Monday, 9th February 2015

World News

Brian Williams talks about false Iraq war story (CBS News)

Man charged in death of NJ man found in car trunk (CBS News)

At least 25 dead as fans, police clash at Egypt soccer match (CBS News)

Taliban commander who returned to Afghanistan as recruiter for ISIS after he was freed from Guantánamo Bay is killed in drone strike (Daily Mail)

Four dead and several injured in Bath after truck smashes into vehicles and pedestrians (Daily Mail)

Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh who was burned to death in ISIS video 'was sedated' (Daily Mail)

Killer Charles Manson's wedding OFF because fiancee, 27, just 'wanted his dead body' (Daily Star)

Obama Opposes Further Extensions of Iran Nuclear Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ex-banker faces jail for claiming dead mother was alive during dispute over land (Daily Mail)

Obama Seeks Last Push for Ukraine Peace (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Bobbi Kristina and the house she called home with her adopted brother turned lover (Daily Mail)

Four killed in tipper truck crash (BBC)

Diplomat: Buffer zone, border controls among sticking points in push for peace in Ukraine (Fox News)

Obama says still weighing decision on arming Ukraine forces (Reuters)

Indian police hunt Japanese students rapist (CBS News)

Man charged with attack on disabled pensioner Alan Barnes (Daily Express)

A meeting of minds in Cairo: Billion-dollar arms deal on table as Putin and Abdel Fattah al-Sisi seek closer trade links and alliance against 'terror' (Independent)

Domestic violence charges against NFL star dismissed (CBS News)

Anguish of ISIS hostage's parents (CNN)

Serbia and Kosovo Resume Talks After 10-Month Gap (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama to ask Congress for ISIS war authority? (CNN)

Man charged with assault of disabled OAP Alan Barnes days after £329k donation closes (Daily Star)

More than two dozen killed in Egypt soccer riot (CBS News)

Syria's President Assad Is Still Pounding Damascus Residential Districts, With Dozens Killed In Ghouta (Huffington Post)

Egypt soccer suspended after deadly violence (CNN)

ISIS recruiter killed by drone (CNN)

Captive Briton shown in ISIS video (CNN)

Five killed in Boko Haram bomb attack in Niger - sources (Reuters)

On the frontlines in Ukraine (CNN)

Charge after mugging of disabled man (BBC)

How to Watch The Walking Dead Without Cable (Time Magazine)

What are you waiting for?': Slick new ISIS campaign puts new face on homegrown terror (Fox News)

Father shot by police and fighting for life after daughter found stabbed (Daily Express)

Just another family on their way home after a holiday: Clutching their son and carrying their own bags, William and Kate fly back from Mustique (Daily Mail)

Were wounds suffered by son whose parents and sister were killed in horrific axe attack self-inflicted? New twist in grisly murder case as it's revealed survivor waited more than four hours to call police (Daily Mail)

India Growth Rate Set to Rival China (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Freudian slip? CNN says Obama considers arming pro-US Ukraine (Russia Today)

Escalating violence devastates eastern Ukraine (CNN)

Ukraine crisis analysis: The US and Nato cannot solve this only Ukrainians can do that (Independent)

Boyfriend charged after Pa. college student found dead (CBS News)

Dramatic burning car rescue caught on police body cams (CBS News)

Mexican police in shoot out to rescue police commander and his family after they were kidnapped (Daily Mail)

Brustholm Ziamani who idolised Lee Rigby's killers found with knife, hammer and Islamic flag (Daily Mail)

Malaysian Cartoonist Draws Police Attention (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Giant explosion in Donetsk, Ukraine is caught on camera (Daily Mail)

Obama Weighing Decision on Arming Ukraine Forces (Newsweek Magazine)

Fundraiser far exceeds goal for Detroit man with 21-mile walk for work (CBS News)

Obama to seek new authority for Islamic State fight by Wednesday - congressional aides (Reuters)

Manchester video shows man falling under moving train and somehow SURVIVES (Daily Mail)

Bruce Jenner: Crash is 'devastating' (CNN)

