Monday, 16th March 2015

World News

Did Robert Durst seal his fate with "Kill them all" confession? (CBS News)

Montana man drowns in California saving son in ocean (CBS News)

Vanuatu "monster" storm kills 24, devastates archipelago (CBS News)

Police chase goes through a shopping mall (CBS News)

Author weighs in on the new murder charge against Robert Durst (CBS News)

Clarissa Ward reflects on 4 years of civil war in Syria (CBS News)

Police recount dramatic shootout with fleeing Boston bombing suspects (CBS News)

Liverpool closes on Man Utd (CNN)

One-year-old boy killed after recovery truck crashed into a wall that collapsed on him, police say (Daily Mail)

UN and Russia worry at reports that Islamic State has established a foothold in Afghanistan (Fox News)

Vanuatu lacks basics after cyclone (CNN)

French pensioner arrested trying to smuggle his young Russian bride home in a suitcase (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: US 'could walk way' from Iran talks (BBC)

Replacing Christian crosses with the black flag of ISIS (Daily Mail)

Adams 'to meet' US State Department (BBC)

Meet the Man Who Could Replace Netanyahu (NBC News)

Ukrainian police get shoot-to-kill orders' amid unrest over army hit & run killing of 8yo (Russia Today)

What if there's no Iran deal? (CNN)

'ISIS Hunting Club' formed by eight former British soldiers (Daily Mail)

Official: Iran confronts US at nuclear talks over GOP letter saying any deal may not last long (Fox News)

Bashar al-Assad dismisses US position on negotiating end to Syria war (Guardian)

U.S. conducts air strikes in Syria and Iraq against Islamic State (Reuters)

Closing in on nuclear deal, U.S. demands 'tough choices' from Iran (Reuters)

Substantial Gap Remains in Iran Nuclear Talks (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Robert Durst's Killed Them All ? Confession Wont Work in Court (Newsweek Magazine)

Robert Durst waives extradition, will stand trial in California (CBS News)

Iraqi offensive for Tikrit stalls as Islamic State inflicts casualties (Washington Post - Paywall)

Women tortured man by burning hair tongs and lighter on to his genitals (Daily Mail)

Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu rules out a Palestinian state on his watch (Los Angeles Times)

ISIS Digs Heels Into Tikrit as Iraq Offensive Slows (Time Magazine)

Netanyahu: No Palestinian State If I'm Re-Elected (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Chechen mother kidnaps Dutch children and flees to Syria to join Isis (Independent)

Israel election: Binyamin Netanyahu rules out Palestinian state if he wins (Guardian)

UK teen on ISIS sympathizer charge (CNN)

Rand Paul: GOP letter to Iran should help Obamas negotiations (CBS News)

24 Dead in Vanuatu After Cyclone Pam, U.N. Says (Time Magazine)

Scientists extract DNA from extinct woolly mammoth to bring the species back (Daily Mail)

ISIS Allies Try to Cut off Libya's Oil Revenue (Time Magazine)

Netanyahu says no Palestinian state if he wins (Washington Post - Paywall)

Netanyahu promises no Palestinian state if re-elected (CBS News)

Cyclone Pam death toll rises to 24 as Vanuatu begins to assess damage (Guardian)

British police free alleged teen ISIS recruits, arrest 18-year-old (CBS News)

Britons freed after arrests for Syria travel plan (Independent)

Cyclone Pam: Vanatu islanders face starvation 'within days' following destruction of all their crops, warns Unicef (Independent)

Cyclone Pam: Vanuatu islanders face starvation 'within days' following destruction of all their crops, warns Unicef (Independent)

Parents of Aqsa Mahmood who fled to Syria denies she recruited London schoolgirls (Daily Mail)

Netanyahu, trailing in polls, promises no Palestinian state if elected (Fox News)

Robert Durst to face murder charge in Los Angeles (CBS News)

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff pledges corruption reforms in wake of mass protests (Independent)

One-year-old boy dies after lorry hits wall, police say (Daily Star)

UN: 24 dead, 3,300 displaced in Vanuatu after a tropical cyclone devastates the islands (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS Using Paedophile Grooming Tactics' to Lure Young Jihadi Brides (Newsweek Magazine)

