Thursday, 9th April 2015

World News

Dash cam video shows moments before fatal S.C. shooting (CBS News)

Dashcam video shows traffic stop before deadly S.C. shooting (CBS News)

NYC man narrowly avoids being struck by subway train (CBS News)

How big a deal is the reported Russian hack of W.H. computers? (CBS News)

Man shot, killed in confrontation with Ky. police (CBS News)

Frenchman in custody over British man found in Normandy well (Daily Mail)

Lib Dems move level with UKIP for first time since 2013 (Daily Mail)

China TV host mocks Mao Zedong, faces investigation (CBS News)

Poundland's 99p deal faces probe by competition watchdog (Daily Mail)

Wisconsin man accused of trying to join ISIS (CBS News)

Baldness cure found as scientists discover how to regrow hair (Daily Mail)

This Company's Stock Goes Up With Demand for Police Transparency (Time Magazine)

Almost complete fossil of flightless predator found in Argentina (Daily Mail)

New Dash Cam Video Shows Walter Scott Before Fatal Shooting (NBC News)

UN chief instructs Syria envoy to relaunch a political process aimed at ending the 4-year war (Fox News)

Crazy motorists slammed by police for playing FOOTBALL on the M25 (Daily Express)

Cop who shot unarmed Walter Scott was investigated for using excessive force on a black man two years ago (Daily Mail)

If Tsarnaev gets death penalty, will extremists promote it as martyrdom? (CBS News)

New Video Shows Moments Before Fatal Police Shooting in South Carolina (Time Magazine)

Dashcam footage from SC shooting shows Walter Scott running away from officer (Russia Today)

S.C. cop accused of excessive force before deadly shooting (CBS News)

China Assumes a Lead Role on the World Stage (Newsweek Magazine)

West Midlands woman in constant pain after back operation jumped to her death (Daily Mail)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Man hacks neighbour's dog to death with axe and ESCAPES jail (Daily Star)

Walter Scott shooting: second video shows police arriving at the scene - video (Guardian)

What a Futch up: Man accidentally gets stuck in meeting with President Barack Obama (Daily Star)

Play Double Falsehood found 300 years ago was William Shakespeare (Daily Mail)

Iran's Supreme Leader Says Sanctions Must Lift When Nuclear Deal Is Signed (New York Times - Paywall)

Yaphet Kotto says James Bond should be portrayed by a white man amid Idris Elba rumours (Daily Mail)

Ohio man allegedly poured gas on wife, child (CBS News)

Man Filed 2013 Brutality Complaint Against S.C. Cop (NBC News)

Ladies arrive for first day of Crabbie's Grand National 2015 at Aintree (Daily Mail)

Robert Downey Jr helps raise £1.38million for UK hospice by raffling off a date to his latest movie premiere in Los Angeles (Daily Mail)

Iran Leader Lashes Out at Saudi Arabia's Intervention in Yemen (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

French TV Station Hacked (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police in Gaza seize $175' Banksy painting amid ownership dispute (Russia Today)

TV Photographer Banned From Aaron Hernandez Trial (NBC News)

More Than 70 Animals Found in Arizona Mobile Home (Time Magazine)

Wisconsin Man Accused of Trying to Join Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Iran Leader Adopts Wary Stance on Nuclear Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Fighting and Deprivation Worsen in Yemen (New York Times - Paywall)

Shooting witness says he nearly erased video (CNN)

What we know about police officer (CNN)

Hack takes 11 TV channels off air (CNN)

South Korean police halt 'The Interview' balloon drop (Los Angeles Times)

Kent Police blast motorists playing football on M25 after getting stuck in traffic jam (Daily Mail)

Iran: Lift sanctions or no deal (CNN)

Iran: No guarantee of nuclear deal (BBC)

ISIS suspected in cyberattack (CNN)

ISIS demanding $30 million to free Christian hostages, Assyrian source says (Fox News)

Supreme Leader casts doubt on deal (CNN)

My 600lb Life's Marla McCants stands for first time in YEARS (Daily Mail)

Video Shows Cop Fatally Shooting Schizophrenic Man, Family Says (Time Magazine)

