Friday, 13th February 2015

World News

ISIS suicide attack thwarted (CBS News)

Nigel Farage plea for more care home cameras to stop abuse (Daily Express)

Arrests made in murders of three in Florida home (CBS News)

U.S. man funded Pakistan attack (CNN)

Ukraine battle rages up to wire (CNN)

ISIS launches suicide attacks at Iraqi base housing US Marines (Russia Today)

How to get a date in 12 minutes (Daily Mail)

Fighting rages in run-up to Ukraine ceasefire (Reuters)

ISIS Troops Attack Iraqi Base Used by U.S. (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

"Life is complete": World War II vet finally gets high school diploma (CBS News)

Remembering a city bombed to near-oblivion: Thousands form human chain for peace on 70th anniversary of bombing raid on Dresden that killed 25,000 (Daily Mail)

Fierce fighting surges before cease-fire in Ukraine (CBS News)

VIDEO: Time-lapse: Five years of the Sun (BBC)

Valentines Day is Tough for Teens And Here Are the Numbers to Prove It (Time Magazine)

ISIS fighters wearing Iraqi Army uniforms attack Iraqi base where US Marines are stationed (Daily Mail)

How police stopped runaway school bus (CBS News)

Fire at Islamic center in Texas under investigation, arson not ruled out (Russia Today)

Civil rights group challenges FBI chief's claim that police racial bias is unconscious' (Russia Today)

Cyber world like Wild West', says Obama (Financial Times - Paywall)

Freed Al-Jazeera journalist: Why can't Canada get me home? (Independent)

VIDEO: Man lights up cigarette on train tracks despite imminent SPEEDING TRAIN (Daily Star)

Amanda Holden at the centre of Twitter backlash as she sends 9-year-old daughter to school dressed as Pretty Woman prostitute for fancy dress day (Daily Mail)

3 Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Presidents Day (Time Magazine)

Isis fighters in suicide attack on Iraqi air base (Guardian)

At least 19 killed in attack on Shi'ite mosque in Pakistan (Reuters)

Islamic State tries to attack base where hundreds of U.S. troops are stationed (Washington Post - Paywall)

Know Right Now: Valentine's Day Chocolate Will Be Pricey This Year (Time Magazine)

Fighting continues in Ukraine despite looming cease-fire (Washington Post - Paywall)

'Farcical' fake wedding to 'cheat' UK immigration laws sees man forget wife-to-be's NAME (Daily Express)

Website of UAE Newspaper al Ittihad Hacked by Group Claiming ISIS Affiliation (Newsweek Magazine)

Witness the Aftermath of the Terror Attack on a Shi'ite Peshawar Mosque (Time Magazine)

Iraqi army repels attack on base hosting U.S. Marines, officials say (Reuters)

Taliban kill 20 in Pakistan mosque attack (CBS News)

Valentines Day Hashtag Asks Users to Capture Love in Four Words (Newsweek Magazine)

American Sniper Chris Kyle murder trial: Video shows alleged killer fleeing police in truck (Independent)

Mexico condemns shooting of man by Washington State cops for throwing rocks (Russia Today)

Ukraine fighting flares ahead of truce (Financial Times - Paywall)

Elderly woman filmed confronting ISIS militants and branding them 'devils' (Daily Mail)

ISIS seizes town near U.S. base (CNN)

Woman filmed on tube telling black man 'you guys used to be slaves' (Daily Mail)

France's 'Dirty Harry': Mayor under fire over police '7.65 caliber new friends' posters (Russia Today)

Woman jailed over nose-bite attack (BBC)

Britain's longest serving policeman retires from Metropolitan Police after 47 years of service (Daily Mail)

The 5 Reasons Russia Has It Bad (But Ukraine Has It Worse) (Time Magazine)

U.S. Accuses Kremlin of Aiding Ukraine Rebels in Assault Ahead of Cease-Fire (New York Times - Paywall)

Prison attack frees 6 al Qaeda (CNN)

2 Al Jazeera Journalists Freed From Prison in Egypt (New York Times - Paywall)

Germany remembers Allied firebombing of Dresden 70 years on (Reuters)

