Thursday, 5th March 2015

World News

Alert warns ISIS trying to recruit American teenagers (CBS News)

Accused Md. shooter told police he heard voices (CBS News)

Suspect in U.S. ambassador attack well-known to police (CBS News)

Becky Watts' stepbrother, 16, appears in court charged with her murder (Daily Mail)

Cornwall father spends £10,000 on investigation into daughter's cat's murder (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Elderly, widowed, her home destroyed (BBC)

Iraq Says ISIS Has 'Bulldozed' Ancient Site Near Mosul (NBC News)

WorldViews: The Islamic State was backed by 46,000 accounts on Twitter in 2014 (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS stone to death gay Syrians (CNN)

More Americans joining ISIS (CNN)

Iran hints might be open to 10-year partial freeze of nuclear work (Reuters)

ISIS bulldozes ancient city (CNN)

ISIS: American carried out suicide attack (CNN)

Chelsea Manning: court order bans US military from referring to soldier as 'he' (Guardian)

ISIS Attacks Archaeological Site at Nimrud (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia denounces arrival of U.S. military trainers in Ukraine (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State put cameras on their guns to display sick new detailed footage of murders (Daily Star)

'Jihadi John' terror links before ISIS (CNN)

How to make a movie North Korea style: Kidnap the star, torture the director and dont just shoot a film, shoot the actors (Daily Mail)

Schoolboy sent home after dressing up as Fifty Shades of Grey character (Daily Star)

Iraq Says ISIS Militants Bulldozed' Ancient Site (Time Magazine)

Michael Browns parents to sue over sons death (CBS News)

Ukraine military says one soldier killed in past 24 hours in east (Reuters)

Jodi Aris spared death penalty for ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander's murder (Daily Mail)

Ukraine Wants EU to Help Pay to Store Gas (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Mob breaks into Indian prison, drags out rapist and beats him to death (Daily Mail)

Islamic State Bulldozes Ancient Assyrian Palace (Newsweek Magazine)

US ambassador Mark Lippert ushered away from scene of attack video (Guardian)

Islamic State militants 'bulldozed' ancient site, Iraq ministry says (Fox News)

Jihadi John on film: New video unearthed of ISIS executioner as a shy teenager playing football with his school friends (Daily Mail)

Outcry and fear as Pakistan builds new nuclear reactors in dangerous Karachi (Washington Post - Paywall)

EU Court Rules E-Books Are Services, Not Goods (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ISIS Is Skilled on Twitter, Using Thousands of Accounts, Study Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Suspended judge on Panama's Supreme Court sentenced to 5 years in prison for corruption (Fox News)

Iraqis Want Lead Role in Driving ISIS From Mosul (New York Times - Paywall)

US State Dept. sued over Henry Kissinger phone records (Russia Today)

Iraqi ministry: Islamic State militants "bulldozed" ancient Nimrud archaeological site (Fox News)

U.S. Ambassador Recovering After Attack in South Korea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Sylvanian Families dressed as jihadists in ISIS mockery (Daily Mail)

Illegal migrant worked in House of Commons cafe serving MPs for TWO months, court hears (Daily Express)

Iraqi leader warns troops against reprisals as they attack Tikrit (Los Angeles Times)

Ebola Vaccine Given to Man After Accidental Needlestick (Newsweek Magazine)

Los Angeles police shoot driver dead after high-speed chase (Guardian)

Boston bombing suspect's lawyer no stranger to saving clients from death (Guardian)

Jodi Arias trial: Murderer spared death penalty after jury unable to agree on punishment (Independent)

Havant Council takes pregnant mother to court for fly tipping with bin bag (Daily Mail)

Convicted killer who stole the identity of brain-damaged man to go on the run for 15 years and was caught in Australia is finally back in a British jail (Daily Mail)

Remains of 2 babies found in boxes above ceiling at funeral home (CBS News)

Jamshed Javeed's family stopped him from going to join ISIS (Daily Mail)

Broadcast of India Gang Rape Documentary Is Banned by Court (New York Times - Paywall)

Nato expansion and the Ukraine conflict (Guardian)