The Saudi war in Yemen is turning into a quagmire (Washington Post - Paywall)

Scott death preventable': Slager had previous excessive force complaint (Russia Today)

Michael Slager accused of using Taser on unarmed black man in 2013 (Guardian)

Biden Cites Progress in Iraq's War With ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Supreme Leader 'behind' deal (CNN)

Three Killed in Milan Courthouse Shooting (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Rep. Jim Clyburn Blames Conservatives for Walter Scott Shooting (Time Magazine)

Iran calls U.S.-backed strikes in Yemen "genocide" (CBS News)

Yemen crisis: Saudi bombing campaign against Houthi rebels is a war crime and genocide, says Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (Independent)

Gaza police seize door bearing Banksy drawing amid ownership dispute (Guardian)

ISIS kills 52 men in Iraq (CNN)

Did police attend Hatton Garden gem heist while thieves were inside? (Daily Mail)

Chinese TV star caught insulting Mao (CNN)

Obama hints at Cuba breakthrough as he flies south for Ra l Castro meeting (Guardian)

Police: 17 people found drowned off Haiti's north coast in suspected boat capsize (Fox News)

Iran Supreme Leaders Red Line Could Be Deal-Breaker (Newsweek Magazine)

South Carolina cop fired as shooting protests grow louder (CBS News)

Woman 'claimed to be a cousin of Germanwings crash victim so she could get free flights to the south of France' after company offered to fly relatives to the region (Daily Mail)

Could police body camera have saved Walter Scott? (CNN)

What Others Can Learn From Response to S.C. Cop Shooting (NBC News)

Yemen rebels advance near key gas terminal; capital hit by new strikes (Los Angeles Times)

Mistrial Warning in Hernandez Murder Trial After TV Van Follows Jurors (Newsweek Magazine)

French media groups to hold emergency meeting after Isis cyber-attack (Guardian)

The most unusual airport codes in the world (and why they have them) (Daily Mail)

Man vs WOOD: Hungry hubby finds five inch timber in curry (Daily Star)

Man kills lawyer, judge, co-defendant at Milan courthouse (Fox News)

British pensioner found dead at bottom of well in Normandy (Independent)

Wisconsin man accused of trying to aid Islamist terror group (Guardian)

I wanted revenge, shooting suspect tells police after three killed in Milan court (Guardian)

Chertoff: Iran Deal Worthless Without the Right Enforcement Mechanisms (Time Magazine)

Sinosphere Blog: Joking About Mao Lands Chinese TV Host in Hot Water (New York Times - Paywall)

Nicola Sturgeon accused of 'paralysing' UK economy with demand for referendum (Daily Mail)

Man suspected of stowing away in jet wheel well in Indonesia (Fox News)

Romanian builder stabs wife to death then waits for police by her blood-soaked body (Daily Star)

China Building Artificial Islands in South China Sea (Newsweek Magazine)

German police probe whether woman faked link to crash victim (Fox News)

UK Election: British Jews to Reject Labour Over Israel Policy (Newsweek Magazine)

Chinese father arrested after buying a wife for his mentally challenged son to produce a grandchild, trying to get her pregnant himself and then selling her to another family when he found she was infertile (Daily Mail)

Bee careful: UK garden centers urged to drop popular pesticide to protect honeybees (Russia Today)

U.S. says Chinese activity in South China Sea causes regional 'anxiety' (Reuters)

South African Rhodes statue removed (BBC)

Vacation Cabin Swiped From Foundation Found (NBC News)

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn: Officers Are Depressed by the Current Climate (Time Magazine)

British father of Blanca Cousins who fell to her death emerges from court (Daily Mail)

French television network hacked by group claiming ties to ISIS (Fox News)

After rescue of 330 enslaved men from Indonesian island last week, more than 200 others found (Fox News)

Vile mum who stole from man having seizure escapes jail again (Daily Star)

Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: no guarantee of final nuclear deal (Guardian)

Has YOUR neighbourhood been buzzed by aliens? Interactive graphic shows the location of EVERY official UFO sighting around the world between 1933 and 2015 (Daily Mail)

