Friday, 17th April 2015

World News

Eco tycoon Dale Vince's ex-wife wants his millions 23 years AFTER divorce (Daily Mail)

SpaceX leaked video shows rocket landing and tipping over on a barge (Daily Mail)

Double murder inquiry launched after bodies of two women believed to be mother and daughter are found at separate addresses half a mile apart (Daily Mail)

Nick Clegg urges Labour and Tory voters to back Lib Dems (Daily Mail)

Dog police officer put down receives emotional farewell (Daily Mail)

Britons turn to Google for Election debate answers (Daily Mail)

Missing Agnese Klavina 'is dead and her body dumped in the sea' (Daily Mail)

Al Qaeda in Yemen seizes huge weapons depot from army (CBS News)

Islamic State Claims Bombing in Iraqi Haven (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Former president defiant as humanitarian toll mounts in Yemen war (Reuters)

Boy asks why his dinner had to die reducing mother to tears (Daily Mail)

Xenophobic Violence in South Africa Exposes Unresolved Tensions (Newsweek Magazine)

Meet the Transgender Man Leading the Men's Health Cover Contest (Time Magazine)

Iran submits four-point Yemen peace plan to United Nations (Reuters)

Iraqi PM: Saudi-led airstrikes against rebels in Yemen not helpful (CBS News)

Peaty sets breaststroke world record (BBC)

India to slaughter 250,000 poultry after killer bird flu H5N1 found on farms (Daily Mail)

Mystery of the dust storms sweeping the world (Daily Mail)

Iran urges UN chief to try to end 'senseless' Saudi-led bombing in Yemen and get a cease-fire (Fox News)

ISIS continues deadly assault on western Iraq as thousands flee (Fox News)

ISIS claims blast near U.S. consulate (CNN)

Saddam Hussein's right-hand man Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri 'killed in Iraq' (Daily Express)

Ohio man pleads not guilty to plotting military base attack (CBS News)

Obama: Senate delay to confirm Loretta Lynch is 'embarrassing' video (Guardian)

Bear cub adopted by Russian family - video (Guardian)

Sandstorm Sweeps Through China (NBC News)

WorldViews: Isis dropped from U.N.'s list of hurricane names and replaced with Ivette (Washington Post - Paywall)

Diamond fraudster who travelled the world buying designer clothes faces jail (Daily Mail)

Iraqs prime minister on the fight against ISIS (CBS News)

Why TED Talks attract a global audience (CBS News)

French paratroopers dropped over northern Niger - video (Guardian)

UK nuclear strategy faces meltdown as faults are found in identical French project (Independent)

Sasol Evacuates South African Workers From Mozambique (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Anti-foreigner violence in South Africa (CBS News)

Anti-immigrant violence rekindles disturbing apartheid-era images in South Africa (CBS News)

Burundi police teargas protesters opposing presidential third term (Reuters)

Texas Town Finds Footing Two Years After Deadly Blast (NBC News)

Woman locked in police cell for chopping back neighbour's tree (Daily Mail)

Must try harder! Teacher covers Ukip election leaflet that was posted through her door with red pen correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes (Daily Mail)

Aid Agencies Increasingly Alarmed by Yemen Crisis (New York Times - Paywall)

JAILED: Paedophile police worker who tried to buy baby online (Daily Express)

Driver RAMS man after furious BMW road rage in east London (Daily Mail)

Ohio Man Pleads Not Guilty to Terror Charges (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Mother of newborn baby abandoned in arcade toilet FOUND (Daily Mail)

South Africa violence: President Zuma appeals for calm as anti-immigrant unrest spreads (Independent)

Surveillance video shows daring subway rescue (CBS News)

Attacks on foreigners spread in South Africa; weekend violence feared (Los Angeles Times)

Rising damp excavation at cafe in Lecce unearths 2,500 years of Italian history in 3,000 incredible objects (Independent)

Caught on tape: Man makes daring rescue on Philly subway tracks (CBS News)

Yarmouk shows up the treatment of Palestinians across the Arab world (Guardian)

Watch the Trailer for the Most Anticipated Star Wars Game in Years (Time Magazine)

