Wednesday, 25th February 2015

World News

Israeli leader blasts world powers on Iran nuke talks (CBS News)

Three New York men arrested, accused of supporting ISIS (CBS News)

Brooklyn Men Accused of Plot to Join Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Australian man, 28, the first westerner killed fighting AGAINST the evil ISIS regime alongside Kurdish soldiers in Iraq (Daily Mail)

Ukraine under pressure from currency fall, gas supply threat (Reuters)

Brooklyn men who 'planned to join ISIS in Syria in FBI custody after raid' (Daily Mail)

Millionaire must demolish leisure centre in back garden because he did not get planning permission (Daily Mail)

Three men from Brooklyn arrested, charged with supporting ISIS (CBS News)

Family home of missing teen searched (BBC)

Truck driver in California train crash speaks out (CBS News)

3 Brooklyn Men Are Charged With Supporting ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

'Hijack' plan of suspects trying to reach ISIS (CNN)

Man is injured in Armagh explosion (BBC)

Kazakhstan's dictator's ex-son-in-law Rakhat Aliyev found dead in Austrian jail (Daily Mail)

American Sniper killer of Chris Kyle found GUILTY (Daily Mail)

March of Destruction: Mapping the Rise of ISIS (NBC News)

House explosion caught on dash cam - video (Guardian)

Racist horseman caught on CCTV as he rode into train station and threatened to whip staff (Daily Mail)

Islamic State is selling looted Syrian art in London to fund its fight (Washington Post - Paywall)

Lyle & Butterfield set world records (BBC)

ISIS Abducts 100 Sunni Tribesmen in Iraq (Newsweek Magazine)

Heavy rain causes flooding in Brazil's biggest city; man electrocuted by falling power line (Fox News)

Isabelle Prime kidnap: French aid consultant snatched in Yemen was due to fly home this week (Independent)

Kurd learn tactics to fight ISIS (CNN)

Girl is an Instagram sensation after Nikki Minaj shares video of her performing her song (Daily Mail)

Protests continue during burial of Venezuela teen shot by police (Reuters)

3 NYC Men Accused of Plotting to Wage Jihad for ISIS (NBC News)

Police identify seven in latest Chelsea 'racist train chanting' probe (Daily Mail)

Isis in Syria: Aided by US air strikes, Kurds cut terrorists' supply line linking Syria and Iraq (Independent)

Missing Rebecca Watts' home combed for clues by police forensics team (Daily Mail)

'Racist Chelsea Fans' Filmed At St Pancras Station After Champions League Game Identified By Police (Huffington Post)

Report: Russia had Ukraine incursion planned a year ago (CBS News)

Cackling Russian baby sounds like a super-villain (Daily Mail)

UK police move to take down Islamic State how-to guide from internet (Guardian)

Summer Lloyd's letter to dead father found in Somerset pub car park (Daily Mail)

Watch the Most Selfless Dog in the World Shovel Snow (Time Magazine)

ISIS beheadings spark Christian exodus from Libya (CBS News)

Top Secret Briefing Advising Putin on Break-Up of Ukraine Leaked (Newsweek Magazine)

Giant crab normally found in the ARCTIC washes up on English coast (Daily Mail)

Now Obama Must Arm Ukraine (Newsweek Magazine)

FOUND: Key text used by Henry VIII to divorce Catherine of Aragon found - including NOTES (Daily Express)

Norway to restructure military in response to Russian 'aggression' (Guardian)

Financial Pressure on Ukraine Mounts (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Truck Driver in Train Crash Has Previous Citations (NBC News)

Mariupol, next in the sights of pro-Russia rebels in eastern Ukraine (Guardian)

Ukraine truce: No Ukrainian troops killed in east as ceasefire holds (Independent)

U.S. Ramps Up Arms Deliveries Ahead of Mosul Offensive Against ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

FBI arrests 3 NYC men accused of plotting to join ISIS (Russia Today)

Former model found dead (CNN)

VIDEO: Smuggler: How girls entered Syria (BBC)

Missing schoolgirls: Turkish ambassador summoned before MPs (Guardian)