U.S. police shooting: Witness reveals more (CNN)

The LA rebellion: when black film-makers took on the world - and won (Guardian)

'Stop arming Saudi Arabia' Anti-war activists protest UK-backed Yemen airstrikes (Russia Today)

These Men Are Reenacting a War Many Others Want to Forget (Time Magazine)

An unhappy home is a FAT home: Divorce and death trigger weight gain in teenage girls while boys with depressed mothers are more likely to be obese (Daily Mail)

Man is killed in motorway crash (BBC)

Akram Khan attacks UK dance training (BBC)

Man kills judge, two others on rampage through Milan courthouse (Reuters)

Armed police watch as soldiers return to guard Ottawa memorial (Reuters)

Palestinians Agree to Work With Assad to Oust ISIS From Refugee Camp (Newsweek Magazine)

Civil war re-enactment: 150 years on, south still surrenders at Appomattox in pictures (Guardian)

Armed stand-off in South Carolina, cop barricades himself in home (Russia Today)

Killer seals have arrived in BRITAIN: World first footage reveals marine mammals feasting on porpoises off the coast of Wales (Daily Mail)

Wisconsin Man Accused of Trying to Join ISIS (Time Magazine)

South African university removes statue of colonialist, other apartheid era statues vandalized (Fox News)

South Carolina police have shot 209 people in the last five years, report finds (Independent)

Hygiene breaches found at The Steer Inn, Wilberfoss included dog poo (Daily Mail)

Newsome man took friend's Akita dog for a walk and axed it to death (Daily Mail)

Tel Aviv Diary: Israelis Divided on Iran Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

John Miller on S.C. shooting: Police are supposed to chase after fleeing suspects (CBS News)

Poll: Most Americans Don't Trust Iran on Nuclear Deal (NBC News)

News Analysis: Ahead of World War II Anniversary, Questions Linger Over Stance of Japan's Premier (New York Times - Paywall)

Taliban Attack on Afghan Court Kills Police Chief, 7 Others (Newsweek Magazine)

Irans Khamenei Accuses Saudi Arabia of Genocide in Yemen (Newsweek Magazine)

Ed Miliband accused of 'stabbing UK in the back' over nuclear deterrent (Daily Mail)

Alleged American ISIS Recruit Joshua Ray Van Haften: Im Tired of This Life Man (Newsweek Magazine)

See the First Cast Photo for Suicide Squad (Time Magazine)

US tries to put spin on Iran talks results' (Russia Today)

Ayatollah says US distorting nuclear deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

NYPDs John Miller on Tsarnaevs possible death penalty, SC police shooting (CBS News)

Yemen in freefall: How chaos could spread (CNN)

Irans Supreme Leader Khamenei Questions Intentions of U.S. in Nuclear Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

Bystander Considered Erasing Footage of Cop Shooting (NBC News)

Wisconsin Man Accused of Trying to Join ISIS: Feds (NBC News)

Taliban attack on Afghan court kills police chief, seven others (Reuters)

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: I neither support nor oppose nuclear deal - video (Guardian)

'Four die' in Milan court shooting (BBC)

Argentina plans lawsuits against UK oil firms near Falklands (Reuters)

Yemen rebels make gains as Iran calls Saudi-led airstrikes a 'genocide' (Fox News)

John Kerry on potential impact of lifting Iran sanctions (CBS News)

Khamenei condemns Yemen 'genocide' (BBC)

GoFundMe Removes Campaign to Support Cop in South Carolina Shooting (Time Magazine)

An (underground) road to Damascus: Isis could tunnel into heart of Syria's capital to take fight to gates of Assad's palace, warn experts (Independent)

Iran and US need mutual confidence building' (Russia Today)

Middle East crisis deepens as US warns it will not 'stand by' while Iran supports Yemen rebels (Daily Mail)

Classes canceled at Quebec university after protests and clashes with police (Fox News)

Oil reserves found at site near Gatwick worth hundreds of billions (Daily Mail)

Interest rates on hold at 0.5% as UK economy faces deflation (Daily Mail)

Rising Levels of Toxic Gas Found in Homes Near Fracking Sites (Time Magazine)

