Friday, 20th March 2015

World News

Community awaits answers in hanging of black man in Mississippi (CBS News)

Fla. police lay beloved K9 to rest in emotional ceremony (CBS News)

Iran nuclear proposal under discussion (CBS News)

"She doesnt need a pulse": 2 NC State frats accused of ugly behavior (CBS News)

Man wrongly invited to stranger's stag do travels 3,000 miles to attend (Daily Star)

Alan Eyre: State Department's Farsi-speaking man at Iran nuclear talks (Washington Post - Paywall)

N.C. State Temporarily Bans Alcohol at Most Fraternity Events (Time Magazine)

Netanyahu row casts doubt on Obama pledge to 'have Israel's back' (Reuters)

Mass grave found in Boko Haram town (BBC)

Five teen girls banned from leaving UK to travel to war-torn Syria (Daily Star)

Tunisia attack highlights threat of violence spilling over from Libya (Washington Post - Paywall)

Islamic State video purports to show Kurdish peshmerga beheadings (Reuters)

Did easyJet flight from Manchester get the best view of the solar eclipse? (Daily Mail)

Mother and two children found hiding in back of a refrigerated Tesco lorry for 48 hours (Daily Mail)

Otis Byrd: 30 FBI agents probing whether convicted killer found hanging from noose in Mississippi took his own life or was murdered (Independent)

Missing Black Man Found Hanging in Woods (NBC News)

Hundreds of Kurds mob hearse carrying ex-Marine killed fighting ISIS (Daily Mail)

4 Argentine men charged in attack on Israeli tourists in popular area of Patagonia region (Fox News)

France Takes Toughest Line at Iran Nuclear Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Millions marvel at solar eclipse (CNN)

The floating man of Brazil: Homeless man lives in bizarre tent-boat (Daily Mail)

March Madness 2015: Virginia hangs on while Kansas, Michigan State win openers live! (Guardian)

Obama gets room for Iran deal (CNN)

U.S. fears Islamic State is making serious inroads in Libya (Reuters)

Solar Eclipse Grips Skywatchers (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Bodies litter mosque floors; ISIS claims responsibility (CNN)

Petraeus: Biggest threat to Iraqs future is Iran, not ISIS (CBS News)

France balks at US plan for phased lifting of Iran nuclear sanctions (Guardian)

US fears Islamic State is making serious inroads in Libya (Channel4)

Bodies of five babies found hidden in house in south-western France (Daily Mail)

Tourists show support for Tunisia (CNN)

Sinosphere Blog: Hackers Attack, a Workaround for Websites Censored in China (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS Group Claims Deadly Yemen Blasts (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Mass Grave of Boko Haram Victims Found (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police arrest Alberta teenager on terror charges; trying to head to Iraq, Syria to join IS (Fox News)

'We shoot people': Maryland police officer indicted on assault charges (Guardian)

Tunisia mourns on national day (CNN)

5 dead babies, 4 in freezer, found in French couple's home, woman admits giving birth to 1 (Fox News)

Dr. Pepper the doctor of choice for 104-year-old woman (CBS News)

Parents' anger as school bans pupils from watching eclipse for 'religious' reasons (Daily Mail)

U.S. targeting Islamic State with 'smart bombs' (Los Angeles Times)

Not just a solar eclipse! Today sees THREE astronomical phenomena take place as the supermoon and spring equinox align (Daily Mail)

Obama appeals to Iran to release Washington Post reporter (Guardian)

Cider drinkers fight back against EU plans to hike up prices (Daily Express)

Did ISIS warning predict attack? (CNN)

Possible Remains Found in Search for Food Network Star (NBC News)

Isis destroys historic Christian and Muslim shrines in northern Iraq (Guardian)

Tokyo sarin gas anniversary: Victims' families gather 20 years after deathcult's attack (Independent)

Grenade attack kills 2 at police station (CNN)

Merkel sets strict terms for Greek aid, Juncker flags EU cash (Reuters)

Mob burns Afghan woman to death (CNN)

Petraeus: ISIS isn't biggest threat (CNN)

French police find bodies of 5 dead infants, 4 in a freezer, at farmer's home (Fox News)

