders Mark Auschwitz Liberation 70 Years Later (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Web Extra: Surviving Auschwitz (CBS News)

Moscow says North Korean leader Kim confirms Russia visit - Yonhap (Reuters)

Japan's prime minister condemns 'despicable' video and 24-hour deadline to save Isis hostages (Guardian)

Mother of Japanese hostage pleads for son's life as deadline nears (Los Angeles Times)

Isis Japanese hostage crisis: Kenji Goto's mother pleads with Shinzo Abe to save son after militants give 24 hours for prisoner swap (Independent)

Japan's Abe Calls Latest Hostage Deadline Despicable' (Time Magazine)

Georgia executes man convicted for killing fellow inmate (CBS News)

Retired Army General says Obama let Al-Qaeda grow fourfold in last 5 years' (Russia Today)

Why Maiduguri city is key to Boko Haram's future (Guardian)

After decades of Russian dominance, Belarus begins to reclaim its language (Guardian)

Mother makes emotional appeal to Japanese prime minister to save son as death threat looms (Fox News)

Flash Points: What will happen to the Japanese hostage held by ISIS? (CBS News)

Gunmen Stage Deadly Attack on Libyan Hotel (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Why do airlines take so much time to return to normal after snowstorms? (CBS News)

Australians fighting for Isis reportedly killed in battle for Kobani (Guardian)

President Obama meets with new Saudi king, aims to strengthen ties (CBS News)

Henry Hendron arrested over death of his teen boyfriend Miguel Jimenez (Daily Mail)

Iran, Russia to create joint bank' for trade in national currencies ambassador (Russia Today)

Doctor explains why he lets kids avoid the measles vaccine (CBS News)

Obama, senior delegation meet with Saudi Arabia's King Salman (Los Angeles Times)

PIERS MORGAN says 'You wouldn't wish the Saudi regime on your enemy, but Obama is right' (Daily Mail)

Georgia man convicted in killings years apart set for execution (CBS News)

Texas halts execution of man convicted in multiple homicide (CBS News)

Children return to Kobane after ISIS are driven out (Daily Mail)

Michelle Obama sees limits on Saudi women firsthand (CBS News)

Royal shake-up follows Saudi King's death (CNN)

New Saudi King Amasses Twitter Following (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

After Kobani victory, Kurds expand fight against ISIS (CBS News)

EU Heads Push New Russia Sanctions (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Texas Girl Shot to Death by 3 Police Officers (Time Magazine)

Holocaust survivors gather to mark 1945 liberation from Auschwitz (Los Angeles Times)

Leviathan' Gets Applause in Hollywood but Scorn at Home in Russia (New York Times - Paywall)

Tragic story of Szmul Zygielbojm who exposed the holocaust to the world then killed himself (Daily Mail)

Jordan Hostage Crisis May Hurt U.S. Ties (New York Times - Paywall)

My mother was child of Nazi death factory (CNN)

4 beheaded in Saudi Arabia less than a week into King Salman's rule (Russia Today)

Exonerated man fills Super Bowl wish (CNN)

Obama defends 'balance' with Saudi (CNN)

Why nudity doesn't shock us anymore (CNN)

Japan urges Jordan's help in ISIS hostage crisis after video (Reuters)

The man who wants to be China's Andrew Lloyd Webber (CNN)

Supreme Court Refuses to Halt Execution of Georgia Man (Time Magazine)

Argentine president seeks intel service overhaul after mysterious death (CBS News)

Why can't we let go of our old tech? (BBC)

Auschwitz survivor: "We are here" (CBS News)

Why winter storm didnt pack as much punch as forecasters thought (CBS News)

Survivors march into Auschwitz (CNN)

Fall in Scots death toll from heart disease and strokes (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Survivors gather to remember Auschwitz (BBC)

The twins of Auschwitz (BBC)

Watch first ever video of a laser beam traveling through the air (Daily Mail)

Anti-Semitic attack youths locked up (Daily Express)

Sex killer strangled 14-year-old Alice Gross to death then had beers (Daily Star)

Alexander Litvinenko: Murdered spy accused Vladimir Putin of being a paedo prior to death (Daily Star)

American among 10 victims of attack on hotel in Libyan capital (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama pays condolences to family of late King Abdullah (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama wins breathing space over Iran (Financial Times - Paywall)

Japanese hostage pleads for his life in purported new ISIS video (CBS News)

Obama Drops Effort to Tax College Savings Plans (Time Magazine)

Ax swings late in Africa Group of Death (CNN)

At least 9 killed in attack on Libyan hotel, including one American (Los Angeles Times)

Obama and Saudi king discuss Iran, energy in symbolic visit (Reuters)

Obama visits new Saudi King Salman (BBC)

Auschwitz survivor remembers the Holocaust (CBS News)

'I have 24 hours to live': Japanese IS hostage sends heartbreaking clip to family (Daily Star)