Boston Police Say Bomber Ran Over His Brother and Dragged him (Newsweek Magazine)

Netanyahu: No Palestinian state on my watch (CNN)

U.N. Monitor Says Iran Is Worsening on Rights, Despite Pledges (New York Times - Paywall)

Alleged shooter denies aiming at police (CNN)

Netanyahu Vows No Palestinian State While He's Prime Minister (Time Magazine)

Cyclone Pam Death Toll Rises to 24 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Netanyahu Says No Palestinian State if He Is Re-elected (New York Times - Paywall)

45 killed in ethno-religious clash between herders and farmers in Nigeria, police say (Fox News)

Vladimir Putin reappears for first time after ten days of rumors (Daily Mail)

Haitian President Tightens Grip as Scandal Engulfs Circle of Friends (New York Times - Paywall)

Police go on trial in case that rocked France (Los Angeles Times)

Sweden falls in love with the man who signs for Eurovision heats (Guardian)

UN humanitarian office says 24 dead and 3,300 people displaced in Vanuatu by Cyclone Pam (Fox News)

Isis in Libya: Muammar Gaddafi's soldiers are back in the country and fighting under the black flag of the 'Islamic State' (Independent)

Israel elections: Benjamin Netanyahu says there will be no Palestinian state if voters back him (Independent)

Woman reveals how she took a 'year off' her 17-year marriage to sleep with other men... and 12 strangers later couldn't bear to go back and ended it with her husband (Daily Mail)

Robert Durst: Three decades, three murders, one suspect, no conviction until he confessed on camera (Independent)

Death toll rises in Vanuatu cyclone (BBC)

Sunni brigade fights Islamic State extremists in tense alliance with Iraq's Shiite militias (Fox News)

U.S. Omits Iran and Hezbollah From Terror Threat List (Newsweek Magazine)

NYC man drowns trying to save dog that fell through ice (CBS News)

Saddam Hussein's tomb destroyed due to fighting between ISIS and Iraqi forces (Daily Mail)

ISIS Could Unite Afghan Insurgents, U.N. Warns (Newsweek Magazine)

VIDEO: Vanuatu cyclone clean up begins (BBC)

Putin dismisses gossip' over absence (Financial Times - Paywall)

Putin Reappears in Public (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Netanyahu Promises No Palestinian State if Hes Reelected (Newsweek Magazine)

Putin surfaces after mysterious 10-day absence (Washington Post - Paywall)

GOP letter complicates nuclear talks with Tehran (Los Angeles Times)

LIVE: Prime Minister David Cameron follows in President Obama footsteps in new interview (Daily Express)

Sierra Leone vice president back home after seeking asylum from US, official says (Fox News)

Here's What It's Like to Fly From the Top of the World's Tallest Building on an Eagle's Back (Time Magazine)

Netanyahu rejects Palestinian state (Financial Times - Paywall)

Russia's Putin reappears after 10 day absence, laughs off 'gossip' (Reuters)

U.N. says 24 confirmed killed in Vanuatu cyclone (Reuters)

Cyclone devastation forcing Vanuatu to start anew, president says (CBS News)

Chechen refugee took children from Netherlands to Syria 'to join Isis' (Guardian)

'Nukes at the ready': Putin talks Crimea annexation (CNN)

Robert Durst: From dismembering a neighbour to disguising himself as a woman - the downfall of the real estate scion 'caught out' on HBO documentary 'The Jinx' (Independent)

How should police treat those who go to Syria? (BBC)

France's Fabius Rules Out Assad in Syria Transition (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

British jihadi bride who joined IS DENIES recruiting three east London schoolgirls (Daily Express)

Horror of jeering crowd who goaded suicidal man to 'get on with it and jump' from a multi-storey car park minutes before he plunged to his death (Daily Mail)

Vladimir Putin returns but ill health rumours continue over 'pale', 'puffy' and 'sweaty' face (Independent)

Ban immigrant children from state schools for 5 yrs' Farage (Russia Today)

