Friday, 13th March 2015

World News

Emma Watson makes an appearance in Vicar Of Dibley Red Nose Day sketch (Daily Mail)

A man and his wallet, reunited after 65 years (BBC)

Red Nose Day 2015: Victoria Wood crowned Great Comic Relief Bake Off champion (Daily Express)

Police Get Dozens of Tips in Shooting of Cops in Ferguson (NBC News)

Cameroon says treats Boko Haram suspects humanely despite prison deaths (Reuters)

CIA Director Says ISIS Not Islamic, But Psychopathic' (Time Magazine)

Releasing gorillas back into the wild (CBS News)

Jeb Bush Declines to Endorse Senate Republican Iran Letter (Time Magazine)

Iran framework deal would only be step in talks - diplomat (Reuters)

Slender Man stabbing: Wisconsin girls must be tried as adults, judge says (Guardian)

Wanted: Police chief to turn race tide in Ferguson (CNN)

30 years of .com: What is Internet, anyway? (CNN)

Dog showers soldier with licks as he returns home from seven-month deployment in video (Daily Mail)

Red Nose Day 2015: Newly single David Williams kisses Orlando Bloom AND Barbara Windsor (Daily Express)

The Cheap Seats' line dancing song recorded 20 YEARS ago goes viral (Daily Mail)

Pakistan says it will deploy its own armed drone against terrorists (Washington Post - Paywall)

Ferguson police: 'Ambush a trend' (CNN)

Five held in Bosnia with bomb destined for Swedish gang - police (Reuters)

Maldives' ex-president sentenced to 13 years in prison (Reuters)

CIA director blames social media for strength of ISIS (Russia Today)

Enjoy These 10 Videos of Cute Animals Snoozing in Honor of World Sleep Day (Time Magazine)

Is Iran's role fighting ISIS a good thing? (CNN)

American soldier wounded by ISIS gunfire in Iraq (CBS News)

Red Nose Day 2015: Emma Watson makes hilarious cameo in Vicar Of Dibley Comic Relief skit (Daily Express)

Nelly Performs in Iraq to Support Victims of ISIS (Time Magazine)

16 Indonesians held trying to enter Syria (CNN)

Manhunt for Ferguson shooter (CNN)

Passing out day for the Met's latest much for their diversity targets (Daily Mail)

Obama sits down with Vice News (CBS News)

Hardaker dropped amid police probe (BBC)

Man United's David de Gea's girlfriend agrees Manchester is 'uglier than back of a fridge' (Daily Mail)

Police arrest suspect in Iraqi refugee murder case (CBS News)

Slender Man trial: Two young girls accused of stabbing classmates to be tried as adults (Independent)

Saturday is the one day each year that matches up with Pi (Daily Mail)

Police 'diverted abuse probe funds' (BBC)

Red Nose Day 2015: 'No Direction' Comic Relief performance causes Twitter meltdown (Daily Express)

Girls in Slender Man Stabbing to Be Tried as Adults (Time Magazine)

General Warns of ISIS Fighters Entering U.S. Through Caribbean (Newsweek Magazine)

Maldives ex-president Nasheed jailed for 13 years on terrorism charges (Guardian)

Video shows 'three UK schoolgirls in Turkey being helped on their way to Syria' (Daily Mail)

Kathleen Wyatt suing Ecotricity ex-husband Dale Vince 20 years later lives in council house (Daily Mail)

New video 'shows missing UK girls' (BBC)

World Briefing: International Criminal Court Formally Ends Case Against Kenya's President (New York Times - Paywall)

Red Nose Day 2015: Dancing Dermot O'Leary raises a whopping £643,336 for Comic Relief (Daily Express)

Bosnian police arrest 5 men suspected of building bomb for terrorist attack in Scandinavia (Fox News)

Blind man and his sidekick with no arms have planted 10k trees in China in 10 years (Daily Mail)

A Plea for Action: Gruesome Photos Smuggled From Syria on Display at U.N. (Newsweek Magazine)

Police Release Shocking CCTV Of Leeds Sexual Assault And Attempted Murder (Huffington Post)