WorldViews: Why it's time to pay attention to Ukraine again, now. (Washington Post - Paywall)

Obama sidesteps Ukraine military option but backs German diplomatic effort (Guardian)

The west must talk to Vladimir Putin about Ukraine (Guardian)

Obama Says He Doesn't Expect More Extensions in Talks With Iran (New York Times - Paywall)

Merkel, Obama pledge alliance on Ukraine (CNN)

Tipper Truck Crash Outside Bath Primary School Leaves Four Dead (Huffington Post)

Melting snow helps Dutch police nab marijuana growers (Fox News)

Nectar boosts loyalty card security and police investigate as fraudsters target users in new eBay points scam (Daily Mail)

Obama says he is considering arming Ukraine but appears reluctant (Los Angeles Times)

Northern League looks south to lead Italy's right against Renzi (Reuters)

Police officers defend stop-search (BBC)

Bruce Jenner breaks his silence about fatal car crash (Daily Mail)

Family of murder victim sues funeral home after casket POPPED OPEN during burial (Daily Mail)

Wiltshire Police apologise after asking for names of Charlie Hebdo customers (Daily Mail)

EU threatens sanctions against 'spoilers' of Libyan peace talks (Reuters)

Kremlin warns the West not to issue ultimatums to Vladimir Putin over Ukraine (Daily Mail)

Hairdresser was 'grossly distracted' on phone when she knocked down and killed retired airman and his teacher wife of 54 years as they walked arm in arm, court told (Daily Mail)

Macer Gifford: British man joins Kurds to fight Isis in Syria' (Independent)

Ukraine crisis: Barack Obama and Angela Merkel show united front ahead of Minsk summit while holding off on tricky question of military aid (Independent)

Arab coalition's tough balance in fight against ISIS (Fox News)

British man 'kills German tourist' in Spain after he filmed his daughter (Daily Mail)

Artists protest against Cuban artist Tania Bruguera's detention (Guardian)

Kent police 'saved fish while escaped psychiatric patient was suffocating to death' (Daily Mail)

Two parties quit resumed Yemen crisis talks citing Houthi threats (Reuters)

EU Delays Sanctions Amid Push for Ukraine Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Brit ISIS hostage John Cantlie appears in latest propaganda film (Daily Mail)

Paintings of Waterloo days after 1815 battle show the dead still laying where they fell (Daily Mail)

Couple meet patient saved by their gift of a transplant from their dead son (Daily Mail)

Afghan officials: Drone strike kills ISIS commander (CBS News)

WorldViews: How Egypt's soccer fans became enemies of the state (Washington Post - Paywall)

BREAKING: Four dead with several injured as truck collides into vehicles and pedestrians (Daily Express)

Soccer deaths shed light on Egypt political power struggles in post-Mubarak era (Fox News)

BREAKING: Four dead and several injured in horror truck crash in Bath (Daily Star)

Young Tory Macer Gifford abandons City job to fight ISIS (Daily Mail)

Obama, Meeting With Merkel on Ukraine Crisis, Keeps Military Aid Option Open (New York Times - Paywall)

Egyptian Fans Blame Police for the Deaths of 22 in Stampede (Time Magazine)

20-year-old in China looks like a young child due to a pituitary tumour (Daily Mail)

Former Taliban Commander Who Joined ISIS Is Said to Be Killed in Afghanistan (New York Times - Paywall)

British man arrested for killing' German man filming his young daughter (Independent)

British man arrested for 'killing' German man filming his young daughter (Independent)

FARC Invite Miss Universe to Havana Peace Talks (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama: US still considering sending arms to Ukraine (Channel4)

ISIS Grows International Footprint' as Affiliate Jihadist Groups Spring Up (Newsweek Magazine)

Over 30 Romanian TV presenters and models arrested by police investigating prostitution ring (Daily Mail)

Gunmen fire on Marseille police as PM Valls visits city (Reuters)

Armed Police (Huffington Post)

Letter From Europe: A Gamble on Peace in Ukraine (New York Times - Paywall)

Rise of the 'mammone': Two-thirds of young Italian adults live at home with their parents (Independent)

