Thursday, 2nd April 2015

World News

How will Obama sell Iran nuclear deal to the world? (CBS News)

Obama says 'historic' international pact will 'cut off every pathway' to a nuclear Iran (Daily Mail)

Andreas Lubitz, Germanwings co-pilot, researched suicide methods and cockpit doors before plane crash (Daily Mail)

Masked gunmen attack 'during morning prayers' at Kenya's Garissa University (Daily Mail)

Average man plans to cash in £21k of his pension pot (Daily Mail)

Heart transplant recipient dies running from police (CBS News)

Netanyahu: Deal must "significantly" curb Iran nuke program (CBS News)

Al Qaeda stages jail break in Yemen (CBS News)

Smart money over Iran should be on Obama (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ehud Barak: Iran Has Escaped a Noose (Time Magazine)

Iran, world powers reach initial deal on reining in Tehran's nuclear programme (Reuters)

Israel finds man reported missing, accuses him of staging abduction (Reuters)

Body Language expert analyses party leaders during heated election debate (Daily Mail)

Search for Russian trawler's crew resumes; 56 dead, 13 still missing (Los Angeles Times)

Iran nuclear talks: Obama hails 'historic' agreement as Iranians celebrate live updates (Guardian)

Nuclear deal: Iranians find ways to celebrate on social media (Guardian)

Fire still burns underneath Holborn (BBC)

Iran, West Reach Framework on Nuclear Agreement (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

"50 percent chance I will be killed": Iraqi squads clear Tikrit of ISIS bombs (CBS News)

Argentinian president Fern ndez orders declassification of Falklands war files (Guardian)

U.N. finds police peacekeepers shot dead three Mali protesters (Reuters)

Al Qaeda fighters free 300 prisoners in Yemen as rebels invade key port (Los Angeles Times)

Analysis: Nuclear deal means more Iran oil - just not this year (Reuters)

Al-Shabaab Attack in Kenya Claims 147 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Canada police say 7 arrested in massive Asian prostitution ring that exploited over 500 women (Fox News)

Saudi-Backed Forces Set Back in Yemen (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Vanilla Ice Accepts Plea Deal in Florida Home Burglary Case (Time Magazine)

Officials: 2 dead in murder-suicide aboard Holland America cruise ship in Puerto Rico (Fox News)

'Big Day': World Leaders Reach Framework on Iran Deal (NBC News)

'Historic' Iran nuclear deal reached (BBC)

ESA lander to crash into an asteroid at 14,000mph to alter its course (Daily Mail)

Seven key questions about the Iran nuclear negotiations (Los Angeles Times)

Iranians Take to Street to Celebrate Nuclear Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

Detained Post reporter Jason Rezaian's family responds to Iran nuclear deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

Disarmament Groups Welcome Iran Framework; Israel Is Mistrustful (New York Times - Paywall)

Breakthrough Iran nuclear deal agreed (CNN)

Saudi Air War Over Yemen Leaves U.S. on Sidelines (Time Magazine)

WorldViews: A step-by-step guide to what the Iran agreement actually means (Washington Post - Paywall)

Canadian diplomat issues statement after her son was killed in drug deal gone bad (Fox News)

WorldViews: Videos show Iranians partying in the streets after Iran agreement (Washington Post - Paywall)

Bank Holiday getaway crash as millions face Easter travel misery (Daily Mail)

Witness Scenes From the Kenya University Attack (Time Magazine)

Framework' nuclear deal agreed with Iran (Financial Times - Paywall)

Live election leaders' debate ends (BBC)

Putin Has Mixed Motives in Backing Iran Nuclear Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama on Iran nuclear deal: it is our best option by far video (Guardian)

Medic student who joined ISIS to treat jihadists' wants to go back to UK (Russia Today)

House Speaker Boehner Calls Iran Nuclear Deal Alarming (Newsweek Magazine)

What's in the nuclear deal? (CNN)

Israeli leaders react to Iran nuclear deal with demands, warnings (Los Angeles Times)