Kurds claim ISIS using chemical weapons (CBS News)

Man who had world's first successful penis transplant is back in action (Daily Star)

Putin Appears in Many Forms at Crimea Celebrations (NBC News)

Dutch mother snatches son and daughter to join ISIS in Syria (Daily Mail)

Tom Cotton, US Senator, apparently does not know the capital of Iran (Independent)

"The Jinx" director Andrew Jarecki on Robert Dursts apparent murder confession (CBS News)

ISIS Created Used Guantanamo as Model, Former Hostage Says (Newsweek Magazine)

Putin makes first appearance in 11 days: 'It would be boring without gossip' (Guardian)

Man Dies Trying to Save Dog That Fell Through Ice (Time Magazine)

Netanyahu says no Palestinian state as long as he's prime minister (Reuters)

Metropolitan Police investigated over claims it covered up child sex abuse (Daily Mail)

Brazilians Call for President Rousseff's Impeachment (Newsweek Magazine)

Man admits Fiennes scissor killing (BBC)

EU's Mogherini says gaps with Iran remain, hopes to bridge them (Reuters)

Man admits dangerous driving death (BBC)

Putin appears in public, jokes about rumors over 10-day absence (Los Angeles Times)

Are Robert Durst's Bombshell Mumblings Admissible? (NBC News)

Putin laughs off absence rumours (BBC)

Teen arrested over 'racist' tweet aimed at Arsenal star Danny Welbeck (Daily Star)

Teen arrested over 'racist' Twitter message aimed at Arsenal striker Danny Welbeck (Daily Express)

Birmingham man arrested suspected of going to Syria to join ISIS (Daily Mail)

Syria-bound British teenagers bailed (BBC)

Police corruption: Scotland Yard cover-up' of historical child abuse investigated by watchdog (Russia Today)

Robert Durst Agrees to Face Murder Charge in Los Angeles (NBC News)

Robert Durst to Face Murder Charge in California (Time Magazine)

Police recall chaotic gunfight with accused Boston bombers (Reuters)

Man is jailed over threat to kill MP (BBC)

Pakistani man accused of planning Toronto attack kept in custody (Reuters)

The mysterious reappearing Vladimir Putin (CBS News)

People 'urged man to jump to death' (BBC)

Real estate heir Robert Durst arrested in murder case (CNN)

Putin resurfaces after mysterious disappearance (CBS News)

Millionaire Robert Durst says he "killed them all" in documentary (CBS News)

VIDEO: Putin back in front of the cameras (BBC)

Pictures Of Life In Aleppo: Syria Civil War Four Years On (Huffington Post)

Teenager arrested in connection with racist tweet aimed at Danny Welbeck after Arsenal FA Cup win over Manchester United (Daily Mail)

Eye Opener: Robert Durst under arrest on murder charges (CBS News)

Vladimir Putin appears in public following speculation about his health video (Guardian)

Brazil Protests Reflect Anger at President (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Venezuela President Tightens Grip (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Poland's Zmiana party urges Putin embrace (Financial Times - Paywall)

How Robert Durst Was Acquitted of Murder Years Before The Jinx (Time Magazine)

Sunderland dressing rooms raided by police investigating claims Adam Johnson had sex with a 15-year-old girl (Daily Mail)

Diplomats Aim for Tentative Iran Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Nicholas Maduro: Venezuela's president granted decree powers by parliament (Independent)

Los Angeles police launch manhunt after two police officers shot (Independent)

Michael Douglas's confrontation with man who abused his son for wearing the Star Of David (Daily Mail)

EU ministers balk on soldiers to Libya amid ISIS attacks, political crisis (Russia Today)

'Buffy' star arrested in Florida (CNN)

Cyclone-hit Vanuatu appeals for help (BBC)

Families flee Libya's Sirte as clashes with Islamic State escalate (Reuters)

Iran talks open, breakthrough uncertain (Washington Post - Paywall)

Israeli Establishment Turns Back on Netanyahu Ahead of Election (Newsweek Magazine)

Former Petrobras Executive Arrested Again (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Pakistan police use tear gas to break up church attack protests (Reuters)