Abu Azrael, the axe wielding Iraqi former university lecturer fighting ISIS (Daily Mail)

Maldives' ex-president sentenced to 13 years in prison after disputed trial (Fox News)

Dramatic video shows car hitting teen girl, plowing through storefront (CBS News)

Asteroids hurtling towards Earth 185 million years apart hit the SAME spot, study claims (Daily Mail)

Disney releases Making Today A Perfect Day from Frozen Fever (Daily Mail)

Texas lawmaker wants to make it illegal to film police (Russia Today)

Direct phone line between US and Cuba re-established for first time in 15 years (Daily Mail)

Video appears to show ISIS teens at border (CNN)

ISIS tunnel bomb hits army HQ (CNN)

Sharmeena Begum British girl left to join Isis after upheavals at home (Guardian)

Slender Man Stabbing Suspects Will be Tried as Adults (NBC News)

UK defence cuts risk leaving America to tackle Russia and ISIS on its own (Daily Mail)

Extraordinarily detailed 12ft-long scale model of ocean liner RMS Mauretania which was once the fastest ship in the world goes on sale for £50,000 (Daily Mail)

Metallic slime creeps towards magnets in video before engulfing them in goo (Daily Mail)

Dallas Police Arrest Suspect in Case of Iraqi Man Killed While Photographing Snow (Newsweek Magazine)

VIDEO: New video 'shows missing Syria girls' (BBC)

Uber driver throws man to the ground 'in self-defence' in bLondon (Daily Mail)

France increases its efforts to back African forces fighting Boko Haram (Fox News)

Man arrested in Stansted car alert (BBC)

British teenage girl charged with trying to join Kurdish forces fighting Isis (Guardian)

Why ISIS Is Plundering the Ancient World (Newsweek Magazine)

Iraqi forces 'take revenge on ISIS with beheadings, and mutilations' (Daily Mail)

Rematch! SAE Case Pits McVeigh Lawyer Against OU President (NBC News)

Linus Norgren: Man jailed over naked 'Sasquatch' attack against hunter (Independent)

Hillsborough inquests: Police chief admits calling for dogs, not medics as fans crushed to death (Russia Today)

Houthis come down from mountains to fill Yemen's power vacuum (Independent)

Bosnian police arrest 4 men suspected of building bomb for terrorist attack in Scandinavia (Fox News)

30 Years After Bernhard Goetz, a Subway Shooting Evokes Comparisons (Newsweek Magazine)

What happened to the other man who took tea with Alexander Litvinenko? (Independent)

Williams back at Indian Wells after it 'disgraced America' (CNN)

Arrest in Texas shooting of Iraqi man (CBS News)

Video reveals ANOTHER Indian lynch-mob kill man accused of rape and murder (Daily Mail)

Baby animals snuggle up to their mothers in the wild in photos from around the world (Daily Mail)

Three Gwent Police officers sacked (BBC)

Hillsborough police chief admits calling for dogs instead of ambulances (Daily Mail)

Injured man had been shot in legs (BBC)

Sixth health worker flown back to UK after potential exposure to Ebola (Guardian)

Syria Crisis: Why Aid Is Vital but Not Enough (Huffington Post)

'Spy's' hidden footage shows Brit schoolgirl 'jihadi brides' en route to Syria (Daily Star)

Sweetheart deal: Big Sugar firms handed six-figure sums by UK govt for candy production & research' (Russia Today)

Why Hearing My Son Giggle Will Be the Greatest Gift to Me This Mother's Day (Huffington Post)

Should Mother's Day Be About Reconciliation? (Huffington Post)

Elena Komleva advertises for man to get her pregnant as she's fed up with mother nagging (Daily Mail)

This Morning's Fred Talbot jailed for five years for sex attacks on boys (Daily Mail)

Man gets world's first successful penis transplant after botched circumcision (Guardian)

Latest video footage reportedly shows London teenagers en route to Syria (Guardian)

The most valuable coins in the world: Texas property developer's treasured collection from the early years of the American republic is expected to fetch more than $220MILLION at auction (Daily Mail)