Mansfield gang caught on video raiding sweet factory and one was carrying a four-year-old (Daily Mail)

U.S. charges 3 with conspiring to support Islamic State (Reuters)

Israeli State Auditor Faults Netanyahu on Housing (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Brigitte Bardot offers to send alcoholic Russian BEARS to rehab (Daily Mail)

Blackpool pair caught on video dumping contents of truck in street and driving off (Daily Mail)

Water sucking plants and the life of a spy - video (Guardian)

ISIS under fire in region where Christians abducted (CBS News)

Senate to debate Obama's proposal on use of force against Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Nine more bodies found in Bangladesh ferry disaster; toll now 79 (Reuters)

The armed men who abducted an American missionary in Nigeria demand ransom, police say (Fox News)

Missing woman search: Body found (BBC)

FBI Charges 3 in Brooklyn With Plot to Join ISIS (Time Magazine)

Swedish couple mistaken for ISIS supporters over 21st balloons (Daily Mail)

3 Accused of Plotting to Wage Jihad for ISIS Arrested in NYC (NBC News)

Binyamin Netanyahu Congress speech 'destructive' to US-Israeli ties - video (Guardian)

See How Much More Expensive Disney World Prices Have Gotten (Time Magazine)

Sir Cliff Richard: Police probe 'increased significantly' with 'more than one allegation' (Daily Express)

Could ISIS and Boko Haram be uniting? (CNN)

Putin threatens to cut gas to Ukraine as showdowns shift to economy (Washington Post - Paywall)

3 Men Accused of Plotting to Join ISIS Arrested in NYC (NBC News)

Computers learning to play video games: why it matters (Channel4)

Machine learns to play video games (BBC)

Lull raises hopes for Ukraine truce (BBC)

Authorities Arrest Three New York Men Suspected of Trying to Join ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

British and US military put on show of strength 300 yards from Russian border (Daily Mail)

Truck driver arrested after dozens hurt in California train crash (CBS News)

Three arrested in the US for allegedly trying to join Isis (Independent)

Netanyahu Says World Powers Have Given Up' on Preventing Iran Nukes (Time Magazine)

Ebola kills man who helped orphans (BBC)

Rotherham police hold awards ceremony 16 days after sex abuse report (Daily Mail)

Acton man engulfed in fireball after blocking mouseholes with aerosol foam (Daily Mail)

Lancashire council wardens fines man for standing in field waiting to return stray dog (Daily Mail)

How Ukraine can beat Vladimir Putin (CNN)

IT worker Jac Holmes quits his job and joins battle against Islamic State (Daily Mail)

Claudia Lawrence Detective Warns 'Lying Lovers' Face Arrest As Police Re-Examine Alley By Her Home (Huffington Post)

How Patents Kill Innovation and Hold Tech Companies Back (Newsweek Magazine)

Kurds and coalition airstrikes fight back against ISIS (CNN)

Police Charge 4 Students in Molly Overdoses at Wesleyan (NBC News)

Fears grow as police hunt continues for 'shy and timid' missing 16-year-old girl (Daily Express)

"American Sniper" killer found guilty, insanity defense rejected (CBS News)

Dog left for dead in Turkey now ready for new home after rescue by British holiday-maker (Daily Express)

Northern Ireland man wounded by booby-trapped bomb as he removes sign bearing IRA threats (Fox News)

Newlyweds house raided by police after groom's ex-wife falsely reports him as ISIS member (Daily Mail)

Colombian police confiscate 3.3 tonnes of cocaine and flaunt it for the cameras (Independent)

Turkish Police Arrested and Accused of Wiretapping President Erdogan (New York Times - Paywall)

Poland likely to send military advisers to help Ukraine defense aid (Russia Today)

Football Fans Stop Green Man Getting On Train On London Underground (Huffington Post)

Newlyweds spend TWO YEARS on honeymoon around the world (Daily Mail)

World Cup-winning captain Fabio Cannavaro sentenced to 10 months in prison (Daily Star)

Britain is leading the war against human rights' Amnesty International (Russia Today)