At least 19 people killed and 60 injured in Taliban suicide bomb and gun attack on a Pakistan mosque (Daily Mail)

That's one way to get away from it all! Private island off Skye goes on sale for just £10,000... but there are no buildings and is only the size of half a football pitch (Daily Mail)

U.N. Secretary Praises Three Young Muslims Killed in North Carolina (Newsweek Magazine)

Is YOUR city the best place in the UK to get laid on Valentine's Day? (Daily Star)

Ukraine Battle Rages Ahead of Cease-Fire (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Gary Johnson jailed for 22 years for attack on Christopher Spinks with machete (Daily Mail)

Mexico police barricaded in station over labour dispute clash with federal agents (Guardian)

WorldViews: Photos: 70 years ago, Dresden was destroyed. Here's what it looks like today (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.N. chief praises three young Muslims killed in North Carolina (Reuters)

No Deal to Free Ukrainian Pilot, Russia Says (New York Times - Paywall)

How to Pick a Valentine's Day Movie That's Not Fifty Shades of Grey (Time Magazine)

In the eye of a mega-drought: Researchers warn US should prepare for 'unprecedented drought conditions' unlike anything in past 1,000 years (Independent)

Ukraine fighting surges ahead of cease-fire, at least 25 killed (Los Angeles Times)

Manning to get hormone therapy (CNN)

Hairdresser who mowed down and killed elderly couple while using her iPhone is CLEARED of causing their deaths by dangerous driving (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: Joe Biden keeps saying the U.S. is the only country in the world that isn't xenophobic. What does he mean? (Washington Post - Paywall)

Boko Haram Carries Out First Attack in Chad (New York Times - Paywall)

Even With Cease-Fire, Economy in Ukraine Is Crumbling (New York Times - Paywall)

Swedish Police Make Arrests in Raids on Torrent Sites (Newsweek Magazine)

Iraqi Forces Fend off ISIS Attack on Anbar Air Base Used By United States Marines (Newsweek Magazine)

What happened to U.S. World Cup TV war? (CNN)

Ukraine crisis: At least 25 dead as rebels seize more territory ahead of ceasefire deadline (Independent)

Ukraine crisis: Merkel must keep up tireless work rate or risk losing goal of a 'united Europe' (Independent)

Egypt poised for Libya evacuations as Isis hostage photos emerge (Guardian)

ISIS Takes Over Radio Station in Libya, Reports Say (Newsweek Magazine)

Failed ISIS raid tests US forces in Iraq (Fox News)

Here's Proof That Everyone Will Be Online Dating This Valentine's Day (Time Magazine)

Don't panic, we've got the church covered! First World War rifle and ammunition found in bell tower sparking speculation it was left there by Home Guard member (Daily Mail)

How Minnesota police stopped a runaway school bus (CBS News)

Minsk ceasefire in balance while fighting continues in eastern Ukraine (Guardian)

'For all the ruined cities': Douma now, Dresden 70 years on (Channel4)

What might a more serious conflict in Ukraine look like? (CNN)

Argentina's president formally charged over alleged terrorist attack cover-up (Guardian)

Seven women remember their worst ever Valentine's Day (Daily Mail)

5 Research-Based Tips on How to Pick the Best Valentine's Day Gift Ever (Time Magazine)

Eco-warrior makes home in giant nesting box in protest against felling of tree (Daily Mail)

Amateur opera singer sings Nessun Dorma on last train home (Daily Mail)

A Translation of Facebook Statuses on Valentine's Day (Huffington Post)

'We had two options - bad, or worse': Ukrainian prime minister reveals the extent of how one-sided peace deal was... and how they do not believe Putin will stick to it (Daily Mail)

Greek Shares and Bonds Return to Pre-Election Levels on Deal Anticipation (Newsweek Magazine)

Al Jazeera journalists leave prison (BBC)

Why People With a Learning Disability Are Kissing on Camera for Valentine's Day (Huffington Post)

Taliban claims responsibility for attack on Pakistan mosque (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State: What is ISIS are why are they so violent? (Daily Express)