EXCLUSIVE - A bitter rivalry with Amelia Earhart, a marriage to a black man and a ban from flying because of her menstrual cycle: The incredible and utterly tragic story of 'Lady Icarus' - the first person to fly solo across Africa (Daily Mail)

Cheltenham Festival racegoers shiver in sandals as the final day sees rain (Daily Mail)

David Cameron snubs expensive gifts from world leaders for 'mystery' £150 cufflinks (Daily Express)

Watch Michelle Obama Get Down to Uptown Funk' With Ellen DeGeneres (Time Magazine)

Cyclone Pam Bears Down on the South Pacific (Time Magazine)

Sixth British healthcare worker evacuated back to Britain from Sierra Leone after Ebola-risk needle pierced their protective suit (Daily Mail)

Syria schoolgirls filmed attempting to cross Turkey border - video (Guardian)

Dallas police rule out hate crime (BBC)

Turkish video alleges spy aided UK girls en route to Syria (Reuters)

Some asylum seekers spend months in UK detention centers' (Russia Today)

Service honours UK Afghan war effort (BBC)

ICC Drops Case Against Kenyan President (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Strike against austerity: Thousands of workers across N Ireland defy Tory cuts (Russia Today)

US rebukes UK over Chinese bank plan (BBC)

South African Man Has World's First Successful Penis Transplant (Newsweek Magazine)

Dior shop assistant died when her heart suddenly stopped beating as she watched a DVD on her day off (Daily Mail)

UK Weather Forecast Delivers Snow After A Week Of Sunshine (Huffington Post)

The 15 Mother's Day gadgets and gifts your mum doesn't know she wants (Daily Mail)

Iraqi army relies on militia and Iran (CNN)

Taming ISIS on Twitter: More than whack-a-mole (CNN)

Kate and David Ogg's 'dead' premature baby came back to life (Daily Mail)

Russia drops treason charges against Svetlana Davydova (Guardian)

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen reveals video of WWII shipwreck (CBS News)

Teen Arrested in Fatal Snow Day Shooting of Iraqi Immigrant (NBC News)

Pope Francis two years on: 'The Lord chose me for a short mission' (Guardian)

Iraq investigating past abuses against Sunni civilians, says government (Guardian)

Zookeepers to help female gorilla have relaxing Mother's Day as baby starts TEETHING (Daily Express)

New York teenager confesses to killing and setting fire to a gay man (Independent)

Guardian Live: Syria four years on (Guardian)

Amazing designs rocking art world (CNN)

Police Killings in Brazil: 'My Taxes Paid for the Bullet That Killed My Grandson' (Huffington Post)

Eerie footage reveals rusting remains of Japanese WWII battleship discovered 70 years after it sank by billionaire who spent eight years searching for it with his private sub (Daily Mail)

Zimbabwe court orders police search for missing activist (Reuters)

More than 200,000 people at risk as Cyclone Pam bears down on Vanuatu (Reuters)

Boko Harams new allegiance to ISIS "major advance" for terror brand (CBS News)

Battle for Tikrit a major test of Iraqs ability to defeat ISIS (CBS News)

Islamic State leader accepts allegiance of Nigeria's Boko Haram (Reuters)

Turkey 'opens fire' at migrant boat carrying 300 men, women and children from Syria (Independent)

Hillsborough inquests: Top officer 'called for police dogs before calling for ambulances' (Daily Express)

Hunt for Valerie Graves' killer sees over 2,000 men give DNA to police (Daily Mail)

British military effort in Afghanistan honoured in service - video (Guardian)

Death, bring back Terry Pratchett' Thousands of fans sign online petition (Russia Today)

Hunt for Ferguson police shooting suspects enters second day video (Guardian)

Intense search for Ferguson police shooter amid protests (CBS News)

Man dumped 1,000 tonnes of rubbish (BBC)

How can a man rape a woman and then say it's her fault? (Independent)

India's Daughter A reaction from a victim of sexual assault in Britain: How can a man rape a woman and then say it's her fault? (Independent)

Rent a home for 30 years and then you can KEEP it: Lib Dem plan to help more people on to the property ladder (Daily Mail)

State Executions Rise to Two Per Day in Iran (Newsweek Magazine)

