Wednesday, 4th February 2015

World News

Officials focus on woman driver in deadly NY train crash (CBS News)

Cal State L.A. cancels "sex toys" event after outcry (CBS News)

Man on cell phone misses huge whale in front of his face (CBS News)

Metro-North train accidents (CBS News)

Flash Points: How should Jordan respond to pilots execution by ISIS? (CBS News)

Commuter rail train strikes tractor-trailer in Mass. (CBS News)

U.S.: Key Arab ally no longer flying ISIS airstrikes over Syria (CBS News)

Even Al-Qaeda condemn murder of Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh (Daily Mail)

Murdered Jordan pilot's father demands 'annihilation of ISIS' (Daily Mail)

Chinese man leaves granddaughter as a deposit after 'forgetting his wallet' at bath house (Daily Mail)

King: ISIS is fighting Islam (CNN)

Chinese man begs when his wife finds he hasn't been giving her his ENTIRE pay packet (Daily Mail)

CHILD among crowds watching murder of Jordanian pilot on screens in Syria (Daily Mail)

Mayday call as plane crashes (CNN)

TransAsia crash survivor pulled son from waters and gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (Daily Express)

Levi Mayhew too sick to go on Make-A-Wish trip to Disney World sends friend instead (Daily Mail)

Jordan's response to Isis will be heard by the whole world' - video (Guardian)

King of Jordan quotes Clint Eastwood as he addresses Congress over ISIS video (Daily Mail)

Pilot's death is uniting force (CNN)

Jordanian king vows 'relentless' war on Islamic State's own ground (Reuters)

Selfies turn lethal: Deadly distraction ? thought to have caused plane crash (Russia Today)

UAE stopped taking part in coalition airstrikes over Syria after Jordanian pilot was shot down (Daily Mail)

At least 31 dead as footage shows horrifying moment TransAsia plane crashes into river (Daily Express)

There are now more billionaires than EVER: World saw 341 minted in 2014 bringing total to a record 2,089 (Daily Mail)

NTSB collecting "perishable evidence" at site of deadly NY commuter train crash (CBS News)

Alabama chief justice to state judges: don't issue same-sex marriage licenses (Guardian)

King Abdullah of Jordan promises his country will wage a 'relentless' war against Isis in wake of pilot's execution (Independent)

Beheaded, crucified, buried alive': UN slams ISIS for killing Iraqi children (Russia Today)

Man Convicted of Running Notorious Online Black Market Silk Road' (Time Magazine)

Moment octopus camouflages itself against Caribbean reef is captured on video (Daily Mail)

U.N. agency confident Russia will back post-MH17 air safety plan (Reuters)

Alexander Litvinenko wanted last picture taken so world would know 'he was poisoned' (Daily Mail)

Man orders £1,500 laptop gets sent a photocopy instead (Daily Star)

What is NTSB examining from New York train crash? (CBS News)

Kai Steele jailed for life after stabbing Alex Scott to death outside an off licence (Daily Mail)

Driver who caused Metro-North train crash is identified (Independent)

Taiwan Plane Crashes in River (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

TransAsia wreck lifted from Taiwan river after crash - video (Guardian)

Jordan executes 2 prisoners after pilot burned alive by Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

Selfies 'likely caused' U.S. air crash (CNN)

Arab World Unites in Anger After Burning of Jordanian Pilot (New York Times - Paywall)

I married ISIS fighter to save my father (CNN)

Muslim World Ignites In Rage Over Burning Of Jordanian Pilot (Huffington Post)

Commuter rail crash kills six (CBS News)

Police wrongly imprison innocent man for three days even though he kept pointing out he had a different name to suspect (Daily Mail)

Taiwan plane crash the latest tragedy in 12 months of Asian air travel (CBS News)

Investigators gather recording devices at NY train crash site (Reuters)

Watch Taiwan plane crash in dramatic dash cam video (CBS News)

ISIS Killing Sparks Mideast Outrage (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

UAE Stops Airstrikes Against Islamic State After Execution: Officials (Newsweek Magazine)

New Europe to include Russia if it wants clout in the world - former MEP (Russia Today)

