Saturday, 28th March 2015

World News

What happens if nuclear talks with Iran fail? (CBS News)

The hour the Earth went dark: Big Ben and London Eye among 700 landmarks plunged into darkness around the world as millions of homes switch off power to raise awareness of climate change (Daily Mail)

Boko Haram kills, beheads with chainsaws' 40 people to derail Nigeria elections (Russia Today)

Face to face with the pathetic monster who took our daughter: A harrowing account of the April Jones murder case, by her own heartbroken parents (Daily Mail)

Pilot Andreas Lubitz's ex-girlfriend says he shared chilling prophecy before Alps crash (Daily Mail)

'We put our children's lives in their hands - this should never happen again': British father of Germanwings victim makes emotional appeal for airlines to take greater care of their pilots' mental health (Daily Mail)

Saudi Arabia Evacuates Diplomats From a Yemen City as Houthi Advance Continues (New York Times - Paywall)

Nigeria votes in bitterly contested election (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: Nigeria votes in presidential poll (BBC)

Ousted Yemeni president backs Saudi airstrikes on Houthi militants (Los Angeles Times)

Saudi Diplomats, U.N. Officials Evacuate Yemen (Newsweek Magazine)

The worst phone pest in Britain who plagues us with SIX MILLION cold calls a day - and the firm that rings you to discuss NUISANCE calls (Daily Mail)

Gunmen kill 15 in Nigeria during tense election (Reuters)

Boko Haram, hackers mar Nigerian election (CNN)

Bus Crash On The A83 In Argyll 'So, So Frightening,' Passenger Says (Huffington Post)

Diplomats and U.N. staff flee Yemen as Houthis target Aden (Reuters)

Iran, powers struggle to overcome disputes in push for nuclear deal (Reuters)

Nigeria voting extended to Sunday (BBC)

Macho, bullying British police culture deterring whistleblowers report (Russia Today)

Millions vote in Nigeria elections hit by Islamist attacks and technology issues (Guardian)

Nuclear Talks With Iran Enter Endgame (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Michael Schumacher's step-brother NARROWLY missed being on tragic Germanwings plane (Daily Express)

Crash Victim's Dad to Airlines: Look After Pilots' Welfare (NBC News)

Top officials join Iran nuclear talks as deadline nears (Los Angeles Times)

Don't stigmatise depression after Germanwings crash, says top doctor (Guardian)

Quora Question: What Are the Most Common Reasons Why Police Officers Get Fired? (Newsweek Magazine)

Afghan police officer sentenced to 20 years for killing AP photographer and wounding reporter (Fox News)

United Nations and international diplomats withdraw from Yemen as Iranian-backed fighters march on Aden amid bombing campaign (Daily Mail)

Germanwings Pilot Andreas Lubitz Sought Treatment for Vision Problems Before Crash, Authorities Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Captain of Doomed Germanwings Plane Identified (NBC News)

Germanwings Disaster Victim's Father Philip Bramley Says Son Paul 'Should Not Be Forgotten' (Huffington Post)

Yemen leader accuses 'Iran stooges' (BBC)

Aaron Hernandez: Former New England Patriot used to be one of NFL's brightest talents, but now spends his time fighting murder charge (Independent)

Rugby youth team in bus crash (BBC)

Nigeria Votes in Sharply Contested Presidential Election (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia and nuclear disarmament (Russia Today)

Ex-girlfriend of Germanwings co-pilot speaks out (CBS News)

Deal Timing Unclear as Iran Nuclear Deadline Looms (NBC News)

Air Raids on Tikrit Give U.S. the Upper Hand Against Iran (Newsweek Magazine)

Saudi-led airstrikes intensify in Yemen as possible coalition land attack looms (Washington Post - Paywall)

Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz 'sought treatment for eye problems' prior to tragic crash (Daily Express)

Germanwings plane crash: Father of British victim Paul Bramley says pilots should be 'looked after properly' (Independent)

Why Nigeria's election matters (CNN)

Nigeria Extends Presidential Voting in Some Areas (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Killer pilot 'suffering eye problems' before fatal Airbus crash (Daily Star)

Torn-up sick notes show crash pilot should have been grounded (Reuters)

Police hunt driver who fled after writing off his Volkswagen Bora as he mowed down 15-year-old cyclist and left him to die in the road (Daily Mail)