WorldViews: A foul spectacle,' a clown show': How Iran reacted to Netanyahu's speech (Washington Post - Paywall)

Exclusive - Bar South Sudan leaders from transition: inquiry draft (Reuters)

Knife-wielding attacker slashes face of U.S. ambassador in South Korea (Reuters)

Amanda Holden to help abandoned animals as host of new ITV series Give A Pet A Home (Daily Express)

Mistrial: Jodi Arias Escapes Death Penalty (NBC News)

Ali Babitu Kololo sentenced to death for helping kidnap woman could walk free (Daily Mail)

Bali Nine: Australian government condemns pictures of grinning Indonesian police chief posing with prisoners as they prepare to face firing squad (Independent)

South Africa family reunited after 17-year kidnapping mystery (CBS News)

VIDEO: Matthews charged with Becky murder (BBC)

28,000 Sunnis escape Tikrit amid ISIS and Shia militias conflict (Daily Mail)

Civil Rights Group Sue Swedish State Over Illegal Roma Register (Newsweek Magazine)

Islamic State torches oil field near Tikrit as militia advance (Reuters)

Turkey PM Warns That Assault on ISIS in Tikrit Could Ignite Sectarian Tensions (Time Magazine)

Saudi king aims for new Sunni bloc vs. Iran and Islamic State (Reuters)

Man 'critical' after work incident (BBC)

7 medical heroes defying death (CNN)

Kelly Emery jailed over son Fenton Hogan's methadone death (Daily Mail)

Man in court on Becky murder charge (BBC)

Supreme Court Sets Date For Same-Sex Marriage Arguments (Time Magazine)

Will you get the full state pension? Some 6.1m people could miss out (Daily Mail)

Anguished family members prepare to say their final goodbyes to death row drug smugglers (Daily Mail)

Dozens killed in suspected Boko Haram attack in north Nigeria (Reuters)

Ukraine hero' battles on in Moscow cell (Financial Times - Paywall)

Obamacare supporters remain hopeful that supreme court will uphold the law (Guardian)

Family of Michael Brown to file wrongful death lawsuit video (Guardian)

Moment thug punched Big Brother winner Josie Gibson's deaf brother in unprovoked nightclub attack (Daily Mail)

Ukraine crisis: Mariupol a city on the edge as residents anticipate invasion by Russian-backed forces once the fragile ceasefire ends (Independent)

South Korea Says Attacker of U.S. Envoy Acted Alone (New York Times - Paywall)

Man Can't Sue Applebee's for Burns He Got While Praying Over Fajitas (Time Magazine)

South Sudan peace talks to extend to Friday (Reuters)

Nuclear deal 'very bad for Iranians' (BBC)

Man sues Facebook over breach of HUMAN RIGHTS after site deletes his account (Daily Express)

Family of Alberto Nisman say Argentina prosecutor's death was homicide (Guardian)

Iran Flexes New Clout Beyond Its Borders (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Putin's suppression to blame for Nemtsov's death - NATO official (Reuters)

Kerry tries to reassure Iran's Gulf rivals on nuclear talks (Reuters)

Jodi Arias Escapes Death Penalty After Jury Deadlocked on Sentencing (Time Magazine)

Wintry mix brings ice, snow, sleet and flood threat in South (CBS News)

Virginia Teen Accused of Helping Man Join ISIS in Syria (NBC News)

Knife-wielding man slashes U.S. ambassador in Seoul (CBS News)

Russian police officer found guilty of spying for US (Guardian)

We're not kidding! Police helicopter crew scrambled to gorge find goats (Guardian)

Kerry reassures Gulf on Iran nuclear deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Lawmakers Call for Lethal Aid to Ukraine (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Walsh murder appeal 'has no merit' (BBC)

Exclusive - Scribbled note shows Nemtsov on trail of Russian deaths in Ukraine (Reuters)

Finnish man given £40,000 speeding ticket for going 14mph over limit (Daily Mail)

Ex-MP denial after police search home (BBC)

Missing Canadian pastor being held by North Korea - church (Reuters)