Civil War Remembered in Photos and Letters of Brooklyn Soldiers (Newsweek Magazine)

Family fly in to attend funeral of bride Stephanie Scott as man is charged with murder (Daily Mail)

Man dies after motorbike crash (BBC)

Video shows Texas police officer 'hitting pregnant woman' (Independent)

Milan: police run from court house after gun attack - video (Guardian)

Report Links Rising Use of Foodbanks in UK With Austerity (Newsweek Magazine)

U.S., European police break up network of 12,000 computers taken over by criminals (Reuters)

Man v. Food Host Adam Richman Is Now Vegan (Time Magazine)

Man was shot like a 'runaway slave' (CNN)

Deal best hope for Iranians since 1979 (CNN)

The billionaires' toys that explore the world BELOW the waterline (Daily Mail)

Girl who found baby's body in Weasenham pond in the clear (Daily Mail)

The pylon reinvented: First new design in 90 years is smaller and will help transfer green energy (Daily Mail)

Teacher accused of beating pupil, 11, to death for stealing a pencil (Daily Mail)

Murdered preacher Abdul Hadi Arwani was 'the most peaceful man you could ever meet' (Daily Mail)

Iran nuke deal better than no deal at all? (CBS News)

U.S. man accused of trying to support Islamic State (Reuters)

Man opens fire in Italian courtroom (CBS News)

Canada launches ISIS airstrike (CNN)

"Badman" Humza Arshads comedic response to ISIS (CBS News)

Iran's supreme leader voices pessimism on nuclear deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

War on Yemen: Where oil and geopolitics mix (Russia Today)

Norwich's Christine Carriage found with £5,000 stash of stolen items (Daily Mail)

The most beautiful destinations in the world to spot spring in full swing (Daily Mail)

UK Weather Forecasts Britain Is About To Experience The Hottest Day Of The Year (Huffington Post)

Iran's Khamenei accuses Saudi Arabia of genocide over Yemen airstrikes (Russia Today)

Walter Scott murder suspect Officer Michael Slager had prior complaint for use of excessive force against an unarmed black man (Independent)

South Carolina shooting witness: victim just wanted to get away from the Taser' (Guardian)

Man paid for sex with 12,000 women (CNN)

US hopes Cuba deal makes for warmer reception at Panama summit (Guardian)

Presidential Hopefuls Condemn South Carolina Shooting (Time Magazine)

Dewsbury teens who flew to Turkey to join ISIS described as 'ordinary Yorkshire lads' (Daily Mail)

A farewell to France's war broadcaster (BBC)

UK surgeon repeatedly punched a patient in the face' to fix a fracture, court hears (Russia Today)

ISIS stone man to death for bestiality while 'Assad spy' has his throat slit (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: Why India is at war with Greenpeace (Washington Post - Paywall)

Eurozone: Six days for Greek deal (BBC)

Chilling police dispatch audio reveals what officer Michael Slager told colleagues moments after shooting unarmed Walter Scott five times (Daily Mail)

Third of fighters in Yemen are children, says Unicef (Guardian)

Virgin Media Business Launches Record £1 Million Prize Fund To Help Growing UK Businesses (Huffington Post)

Iran slams Saudi-led Yemen campaign (Financial Times - Paywall)

Man who filmed Walter Scott shooting: I worry what might happen to me (Guardian)

Connecticut Dad to Be Sentenced in Son's Hot-Car Death (NBC News)

Unarmed man shot at 8 times (CNN)

Diego Garcia: UK stalls release of CIA black site torture flight' records (Russia Today)

Texas man to become 11th US inmate executed this year (Guardian)

Man guilty of canal suitcase murder (BBC)

South African president Jacob Zuma dances with Zimbabwe's first lady Grace Mugabe video (Guardian)

Saudi production boost, Iran deal: How crude prices will change?' (Russia Today)

WorldViews: India's schools now have an equal ratio of girls and boys, and that's a big deal (Washington Post - Paywall)

South Sudan accuses Sudan of dropping bombs across the border; says 4 killed and 9 wounded (Fox News)

