Tuesday, 24th February 2015

World News

Through the lens: The dangerous treks of a war photographer (CBS News)

Leaked South Africa intelligence cables show concern over Iran (CBS News)

Video shows Hernandezs fiancee removing box from home (CBS News)

Missing British schoolgirls believed to be in Syria (CBS News)

Sec. Kerry: Russia has lied repeatedly about Ukraine (CBS News)

British Police Believe 3 Missing Teen Girls Have Entered Syria (Time Magazine)

Ukraine Seeks Weapons in U.A.E. (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Opinion: Keep U.S. military option for Ukraine (CNN)

Here's What Hillary Clinton Thought About Patricia Arquette's Oscars Speech (Time Magazine)

Feds: Cleveland police chiefs brother shot dead (CBS News)

Three missing schoolgirls from east London feared to be travelling to join ISIS as jihadi brides have reached Syria, police say (Daily Mail)

Islamic State Kidnaps Syrian Christians (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

How Ukraine war exploded in blood and hate (CNN)

Organic food back on the menu after sales surge (Daily Mail)

Islamic State in Syria abducts at least 150 Christians (Reuters)

Kerry appears to take swipe at Netanyahu over Iran nuclear talks (Reuters)

Putin: War with Russia would bring the 'APOCALYPSE' (Daily Star)

Colombian police seize 3.3 tonnes of cocaine near Panama border (Reuters)

Seedy world of Pitbull John Psaila revealed (Daily Mail)

FIFA Recommends Rescheduling 2022 World Cup to Avoid Heat (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Forget Neil Patrick Harris: Our Suggestions for Oscars Host (Newsweek Magazine)

The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden 'black site' (Guardian)

Premature baby Dax arrives at family's UK home for the first time (Daily Mail)

Give Osborne pat on back for remarkable recovery say experts (Daily Express)

Snowed in? Why not dig a giant tunnel to your car - video (Guardian)

ISIS burning (and looting?) priceless books (CBS News)

Three missing British girls believed to have crossed into Syria (Los Angeles Times)

UK approves three-person babies (BBC)

Tunnel near international sports venue baffles police (CNN)

British Schoolgirls Have Likely Reached Syria (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ukraine rebels show weapons pullback; Kiev rejects 'empty words' (Reuters)

South Africa scrambles to deal with fallout from leaked spy cables (Guardian)

There's No Fix if Court Kills Obamacare Subsidies: Admin (NBC News)

FIFA: No Christmas final in World Cup (CNN)

City first in UK to ban legal highs (BBC)

Why young girls flock to ISIS (CNN)

UK military training in Ukraine: symbolic move that risks Russian ire (Guardian)

European diplomacy to rescue Ukraine peace plan ends in discord (Los Angeles Times)

Video footage counters Philadelphia police version of fatal shooting (Russia Today)

ISIS abducts scores of Christians (CNN)

FIFA Group Proposes Shifting 2022 World Cup in Qatar to End of Year (New York Times - Paywall)

Vladimir Putin effigy burned in northern Ukraine - video (Guardian)

Ukraine skeptical of rebels weapons pullback (CBS News)

Abid Nasseer trial: MI5 agents reveal in court their surveillance operation on suspects codenamed Small Panel, Glass Pendant, Happy Skater and Regional Difference (Independent)

French World Bank Employee Is Kidnapped in Yemen (New York Times - Paywall)

Missing UK girls in Syria, police say (BBC)

Moment Michael Keaton put his Oscars acceptance speech back in his pocket (Daily Mail)

Politician Urges Japan's Premier to Stand by World War II Apologies (New York Times - Paywall)

D-Day veteran Fred Cannon of Dartford left with £10 a week after council raids war pension (Daily Mail)

In Payment Dispute, Russia Warns Ukraine Gas Will Run Out in 2 Days (New York Times - Paywall)

Cameron To Deploy British Troops To Ukraine To Help Stop Further Russian Efforts At Destabilisation (Huffington Post)

UK to help train Ukrainian army (BBC)

Islamic State said to abduct at least 70 Christians in Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

British troops to train soldiers' in Ukraine (Independent)