UK teen jailed for plot to kill soldier (CNN)

Penn State students protest against fraternity and call for action pictures (Guardian)

Major solar storm ignites aurora borealis (CNN)

Five teenage girls interested in going to Syria banned from leaving UK (Guardian)

Millions of Britons left disappointed by first solar eclipse of this century (Daily Mail)

Deadlocked Iran nuclear talks break off, to resume next week (Reuters)

India approves rule requiring one-third of Delhi police to be women (Guardian)

David Cameron tells EU chiefs: I'm like TOM CRUISE in Mission Impossible (Daily Mail)

Tunisia makes a stand against terrorism on Independence Day (Independent)

Report: Woman shot in Texas road rage incident (CBS News)

Villagers speak after ISIS flees (CNN)

Obama to Iran: Nuclear deal would bring "brighter future" (CBS News)

Honeytrap drug-addict Kelly Percival lured man to flat for sex before he was attacked (Daily Mail)

ISIS claims credit for twin suicide attacks in Yemen that reportedly killed more than 100 (Fox News)

Armed police officers 'were having coffees and snack' when terrorists struck Tunisian museum (Daily Mail)

Yemen mosque bombings: 'Blood was running like a river', say survivors after attack kills 120 (Independent)

Yemen mosque bombings: 'Blood was running like a river', say surivivors after attack kills 120 (Independent)

Iran nuclear talks break off but deal is close (Independent)

104-year-old woman reveals her secret to a long life (CBS News)

Fracking: President Obama releases federal regulations on controversial oil-gathering technique (Independent)

VIDEO: Millions witness solar eclipse (BBC)

Solar eclipse 2015: EasyJet airline staff photograph solar eclipse at 37,000ft in the air (Independent)

Latest Iran Talks End Without a Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

Libya's State Oil Company Declares Independence (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Nuclear talks near deal, Iranian official says; Obama sends taped message (Los Angeles Times)

In Kabul: Gunfire, the smell of smoke, and woman is slain by a mob (Los Angeles Times)

Latest round of Iran nuclear talks end abruptly, slated to resume next week (Washington Post - Paywall)

Skeleton of GIANT human dubbed 'Goliath' found in ancient fortress (Daily Star)

Suicide attack kills 126 at Yemen mosques (Financial Times - Paywall)

Where are all the glasses? Thousands unable to enjoy the eclipse after shops fail to stock enough special eyewear (Daily Mail)

Woman Tests Positive for Ebola in Liberian Capital (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

What were the mystery black spots seen during the solar eclipse? (Daily Mail)

Greece financial crisis: EU offers funds in return for urgent reforms (Guardian)

Who are the Houthis and why does ISIS brand them 'infidels?' (CNN)

Mummy's boy British jihadi who wanted to bomb UK documents 'lonely' life under IS (Daily Express)

Mental health patient detained in a police cell for almost TWO DAYS (Daily Mail)

Man who murdered boy in race attack in Devon jailed for life (Guardian)

5 Dead Babies Found in French Home (Time Magazine)

US, Italy, Saudi Arabia lead strategy effort to hurt Islamic State group's funding, assets (Fox News)

Police detail Tsarnaev showdown (CNN)

Chinese man sets wife alight in busy restaurant after pouring alcohol on flame (Daily Mail)

Black man found hanging from tree: Suicide or lynching? (CNN)

Yemen suicide attack kills at least 126 (Channel4)

Man gets life over partner kill bid (BBC)

ISIS Claims Role in Yemen Attack, But Doubts Persist (Time Magazine)

Harry Kirkham killed by police car on routine patrol in Birmingham (Daily Mail)

Reports: Dozens killed, wounded after attack on Syrian Kurds celebrating New Year in NE city (Fox News)

Indian woman fights off drunk sex attacker and drags him to police station in Mumbai while 50 PEOPLE look on (Daily Mail)

UK court bars 5 teen girls from traveling, removes passports, over fears they'll go to Syria (Fox News)

The best views of the total solar eclipse (CBS News)

Tsipras says summit positive for Greece, will get EU funds - live updates (Guardian)