Fare dodger who forged his own fake first class train tickets at home using a computer is ordered to pay back £17,000 - or go to prison for a year (Daily Mail)

U.S. officials weigh help for Ukraine (CNN)

Eye for an eye: Iran blinds man who carried out acid attack (Guardian)

Yemeni boys reportedly reenact ISIS burning death of Jordanian pilot (Fox News)

Armed police 'stopped' drink drivers (BBC)

Police renew appeal for father missing with his eight-month-old son to get in touch as family reveal he has taken the child from home before (Daily Mail)

Shocking reminder of Korea tensions (CNN)

Iran says Netanyahu speech is fear-mongering (CNN)

ISIS claims upper hand in fight for Iraqs cities (CBS News)

Jihadi John 'kidnapped two schoolboys in revenge for gang attack on his brother' (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Ambassador filmed moments after attack (BBC)

Harvey Proctor denies part in rent boy ring after police search his home (Daily Mail)

Arms supplies to Ukraine in Europe's interests Polish security official (Russia Today)

'Jihadi John' kidnapped teens at gunpoint in revenge for attack on brother, former friend claims (Fox News)

Canadian Pastor Said to Be Held by North Korea (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea praises fanatic who attacked US ambassador Mark Lippert (Daily Mail)

Nicola Tweedy's death after varicose vein surgery 'could have been prevented' (Daily Mail)

Police search former Tory MP's home (BBC)

John Kerry, in Saudi Arabia, Reassures Gulf States on Iran Nuclear Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

Ferguson police discrimination: the shocking numbers (Channel4)

Four sentenced to death in Tanzania for murdering albino woman (Daily Mail)

Hotel chain confirms hack attack (BBC)

Poland: Stronger Ukraine army can decrease conflict, serve Europe's interests (Fox News)

Ukraine faces loss of gas discount if Russia, EU talks fizzle (Reuters)

Iran nuclear deal 'very close' as Netanyahu brings negotiators together (Guardian)

EU urges Russia not to enforce old natural gas contract with Ukraine (Fox News)

Ukraine government blockade of rebel territory threatens to backfire as resentments fester (Fox News)

Konstandinos Erik Scurfield's ex-girlfriend says he went to help fight against ISIS (Daily Mail)

Know Right Now: U.S. Ambassador Attacked in South Korea (Time Magazine)

Kerry seeks to address Gulf concerns over possible Iran nuclear deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

Iranian Military Mastermind Leading Battle to Recapture Tikrit From ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea: knife attack on US ambassador was 'expression of resistance' (Guardian)

Chinese man builds his own private plane and the propeller breaks on the first flight (Daily Mail)

South Africa says it will investigate allegations of espionage against ombudsman and others (Fox News)

Mexican court holds alleged Knights Templar leader over for trial on drug charges (Fox News)

North Korea applauds knife attack (CNN)

Armed robber boasted on Facebook about plan to rob Tesco then police caught him (Daily Mail)

Hillary Clinton tells State Department to release emails from her personal account (Independent)

US tries to reassure Gulf over Iran (BBC)

Dementia-stricken veteran is moved from care home after being bitten by a RAT (Daily Mail)

Bangladesh Islamist appeals against death sentence for war crimes (Reuters)

Manchester bomb plot as deadly as 7/7 attacks,' say police (Russia Today)

Samantha Sykes' mother reveals heartbreak over the horrific murder (Daily Mail)

Was Deepcut death soldier Cheryl James sexually assaulted? (Daily Mail)

UN human rights chief: discredit Islamic State group, encourage peaceful Muslims to speak out (Fox News)

US envoy survives Korea knife attack (BBC)

Europe's top court rejects Iranian trade bank's sanctions challenge (Reuters)

Hillsborough disaster police 'told to blame fans', inquest hears (Daily Mail)

Ukraine to Boost Armed Forces by a Third (Newsweek Magazine)

Tanzania albino killers face death (BBC)

North Korea: Knife attack on U.S. ambassador was deserved punishment' (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS Set Fire to Oil Fields Near Tikrit (Time Magazine)

Thai court sentences 'Red Shirts' to 4-year jail terms for violence at 2009 regional meeting (Fox News)