Missing UK girls believed to be in Syria, police say (CNN)

Libyan PM criticizes U.S., UK and EU for failing to supply weapons (Reuters)

Ukraine crisis: Diplomats convene in Paris as fragile ceasefire holds despite isolated attacks (Independent)

Brit troops to be sent to Ukraine as David Cameron warns against appeasing Vladimir Putin (Daily Mail)

Accounts manager jailed after plundering £23k from Alison At Home (Daily Mail)

White House - U.S. not negotiating 10-year nuclear deal with Iran (Reuters)

3 Missing Schoolgirls Likely in Syria: British Police (NBC News)

FTSE 100 hits record high after eurozone approves Greek deal - live updates (Guardian)

ISIS kidnap over 90 people from Christian villages in Syria (Daily Mail)

Missing teen 'jihadi brides' HAVE crossed into Syria, police say (Daily Star)

Oil company to shed 400 UK posts (BBC)

Fox host hits back in Falklands row (BBC)

UK spies disguised at US trial (BBC)

Deep roots of the chaos in Ukraine (Guardian)

Putin: War with Ukraine would be 'apocalyptic' (CNN)

War with Isis: Militants kidnap up to 90 Assyrian Christian men, women and children from villages in north-east Syria (Independent)

Iran pursuing nukes in underground complex despite talks with West, dissident group claims (Fox News)

Missing British schoolgirls feared to have joined Islamic State 'now in Syria', police say (Daily Express)

Online network which recruited young women for ISIS is smashed in Spain (Daily Mail)

Oscar Pistorius's lawyers to return to court to fight appeal ruling (Guardian)

Season of the witch: why young women are flocking to the ancient craft (Guardian)

Lithuania to reinstate compulsory military service amid Ukraine tensions (Guardian)

Here's Why Jason Jones and Samantha Bee Will Not Be Replacing Jon Stewart on The Daily Show (Time Magazine)

South Korea-U.S. war games start soon (CNN)

Fancy a holiday in Eddie Redmayne's idyllic French villa? Just £9,000-a-week will get you stunning six-bedroom farmhouse with pool and tennis court where Oscar-winner grew up (Daily Mail)

Sudan police teargas protesters in Khartoum (Reuters)

London Schoolgirls Who Ran Away to Join ISIS Have Reached Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

Missing London schoolgirls 'crossed into Syria' - police (Channel4)

White man suspected to be behind race hate graffiti and threatening letter forcing hairdresser to quit her new home because the area was 'for black sisters and brothers' (Daily Mail)

Conservatives are edging ahead as Ed Miliband holds Labour back (Daily Mail)

Mubarak Official Cleared of Charges by Egypt Court (New York Times - Paywall)

Chris Christie Looks To Get His Groove Back With Union Talks (Time Magazine)

UK soldiers killed in Helmand by friendly fire ordered by Danes inquest (Russia Today)

Toronto police probe mystery bunker (BBC)

Police face £6m crime cash shortfall (BBC)

Lithuania to bring back conscription (BBC)

U.S., allies hit Islamic State with 21 air strikes in Syria, Iraq - task force (Reuters)

Bill O'Reilly threatens reporter amid accusations that he lied about Falklands War coverage (Independent)

Bill O'Reilly allegedly threatens reporter amid accusations that he lied about Falklands War coverage (Independent)

Cameron commits troops & non-lethal aid' to Ukraine (Russia Today)

Two suicide bombers behind blast in Nigeria's Kano, 10 dead: police (Reuters)

Nigerian police say Potiskum station bomber a man, not teenage girl (Reuters)

Sneak look inside the Britannia, the LARGEST ever cruise ship for the UK (Daily Mail)

21 or IS? Swedish woman's birthday balloons mistaken for Islamic State initials (Russia Today)

UVAs law students leave their mark at the Supreme Court (CBS News)

Saudi court jails al Qaeda recruiters, bin Laden associate -newspaper (Reuters)

Qatar 2022 World Cup to start in November with the final on December 23 (Daily Mail)