Iran nuclear talks: the long and winding road to a landmark agreement (Guardian)

NJ man dies in custody after police beat and sic dog on him (Russia Today)

British firms discover oil and gas off Falklands, Argentina threatens legal action (Russia Today)

2 NYC women inspired by ISIS accused of bomb plot (CBS News)

'Wish me luck': Chris Rock posts selfies of police stops (CNN)

'Alien' war camel is unearthed in Austrian cellar: Scientists reveal the beast was used by Ottoman Empire in the 17th Century (Daily Mail)

Belgian politician found dead in canal after rape charge (Reuters)

Argentina vow on Falklands oil firms (BBC)

Lorraine Cobourn terrified of yellow things after taxi crash (Daily Mail)

End of Iran sanctions will open gates to companies keen to enlarge markets (Guardian)

Mariah Carey ex Nick Cannon signs tell-all deal about his marriage (Daily Mail)

Labour war on zero-hour contracts in tatters after Unite accused of using them (Daily Mail)

Vanilla Ice Takes Plea Deal in Florida Burglary (NBC News)

Transcript: Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif on the framework' for a nuclear deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

Second black box in the Germanwings plane crash located (CBS News)

Iran nuclear deal: Full transcript of President Obama's remarks (Independent)

Iran and world powers agree on parameters of Iranian nuclear deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

World Reacts to Iran Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

Iran Agrees to Framework of Nuclear Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

Iran, West Reach Framework On Nuclear Agreement (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Iranians celebrate nuclear deal: 'This will bring hope to our life' (Guardian)

Russian Artists Face a Choice: Censor Themselves, or Else (New York Times - Paywall)

Kenya attack death toll rises to 147 (BBC)

Man arrested in connection with Fla. doctors death (CBS News)

Here's what's next in the nuclear negotiations with Iran (Los Angeles Times)

TV election debate gets under way (BBC)

Marathon talks produce broad outline of a nuclear deal with Iran, officials say (Los Angeles Times)

Talks produce broad outline of a nuclear deal with Iran, officials say (Los Angeles Times)

Iran nuclear deal: negotiators announce 'framework' agreement (Guardian)

Saudi dies in Yemen border gunfight (CNN)

Mali rebels meet in Algiers to discuss rejected peace deal (Reuters)

Death Toll in Sinking of Russian Ship Rises to at Least 56 (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama Praises Iran Deal, Makes Appeal to Congress and Israel (Time Magazine)

Obama: Outline of nuclear deal with Iran will make 'our world safer' (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: Obama welcomes Iran nuclear deal (BBC)

Fuel tanks on fire at storage facility in Santos, Brazil (Reuters)

Obama Calls Iran Agreement Historic' (Time Magazine)

Witness tells how attack unfolded (CNN)

Turkish police swoop against ultra-leftist militants in Istanbul (Daily Mail)

Oil Glut Is a Boon to Shippers, as Buyers Stock Up at Low Prices (New York Times - Paywall)

The 5 Keys to a Final Nuclear Deal With Iran (Time Magazine)

Iran talks: the key details of the nuclear agreement (Guardian)

LIVE: General Election 2015 Leaders Debate (Daily Star)

147 killed, hundreds rescued in attack on Kenyan university by al-Shabab (Washington Post - Paywall)

Nigel Farage vows to stay off the booze ahead of Election debate (Daily Mail)

Iran nuclear talks: timeline (Guardian)

U.K. Election Rivals Gear Up for Televised Debate (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

147 Dead in al-Qaeda-Linked College Rampage in Kenya (NBC News)

Death toll in Kenya university attack rises to 147, siege over - government body (Reuters)

Obama: Historic deal reached on Iran nuclear program (Russia Today)

Hapless parking attendant destroys £300,000 Ferrari 599 GTO in crash (Daily Mail)

One dead in building collapse at Dallas-area high school (CBS News)

Election 2015: Day at-a-glance (BBC)

Official: 'We have reached solutions' on Iran talks (CNN)