Singapore Police Probe Minor in Lee Hoax (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Islamic State video appears to show beheadings of 3 Kurdish fighters (Los Angeles Times)

NATO, Russian officials clash over who's to blame for state of East-West relations (Fox News)

Solar Eclipse Teases Skywatchers on Northern Islands (Time Magazine)

Tunisians remember victims of museum attack at holiday rallies (Los Angeles Times)

Britains Cameron Sees Hope for His EU Mission: Impossible (Newsweek Magazine)

Woman guilty of docking dogs' tails (BBC)

Protesters arrested in Philadelphia after clash with police (CBS News)

Cameron sees hope for his EU 'Mission Impossible' (Reuters)

Stunning views of solar eclipse (CBS News)

Primary school bans kids from watching solar eclipse for cultural and religious' reasons (Russia Today)

German Defense Chief Calls for EU Army (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Tunisians brace for long terror fight after museum attack (CBS News)

Body of Briton - who went to Syria to fight Islamic State - returns home to hero's welcome (Daily Express)

Man jailed for footballer murder (BBC)

Katherine Viner appointed editor-in-chief of Guardian newspaper; first woman to hold top job (Fox News)

Woman falls to death from flats (BBC)

Ohio Man Exonerated After 40 Years Awarded $1M (NBC News)

Carrick signs Man Utd extension (BBC)

EU to Launch Mythbusters' Taskforce to Counter Russian Propaganda (Newsweek Magazine)

5 Babies Found Dead in French Village (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama Administration Unveils New Fracking Rules (Time Magazine)

Pilots circle over North Atlantic so passengers can see solar eclipse (Daily Mail)

Solar Eclipse Lures Sky-Gazers on First Day of Spring (NBC News)

Man 'arrested and held in psychiatric unit' after posting fake suicide threat on Facebook (Independent)

The photographs that are too upsetting to keep: Chicago artist Jason Lazarus's intriguing collection of images that members of the public found too difficult to hang on to... but the dark secret of each one remains untold (Daily Mail)

Polish woman hurt in Tunisia attack gives emotional account of expecting death (Fox News)

Enjoy your stay, sir? UK hotels have worst service' in Europe, report finds (Russia Today)

Eclipse thrills on remote Arctic islands, clouds mar for some (Reuters)

EU pledges Greek humanitarian funds (BBC)

Scores of bodies found near Nigerian town freed from Boko Haram (Fox News)

Supermoon solar eclipse thrills sky gazers (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) (Russia Today)

Will Obama and Bibi Kiss and Make Up? (Newsweek Magazine)

International Day of Happiness 2015: The most content and saddest countries in the EU (Independent)

Kurds Call for Greater Autonomy for Iraqi Regions to Prevent Another ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

Did YOU feel an eerie wind during the solar eclipse? (Daily Mail)

Wave of state bills would restrict public access to police body-camera footage (Guardian)

Nuclear peril: North Korea 'prepared' to launch nuclear attack at 'any time' (Daily Express)

ISIS Claim Responsibility for Yemen Attacks Which Killed 126 (Newsweek Magazine)

Shocking footage shows 'migrants' brutally beaten after being found in back of Calais lorry (Independent)

70 beheaded bodies found 'mummified' in mass TERROR grave outside freed Nigerian town (Daily Star)

ISIS' religious police force carry out another mass cigarette burning in Syria (Daily Mail)

Europe's Power Grid Passes Eclipse Test (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Companies must disclose fracking chemicals on public lands - Obama admin (Russia Today)

Police arrest 14-year-old after 'two teenage boys forced to fight and perform sex act' (Daily Express)

Tunisia attack sabotage of Arab Spring by supporters of medieval style rule' (Russia Today)

Archaeologists race to protect antiquities from ISIS (CBS News)

Europeans (Carefully) Gaze Upward for Glimpse of the Solar Eclipse (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS Is Rich, But Spending Money Fast (NBC News)

Obama Calls on Iran to Release Americans (Newsweek Magazine)

At least 70 bodies found near Nigerian town freed from Boko Haram - Reuters witness (Reuters)

Cuba sentences state egg distribution company workers to 5-15 years in corruption case (Fox News)