Gazprom Warns on Deliveries to Ukraine (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Inside the world of Karl Lagerfeld's 'Boys' (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: A Winter World Cup - in 60 seconds (BBC)

Exclusive: Iran smuggles in $1 billion of bank notes to skirt sanctions - sources (Reuters)

Cliff Richard was left 'unnecessarily distressed' after police raid, according to report (Daily Express)

Toronto police trying to figure who built mysterious tunnel and why (Fox News)

Vladimir Putin Says 'Apocalyptic' All-Out War Between Russia And Ukraine Is 'Unlikely' (Huffington Post)

MI6 thwarts S. Africa-Iran business deal spy cables (Russia Today)

'It's a domestic black site': inside one protester's secretive US police detention (Guardian)

Hear Rihanna's New Song Towards the Sun' from the Movie Home (Time Magazine)

ISIS kidnaps dozens in Afghanistan, official says (CBS News)

The street that was home to two Nobel Laureates (CNN)

Gayle force: Cricket World Cup record smashed (CNN)

UK government will raise Raif Badawi case during Saudi minister's visit (Guardian)

Brazilian protest erupts in violence after police confront drugs gangs (Independent)

The name ISIS hates to be called (CNN)

Catholic bishops cite poverty as key issue for UK parties at election (Guardian)

Monitoring Group Says ISIS Has Abducted 90 Christians in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

Vladimir Putin says the 'apocalyptic scenario' of going to war with Ukraine is 'very unlikely' (Daily Mail)

Egyptian Court Clears Mubarak-Era Officials of Corruption (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Semi-secret retrial begins of UK man accused of plotting assassination or Mumbai-style attack (Fox News)

ISIS Open English-Language Schools in Caliphate Capital (Newsweek Magazine)

FIFA Steps Closer to Delaying Qatar's 2022 World Cup Until Winter (Time Magazine)

Now even CHILDREN are re-enacting ISIS beheading videos in sick stunt staged for YouTube (Daily Mail)

French Defense Minister Discusses Rafale Deal With Indian Counterpart (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Round 2 in UK 'secret terror trial' (CNN)

Lithuania to reinstate compulsory military service as Ukraine crisis provokes concern (Fox News)

Eddie Redmayne arrives back in London after Best Actor Oscar win (Daily Mail)

Why We Should Be Happy Parks and Recreation Got This Far At All (Time Magazine)

ISIS capital 'like a big prison' (CNN)

Brooklyn Beckham set to be released by Arsenal after failing to earn scholarship deal (Daily Mail)

Iran says to speed up work with IAEA as deadline looms (Reuters)

No Versailles': Find compromise with Putin to end Ukraine crisis, says Green Party leader (Russia Today)

Five ways a winter World Cup would be different (BBC)

Benedict Cumberbatch: Alan Turing 'would have shrunk with horror' at the Oscars 2015 furore (Independent)

Dozens of Christians captured by ISIS in Syria (CBS News)

Beautiful and bizarre united in the Sony World Photography Awards shortlist (Daily Mail)

Oscars watched by lowest audience in six years as Twitter users brand ceremony 'boring' (Daily Express)

Heartbreaking moment terminally ill police dog gets hero's send-off (Daily Star)

France's Pain Helps Explain Islamic Extremism's Causes (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Isis kidnaps Christians in eastern Syria (Financial Times - Paywall)

Serving teen soldier who fled to fight against ISIS found safe and well' (Russia Today)

Kenya police arrest 101 Ethiopian men suspected of illegally entering country (Fox News)

EU moves to unblock air passenger deal deemed vital to tracking foreign fighters (Fox News)

Syria war draws in Christian musician and seven brothers (Reuters)

Ukraine crisis: Vladimir Putin says war with Russia would represent 'apocalyptic scenario' for eastern Europe (Independent)

Eddie Redmayne lands in London hand-in-hand with wife Hannah Bagshawe after Oscars win (Daily Express)

False rape claim victim lost his unborn child, was left for dead by vigilante mob and had to flee his home town (Daily Mail)

ISIS Abducts At Least 90 Christians in Syria, Activists Say (Time Magazine)