EU President Tusk warns of new sanctions for rebels, Russia, if Ukraine peace deal collapses (Fox News)

In Mexico, protesters drive bus into police lines; 12 injured (Fox News)

Netanyahu says world powers 'have given up' on stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons. (Fox News)

U.A.E. Seeks to Fill Defense Needs at Home (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Moscow Was Urged to Annex Crimea Before Ukraine President's Fall, Report Says (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS recruiting kids to be 'cubs of the caliphate' (CNN)

Ukraine military: This is "not a cease-fire" (CBS News)

Italy's police chief warns of heightened exposure to terrorist attacks (Fox News)

World Cup and Black Friday carnage in 2022? (CNN)

New Ebola scare as fifth British healthcare worker is flown back to the UK (Daily Mail)

ISIS burns more than 8,000 rare books in Mosul (Fox News)

Video Interview: Getting into Law (Huffington Post)

Claudia Lawrence search will focus on the alley behind her home (Daily Mail)

German court seeks EU advice on whether Greek teacher can claim back austerity pay cuts (Fox News)

Avalanches bury homes in Afghanistan; 124 dead, dozens missing (Washington Post - Paywall)

New 'Batman: Arkham Knight' Trailer Exposes The Brutal, Beautiful World Of Gotham (Huffington Post)

Brit Awards 2015: Take a look back at the top ten BEST moments (Daily Express)

US policymakers' arrogance over Ukraine astounding' (Russia Today)

Tow truck thief races through Red Square, caught by police (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

What a bust Jungle police seize 3 TONS of cocaine worth £58m bound for Mexico (Daily Star)

Do you know these men? Police hunt SEVEN after racist chants from Chelsea fans (Daily Express)

ISIS respond to publicity surrounding American Sniper with assassinations video (Daily Mail)

Nervy Ireland beat UAE in World Cup (BBC)

Russian court refuses to release high-profile Ukrainian prisoner taken across border to Russia (Fox News)

'Dear Daddy I miss you' Girl's heartbreaking letter to her dead father found in car park (Daily Express)

Man passed out in train toilet after drunken office party and had to call police to get rescued (Daily Mail)

Tough men for hire: Ex-special forces in demand for war on terror (Fox News)

FBI Issues $3 million Bounty for Russian Hacker (Newsweek Magazine)

Paris Night Drone Mystery Continues To Baffle Police (Huffington Post)

Mafia boss Antonio Montella arrested after video of him being baptised is spotted (Daily Mail)

Rarest wild cat on Earth back from the brink: Endangered Amur leopards have doubled in number in less than 10 years (Daily Mail)

Cyprus signs deal allowing Russian navy ships to make port calls (Fox News)

Claudia police search alleyway (BBC)

Police identify seven Chelsea fans in 'racist chanting' probe (Daily Star)

Education secretary writes to school of girls believed to have fled to Syria (Guardian)

Sending UK advisers to Ukraine will not lead to mission creep, Fallon tells MPs (Guardian)

UK considers further Ukraine help (BBC)

The world's longest rail route! Train finally arrives back in China after four-month, 16,000-mile journey to Spain and back (Daily Mail)

State Dept. official allegedly sought sex with minor (CBS News)

French appeals court hears claims police carry out identity checks based on ethnicity (Fox News)

Who are the 3 missing UK girls? (CNN)

Blame game as UK girls enter Syria (CNN)

Nasa's Curiosity Mars rover sends back SELFIE from mountain on the red planet (Daily Mail)

British and US troops parade 300 yards from Russian border in show of Western unity (Independent)

Leading Russian civil rights NGO opposes initiative to rename city Stalingrad (Russia Today)

Kurdish, Christian forces battle ISIS as fate of 150 reported hostages unclear (Fox News)

Venezuela unrest: 14-year-old boy shot dead by police during anti-government protest (Independent)

Venezuela shooting: Tensions rise after 14-year-old schoolboy is fatally shot by police during anti-government protest (Independent)

Thieves strap 'bomb' to man (CNN)

Hilarious video shows young girls stuck inside crane claw arcade game (Daily Mail)