Germanwings Pilot May Have Had Vision Problems: Report (NBC News)

Iran nuclear talks reach critical point (CNN)

Germanwings crash: The overriding feeling among recovery teams is of injustice. These people didn't deserve to die' (Guardian)

Don't rush to judge death crash pilot, urge grieving Germans (Guardian)

Germanwings copilot had health, psychological problems, reports say (Los Angeles Times)

Jet Airways passenger opens emergency exit and leaps 15ft down to the tarmac after plane landed in Mumbai before exiting the airport without being apprehended (Daily Mail)

Knox 'so grateful' after murder acquittal (CNN)

VIDEO: Nigeria elections: Key points (BBC)

Amanda Knox Murder Conviction Overturned (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

No. 2 Negotiators in Iran Talks Argue Physics Behind Politics (New York Times - Paywall)

Grim Recovery Mission Underway at Germanwings Crash Site (Time Magazine)

Victim's Mom in Amanda Knox Case 'Shocked' by Ruling (NBC News)

Iran nuclear talks: diplomats cite progress but play down reports of imminent deal (Guardian)

Iran nuclear talks edge closer to agreement (Financial Times - Paywall)

Alleged kidnappers of 'Gone Girl' physio 'sent email to her boyfriend detailing their motives to her boyfriend's attorney' - but police still say it was all a hoax (Daily Mail)

Michael Schumacher's step-bro 'on passenger list' for crashed Germanwings flight (Daily Star)

Things to know about Nigeria as it holds most closely contested election for president (Fox News)

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito CLEARED of murdering Meredith Kercher (Daily Mail)

Saudi blogger Badawi views survival of 50 lashes as miracle - magazine (Reuters)

Andreas Lubitz's hometown condemns rush to judge Germanwings co-pilot (Guardian)

Reports: Desperate pilot used ax on locked cockpit door of doomed plane (Washington Post - Paywall)

Fears of a new global crash as debts and dollar's value rise (Guardian)

Iran nuclear talks 'enter endgame' (BBC)

US police officer smashes motorists window after driver refuses to exit car (Independent)

US police officer smashes motorist's window after driver refuses to exit car (Independent)

Deadline set for nuclear negotiations with Iran (CBS News)

White House isnt ruling out U.S. involvement in Yemen (CBS News)

Amanda Knoxs murder conviction overturned (CBS News)

Antarctica May Have Just Set a Record for Its Hottest Day Ever (Time Magazine)

Germanwings plane crash: Lufthansa could face 'unlimited' compensation claims if found liable (Independent)

Germanwings co-pilot no stranger to crash site area (CBS News)

Washington Wizards Let 13-Year-Old With Brain Cancer Join the Team for a Day (Time Magazine)

Boston Police Officer in Critical Condition After Shooting (NBC News)

Foreign diplomats and UN workers evacuated from Yemen amid bloodshed between Shia Houthis and Sunni fighters (Independent)

German Co-Pilot Visited Alps Near Crash Site as a Child (Time Magazine)

Amanda Knox Acquittal Leaves Meredith Kercher's Mother 'Surprised And Shocked' (Huffington Post)

Amanda Knox is free because she's rich and American, says Patrick Lumumba (Guardian)

Nigerians Vote in an Election With a Choice (Newsweek Magazine)

An hour of darkness: Earth Hour 2015 kicks off around the globe (Russia Today)

U.S. Boosts Aid in Saudi-Led Yemen Fight (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Boko Haram kills six in Nigeria election attack (Channel4)

Reports: Germanwings co-pilot dumped by girlfriend day before crash, being treated for depression (Fox News)

At least eight killed by gunmen in northeast Nigeria - APC spokesman (Reuters)

Arab nations move closer to unified military force as Yemen conflict escalates (Russia Today)

Millions Vote in Nigeria's Presidential Election Amid Violence (Time Magazine)

Elton John's mother tells of the day the star said he hated her (Daily Mail)

Was the Middle East better off with its dictators? (CNN)

Germanwings crash: service held for victims near impact zone (Guardian)

Watch as People Across the Globe Switch Off Their Lights for Earth Hour (Time Magazine)

Tories plan huge welfare squeeze after the general election (Daily Mail)

Politics isn't about kitchens, says Ed Miliband's lawyer wife as she tried to brush off controversy over their home (Daily Mail)