Islamic State monsters set up THINK-TANK to dream up more barbaric executions (Daily Star)

Jordanian pilots "obscene" burning death by ISIS sparks outrage in Mideast (CBS News)

Heart stop man wins payout battle (BBC)

Crucify them' Muslim leaders condemn ISIS execution of Jordanian pilot (Russia Today)

Russia Helps Target Islamic State Financing (Newsweek Magazine)

Taiwan plane crashes into river after take-off, killing 23 (Reuters)

No charges for man in SF dismembered body case (CBS News)

Argentinian president writes racist tweet poking fun at stereotypical Chinese pronunciation... during state visit to China (Daily Mail)

Beyoncé Is Coming Back to the Grammys (Time Magazine)

6 killed in New York train crash (CNN)

ISIS Captors Didn't Carry Koran, Former Islamic State Hostage Says (Newsweek Magazine)

Woman charged over death of 10-month-old Chloe Sutherland (Daily Mail)

Jordanians turn their minds to revenge after Isis killing of pilot (Guardian)

Cops: Fla. man served alligator for Super Bowl meal (CBS News)

Fox News site embeds unedited Isis video showing brutal murder of Jordanian pilot (Guardian)

Jordan Weighs Its Options For Further Retaliation Against ISIS (Time Magazine)

Strictly's Ola Jordan puts on a brave face as she steps out after devastating knee injury (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Footage shows Taiwan plane crash (BBC)

What ISIS Hoped to Gain From Killing the Jordanian Pilot (Newsweek Magazine)

Argentina's president asked to testify about mysterious death of prosecutor (Guardian)

World Briefing: U.N. to Appoint Panel to Investigate Peacekeeper's Death on Israel-Lebanon Border (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia leads U.N. initiative to target Islamic State financing (Reuters)

CIA insider: 100,000 ground troops needed to fight ISIS (CBS News)

4,000-Strong Christian Militia Formed to Fight ISIS in Northern Iraq (Newsweek Magazine)

Eye Opener at 8: Taiwanese plane crashes into river (CBS News)

TransAsia crash: toddler pulled alive from wreckage - video (Guardian)

Murder of Jordanian pilot will backfire on ISIS, former Iraqi diplomat says (Fox News)

Mexico raises death toll to 4 from gas explosion at hospital (Fox News)

Gov. Cuomo on Metro-North train accident: Too early to say what or who is to blame (CBS News)

North Korea to Ban Ki-moon: Tell world that human rights resolution is illegal (Fox News)

At least 26 dead after plane crashes into Taiwan river (Fox News)

WATCH: Eamonn Holmes enters the CBB house to host task with James Jordan and Jim Davidson (Daily Express)

Muslim outrage grows against Islamic State but questions linger over next steps in fight (Washington Post - Paywall)

Prince Charles hits back at 'ill-informed speculation' he'll be an activist king (Daily Mail)

Islamic State Video Of Pilot Burning To Death May Be A Show Of Weakness, Not Strength (Huffington Post)

Taiwan plane in deadly river crash (BBC)

Over 100 Women Allegedly Raped After Man Sets Up Fake Clinical Trials (Newsweek Magazine)

CIA insider: It would take 100,000 ground troops in Iraq and Syria to respond to ISIS (CBS News)

Dozens of TransAsia passengers pulled to safety after Taiwan plane crashes (Daily Mail)

Killing of pilot hardens Jordan's resolve (Financial Times - Paywall)

Thousands of rescued cats CRUSHED to death with a truck in Vietnam (Daily Mail)

Jordan executes two al Qaeda-linked terrorists after ISIS burns and kills pilot (CBS News)

Jordan's King Abdullah vows relentless' war against Isis (Guardian)

New York Metro-North train slams SUV in deadly collision (CBS News)

Passers-by step over DEAD homeless man who froze to death in NYC (Daily Mail)

Video captures TransAsia plane falling from sky in Taiwan (CBS News)

Fern ndez gaffe adds to furore over death (Financial Times - Paywall)

10 months as an ISIS hostage (CNN)