Ex-Marine Found Guilty in 'American Sniper' Murder Trial (NBC News)

Student who filmed library porn video launches sugar daddy dating website (Daily Star)

Three teen 'jihadi brides' feared to be heading to British women leading ISIS religious police (Daily Mail)

Ukraine disputes rebel claim that weapons pullback has started (Fox News)

VIDEO: Terrifying video shows extent of SPIDER INVASION (Daily Star)

Sumaya Ysl death: Toronto police investigate death of young Somali trans woman in Canada (Independent)

OSCE neglects its mandate in Ukraine Moscow (Russia Today)

Body found in missing artist search (BBC)

Watch Iraqi air strikes destroy Isis training camp (Independent)

Russia's roadmap for annexing eastern Ukraine 'leaked from Vladimir Putin's office' (Independent)

Russia defends Minsk ceasefire deal while France warns of further sanctions video (Guardian)

Bus overturns in northwestern China, killing 22 people and injuring 38, state media say (Fox News)

Woman who helped those on drink driving awareness courses found guilty of drink driving (Daily Express)

WATCH: Police dash cam captures the terrifying moment a house explodes in New Jersey (Daily Express)

24-Year-Old Man Sells His Virginity As 'A Nice Present On International Women's Day' (Huffington Post)

Swedish police visit couple after passerby mistakes '21' balloon for 'IS' and believes they are Isis supporters (Independent)

Competitive eater smashes world record for eating BACON (Daily Express)

Russian Security Council chairman: West wants to destroy Russia's oil industry with sanctions (Fox News)

The name ISIS hates to be called (CNN)

Photos: Barcelonas Police Target the Citys Notorious Pickpockets (Newsweek Magazine)

Poldark's back on TV! Now find out what happened to stars of the 70s drama (Daily Mail)

Ukraine PM to Russia: 'Get Out of Our Land' (NBC News)

Syria barrel bombings 'flout UN ban' (BBC)

FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke says most parties prefer a December 23 final for Qatar's 2022 winter World Cup (Daily Mail)

Sepp Blatter Qatar 2022 World Cup switch set to ruin a great English football tradition (Daily Mail)

See huge home explosion (CNN)

Putin: Crimea will stay Russian (CNN)

The man who spies on penguins for science (CNN)

Hero emerges in U.S. train wreck (CNN)

Lawmakers Feel No Rush on War Powers Debate (Time Magazine)

Cleaner vs automatic doors: Hilarious video shows battle between man and machine (Daily Star)

Fifty injured as Southern California train hits truck (Reuters)

EU to step up gas supplies from Caspian, Algeria over Russian supply fears (Russia Today)

California train hits truck, derails (CNN)

Man fell asleep at wheel and smashed into pole then woke up to film his own rescue (Daily Star)

Iran stages war games, boats hit mock-up U.S. ship (Reuters)

Russia says many in Kiev want Ukraine peace deal to fail (Reuters)

Isis burn thousands of rare books and manuscripts from Mosul's libraries (Independent)

Isis burns thousands of rare books and manuscripts from Mosul's libraries (Independent)

Isis militants kidnap 150 Assyrians as activists warn attack could mark 'end of Christian presence' in Middle East (Independent)

Russia has not yet decided on cutting gas to Ukraine - minister (Reuters)

High-speed car chase from New Jersey to Brooklyn ends with two arrests video (Guardian)

Brit troops to be sent to Ukraine as David Cameron warns against appeasing Vladimir Putin (Daily Mail)

The anti-women laws still in place around the world (Daily Mail)

Saudi court sentences man to DEATH for denouncing his Muslim faith and ripping up Koran (Daily Express)

Turkish police detain dozens over illegal wiretapping - sources (Reuters)

Missing Mexico teachers: Protests organised by union quashed in violent police crackdown (Independent)

Syria has used barrel bombs in hundreds of locations, says rights group (Guardian)

Video shows mentally ill woman dragged through Florida courthouse (Independent)

Immigration Street documentary makers accused of hindering police probe (Daily Mail)

Ukraine crisis: Children having classes on bombs as humanitarian 'catastrophe' worsens (Independent)