ISIS sets fire to hundreds of crates of US-produced Halal chicken despite thousands of refugees facing starvation in Syria (Daily Mail)

Dozens die as Russian trawler sinks in the Sea of Okhotsk (Guardian)

Live Video: Obama Makes Statement on Iran Nuclear Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

Canada Pledges Balanced Budget Despite Oil Drop (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Al-Qaeda frees 300 in Yemen prison break (Financial Times - Paywall)

Nearly 150 dead in Al-Shabaab school attack, Kenyan officials say (Fox News)

The Press Itself Is a Vital Election Issue (Huffington Post)

Framework for Final Deal Reached at Iran Nuclear Talks (Newsweek Magazine)

Co-pilot in Germanwings crash said to have researched online about suicide (Washington Post - Paywall)

Officials Announce Good News' in Iran Nuclear Talks (Time Magazine)

Netanyahu demands Iran deal 'significantly' curbs Iran's nuclear capabilities (Fox News)

Experts Unsure of Effect of Nuclear Deal on Iranian Politics (New York Times - Paywall)

Marshall Islands to appeal in nuclear case vs. US; says US is modernizing arsenal, not cutting (Fox News)

Shabab Attack on a Kenya University Kills at Least 70, Officials Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Iran nuclear talks: Deal reached after eight days of negotiations (Independent)

Iran nuclear talks: Framework for final deal reached after eight days of negotiations (Independent)

Solutions in Iran nuclear deal reached - Rouhani (Russia Today)

Iran nuclear talks: officials claim breakthrough (Guardian)

Israeli troops search for Jewish man possibly abducted in West Bank (Los Angeles Times)

Police probe 'hang Sturgeon' tweet (BBC)

Yemen crisis: What will Saudi Arabia do when not if things go wrong in their war with the Shia Houthi rebels? (Independent)

Scores killed in Kenya terror attack (CNN)

Opinion: Would Iran cheat on a deal? (CNN)

Kenya minister says 70 dead in al-Shabaab attack on university (Guardian)

The Forgotten Link Between World War I and Women's Rights (Time Magazine)

Iraq Forces, Pushing ISIS out of Tikrit, Give Few Thanks for U.S. Airstrikes (New York Times - Paywall)

Alan Barnes' Mugger Richard Gatiss Jailed For Attack On Disabled Pensioner (Huffington Post)

Nazi gas chambers were a 'detail of history': Father and daughter at war as National Front founder Jean-Marie Le Pen repeats outrageous accusations (Daily Mail)

At least 70 killed as Shabab gunmen attack Kenya university (Los Angeles Times)

$61M settlement proposed for families of the 47 people killed in 2013 Quebec train crash (Fox News)

'Bladder diplomacy' at Iran talks: other negotiations that tested leaders' stamina (Guardian)

VIDEO: Election campaign day four in 90 secs (BBC)

Caught on Video: Suicide Attack on Crowd Kills 18 (NBC News)

Saudi Arabia Keeps Hinting It Would Go Nuclear if Iran Does (Newsweek Magazine)

Dozens of crew members killed after Russian freezer trawler sinks off the east coast (Daily Mail)

70 killed, hundreds rescued after Kenya university attack by al-Shabab militants (Washington Post - Paywall)

Yemen rebels storm Aden palace (BBC)

Two Women Arrested for Planning Bomb Attack in NYC as a Result of ISIS Radicalization (Newsweek Magazine)

Statement to Say Iran Talks Will Go On (Newsweek Magazine)

Southampton driver given £100 parking fine while waiting for police to report rape (Daily Mail)

U.S. and Iran nuclear negotiations extend into early hours (CBS News)

Germany to review aviation safety procedures in wake of Germanwings crash (CBS News)

Benefits man Mike Holpin father of 40 plays Grand Theft Auto for 20 hours a day (Daily Mail)

Crash co-pilot 'researched suicide methods' (CNN)

Irish police investigating online child abuse raid house and take boy into care (Guardian)

Election 2015 in pictures: 2 April (BBC)

How did Yemen descend into chaos? (CNN)