Suicide bomber kills 12, 20 injured at bus station amid Islamic uprising in northeast Nigeria (Fox News)

Spanish police arrest Islamic State 'recruiters' in Melilla and Catalonia (Guardian)

Putin: 'Apocalyptic' War With Ukraine Is Unlikely (NBC News)

'Broadchurch' Series 2 Final Episode - Why We Stopped Caring Despite David Tennant, Olivia Colman Raising Their Game (Huffington Post)

UK police deny missing girls delay (BBC)

Flour War (CNN)

Michael Keaton Stuffs His Oscars Acceptance Speech Back Into His Pocket After Eddie Redmayne Beats Him To Best Lead Actor Gong (VIDEO) (Huffington Post)

Game of Thrones Blooper Reel Brings Laughter to Grim World of Westeros (Time Magazine)

Drones fly over landmarks in Paris but authorities in France have no idea why (Independent)

WATCH: Michael Keaton puts Oscars speech back in his pocket after losing to Eddie Redmayne (Daily Express)

Petition Launched To Block 'Homophobic' Islamic Preacher From Speaking At Westminster University (Huffington Post)

Head of UN climate panel steps down as he faces harassment allegations at home (Fox News)

Report: Israel's Netanyahu, Mossad 'at odds over Iran nukes' (CNN)

Three Norwegians charged with helping Islamic State in first Nordic case (Reuters)

Why Handwriting ISN'T Dead (Huffington Post)

Tunisia arrests about 100 militant suspects, signs of Islamic State influence (Reuters)

Joyriders caught after police find photos taken inside luxury stolen cars (Daily Mail)

Why Robert Downey Jr Is Ruining Britain (Huffington Post)

Guiliana Rancic Faces Racism Accusations After Comments About Zendaya's Oscars Hair During 'Fashion Police' (Huffington Post)

ISIS opening English-speaking schools disturbing. Will they teach twisted Islamic ideology?' (Russia Today)

Oscars audience reaches six-year-low (BBC)

The gun repairman who is taking aim at ISIS (CNN)

Mother of British soldier who went to fight ISIS speaks of relief (Daily Mail)

E. Ukraine artillery withdrawal focus of Normandy quartet FMs meeting (Russia Today)

Why We Shouldn't Underestimate the HND (Huffington Post)

China's £310Billion Consumer Market: Are UK Retailers Missing Out on the Year of the Goat? (Huffington Post)

Kristi Capel, Fox 8 anchor, criticised for using 'racist term' to describe Lady Gaga's Oscars performance (Independent)

Kristi Capel, Fox 8 anchor, used 'racist term' to describe Lady Gaga's Oscars performance (Independent)

OECD urges looser UK immigration controls (Financial Times - Paywall)

Boost UK productivity, says OECD (BBC)

We should appease Putin: Green Party leader Natalie Bennett says Russia needs to 'walk away with something' to end Ukraine war (Daily Mail)

Huge pile of trash dumped outside home by fly-tippers in Birmingham (Daily Mail)

Who are the Assyrian Christians? Top facts about those being targeted by the Islamic State (Daily Express)

Foreign ministers of France, Germany meet with Ukraine, Russia counterparts on peace deal (Fox News)

Egypt denies civilian deaths in airstrikes targeting Islamic State in Libya (Fox News)

Ukraine rebels claim to have begun weapons pullback; no immediate confirmation (Fox News)

Eyewitness: Oscars 2015, Hollywood, USA (Guardian)

Katie Price Has Infected Breast Implants Removed And Is Back To Her Original Bust Size For The First Time In 16 Years (Huffington Post)

Police officer formally disciplined (BBC)

Turkey evacuates Suleyman Shah tomb in Syria (CNN)

The best moments from The Oscars (CNN)

ISIS blogger recruits women for terror group (CNN)

How to prepare your husband for battle... if he's a jihadi! ISIS reveals secret PANCAKES recipe female recruits are expected to follow to increase 'power and strength' of fighters (Daily Mail)

2022 World Cup set for November start (BBC)

Eyeball Earth: What Is It, And Why Might It Be The Key To Life? (Huffington Post)