Ukraine rebels show weapons pullback; Kiev rejects 'empty words' (Reuters)

Swedish Police Raid Apartment After Mistaking 21st Birthday Party Balloons for ISIS Initials (Time Magazine)

Fate of abducted Christians unclear as fierce fighting continues in northeastern Syria (Fox News)

Foreign fighters seeking to join Islamic State are 'using fake passports' to enter Syria (Daily Express)

No World Cup compensation - Fifa (BBC)

American Sniper Chris Kyle's killer, Eddie Ray Routh, gets life sentence video (Guardian)

Claudia Lawrence Detectives Begin 'Significant' Search Of Alleyway Near Her Home (Huffington Post)

Hitler's Mein Kampf Will Be Reprinted in Germany for the First Time Since World War II (Time Magazine)

Bionic men are first in world to have robotic hands they control with their MINDS (Daily Star)

Peshmerga: ISIS 'can't overcome us' (CNN)

Epic Mars selfie looks back on NASA Curiosity rover's last 5 months (Russia Today)

Watch the First Video from Best Coast's Upcoming Album California Nights (Time Magazine)

'American Sniper' killer Eddie Ray Routh found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole (Guardian)

FIFA Recommends Rescheduling 2022 World Cup (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Tasers were drawn on more than 400 children by police in 2013, according to new figures (Daily Express)

David Cameron's warning shot to Putin: PM orders troops to Ukraine as Russia tensions grow (Daily Express)

Military chiefs admit putting down more than 100 war horses (Daily Mail)

Cops search 'significant' alleyway in hunt for missing Claudia Lawrence (Daily Star)

Eddie Ray Routh found guilty in "American Sniper" murder trial (CBS News)

Truck driver arrested after Southern California commuter train crash (CBS News)

Pickups driver arrested after SoCal train crash (CBS News)

Man Falls 600 Ft. Down Mountain, Almost Lands on Rescue Team (Time Magazine)

FBI offer $3m cyber bounty for capture of russian hacker Evgeniy Bogachev (Daily Mail)

The hands of justice: Fascinating 19th-century mugshots show criminals displaying their FINGERS for the camera to reveal tattoos or even missing digits (Daily Mail)

Police Arrest Four Wesleyan Students Tied to Mass Molly' Overdose (Time Magazine)

Paul Bennett found dead weeks after admitting postbox sex (Daily Mail)

Former US Marine found guilty of murdering American Sniper author (Daily Express)

Truck Driver Arrested in Train Crash That Injured 28 (NBC News)

Octopus ambushes crab in stunning video (CBS News)

Our nightmare battle with a plague of rats: One family tell how their lives and home were turned upside down by an increasingly common suburban horror (Daily Mail)

Astronaut takes out of this world selfie (CBS News)

ISIS abducts dozens of Syrian villagers (CBS News)

Weird world of Seville's city of the future (CNN)

The bionic hand that's operated by the MIND: In a world first, three men have their limbs amputated and replaced with robotic prosthetics controlled by the brain (Daily Mail)

Syria fighting kills 132 Islamic State fighters - monitor (Reuters)

American Sniper Chris Kyle's killer Eddie Ray Routh found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison (Independent)

Michael Thornton says Sir Cliff Richard should sue the BBC and police (Daily Mail)

Suarez exposes Man City at top level (BBC)

New police search for missing Claudia Lawrence amid hopes alleyway could hold clues (Daily Express)

Gunman kills 3 people in and around South Korean convenience store and is later found dead (Fox News)

Interview with man convicted of 'Sniper' deaths (CNN)

Four Australian second world war veterans awarded the L gion d'honneur (Guardian)

Life inside the ISIS capital: No one leaves alive (CNN)

Islamic State's social media efforts luring female recruits to Syria (Los Angeles Times)

Whole World Dumbfounded to Learn That Pot Was Illegal in Jamaica Until Now (Time Magazine)

Facebook frontline: Kiev calls up 'online army' amid information war (Russia Today)

Florida police officer suspended after slapping homeless man (Russia Today)