Police Federation votes for Tasers for uniformed officers (Guardian)

Arming Ukraine an option', says Obama (Financial Times - Paywall)

British hostage John Cantlie appears in new Isis video (Guardian)

Family of ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller awaits answers (CBS News)

Vladimir Putin's Egypt visit sends message to US (Guardian)

John Cantlie, Islamic State Hostage Journalist, Says New Video Is 'Last In Series' (Huffington Post)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss Ukraine conflict at White House (CBS News)

UK immigration detention centers probed by Home Office after abuse revelations (Russia Today)

British police force apologizes after officer asks for names of Charlie Hebdo buyers (Fox News)

ISIS execute man in Syria 'invoking magic' (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo Readers' Names Were Logged By Wiltshire Police (Huffington Post)

Briton arrested in Spain for allegedly killing man he caught filming daughter (Guardian)

Britons stranded in FIVE-HOUR queues with thousands of travellers at Hamburg Airport after police block terminal entrances due to security staff strike (Daily Mail)

Iraq War foreign secretary could be peer before Chilcot report published (Russia Today)

Merkel and Obama hold White House news conference on Ukraine strategy live (Guardian)

ISIS release new video of John Cantlie Inside Aleppo' (Russia Today)

How to nag your husband to lose weight: Man who lost 4st reveals the tricks that will get your other half off the sofa (Daily Mail)

After Criticism, India Police Arrest 8 in Haryana Rape-Murder (New York Times - Paywall)

Man guilty of 'brutal' OAP murder (BBC)

Merkel takes Ukraine plan to Obama (BBC)

Widowed Thai mother could be deported after British husband was killed in car crash (Daily Mail)

ISIS Hostage John Cantlie in New Video in Aleppo, Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

Man shot by armed cops called to stabbing of teen DAUGHTER (Daily Star)

Domestic Abuse Charges Dropped Against Carolina Panthers' Greg Hardy (Time Magazine)

Isis militants publicly behead man for 'practicing sorcery' in Raqqa (Independent)

AirAsia flight QZ8501: Total number of bodies pulled from crash rises in 100 (Independent)

AirAsia flight QZ8501: Total number of bodies pulled from crash rises to 100 (Independent)

Man shot by police after stabbing (BBC)

Hooded gunmen fire at police in Marseille (Daily Mail)

Yemen Political Talks Resume but Quickly Stall Over Houthi Demands (New York Times - Paywall)

Police in Haiti fire tear-gas at protesters seeking ouster of government (Independent)

Greece's port in a storm: anger as Syriza stops China extending hold on Piraeus (Guardian)

Kurds fighting ISIS desperate for U.S. supplies (CBS News)

Location of US anti-poaching pilot remains a mystery after presumed West African crash in 2014 (Fox News)

Army of tradesmen rebuild severely disabled Aidan Jackowiak's home for free (Daily Mail)

China and Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union may set up free trade zone (Russia Today)

Cyclist left for dead in a ditch after hit-and-run - but driver WON'T be prosecuted (Daily Mail)

Minorities Face Significant Barriers to Home Ownership in the U.S., Report Says (Time Magazine)

Father Marc Traylor is shot by police after daughter is found with stab wounds in Kent (Daily Mail)

Man finally finds the person who stopped him from taking his own life twelve years ago (Independent)

£500m Essex boy Patrick McKenna and why the taxman's gone to war on his A-list clients (Daily Mail)

China Tells Schools to Suppress Western Ideas, With One Big Exception (New York Times - Paywall)

Explosion, fire rock eastern Ukraine chemical plant (Fox News)

Marseille police seal off housing estate after shots fired video (Guardian)

Mission improbable: Merkel visits US to sell Ukraine peace plan (Russia Today)

Merkel to Urge Caution in U.S. as Pressure Builds to Arm Ukraine Forces (Newsweek Magazine)

Canadian coffee giant apologises after store owner pours bucket of water over sleeping homeless man and his dog (Independent)

Woman taught to walk again by her boyfriend after car crash (Daily Mail)