Islamic State supporters WHOOP and CHEER while watching hostage being burned alive (Daily Star)

Plane clips bridge and crashes into Taiwan river, killing at least 26 (Los Angeles Times)

Jordan vows 'severe response' to IS (BBC)

'Unbelievably frugal' local donates $6m to Vermont town after death (Guardian)

Injured French bulldog tells his owner he 'loves' her in video (Daily Mail)

Bobbi Kristina's 'final texts' reveal deep pain over Whitney Houston's death (Daily Express)

Authorities investigate New York train crash that killed six in pictures (Guardian)

Fox News Website Shows Entire Islamic State Video Of Jordanian Pilot Burned To Death (Huffington Post)

Isis films reactions of cheering crowds watching Jordanian pilot burned alive on screens in Raqqa (Independent)

TransAsia plane crash: wreckage hoisted from Taiwan river (Guardian)

Jordan's fellow Arab states react in anger to killing of pilot (Los Angeles Times)

Jordan Executes Two Prisoners After Militants Kill Pilot (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D' Nintendo 3DS Review: Turn Back Time (Huffington Post)

Father loads snowman in the back of his van and drives it 40 miles home (Daily Mail)

TransAsia flight crashes in Taiwan river - as it happened (Guardian)

Fundraiser for Detroit man who walks 21 miles a day to work reaches £150k (Independent)

Fundraiser for Detroit man who walks 21 miles a day to work reaches $230,000 (Independent)

Taiwanese plane clips highway, crashes into river (CBS News)

Greste back home after Egypt jail (BBC)

Iraq's Christians Take Up Arms Against ISIS (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Investigators comb for clues after New York commuter train crash kills six (Guardian)

Jordanian justice comes swiftly after ISIS death video (CBS News)

Is this where Jordanian pilot was burned alive? (Daily Mail)

Isis militants should be crucified for the burning of Jordanian hostage, says Sunni academic (Independent)

Leading Sunni academic: Isis militants should be crucified for the burning of Jordanian hostage (Independent)

WorldViews: Jordan's eye-for-an-eye response to the Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: Man arrested for Birmingham car-jack (BBC)

Hunt for gunman after 'targeted' killing of man in Uxbridge (Daily Mail)

French Air Force Back Fight Against Boko Haram on Nigeria's Borders (Newsweek Magazine)

Comedy troupe yanks video as India debates what is funny (Los Angeles Times)

British skier takes legal action after suffering injuries in Saint-Gervais crash (Daily Mail)

A third of us would risk an early death rather than take daily pills (Daily Mail)

Muath al-Kasaesbeh: Fox News shows uncut Isis video of Jordanian pilot being burned alive (Independent)

How Karen Carpenter's Death Changed the Way We Talk About Anorexia (Time Magazine)

Man charged with Belfast murder (BBC)

Islamic State teen runaway 'is now a jihadi bride' say mates (Daily Star)

Hundreds of Polish miners clash with police - video (Channel4)

Isis video of Jordanian pilot murder sparks outrage across Middle East as father calls for militants to be 'annihilated' (Independent)

Isis video of Jordanian pilot's murder sparks outrage across Middle East as father calls for militants to be 'annihilated' (Independent)

Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh being burnt alive is footage ISIS knows will horrify the West (Daily Mail)

Woman charged over death of baby (BBC)

ISIS 'spreads through lawless regions' (CNN)

ISIS cell disrupted, says Canada (CNN)

Iraq battles ISIS fighters in Kirkuk (CNN)

Donetsk hit by shells as violence intensifies in Ukraine video (Guardian)

VIDEO: Probe as six die in NY train crash (BBC)

New York Metro-North crash update: Officials drop death toll, launch probe in train crash (Independent)

World Bank Probes $1 Billion China Loan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Meet Joe Mazzilli: More on the man behind The Runaway Squad (CBS News)

Man Who Stabbed 3 at Jewish Center in France Had Been Held for Questioning (New York Times - Paywall)

A home at last for Kai, the dog abandoned at Ayr train station in Scotland (Daily Mail)