European court backs Swiss reporters' use of hidden cameras to expose wrongdoing (Fox News)

Fifa recommends winter 2022 World Cup (Financial Times - Paywall)

Islamic State terrorists abduct 90 Christians from Syrian villages (Daily Star)

Boredchurch! Murder drama's final twist leaves many fans unimpressed as David Tennant and Olivia Colman announce they'll be back for series three (Daily Mail)

EU tensions reach boiling point: Greece scrambles for new deal to secure bailout extension (Daily Express)

Dive instructor Brit who was paralysed in horrific Caribbean car crash dies in UK (Daily Star)

EUs Mogherini Says Ukraine Peace Deal Only Way Forward (Newsweek Magazine)

Activists report dozens of Assyrian Christans kidnapped by ISIS (Fox News)

Why Sean Penn's joke was so offensive (CNN)

Poland's Sikorski says Putin's support of rebels is losing him the rest of Ukraine (Fox News)

Isis abduct 90 men, women and children from Assyrian Christian villages in Syria (Independent)

Isis abducts 90 men, women and children from Assyrian Christian villages in Syria (Independent)

Man, 51, arrested in murder probe after police force their way into house to find body of 47-year-old (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Jennifer Aniston gets a shock when Reese Witherspoon grabs her bum at the Oscars (Daily Express)

Netanyahu's claims Iran is building nuclear bomb contradicted by leaked Mossad document (Independent)

After U.S. court blames PLO for terror, Israel hails verdict (Washington Post - Paywall)

Isis kidnaps 90 Christians in Syria, say activists (Guardian)

Lawmaker: South Korean spy chief says teenager has joined Islamic State group in Syria (Fox News)

Gayle smashes first World Cup 200 (BBC)

Saudi court gives death penalty to man who renounced his Muslim faith (Reuters)

Israel PM 'differed' over Iran (BBC)

FIFA recommends 2022 Qatar World Cup be held in winter (CNN)

BREAKING NEWS: At least 90 Christians kidnapped by Islamic State fanatics in Syria (Daily Express)

Report blasts TV deal on Cliff Richard police raid (Daily Star)

Oscars Red Carpet: Jennifer Aniston Has Her Bum Pinched During Interview... By Reese Witherspoon (VIDEO) (Huffington Post)

UK police defend actions in case of 3 teenage girls though headed to Syria (Fox News)

Fifa task force recommends November and December for 2022 World Cup in Qatar (Guardian)

Egypt: It's time for Arabs to fight ISIS (CNN)

Why £6,000 Fees Aren't the Answer We're All Looking For (Huffington Post)

Ukraine peace deal only way forward - EU's Mogherini (Reuters)

West Indian Cricketer Chris Gayle Scores World Cup's First-Ever 200 (Time Magazine)

Egyptian court acquits top Mubarak era officials on graft charges - sources (Reuters)

Eurogroup call raises hope for Greek deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Bishops urge 4million Catholics to vote for political candidates who back marriage (Daily Mail)

Kazakh ex-diplomat Aliyev dies in jail suicide - Austrian court (Reuters)

Sony World Photography Awards: 2015 shortlist (BBC)

Has he read the news? War with Ukraine 'unlikely' says Putin (Channel4)

Spanish police arrest 4 suspected of jihadi recruiting, spreading propaganda for Islamic State (Fox News)

Egyptian court acquits Mubarak-era prime minister, interior minister in corruption case (Fox News)

'My Rambo needs a smack' says mum of Brit soldier who fled Army to fight Islamic State (Daily Star)

ISIS kidnaps at least 90 Assyrian Christians in northeast Syria - report (Russia Today)

Russia warns of gas risks after Ukraine fails to pre-pay (Reuters)

Missing Syria schoolgirls: Turkey slams 'condemnable' British authorities for telling them about runaway teens 'three days too late' (Independent)

British jihadi brides are being groomed by ISIS using Surespot phone all (Daily Mail)

Putin: War with Ukraine 'unlikely' (BBC)

Crowe skipped Oscars for rugby (CNN)