Chernobyl's nuclear threat returns: Forest fires in Ukraine cause radioactive particles to be released over Europe (Daily Mail)

EU ministers rally to urge Russia to free Ukraine pilot (Fox News)

Man And Cat Make Excellent Bug-Catching Team (Huffington Post)

Islamic State pulls forces and hardware from Syria's Aleppo - rebels (Reuters)

'Medical miracle' as MAN gives birth to twins (Daily Star)

British man killed in avalanche by his safety 'air bag' (Daily Mail)

Red Cross saw twice as many dead Afghan fighters in 2014, fears worse to come (Reuters)

China Executes Tycoon Liu Han (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

#OPISIS: Anonymous targets ISIS online propaganda (Russia Today)

Egypt halts football after deaths (BBC)

British man 'beats German tourist to death at posh Spanish resort after catching him filming his daughter with an iPad' (Daily Mail)

Syria says it doesn't need Jordan's help fighting ISIS (Fox News)

Could skin from DEAD people heal wounds faster? Cadaver tissue effectively treats burns and ulcers (Daily Mail)

Commander Linked to Islamic State Killed in Afghanistan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

European Union threatens sanctions against 'spoilers' of Libya cease-fire talks (Fox News)

Parents of teenager 'tortured' and wrongfully executed for rape and murder watch in court as another man is convicted of the crime (Independent)

Merkel to meet Obama amid growing US scepticism over Ukraine peace talks (Guardian)

Taliban-turned-Islamic State militant killed in Afghanistan strike (Los Angeles Times)

Marseille Neighbourhood Sealed off After Shots Fired at Police (Newsweek Magazine)

2,000 UK troops, RAF spy plane bound for Jordan to combat ISIS (Russia Today)

Kurdish fighters battle equipment woes, ISIS (CNN)

China executes mining tycoon Liu Han (CNN)

Isis-linked militant killed in Afghanistan drone strike (Guardian)

Angela Merkel assailed from all sides in drive to pacify Russia and US on Ukraine (Guardian)

Rail hub a tipping point in Ukraine war (Financial Times - Paywall)

British motorists caught speeding in Europe could be tracked down and fined at home under new EU rules (Daily Mail)

Egypt Soccer Riot Kills at Least 25 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Bruce Jenner Breaks Silence on Fatal Car Crash (Time Magazine)

West caused Ukraine crisis - Putin (BBC)

Now that's sibling rivalry! Father films toddler's furious reaction when she's told her newborn sister is coming home (Daily Mail)

Turkish man set fire to a cat and posted photo on Facebook (Daily Mail)

'Disappointing' Fifty Shades Of Grey Lube Leads To Lawsuit Against Makers LoveHoney (Huffington Post)

Obama speaks out against rape at the 2015 Grammy Awards (CBS News)

Afghanistan drone strike 'kills senior Islamic State commander' (Daily Express)

Surfer killed in shark attack (CNN)

EU widens sanctions against Moscow and Ukraine rebels, implementation delayed (Russia Today)

Jack Straw could take seat in the Lords BEFORE his role in Iraq War is laid bare in 'devastating' Chilcot report (Daily Mail)

Terrifying moment female lion tamer is mauled by one of her animals during Egyptian circus... ten years after her husband was killed performing the same act (Daily Mail)

'Isis commander' who defected from Taliban killed by drone attack in Afghanistan (Independent)

Ukraine ceasefire: The 12-point plan (BBC)

Brazil mass jailbreak: Dozens escape Nova Mutum prison after women dressed as police officers seduce guards with 'orgy' promise (Independent)

1 terror suspect arrested every day, says UK police commissioner (Russia Today)

Reports: Gunmen open fire on French police in Marseille (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hooded Gunmen Fire At Police In Marseille Ahead Of French PM Visit (Huffington Post)

Sinosphere Blog: China Convicts Man of 1996 Crime for Which Another Was Executed (New York Times - Paywall)

Hooded Gunmen Fire On Police In Marseille Ahead Of French PM Visit (Huffington Post)

Egypt soccer riot leaves more than 2 dozen dead (CBS News)