ISIS vows attacks on France, calls Muslims to join new 'caliphate' (Russia Today)

TransAsia plane crashes in Taiwan river, killing at least 23 people (Guardian)

Commuter train slams into SUV in deadly crash near NYC (CBS News)

Witness the TransAsia Plane Crash in Taiwan (Time Magazine)

Six die as New York train hits car (BBC)

Behind Bull Run: A Bet on Nimbler State Giants (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Former ISIS hostage Didier Francois reveals Brits like Jihadi John were feared the most (Daily Mail)

Father of murdered pilot speaks out (CNN)

Sinosphere Blog: A Man's Death Strikes a Nerve in China (New York Times - Paywall)

Iraqi Kurds call for foreign troops to help them battle Islamic State group (Fox News)

VIDEO: Jihadists executed amid Jordan anger (BBC)

Pietersen joins TMS for World Cup (BBC)

Angela from Boy Meets World Is Headed to Girl Meets World (Time Magazine)

Greece rows back on state sell-offs (Financial Times - Paywall)

Syrian government forces killing hundreds of civilians in air strikes as world watches Isis (Independent)

Piers Morgan's Daily Mail Article Urges Muslims To Watch Islamic State's Hostage Murder Video (Huffington Post)

Death of prosecutor leaves Argentina's Jewish community angry and distrustful (Guardian)

Latest ISIS video most brutal yet (CNN)

Witness the Aftermath of the New York Train Crash (Time Magazine)

Here's Who Dethroned Alibaba Founder Jack Ma As China's Richest Man (Time Magazine)

Death rate up by a third in January (BBC)

King Abdullah of Jordan 'quotes Clint Eastwood' in meeting over Isis killing pilot al-Kasaesbeh (Independent)

Prop Cole back as England change six (BBC)

VIDEO: Moment child was saved from plane crash (BBC)

Jordanians rally in revulsion to Islamic State's slaying of pilot (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: Man jailed for driving wrong way on M25 (BBC)

UK condemns Jordanian pilot's murder, urges New Zealand to join fight against ISIS (Russia Today)

Lance Armstrong 'let girlfriend take blame' for crash (CNN)

UAE halted Isis air attacks after pilot capture (Guardian)

Was Jordanian pilot burned alive after sick ISIS Twitter campaign? (Daily Mail)

North Korea threatens US ahead of military exercises - video (Guardian)

Serena Williams: I'm Going Back to Indian Wells (Time Magazine)

Pioneering British Man Fitted With C-Brace 'ExoSkeleton' Leg Brace (Huffington Post)

Op-Ed Contributor: How Iraq Subsidizes Islamic State (New York Times - Paywall)

Britain's cold snap puts lives at risk as death rate rises to a THIRD higher than average (Daily Express)

Jordan's decision to execute jihadist prisoners will provoke MORE ISIS attacks (Daily Mail)

Rory McIlroy settles multi-million pound dispute with former agent over right to back out of his contract (Daily Mail)

Desperate state of affairs': Thousands of hidden homeless' not on govt records (Russia Today)

Video from passing vehicle captures crashing plane (CNN)

Beauty queen fell to her death from the roof of a five-star Caribbean hotel after her fiance suddenly postponed their wedding (Daily Mail)

Water spouts spotted off Italian coast - video (Guardian)

Death threat hacker is jailed (BBC)

ISIS knew burning Jordanian pilot would spark backlash in Islamic world (Daily Mail)

Man has nose REMOVED to look like infamous comic book villain Red Skull (Daily Express)

Jordan executes convicted jihadists (BBC)

Jordan must avenge pilot's death, says Muath al-Kasasbeh's father video (Guardian)

British judges to rule on death penalties for two Trinidad convicted murderers (Daily Express)

Dramatic video shows Taiwan plane crash (Channel4)

Blue Unveil Brand New Video For 'King Of The World' Ahead Of New Album 'Colours' (VIDEO EXCLUSIVE) (Huffington Post)

Deadly Taiwan plane crash caught on dramatic video (CBS News)