Egypt seeks to bolster economy after four years of turmoil (Los Angeles Times)

NYPD Wikipedia edits: See the most alarming changes allegedly made by police to online articles (Independent)

Unarmed male civilians majority of Gaza, Syria fatalities last summer UK report (Russia Today)

New York Police Department computers 'edited Wikipedia pages about Eric Garner' and 'tried to delete article' about shooting victim Sean Bell (Independent)

M25 driver arrested after police catch Ferrari California travelling at 150mph (Daily Mail)

Russia drops charges against woman accused of treason over Ukraine (Reuters)

Police warning over Budget leaks (BBC)

Syrian Kurdish force calls on US-led coalition to attack IS in northeastern Syria (Fox News)

Armed police hunt 'gunman' in full camouflage clothing seen walking through Norwich city centre (Daily Mail)

Penis Implant For Patient Who Lost Organ After Botched Circumcision Is A World First (Huffington Post)

Iran yet to receive $7.8 billion for oil sales - Press TV (Reuters)

Ferguson Community Shocked at Cop Shootings, Senator Says (Time Magazine)

Iraqi forces push toward center of city held by ISIS (CBS News)

Ken Gregory, Man Scalded By His Wife, Speaks Out About Male Domestic Abuse Victims (Huffington Post)

Obama Embarrassed' for GOP Senators on Iran Letter (Time Magazine)

Global CO2 emissions stall for first time in 40 years as economy grows (Russia Today)

Pope Francis Says His Tenure May Last Less Than 5 Years (Time Magazine)

Ceremonies in UK and Camp Bastion mark end of Afghan operation (Guardian)

ISIS Fills Tunnel With Explosives, Kills 40 Iraqi Soldiers (Newsweek Magazine)

Report: UK police failed to recognize scale of child sex abuse, but no officers disciplined (Fox News)

Boko Haram: What you need to know (CNN)

Robert Downey Jr. gives Iron Man arm to boy with missing limb in video (Daily Mail)

'Spiderboy', 10, rescued by firemen after climbing 40ft up the front of a museum on school trip - before breaking down in tears after getting stuck with fear (Daily Mail)

9 billion years later, see star explode (CNN)

Katie Preston spent five years trying now has three children from IVF (Daily Mail)

Norwich 'Gunman' In Fatigues Walking Casually Down Street Triggers Massive Police Alert (Huffington Post)

Oscar Pistorius: judge throws out defence application - video (Guardian)

Armed police called to Norwich after man seen 'wearing camouflage gear and holding a gun' (Daily Express)

Mentally ill man shot dead by ISIS after he slapped Islamic State guard (Daily Mail)

Spain Arrests Eight Suspected ISIS Militants (Newsweek Magazine)

Good riddance: NHS doctor who fled UK to become senior Taliban commander linked to school massacre of 132 children 'killed in Pakistan' (Daily Mail)

Terrifying video of Chinese student who was carjacked by Boston bombers running for his life and dropping to his knees to pray for help from gas station clerk (Daily Mail)

Dallas Mpala who beat mother of his children so badly he broke her back is jailed (Daily Mail)

Man suspected of helping UK schoolgirls join Isis is Syrian, says Turkey (Guardian)

Obama administration hits out at UK after Britain signs up to $50bn Beijing bank (Daily Mail)

Swedish prosecutors seek to question Assange in UK (CNN)

Passionate Zionist' UK ambassador lobbies British universities over Israel's right to exist' forum (Russia Today)

Here are the miracle triplets born TWO years apart (Daily Star)

Kanye West threatened by Anonymous in video calling him a 'spoiled little brat' (Daily Mail)

UK terror attacks a price worth paying for privacy' say civil rights groups (Daily Express)

BREAKING NEWS: Weatherman perv Fred Talbot jailed for five years (Daily Star)

Terror 'super-group' formed as Islamic State accept Boko Haram pledge of allegiance (Daily Express)

Fred Talbot, Ex-This Morning Weatherman, Sentenced To Five Years In Prison For Indecently Assaulting Boys (Huffington Post)

Not a single police officer will be disciplined over Rochdale scandal (Daily Mail)