Russian gas transit to Europe at stake, if no Ukraine payment received within 2 days (Russia Today)

Activist groups: Islamic State group militants kidnap at least 70 Assyrian villagers in Syria (Fox News)

Leaked cables reportedly show Netanyahu, Mossad disagreed on extent of Iran nuclear threat (Fox News)

Fifa panel wants shorter Qatar World Cup - in winter (Channel4)

Mother wants justice for Washington man killed by police (CBS News)

Syrians slowly return to Kobani after Kurds win back border town (Reuters)

U.S., Iran Explore Option of 10-Year Nuclear Freeze (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Sean Penn jets to Haiti for tour of charity projects with Bill Clinton a day after being slammed for racist Oscars comment (Daily Mail)

Bali Nine: Indonesian court rejects attempt to have death sentences reconsidered (Guardian)

Bill O'Reilly tapes fail to back up claims of 'combat zone' reporting (Guardian)

Russia: Ukraine unrest? Ask U.S. (CNN)

Is Scottish runaway recruiting other ISIS brides? (CNN)

See Why Kawaii Cooking' Has Become the Hottest Food Trend (Time Magazine)

ISIS Is Using Social Media to Lure British Muslim Girls, Says Think Tank (Time Magazine)

US arming Kiev would explode' situation in E. Ukraine Russian Foreign Ministry (Russia Today)

World Briefing: Venezuela: Call for Inquiry on Politician Stirs Concerns of a Broader Crackdown (New York Times - Paywall)

'Astonishing' Ko on top of the world (BBC)

Lewis to leave WRU after World Cup (BBC)

Shocking video shows police tasering elderly man in Florida (Russia Today)

Phillip Lemonheigh is pushed into court in a wheelchair before walking out later (Daily Mail)

Christine Lagarde says 'conspiracy' against women makes the world poorer (Guardian)

The 25-year-olds shaping the Supreme Court docket (CBS News)

New Zealand to help train Iraq army fight ISIS (Reuters)

U.S., Iran positive after nuclear talks, say much left to do (Reuters)

Negotiators Weigh Plan to Phase Out Nuclear Limits on Iran (New York Times - Paywall)

Why everything you think you know is wrong (CNN)

Canadian National Railway, Unifor Reach Tentative Labor Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Fisherman hooks first world war German grenade out of river in Perth (Guardian)

See What American Sniper Chris Kyle's Widow Brought to the Oscars (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: US buyers to take Cuba cigars home (BBC)

Ex-Panamian supreme court chief pleads guilty to corruption (Reuters)

British soldier who went to fight ISIS is 'safe and well' after being flown home from Syria-Iraq border (Daily Mail)

Carter Holds Strategy Session on ISIS (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

VIDEO: Oscars 2015: The best bits (BBC)

Top Cleric Calls for Educational Reform in Muslim World (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Israeli Views on Iran Diverged, Reports Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Family of Pasco Police Shooting Victim Hires High-Profile Civil Rights Attorney (Time Magazine)

World Briefing: North Korea: Pyongyang Marathon Shut to Foreigners Over Ebola Fears (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Saudi Arabia: U.N. Experts Criticize Response to MERS Virus as Inadequate (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Mauritania: Antislavery Activists Begin Hunger Strike Over Prison Conditions (New York Times - Paywall)

Road rage killing: Teen in court (CNN)

Why have our MPs changed so much in 40 years? (BBC)

Rodney Reed: Texas appeals court grants stay of execution (Guardian)

New Zealand to send troops to Iraq to train local forces in battle against Islamic State (Fox News)

Foreign films battle for UK success (BBC)

Florida police used warrantless 'Stingray' surveillance over 1,800 times (Russia Today)

Sean Penn causes stir at Oscars (CNN)

Future of War: Why it'll be robotic... (CNN)

Russia offers Iran latest anti-aircraft missiles, Tehran considering deal Rostec CEO (Russia Today)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Tuesday 24th February 2015 (Huffington Post)

Iran Journal: Rebirth of the Cool: American Music Makes a Return to Iran (New York Times - Paywall)