Peru's maca boom could fall flat if China starts growing its own (Guardian)

Ukraine crisis: Vladimir Putin warns of 'a big catastrophe' as Kiev disrupts pro-Russia rebels (Independent)

Grateful Dead tiger guitar offers new break in murder cold case (Daily Mail)

Nine more Ukrainian servicemen killed in the east (Reuters)

Man dies after having legs bitten off by shark (Daily Express)

Australia shark attack: Surfer killed after both of his legs were ripped off on Shelly beach (Independent)

EU backs Ukraine peace drive, hawks urge no easing of sanctions (Reuters)

Gunmen fire on French police during PM's visit to Marseille (Channel4)

BREAKING: Hooded gunmen with Kalashnikovs fire at police in Marseille (Daily Express)

Blast at Ukraine chemical plant (CNN)

BREAKING: Hooded gunmen shoot at police in Marseille (Daily Star)

Hooded gunmen fire on Marseille cops, French PM Valls visiting police source (Russia Today)

Shots reported fired at French police in Marseille (Fox News)

Ukraine conflict caused by the West, blasts Vladimir Putin as Merkel talks peace plane (Daily Express)

Egypt suspends national soccer league after riot kills at least 22 (Fox News)

Rajedmiah Miah rapes drunk girl after offering her a lift home on her birthday (Daily Mail)

Deputy head of ISIS in Afghanistan killed in drone strike - Helmand police chief (Russia Today)

Riot at Egypt football match leaves at least 40 dead (Daily Mail)

40 per cent of us lie about how much chocolate we eat: Third of us admit enjoying a bar on the way home from work to avoid questions from our partners (Daily Mail)

Baby born prematurely in New York flies home by private jet! (Daily Mail)

West Races to Defuse Ukraine Crisis (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Putin: US' determination to dominate sparked Ukraine crisis (Russia Today)

Afghan officials: Islamic State commander among 5 killed in drone strike (Fox News)

Drone kills veteran Afghan militant with suspected ISIS links - official (Reuters)

Cairo police fire teargas at crowds outside football stadium video (Guardian)

Premature British baby flies home from New York on private jet after £130k bill is wiped (Daily Express)

EU backs four-way Ukraine talks as it weighs fresh sanctions (Fox News)

China's President Xi Jinping Is Planning His First State Visit to the U.S. (Time Magazine)

UK couple facing £130,000 medical bill after having premature baby in New York finally return home (Independent)

Teenager 'posed for Snapchat selfie with classmate's dead body after shooting him in face' (Independent)

Isis capabilities degraded by '20 per cent' after Jordan steps up air strikes against group (Independent)

Ukraine talks amid renewed violence (CNN)

Teen charged with murder after 'shooting boy and taking selfie with dead body' (Daily Star)

Drop in number of traffic police (BBC)

Gunmen kill Somali lawmaker in drive-by shooting in the capital, police say (Fox News)

Police search for man who raped Japanese student in northern India tourist city of Jaipur (Fox News)

Yemen's Shiite rebels hold first talks with political rivals since seizing power (Fox News)

China's president plans state visit to U.S. this year (Washington Post - Paywall)

Egypt football league suspended after at least 25 fans killed in stadium stampede and clashes (Independent)

Dozens dead after police fire on Egyptian foootball supporters (Guardian)

China Executes Billionaire Who Ran Mafia-Style' Criminal Gang (New York Times - Paywall)

Lithuania wants to supply weapons to Ukraine amid ongoing civil war (Russia Today)

Security staff go on strike at 3 German airports; police turning away travelers in Hamburg (Fox News)

Mysterious woman from Canada's rapid rise in ISIS puzzles intel analysts (Fox News)

Was Bruce Jenner texting before fatal car crash? Police to check phone records (Daily Mail)

The moment deputies save a man from a burning car on Christmas Day (Daily Mail)

Would you ask an astrologer to choose your next home or pick your holiday destination Meet the women using high tech astrological maps to do just that (Daily Mail)

New Baby P mum 'was part of burglary gang that slit man's throat and left him for dead while stealing TV set and jacket worth £179' (Daily Mail)