Train travellers paying £215 a day to park at city centre stations (Daily Mail)

Fish and Chips ISIS style: Jihadis show off their terrible culinary skills and their love of Western junk food (Daily Mail)

Day in pictures: 13 March 2015 (BBC)

German court strikes down headscarf ban (Financial Times - Paywall)

UK Weather Forecast Will Replace Glorious Sunshine With Sleet And Snow (Huffington Post)

Russell & Bromley shop assistant stole £7,000 worth of expensive shoes by walking home from work in a new pair almost every day (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Fred Talbot jailed for FIVE years for indecently assaulting two young boys (Daily Express)

Cyclone Pam: Vanuatu in panic over 'once-in-a-lifetime' storm bearing down on South Pacific island (Independent)

As Battle in Iraq Against ISIS Broadens, So Do Backstage Moves (New York Times - Paywall)

Manchester 'uglier than back of fridge' admits United keeper de Gea's girlfriend (Daily Star)

Police Failed to Address Sexual Abuse in Northern British City, Report Says (New York Times - Paywall)

US attacks potential UK membership of China-led World Bank rival (Russia Today)

FSB stops high treason case against mother of seven' lawyer (Russia Today)

Weird world of city of the future (CNN)

The headset that turns a swimming pool into the Great Barrier Reef: Virtual reality snorkel immerses swimmers in a colourful world of coral (Daily Mail)

China's Growing Middle Class Chafes Against Red Tape (New York Times - Paywall)

Why UFC Champion Ronda Rousey Won't Fight a Man (Time Magazine)

Weaker Euro Ripples Around World (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Oscar Pistorius's challenge against state appeal thrown out (Guardian)

ISIS Demand a Harsh Tax to Leave Town (Time Magazine)

WATCH: Cyclist 'deliberately' knocked down by spectator just metres from race finish line (Daily Star)

Dermot O'Leary Begins His 24-Hour Comic Relief Red Nose Day Danceathon (PICS) (Huffington Post)

Scotland's Wee Tea Company makes the best cuppa in the world (Daily Mail)

Philippine police find fault at highest level in bungled mission (Reuters)

Video feed sheds light on sinking of the Musashi (CBS News)

Slovak PM: Sanctions against Russia would not help Ukraine ceasefire (Reuters)

Islamic militants attack governors convoy killing 3 people, police say (Fox News)

Tropical Cyclone Pam bears down on Vanuatu (CNN)

Commerzbank fined $1.5bn for doing business with sanctioned Iran and Sudan (Russia Today)

40 Dead as ISIS Plants 300 IEDs Under Army HQ: Official (NBC News)

IS 'accepts' Boko Haram's allegiance (BBC)

Haunting world of Europe's abandoned checkpoints (CNN)

Man forced ex-girlfriend to miscarry after secretly feeding her abortion pills in a smoothie (Independent)

ISIS Accepts Boko Haram Allegiance (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Huge cyclone bears down on tiny nation of Vanuatu (CBS News)

Police 'sorry' for Rochdale failures (BBC)

How ISIS are obliterating 3,000-year-old treasures from Assyria (Daily Mail)

Ebola-Infected Health Worker Due to Arrive Back in U.S. (NBC News)

Ten years on, Lebanon's 'Cedar Revolution' (Russia Today)

South Yorkshire Police accused of covering up Sheffield sex abuse (Daily Mail)

German public service employees strike third straight day in bid for higher wages (Fox News)

Official Report Describes Blunders in Deadly Philippine Police Raid (New York Times - Paywall)

Ed Miliband Asked By Young Voters About Looking 'Weird' And 'Stabbing' His Brother In The Back (Huffington Post)

From a pilgrim in Iran to a magnificent fjord: The photos that prove that mobile phones really are just as good expensive cameras (Daily Mail)

Jon Stewart blasts MSNBC's Morning Joe for blaming University of Oklahoma's racist chanting video on 'rap music' (Independent)

How the World Knew What to Expect From Pope Francis (Time Magazine)

African aviation ready for take off, says Nigeria aviation minister video (Guardian)

UK remembers fallen soldiers from Afghan conflict - watch (Channel4)