Police to monitor 220 'high risk' stalkers as Duchess of Cambridge prepares to give birth (Daily Express)

Ministers to review murder case (BBC)

Knife attack in South Korea may crimp U.S. ambassador's friendly style (Los Angeles Times)

More Sex and 7 Other Benefits for Men who Help Out at Home (Time Magazine)

Amid crisis, Venezuelans commemorate Chavez on 2-year anniversary of his death (Fox News)

Kerry: State Department will move quickly to review emails Clinton has sought to make public (Fox News)

Woman beaten to death in Nigerian market after being accused of being a suicide bomber was 'mentally ill', police and family say (Independent)

Woman beaten to death in Nigerian market was 'mentally ill and not a suicide bomber', police say (Independent)

North Korea Marathon Re-Opens to Foreign Runners After Ebola Scare (Newsweek Magazine)

Iraq: pro-government forces struggle to topple Isis in Tikrit (Guardian)

'Ludicrous and cruel': Transsexual, 73, denies sexually abusing boy as man 40 years ago (Daily Star)

Incendiary bomb found at police base (BBC)

Top Swiss court throws out insurance claim from man kidnapped by Taliban in Pakistan (Fox News)

Work-related rant on FACEBOOK lands American man in a Middle Eastern jail (Daily Express)

Death Toll From Ukraine Blast Hits 32 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ukraine parliament backs bigger army (BBC)

N. Korea Calls Knife Attack on U.S. Ambassador 'Punishment' (NBC News)

Boston marathon survivor Karen McWatters tells court about friend's last moments (Daily Mail)

Facebook rant lands man in UAE jail (BBC)

Conjoined twins born sharing a liver successfully separated after eight-hour operation in south west China (Daily Mail)

Former Bolivia police chief jailed in probe over illicit enrichment, drug-trafficking ties (Fox News)

Egypt's el-Sissi replaces minister in charge of nation's police in Cabinet reshuffle (Fox News)

North Korea Reopens Borders in Time for Marathon (New York Times - Paywall)

Poland's lawmakers to go through military training due to conflict in neighboring Ukraine (Fox News)

Teacher jailed for planning to leave pregnant wife to 'commit mass murder with ISIS' (Daily Star)

Cocky crook caught by police after boasting about his armed robbery on Facebook (Daily Star)

Baton-wielding Myanmar police force pro-student protesters to flee (Reuters)

Boston Marathon bombing: new footage of blast released by court - video (Guardian)

U.S. Arab Allies Fear Iran Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Moscow court hands 15-year to Russian police officer convicted of spying for US (Fox News)

Kerry Assures Gulf Allies Over Possible Iran Nuclear Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

As Bill Gates is Declared the World's Richest Man (again) - Can Psychology Explain How to Become a Billionaire? (Huffington Post)

NATO is using Ukraine crisis to rush Russian borders - Defense Ministry (Russia Today)

Embattled Hillary Clinton Urges State Department to Release Emails (Newsweek Magazine)

Man Claims To Have Had Sex 118 Times After Posting Adverts For A Girlfriend In New York (Huffington Post)

Islamic State Torches Oil Field East of Tikrit (Newsweek Magazine)

Disgraced ex-Tory MP has home searched in historic 'rent boy' probe (Daily Star)

Chemistry teacher sentenced to 6 years for attempting to join Islamic State (Fox News)

Two German men sentenced to public caning and nine months in prison by Singapore court for graffiti train carriage (Independent)

Two German men sentenced to caning and nine months in prison by Singapore court for graffiti train carriage (Independent)

Iran 'frees envoy held in Yemen' (BBC)

Yemeni boy, 10, locked in a cage and set alight by his friends in sickening imitation of ISIS' barbaric murder of Jordanian pilot (Daily Mail)

How much Lego to make Death Star? (CNN)

U.S. diplomat tweets he's OK after knife attack in Seoul (Los Angeles Times)

Home of former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor searched in historic child sex abuse probe (Daily Express)

Ukraine passes law to boost armed forces by a third (Reuters)