Dramatic video shows police chasing suspect after "American Sniper" Chris Kyle was killed (CBS News)

Is Getting a Valentine's Day Card From Your Child Cute or Creepy? (Huffington Post)

Isis raid on base hosting US forces fails (Financial Times - Paywall)

Air strikes in Syria kill at least 20 Islamic State fighters - monitor (Reuters)

Turkish police use water cannon on protesters decrying religion in schools (Reuters)

Police stop-search claim 'inaccurate' (BBC)

Killed dog walker had 11 broken ribs (BBC)

Flight to Dublin diverted to Denmark after drunk man strips semi-naked (Daily Mail)

Fighting follows Ukraine summit (BBC)

Mosque attack kills 19 (CNN)

Were UK police ordered to demand the names of Charlie Hebdo buyers? (Russia Today)

Rogue cops and their sinister assault on free speech: Using anti-terror laws to spy on journalists shows some police continue to forge ahead with crusade against Fleet Street writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN (Daily Mail)

Police bring Winston Rea tapes to NI (BBC)

Health centre looks like a spreadeagled NAKED MAN when viewed on Google Earth (Daily Express)

Alabama police slam Indian grandfather into the ground, unprovoked video (Guardian)

25 dead as Ukraine battles persist before cease-fire deadline (Fox News)

Watch First Graders Explain Valentine's Day (Time Magazine)

Inside terror group's plot to attack heart of Europe (CNN)

Modi Presses India Police to Solve Christian Attacks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

From rose farm to table: a Valentines Day journey (CBS News)

Fierce battles rage in Ukraine as cease-fire deadline approaches (Daily Express)

HSBC files: crackdown on amnesty deal for Swiss bank's Spanish customers (Guardian)

The girl called ISIS who shares her name with extremist group who behead hostages (Daily Mail)

Ukraine is a long way from peace, says President Petro Poroshenko video (Guardian)

Edward Mallen killed by a train after suffering a 'sudden and inexplicable' lapse into depression (Daily Mail)

Al-Jazeera English journalists set free by Egyptian appeals judge (CBS News)

Is the birthday suit thrown in? Teenager finds pink dress for sale on Facebook - with a naked man reflected in a mirror taking the picture (Daily Mail)

Pakistani Taliban attack Shia mosque (BBC)

Ukraine ultranationalist leader rejects Minsk peace deal, reserves right 'to continue war' (Russia Today)

Armed clash between federal, local police leaves 5 wounded in Mexico's Oaxaca state (Fox News)

Kurdish fighters hold ground against daily ISIS attacks (CNN)

Bob the Bobby retires after 47 years (BBC)

ISIS 'nascent' in Afghanistan (CNN)

Al Jazeera journalists freed (CNN)

Day in pictures: 13 February 2015 (BBC)

Turkish police use water cannon on protesters denouncing 'Islamisation' of schools (Guardian)

So who DID order police to demand names of Charlie Hebdo buyers? Anger grows as newsagents and customers insist officers WEREN'T acting of their own accord (Daily Mail)

Long way from peace': Over 10 civilians killed in E. Ukraine shelling after Minsk agreement (Russia Today)

It's Valentine's Day in Thailand, call the police (Daily Mail)

8 Fun, Non-Cheesy Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day (Time Magazine)

U.N. Moves to Block Islamic State's Cash (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The Saturday Profile: Russian TV Insider Says Putin Is Running the Show in Ukraine (New York Times - Paywall)

Putin tried to delay Ukraine ceasefire deal, EU summit told (Guardian)

'Boko Haram' militants attack Chad (BBC)

In India, Hindu hard-liners do not heart Valentine's Day (Los Angeles Times)

Driver of tipper truck which killed four people passed HGV licence just FIVE DAYS before (Daily Express)

U.S. says 15 more airstrikes launched against Islamic State (Reuters)

To reach Ukraine accord - high diplomacy, 'dirty games' and pig's fat (Reuters)

Spain's the place to live! Spanish is the happiest language in the world - and its people are the most in love (Daily Mail)