White House Mocks Netanyahu With Iran Nuclear Bomb Graphic (Newsweek Magazine)

Famous Chinese TV host suspended after privately cursing Mao Zedong (Independent)

Emirates EK201 flight from Dubai to NYC declares medical emergency, diverts to UK (Russia Today)

New York 11-year-old autistic boy draws world map from memory (Daily Mail)

U.S.: Around 6 months to lift Iran sanctions (CNN)

Malawi police told to 'shoot' criminals attacking albinos for body parts (Independent)

Iran nuclear deal: President Hassan Rouhani warns Tehran will not sign final deal unless economic sanctions are lifted (Independent)

China state TV host apologises for insulting Mao Zedong (Reuters)

Boston bomb convict could get death (CNN)

Switzerland first to sell 10-year bonds with negative yield (Russia Today)

Judge Among Four Dead in Shooting at Milan Courthouse (Newsweek Magazine)

Iran's President Warns There Will be No Nuclear Deal Unless All Sanctions Are Lifted (Time Magazine)

Man, 23, arrested after transgender escort is found strangled and beaten to death in £400,000 flat in Fulham (Daily Mail)

TV channels hit Ofcom subtitling targets (BBC)

Chile harvests first marijuana plants in project to help ease the pain of cancer sufferers (Independent)

Labour plans face-to-face careers advice to prepare pupils for the world of work (Daily Mail)

Judge and lawyer gunned down in dramatic courtroom shooting (Daily Star)

Falklands war of words: Argentine ambassador gets dressing down at Foreign Office (Daily Express)

Police killing videos shock the world. So why do white Americans still trust cops? (Guardian)

Is this the worst revenge prank ever? Man who passed out at party wakes up to find his friend had tattooed 'If found face down call an ambulance' on his back with DIY kit (Daily Mail)

Israeli embassy: Israeli found killed in Berlin had sought help to get plane ticket home (Fox News)

President Hassan Rouhani: Iran will not sign deal unless sanctions lifted video (Guardian)

Raging Civil War Traps Medics Inside Hospital (NBC News)

Dog owners warned about toxic sausages found in East Sussex (Guardian)

Netanyahu: Iran must recognize Israel's right to exist (CNN)

UK interest rates kept at record low (BBC)

China mounts detailed defence of South China Sea reclamation (Reuters)

Man who sexually abused three-year-old girl didn't 'intend to harm' his victim, US judge rules (Independent)

Leaders campaign after TV debates (BBC)

WorldViews: Chinese TV host suspended after privately mocking Mao (Washington Post - Paywall)

Video shows 8 months pregnant, handcuffed woman punched by Texas police (Russia Today)

Iran will only sign nuclear deal if sanctions lifted 'same day' - Rouhani (Reuters)

French TV channel TV5Monde goes off air after ISIS hackers' attack (Daily Mail)

Rand Paul to walk fine line in his first foreign policy speech of 2016 campaign (Guardian)

The Voice' Star Stevie McCrorie On Track For UK Singles Chart Number One With 'Lost Stars' (Huffington Post)

UK pollution forecast prompts warning (BBC)

Saudis celebrate their mission in Yemen (Financial Times - Paywall)

Counter-terror police take over Syrian imam murder probe amid fears politically motivated (Russia Today)

Milan shooting scene - LIVE PICTURES (Russia Today)

Woman leaves man bloodied in cage-fighting debut in just 53 seconds (Daily Star)

UK trade deficit widens in February (BBC)

'Islamist' Hackers Knock TV Network Off the Air (NBC News)

Florida police shoot dead mentally ill man video (Guardian)

Robert Mugabe's guards fail to censor yet another unfortunate photo on first state visit to South Africa in 21 years (Independent)

The curse of Geordie Shore: From crash diets to eating just three tins of food a day, how the cast of the reality TV show dropped to their super-skinny frames (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Porn star UKIP man 'not ashamed' (BBC)

Evil mum who blogged son's 'mystery' illness but was secretly poisoning him to death (Daily Star)

Death of a night cyclist: how a fatal accident could change Guadalajara (Guardian)

The mysterious world of safe deposit boxes (BBC)