Head of Egypt soccer team rules out police role in deaths of 22 fans in clashes, stampede (Fox News)

Two al-Jazeera journalists to face new trial in Egypt (Guardian)

Publicist: Bruce Jenner Wasn't Texting During Fatal Crash (Time Magazine)

Chemical plant in rebel-held city in eastern Ukraine catches fire, reportedly after shelling (Fox News)

China convicts man of 1996 rape and murder after exonerating teenager executed for same crime (Fox News)

VIDEO: Football fans killed in Cairo clashes (BBC)

Man shot dead outside pre-Grammy Awards party attended by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa (Daily Mail)

Yemen to continue talks with rebels (CBS News)

Report: Egypt suspends Premier League (CNN)

At least 12 dead in Baghdad suicide bombing, Iraqi officials say (Los Angeles Times)

China executes 'mafia' mining tycoon (BBC)

Man dies in Australia shark attack (BBC)

For crash survivor, "cant" isnt in his vocabulary (CBS News)

Amal Clooney to push Egypt for journalist's release (CNN)

President Xi of China to Make State Visit to Washington (New York Times - Paywall)

Man arrested after bomb threat, assault at Coast Guard station (CBS News)

Huge explosion at Donetsk chemical plant, Ukraine MP says military don't know what they hit' (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Four-nation talks aimed at Ukraine peace plan (CBS News)

China court gives out new death penalty after wrongful execution (Reuters)

China executes businessman linked to former security tsar (Reuters)

Miss Universe asked to join peace talks (CNN)

Surfer killed after shark bites off legs in second attack in 2 days off Australia's east coast (Fox News)

Grammys 2015: Sam Smith Tells Man He Fell In Unrequited Love With, 'Thank You For Breaking My Heart' (Huffington Post)

China executes ex-mine tycoon, 4 other members of crime gang that killed rivals (Fox News)

Jordan says it has carried out 56 air strikes against Isis (Guardian)

Bali Nine members appeal against Joko Widodo's refusal to grant clemency (Guardian)

Parents of ISIS hostage said to be in "fragile state" (CBS News)

Man killed by shark in Australia (Fox News)

China president plans to make 1st state visit to US (Fox News)

Twenty-two people killed outside Cairo football stadium (Reuters)

Officials: 25 People Killed in Egyptian Soccer Match Riot (Time Magazine)

Making a 'squat' a home (CNN)

Memo From Munich: Crisis in Ukraine Underscores Opposing Lessons of Cold War (New York Times - Paywall)

Emma Thompson home schools her daughter after girl says school 'wasn't for her' (Daily Mail)

Several killed in Egypt during riot at soccer match (CBS News)

Police Force in Afghanistan Is Studied for Ties to Taliban (New York Times - Paywall)

At least 25 killed in Egypt soccer riot, official says (Fox News)

Soccer Stadium Stampede Kills at Least 25 in Egypt (New York Times - Paywall)

Deadline Nearing, Iran Presses for Progress in Nuclear Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

Merkel: Ukraine peace prospects 'uncertain' (CNN)

American held by ISIS moved by suffering of Syrian people (CNN)

ISIS hostage wanted to change the world (CNN)

Leaders scramble to avert 'dramatic spiral' in Ukraine (Reuters)

Why ISIS terrorism won't work (CNN)

Swarming around hero Monty, the hardline Muslims protesting AGAINST freedom of speech: Thousands gather outside Downing Street over 'uncivilised' Charlie Hebdo cartoonists (Daily Mail)

Retrial Date Set for Al-Jazeera Journalists in Egypt (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ukraine: How a trade deal triggered war (CNN)

Jordan says its airstrikes are targeting Islamic State leadership (Washington Post - Paywall)

How to increase State pension payout: Millions offered £100-a-month boost for life (Daily Express)

SNP man told to hand back Holocaust money (Daily Express)

Strikes hit ISIS targets in Mosul (CNN)

Egypt Moves Toward Retrial for 2 Jailed Al Jazeera Journalists (New York Times - Paywall)