Boko Haram militants launch first attack inside Chad (Guardian)

Uprooted South Sudanese fear the call to return home (Reuters)

Levi Strauss is on a Mission to Get Women Back Into Jeans (Time Magazine)

The 10 surprising aphrodisiacs that will REALLY get him going in the bedroom (Daily Mail)

Pictured: Man murdered at gipsy wedding in shotgun attack (Daily Mail)

Boko Haram Launches First Attack on Chadian Village (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS hostage John Cantlie tells family: Let me go, get on with your lives' (Russia Today)

The royals are 'aliens', says Dame Helen Mirren because the world they live in is beyond our understanding (Daily Mail)

Search for the world's 'loneliest whale' who has been singing to himself for 20 years (Daily Mail)

Caracas protesters clash with police on anniversary of unrest video (Guardian)

Office worker left with huge apron of saggy skin after losing 13st begs the NHS to remove it because she can't get a boyfriend (Daily Mail)

Bangladesh ferry capsizes with 200 aboard; police retrieve 5 bodies (Reuters)

Egyptian police captain dies in Cairo bomb blast (Reuters)

At Least 19 Killed in Shi'ite Mosque Bombing in Pakistan (Newsweek Magazine)

Questions, Work Remain After Ukraine Truce Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

At least 19 people killed in Pakistan mosque attack - video report (Guardian)

What's up, doc? Hilarious aerials show health centre shaped as man with giant PENIS (Daily Star)

Julia Gillard: the world must target quality education for all children (Guardian)

Ukraine Cease-Fire Hopes Exceed Expectations (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Dresden bombed in the second world war: then and now in pictures (Guardian)

Freed al-Jazeera journalists reunited with families in Egypt (Guardian)

Boko Haram launches first attack on Chadian village (Fox News)

Busted: Kiev MPs try to fool US senator with proof' of Russian tanks in Ukraine (PHOTOS) (Russia Today)

Breaking Media Silence: Three Muslims Killed in Chapel Hill Shooting #MuslimLivesMatter (Huffington Post)

He's no dumbo! Romantic man proposes to his elephant-loving girlfriend by getting the engagement ring presented by animal's TRUNK (Daily Mail)

'I was raped on school bus when I was five by monster who threatened to bury me if I told anyone - and 16 years later he's finally in jail' (Daily Mail)

Steve Strange dead from heart attack aged 55 (Daily Mail)

Valentine's Day Is No Match for Cricket (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Is that the STD clinic? Aerial view of health centre shows it's shaped just like a spread-eagled man - complete with penis (Daily Mail)

Former Romanian minister gets 2 years jail for bribes, getting mother's house built for free (Fox News)

9 Killed as Train in India Hits Boulder (New York Times - Paywall)

Fighting Rages in Run-Up to Ukraine Ceasefire (Newsweek Magazine)

Disabled man Shane Burcaw reveals humiliation of strangers who assume his girlfriend is his carer (Daily Mail)

Chinese man drives car into barrier in front of US consulate in Shanghai (Guardian)

Al Jazeera Journalists Released on Bail (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Best supermarket ready meals for Valentine's Day (Daily Mail)

Apple $1 Trillion Stock Market Value Could be Years Away (Newsweek Magazine)

Teams set for start of World Cup (BBC)

Valentine's Day - Premier League gift guide: A Manchester City bra, Liverpool slippers, West Ham's baby bodysuit and more (Daily Mail)

Illegal immigrant who was ordered to leave Britain in 1997 is still living here and fighting deportation nearly 18 YEARS later (Daily Mail)

'I want to show that having a disability won't hold you back': British man set to become first disabled male model to appear on New York catwalk (Daily Mail)

EastEnders': Who Killed Lucy Beale? Danny Dyer And Adam Woodyatt Give Their Verdict Ahead Of Live Week Reveal (VIDEO) (Huffington Post)

Killer Noye to get parole hearing (BBC)

Man sentenced to 30 years after video shows him attempting to shoot a police officer (Independent)

Police shut 2,000 'fake goods' sites (BBC)