Eyewitness: Jeju, South Korea (Guardian)

Ferguson, South Carolina: Lessons learned (CNN)

How Appomattox Created the South (Time Magazine)

Chinese state TV host's mocking remarks about Mao Zedong draw both criticism and applause (Fox News)

Autistic boy 'draws map of world from memory' (Independent)

Iran Dispatches Flotilla to Gulf of Aden (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

US warns Iran over Yemen 'support' (BBC)

U.S. Defense Chief Arrives in South Korea Amid News of North's Missile Launches (New York Times - Paywall)

Guns N' Roses first manager Vicky Hamilton reveals all (Daily Mail)

France's TV5 hacked by Isis (Financial Times - Paywall)

Chinese TV anchor suspended for Mao jibe (Financial Times - Paywall)

Saudi Arabia blocks plane with Iranian pilgrims from its airspace as tensions rise over Yemen (Fox News)

Sri Lanka's New Leader to Dissolve Parliament and Launch War Crimes Probe (Time Magazine)

Meet the savvy traveler sitting first class as he flies 20,000miles on 21 flights over two months for FREE: Man, 28, turns exploiting loopholes into a career and never pays to fly (Daily Mail)

Iran wants sanctions lifted on first day of nuclear deal (Guardian)

Iraq aims to oust ISIS from Anbar province (CNN)

Shooting at tribunal in Milan, Italy leaves at least 1 dead - judge (Russia Today)

Man Utd ace Ryan Giggs making up with bro after 8-year affair that wrecked marriage (Daily Star)

Wales reach highest world ranking (BBC)

We're RICH beyond our wildest dreams: 100 BILLION barrels of oil found in Brit countryside (Daily Star)

Miami Garden Police video: Officer shoots and kills unarmed black man with schizophrenia (Independent)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Thursday 9th April 2015 (Huffington Post)

Isis release over 200 captive Iraqi Yazidis to Kurdish forces - video (Independent)

French TV network TV5Monde 'hijacked by Isis hackers in unprecedented attack' that revealed personal details of French soldiers (Independent)

French TV network TV5Monde 'hacked by cyber caliphate in unprecedented attack' that revealed personal details of French soldiers (Independent)

Isis releases more than 200 captive Yazidis in Iraq video (Guardian)

Fracking Link? High Levels of Cancer Gas Found in 300K Homes (NBC News)

Chinese Police Seeking Charges Against Detained Women's Activists, Lawyer Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Mother arrested 27 years after of body of son found in Windmill Pit (Daily Mail)

Isis senses territorial gains in Syria (Financial Times - Paywall)

Saudi Arabia blocks Iran flight carrying pilgrims - SPA (Reuters)

First new pylon type constructed (BBC)

See the American Civil War in Color Photographs (Time Magazine)

Iranian president calls for Yemen ceasefire (Guardian)

Saudi-led air strikes hit Sanaa, border areas and south Yemen overnight (Reuters)

'My hands are covered in blood blisters and it mentally broke me': Fisherman battles with a FOUR metre tiger shark for three hours before releasing it... and it could be a world record (Daily Mail)

Canadian Jets Have Begun Bombing ISIS Targets in Syria (Time Magazine)

Iranian FM in Pakistan calls for peace talks on Yemen crisis (Fox News)

Life or death for Boston bomber? (CNN)

Outcry after unarmed man shot (CNN)

Walter Scott shooting witness Feidin Santana comes forward to describe capturing the video that saw police officer Michael Slager arrested (Independent)

Walter Scott shooting witness Feidin Santana reveals how he captured the video that saw police officer Michael Slager arrested (Independent)

WorldViews: Some French anti-terror police are getting bored of their jobs (Washington Post - Paywall)

Kerry warns Iran over involvement in Yemen conflict (Channel4)

VIDEO: Scottish leaders in TV election debate (BBC)

Iran's Rouhani wants all economic sanctions lifted immediately after nuke deal is implemented (Fox News)

Iran claims nuclear powers failing to take concrete action to eliminate arsenal (Fox News)

Iran Accord Gives Assad Reason to Worry (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Iran's top diplomat pushes for Yemen peace talks during Pakistan visit, meets Pakistani PM (Fox News)