ESPN suspends anchor Keith Olbermann for tweets about Penn State (CBS News)

Ukraine Seeks Weapons in U.A.E. (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Eddie Ray Routh Found Guilty of Murdering American Sniper Chris Kyle (Time Magazine)

Mystery tunnel baffles police (CNN)

Eddie Ray Routh Found Guilty in 'American Sniper' Murder Trial (NBC News)

FIFA: No Christmas World Cup final (CNN)

Man charged with American sniper's murder found guilty, sentenced to life in prison (Russia Today)

Conde Nast employees asked to promote new cafeteria at One World Trade Center on Twitter (Daily Mail)

Former Royal Navy recruit found hanged after police dropped historic sex abuse probe (Daily Mail)

Opera director charged by Russian authorities with offending Christians (Guardian)

$3M reward for Russian hacker (CNN)

Seedy world of Pitbull John Psaila revealed (Daily Mail)

World Briefing: Japan: Leak Is Disclosed at Nuclear Plant (New York Times - Paywall)

Suspect in shooting deaths of 3 in South Korean store found dead (Fox News)

World Briefing: Sanctions Panel Is Urged for South Sudan (New York Times - Paywall)

Islamic State in Syria abducts at least 150 Christians (Reuters)

Syria Dropped Barrel Bombs' Despite Ban, Report Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Through the lens: The dangerous treks of a war photographer (CBS News)

Police Arrest Four in Molly Overdoses at Wesleyan U. (NBC News)

Agency Issues Recommendations After Girl Kills Man With Uzi (Time Magazine)

Monitors of Ukraine Conflict Seek Help (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. should keep force as option for Ukraine (CNN)

Video shows Hernandezs fiancee removing box from home (CBS News)

Dozens hurt in California train crash (BBC)

Missing London schoolgirls feared to be joining ISIS as jihadi brides have reached Syria (Daily Mail)

State Department offers $3 million for Russian hacker (CBS News)

Scores of Syrian Christians Kidnapped by Islamic State (New York Times - Paywall)

Chicago police allegedly run domestic 'black site' for interrogation (Russia Today)

Rail fractures, defects caused 2013 Canadian train derailment (Los Angeles Times)

Fear of the Islamic State spawns a renegade Afghan militia (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police Kill Boy During Protest in Venezuela (New York Times - Paywall)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Wednesday 25th February 2015 (Huffington Post)

D-Day veteran Fred Cannon of Dartford left with £10 a week after council raids war pension (Daily Mail)

Octopus leaps onto rocks to drag crab to its death in Western Australia - video (Guardian)

'Get some guts': New Zealand PM John Key yells at opposition over Iraq deployment - video (Guardian)

Organic food back on the menu after sales surge (Daily Mail)

Is your tap water poisoning you? The troubling question on everyone's lips as scientists war fluoride put in water to protect teeth could spark depression (Daily Mail)

Crackdown call as police Taser 400 children - some as young as 11 - with 50,000 volt stun guns in just one year (Daily Mail)

Why war games rattle North Korea (CNN)

Kelly Osbourne Questioning' Fashion Police Role (Time Magazine)

Eddie Redmayne's childhood holiday home for rent for £9,000 per week (Daily Mail)

Missing British schoolgirls believed to be in Syria (CBS News)

Is Scottish runaway recruiting other ISIS brides? (CNN)

ESPNs Keith Olbermann suspended for Penn State tweets (CBS News)

Normandy hero,90, stripped of war pension by council to pay for care home bills (Daily Express)

Fury after flag collector flies Nazi standard over home (Daily Express)

Angry Premier League fans on the verge of boycotting the Qatar winter World Cup (Daily Star)

Co-op worker to quit his job to join the fight against Islamic State thugs (Daily Star)

Sec. Kerry: Russia has lied repeatedly about Ukraine (CBS News)

Man City v Barcelona: Player ratings (BBC)

$3-million reward offered for arrest of Russian hacker (Los Angeles Times)

The death penalty is our sovereign right, Joko Widodo tells Indonesia - video (Guardian)

From Studious Teenager to ISIS Recruiter (New York Times - Paywall)