Guard injured when man rams car into US Consulate in Shanghai (Fox News)

Use suicide attackers to raise moral and ALWAYS stand two to a tank: Islamic State issues terrifying battlefield guidance to commanders on how to stay alive (Daily Mail)

The Time Valentine's Day Was 96 Hours Long (Time Magazine)

Blast targeting Egyptian police patrol injures 10 mostly security personnel in eastern Cairo (Fox News)

Reunited with his family after 411 days in an Egyptian jail: Al Jazeera journalist Baher Mohammed celebrates with his wife and children after release on bail (Daily Mail)

Mother known as 'Tarty Tara' torched her own home with her three-year-old daughter inside after drunken row with boyfriend - then tried to blame HIM (Daily Mail)

Eyewitness: World Press Photo competition winner (Guardian)

The 'Off-Peak Return', dear? Twitter users get steamed up with #BritishSexPositions (Daily Express)

ISIS battle near base housing U.S. military (CNN)

Life under Isis in Raqqa: The city where smoking a cigarette could see you publicly flogged, imprisoned and even decapitated (Independent)

Police beating paralyzes grandfather (CNN)

Ukip 'desperately trying' to get selfie-loving Labour councillor Karen Danczuk to defect (Daily Mail)

Dresden Bombing Anniversary Photos Contrast 1945 Devastation With 70 Years On (Huffington Post)

VIDEO: Obama unmasked: must-see skit of worlds most powerful man pulling funny faces (Daily Star)

Man 'giggled' over free bin prize (BBC)

Egypt releases 2nd of 3 Al-Jazeera journalists (CBS News)

Taliban claim responsibility for attack killing 19 at Pakistan Shiite mosque (Fox News)

Ukraine Says 8 Troops Killed in Past 24 Hours Despite Peace Deal (Time Magazine)

Man Utd play is miserable - Scholes (BBC)

Will the 21st century be lost to history? 'Father of internet' warns that our digital world may lead to a black hole of knowledge (Daily Mail)

The Top 10 Fifty Shades of Grey Quotes Readers Couldn't Get Enough Of (Time Magazine)

Paedophile doctor Myles Bradbury asked by police for advice on how to prevent cases like his' (Daily Mail)

At Least 19 Killed in Attack on Pakistani Shi'ite Mosque (Time Magazine)

The 50 things every 'real' man needs to know (Daily Mail)

Father of three with motor neurone disease speaks to his wife for the first time in 15 YEARS to renew his wedding vows... and the groundbreaking Aussie technology that allowed it to happen (Daily Mail)

John Cantlie tells family to 'let it go and get on with your lives' after final ISIS video (Daily Mail)

Man who raped pregnant women jailed (BBC)

Naked Man Escapes From Burning Building By Leaping Onto Bus (Huffington Post)

Eight Ukrainian servicemen killed in past 24 hours despite peace deal (Reuters)

Morgan is world class - Anderson (BBC)

US first as Chelsea Manning to get hormone therapy (Channel4)

Mega drought: US southwest set for worst water shortage in 1,000 years (Russia Today)

VIDEO: Al-Jazeera journalist welcomed home (BBC)

German police deploy on Serbian-Hungarian border to try stop massive migrant exodus to EU (Fox News)

PM: Ukraine only has 'bad options' (CNN)

Married Policeman sacked for having sex with man while on duty (Daily Mail)

Britain's longest serving police officer hangs up truncheon after 47 years (Daily Express)

King Richard III Killed By A Spike Thrust Into His Neck (Huffington Post)

Sea shame: 155mn tons of plastic trash in world oceans by 2025, study finds (Russia Today)

Boko Haram launches first attack on Chadian village after targeting Niger, Cameroon, army says (Fox News)

Naked fire bus-leap man 'doing OK' (BBC)

Greece will do 'whatever it can' to reach deal with EU - spokesman (Reuters)

'Sunday could be the coldest day in at least 20 years': New York City temperatures to drop to 20 BELOW ZERO as Mayor de Blasio urges all residents to stay indoors (Daily Mail)