'Boris Nemtsov's murder scene three minutes after shooting in Moscow' - dashcam video (Guardian)

Becky Watts case: Stepbrother of missing teen appears in court charged with her murder (Daily Star)

Chinese official at Iran nuclear talks sees hope of a deal (Reuters)

CPS accused of 'risking lives' after freeing Al Qaeda ringleader eventually convicted in America of plotting biggest terror attack since 9/11 (Daily Mail)

Jihadi John 'hid in a lorry on Channel ferry to escape Britain': Home Office facing questions over border controls after terrorist used well-worn route to escape (Daily Mail)

News Analysis: U.S. Strategy in Iraq Increasingly Relies on Iran (New York Times - Paywall)

Iraq says Iran nuclear talks will lead to peaceful solution (Reuters)

Rebecca Watts' Stepbrother Nathan Matthews In Court To Face Murder Charges (Huffington Post)

Police chiefs ask why Abid Naseer was not prosecuted in the UK (Daily Express)

Russia to team up with Asian allies in fight with Islamic State security chief (Russia Today)

North Korea calls Seoul knife attack on US ambassador 'deserved punishment' for South Korea military exercises (Independent)

Ukraine media falsely claim Dutch prosecutors accused Russia of MH17 downing (Russia Today)

Pregnant woman, 22, attacked with baseball bat and knife by masked gang after they burst into her home while she was GIVING BIRTH (Daily Mail)

Libyan state oil corporation declares 11 oil fields non-operational after suspected IS attacks (Fox News)

Kieran Carroll who went missing with son Louis taunts police on Facebook (Daily Mail)

Gazprom says Ukraine paid another $15mn, enough for 5 days gas (Russia Today)

The Middle East is trolling Isis with parody videos hijacking famous propaganda song (Independent)

US Ambassador Mark Lippert Slashed In Face By Screaming Knifeman In South Korea (Huffington Post)

Iran carries out operation to free diplomat held in Yemen (Fox News)

Kerry Pushes Back on Israeli Criticism of Iran Nuke Talks (Time Magazine)

Explosion that killed 34 in rebel attack on Syrian intelligence HQ was so massive it measured 2.3 on the Richter scale and was registered as an earthquake (Daily Mail)

Death ray-emitting DALEKS to exterminate killer superbugs in hospitals (Daily Star)

Failures by Three Governments Preceded Homeless Man's Death (Time Magazine)

Ukraine bans certain Russian media outlets from reporting official events (Fox News)

Cyprus police probe new group claiming responsibility for pair of bombings against referees (Fox News)

Rolexes, Buddha statues: A unique auction in Thailand opens window to police corruption (Fox News)

Becky Watts' stepbrother Nathan Matthews charged with murder (Daily Mail)

US ambassador to South Korea slashed in face by man shouting for North Korea unification (Daily Express)

Ukraine ex-finance minister arrested in Spain, wanted for alleged embezzlement of public funds (Fox News)

'Very Close': Iran's Foreign Minister on Nuclear Talks (NBC News)

Inside former American embassy in Iran where hostages were held for 444 days (Daily Mail)

China's new terrorism law provokes anger in U.S., concern at home (Washington Post - Paywall)

'Senseless': U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Slashed With Knife (NBC News)

US ambassador stabbed in FACE by screaming knife-wielding attacker (Daily Star)

U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Hospitalized After Knife Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

US ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert suffers nerve damage and needs 80 stitches after Seoul knife attack (Independent)

Embattled Hillary Clinton urges U.S. State Department to release emails (Reuters)

US ambassador to South Korea injured in knife attack (Fox News)

Singapore court fines blogger for comments on constitutional challenges to law banning gay sex (Fox News)

US ambassador to South Korea 'in great spirits' after attack (Channel4)

Indonesia rejects Australian proposal of prisoner swap for death row pair (Reuters)

Arrests in Ferguson after police dept picketed by protesters (Russia Today)

US ambassador to South Korea slashed with razor by political extremist (Guardian)

Pensioners savings are being fleeced by ISIS backers (Daily Mail)

Ukraine declares mourning for miners (BBC)