General Election Leaders' Debate (Russia Today)

Ghoncheh Ghavami Gets Pardon for Volleyball Protest in Iran (Newsweek Magazine)

Yemen crisis: Aden's presidential palace and central districts fall despite week-long Saudi air campaign (Independent)

Russian attitude to the West still bad with tendency for changes poll (Russia Today)

Iraq war veteran Riki Hughes stole £17,000 from children's football club (Daily Mail)

"Difficult job" or foot dragging in Iran nuke talks? (CBS News)

Steven Christopher Costa to leave Devon home to fight Isis in Iraq (Daily Mail)

Argentina accuses Britain of 'war-mongering' on the Falklands war anniversay (Daily Mail)

Election 2015: Transport and work dominates agenda ahead of #MassDebate (Daily Star)

BREAKING: Killer co-pilot looked up suicide methods before Alps horror crash (Daily Star)

Vote for peace: Next UK govt must halt MidEast, Ukraine chaos, says Stop the War (Russia Today)

Russian Fishing Vessel Sinks, 54 Dead (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Michelangelo work destroyed in Spain's civil war unveiled after restoration (Guardian)

Man raped women as victim lay dead (BBC)

Al-Shabaab gunmen take hostages after deadly Kenya university attack (Guardian)

German Aviation Officials Look at Safety Changes After Germanwings Crash (New York Times - Paywall)

The man with a giant 'boiled egg' inside him (Daily Mail)

Belgium insurer refuses cover for Jewish kindergarten over anti-Semitic attack risk (Russia Today)

Vladimir Putin threatens nuclear war to drive Nato out of Baltics and defend Crimea (Daily Mail)

Rechargeable Illume gadget uses electricity instead of fire to ignite (Daily Mail)

Diverse Range of Issues on Menu in Seven-Way UK Election Debate (Newsweek Magazine)

Al Qaeda stages prison break amid Yemen chaos (CBS News)

General election dominates FMQs (BBC)

At Meduza, self-exiled Russian journalists avoid Kremlin censorship (Los Angeles Times)

70 Dead and at Least 79 Injured as Al-Shabab Attacks Kenyan University (Newsweek Magazine)

Death Toll in Attack on Kenyan University Rises to 147 (Newsweek Magazine)

VIDEO: Cause of Holborn fire 'unknown' (BBC)

Putin spokesman slams Times 'demonizing' Russia over perceived nuclear threat (Russia Today)

How election result could send financial markets into a tailspin (Daily Mail)

Why Yemen matters (CNN)

Andrew Getty 'took so much coke I wouldn't be surprised if his heart just gave out': Old school friend reveals the party hard lifestyle of late oil heir (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: Afghanistan's famed war carpets are getting a makeover once again (Washington Post - Paywall)

Diplomacy Until Dawn: Kerry, Zarif Burn Midnight Oil (NBC News)

Militant attack in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula kills 11 soldiers (Los Angeles Times)

Palestinian Fighters Retake Parts of Refugee Camp Seized by ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama Told Iran Nuclear Negotiators to Disregard Deadline in 11th Hour (New York Times - Paywall)

Tulsa Family of Four Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide (NBC News)

VIDEO: Kenya university attack 'kills 70' (BBC)

General Election Leaders' Debate: All you need to know (Russia Today)

Russian citizens evacuated from Yemen (Russia Today)

Russian trawler sinks; 54 dead (CNN)

At Least 54 Dead After Russian Trawler Sinks Off Kamchatka (Newsweek Magazine)

Can one election change a continent? (BBC)

West must offer Islamic State a truce' - ISIS captive John Cantlie (Russia Today)

Dozens dead as Russian fishing trawler sinks (CBS News)

Ukraine and Russia sign 3-month gas deal at $248 (Russia Today)

Deadly attack on university campus in Kenya (CBS News)

Russian bid for Czech hearts and minds (BBC)

Russian fishing boat sinks in Sea of Okhotsk, at least 56 crew die (Los Angeles Times)