'Let it go and get on with your lives' IS hostage John Cantlie's 'plea' to family in UK (Daily Express)

Apple's iMessage and FaceTime get two-step verification to add security (Independent)

Emile Hirsch Checks Into Rehab After Being Charged Following Alleged Choking Attack On Female Film Executive (Huffington Post)

Ukraine MPs in epic fist fight outside Parliament (Independent)

Parents could finally get cheaper holidays after 70% of headteachers say they intend to change term dates when they are given new powers to set schedules from September (Daily Mail)

Ukraine crisis in maps (BBC)

Burma: 47 soldiers killed in clashes with insurgents (Guardian)

Police pepper-spray protesting students in Sydney including a legally blind girl (Russia Today)

'Glimmer of hope' for Ukraine after new ceasefire deal (Reuters)

Following conciliatory steps, Greek shares surge on hopes that debt deal with eurozone is near (Fox News)

8 soldiers dead in Ukraine despite peace agreement (Fox News)

Friday The 13th Why Is This Day Considered So Unlucky? (Huffington Post)

Price of a loaf of bread rises by 11,000% in the past 100 years thanks to inflation says Lloyds (Daily Mail)

Rolo advert beats Milk Tray man and Nestle coffee couple to be voted UK's most romantic (Daily Mail)

A wheely stupid idea! Man caught by police attempting to ride his bike on top of a moving car... and his wife was driving (Daily Mail)

Egypt frees Al Jazeera journalists on bail pending retrial (Channel4)

Myanmar says 47 soldiers killed in clashes with rebels near China border (Reuters)

Yemeni officials: Suicide car bomber strikes police HQ captured by rebels in central region (Fox News)

Cricket World Cup: South Asian frenzy (and dour Scots) down under (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ukrainian crisis: Shelling continues as Russian tanks roll across the border a day before ceasefire starts (Independent)

Isis militants seize parts of Iraq town 13 minutes away from US base holding 320 Marines (Independent)

Exclusive: Indonesia president says to drop police chief nominee - palace sources (Reuters)

Ukraine ceasefire: European leaders sceptical peace plan will work (Guardian)

Will there be peace in Ukraine after deal reached in Minsk? (Channel4)

US police charged for pushing Indian (BBC)

Thailand braces for Valentine's Day with warnings, a new hashtag and calls for morality (Fox News)

Woman charged with care home murder (BBC)

Al-Jazeera journalists leave Egyptian prison on bail (Guardian)

Ukraine says 8 troops killed in 24 hours despite peace deal and looming cease-fire deadline (Fox News)

This Man Has Written a Love Letter to His Wife Every Day for the Last 40 Years (Time Magazine)

Former NBA All-Star Anthony Mason Has Improved Slightly After His Heart Attack (Time Magazine)

Push to get more women firefighters (BBC)

Even with Turkish Stream, Russia can't avoid sending gas via Ukraine (Reuters)

Ten years after Hariri's assassination, Lebanon badly needs his moderation (Guardian)

'We thought Dresden was invincible': 70 years after the destruction of a city (Guardian)

Revealed: Nick Gordon launches legal action to get access to comatose Bobbi Kristina's bedside 'against her family's will' (Daily Mail)

Even 70 years later, Allied firebombing of Dresden still fresh in survivor's mind (Fox News)

Chapel Hill shooting: An attack on diversity (CNN)

Canadian Al Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy released from prison in Egypt (Fox News)

Australia bowled over by cricket World Cup (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ukraine options: 'Bad and worse' (CNN)

World Briefing: Myanmar: 47 Government Troops Killed by Rebels (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: China: Motorist Tries to Drive Into American Consulate (New York Times - Paywall)

India gripped as cricketers set out World Cup defense (CNN)

Al Qaeda Seizes Yemen Army Base as Strife Builds (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Tiny, 4-foot home is a big deal in Poland (Fox News)

We'd be terrorists': US could destroy ISIS only by turning Iraq, Syria into molten glass' Congressman (Russia Today)

Al Jazeera journalists out on bail ahead of retrial (CNN)

Data From Seized Computer Fuels a Surge in U.S. Raids on Al Qaeda (New York Times - Paywall)