UK creates political & economic reform' fund for Eastern Europe (Russia Today)

Afghan cleric and others defend lynching of woman in Kabul (Reuters)

Shocking moment passers-by refused to help fatally injured South African man who burst into flames while stealing copper wires from an electricity substation (Daily Mail)

Obama to 'reassess' Israel relationship (CNN)

Innocent man who spent 39 years in prison receives $1 million in compensation (Independent)

Isis militants blow up 4th-century Christian Mar Behnam monastery in Iraq (Independent)

Isis militants blow-up ancient 4th century Christian Mar Behnam monastery in Iraq (Independent)

Tunisia terror: Attackers 'known enemy' (CNN)

ISIS claims responsibility for museum attack in Tunisia (CBS News)

U.S. and Iran make major concessions in nuclear talks (CBS News)

Islamic State Claims Tunis Attack (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama skeptical as Netanyahu backtracks on Palestinian statehood comment (CBS News)

Obama calls on Iran to immediately release detained Americans (Reuters)

Solar Eclipse Totally Teases Skywatchers Way Up North (NBC News)

Customs agent shoots man dead near Canada-Washington border (CBS News)

Are Iran nuclear talks heading for deal? (BBC)

Ex-Morrisons woker Omar Hussain on his life as an ISIS jihadi (Daily Mail)

FBI investigates missing mans body found hanging from tree (CBS News)

Aimee Cadman-Khan's mother sues Cleveland police for false arrest (Daily Mail)

N. Korea prepared to use nukes any time' it feels threated by US DPRK Ambassador to UK (Russia Today)

WorldViews: When a solar eclipse was a terrifying thing (Washington Post - Paywall)

Illegal immigrants smuggled OUT of Britain... so they can return after claiming EU asylum (Daily Express)

North Korea prepared to launch attack at any time says ambassador to UK Hyun Hak bong (Daily Mail)

Ashley Judd recalls her traumatic history of rape and incest in a powerful essay addressing sexual violence after Twitter troll attack (Daily Mail)

Are ISIS earning MORE than $2billion a year? (Daily Mail)

Dim and dimmer: our underwhelming solar eclipse video (Guardian)

Watching the watchers of the solar eclipse (Guardian)

Man jailed over rape bid on teenager (BBC)

Man rushed to hospital after taking too much Viagra and getting POISONED (Daily Star)

Warplanes attack Aden palace, Yemeni president safe - government source (Reuters)

Extremist gunmen in Tunisia museum attack apparently targeted Westerners (Fox News)

This 104-Year-Old Woman Says Dr Pepper Is What's Keeping Her Alive (Time Magazine)

EU leaders wrap up spring summit by discussing crisis in Libya, economic policy (Fox News)

Body of Missing WSJ Reporter Found in a River (Time Magazine)

Hunt for man who sexually assaulted train passenger - while she SLEPT (Daily Star)

Kerry: Iran Nuke Talks Take a Break After 'Lot of Progress' (NBC News)

VIDEO: Spectacular scenes of solar eclipse (BBC)

Iran nuclear talks break unexpectedly but top Russian official says sides are close to deal (Fox News)

EU's Tusk seeks solution with Britain on EU treaty change (Reuters)

Third French national dies of wounds from Tunisia attack (Reuters)

Would-be ISIS bride Jamila Henry 'was questioned by MI5 after living in Syria' (Daily Mail)

Israeli Military to Investigate Deadly Gaza Attack on UN School (Newsweek Magazine)

Police in 4 European countries raid brothels, restaurants seeking Chinese human traffickers (Fox News)

Yemen mosque bombings: Isis behind triple suicide attack which has killed at least 137 and injured hundreds of worshippers (Independent)

Yemen mosque bombings: Isis triple suicide attack kills more than 100 worshippers and injures hundreds (Independent)

Yemen mosque bombings: Isis triple suicide attack kills over 100 worshippers and injures hundreds more (Independent)

50 Shades of Harry! Stripper who claims she partied naked with the Prince in Las Vegas is now a dominatrix who charges $1,000 an hour for her services (Daily Mail)