Daughter of Jailed Malaysian Opposition Leader Is Arrested (New York Times - Paywall)

US, Iran working for nuclear pact; officials suggest a lesser announcement possible (Fox News)

Vanuatu leader says deadly cyclone 'wiped out' development on South Pacific island (Fox News)

UK Police Watchdog to Investigate Westminster Child Abuse Cover-Up (Newsweek Magazine)

Vladimir Putin orders entire Northern Fleet to mobilise in huge Russian military exercises (Independent)

Ready for your Victorian close-up? Photographer turns his back on digital pictures and Instagram to create stunning portraits which each take 20 minutes to develop with 150-year-old technology (Daily Mail)

Germany urges major powers and Iran to seize fresh opportunity for a nuclear deal (Fox News)

'Ancient statues' destroyed by ISIS in Mosul were FAKES claims Iraqi museum director (Daily Mail)

Anwar's daughter arrested in Malaysia (Financial Times - Paywall)

French police trial for teen deaths (BBC)

Kurds probe 2 possible ISIS chemical weapon attacks (Fox News)

Robert Durst of The Jinx: 'What did I do? Killed them all, of course' (Guardian)

'Smelly Poo' Forces Back British Airways Flight Due To Stench From Toilet (Huffington Post)

UK watchdog to probe claims that police covered up sex offense allegations from 1970s-2000s (Fox News)

UN expert says human rights situation in Iran has worsened since Rouhani became president (Fox News)

RAF aid plane flies to help cyclone devastated Vanuatu (Daily Express)

Good Samaritan mother dies after being attacked herself when she stepped in to help out in street row between man and woman with her baby (Daily Mail)

Putin Reappears After 10-Day Absence, Laughs Off Gossip (Newsweek Magazine)

Trevor Phillips is a man who dares to tell the truth about race (Daily Mail)

Met Police to be probed over claims it covered up child sex abuse (Daily Express)

Robert Durst: A life of violence (BBC)

Vladimir Putin Dead? Russian Leader Implicitly Proves He's Very Much Alive (Huffington Post)

Kurdish official says Islamic State used chlorine in three attacks (Reuters)

As British Election Nears, Cameron Promises Another Dose of Austerity (New York Times - Paywall)

Grace Dyson's fiance hits back at trolls who joked about umbrella tragedy on social media (Daily Mail)

Vladimir Putin Dismisses Rumors About His Absence (New York Times - Paywall)

Vanuatu Cyclone Pam: Devastation on South Pacific archipelago revealed in pictures (Independent)

Swedish man ordered to pay damages for posting sex video (Guardian)

Man jailed for brick-smash murder (BBC)

Vanuatu cyclone: Devastation mapped (BBC)

Greek leader Tsipras promises no disruption to state wages as state slips back into deficit (Fox News)

ISIS Maintains Hold in Tikrit as Iraq Pauses Offensive (New York Times - Paywall)

Parents of ISIS teen trio fleeing to Syria tipped off police (Russia Today)

Putin says he was ready to put Russian nuclear forces on alert over Crimea crisis (Fox News)

Robert Durst murder arrest: New York real estate scion caught on microphone saying 'I killed them all' (Independent)

Police adverts appeal to Asian mothers to help prevent daughters joining Isis (Guardian)

Almost a million people across Brazil demand President Rousseff's impeachment (Daily Mail)

British teens face terror charges (CNN)

EU president dismisses David Cameron's chances of winning deal with Brussels (Daily Mail)

10 years after French riots, police go on trial over 2 teens' deaths that ignited the violence (Fox News)

Mystery Solved? Putin Pops Up in Public (NBC News)

Boycott Elton John - Dolce and Gabbana fight back (BBC)

Woman sentenced to 70 lashes for insulting man on WhatsApp (Daily Star)

Putin resurfaces after 10-day public absence stirred health, lovechild rumors (Fox News)

Woman handed 70 lashes for insulting man on WhatsApp in Saudi Arabia (Daily Mail)

Vanuatu President and Disaster Officials Left For Conference as Cyclone Bore Down (Newsweek Magazine)