Minsk deal a ray of light as clouds gather over Kiev (Russia Today)

European leaders wary that Ukraine cease-fire and peace deal will work (CBS News)

Islamic spiritual leader Nik Aziz, who helped keep Malaysia's opposition united, dies at 84 (Fox News)

Famed correspondent killed (CNN)

EXCLUSIVE: Scared for their lives - Two men arrested for 'planning an ISIS inspired terrorist plot' are being held in protective custody after being threatened by inmates (Daily Mail)

World Briefing: ISIS Releases Interview With Woman Linked to Amedy Coulibaly (New York Times - Paywall)

Hayat Boumeddiene, Widow Of Amedy Coulibaly, Interviewed In Islamic State Magazine Dar Al-Islam (Huffington Post)

Homeowner finds 140 problems with his new £580,000 Taylor Wimpey home (Daily Mail)

EU to restart gas talks with Russia, Ukraine (Russia Today)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Friday 13th February 2015 (Huffington Post)

Inspectors slam Merok Park care home in Banstead's 'unsafe' conditions (Daily Mail)

TOM UTLEY: Modern politics and the day my father's best friend was blown up at the Commons (Daily Mail)

Elizabeth Outram killed herself after film crew recorded her stealing from TK Maxx (Daily Mail)

JAN MOIR: How CAN a paramedic just leave a man to die? (Daily Mail)

Paediatrician Michael Salmon jailed for 18 years for sexually abusing sick young girls (Daily Mail)

Leaders reach new Ukraine cease-fire accord, but doubt remains (Los Angeles Times)

The Car Lady of Chiswick Anne Naysmith killed by lorry (Daily Mail)

Australian who joined ISIS reveals what life is REALLY like in Syria (Daily Mail)

Police want new child search powers (BBC)

Islamic State fighters seize parts of western Iraqi town - officials (Reuters)

Al Qaeda fighters seize Yemen army base, U.N. warns of civil war (Reuters)

Home sought for dog rescued from cruel owner (Daily Express)

Rolling in the aisles: Churches back scheme to get vicars telling jokes (Daily Express)

Michael Salmon jailed 18 years for child sex abuse at Savile hospital (Daily Express)

REVEALED: The 50 things every man must know (Daily Star)

Former schoolgirls are set to get married as husband and wife (Daily Star)

EU warns Russia over Ukraine deal (BBC)

Alabama policeman charged with assault after Indian man thrown to ground, injured (Reuters)

Mont. man sentenced in German exchange students death (CBS News)

Egyptian Court Orders Release of 2 Al Jazeera Journalists (New York Times - Paywall)

Egyptian court orders release of Al Jazeera journalists (Washington Post - Paywall)

Schoolboy, 13, killed after he was seriously hurt water bottle was thrown across the playground and hit him on the head (Daily Mail)

Haverhill PC creates his own DIY police bike to complete his beat in Suffolk town (Daily Mail)

Amnesty International urges Iran to halt pending execution of Kurdish man jailed at age 17 (Fox News)

London Firefighters: Please Don't Get Stuck in Handcuffs After Seeing Fifty Shades of Grey (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Dresden bombing marked 70 years on (BBC)

Value of Venezuela's bolivar currency plunges on first day of new exchange rate system (Fox News)

Greeks, allies plan technical talks in search of deal on debt (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: News of peace deal reaches front line (BBC)

Iranian prison authorities allow Post reporter to get medical treatment (Washington Post - Paywall)

Indian Holy Man Goes 'Bollywood' to Appeal to Country's Youth (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man who had sex with dolphin: 'It was like making love with the ocean itself' (Daily Star)

Craig Whitelaw and Kristofer McLaren jailed for nine years after raping drunk woman (Daily Mail)

How Putin Came Out On Top in Ukraine Ceasefire Deal (Time Magazine)

Freed visa prisoner arrives home (BBC)

Winning images from World Press Photo (CBS News)

Ukraine war rages on after ceasefire is agreed (Daily Express)