The West's Campaign Against Islamic State Will Only Get Serious When We Treat Syria as An Ally and Not An Enemy (Huffington Post)

Jordanian pilot's murder by ISIS met with outrage across the Middle East (Fox News)

Why is this man swimming off Antarctica? (CNN)

Jordan executes ISIS jihadists hours after pilot is torched to death (Daily Mail)

Scientists successfully turn back the clock in old human cells (Daily Mail)

Muath al-Kasaesbeh profile: The Jordanian pilot burned to death by Isis (Independent)

Muath al-Kasaesbeh: The Jordanian pilot burned to death by Isis (Independent)

Ed Balls Fails To Name Pro-Labour Businessman In Car Crash Newsnight Interview (Huffington Post)

Former US Army soldier with 'Christ is Lord' T-shirt fighting Isis alongside Kurdish people (Independent)

Sir John Chilcot quizzed by MPs over Iraq report - video (Channel4)

'Watching ISIS burn Moaz al-Kasabeh alive was most abominable thing I've seen' writes Piers Morgan (Daily Mail)

Jordan executes female would-be suicide bomber wanted for release by Islamic State (Guardian)

New York train crash: video footage of accident site (Guardian)

Taiwan plane crash: Who are TransAsia Airways and what is their safety record? (Independent)

Seven dead as New York commuter train smashes into car stranded on tracks (Daily Express)

Armed killer on the loose after man shot dead in London (Daily Express)

Passenger Plane Crashes Into River in Taiwan With 58 Aboard (New York Times - Paywall)

Taiwanese TransAsia GE235 passenger plane crashes into river in Taipei - video (Guardian)

Taiwan TransAsia flight GE235 crash: Amazing video shows toddler rescued alive from aircraft wreckage (Independent)

See World Famous Photographs Recreated in a Studio (Time Magazine)

Taiwan Plane Crash Livestream Of Rescue As Survivors Pulled From TransAisa Airways Aircraft (Huffington Post)

Businessmen warning Ed Miliband wants to take us back to 1970s are right (Daily Mail)

South Korean soldier sentenced to death (CNN)

Jordan executes 2 prisoners after ISIS killing of pilot (CBS News)

7 dead, 12 badly hurt as train carriage explodes after smashing into stranded car (Daily Star)

TransAsia flight 235 crash: 'Last communication' from pilot was 'Mayday Mayday engine flameout' (Independent)

11 killed in car crash in southern Russia (Fox News)

At least 11 killed in Taiwan air crash (Financial Times - Paywall)

Seven killed as New York train hits car (Channel4)

Armstrong charged over car crash (BBC)

Taiwan Plane Crash Caught In Incredible Dashcam Footage From Taipei (Huffington Post)

Armstrong blames girlfriend for crash (CBS News)

Leader of Egypt's top Sunni institution enraged by Islamic State group burning pilot to death (Fox News)

Investigators say selfies played a role in deadly plane crash (CBS News)

Obama, Jordans King Abdullah vow not to let up against ISIS (CBS News)

Jordan executes 2 prisoners after ISIS video shows pilot being burned alive (Fox News)

TransAsia: Two Plane Crashes in Seven Months (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Terrifying Taiwan plane's fatal river dive caught on camera (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

TransAsia flight 235 crash: Video footage shows jet banking sharply to the left before clipping bridge and crashing into river (Independent)

Taiwan plane crash: Video footage shows TransAsia flight 235 banking sharply to the left before clipping bridge and crashing into river (Independent)

Air-Safety Officials Back Tracking Jetliners (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

NI coma man out of Sydney hospital (BBC)

Jordan executes suicide bomber in retaliation after Islamic State burn hostage alive (Daily Express)

Jordan executes two jihadists in response to pilot killing (Channel4)

VIDEO: Passenger plane hits bridge before plunging into river 19 dead (Daily Star)

Morell: New ISIS video attempt to control through fear (CBS News)

Jordan executes prisoners after ISIS hostage killed (CNN)

Suburban NYC train crash kills 6 (CBS News)

Lebanese man handed daughter to his wife before jumping on suicide bomber in Damascus (Daily Mail)