Airlines told to alert police to British teens flying to Turkey on their own to stop them joining ISIS (Daily Mail)

MPs want Army to create new British Sikh regiment like the ones which fought for the UK in both world wars (Daily Mail)

Revealed - both Theresa May's grannies were domestic servants: Astonishing. Inspiring. How Home Secretary's family went from Downstairs to Upstairs in two generations (Daily Mail)

Defense Chief Vouches for U.S. Strategy on ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia Offers to Sell Missile System to Iran (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

House cleaner says she saw guns in Hernandezs home (CBS News)

Birdman soars at Oscars (CNN)

US needs its own version of Britain's policing watchdog to deal with Ferguson-type incidents, White House to be told (Independent)

OSCE says the latest cease-fire in Ukraine has 'very significantly' lowered military exchanges (Fox News)

VIDEO: Christian mercy for Islamic State (BBC)

Senior Muslim Cleric Calls For Islamic Teaching Overhaul to Curb Extremism (Newsweek Magazine)

Report: Netanyahus Iran claim contradicted by Mossad (CBS News)

WorldViews: Why a court decision in Manhattan could be a problem for the Palestinian cause (Washington Post - Paywall)

From the archives: CBS News coverage of the end of the Falklands War (CBS News)

Abid Naseer terror trial: 'Jihadi anthems' found on al-Qaeda suspect's phone played to New York court (Independent)

Abid Naseer terror trial: 'Jihadi anthems' found on al-Qaeda suspect's phone read to New York court (Independent)

See 30 of the Best Photos Shortlisted in the Sony World Photography Awards (Time Magazine)

1,000 job applications to run the most remote post office in the world (Daily Express)

Sir Elton John: 'They keep coming back' stars throws 23rd Oscars bash (Daily Express)

Police step up patrols at shopping centres after jihadi terrorist threat (Daily Star)

Sore loser Welsh rugby fan marks home team's defeat with INK-redible gesture (Daily Star)

PM slams internet companies for allowing Islamic State brainwashing of Bethnal Green girls (Daily Star)

At War Blog: For an Iraqi Expatriate, American Sniper' Both Draws and Repels (New York Times - Paywall)

Why Many 911 Dispatchers Can't Find You When It Matters (NBC News)

Kayla Mueller's Family Says Bergdahl Deal Hurt Her Chance for Freedom (Time Magazine)

Turkey criticises UK over three schoolgirls who flew to Istanbul (Guardian)

In Ukraine a dark world of hybrid warfare and murky loyalties prevails (Independent)

Ukraine: Where a dark world of hybrid warfare and murky loyalties prevails (Independent)

France Confiscates Passports of Six Suspected ISIS Recruits (Newsweek Magazine)

Netanyahu's claims on Iran nuclear program contradicted Mossad findings leaked docs (Russia Today)

Parents of Slain ISIS Captive Mueller: U.S. Rescue Bid Late (NBC News)

Burgess World Cup hopes in balance (BBC)

ISIS plans to capture Lebanese territories, declare emirate report (Russia Today)

Why I Broke Up With The Oscars (Time Magazine)

Mossad leak casts doubt on Iran warnings (Financial Times - Paywall)

Maldives' former president Mohamed Nasheed dragged into court by police - video (Guardian)

Police Arrive in Turkey to Search for London Teens Who Ran Away to Join ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

'Road-Rage'?: Suspect in Las Vegas Mom Slay Appears in Court (NBC News)

Russian Gas Flows to Eastern Ukraine in Humanitarian' Gesture (Time Magazine)

US court fines Palestinian groups $218.5m (Financial Times - Paywall)

Former Maldives President Dragged Into Court by Police (New York Times - Paywall)

Web war against jihad recruits (CNN)

Egyptian court jails leading activist for five years (Reuters)

Family: Bergdahl swap killed deal for Kayla Mueller (CBS News)

French aircraft carrier joins the fight against ISIS in Iraq (Daily Mail)

The Weirdest Moments at the 2015 Oscars (Newsweek Magazine)

Remains of Ottoman progenitor relocated in Syria by Turkish soldiers (Daily Mail)