Germanwings plane crash: Former girlfriend claims tormented co-pilot would wake from nightmares screaming 'we're going down!' (Independent)

Germanwings plane crash: Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz 'sought treatment for eyesight problems' (Independent)

Arab League: Leaders discuss unified military force while Saudi-led air strikes in Yemen target Houthi militia dubbed 'Iran's puppet' (Independent)

How banks and supermarkets conspire to rip off suppliers (Daily Mail)

Nigeria election: Boko Haram attacks voters, killing three (Independent)

Nigeria election: Enormous turnout for country's closest contest ever (Independent)

Nigeria election: Boko Haram attacks voters, killing six (Independent)

Nigeria election: Voting to carry on into Sunday following Boko Haram attacks and technical issues (Independent)

NSW election 2015: Baird's coalition returns to power as it happened (Guardian)

Britain's Cameron rallies Conservative party for 'high-stakes, high-risk' election (Fox News)

David Cameron Promises 7-Day NHS And Kicks Off Election Campaign With Blistering Attack On Miliband (Huffington Post)

Yemen president calls on military to protect state buildings (Channel4)

Eyewitness: Daura, Nigeria (Guardian)

Amanda Knox 'relieved and grateful' for murder acquittal over death of student Meredith Kercher (Independent)

Kerchers' lawyer says Amanda Knox murder acquittal is 'defeat for Italian justice system' (Independent)

7 bizarre election moments (CNN)

Painstaking recovery mission at treacherous Germanwings crash site in the French Alps (Fox News)

Policeman charged with wife's murder (BBC)

UN staff, diplomats evacuated from Yemen as 24 killed in airstrikes (Russia Today)

State Election Win Relief for Embattled Australian Prime Minister (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Policeman Otis Goldsmith Charged With Killing His Wife Jill Within Police Grounds (Huffington Post)

Electronic voting glitches hobble Nigerian election (Los Angeles Times)

Foreign ministers arrive amid crucial weekend for Iran nuclear talks (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police on trial: Tears, anger and unhealed wounds resurface 10 years after French riots (Fox News)

'Stooges of Iran': Embattled Yemen Leader Lashes Out (NBC News)

Nigeria election stumbles into action as president struggles to cast vote (Guardian)

VIDEO: Nigeria biometric readers 'not working' (BBC)

Bombing in Yemen intensifies (CNN)

U.S. Navy rescues 2 Saudi pilots (CNN)

Germanwings Co-Pilot Hid Depression From Airline (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Landmarks switch off for Earth Hour (BBC)

Police officer charged with wife's murder - just yards from his force's HQ (Daily Star)

Knox and Sollecito cleared of murder (BBC)

More join Iran nuclear talks as negotiators race to meet looming deadline for deal (Fox News)

Saudi king says Yemen campaign to continue until achieves targets (Reuters)

Nigeria Postponed Vote to Crush Boko Haram, But It Didn't Work (NBC News)

Meredith Kercher murder acquittals: timeline (Channel4)

Amanda Knox murder acquittal: 'Merdedith was my friend' (Channel4)

Knox verdict: Italian justice system has failed, says Meredith Kercher's family (Guardian)

VIDEO: Nigeria leader waits 50 minutes to vote (BBC)

Fmr. Lawyer: Amanda feels 'transcendent joy' (CNN)

Meredith Kercher: Victim in Knox case (CNN)

March Madness: NCAA Tournament Elite Eight set to tip off Saturday (CBS News)

German co-pilot accused of crashing Airbus frequented glider field near crash site as a child (Fox News)

Germanwings co-pilot planned to 'make everyone remember' him, ex-girlfriend says (Russia Today)

Germanwings' Andreas Lubitz was 'signed off sick by TWO doctors' but kept it secret (Daily Mail)

Nigerian presidential election receives large voter turnout (Fox News)

VIDEO: Sick boy's online campaign takes off (BBC)

Amanda Knox And Raffaele Sollecito Acquitted Of Meredith Kercher Murder, Ending 'Eight Years Of Nightmare' (Huffington Post)

Iranian negotiator denies discussion of 2-3 page nuclear deal -IRNA (Reuters)

Saudi air strikes hit Yemeni capital Sanaa to disarm Shia Houthis amid ground invasion (Independent)

Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz 'obsessed' with French Alps and 'knew region well' (Independent)

Father who blamed police for not stopping his daughter joining ISIS at Muslim demo (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: How Yemen was once Egypt's Vietnam (Washington Post - Paywall)

Nigerians turn out en masse to vote in tightly contested presidential election (Fox News)

Meredith Kercher's mother expresses surprise at Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito's acquittal (Daily Mail)

Germanwings recovery teams face harsh conditions (CNN)

Nigeria election: Voters head to the polls (CNN)

Arab nations meet to discuss Yemen (CNN)

Germanwings flight 4U9525: what's it like to listen to a black box recording? (Guardian)

Germanwings plane crash live: Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz wanted to 'do something people would remember him for' (Independent)

Africa's political event of the decade? Nigeria goes to the polls (Guardian)

Germanwings co-pilot was hiding illness: Authorities (CNN)

VIDEO: Knox and Sollecito convictions quashed (BBC)

Saudi planes pound Yemeni capital in second night of bombing, witnesses say (Guardian)

Hezbollah Chief Blasts Saudi Arabia Over Yemen Airstrikes (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

NSW state election 2015: by the numbers (Guardian)

Amanda Knox tried to lead a normal life by getting engaged, graduating from university and writing theater reviews - all with a murder conviction hanging over her head (Daily Mail)

Saudi Arabia blames a 'technical failure' for F-15 pilots ejecting amid Yemen bombing mission (Fox News)

Can Iran Tolerate Its Own History? (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Yemen on the brink: How did we get here? (CNN)

Egypt FM talks Yemen intervention (CNN)

French FM: Iran deal must be robust (CNN)

Boston police officer shot, suspect killed during traffic stop (CBS News)

Nuclear talks reach critical phase (CNN)

3/27: Doctors note found ripped up in home of Germanwings co-pilot; Texas basketball team gets unlikely support (CBS News)

Scott Kelly Blasts Off for 1-Year Space-Station Mission (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Italy's highest court acquits Amanda Knox of killing roommate (Fox News)

'Incredibly Grateful': Amanda Knox Murder Conviction Tossed (NBC News)

Iran Nuclear Talks Could Push Past Deadline (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

VIDEO: Amanda Knox: 'I'm so grateful' (BBC)

Amanda Knox acquitted of murder by Italy's top court (Reuters)

Nigeria Prepares to Vote Amid Security Worries (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Amanda Knox 'relieved' by Italian court's decision to overturn conviction (Los Angeles Times)

Alps air crash co-pilot knew region (BBC)

The challenges of election polling (BBC)

Two Saudi pilots eject over Red Sea, rescued with U.S. help: state news (Reuters)

Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz wanted to make everyone remember him' (Guardian)

Montreal police disperse hundreds of protesters with tear gas, stun grenades (Russia Today)

Map: Who's attacking Yemen rebels? (CNN)

VIDEO: Lubitz in hospital two weeks before crash (BBC)

Co-pilot in jet crash said to have had depression (Washington Post - Paywall)

Saudi Arabia calls up American expertise in bombing of Yemen (CBS News)

Germanwings pilot greets each passenger and holds speech in wake of crash (Daily Mail)

Saudi-led warplanes carry out a second day of airstrikes in Yemen (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: Boko Haram Nigeria HQ 'retaken' (BBC)

Tasnime Akunjee says Muslims shouldn't co-operate with police (Daily Mail)

Yemen conflict risks 'proxy war' between Saudi Arabia and Iran, warns Philip Hammond (Daily Mail)

Germanwings plane crash: Copilot's mental health under scrutiny (Los Angeles Times)

US rescues 2 Saudi pilots in Yemen campaign (Fox News)

Killer Germanwings pilot 'screamed WE'RE GOING DOWN during nightmare' (Daily Star)

Crew Lifts Off for Yearlong Space Station Mission (NBC News)

VIDEO: Knox's lawyer: Amanda 'is very happy' (BBC)

Shiite Militias in Iraq Back Off Boycott Over U.S. Strikes on ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

How the Yemen conflict risks new chaos in the Middle East (Washington Post - Paywall)

NASA aims to pluck boulder off asteroid & bring it to moon (VIDEOS) (Russia Today)

Another day in Kane's 'dream' season (BBC)