Does ISIS now see Jordan as a target? (CBS News)

VIDEO: 'I saw Taiwan plane drop down' (BBC)

Metro-North train in NYC crashes into car resulting in 'multiple fatalities' (Daily Mail)

Jordan hangs 2 Al Qaeda prisoners after ISIS video shows Jordanian pilot burned alive (Fox News)

New York train crash: Video footage shows aftermath of Metro-North train hitting car on tracks (Independent)

New York train crash: At least seven dead as commuter train hits car on tracks (Independent)

New York train crash: Footage shows aftermath of Metro-North train hitting car on tracks (Independent)

Why did ISIS care about al-Rishawi? (CNN)

Ex-hostage: ISIS captors 'didn't even have Quran' (CNN)

Bringing rhinos back to Uganda (CNN)

When will gas prices be back over $2.00/gallon? (CBS News)

Jordan executes 2 al-Qaida prisoners after Islamic State group burns Jordanian pilot to death (Fox News)

TransAsia flight 235 crash live: At least 12 killed as Taiwan plane clips bridge and plummets into river (Independent)

TransAsia crash: At least eight killed as Taiwan plane clips bridge and plummets into river (Independent)

TransAsia crash live: At least 12 killed as flight 235 clips bridge and plummets into river (Independent)

TransAsia crash live: At least 12 killed as flight GE235 clips bridge and plummets into river (Independent)

TransAsia crash live: At least 19 killed as flight GE235 clips bridge and plummets into river (Independent)

Militants Slay Jordanian Pilot (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

12 killed in plane crash in Taipei (CNN)

From Australia to Wisconsin, Westerners join Kurds to battle Islamic State group in Iraq (Fox News)

'Mass death sentences' for 183 in Egypt (CNN)

7 killed when train smashes into SUV near NYC (CNN)

Yusra Hussien who fled Bristol last year to join ISIS in Syria 'has become a Jihadi bride' (Daily Mail)

'The doctor said my husband had died. Now I could kiss him': Widow of Alexander Litvinenko describes her last moments with former spy after his death (Daily Mail)

Internet rallies behind Detroit man who walks to work (CBS News)

Why Taiwan is right to ban iPads for kids (CNN)

Metro-North train on fire after hitting car (CBS News)

At Least Eight Dead as Taiwanese TransAsia Plane Crashes in Taipei (Time Magazine)

New twist in death of Argentinian prosecutor (CBS News)

New twist in death of Argentine prosecutor (CBS News)

NY Metro-North commuter train hits car (CBS News)

Jordan hangs jihadis after pilot death (Financial Times - Paywall)

Lindsey Vonn back on world podium (CNN)

World Bank investigates $1bn China loan (Financial Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Plane plummets into Taiwan river (BBC)

World Briefing: Taiwan: Plane Crashes in Taipei (New York Times - Paywall)

CIA insider says ISIS video will "backfire" (CBS News)

Ex-CIA insider says ISIS video will "backfire" (CBS News)

Footage shows moment plane crashes into bridge in Taiwan - video (Guardian)

EPA criticizes State Department's Keystone XL pipeline conclusions (Russia Today)

ISIS video shows Jordanian pilot being burned to death (CBS News)

Argentinian intrigue over prosecutor's death (CNN)

Jordan Executes 2 al-Qaeda Prisoners After ISIS Kills Pilot (Time Magazine)

Man fakes clinical trial, drugs and rapes over 100 women in Japan (Russia Today)

Sajida al-Rishawi: Jordan says it has executed female militant sought by Isis hours after promising swift revenge for burning alive of pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh (Independent)

Sajida al-Rishawi: Jordan says it has executed female militant sought by Isis hours after promising swift revenge for burning alive of pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh (Independent)

Jordan Executes Two Prisoners After Islamic State Kills Pilot (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

TransAsia plane crashes into Taiwan river, at least 9 dead VIDEO (Russia Today)

Taiwan Plane Cartwheels into River After Take-Off, Killing At Least 16 (Newsweek Magazine)