India police snap cow mugshots (CNN)

Dozens of dead greyhounds dumped (CNN)

At least 54 sailors dead and 63 rescued after trawler sinks off Russian coast north of Japan (Daily Mail)

Attack on Kenya university compound (BBC)

Russian trawler sinks with 54 dead (BBC)

Vladimir Putin threatens NUCLEAR showdown over the West's interference in Ukraine (Daily Express)

Underground fire in West End leaves 5,000 homes and businesses in darkness (Daily Mail)

Leaders prepare for election debate (BBC)

Criticism Mounts on Iran Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police in 'retirement bailout plea' (BBC)

Pressure builds on key Yemen city (BBC)

Korean Indicted in Attack on U.S. Envoy (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Nuclear talks negotiators meet again as Iran hints at flexibility over sanctions (Guardian)

Sex game gone wrong clue as police reveal dead Getty heir suffered 'rectal' trauma (Daily Star)

Afghan official: Police chief killed when vehicle hits roadside bomb (Fox News)

Russian trawler sinking: At least 54 dead as ship sinks in Sea of Okhotsk (Independent)

Iran: Progress but no deal yet (CNN)

Russian ship with 132 onboard sinks leaving at least 53 dead (Daily Express)

ISIS fighters pushed out of Tikrit (CNN)

Blasts & gunfire reported as masked gunmen attack Garrisa University in Kenya (Russia Today)

Police: Masked gunmen attack university in eastern Kenya (Fox News)

Palestinian man wants his 'Banksy door' back video (Guardian)

At least 54 dead, 15 missing after Russian trawler sinks off Kamchatka (Reuters)

Iran nuclear talks moving forward' 2 days after deadline (Russia Today)

Death Toll Rises to 54 After Russian Trawler Sinks: Reports (NBC News)

Mexican officials say oil spill avoided in blaze that killed 4 workers on offshore platform (Fox News)

Crews battle industrial unit fire (BBC)

Milk price war on the way after Brussels abolishes quotas on production (Daily Mail)

Guns, cocaine and death at 47 - the latest member of the billionaire oil family to prove that money doesn't buy happiness (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: Dozens dead as trawler sinks in Russia's far east (Washington Post - Paywall)

Flames Engulf Mexico Oil Platform in Gulf, Killing 4 Workers (Time Magazine)

Stray Dog Buried and Left For Dead Makes Comeback (NBC News)

At least 54 dead as Russian trawler sinks in freezing waters off far east coast (Guardian)

Huge plumes of smoke and flames shoot up from manholes after underground fire in Holborn (Daily Express)

Police shooting of man after Katrina ruled a homicide (CBS News)

ISIS singles out Virginia senator as crusader' and enemy' (Russia Today)

London sixth-form pupil, 18, appears in court accused of plotting to join Kurdish rebels to fight as a guerrilla against ISIS (Daily Mail)

Russian freezer trawler sinks with 132 on board, at least 43 dead (Fox News)

Russian trawler with 132 crew sinks in Sea of Okhotsk, at least 43 dead and 63 rescued (Fox News)

World Briefing: South Korea: Charges Are Laid In Attack on U.S. Ambassador (New York Times - Paywall)

Four British children held trying to join ISIS in Syria (Daily Mail)

Archaeologists fighting to save what ISIS may destroy (CBS News)

Lufthansa CEO visits crash site, avoids questions (CNN)

Killers of 50 Queensland greyhounds 'oxygen thieves', says police minister video (Guardian)

4 Killed in Explosion and Fire on Pemex Mexican Oil Platform (New York Times - Paywall)

Gaza man mistakenly sells Banksy mural for $175 (CNN)

Yemen Houthi fighters backed by tanks reach central Aden (Reuters)

Northern Territory Police find marijuana buried in a leg of lamb (Daily Mail)

Closing in on Assad: ISIS captures Palestinian refugee camp inside Damascus (Russia Today)

FBI says one of its "most wanted terrorists" is dead (CBS News)

Charges over S. Korean envoy attack (CNN)