Germanwings A320 crash: Captain tried to break in with axe (Daily Express)

Police uncover 30 foreign criminals a day: Shocking Scottish figures eclipse UK rate (Daily Express)

WED SHEERAN: Ed Sheeran surprises lucky couple on their wedding day (Daily Express)

EXCLUSIVE: Nigel Farage vows to make St George's Day a Bank Holiday (Daily Express)

Pilot haunted by secret gay demons: Police find torn up sick note the day of plane crash (Daily Star)

Ukip leader Nigel Farage pledges to make St George's Day a bank holiday (Daily Star)

Amanda Knox murder conviction annulled - as it happened (Guardian)

Hurdles Loom in Iran Nuclear Talks, U.S. Official Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Time for Iran to make tough decisions in nuclear talks - U.S. (Reuters)

Amanda Knox Acquitted of 2007 Murder by Italy's Highest Court (New York Times - Paywall)

Poland Charges Russian Air Traffic Controllers in Crash (New York Times - Paywall)

Documents Complicate Picture After Secret Service Crash (NBC News)

U.S. Rescues Saudi Fighter Pilots After Splashdown (NBC News)

Amanda Knox acquittal greeted with cheers and fireworks in West Seattle (Guardian)

Germanwings pilot 'wanted to be remembered' and woke up screaming 'we're going down' (Daily Express)

Saudi-led coalition pounds Yemen (CNN)

Meredith Kercher murder: Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito acquitted (Guardian)

Italy court clears Knox and Sollecito (Financial Times - Paywall)

Town grieves for its native son: Germanwings copilot Andreas Lubitz (Los Angeles Times)

Battle-weary Nigerians hope for change as election nears (Los Angeles Times)

Amanda Knox ACQUITTED of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher (Daily Express)

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito: timeline of the seven-year legal fight (Guardian)

Astronauts blast off for year-long stay on space station - video (Guardian)

Amanda Knox acquitted: Finally they are free. This was an outrageous miscarriage of justice (Independent)

Amanda Knox free: Italian court closes the case for embattled American (Independent)

Crash recovery worker: Most bodies aren't 'in one piece' (CNN)

Amanda Knox And Raffaele Sollecito Conviction For Murder Of Meredith Kercher Overturned (Huffington Post)

Relatives of Australians killed in Germanwings disaster to visit crash site (Guardian)

Amanda Knox cleared of murdering British student Meredith Kercher (Daily Star)

Togo says to delay presidential election until April 25 (Reuters)

Amanda Knox Conviction Overturned By Italy's Top Court (Time Magazine)

Amanda Knox Murder Conviction Overturned in Italy (Newsweek Magazine)

Amanda Knox murder conviction: Italy overturns verdict for US student and Raffaele Sollecito for killing of Meredith Kercher (Independent)

Amanda Knox murder conviction: Italian court overturns verdict for US student and Raffaele Sollecito in the killing of Meredith Kercher (Independent)

Thug who shot police officer in traffic attack thought gun was 'a toy' (Daily Star)

Military strikes in Yemen raise regional tensions (Channel4)

Grim battle to identify the dead as Germanwings crash investigators reveal they have recovered body parts - but not a single intact body (Daily Mail)

Top diplomat says Iran deal possible by Sunday (Los Angeles Times)

Identifying victims in French Alps crash a challenge (CBS News)

Saudi Arabia decides to restore ambassador to Sweden - Al Arabiya TV (Reuters)

Germanwings co-pilot concealed illness (Financial Times - Paywall)

US-Russian crew blasts off for record-setting one-year ISS flight (Russia Today)

Amanda Knox "full of joy" after conviction overturned (CBS News)

Germanwings co-pilot trained at popular Arizona flight school (Guardian)

US making no practical steps' to ratify Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Russia (Russia Today)

Insurers face 300m payout for air crash (Financial Times - Paywall)

Germanwings plane crash: The Facebook images that hid the secrets of Andreas Lubitz (Independent)

Germanwings plane crash: 'People all over the world will know my name,' Andreas Lubitz told former girlfriend (Independent)

Germanwings plane crash: 'People all over the world will know my name,' Andreas Lubitz told ex-girlfriend (Independent)

Germanwings plane crash: Pilot had a sick note' for the day he killed 149 people (Independent)