'Senseless': U.S. Ambassador in South Korea Slashed With Knife (NBC News)

California man charged with trying to join ISIS (CBS News)

Kidnapped Iranian diplomat held in Yemen since 2013 freed - Iran state media (Reuters)

The women fighting on the frontline in Ukraine (Guardian)

Family: N. Korea holding pastor (CNN)

Was teen an ISIS recruiter? (CNN)

Death toll after blast at coal mine in war-stricken east Ukraine city reaches 32 (Fox News)

Australia offers Indonesia a prisoner swap deal in last-ditch bid to save death row prisoners (Fox News)

Myanmar police drag away factory workers after protest over working conditions (Fox News)

Kerry, in Saudi Arabia, seeks to ease Gulf Arab concerns over Iran nuclear talks, Yemen, Syria (Fox News)

Iran says team of special operatives has freed Iranian diplomat abducted in Yemen in 2013 (Fox News)

U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Bloodied in Seoul Knife Attack (Time Magazine)

Hillary Clinton urges US State department to release all her emails (Guardian)

Becky murder suspect due in court (BBC)

Ferguson police employee fired for racially charged e-mails (CBS News)

US envoy suffers knife attack in S Korea (Financial Times - Paywall)

Facebook posts about work frustrations land Florida man in UAE prison (Fox News)

Theresa and a classic 50s fashion crisis: By Linda Kelsey, who suffered the same mid-lifestyle agonies as our kinky-booted Home Secretary (Daily Mail)

U.S. Ambassador to South Korea attacked during speech (CBS News)

Supreme Court hear arguments over Obamacare funding (CBS News)

Supreme Court hears arguments over Obamacare funding (CBS News)

After lifting Ebola ban, North Korea now says foreigners welcome to run in Pyongyang marathon (Fox News)

Foreign Businesses Face Backlash in South Africa (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

US boosting anti-propaganda' budget, mulling increase of lethality' for Ukraine support Nuland (Russia Today)

Why Netanyahu's wrong about Iran (CNN)

Monitor Says Ukraine Weapons Withdrawal Not Clear (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

US ambassador to SKorea in stable condition after being slashed on face and wrist by attacker (Fox News)

BBG's Andy Lack leaves after 6 weeks of leading US state media (Russia Today)

U.S. ambassador attacked in S. Korea (CNN)

India Court Blocks Rape Documentary (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Robocops being used as traffic police in Democratic Republic of Congo (Guardian)

Racist jokes prompt dismissal, 2 probes in Ferguson Police Dept. (Russia Today)

Australian police charge 6 men with smuggling drugs from Colombia (Fox News)

Man spent £10K to find kitten killer (BBC)

Boston Bombing Survivors Tell Court Their Personal Accounts of the Carnage (Time Magazine)

Rebels attack Aleppo security building, monitor says dozens killed (Reuters)

Libya declares force majeure at 11 oil fields in midst of ISIS crisis (Russia Today)

Last video from Konstandinos Erick Scurfield who died fighting Isis in Syria (Daily Mail)

Police wrestle man after US ambassador to South Korea slashed with razor - video (Guardian)

Man Burned by Fajitas While Praying Can't Sue: Court (NBC News)

U.S. ambassador in South Korea recovering after bloody attack (Los Angeles Times)

North Korea threatens pre-emptive strike over US-South Korea drills (Russia Today)

NCAA Reports Big Jump in Home Runs With New Flat-Seam Ball (Time Magazine)

Netanyahu's speech to Congress fails to jolt electoral needle at home (Washington Post - Paywall)

U.S. Ambassador in South Korea Attacked With Razor (NBC News)

U.S. ambassador to Seoul wounded by assailant (Washington Post - Paywall)

World Briefing: Syria: Rebels Attack Intelligence Office (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. says North Korea nuclear and missile work 'of great concern' (Reuters)

Democrats in Congress Give Obama Breathing Room on Nuclear Talks With Iran (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. Jury Convicts Man Charged in a Britain Bomb Plot (New York Times - Paywall)

The online joke is on Islamic State (BBC)