Mocking the militants: Syrian refugees poke fun at Isis and Assad in viral videos (Independent)

ISIS Still on the Attack, Despite Internal Strife and Heavy Losses (New York Times - Paywall)

Thai army warns protesters against weekend march (Reuters)

China's richest man warns on graft purge (Financial Times - Paywall)

Cyclone Pam: massive storm bears down on Vanuatu, with 260,000 people in its path (Guardian)

Residents Seek Shelter as Cyclone Pam Bears Down on Vanuatu (Time Magazine)

Iran's 'Dark Knight' Is Leading Fight Against ISIS (NBC News)

Nigel Farage hits back over claims he has 'outdated' views on race laws (Daily Express)

Sweden asks to quiz Assange in UK (BBC)

It's the SECOND Friday 13...You're more likely to get dumped today than any other day (Daily Star)

Aus. teen dies as ISIS suicide bomber (CNN)

Police arrest 8 alleged members of jihadi cell that urged attacks in Spain, recruited fighters (Fox News)

JAN MOIR: A divorce payout 23 years on is madness (Daily Mail)

IS spokesman says group leader has accepted Boko Haram pledge of allegiance (Fox News)

After 70 years of division, North and South Koreans speak increasingly different languages (Fox News)

Syria War Pulls U.S., Israel Apart (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Six million cold calls every day from just ONE firm: Company that held 90million numbers raided by watchdog after using sophisticated technology to leave messages (Daily Mail)

Uneasy calm in Ferguson in wake of police shootings (Guardian)

Islamic State 'accepts' Boko Haram's pledge of allegiance (Channel4)

WorldViews: Children rescued from Boko Haram are so traumatized that they forgot their names (Washington Post - Paywall)

Vanuatu locals batten down hatches as cyclone Pam bears down - video (Guardian)

David Cameron hints Tory EU referendum will STILL be two years away (Daily Express)

Islamic State accepts Boko Haram's allegiance pledge (Los Angeles Times)

Mark Zuckerberg mocked as 'just a kid' in court papers as neighbor goes after Facebook founder for reneging on promise to help him network with tech world elite in exchange for discounted property sale (Daily Mail)

ISIS girls: Turkey makes arrest (CNN)

Jury in Boston bombing trial shown gruesome evidence of fallen police officer who was shot in the head as terrorists prepared to flee the city (Daily Mail)

Meet the super fit mother of FOUR who eats SEVEN times a day and gets up at 3am every day to train (Daily Mail)

Afghan official: Taliban attack in central province kills 7 members of local police force (Fox News)

ISIS accepts Boko Haram's allegiance pledge (Fox News)

Video show Pistorius 'playing soccer' (CNN)

Police, Other Groups Try to Tamp Down Tensions in Ferguson (Time Magazine)

Fred Talbot prosecutors considering further charges against TV weatherman (Daily Mail)

ISIS strike army HQ, kill dozens (CNN)

Vigil in Ferguson after shooting of 2 police officers (CBS News)

Steve Jobs Turned Down A Partial Liver Donation From Apple CEO Tim Cook (Time Magazine)

American archaeologists unearth stunning Egyptian tombs in Luxor featuring intricate and colorful murals unseen for thousands of years (Daily Mail)

Obama condemns Ferguson shootings (BBC)

3/12: Two officers shot in "ambush" during Ferguson protests; Glimpsing your "future self" helps you save for retirement (CBS News)

Obama Reads Mean Tweets on 'Kimmel,' Talks Ferguson (NBC News)

Honduran police detain alleged drug kingpin 'Chepe' Handal (Reuters)

Police hunt suspects after officers shot in Ferguson, Missouri (Reuters)

VIDEO: Ferguson protests: A city on edge (BBC)

5 women's rights activists formally detained in China after Women's Day crackdown, lawyer says (Fox News)

US ambassador to South Korea was targeted to protest military drills, police say (Fox News)

Obama Calls for Arrest of Ferguson Shooters (Time Magazine)

U.S. general: Militant recruits going from Caribbean to Syria (CBS News)

ISIS accepts Boko Haram allegiance pledge (CBS News)