Indonesian president rules out reprieve for Australians on death row (Reuters)

Protests held for teen girl killed by Colorado police while driving stolen car (Russia Today)

The Simpsons go to Auschwitz in Polish artist's new series (Russia Today)

Officials say 5 foreigners killed in attack on luxury hotel in Libya (Fox News)

Return to Auschwitz hell: Holocaust survivors reunite to remember (Daily Star)

Auschwitz survivor: "The moment you give up, you will die" (CBS News)

Suicide jumper saved by Dallas policemen captured in dashcam video (Daily Mail)

Litvinenko lawyer accuses Russia (BBC)

Litvinenko lawyer accuses Putin of running 'mafia state' - video (Guardian)

WorldViews: Michelle Obama forgoes a headscarf and sparks a backlash in Saudi Arabia (Washington Post - Paywall)

Holocaust memorial pledged by party leaders at 70th anniversary event (Guardian)

Belsen survivor: the camp was something from hell - video (Channel4)

Anorexic man in Preston doubles his size in four months with body-building (Daily Mail)

As Visit Ends, Obama Presses India on Human Rights and Climate Change (New York Times - Paywall)

World leaders join 300 survivors in 70th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation - video (Guardian)

Britain Remembers Auschwitz Liberation As Cameron Unveils Plans For Holocaust Memorial (Huffington Post)

Sharia police arrest 12 men accused of planning to wed in Nigeria's Kano (Reuters)

Russian PM vows unrestricted' response if banned from SWIFT payment system (Russia Today)

Why Latin America should not squander the China boom (BBC)

Auschwitz 70 years on: a different place, yet memories of its horror endure (Guardian)

Lens Blog: Staying Put and Bearing Witness to the Holocaust (New York Times - Paywall)

Have fishermen discovered a new species of ancient MAN off coast of Taiwan? (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Remembering Auschwitz - 70 years on (BBC)

Massive truck plows through 15 vehicles in Russia after apparent brakes failure (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Ukrainian MPs call on UN, NATO & PACE to recognize Russia as aggressor state' (Russia Today)

WorldViews: Jewish leaders in Argentina boycott Holocaust ceremony (Washington Post - Paywall)

Auschwitz liberation 70th anniversary: Nazi victims remembered as spectre of prejudice reappears (Independent)

Holocaust Memorial Day: Nazi victims remembered as spectre of prejudice reappears (Independent)

Rapist jailed after his schoolgirl victim confronted him in the park THIRTY years after attack (Daily Mail)

Former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko may have been poisoned twice (Los Angeles Times)

Holocaust survivors call out please keep the memory alive', says chief rabbi (Guardian)

Holocaust survivors gather for Auschwitz 70th anniversary (CBS News)

Auschwitz survivors gather for memorial 70 years after liberation (Guardian)

Ukraine crisis: EU threatens Russia with new economic sanctions (Independent)

Alleged Russian spy ring found in New York (CBS News)

President Obama arrives in Saudi Arabia following King Abdullahs death (CBS News)

Hopes and fears in the shadow of the Holocaust (Guardian)

Saudi Arabia and the west: how a cosy relationship turned toxic (Guardian)

Egypt police criticized over death of female protester, blamed for ignoring pleas to help her (Fox News)

WorldViews: 13 times U.S. presidents and Saudi kings have met (Washington Post - Paywall)

The Holocaust is a 'warning and lesson to us all', says Prince Charles (Daily Express)

Holocaust Memorial Day: Remembering horrors and liberation of Auschwitz 70 years on (Daily Express)

British Begin Inquiry Into Death of Ex-K.G.B. Officer (New York Times - Paywall)

Unmanned, unregulated & on White House grounds: Obama says drones need rules (Russia Today)

Swedish officer sparks Facebook debate over ISIS getting govt assistance over returning veterans (Russia Today)

The female suicide bomber Isis wants freed in return for Japanese hostage (Guardian)

VIDEO: Auschwitz survivor's emotional appeal (BBC)

New England bears brunt of winter storm as New York city is spared - video (Guardian)

Holocaust Memorial Day: How Much Did Britain Actually Know About The Mass Murder? (Huffington Post)

Survivors and notables mark 70th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation (CBS News)

Ex-KGB spy Litvinenko told UK police Putin ordered his death (Reuters)

Ukraine war hints at new Russian strategy (Financial Times - Paywall)

Auschwitz survivors appeal to world (BBC)

Twitter adds video and group private messaging to take on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger (Daily Mail)

French police arrest 5 in terror raid (CNN)

EU weighs more sanctions on Russia (BBC)

Leicester man 'pretended he was faith healer and conned victims out of £650,000' (Daily Mail)

On Auschwitz anniversary, leader warns Jews again targets (Fox News)

India man survies being hit by a Mig-27 jet as it crashes (Daily Mail)

Obama Meets With New King of Saudi Arabia (New York Times - Paywall)