Hezbollah leader blasts Saudi intervention in Yemen, says Riyadh backs extremists (Fox News)

Germanwings investigators find torn-up sicknote in co-pilot's home - live (Guardian)

US and Russian astronauts blast off on history-making space trip (Guardian)

Bus with children on way to Thorpe Park has roof sliced off as it drives under low bridge (Daily Mail)

Nigeria claims key Boko Haram win (CNN)

Despite Saudi-led airstrikes, Shiite rebels continue to advance in Yemen (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: What happened on Alps crash plane? (BBC)

Wild Tales released in UK despite similarity to Germanwings flight (Daily Mail)

Yemen crisis: Warships pave the way for a ground invasion (Independent)

The battle for the Middle East's future begins in Yemen as Saudi Arabia jumps into the abyss (Independent)

Germanwings plane crash: Murder-suicide' cannot be explained as depression, say experts (Independent)

Oscar-nominated film released in UK that bears striking resemblance to Germanwings tragedy (Daily Star)

Germanwings victims: Spanish bride and groom perish in crash (Los Angeles Times)

Wife murder suspect officer named (BBC)

Monster who got off on stabbing women during sex found GUILTY of murder (Daily Star)

Cutting-edge tech to scan Fukushima for nuclear fuel flops in front of reporters (Russia Today)

Nigeria president warns against bloodshed ahead of Saturday poll (Reuters)

Police settle Ferguson protesters' lawsuit, agree to restrict use of teargas (Russia Today)

What business wants from the UK election (Financial Times - Paywall)

Co-Pilot in Germanwings Crash Hid Mental Illness From Employer, Authorities Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Lesson from Yemen -- drones no answer (CNN)

Dark days for markets as Middle East air strikes, global growth worries and election uncertainty send shares sliding (Daily Mail)

Yemeni rebels clash with Saudi troops (Financial Times - Paywall)

Italian police seize 'lost' £11m Picasso from retired picture framer (Daily Mail)

Strikes on Boko Haram revealed on eve of Nigerian election (Independent)

Humiliating': French rabbi told to take off kippa before voting at polling station (Russia Today)

Egypt Ready to Send Ground Troops to Yemen (Newsweek Magazine)

Germanwings Flight 9525 co-pilot "hid his illness" (CBS News)

Iraq and Yemen interventions raise spectre of regional conflict (Financial Times - Paywall)

Prosecutors: Germanwings co-pilot hid illness from airline (CBS News)

Alps crash co-pilot 'hid illness' (BBC)

Illegal cigarette factory which can churn out £700,000 of fake smokes a DAY is found in UK along with 1.2 tonnes of tobacco (Daily Mail)

Burnley girl grabbed off street by man who dumps her 20 minutes later (Daily Mail)

High-level corruption': Investigations into police cover-up' of child abuse expanded (Russia Today)

Aintree to BAN pictures of badly-dressed women at Ladies' Day at Grand National (Daily Mail)

Labour witch-hunt: Spied-on MPs demand release of undercover police files (Russia Today)

Germanwings crash: Counting the cost (BBC)

Nigeria nears end of divisive election (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iran nuclear talks move into crucial weekend (Washington Post - Paywall)

Germanwings London Underground Adverts Removed Following Alps Crash (Huffington Post)

'Gogglebox' Stars Including Silent Jay Recruited By Electoral Commission To Encourage Youngsters To Vote In General Election 2015 (Huffington Post)

Nigeria claims timely victory against Boko Haram (CBS News)

Boko Haram HQ in Nigeria 'retaken' (BBC)

Nigeria's Political Parties Bribe Voters With Rice Ahead of Election (Newsweek Magazine)

Turkish Parliament Expands Police Powers and Cracks Down on Demonstrations (New York Times - Paywall)

Poland Charges Officials Over Presidential Plane Crash (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Busty model trains waist to 20 inches by wearing corset 23 hours a day (Daily Mail)

Now entertainers, actors and priests drawn in to claims corrupt police covered up VIP child abuse ring as investigators' net widens (Daily Mail)

Torn-up note indicates Germanwings co-pilot "hid his illness" (CBS News)

Airlines scramble on safety procedures after Germanwings crash (CBS News)

Cameron and Rouhani discuss Iran's nuclear program as talks deadline looms (Russia Today)