'Evil' jeering onlookers blasted by police for encouraging man to jump to his death (Daily Star)

James Foley, Murdered ISIS Hostage, Abandoned Escape For Fellow Hostage John Cantlie (Huffington Post)

Syrian president appears dismissive of Kerry's remarks on possible talks with Assad (Fox News)

'Like a Freight Train': Cyclone Smashes Pacific Islands (NBC News)

Afghan government: Army operation in south kills commander of Islamic State group's affiliate (Fox News)

British hostage John Cantlie 'water boarded for weeks' after trying to escape IS TWICE (Daily Express)

Moscow invites U.N. mediator to next Syria talks in early April - Ifax (Reuters)

Chechen mother takes her two Dutch children to join Isis in Syria (Guardian)

Where has Putin been? The best of the memes (BBC)

Putin Reappears After 10-day Absence, Looks Healthy (Time Magazine)

Obama administration collects data to sell Iran nuclear deal to public (Los Angeles Times)

Canadian police release video of dramatic motorcycle chase through busy shopping mall (Independent)

Islamic State militants 'caught cross-dressing in attempt to flee battlefield unhindered' (Daily Mail)

In pictures: Cyclone Pam hits Vanuatu (BBC)

Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein's tomb DESTROYED in Islamic State battle (Daily Express)

Mother kidnaps two Dutch children and joins Islamic State - prosecutors (Reuters)

It's boring without rumors': Putin appears in public after week of MSM hysteria (Russia Today)

Video emerges that appears to show Irish policeman treading on handcuffed homeless man in Dublin city centre (Independent)

Cyclone Pam destroyed 90% of buildings on Vanuatu, says president video (Guardian)

Slender Man Suspects To Be Tried As Adults Over Stabbing Of Girl, 12 (Huffington Post)

Vladimir Putin missing: Russian President appears in public for first time in 11 days (Independent)

Vladimir Putin missing: Russian President appears in public for first time in 10 days (Independent)

Vladimir Putin missing: Russian President refuses to comment on 10-day disappearing act 'it would be boring without gossip' (Independent)

Glamorous magazine editor and former childhood friend of Putin flees Russia on the advice of Moscows secret service because of her support for murdered Boris Nemtsov (Daily Mail)

Glamorous friend of Vladimir Putin flees Russia after death threats (Daily Express)

Murdered Isis hostage James Foley 'showed true humanity' by giving up freedom for fellow captive John Cantlie (Independent)

EU debates ways to back Libya peace talks but reticent on launching any security mission (Fox News)

Man remanded over Trecco Bay murder (BBC)

Daughter of Jailed Opposition Leader Arrested in Malaysia (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Relief teams report devastation, death after Vanuatu cyclone (Reuters)

Vladimir Putin says he's 'ready to put forces on nuclear alert' (Daily Mail)

We pay EU countries £15 for every £1 we get back for NHS care for foreign patients (Daily Mail)

California man spray paints his head black in an attempt to hide from cops (Daily Mail)

L.A. police officer sought in killing (CNN)

Witnesses say car bomb in Libyan city of Misrata kills 1 amid Islamic State affiliate battle (Fox News)

'You're a laughing stock. It's cheesy, disgusting... artistically atrocious': British singer and her husband are FIRED as judges on New Zealand's X Factor after launching astonishing tirade against contestant (Daily Mail)

Daughter of jailed Malaysian opposition leader Anwar arrested for alleged sedition (Fox News)

London teenagers stopped from entering Syria 'after parents raised alarm' (Guardian)

Addict 'hid drugs under foreskin' during police raid (Daily Star)

Putin Details Crimea Takeover (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Authorities release 3 teens on bail after their arrest for trying to travel to Syria (Fox News)

Turks Stop British Teens Headed to Syria (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The man who transformed Foyles (BBC)

Putin's nuclear threat: Russian leader nearly started World War Three over the Crimea war (Daily Express)

Is Russian's president Putin dead? Morbid rumours sparked by public absence (Daily Star)

'We feel our loss more acutely on Mother's Day': Families of runaway ISIS schoolgirls issue new appeal for 'beloved' daughters to return home from Syria (Daily Mail)