British Police Believe 3 Missing Teen Girls Have Entered Syria (Time Magazine)

Amnesty International: Illegal weapons, including cluster bombs, have been used in Ukraine (Fox News)

CPAC: For Conservatives, It's Burning Man Meets the Super Bowl (Newsweek Magazine)

VIDEO: Commuters injured in US train collision (BBC)

Jasmine Miller: Man charged with murder after he lured six-year-old into motel room with snacks then strangled her' (Independent)

US offers highest-ever cybercrime reward for arrest of Russian hacker (Guardian)

WorldViews: U.S. military vehicles paraded 300 yards from the Russian border (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: Missing schoolgirls 'in Syria' (BBC)

Feds: Cleveland police chiefs brother shot dead (CBS News)

Islamic State Kidnaps Syrian Christians (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

How Ukraine war exploded in blood and hate (CNN)

CNN's MH370 expert says Vladimir Putin ordered special ops to steal missing plane (Daily Mail)

Putin: War with Russia would bring the 'APOCALYPSE' (Daily Star)

Colombian police seize 3.3 tonnes of cocaine near Panama border (Reuters)

Aerials of crash between train and truck in California - video (Guardian)

The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden 'black site' (Guardian)

Former NTSB chair on California train derailment (CBS News)

Premature baby Dax arrives at family's UK home for the first time (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Guns cache found in Somerset river (BBC)

Snowed in? Why not dig a giant tunnel to your car - video (Guardian)

ISIS burning (and looting?) priceless books (CBS News)

Man who tried to have SEX with postbox found DEAD (Daily Star)

Three missing British girls believed to have crossed into Syria (Los Angeles Times)

British Schoolgirls Have Likely Reached Syria (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Fowl Play? Dozens of Birds Go Missing From Sanctuary (NBC News)

Why young girls flock to ISIS (CNN)

UK military training in Ukraine: symbolic move that risks Russian ire (Guardian)

European diplomacy to rescue Ukraine peace plan ends in discord (Los Angeles Times)

Video footage counters Philadelphia police version of fatal shooting (Russia Today)

ISIS abducts scores of Christians (CNN)

Blind man sees wife for first time in 10 years - video (Guardian)

Metrolink commuter train derailment injures nearly 30 passengers in California (Guardian)

Mystery tunnel found near Toronto's Rexall Centre stadium (Daily Mail)

FIFA Group Proposes Shifting 2022 World Cup in Qatar to End of Year (New York Times - Paywall)

Vladimir Putin effigy burned in northern Ukraine - video (Guardian)

Boston driver survives highway plunge - video (Guardian)

Ukraine skeptical of rebels weapons pullback (CBS News)

Britain 'not ruling out' providing arms to Ukraine, says PM - video (Guardian)

Missing UK girls in Syria, police say (BBC)

Moment Michael Keaton put his Oscars acceptance speech back in his pocket (Daily Mail)

Politician Urges Japan's Premier to Stand by World War II Apologies (New York Times - Paywall)

Britain to Help Train Ukrainian Army to Counter Russian Threat (Newsweek Magazine)

In Payment Dispute, Russia Warns Ukraine Gas Will Run Out in 2 Days (New York Times - Paywall)

Cameron To Deploy British Troops To Ukraine To Help Stop Further Russian Efforts At Destabilisation (Huffington Post)

UK to help train Ukrainian army (BBC)

U.S. State Department Appoints First Special Envoy for LGBT Rights (Newsweek Magazine)

Islamic State said to abduct at least 70 Christians in Syria (Washington Post - Paywall)

British troops to train soldiers' in Ukraine (Independent)

British troops to 'train soldiers' in Ukraine (Independent)

Ukraine crisis: Diplomats convene in Paris as fragile ceasefire holds despite isolated attacks (Independent)

Accounts manager jailed after plundering £23k from Alison At Home (Daily Mail)

3 Missing Schoolgirls Likely in Syria: British Police (NBC News)

ISIS kidnap over 90 people from Christian villages in Syria (Daily Mail)