CNN goes inside Iraqi city liberated from ISIS (CNN)

U.N., government troops come under attack in northern Mali (Reuters)

Nigerian election winner vows to crush Boko Haram insurgency (Guardian)

Heart transplant teen dies in police chase (CNN)

Dorset heathland home to thousands of wild animals destroyed in fire (Daily Mail)

Electrical fire sends flames shooting through manholes in central London (Fox News)

Rebels in Yemen Battle for Control of Strategic Port City (New York Times - Paywall)

CNN exclusive with jailed ISIS fighters (CNN)

Woman wielding assault rifle shot dead as she storms Turkish police HQ (Daily Mail)

Dead oil heir Andrew Getty had serious medical condition made worse by stress caused by ex-girlfriend who discovered his body (Daily Mail)

Heir to Getty family fortune found dead (CBS News)

Hina Shamim killed on her way to University of Kingston library in road crash (Daily Mail)

Been and Gone: Acclaimed war film director and the man behind All Right Now (BBC)

ISIS Fighters Seize Palestinian Refugee Camp in Damascus (Newsweek Magazine)

The man who's always on the bus (BBC)

Council REFUSES to pay for full time carer for Britain's oldest prisoner of war (Daily Express)

Scottish police to investigate Ulster shoot to kill' case (Daily Express)

Crowdfunding neighbour helps war hero who lost leg in FREAK accident with a bouncy castle (Daily Star)

Germanwings killer co-pilot cheated on his pregnant girlfriend before horror crash (Daily Star)

Turkish Police Foil Attack on Police Station (New York Times - Paywall)

Iran nuclear talks miss deadline again, are extended another day (Los Angeles Times)

Iranian nuclear negotiator says its time to "seize the moment" (CBS News)

Gaza Man Feels Duped After Selling Banksy Mural for $175 (NBC News)

Russian consulate in Aden damaged by coalition airstrikes Yemen embassy source (Russia Today)

Oil platform fire toll in Gulf of Mexico: 4 dead, 302 evacuated (Reuters)

Iran talks to be extended another day (Washington Post - Paywall)

Controversial heart transplant teen killed in car crash after police chase (Russia Today)

Fire rages on Mexican oil rig (CNN)

Election 2015: Promises and policies announced ahead of TV debate (Daily Star)

War with Isis: Militants take refugee camp near central Damascus (Independent)

9 dead as Russian trawler with 130+ aboard sinks in Sea of Okhotsk (Russia Today)

ISIS Said to Step Up Offensive in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

Internet Explorer is dead as Microsoft unveils test version of Project Spartan browser (Daily Mail)

Family: Son of Canadian diplomat killed in Miami drug deal gone bad (CBS News)

Kerry extends Iran talks, French foreign minister returns (Reuters)

Canadian diplomat's teen son shot dead after botched drug deal in Miami (Guardian)

Heart recipient, Anthony Stokes, dies in high-speed police chase crash in Roswell, Georgia (Daily Mail)

Deadly fire breaks out at Mexican oil rig (CBS News)

Yemen rebels tighten grip on Aden (Financial Times - Paywall)

Crash witness: I'll never fly again (CNN)

Four dead in Mexico oil rig blaze (BBC)

Pemex Oil Platform Fire in Gulf of Mexico Kills Four, 300 Evacuated (Newsweek Magazine)

Holborn fire causes mass evacuation (BBC)

Oil rig fire in Gulf of Mexico kills at least four workers (Los Angeles Times)

ISIS makes deepest foray yet into Damascus (CBS News)

War with Isis: Iraq declares victory in the battle for Tikrit - but militants make make ominous advances in neighbouring Syria's capital (Independent)

President-elect vows war on two fronts (CNN)

Germanwings plane crash investigators DENY video has been found (Daily Mail)

Further delay to Iran nuclear deal (BBC)

FBI says one of its 'most wanted terrorists' confirmed dead (Reuters)

Turkey police shoot attackers at Istanbul headquarters, government vows to find 'dark forces' (Reuters)