EU ministers set for further Iran talks - sources (Reuters)

UKIP claims 'couldn't look worse' (BBC)

Man wins £39k over IVF baby deceit (BBC)

Tunisia terror: Guards were 'off having coffee' when terrorists gunned down tourists (Daily Star)

What is a Solar Eclipse? (CNN)

Cloudy morning for solar eclipse watchers (CBS News)

EU offers $2bn in unused funds to Greece (Russia Today)

Solar eclipse: easyJet plane detours over Faroe Islands, one of just two places with totality (Independent)

Manchester Police slammed for 'mocking' Joe Lawton (Daily Mail)

Militants Attack Police Station in India (New York Times - Paywall)

£5bn black hole in UK defense budget poses real risks,' say MPs (Russia Today)

Relations between Iran and America are entering an 'early spring', Barack Obama says (Independent)

Elephant rib shows early signs of prehistoric BUTCHERY: Animal residue found on ancient tools unearthed in Israel (Daily Mail)

Sarah Palin congratulates Benjamin Netanyahu on election win after reports of rift between Israeli PM and Barack Obama (Independent)

America's Next Top Model murder: Second man charged over killing of Mirjana Puhar and others (Independent)

America's Next Top Model murder: Second man charged over killing of Mirjana Puhar and two others (Independent)

Second man charged over triple murder killing Mirjana Puhar from America's Next Top Model (Independent)

Kenya jail frees 100-year-old woman (BBC)

The most dangerous Isis propaganda yet? Jihadi brides with M5s, fighters relaxing and children playing used to present caliphate as a utopia (Independent)

Iran backs notion of ruble/rial trade with Russia ex-foreign minister (Russia Today)

People (and dogs) around the world turn amateur astronomers to spot solar eclipse (Independent)

Tunisia president to address nation (BBC)

Woman Stomped, Stoned, Set Alight in Afghan Capital (NBC News)

Obama urges 'historic' Iran deal (BBC)

Militants Storm Kashmir Police Station (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Solar eclipse 2015: Breathtaking or boring? Brits split over rare event (Daily Star)

Yazidi sex slave survivor reveals how ISIS sold her to three men (Daily Mail)

Pharrell claims Blurred Lines' copyright lawsuit will stifle creativity (Guardian)

Yvette Caster swipes right to every man on Tinder in dating experiment (Daily Mail)

Woman stuck between walls (CNN)

Iran Talks Stall Over Ending of Sanctions (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Solar Eclipse 2015 Wasn't An Anticlimax For Everyon - Jaffa Cakes & Bonnie Tyler Will Be Pretty Happy (Huffington Post)

Cloudy or clear? Eclipse 2015 on social media (BBC)

Elderly man dies after house fire (BBC)

Solar eclipse as it happened (Guardian)

Islamic State Video Purports to Show Kurdish Peshmerga Beheadings (Newsweek Magazine)

The Challenges for Police Leadership (Huffington Post)

Michigan Woman Expecting Baby Girl Gives Birth to Boy Instead (Time Magazine)

Solar Eclipse 2015 Pictures: Is This What Christian Fundamentalists Meant By The 'Day Of Judgement?' (Huffington Post)

Japanese man arrested for making bombs threats against Tokyo's US Embassy (Independent)

Kashmir shootings: Five dead, including two militants, during raid on Indian police station (Independent)

Gold: Bibi flip-flops on Palestinian state (CNN)

Afghan police say they arrested 7 after Kabul mob beat woman to death, burned her body (Fox News)

Friday Eclipse Proves The Sun Is Heating The Earth, Say Ukip's Roger Helmer (Huffington Post)

This Solar Eclipse Picture From Space Is Stunning And Very Real (Huffington Post)

Europe sees first eclipse of solar power era (Financial Times - Paywall)

In pictures: Solar eclipse (BBC)

Charity Giving, UK and US Style (Huffington Post)

Solar Eclipse Excites Skywatchers (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Solar eclipse finishes in NI (BBC)

VIDEO: Moment of total eclipse over Svalbard (BBC)

Timelapse: Solar Eclipse Plunges Faeroe Islands Into Darkness (NBC News)