A young girl who haunts a mental asylum, a prison guard still standing watch and the man lurking in the basement of a notorious hotel: Ghost hunters share pictures of the most haunted sites in Australia (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Trail of destruction after Cyclone Pam (BBC)

Saddam Hussein's tomb reduced to rubble during fight for Tikrit between Isis militants and Iraqi forces (Independent)

Iraq needs more airstrikes to dislodge ISIS in Tikrit - officials (Reuters)

PHOTOS: 'Monster' Cyclone Pam leaves destruction as Pacific Island begins to 'start anew' (Daily Star)

Putin puts Northern Fleet on alert for Arctic exercises - RIA (Reuters)

Vladimir Putin is 'in bed with a cold' Dozhd TV station claims (Daily Mail)

Elderly nun gang-raped in India: Police detain eight men over attack on convent school (Independent)

Teens heading for ISIS stopped in Turkey after their parents tipped-off police (Daily Mail)

What Vanuatu looks like now (CNN)

Iranian nuclear talks resume in Lausanne as deadline approaches (Guardian)

From California gang to Mexican vigilante: the family man fighting the drug cartels in Mexico video (Guardian)

Three British teenagers heading to Syria held by counter-terrorism police (Guardian)

Cyclone Pam: Vanuatu's president blames climate change for extreme weather (Guardian)

Big rallies against Brazil president (BBC)

Greek PM Tsipras says there is no going back to austerity (Reuters)

Cyclone Pam: 'Monster' storm that devastated South Pacific island of Vanuatu caused by climate change (Independent)

What would you ask first man to walk in space? #AskaCosmonaut on RT (Russia Today)

How Photography Brought a Father and His Son Back Together (Time Magazine)

Watch-list of suspected European Islamic State sympathisers stands at 10,000 people (Daily Express)

Venezuelan lawmakers give president new legislative powers (CBS News)

UK teens suspected of trying to join Islamic State arrested (Reuters)

Afghan army says kills 10 militants affiliated with Islamic State (Reuters)

Three Syria-bound British teenagers freed on bail (Daily Express)

Op-Ed Contributors: The Kurds' Heroic Stand Against ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Senator rebukes Iran letter criticism (CNN)

Chinese Man Gets Attacked by a Wild Panda, Sues Government for $80,000 (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Iran 'expanding occupation of Iraq' (BBC)

'No Palestinian state if I remain PM' Israel's Netanyahu on election eve (Russia Today)

Watch Tens of Thousands Demand Brazil President Rousseff's Impeachment (Time Magazine)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to Rule by Decree (NBC News)

West hopes for Iran concessions in nuclear talks (Reuters)

Cyclone Pam hits New Zealand after devastating Vanuatu (Russia Today)

3/15: Police arrest suspect in shooting of 2 officers in Ferguson; High school student makes big bucks from old basketball shoes (CBS News)

CNN reporter's grim assessment of Vanuatu (CNN)

Vladimir Putin Admits to Weighing Nuclear Option During Crimea Conflict (Time Magazine)

Chinese man wins $80,000 payout after being bitten by panda (Guardian)

Vanuatu's president says the small South Pacific nation forced to start anew after cyclone (Fox News)

LAPD Cop Arrested at Mexico Border With Person in Trunk (NBC News)

11 days and counting: Vladimir Putin 'missing' mystery goes on amid 'neutralisation' claim (Daily Express)

Aid workers scramble to help Cyclone Pam victims (CNN)

Saudi warning on Iran nuclear deal (BBC)

Luvvies line up to star in Jihadi John apologist film: Ben Kingsley among actors committed to movie written by member of group who called ISIS killer 'beautiful' man (Daily Mail)

Cyclone Pam: Vanuatu president says climate change contributed to death and destruction rolling coverage (Guardian)

Sen. Tom Cotton stands behind controversial GOP letter to Iran (CBS News)

Secretary of State John Kerry to resume nuclear talks with Iran (CBS News)

Aid Agencies Struggle to Reach Affected in Vanuatu After Monster' Cyclone Pam (Time Magazine)