Iran Talks Closer on Key Western Demand (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ferguson Police Official Fired Over Racist Emails, 2 Others on Leave (Time Magazine)

Kerry says demanding Iran's 'capitulation' is no way to secure nuclear deal (Reuters)

Almost 200 refugees on Nauru arrested as police crack down on peaceful protests (Guardian)

Police killing: No officer charges (CNN)

NHS watchdog NICE published new guidelines for home care visit carers (Daily Mail)

U.S. man tried to go to Syria, join ISIS (CNN)

Ferguson Police Fire One, Suspend Two for Racist Emails (NBC News)

Leonard Nimoys death inspires "Spocking" of Canadian currency (CBS News)

Libya asks U.N. for arms, jets, tanks to battle Islamic State - letter (Reuters)

Purported ISIS militants attack Libyan oilfield (CBS News)

Muslim lesbian Polly Chowdhury tortured her eight-year-old daughter to death (Daily Mail)

Discrimination in Ferguson: full extent of police bias laid bare in damning report (Guardian)

London parking enforcers face Aberdeen court case over illegal' fines (Daily Express)

Shock as millions of workers will not qualify for full state pension (Daily Express)

School girl tortured to death by her mother and her lesbian lover (Daily Star)

US ambassador Mark Lippert attacked while giving lecture in South Korea (Independent)

US ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert attacked with knife at lecture in Seoul (Independent)

California man sought to travel to Syria to join Islamic State - prosecutors (Reuters)

Mark Lippert, U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, Slashed in Face by Assailant (Newsweek Magazine)

15 Most Outrageous Examples of Police Misconduct in the DoJ Report on Ferguson (Newsweek Magazine)

Iraq in 5-prong attack on ISIS city (CNN)

US ambassador to South Korea injured in razor attack (Fox News)

U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Injured in Attack (Time Magazine)

US ambassador to S. Korea seriously injured' in armed assault reports (Russia Today)

VIDEO: Stepbrother charged with Becky murder (BBC)

Ambassador's nomination to Mexican Supreme Court proves controversial (Los Angeles Times)

Hannah Graham's suspected killer Jesse Matthew in court (Daily Mail)

Abid Naseer found guilty by US court of heading Al Qaeda cell (Daily Mail)

Ceasefire violations on decline in E. Ukraine OSCE (Russia Today)

SKorean media say US ambassador attacked during a lecture and taken to hospital for treatment (Fox News)

Ukraine mine explosion: At least 24 dead and nine missing following methane blast (Independent)

Dozens feared dead in Ukraine mine (BBC)

Putin Says Nemtsov Murder Has Political Subtext (Newsweek Magazine)

Iraqi Campaign to Drive ISIS From Tikrit Reveals Tensions With U.S. (New York Times - Paywall)

Iran Nuclear Deal Could Be Close (Newsweek Magazine)

Kerry: External factors' won't curb efforts to strike Iran nuclear deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: Leopard leaps through roof to attack construction workers (Daily Star)

Iran Official: We Believe We Are 'Very Close' to Nuke Deal (NBC News)

Iran leader: Israel a "war-mongering regime" (CBS News)

Isis: Virginia teen arrested for allegedly helping man join militant group (Independent)

Iran nuclear talks hit speed bumps (CNN)

Searing' DOJ review finds distrust and hostility' between police & Ferguson residents (Russia Today)

Attorney General Says Report of Ferguson Police Is Searing' (Time Magazine)

Deathbed account of Darren Sykes' son Jack killed into fatal arson attack (Daily Mail)

Ex-Hostage: ISIS Is the New Pot for Rebellious Youth (NBC News)

Russia's actions in Ukraine conflict an 'invasion', says US official (Guardian)

Letter From India: Poor State of India's Subsidies (New York Times - Paywall)

Wanted: A Credible Response to Putin's Nuclear Threat (Newsweek Magazine)

Boston Marathon bombing trial: Court shown distressing video footage of the immediate aftermath of the blasts (Independent)

Former chief of Bolivia drug police investigated for illicit enrichment, drug-trafficking ties (Fox News)

Opinion: Why battle for Tikrit will defeat ISIS (CNN)