EXCLUSIVE - A Bunga Bunga girl, Berlusconi, 'bribes' and a bombshell interview: Ex-model claims she DID see former Italian PM have sex with underage hooker... and reveals what went on at those infamous parties with 'Satan' (Daily Mail)

Militants kill four in attack on Indian police station in Kashmir (Guardian)

Solar eclipse pictures: Best photos from the phenomenon seen around the UK and around the world (Independent)

Eclipse shines light on beauty of Faroe Islands (CNN)

Solar eclipse: Seeing beyond the stars (CNN)

Nigel Farage 'astounded' by expense fiddle claims against suspended Ukip candidate (Daily Express)

Duchess of Cambridge: US magazine claims pregnant royal has 'dramatic delivery' (Independent)

Kate Middleton: US magazine claims Duchess has 'dramatic delivery' (Independent)

Terror in Tunisia: Security minister claims gunmen trained in SYRIA (Daily Star)

Solar eclipse seen across Wales (BBC)

2 suicide bombers attack mosques in Yemen capital, dozens dead & injured - police source (Russia Today)

Solar Eclipse 2015 Pictures Reveal Welding Masks And Cardboard Boxes Are Most Popular Headwear (Huffington Post)

Impotent man who bought 'herbal Viagra' on the internet suffers ARSENIC poisoning (Daily Mail)

Greek PM Assures EU Creditors Reforms Coming to Unlock Cash (Newsweek Magazine)

'Breathtaking' solar eclipse occurs (BBC)

Eyewitness: solar eclipse (Guardian)

State Duma may cut aid to political parties to save funds (Russia Today)

Iran eyes heroes as nuclear deal nears (Financial Times - Paywall)

Natalia Kills claims X Factor New Zealand producers create drama to boost ratings (Daily Mail)

Boko Haram: Nigerian president claims militant group could be defeated 'in a month' (Independent)

Tunisian security official: Gunmen behind deadly museum attack trained in neighboring Libya (Fox News)

Tumblr user claims Disney and Pixar use the same faces for characters (Daily Mail)

20 years later, a survivor recounts Japan's sarin gas attack and how it affected his life (Fox News)

How YOUR man may have hit the male menopause (Daily Mail)

Solar Eclipse 2015 Sees The Humble Colander Come Into Its Own (Huffington Post)

Russian negotiator says European foreign ministers to attend Iran talks (Fox News)

Body of missing black man found hanging from tree in Mississippi sparks hate crime probe (Independent)

Killings by police "an epidemic," victims mother says (CBS News)

Watch Live: Total Solar Eclipse in Northern Europe (NBC News)

Personalised fittings, sweat and LOTS of lubricant: One woman finds out what it takes to pull off latex like Kim Kardashian as the star's go-to designer makes a bespoke dress for her (Daily Mail)

New York state high school apologises for reading out Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic (Independent)

UK music fans protest Kanye (CNN)

Solar eclipse could make owls more alert and sheep feel sleepy (Daily Mail)

Faeroe Islands and Svalbard get ready for total solar eclipse (Fox News)

Meet the woman whose parents thought she was leaving home every day to work as an accountant... but was secretly building a $10 MILLION fashion empire on her laptop (Daily Mail)

Solar eclipse LIVE: Britons witness rare spectacle across UK skies (Daily Express)

Solar eclipse: Britons left disappointed after spectacle across UK skies masked by cloud (Daily Express)

ECLIPSE: Solar phenomenon tourists attacked by POLAR BEAR (Daily Star)

Netanyahu Reverses on Palestinian State Again (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Solar Eclipse 2015 Livestream (Huffington Post)

Spring into action: Google Doodle celebrates solar eclipse as the season's change (Daily Star)

European negotiator says framework accord with Iran unlikely soon (Reuters)

Fake Solar Eclipse 2015 Pictures: Don't Be Fooled (Huffington Post)

Obama Sends Message to Iran's People (NBC News)

Danish police arrest 5th man suspected of helping Copenhagen gunman who killed 2, wounded 5 (Fox News)

Woman killed by mob in Afghanistan after 'burning copy of Koran' (Independent)