New Witness of Nemtsov Murder Casts Doubt Over Key Suspect (Newsweek Magazine)

Iran nuclear deal: 'Stakes are too high for US' (Russia Today)

Crews search for Germanwings jets second black box (CBS News)

Injustice over Mark Duggan case reflects global problem of police incompetence and brutality (Russia Today)

Dash cam video captures high-speed police chase (CNN)

15 months: 24 plane crashes (CNN)

Video: The Iran Nuclear Talks, and a Matter of Trust (New York Times - Paywall)

Crimea will place nuclear weapons on its territory on President's orders - official (Russia Today)

Roof ripped off end-of-term trip bus (BBC)

Key clue found in Germanwings investigation? (CBS News)

Amanda Knox and fiancé brace for Italian court's decision outside her mother's home (Daily Mail)

Financial ramifications of Germanwings crash for Lufthansa (Russia Today)

Man found not guilty of Derry murder (BBC)

There can be only homegrown political solution to Yemen Houthi crisis' (Russia Today)

Faith, Geography Split Nigeria Vote (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Children on screens six hours a day (BBC)

From scoring a free upgrade to sleeping in comfort at 35,000ft: The ultimate guide to what you should REALLY wear on a plane (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Animation reveals changing Nigeria (BBC)

Day in pictures: 27 March 2015 (BBC)

Fears for British teen, 16, who went missing on a kayaking trip in Spain after police find a body in the river (Daily Mail)

'Gone Girl' physio who police say faked an abduction with boyfriend claims she's in hiding now because her kidnappers could still be watching (Daily Mail)

Nigerians dress up on the election trail (CNN)

WORLD PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Amanda Knox and rocker fiancé take a break in the backyard of her mother's house as they nervously await verdict from Italy's highest court (Daily Mail)

Germanwings co-pilot 'hid illness,' medical leave note from employers - prosecutors (Russia Today)

BBC Radio Bristol's John Darvall kicked off show as Tory MP fiance is standing for re-election (Daily Mail)

Baby cut from womb, no murder charge (CNN)

Egypt joins Saudi coalition against Yemen (CNN)

WorldViews: Pakistan's long history of fighting Saudi Arabia's wars (Washington Post - Paywall)

Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz had just been DUMPED by fiancée before he murdered 149 (Daily Express)

Amanda Knox Decision Expected (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

WorldViews: 4 reasons you should care about Nigeria's election (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police search house of Flight 4U952 co-pilot who murdered 149 people onboard doomed plane (Daily Express)

5 facts you need to know about Yemen and its conflicts (Russia Today)

Mac on... the first prime-time TV contest of the general election (Daily Mail)

The Germanwings co-pilot: What we know so far (Washington Post - Paywall)

Remembering the Germanwings crash victims (CNN)

Co-pilot 'hid illness' from Germanwings and tore up sick notes (Daily Star)

Election 2015: Who won the interview contest on social media? (BBC)

Egypt poised to join Saudi assault on Yemen rebels (Washington Post - Paywall)

A crash in the Alps (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Day in pictures: 26 March 2015 (BBC)

Andreas Lubitz: what we know about Germanwings co-pilot (Channel4)

Mystery surrounds Germanwings plane that crashed in French Alps (Channel4)

Germanwings crash: pilot 'locked out of Airbus cockpit' (Channel4)

Saudi Arabia launches air strikes in Yemen against rebels (Channel4)

Germanwings crash: team shocked after dodging fatal flight (Channel4)

Yemen president's location a mystery as battle rages (Channel4)

Day in pictures: 25 March 2015 (BBC)

Germanwings crash made you scared of flying? Don't be (Channel4)

Germanwings crash updates: what we know so far (Channel4)

In pictures: Alps plane search operation resumes (BBC)

Germanwings plane crash: 'Three Britons killed' (Channel4)

Mysterious crash of one of the world's safest aircraft (Channel4)

France plane crash: the teenage victims (Channel4)

'No one survived' Airbus A320 crash, French police say (Channel4)

Election 2015: How close are you to the political centre? (BBC)

Lights, camera, election (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

A bad day for women (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Murder in Maputo (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Man charged over police shooting (BBC)

Missing Miami woman’s ex kills himself after police find body in car trunk (Miami Herald)

U.S. lawmakers to Haiti Senate: Vote for election law (Miami Herald)