Missing teen 'jihadi brides' HAVE crossed into Syria, police say (Daily Star)

Fox host hits back in Falklands row (BBC)

School in video overcrowding appeal (BBC)

War with Isis: Militants kidnap up to 90 Assyrian Christian men, women and children from villages in north-east Syria (Independent)

White man suspected to be behind race hate graffiti at Samantha Sunter's house (Daily Mail)

Four Russian Drones Violate Ukrainian Airspace in One Day (Newsweek Magazine)

London Schoolgirls Who Ran Away to Join ISIS Have Reached Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

How IS helps foreigners reach Syria (BBC)

Watch the sun set on MARS in new Nasa video (Daily Mail)

Missing London schoolgirls 'crossed into Syria' - police (Channel4)

Ann Walters found dead 10 HOURS after calling for emergency help (Daily Mail)

Police face £6m crime cash shortfall (BBC)

Cameron commits troops & non-lethal aid' to Ukraine (Russia Today)

Dozens Injured As California Commuter Metrolink Train Crashes And Derails (Huffington Post)

21 or IS? Swedish woman's birthday balloons mistaken for Islamic State initials (Russia Today)

Gazprom Warns on Deliveries to Ukraine (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

VIDEO: A Winter World Cup - in 60 seconds (BBC)

'Hope you brought wet wipes' Twitter storm as man is caught performing sex act on train (Daily Star)

Vladimir Putin Says 'Apocalyptic' All-Out War Between Russia And Ukraine Is 'Unlikely' (Huffington Post)

Russian maritime grenade launcher goes into mass production (Russia Today)

California train derails after collision with truck (Channel4)

'Two critically injured' and more than 30 others hurt in train derailment (Daily Star)

ISIS kidnaps dozens in Afghanistan, official says (CBS News)

The street that was home to two Nobel Laureates (CNN)

SoCal train derailment leaves dozens injured (Russia Today)

Vladimir Putin says the 'apocalyptic scenario' of going to war with Ukraine is 'very unlikely' (Daily Mail)

ISIS Open English-Language Schools in Caliphate Capital (Newsweek Magazine)

'Mentally unstable' man shoots eight dead in Czech Republic (Channel4)

Now even CHILDREN are re-enacting ISIS beheading videos in sick stunt staged for YouTube (Daily Mail)

No Versailles': Find compromise with Putin to end Ukraine crisis, says Green Party leader (Russia Today)

Five ways a winter World Cup would be different (BBC)

Dozens of Christians captured by ISIS in Syria (CBS News)

Isis kidnaps Christians in eastern Syria (Financial Times - Paywall)

Serving teen soldier who fled to fight against ISIS found safe and well' (Russia Today)

Kosher crop: Medical marijuana may get Orthodox Jewish approval in NY State (Russia Today)

Russian MPs support cut in own salaries as anti-crisis measure (Russia Today)

Flour War (CNN)

Joyriders caught after police find photos taken inside luxury stolen cars (Daily Mail)

ISIS blame game: UK, Turkey trade blows over missing schoolgirls (Russia Today)

E. Ukraine artillery withdrawal focus of FMs meeting as Poroshenko buys UAE weapons (Russia Today)

Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Man in West Bank Clashes (New York Times - Paywall)

Huge pile of trash dumped outside home by fly-tippers in Birmingham (Daily Mail)

ISIS blogger recruits women for terror group (CNN)

Gun repairman takes aim at ISIS (CNN)

Enrique Iglesias' £220,000 payment to film new video in Galicia slammed by region's press (Daily Mail)

Fifa recommends winter 2022 World Cup (Financial Times - Paywall)

Bishops urge 4million Catholics to vote for political candidates who back marriage (Daily Mail)

Sony World Photography Awards: 2015 shortlist (BBC)

Has he read the news? Putin says Ukraine war 'unlikely' (Channel4)

ISIS kidnaps at least 150 Assyrian Christians in northeast Syria - report (Russia Today)

Fifa panel wants shorter Qatar World Cup - in winter (Channel4)

US arming Kiev would explode' situation in E. Ukraine Russian Foreign Ministry (Russia Today)

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