Oil output halted at Mexican platform hit by deadly blaze (Reuters)

Israel tests U.S.-backed missile shield as Iran nuclear talks churn (Reuters)

Families plead with ISIS captives (CNN)

Taser used by officers blamed for setting man ablaze and not for the first time, either (Russia Today)

35 reported dead in Yemen after airstrikes hit factory (CBS News)

French Alps avalanche: Three tourists dead and one injured in Briancon (Independent)

SHOCKING: Man 'tests out artificial vagina' in sex shop, police appeal for information (Daily Star)

Fatal Gulf of Mexico oil platform fire (Financial Times - Paywall)

Analysis: Yemen ground operation carries risks, from hostile terrain to guerrilla warfare (Fox News)

Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion leaves four workers dead (Guardian)

Kerry to Remain at Iran Nuclear Talks Until at Least Thursday (Newsweek Magazine)

Photos: Liberating Tikrit, Iraq from ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

London Police Arrest Senior Pakistani Party Member (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Americans in Yemen fear they have been left behind as bombing escalates (Guardian)

New York police officer verbally abuses Uber driver - video (Guardian)

Russian opposition activist Vladimir Ashurkov is granted asylum in UK (Guardian)

World's oldest person Misao Okawa dead at 117 (Daily Mail)

Iran nuclear talks: Delays in agreement blamed on repeated consultation with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (Independent)

No let-up in Saudi air strikes against Yemen (BBC)

Saudi Arabia's big gamble in Yemen (Fox News)

Nigel Farage Faces Judge Dredd In Cartoon Ahead Of General Election 2015 (Huffington Post)

Exclusive - Yemen food imports disrupted, conflict pressures supply chain (Reuters)

One Dead, 16 injured in Fire on Mexican Oil Platform (NBC News)

Disorderly Iran nuclear talks falter (Financial Times - Paywall)

Cynthia Lennon dead at 75 (CNN)

Iraq claims "magnificent victory" over ISIS (CBS News)

Norway Reverts to Cold War Mode as Russian Air Patrols Spike (New York Times - Paywall)

Busted Aussie Google Street View flasher charged by police (Russia Today)

VIDEO: General Election 2015: Day three of the campaign (BBC)

Gun attack on Istanbul police HQ (BBC)

Police Scotland to examine shooting (BBC)

Should Israel and Hamas be investigated for war crimes? (Channel4)

Isis edges closer to Syrian capital (Financial Times - Paywall)

Gulf of Mexico oil platform fire: 4 dead and 45 injured in blaze (Independent)

Gulf of Mexico oil platform fire: 4 dead and 16 injured in blaze (Independent)

Gulf of Mexico oil platform fire: One dead and 16 injured in blaze (Independent)

Istanbul police HQ attacked (CNN)

In Yemen, blast at dairy complex leaves at least 40 dead (Los Angeles Times)

62 Children Killed in Week-Old Yemen Conflict, UNICEF Confirms (Newsweek Magazine)

At least 35 workers killed in airstrike on factory in Yemen (Daily Mail)

Reports of Germanwings crash video are false, authorities say (Los Angeles Times)

April Fool's Day: The best election spoofs (BBC)

California man shot dead after traffic incident turns into road rage (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: This Gaza man says he was tricked into selling a Banksy mural for just $175 (Washington Post - Paywall)

Dunstable man branded 'pikey' in Christmas lights row now switching them on for charity (Daily Mail)

Tonyrefail man cancels his own funeral when he beats Hodgkin Lymphoma (Daily Mail)

Election 2015 in pictures: 1 April (BBC)

Korean man accused of trying to kill U.S. envoy (CBS News)

New York police officer's xenophobic rant on taxi driver caught on video (Graphic language) (Russia Today)

'No dignity' for Hillsborough dead (BBC)

Palestinians join war crimes court (BBC)

More delays as U.S. and Iran struggle to reach nuclear agreement (CBS News)

Jail for Milly-leak police officer (BBC)