Thirty-three miners dead after pit blast in east Ukraine (Reuters)

ISIS Is Running Short of Recruits (Newsweek Magazine)

Dashcam video shows Nemtsov's murder site 3 minutes after attack' (Russia Today)

Supreme Court Divided Over Obamacare Challenge (Newsweek Magazine)

Supreme court divided over challenge to Obamacare - video (Guardian)

$5m gold heist may have been inside job, police in North Carolina suggest (Guardian)

Chad president tells Boko Haram leader to surrender or face death (Reuters)

Indian State Bans Possession and Sale of Beef (New York Times - Paywall)

Abid Naseer found guilty of al-Qaida bomb plot by New York court (Guardian)

Pakistani Man Guilty in al-Qaeda Plot to Attack NYC Subways (NBC News)

France Seeks 3 Suspects in 1982 Attack on Jewish Deli (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS barbarians throw 'gay' man off building in another sickening day in Raqqa (Daily Mail)

Homeless man shot dead by LAPD had a secret past, like everyone on Skid Row (Guardian)

Mukhtar Ablyazov: French court orders wanted former Kazakh minister to be extradited to Russia or Ukraine (Independent)

Mukhtar Ablyazov: French court orders wanted former Kazakh minister to be extradited to Britain (Independent)

Al-Qaeda Losing Deadly Competition' With ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

Security nightmare: Clinton ran state business from personal email account (Russia Today)

Egyptian police arrest seven 'transsexuals' in Cairo on debauchery charges (Independent)

Vladimir Putin condemns Boris Nemtsov murder (Guardian)

Health reforms face Supreme Court test (Financial Times - Paywall)

Sarah Milne who left poster for man on New Zealand beach had 'amazing' sleep over (Daily Mail)

Turkish court 'blocks access to country's first official atheist website' (Independent)

No Justice Department Charges for Darren Wilson in Death of Brown (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS digs in as fight for Saddam Husseins hometown Tikrit escalates (CBS News)

London man faces life imprisonment in US for Al-Qaida links (Russia Today)

Putin to Visit Iran Soon, Says Tehran (Newsweek Magazine)

Abuse probe home children 'ignored' (BBC)

Plastic Surgeon Offers £50,000 Of Surgery To Help Acid Attack Survivors Rebuild Their Lives (Huffington Post)

Chinese father lives in a CAVE so he can send his wages home to family (Daily Mail)

G-7 Finance Ministers Optimistic Ukraine Will Get IMF Green Light (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Rebecca Watts Police Charge Stepbrother Nathan Matthews With Murder (Huffington Post)

Ayesha Ali's Father's Tears Over Shocking Murder Rant Phone Call (Huffington Post)

John Kerry Flies to Saudi Arabia to Discuss Iran Nuclear Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

Ukraine Mine Hit by Explosion (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

News Analysis: In Speech, Netanyahu Eased Demand for Zero' Iran Nuclear Capacity (New York Times - Paywall)

Posing in a tiny bikini... Mexico's scandal-hit First Lady: The racy past of former soap star now hobnobbing with royals on lavish state visit to Britain (Daily Mail)

Ukraine ready to make small' March prepayment to Gazprom by March 6 energy minister (Russia Today)

U.S. Ambassador to Yemen to Operate Out of Jeddah (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

VIDEO: Death row Australians - in 60 secs (BBC)

Netanyahu predictably tries to whip Congress into hysteria over Iran - just as over Iraq (Russia Today)

We should absolutely consider lethal aid' to Ukraine US Gen. Martin Dempsey (Russia Today)

Russia doesn't want new gas dispute with Ukraine - Putin (Russia Today)

British Citizen Fighting Islamic State Killed (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Vote Nearing, Netanyahu Takes Up Familiar Cause: Iran's Nuclear Quest (New York Times - Paywall)

Stepbrother charged with murder of missing teen Becky Watts (Daily Star)

You will be avenged, brother': British Marine killed in Syria fighting ISIS (Russia Today)

US Ambassador to Cyprus involved in Twitter storm after Nemtsov murder post (Russia Today)

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