Robert Durst, subject of HBOs "The Jinx," arrested on L.A. murder charge (CBS News)

Vatican Backs Military Campaign Against ISIS (Time Magazine)

You'll squeal like a pig': Former ISIS hostage describes being tortured by Jihadi John (Russia Today)

Real estate heir Durst arrested (CNN)

Venezuelan president Nicol s Maduro given power to rule by decree (Guardian)

Ferguson: Public info led to arrest over police shootings (CNN)

There It Is. You're Caught.' The Jinx Gets Its Man (Time Magazine)

Cyclone Pam survivor: I was afraid, I didn't know if I'd face another day - video (Guardian)

Robert Durst, the Millionaire Drifter Who Can't Run From His Past (Time Magazine)

Vanuatu president, heading home from Japan disaster conference, rues devastation from cyclone (Fox News)

Cyclone devastation: How to help (CNN)

British Museum tops UK visitor sites (BBC)

Islamic State claims Tripoli attack, car bomb in Misrata (Reuters)

Vanuatu president says storm-wrecked country must 'start anew' following monster storm (Fox News)

End of the middle lane hogs: Police handing out thousands of £100 fines to 'anti-social' drivers who slow traffic and splash walkers (Daily Mail)

Leading Role for France as Africa Battles Back (New York Times - Paywall)

Hard-working commuters boost economy: Survey shows average British workers do 30 minutes of work during daily journey (Daily Mail)

Robert Durst: Killed Them All, Of Course' (Time Magazine)

In film, Putin justifies Russia's seizure of Crimea last year (Los Angeles Times)

Robert Durst: Millionaire Drifter Who Can't Run From His Past (NBC News)

Infamous Murder Suspect Robert Durst Arrested in New Orleans (NBC News)

Saddam Husseins tomb leveled during fight against ISIS (CBS News)

Aid effort kicks in after 'monster' cyclone ravages Vanuatu (Daily Mail)

Cyclone Pam's aftermath in Vanuatu in pictures (Guardian)

Kerry Suggests There Is a Place for Assad in Syria Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

Ukraine conflict: Vladimir Putin 'was ready for nuclear alert' (Guardian)

Putin: Russia considered nuclear option over Crimea (CBS News)

Flights Over Vanuatu Are Expected to Reveal Cyclone Devastation (New York Times - Paywall)

Putin Says He Weighed Nuclear Alert Over Crimea (New York Times - Paywall)

Cyclone Pam Tears Through Vanuatu (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

White House Warns Senate on Iran Legislation (NBC News)

Three British Teens Detained in Istanbul Trying to Join ISIS (NBC News)

Local Man, 20, Arrested in Ferguson Police Shooting (NBC News)

Cyclone Pam tore house apart (CNN)

Vanuatu struggles to account for cyclone damage, deaths (Fox News)

More young British Muslims are joining IS than we expected, says politician Keith Vaz (Daily Express)

Up to 300 toddlers searched for drugs and weapons reveal police chiefs (Daily Star)

Kremlin posts images of 'missing' Putin (CNN)

3 British Teenagers Detained on Suspicion of Plotting Terror (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Cyclone Pam devastates Vanuatu (BBC)

Devastated Vanuatu starts to get aid (BBC)

18 dead in bombing raids in Syria (CNN)

Nearly a million march to oust Brazils president (CBS News)

Tropical cyclone Pam: Australia sends humanitarian aid to Vanuatu (Guardian)

Putin reveals nuclear plan over Crimea (Financial Times - Paywall)

Netanyahu tried to cancel Mossad briefing for US senators on Iran sanctions report (Russia Today)

How Fellaini became key for Man Utd (BBC)

Suspect arrested in shooting of 2 officers in Ferguson (CBS News)

Anger Bubbles Up Against Brazilian President (New York Times - Paywall)

Putin says Russia was ready for nuclear confrontation over Crimea (Reuters)

Bandits gang rape nun in her 70s in India, police say (CBS News)

Putin was surprised at how easily Russia took control of Crimea (Washington Post - Paywall)

'Dilma, Out!': Nearly 1 Million Brazilians Protest President (NBC News)