Google celebrates the eclipse at the turn of spring (Daily Express)

EU plans options for supporting any Libya unity government, including security mission (Fox News)

'He's really hurting!' Zayn Malik's worried sister Waliyha implores fans to 'PRAY' for the stressed singer as he leaves 1D tour after cheating claims (Daily Mail)

Thai military court sentences man to one-and-a-half years for anti-monarchy graffiti (Reuters)

Dead bodies of five babies found at house in southern France (Independent)

Five Dead Babies Found in House in Southern France (NBC News)

Solar eclipse across the UK - watch as it happens (Channel4)

Google claims its FaceNet system has almost perfected recognising human faces (Daily Mail)

Solar Eclipse: Could Bad Weather Cloud Our View Of The Sun? (Huffington Post)

WorldViews: Petraeus: The Islamic State isn't our biggest problem in Iraq (Washington Post - Paywall)

Solar Eclipse LIVE: Latest updates as the world watches the sky (Daily Star)

Michelle Obama visits Japan, Cambodia (CNN)

UK sends military advisers to train Ukraine troops (CNN)

US fond of royals, Obama tells prince (BBC)

Where can I see the solar eclipse? (CNN)

A look at the main focus of Iran nuclear talks: Iran's uranium enrichment program (Fox News)

Students' attack on Cecil Rhodes statue leads to soul searching in South Africa (Guardian)

Police Have Arrested a Second Suspect In the America's Next Top Model Murder Case (Time Magazine)

Accounts paint picture of lunchtime leisure turning to terror as attackers kill 21 in Tunisia (Fox News)

Thai man sentenced to 18 months in prison for defaming king in graffiti in mall restroom (Fox News)

Watch Live: The Total Solar Eclipse (Time Magazine)

Americans like royal family more than U.S. politicians, Obama tells Prince Charles (CBS News)

At least 15 dead, 150 injured in north India train derailment - police (Russia Today)

Police say militants storm Kashmir police station, kill 2 in gun battle near Pakistan border (Fox News)

Body of black man found hanging from a tree in Mississippi (CBS News)

Islamic ring found in Viking grave (CNN)

Wisconsin man shot by police "died on that porch for no reason at all" (CBS News)

President Obama admits royal envy to Prince Charles and Camilla (Daily Mail)

Militants attack Kashmir police camp, two dead - police (Reuters)

France decrees new rooftops must be covered in plants or solar panels (Guardian)

ISIS claims responsibility for Tunis attack (CNN)

EU tells Greece time, patience running out (Reuters)

Sydney siege cafe reopens months after deadly attack and hostage is back serving coffee (Daily Express)

EU Reaches Agreement to Maintain Russian Sanctions (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Mexican navy detains 15 Cuban men found in small, home-made boat off Yucatan peninsula (Fox News)

EU links Russia sanctions to truce (BBC)

EU leaders in Brussels demand Greece produce economic blueprint quickly (Guardian)

Body Found in N.J. River Identified as Missing Reporter (NBC News)

African-American man found hanging in Mississippi, FBI investigating (Russia Today)

What should the UK do about foreign aid? (BBC)

In Video, Obama Appeals to Iranian Youth on Nuclear Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

Lily James flashes her legs in silver bandeau gown at UK premiere of Cinderella (Daily Mail)

British troops start training Ukraine's army, UK MoD says (Russia Today)

Tourist from Tunis terror attack played dead to survive (CBS News)

Controversial sweetener aspartame found in fizzy drinks and diet products 'does NOT cause harm', report declares (Daily Mail)

Solar Eclipse and Supermoon Have Europe Energy Providers Watchful (New York Times - Paywall)

Man freed 39 years after death sentence is awarded $1m in compensation (Guardian)

Faye Gregson who was twice over drink-drive limit found straddling boyfriend in car (Daily Mail)

Smile, we're happier than the French: EU table of happiness rates Britain alongside Germany for satisfaction with our lives (Daily Mail)

Video reveals Dallas cops shooting schizophrenic man holding screwdriver (Russia Today)

'Busy' police find time to tackle DIY speed sign (Daily Mail)