4-way summit on Ukraine crisis could herald breakthrough on peace deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

Four-way Ukraine summit planned (BBC)

Briton killed by avalanche: Father-of-three swept to his death during last day of family holiday in the Italian Alps (Daily Mail)

Stampede leaves 22 dead in Egypt (Financial Times - Paywall)

How father's hunch saved crash toddler (CNN)

Nigeria criticised over decision to halt vote because of fight against Boko Haram (Independent)

Egypt soccer riot leaves at least 22 dead (Los Angeles Times)

Op-Ed Contributor: Don't Arm Ukraine (New York Times - Paywall)

Three Sudanese aid workers killed - government official (Reuters)

Former Obama aide: Diplomacy first in Ukraine (CBS News)

Boris Johnson to have talks with Hillary Clinton as London Mayor's roadshow hits the US (Independent)

Will more Arab nations put ground troops against ISIS? (CBS News)

Police investigate phone use after fatal car crash involving Bruce Jenner (Guardian)

'Why Man Utd are toiling in attack' (BBC)

The U.S. Goldilocks' Strategy Toward ISIS (Time Magazine)

Grieving father writes heartbreaking letter to the seven-year-old son killed in last year's floods as campaign continues to find out why he died (Daily Mail)

U.S.-backed Iraqi forces face risky urban warfare in battle against Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

Football clashes in Egypt kill 14 fans (Daily Star)

Jordan says it has destroyed dozens of Islamic State targets (Los Angeles Times)

Football clashes in Egypt kill 14 people (Daily Express)

Ukraine Peace Talks Gather Momentum as 4-Way Summit Planned (Time Magazine)

'Selfie' photo post on social media with dead body leads to teen's arrest (Guardian)

Jordan launches 56 revenge airstrikes against ISIS (Daily Mail)

'I miss you so much' Dad writes heartbreaking letter to son killed in last year's floods (Daily Express)

At least 30 killed in stampede as police clash with football fans in Cairo (Russia Today)

Kevin Wilson shot in the back is named as Liverpool police issue plea for help (Daily Mail)

Miss Universe Paulina Vega invited to peace talks by Colombia's FARC rebels (Daily Mail)

Mubarak-Era Tycoon to Run for Parliament in Egypt (New York Times - Paywall)

Story of 'killed' U.S. aid worker Kayla Mueller who was snatched by ISIS (Daily Mail)

Desperation and Destruction in Contested Ukraine City (New York Times - Paywall)

Georgia gunman kills ex-wife and children in shooting spree at home (Guardian)

Yemen crisis talks to resume Monday (BBC)

Isis is cruel but so are bombs and drones (Guardian)

Health Ministry official: 5 people killed in riot at Egypt soccer match; toll likely to rise (Fox News)

Cliff Richard 'confident' police will drop child sex abuse allegation (Daily Mail)

Merkel to meet Obama over Ukraine (Financial Times - Paywall)

UN envoy says Yemen national talks will resume amid crisis (Fox News)

Man shot dead by police in Tunisia protest - witnesses (Reuters)

The Case Against Artificial Intelligence (Newsweek Magazine)

Isis in Iraq: Street parties mark end of Baghdad curfew as bombs claim 36 lives (Independent)

Activists Risk Death to Track ISIS (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man stabbed in attempted murder bid (BBC)

Al Jazeera journalists Baher Mohamed and Mohamed Fahmy held in Egypt face new trial (Daily Mail)

One man dies as near-boiling water floods streets of Sweden's Lund after bus crash (Daily Mail)

Jordan says conducted 56 air raids in three days against Islamic State (Reuters)

New Iron Curtain emerging along the border of Ukraine and Russia' (Russia Today)

Retrial date set for 2 Al-Jazeera journalists still in Egypt (Fox News)

Should the West arm Ukraine against rebels? (CBS News)

VIDEO: Car shop crash caught on CCTV (BBC)

E.U. Official Sees No Rift With U.S. Over Arming Ukraine (Newsweek Magazine)

Hunt for thief who pickpocketed Irene Ditcher as she lay dying from lorry crash (Daily Mail)