ISIS welcomes Boko Haram's allegiance (Russia Today)

7 more Mexican federal police officers detained on extortion allegations in border city (Fox News)

The Kurdish women fighting ISIS (CNN)

Protests resume outside Ferguson police HQ (CNN)

US General: ISIS recruits could enter America via Caribbean, S. America (Russia Today)

African states want U.N. trust fund for Boko Haram force (Reuters)

World Briefing: Ukraine: Observers Extend Monitoring Mission (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Germany: Archaeologists Find 300-Year-Old Pretzels. (No Sign of the Beer.) (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Somalia: Gunmen Attack State Government's Headquarters (New York Times - Paywall)

P5+1 in secret talks' to lift Iran sanctions if nuclear deal reached report (Russia Today)

Afghan president salutes UK war dead (BBC)

Ferguson Clergy Hold Candelight Vigil After Cops Shot (NBC News)

Kathy Griffin Quits Fashion Police (Time Magazine)

'Rottweiler' Valerie Trierweiler reported to police after incident at Paris café in which she 'slapped' owner for asking about ex-lover Francois Hollande (Daily Mail)

Mass impeachment action launched against former Thai MPs (Guardian)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Friday 13th March 2015 (Huffington Post)

World Briefing: Ukraine: Villagers Say They Saw Missile Just Before Civilian Jet Was Shot Down (New York Times - Paywall)

Man who murdered teacher Pamela Smart's husband granted parole (CBS News)

Police ID teen in McDonalds brawl surveillance video (CBS News)

UK to create 8,000 oil and gas jobs (BBC)

The world is running out of burial space (BBC)

Self-proclaimed eco warriors chain themselves to homemade tower in last stand against eviction by bailiffs (Daily Mail)

SAE Has Worried About Frat House Culture for Years (NBC News)

Republican Senator Pushes for a Vote on Iran Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

Police try to tamp down Ferguson tensions after "ambush" on cops (CBS News)

United Nations' Reputation Slips as Four-Year War in Syria Drags On (New York Times - Paywall)

China Sees Surge in Court Cases Against Polluters (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

World Briefing: Iran: New Appeal for Detained Reporter (New York Times - Paywall)

Green sells BHS for £1 (15 years after he bought it for £200million) Fears for 11,000 jobs after sale to little-known investment firm (Daily Mail)

Heather Mack breaks down in Bali as she faces death by firing squad for suitcase murder (Daily Mail)

Boy changed Facebook to 'full-time killer' after man he attacked died (Daily Mail)

ISIS accept pledge of allegiance from Nigerian terrorists Boko Haram - and promises 'more violence against Christians and Jews' (Daily Mail)

Max Clifford could face new charges after Operation Yewtree police quiz (Daily Express)

Police chief in charge during Hillsborough disaster denies conspiracy to blame fans (Daily Express)

Thug who battered disabled man and put Facebook status as 'full-time killer' dodges jail (Daily Star)

After shooting of officers, SWAT teams raid home in Ferguson (CBS News)

St. Louis County Police take over security at Ferguson protests (Russia Today)

ISIS Welcomes Boko Haram Pledge (Time Magazine)

The day Maggie gave Tebbit a huge handbagging... just one of the delicious tales in William Waldegrave's memoirs (Daily Mail)

World Digest: March 12, 2015 (Washington Post - Paywall)

'Dimension-jumping' psychopath high on drug clone battered man to death with brick (Daily Star)

Emma Meaux can't hide her guilt after delving into mommy's make-up bag in video (Daily Mail)

Iraqi Forces Claim Western Areas of Tikrit From ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Dominican Republic police question 16 from US, 7 Dominicans after prostitution raid near Sosua (Fox News)

World powers begin talks on ending UN sanctions against Iran (Guardian)

Major nations hold talks on ending U.N. sanctions on Iran - officials (Reuters)

Man rushed to hospital after BREAKING penis during sex (Daily Star)

ISIS Expands Into West Africa, Welcoming Boko Haram Pledge (NBC News)

Syria war criminals will face justice, U.N. rights boss vows (Reuters)

Isis welcomes Boko Haram's allegiance and plays down coalition 'victories' (Guardian)