EU President Donald Tusk urges caution over Ukraine peace deal, cease-fire key test (Fox News)

Couple divorcing on Valentine's Day (CNN)

ISIS Invites Children to Public Viewing of Jordanian Pilot Execution Video (Newsweek Magazine)

Islamic State advances near Iraq base where U.S. advisers are stationed (Washington Post - Paywall)

Dresden bombing 70 years on: A survivor recalls the horror he witnessed in the German city (Independent)

France wins Egypt combat jet deal (BBC)

Egypt agrees fighter jet deal with France (Financial Times - Paywall)

Noam Chomsky on Islamic State and Ukraine - video (Channel4)

Report: ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller Photos Showed Burial Shroud' (Newsweek Magazine)

Footage of fatal police shooting of Antonio Zambrano-Montes - video (Guardian)

The Devil in the Donetsk Deal Details (Newsweek Magazine)

Naked man jumps on bus to escape flat blaze (Daily Star)

News Analysis: Ukraine Cease-Fire Leaves Control of Border Unresolved Until Year's End (New York Times - Paywall)

Islamic State says it's holding 'Israeli spy' in Syria (Reuters)

Italy's birth rate drops to its lowest in more than 150 years (Reuters)

Animal keeper killed in lion attack at Seoul zoo (CBS News)

Cricket World Cup team guides (BBC)

WorldViews: Why there's a war on Valentine's Day in India (Washington Post - Paywall)

Minsk peace deal will be difficult to enforce, says Petro Poroshenko - video (Guardian)

The World Press Photo winners of the year revealed (Daily Mail)

Cricket World Cup to deliver rewards (BBC)

Montana man sentenced to 70 years in controversial killing of exchange student (Independent)

Egypt judge orders release of 2 Al-Jazeera English journalists (CBS News)

Obama White House dithered as UK told them ISIS hostages Kayla Mueller, James Foley intel (Daily Mail)

Islamic State: Smoking will kill you, one way or another (Los Angeles Times)

Ukraine crisis: Leaders hammer out new truce after all-night talks (Independent)

Ukraine crisis: Leaders hammer out new truce after all night talks (Independent)

Greece eurozone talks fail to reach consensus on renegotiation of 240bn bailout deal (Independent)

Battle lines emerge in U.S. Congress over Obama Islamic state war plan (Reuters)

Why arming all police with Tasers is wrong (Guardian)

Why England won't win the World Cup (BBC)

New York rookie cop pleads not guilty in shooting of unarmed man (Russia Today)

US man jailed for killing German teen (BBC)

Police name four killed in tragic Bath lorry crash (Daily Star)

Q&A: Details of the Ukraine Cease-Fire Negotiated in Minsk (New York Times - Paywall)

Islamic State magazine claims widow of Paris attacker is in Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

Two Al-Jazeera Journalists Released From Imprisonment in Egypt (Newsweek Magazine)

Bristol friends who met as schoolgirls to be man and wife after one has a sex change (Daily Mail)

Jordan's air force resumes raids against Islamic State (Reuters)

World Bank says will provide up to $2 billion to Ukraine in 2015 (Reuters)

Ukraine crisis: A deal that does not remove distrust but on which a political settlement depends (Independent)

European leaders reach Ukraine cease-fire deal with Putin (Washington Post - Paywall)

Men killed in truck tragedy identified (Guardian)

Naked man leaps from fire on to bus (BBC)

Free at last: Deal allowing US customers to unlock cell phones comes into force (Russia Today)

Reports of ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller Marrying a Militant May Be Unfounded (Newsweek Magazine)

Can you get your hands on a toy from Disney film Frozen? (Daily Star)

Karen Danczuk goes shopping for Valentine's Day lingerie (Daily Mail)

Lens Blog: French Muslims, Never Fully at Home (New York Times - Paywall)

HSBC leaks: Owners of Le Monde attack paper's 'Swissleaks' coverage in tax row (Independent)

WorldViews: Nadiya Savchenko, the prisoner at the center of Ukraine's cease-fire deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

Boy flogged 60 times in town square for calling ISIS the wrong name (Daily Mail)

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