State Department: Kerry will not speak to Syria president Assad (Guardian)

Op-Ed Contributor: Putin and the 'Mariupol Test' (New York Times - Paywall)

3 U.K. teens arrested, believed on way to Syria (CBS News)

Iran jails former president's son (BBC)

The aftermath of Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu (CBS News)

Refugees from Isis tell of fears of forced marriages (Independent)

Cyprus president to seek removal of Central Bank chief over perceived conflict of interest (Fox News)

Kremlin Stays Mum on Report of Putin Missing From Moscow (NBC News)

Man City 'in top-four rat race' (BBC)

Robert Durst: New York real estate heir arrested in connection with 2000 murder of Susan Berman (Independent)

Arrest over Ferguson police shooting (BBC)

Iran nuclear talks set to resume (Washington Post - Paywall)

Robert Durst expected to face first-degree murder charges in California (Guardian)

20-Year-Old Charged in Connection With Shooting of Police in Ferguson (Newsweek Magazine)

Robert Durst of HBOs "The Jinx" arrested in New Orleans (CBS News)

Macedonian prime minister hits back at opposition leader after the latter releases tapes (Fox News)

Police Announce Arrest in Shooting of Officers in Ferguson (Time Magazine)

Fighting erupts between militias and ISIS branch in Libya (Fox News)

U.K. Arrests 3 Teens Stopped in Turkey on Way to Syria (Time Magazine)

Son of Iran's former president gets 15 years in jail (Guardian)

Vladimir Putin missing: Rumours suggest president has flu and is lying low at Valdai outside Moscow (Independent)

Arrest Made in Connection With Shooting of Two Police Officers in Ferguson (NBC News)

Blair poised to step back as peace envoy (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iranian Court Sentences Son of Former President to 15 Years in Prison (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS torture methods described by former captives (CBS News)

US tycoon arrested on murder charge (BBC)

Vladimir Putin says Russia was preparing to use nuclear weapons 'if necessary' and blames US for Ukraine crisis in Crimea documentary (Independent)

Vladimir Putin: Russia was preparing to use nuclear weapons 'if necessary' and blames US for Ukraine crisis in Crimea documentary (Independent)

Video shows Los Angeles police chasing a man who is shot on live TV (Independent)

Misurata fighters take on Isis in Libya (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iraqi offensive on Tikrit stalls, Kurds say ISIS used chlorine (Reuters)

Washington dispute clouds Iran talks (Financial Times - Paywall)

Tropical Cyclone Pam hits Vanuatu (CNN)

Kerry pushes for new Syria talks (BBC)

Mullen: Iran 'More Difficult Challenge' than ISIS (NBC News)

Hundreds pay tribute to unarmed black teen shot dead by police in Wisconsin (Russia Today)

Murder Suspect, HBO Documentary Subject Robert Durst Arrested in New Orleans (Newsweek Magazine)

Deaths, Devastation as Cyclone Smashes Pacific Islands (NBC News)

Labour Government Could Reduce Britain's Nuclear Deterrent (Huffington Post)

Iraqi Kurds say Islamic State used chlorine gas against them (Reuters)

Moods of British people are not affected by daily changes in weather (Daily Mail)

Vanuatu "flattened" by massive Cyclone Pam (CBS News)

British Teenage Boys Aiming to Join ISIS Under Arrest (Newsweek Magazine)

World waits to see if Putin turns up (BBC)

3 British teenagers aiming to join ISIS in Syria detained in Turkey, sent back (Russia Today)

Ukraine's president says truce not working, urges more Russia sanctions - newspaper (Reuters)

Kerry says it is possible to reach an interim deal with Iran (Reuters)

Aid Teams Reach Vanuatu After Cyclone Pam (Newsweek Magazine)

Putin in film on Crimea: US masterminds behind Ukraine coup, helped train radicals (Russia Today)

Secretary of State Says U.S. Will Have to Negotiate With Assad (Newsweek Magazine)

Viewers criticise new hypnotherapy show You're Back In The Room (Daily Mail)

Kerry says US wants to negotiate with Assad State Dept denies (Russia Today)

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