Counter-terror detectives to investigate Imam Abdul Hadi Arwani's death (Daily Mail)

Japan Emperor mourns Japanese, U.S. war dead on Pacific isle (Reuters)

Death crash pilot's 'going down' text (BBC)

Yemen crisis: Shortage of water and medical supplies threatens civilians caught up in devastating civil war (Independent)

President Rouhani: Iran won't sign final nuclear deal unless all sanctions lifted (Russia Today)

Dash cam video shows moments before police shooting (CBS News)

Japan in long battle over war apology (Financial Times - Paywall)

Analysis of Walter Scott shooting (CNN)

Body of Israeli girl found after Thai tourist boat catches fire (Fox News)

Police arrest suspect in murder of teacher Stephanie Scott video (Guardian)

India Probes Police Killings of Believed Sandalwood Smugglers (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

I fell in love with Ed when he bandaged me up after I was bitten by a Doberman: Justine Miliband opens up on life with Labour leader and reveals how he lied that he was single when they first met (Daily Mail)

4/8: How surveillance video paved way for Tsarnaevs guilty verdict; Sarah Thomas "honored" to be first full-time female NFL ref (CBS News)

China to probe state TV host for insulting Mao Zedong (Reuters)

Police probe Melbourne lake deaths (BBC)

Hackers cripple French TV (CNN)

Boston bomber Tsarnaev found guilty (BBC)

Man ignores old woman dying by road... then discovers it's his own mum (Daily Star)

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev could face death penalty after being found guilty of Boston bombing (Daily Express)

Terror police investigate imam murder (BBC)

Protests over S Carolina shooting (BBC)

Iran deploys two warships near Yemen as rivals continue airstrikes (Los Angeles Times)

Mother charged after daughter falls to her death in Hong Kong (Guardian)

Other officers conduct under scrutiny in S.C. shooting (CBS News)

Zimbabwe's Mugabe Seeks Investment From South Africa (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S. Wary of South China Sea Building (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Deadly South Carolina police shooting: The key players (CBS News)

NFL hires its first woman to officiate games full-time (Guardian)

Saudi Shiites worry about backlash from Yemen war (Washington Post - Paywall)

South Carolina officer dismissed after shooting man in back (Reuters)

Why can't the world keep its promises? (BBC)

Found in refrigerated lorry: Afghan migrant stowaways desperate to get into Britain (Daily Express)

World Briefing: Spain: Swindlers'? Roma Say No (New York Times - Paywall)

Police dashcam shows deadly shooting of mentally ill man (CBS News)

Verdict analysis: Tsarnaev found guilty in Boston Marathon bombing (CBS News)

ISIS releases over 200 Yazidis (CNN)

World Briefing: South Africa: University to Remove Statue of a Colonial-Era Leader (New York Times - Paywall)

Summer on its way: Friday to be HOTTEST day of year as Mediterranean blast sizzles UK (Daily Express)

Yemen slides deeper into humanitarian crisis amid Saudi-led airstrikes (Los Angeles Times)

World Briefing: Britain: Gang Hits Jewelry Quarter (New York Times - Paywall)

Nick Cousins arrested for 'ill treatment' after daughter fell to her death in Hong Kong (Daily Mail)

Aldi topples Waitrose to become UK sixth biggest supermarket (Daily Mail)

Mayor Orders Police Body Cams; Officer in Shooting Fired (NBC News)

Tsarnaev Guilty on All Counts, Could Get Death Penalty (NBC News)

Tsarnaev convicted in Boston bombing, may face death sentence (Reuters)

ISIS hackers' overtake French TV station (Russia Today)

Nasa sending spacecraft to the Sun's upper atmosphere for first time (Daily Mail)

Canada conducts first airstrike in Syria (Reuters)

Senate Democrats seek to soften Iran bill (Financial Times - Paywall)

Will Tsarnaev Get the Death Penalty? (NBC News)

Iran sends destroyer to Yemen and US accelerates supplying weapons to Saudi coalition (Daily Mail)

Worm Lizards Floated Their Way Around the World (Newsweek Magazine)