Conservatives will rip up' human rights laws, halt war crime claims, say Tory ministers (Russia Today)

Chaos in London: 5,000 evacuated after Holborn fire causes blackouts across the capital (Daily Star)

Secret trial man jailed over manual (BBC)

Fish, bacon, beer: The real issues in Britain's election (CNN)

Not yet the real deal (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

The old man who won't go away (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Great walls of fire (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

No deal on Iran would be egg on US, Europe faces' (Russia Today)

How Yemen could spiral into regional war (CNN)

Fire blazes on oil platform in Gulf of Mexico, 4 dead, multiple injures reported (Russia Today)

Lots of "fingers crossed" as Iran nuke talks drag on (CBS News)

LSE evacuated due to fire (Russia Today)

Airline boss offers crash victims help, but no answers (CBS News)

Palestine gets ICC membership, opening door to Israel war crimes prosecution (Russia Today)

Gaza man 'tricked' into Banksy sale (BBC)

Crash challenges German identity, notions of privacy (Washington Post - Paywall)

Germanwings Crash Casts Pall on Lufthansa Anniversary (New York Times - Paywall)

The Rolex ticks at Iran nuclear talks (Channel4)

Yemen struggles as supplies dwindle (Financial Times - Paywall)

Germanwings aftermath: Passenger leaves handwritten letter of thanks to airline pilot for 'taking her home safely' only a week after Germanwings plane crash that claimed 150 lives (Daily Mail)

Gary Dahl dead aged 78 after making millions from Pet Rock fad (Daily Mail)

Gaza man 'tricked' into selling valuable Banksy artwork (Channel4)

Getty grandson found dead in L.A. home (CNN)

Oil reverses losing streak as Iran nuclear talks extend beyond deadline (Russia Today)

Iran: Sanctions must be dropped for nuclear deal (Russia Today)

Sinosphere Blog: Yemen Evacuation Shows Chinese Navy's Growing Role (New York Times - Paywall)

Alps crash video 'must be handed in' (BBC)

Pakistan nears deal to buy 8 Chinese subs (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ukraine to resume importing Russian gas at $250 energy minister (Russia Today)

Lawmakers suggest making Russian citizenship easier for Ukrainians (Russia Today)

Op-Ed Contributor: Nasser's Ghost Hovers Over Yemen (New York Times - Paywall)

Russian PM seals gas discount for Ukraine of up to 28% (Russia Today)

Armed assaults on Istanbul police HQ, ruling party office (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

WorldViews: The big questions any nuclear deal with Iran has to answer (Washington Post - Paywall)

US re-approves oil exploration in Arctic as Shell prepares to resume drilling (Russia Today)

Diplomats to continue Iran nuclear talks past deadline into Wednesday (Washington Post - Paywall)

Did Boko Haram win Nigeria's election for Muhammadu Buhari? (Channel4)

Yemen: a war with many fronts and many forces (Channel4)

Election 2015 in pictures: 31 March (BBC)

Election 2015: Celebrities on the campaign trail (BBC)

Washington DC police hurt in dramatic car chase (Channel4)

Iran nuclear deal could have unintended consequences for US (Channel4)

Nigeria election 'too close to call' (Channel4)

Election 2015 in pictures: 30 March (BBC)

Yemen conflict: Arab League agree to joint military force (Channel4)

Nuclear deal: Netanyahu's call to halt 'Iran-Lausanne-Yemen axis' (Channel4)

Boko Haram kills six in Nigeria election attack (Channel4)

Yemen president calls on military to protect state buildings (Channel4)

A crash in the Alps (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Baptist of fire (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Leash the dogs of war (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Lights, camera, election (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

The Fifty Years War (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Rick Scott tries to clarify attack ad on Charlie Crist (Miami Herald)

Missing Miami woman’s ex kills himself after police find body in car trunk (Miami Herald)

Mystery man in Rick Scott attack ad unveiled, misleads about Charlie Crist and Ponzi scheme (Miami Herald)

U.S. lawmakers to Haiti Senate: Vote for election law (Miami Herald)