U.S., Iran finding common ground on nukes (CBS News)

Grandmother in Child's Running Death Appears in Court (NBC News)

Report: ISIS Takes Villagers Hostage in Syria, Demands Prisoner Swap With Kurdish Fighters (Newsweek Magazine)

Ukraine Rebels Celebrate Victory at Strategic City With a Festive Rally (New York Times - Paywall)

Why Europe should worry about ISIS in Libya (CBS News)

Jamie Read says ISIS are disorganised office workers high on drugs (Daily Mail)

Report: Leaked cables show Mossad less alarmed than Israel premier on Iran nuclear program (Fox News)

Europe Throws Ukraine Under the Bus (Newsweek Magazine)

Russia offers to sell anti-aircraft missiles to Iran (Guardian)

Russia offers to sell anti-aircraft missile program to Iran (Fox News)

Rocket Launcher Attack Threatens to Open New Front in East Ukraine (Newsweek Magazine)

Swiss deal over Italian tax evasion (BBC)

Is It Unfair to Compare ISIS to the Nazis? (Newsweek Magazine)

Pentagon chief says he is satisfied by U.S. campaign against Islamic State (Washington Post - Paywall)

Putin: France, Germany genuinely want to find compromise over E. Ukraine (Russia Today)

Greek bailout: Government reveals economic reforms but Syriza dissenters says it has gone back on its election promises already (Independent)

Greek bailout: Syriza dissenters accuse government of reneging on election promises in new eurozone deal (Independent)

US supreme court divided over spousal right to appeal denial of visa (Guardian)

Former Colleagues Dispute OReillys Account of Falklands War Coverage (Newsweek Magazine)

Britain hunts for 3 girls feared en route to join militants in Syria (Los Angeles Times)

ISIS Releases Video Purportedly Showing Caged Kurdish Fighters (Newsweek Magazine)

Baltimore police shoot, Taser a man in front of Trayvon Martin mural (Russia Today)

Russia's Lavrov accuses West of trying to dominate world (Reuters)

Why did Turkey invade Syria to dig up the grave of Suleyman Shah? (Guardian)

Islamic State Using Social Media to Lure British Muslim Girls: Think Tank (Newsweek Magazine)

Jihadi fighter's girlfriend Hana Khan faces jail for sending £1k to fund him in Syria (Daily Mail)

Netanyahu's Iran bomb claim contradicted by Mossad, leaked spy cables show (Guardian)

Egyptian Court Sentences Activist to 5 Years in Prison (New York Times - Paywall)

Families to 3 missing UK girls believed in Syria to join ISIS: 'Please come home' (Fox News)

WorldViews: Why Turkish troops entered Syria to reach a medieval tomb (Washington Post - Paywall)

Qatar an important ally,' UK defence sec claims amid terror backing allegations (Russia Today)

Andy Coulson, Ex- Tory Spinner And News Of The World Boss, To Face Trial Days Before May Election (Huffington Post)

Russia and US trade accusations at UN meeting over global crises from Syria to Ukraine (Fox News)

Eye popping' City bonuses highlight scale of UK inequality tax justice group (Russia Today)

Families plea for return of U.K. teens headed for ISIS territory (CBS News)

U.S.-Led Airstrikes Hit ISIS Across Iraq and Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

Andrew Paul Holden who shone laser at police helicopter is jailed for six months (Daily Mail)

Ukraine's currency slumps as fraying peace deal raises economic fears (Washington Post - Paywall)

Why We Need to Stop Talking About Working Mothers (Huffington Post)

Maldives ex-leader forced into court (BBC)

Canterbury police probing 'racist' McDonald's attack release CCTV of suspects (Daily Mail)

Politician's Death Brings Somalia's Violence Close to Home (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Pregnant MP hits back at job doubts (BBC)

UK election debate: UKIP, Greens, SNP & Plaid Cymru earn broadcast rights (Russia Today)

Chelsea fan's parents back their son (BBC)

Australia's Abbott Urges Harder Line on Islamic Extremism (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

16 nuclear reactors vulnerable to terrorist drone attacks' UK govt adviser (Russia Today)

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