The Strange Story of the Man Who Chose Execution By Firing Squad (Time Magazine)

Armless boy, 7, given 3D-printed Iron Man prosthetic limb by film's star Robert Downey Jr (Daily Star)

Brazilian police arrest former Italian militant, fugitive Cesare Battisti, on judge's order (Fox News)

ISIS 'accepts Boko Haram loyalty' (CNN)

Ebola-Stricken American Will Be Flown Back From Sierra Leone on Friday (Newsweek Magazine)

Asylum seekers launch hunger strikes, protests at UK detention centers (Russia Today)

Ferguson Activists Worry About Aftermath of Shooting (Time Magazine)

Iran Supreme Leader Criticizes GOP Letter (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Mercenaries Join Fight Against Boko Haram (New York Times - Paywall)

IS spokesman says group leader has accepted Boko Haram allegiance pledge (Fox News)

A rare road trip through Iran (CNN)

Talks Under Way to Possibly Lift U.N. Sanctions on Iran (Newsweek Magazine)

A Moment Atop the World for Bhutan's Last-Ranked Team (New York Times - Paywall)

McCain and Republicans Stand by Iran Letter (Newsweek Magazine)

FCC outlines net neutrality rules in 400-page report: We break it down for you (Russia Today)

Chad troops fighting Boko Haram redeploy, signalling possible new push (Reuters)

After four years of conflict, Syria is 'entering the dark ages' (Los Angeles Times)

Ferguson police shooting 'heinous' (BBC)

Holder calls Ferguson police shooter a 'damn punk' video (Guardian)

ISIS Accepts Boko Harams Allegiance (Newsweek Magazine)

WorldViews: South African mercenaries join Nigeria's fight against Boko Haram (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS video tries to justify beheading 'Informants' in Syria and Iraq as revenge for coalition attacks (Daily Mail)

UN Security Council nears resolution endorsing growing African fight against Boko Haram (Fox News)

Silhan Ozcelik: Disgusting' trial for young woman who tried to fight against Isis (Independent)

Silhan Ozcelik: 'Disgusting' trial for young woman who tried to fight against Isis (Independent)

Police Swarm House in Ferguson Police Shooting Investigation (Newsweek Magazine)

Ferguson shooting: Officers shot and wounded during protests were 'ambushed,' say police as incident receives widespread condemnation (Independent)

Ferguson shooting: Officers shot and wounded during protests 'ambushed,' say police as incident receives widespread condemnation (Independent)

Turkey claims foreign spy helped British girls to Syria (Independent)

Ferguson Residents Give Advice for Next Police Chief (NBC News)

Syria: 4 years of misery (CNN)

EU to tighten border checks to try to detect Syria fighters (Reuters)

Syria revolution four years on: Don't bet against President Assad - a ruler willing to see his country destroyed so long as he can cling to power (Independent)

Syria revolution four years on: Don't bet against President Assad a ruler willing to see his country destroyed so long as he can cling to power (Independent)

Syria revolution four years on: UN's credibility on the line as humanitarian aid fails to appear (Independent)

Syria revolution four years on: UN's credibility on line as humanitarian aid fails to appear (Independent)

Indian woman beaten by her police officer father as a crowd watch (Daily Mail)

Marquise the cat plunges off table in video after attempt to get an ice cream sandwich (Daily Mail)

Isis ransacking of ancient Assyrian city confirmed by Iraq's head of antiquities (Guardian)

Turkey: Intelligence operative helped girls join ISIS (CBS News)

VIDEO: Joy as baby found after 17 years (BBC)

Trainee police officer Sophia Adams strips off in bid to become face of Curvy Kate (Daily Mail)

Iran attacks nuclear backstabbing (CNN)

Agent arrested in Turkey for allegedly helping 3 British girls cross into Syria to join ISIS (Daily Mail)

Two Dead in Protests Against Houthi Rebels in Yemen (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Germany: GOP Letter Affecting Iran Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Eric Holder on Ferguson Shooter: Damn Punk (Newsweek Magazine)

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Ferguson shooting: Could be time for Washington to intervene directly - but such a move has momentous precedents (Independent)

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