Greeks rebuff EU call for more Russia sanctions (Financial Times - Paywall)

MP blames Somali immigrants for death of British pubs (Russia Today)

Donald Trump Says Obama Is Using 2015 Blizzard As Excuse To Declare Martial Law In New York (Huffington Post)

Mystery drugs in ski holiday death (BBC)

Saudi Succession Hints at Shift in Foreign Role (New York Times - Paywall)

WorldViews: What a Soviet soldier saw when his unit liberated Auschwitz 70 years ago (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama Warns India on Religious Divisions (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Rapist Michael McQueenie jailed for 11 years for attack on partially-blind girl, 14 (Daily Mail)

'Our past must not become our children's future' - video (Channel4)

ISIS threatens to kill 2nd Japanese hostage, Jordan pilot in 24 hours (Russia Today)

Orchid mantises DON'T catch prey by mimicking a flower - it's their pastel colour that lures insects to their death (Daily Mail)

Lydgate man spends £600 clearing his name after fare dodger used it (Daily Mail)

Meet Hanti, my pet wolf: A walk on the wild side for Russian animal activist (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Pope Francis holds private meeting with transsexual man and his fiancée (Daily Mail)

Vidigal favela dwellers attack David Beckham after shanty-town turns into luxury enclave (Daily Mail)

Greece Didn't Consent to EU's Russia Statement (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Russia Approves $2.5 Billion Anticrisis Plan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Nailed It photos show why life really doesn't live up to the pictures (Daily Mail)

Southampton woman more interested in video games than looking after baby (Daily Mail)

New York hunkers down for storm Juno - video (Channel4)

Russian ruble recovers after S&P downgrade (Russia Today)

British Jews, politicians & anti-fascists mark 70yrs since Auschwitz liberation (Russia Today)

Map: Death camps stretched from Netherlands to Poland (CNN)

VIDEO: Footage shows top Libya hotel attack (BBC)

French Police Detain Five in Terror Raid (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Thousands march in Mexico for missing students - video (Channel4)

Police raid Amazon's Tokyo offices (BBC)

Holocaust survivors - staring down history's demons (Channel4)

#FreeSpeechStories: Why was one death singled out in Egypt? (BBC)

Duma votes to return ads on cable channels with predominant Russian content (Russia Today)

WorldViews: The first time a U.S. president met a Saudi King (Washington Post - Paywall)

S&P downgrade groundlessly pessimistic' Russian finance minister (Russia Today)

Auschwitz Holocaust memorial ceremonies begin without Putin, Obama (Russia Today)

Plane ditches in sea after running out of fuel - video (Channel4)

Obama calls for India reform (CNN)

New Zeland man and his sons sink MH370 model to win competition (Daily Mail)

Obama lays out sweeping vision for US-India relations, emphasizes human rights (Washington Post - Paywall)

Drone video shows scale of Auschwitz camp (CNN)

Seventy years since Auschwitz liberated (BBC)

Sheriffs want to disable police tracking feature on Google Waze app (Russia Today)

Kurds take strategic city from ISIS (CNN)

Russian leaders lash out at West for inciting anti-Russian hysteria' (Washington Post - Paywall)

Can Syriza live up to the hype? - video (Channel4)

Humanity at its most inhumane: Auschwitz remembered - video (Channel4)

Why Obama will visit Saudi King (CNN)

Man catches rare 'horror movie' shark (CNN)

Thousands turn out for anti-Islam rally in Dresden - video (Channel4)

Eight dead after Boko Haram attack Nigerian city (Channel4)

Auschwitz survivor: 'We should live as one people' - video (Channel4)

Dashcam video captures 'moment shell explodes in Mariupol' (Channel4)

World leaders visit Saudi Arabia - video (Channel4)

Rebel shelling 'kills 15' in Mariupol - video (Channel4)

Thousands march in Yemen against Shia rebel takeover - video (Channel4)

Why Yemen's political collapse matters (Channel4)

Greece decides on its future, and maybe Europe's - video (Channel4)

Merger move: is Three the magic number for O2? - video (Channel4)

In pictures: Saudi King Abdullah mourned (BBC)

Saudi Arabia and the House of Saud: things you should know (Channel4)

Why Afrobeat is making a comeback in Britain (Channel4)

Peru's central Amazon hit by flooding - video (Channel4)

The flogging of a Saudi blogger: Victim of hypocrites (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Lexington: Hugging the Saudi floggers (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Pakistan after the Peshawar school massacre: The man with a plan (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Instability in Yemen: Held hostage (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Saudi Arabia's gerontocracy: Ail the king (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Iran in Iraq and Syria: Death of a general (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Housing: Why grumble? (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Rick Scott tries to clarify attack ad on Charlie Crist (Miami Herald)

Missing Miami woman’s ex kills himself after police find body in car trunk (Miami Herald)

Mystery man in Rick Scott attack ad unveiled, misleads about Charlie Crist and Ponzi scheme (Miami Herald)