Ukip's David Coburn Gets Shouted At During TV Debate For 'Blaming Immigrants' (Huffington Post)

CIA chief labels Iran deal critics 'disingenuous' (Russia Today)

International Criminal Court Says ISIS Is Out of Its Jurisdiction (New York Times - Paywall)

Tom Cotton says war against Iran would only take a few days (Independent)

South Carolina Police Fire Officer Charged with Killing Walter Scott (Newsweek Magazine)

South African university to remove Rhodes statue following student protests (Reuters)

VIDEO: Scots referendum ignites TV debate (BBC)

Amy Hughes smashed marathon world record and fell for her jogging partner (Daily Mail)

Brazil to decide on whether to approve world's first GM eucalyptus trees (Independent)

Uganda Police Arrest Former Guantanamo Bay Detainee (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Anti-Gay Islamist Preacher Led Conference in a Bid to Affect UK Elections (Huffington Post)

Dead or alive: Al-Qaeda in Yemen offers 20kg gold for Houthi leader, ex-president (Russia Today)

GoFundMe removes campaign supporting South Carolina police officer charged with murdering unarmed black man (Independent)

GoFundMe Removes Campaign Supporting South Carolina Officer Charged with Murdering Unarmed Black Man (Independent)

Michael Slager GoFundMe page set up to raise money for police officer who shot dead Walter Scott is taken down (Independent)

Map shows how fast your stolen data travels around the world (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: The top story in Mexico is about a feisty journalist who exposed the first lady's secret mansion, and lost her job (Washington Post - Paywall)

My secret war against apartheid: Mary Chamberlain risked everything to help break the regime in South Africa (Independent)

My secret war against apartheid: Mary Chamberlain on how she risked everything to help break the regime (Independent)

Sarah Thomas: NFL appoints its first woman official (Independent)

Yemen in Photos: Conflict Brings Destruction and Fuel, Water Shortages (Newsweek Magazine)

Walter Scott's Death Is a Tragic Reminder How Important It Is to Film Police (Newsweek Magazine)

Live Like a Burundian - The Hungriest People in the World (Huffington Post)

Train Driver Gets On Wrong First Great Western Service... Then Drives The Wrong Way (Huffington Post)

California moves to protect citizens' right to record, photo police (Russia Today)

Why Pakistan is still undecided about sending troops to fight in Yemen (Washington Post - Paywall)

Downton leaves ECB after poor World Cup (BBC)

Tsarnaev found guilty in Boston bombings (Financial Times - Paywall)

ICC unlikely to investigate ISIS leaders over war crimes prosecutor (Russia Today)

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Found Guilty Of Boston Marathon Bombings And Could Now Face Death Penalty (Huffington Post)

Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Found Guilty of All 30 Counts, Faces Death Penalty (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS Mass Grave Death Toll in Iraq and Syria Surpasses 3,000 (Newsweek Magazine)

Boston bomber trial: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev found guilty of all 30 charges and now faces death penalty (Independent)

Boston bomber trial: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev found guilty all 30 charges and now faces death penalty (Independent)

Boston bomber trial: Dzokhar Tsarnaev found guilty all 30 charges and now faces death penalty (Independent)

Boston bomber trial: Dzokhar Tsarnaev found guilty of using weapon of mass destruction (Independent)

WorldViews: India leads rescue of foreign nationals, including Americans, trapped in Yemen (Washington Post - Paywall)

ISIS frees dozens of Yazidi women, kids (CBS News)

Tombs Filled with Dozens of Mummies Found in Peru (NBC News)

Walter Scott shooting: North Charleston to equip all police officers with body cameras (Independent)

Walter Scoot shooting: North Charleston to equip all police officers with body cameras (Independent)

Muslim Preacher Abdul-Hadi Arwani's Murder In London Prompts Terror Police Investigation (Huffington Post)

Cambridge toddler dragged face first for 3ft along pavement by hit-and-run cyclist (Daily Mail)

Tsarnaev found guilty on all charges in Boston Marathon bombing (Russia Today)

Walter Scott shooting: America reacts to another death (Channel4)

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