Jordan has launched 56 air strikes against Isis in three days in response to brutal murder of pilot, says air force chief (Independent)

A home fit for an emperor: 74-room mansion used by Napoleon goes up for sale (Daily Mail)

Leak alleges Egypt scorn for Gulf donors (Financial Times - Paywall)

Brian Williams: NBC anchor takes himself off air for 'several days' after admitting Iraq war story was incorrect (Independent)

Brian Williams: NBC anchor takes himself of air for 'several days' after admitting Iraq war story was incorrect (Independent)

US invasion of Iraq helped create ISIS - former UN chief (Russia Today)

U.S. Senators: No ground troops against ISIS (CNN)

Egypt sets Feb. 12 retrial date for jailed Al Jazeera journalists - lawyer (Reuters)

Mall shooting: Man arrested (CNN)

Kerry rules out extension of Iran nuclear talks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Elderly man 'critical' after crash (BBC)

Arab leaders bemoan lack of strategy, weapons against jihadists (Reuters)

Egypt sets retrial date for jailed Al Jazeera journalists (Channel4)

Pilot's death bolsters Jordanian support for bombing of Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Europe pushes ahead with Ukraine peace talks (Financial Times - Paywall)

China cracks down on protest toilet paper (Channel4)

Mob attack cops: 'Threatening' crowd launch assault on police at scene of stabbing (Daily Star)

German, French, Russian and Ukraine leaders to hold summit (Los Angeles Times)

Putin behaving 'like 20th century tyrant' in Ukraine (Channel4)

Man shoots six and kills four including children before turning gun on himself at Atlanta house (Independent)

Man shoots six and kills four including children before shooting himself at Atlanta house (Independent)

Ukraine crisis: Putin, Poroshenko, Hollande, Merkel voice plans for Minsk meeting (Russia Today)

Football team's plane found 54 years after crash - video (Channel4)

ISIS video: Children in class, men at prayer (CNN)

Stall warnings before TransAsia crash (CNN)

Despite state of war': Curfew lifted in Baghdad hours after deadly bombings (Russia Today)

NBC's Brian Williams off air, under internal probe for fake Iraq War tale (Russia Today)

China seeks private help to streamline people's army (Financial Times - Paywall)

The Tartan Stalinists: Forced sales of country estates. Snooping state guardians for every child. Contempt for the wealthy... and Britain. Fantasy? No, it's the stark reality of an SNP landslide (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Andes plane 'found' 50 years after crash (BBC)

Pedestrian dies after M4 crash (BBC)

Bruce Jenner involved in fatal Malibu crash (CBS News)

Biden to Putin: Get out of Ukraine (CNN)

Islamic State hostage Kayla Mueller: Parents kept excruciating secret (Los Angeles Times)

World Briefing: Kenya: Lawmaker Is Killed (New York Times - Paywall)

Ukraine evacuees leave war in the east for safety and uncertainty in the west (Washington Post - Paywall)

The brutal killing that hardened Jordan's hearts against IS (BBC)

ISIS Declares Airstrike Killed a U.S. Hostage (New York Times - Paywall)

British troops sent in to help Jordan fight Islamic State (Daily Express)

EXCLUSIVE: 'Find out who killed our sons' New canal death sparks fears The Pusher's back (Daily Star)

ISIS claims American hostage killed by Jordanian airstrike in Syria (CBS News)

Juan Zarate on the ISIS claim of killed American (CBS News)

U.S. hostages family addresses ISIS after death claim (CBS News)

Family of U.S. Hostage of Islamic State Says Hopeful She is Still Alive (Newsweek Magazine)

Jordan's revenge: 60 airstrikes target Islamic State (Channel4)

Free Super Bowl for wrongfully jailed man (CNN)

Europe, U.S. Clash Over Ukraine Course (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS selling Iraqi children 'as slaves' (CNN)

Parents urge ISIS to contact them (CNN)

Source: Ukraine peace talks "substantive and constructive" (CBS News)

Attacks in Ukraine leave villagers stranded (CBS News)

American taken by ISIS championed human rights (CBS News)

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