Kerry Says Difficult Issues Persist in Nuclear Talks With Iran (New York Times - Paywall)

Afghan protesters kill woman over burned Quran (CBS News)

Militants, ISIS Included, Claim Tunisia Museum Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

Iran nuclear talks hit bumps; U.S. foresees lasting curbs on Tehran (Los Angeles Times)

Nine arrested over Tunisia attack (BBC)

Compromises being reached on Iran (CNN)

Husband of woman 'who cut baby from womb' found infant gasping in bathtub (Daily Mail)

African-American mans body found hanging from Miss. tree (CBS News)

Suspected Accomplices Arrested in Tunisian Museum Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

Five dead babies found in house in southern France (Reuters)

FIRST PICTURES of house where cops found five frozen dead babies (Daily Star)

Netanyahu steps back from full opposition to Palestinian state (Washington Post - Paywall)

What's the State of Black America? (NBC News)

Islamic State says it killed tourists in Tunisia (Reuters)

Another upset as Baylor falls to Georgia State (CBS News)

Dark side of the moon: Millions will see today's record breaking solar eclipse (Daily Star)

Paedophiles, rapists and killers walk out of court after they are found GUILTY (Daily Star)

BREAKING: Police find bodies of five FROZEN dead babies after woman 'secretly gives birth' (Daily Express)

Budget 'easy-jet style' flights to SPACE will be available in 20 years, claims astronaut (Daily Star)

Police plan aims to prevent Craigslist attacks (CBS News)

Terror in Tunisia: First pic of Brit mum killed as Islamic State confess to savage attack (Daily Star)

Bodies of five babies reportedly found in house by French police (Guardian)

New racket to smuggle migrants out of the UK (Daily Mail)

Pianist aboard Tunisia cruise ship was also on board the Costa Concordia when it sank (Daily Mail)

Obama tells Netanyahu U.S. to 'reassess' policy on Israel, Mideast diplomacy (Reuters)

Official: Man found hanging from tree in Miss. (CBS News)

Town that dared to ban gipsy invaders: Illegal camps like this blight towns across Britain. But now - furious at police inaction - one community has shown you CAN fight back, writes ROBERT HARDMAN (Daily Mail)

Islamic State claims it carried out Tunisia museum attack; 9 arrested (Los Angeles Times)

ISIS Site Claims Responsibility for Tunisia Massacre (NBC News)

Barack Obama FINALLY calls Benjamin Netanyahu two days after re-election victory (Daily Mail)

State Police Launch Criminal Probe Into UVA Student Arrest (NBC News)

EU agrees Russia sanctions to stay until Ukraine peace terms met (Reuters)

Fort Worth woman, 104, claims the secret to longevity is three cans of Dr Pepper a day (Daily Mail)

US police officer kills man on first day back at work after shooting another man (Independent)

Federal probe launched after black Mississippi man found hanging from tree (Guardian)

UAB edges Iowa State in early NCAA tourney upset (CBS News)

Under a veil of grey... UK on health alert as choking smog blown in from the continent shrouds cities across the country (Daily Mail)

Man shot in legs and arm at house (BBC)

Congress not backing down on Iran nuclear deal as bill could face veto (Guardian)

EU rules out automatic extension of anti-Russia sanctions (Russia Today)

Overheard: Obama and Prince Charles (CBS News)

Greece PM plea as EU summit starts (BBC)

Afghan mob beats woman to death before burning her body 'because she set fire to Koran' (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Charles meets Obama in Oval Office (BBC)

Body found in N.J. river IDd as missing WSJ reporter (CBS News)

VIDEO: Warning over looming solar eclipse (BBC)

EU moves towards extending Russia sanctions (Financial Times - Paywall)

Islamic State claims attack in Tunisia, raising fears it is expanding its reach (Washington Post - Paywall)

FBI Investigating Death of Man Found Hanging From a Tree in Mississippi (Time Magazine)

EU leaders say they won't lift sanctions on Russia until the Ukraine peace deal is implemented (Fox News)

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Tunisia shooting: 'We smeared victims' blood over our bodies' museum massacre survivors tell how they escaped from gunmen (Independent)

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