Jordan Executes Sajida Al-Rishawi In Retribution For Death Of Pilot Muath Al-Kasaesbeh (Huffington Post)

The state of UK theatre: Boom or bust? (BBC)

Jordan Executes Two Militants In Response to Pilots Murder (Newsweek Magazine)

Islamic State's killing of pilot, depicted in video, spurs calls for revenge in Jordan (Washington Post - Paywall)

World Briefing: Syria: Chemical Weapons Plant Razed (New York Times - Paywall)

Been and Gone: The woman who swam with sharks, and the man who booked the Beatles (BBC)

Jordan executes 2 prisoners after Islamic State burns pilot to death (Russia Today)

United Arab Emirates, Key U.S. Ally in ISIS Effort, Disengaged in December (New York Times - Paywall)

At least seven die in New York rail crash (Financial Times - Paywall)

Who was the Jordanian pilot? (CNN)

Expert: Video the worst I've seen (CNN)

Isis video shows Jordanian hostage being burned to death (Guardian)

Jordan's King Abdullah addresses the nation after pilot's death at hands of Isis video (Guardian)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Wednesday 4th February 2015 (Huffington Post)

Several People Reported Dead in Metro-North Train Collision (Newsweek Magazine)

Jordan Executes Prisoners After ISIS Video of Pilot's Death (New York Times - Paywall)

New ISIS video purportedly shows hostage being burned alive (CBS News)

Thousands gather in Jordan to demand blood: Female suicide bomber ISIS wanted freed will be the first of six Islamist prisoners executed tomorrow (Daily Mail)

Charity set up after sledging death (BBC)

Why does CNN refuse to show ISIS video? (CNN)

'Model of heroism': Jordan mourns murdered pilot (CNN)

At Least 4 Dead After Commuter Train Strikes Car in New York (Time Magazine)

King: Pilot killed defending Islam (CNN)

Canada police make ISIS terror cell arrest (CBS News)

Fire, multiple injuries reported after NY train collides with cars (Russia Today)

Man arrested in Canada over alleged role in Islamic State recruitment cell (Guardian)

New Twist in Investigation into Argentine Prosecutors Death (Newsweek Magazine)

American Sniper Bradley Cooper shoots back at his critics (Daily Express)

Barbaric Islamic State burn alive Jordanian pilot they were holding hostage (Daily Star)

Benefit cheat robbed us blind 'Disabled' man was secret driving instructor (Daily Star)

Explosion, gunfire along Egypt-Gaza border; man dies in Alexandria bombing (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS Video Presents Grim Choice for News Media (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: U.N. Names U.S. Judge to Lead War Crimes Inquiry Into 2014 Gaza Conflict (New York Times - Paywall)

FBI: ISIS is recruiting U.S. teens (CNN)

Jury Orders Toyota to Pay $11 Million to Minnesota Crash Victims (Time Magazine)

ISIS claims to have executed captive Jordanian pilot (CBS News)

World Briefing: Turkey Revokes Passport of Cleric in Exile in Pennsylvania (New York Times - Paywall)

Man charged over killing of heroic German teacher (Guardian)

Imprisoned shoe bomber says attack on U.S. plane OK under Islamic law (Reuters)

Fern ndez warrant adds to death mystery (Financial Times - Paywall)

Man United 3-0 Cambridge United (BBC)

Jordanian pilot 'burned alive' by IS (BBC)

Jordan vows vengeance as pilot reportedly burned alive by Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

WorldViews: The Islamic State was dumped by al-Qaeda a year ago. Look where it is now. (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS video purports to show Jordanian pilot burned alive (CBS News)

Riding Light video takes viewers from the sun's surface to Jupiter in 45 minutes (Daily Mail)

Argentina's Congress debates reform of spy agency in wake of mysterious death of prosecutor (Fox News)

Islamic State Beheadings Frame a New Debate About Japan's Military Restraints (New York Times - Paywall)

French soldiers attacked outside Jewish community centre - video report (Guardian)

Execution of captured Jordanian pilot (Fox News)

Distraught pilot says he survived "suicide crash" without a scratch (CBS News)

Steven Robinson whose arm was severed in accident invents prosthetic which lets him fly a PLANE (Daily Mail)

Texas man arrested for paying tax in $1 bills (Russia Today)

VIDEO: King: Jordan must stand together (BBC)

NTSB: "Selfies" likely factor in deadly plane crash near Denver (CBS News)

India's Modi faces possible state poll defeat, clouding growth prospects (Reuters)

Iraq reconciliation would help counter Islamic State - U.S. military (Reuters)

Good Samaritans donate to Detroit man who walks 21 miles to work each day (Russia Today)

Canadian police make arrest in relation to Ottawa ISIS recruiting cell (Fox News)

Canadian police arrest man, charge him with aiding Islamic State (Reuters)

U.S. plans to boost aid to Jordan to $1 billion per year (Reuters)

Man intentionally crashes plane, lives to tell the story (CBS News)

Isis: Jordan promises tough response to pilot's killing - video (Guardian)

M-way closed in major lorry crash (BBC)

Third poultry quarantine in Washington state as avian flu infects more birds (Guardian)

Muslim student David Souaan who wanted ISIS flag to fly over Downing Street jailed (Daily Mail)

U.N. Concerned About Reports That Food Aid to Syria Is in ISIS Hands (New York Times - Paywall)

Greece sets sights on Merkel in effort to roll back austerity measures (Washington Post - Paywall)

Yazidis sift through mass grave trying to identify loved ones they fear were killed by ISIS (Daily Mail)

British teenspost pictures on Twitter of ISIS 'self defence practice' holding AK-47s (Daily Mail)

Lens Blog: Survival and Death in a Faraway War (New York Times - Paywall)

Isis Jordanian pilot video: US president Barack Obama issues statement on death of Muath al-Kasaesbeh (Independent)

Fighting ISIS with the Badr Brigade (CBS News)

French soldiers on anti-terror patrol attacked by man with knife (CBS News)

Investigation into Argentine prosecutor's death finds draft request for arrest of president (Fox News)

Pilot's murder may weaken Jordanian support for role in anti-Isis campaign (Guardian)

Cellphone selfies probably played part in fatal Colorado air crash (Guardian)

Lego voted greatest toy of all time with Monopoly, Action Man and Rubik's Cube also in top 50 (Daily Mail)

Catalonia to open up to 50 embassies' around the world in a few years' (Russia Today)

Lieutenant Muath al-Kaseasbeh: Reactions to purported murder of Jordanian pilot by Isis (Independent)

WorldViews: The horrific failure of Jordan's prisoner swap' with the Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

Russia, India and China: Cooperating in unstable world (Russia Today)

Men related to ISIS terror cell arrested in Canada (Fox News)

Lieutenant Muath al-Kaseasbeh: The Jordanian pilot who fought Isis 'for distorting the true spirit of Islam' (Independent)

Connor Williams who danced for Royal Ballet stands up to bullies in video (Daily Mail)

Man who ran 'revenge porn' website faces 20 years in jail (Independent)

8 people killed, dozens injured in bus crash in southern Israel (Los Angeles Times)

Crowdfunding lifts up Detroit man who walks 21 miles to work (CBS News)

Obama condemns Isis as 'morally bankrupt' after claim Jordanian hostage was burned to death - video (Guardian)

More than $100K raised for man who walks nearly 21 miles to work (CBS News)

Jordan vows 'revenge' for ISIS execution of pilot hostage (Russia Today)

Video shows Jordanian pilot burned alive' by Isis (Financial Times - Paywall)

Police launch murder investigation after man is stabbed to death in Guildford (Daily Mail)

Islamic State video claims to show burning death of Jordanian pilot (Washington Post - Paywall)

Iraq relying on Shiite militia with disturbing past to fight ISIS (CBS News)

Greek finance minister's EU solidarity tour for new debt deal reaches Italy - video (Guardian)

Environmentally-friendly 'C-fu' made from mealworms could help feed the world (Daily Mail)

Why Female Friendships Are Better Than Anything Else in the World (Huffington Post)

Jordanian pilot 'burned alive by Islamic State' (Channel4)

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