Chinese journalist, 71, accused of leaking secrets gets 7 years in prison (Los Angeles Times)

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Car Bombing Outside U.S. Consulate in Iraq (Newsweek Magazine)

Three zebras run loose in Brussels - video (Guardian)

That's an unfortunate prang! Unfortunate driver crashes his truck into a TANK on busy motorway in China (Daily Mail)

Schoolboy, 13, jailed for 12 years for murder of 47-year-old female mugging victim whose face he stamped on so hard it left a footprint on her cheek (Daily Mail)

China Building Runway in Disputed South China Sea Islands (Time Magazine)

U.S., Japan Push Trade Pact to Counter China (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Body of hillwalker found in search (BBC)

NatWest bank manager jailed for stealing £185,000 from elderly customers to fund internet gambling addiction will pay back EVERY penny from his pension pot (Daily Mail)

Man in court over student's murder (BBC)

Personal details of murdered journalist & ex-MP found posted on Ukrainian 'enemies of state' database (Russia Today)

EXCLUSIVE: Leader's election debate: BBC confirms audience WAS left leaning as Farage said (Daily Express)

Italian navy takes back fishing boat seized near Libya (Reuters)

Hubble at 25: Nasa celebrates upcoming milestone of the world's greatest telescope by releasing an image for each of its years (Daily Mail)

Mystery of how tiny Bosnian town saw 21 sets of twins born in three years (but what's REALLY strange is that they are set to be used as a tourist attraction) (Daily Mail)

ISIS Child Rape Survivors Need Help (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Some Cancer Patients Are Losing Their Fingerprints (Time Magazine)

Germany flies over 100 people out of Yemen to Djibouti on chartered Jordanian plane (Fox News)

International Space Station captures SpaceX Dragon spacecraft - video (Guardian)

Escaped zebras chased through Brussels by police (Guardian)

On the run... very slowly! Toby the 109-year-old tortoise found 22 miles away from the garden he escaped from (but it took him almost a YEAR to get that far) (Daily Mail)

This Election Is the Chance to Say Goodbye to the Nihilism and Negativity of Ukip (Huffington Post)

Arizona officer who rammed man once accused of misconduct (CBS News)

Police launch double murder investigation after two women's bodies are found (Daily Express)

Why Pochettino Is Tottenham's Most Valuable Asset (Huffington Post)

Gnome bandit: UK police hunt elderly woman' suspected of thieving ornaments (Russia Today)

UN makes $275m appeal for Yemen aid (BBC)

Baby Shot in Head in Apparent Road Rage Case, Police Say (Time Magazine)

South Africa Moves to Quell Anti-Immigrant Violence (New York Times - Paywall)

20 Circus Facts for World Circus Day (Huffington Post)

Drone captures video of deserted Italian town abandoned for over 60 years (Daily Mail)

Is Saudi Arabia Setting the World Up for Major Oil Price Spike? (Time Magazine)

Man appears in court charged with murder of Irish student Karen Buckley (Daily Express)

Memorial service held in Cologne for victims of Germanwings plane crash - video (Guardian)

Syria attack video moves UN to tears (BBC)

Abandoned arcade baby's mother found (BBC)

Once-Prized Tibetan Mastiffs Are Discarded as Fad Ends in China (New York Times - Paywall)

Swarm of bees on the loose after truck crash in Washington state - video (Guardian)

Jobs joy after 2million more people found work in five years (Daily Mail)

Iraqi PM on why Saudi airstrikes against Yemen rebels not helpful (CBS News)

Stench of dead fish in Rio lake won't spoil Olympic Games, officials hope (Guardian)

Humanitarian Crisis Grows as Iraqis Flee Anbar Province and ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Ohio man accused of plotting terror attack on U.S. soil (CBS News)

South Africa xenophobic attacks: Shops looted and violence on streets of Johannesburg as foreigners are forced to hide in police stations (Independent)

University of Kentucky student shot dead near campus (CBS News)

Iraq says ISIS beaten in area south of key refinery (CBS News)

Did gang behind Hatton Garden raid get away with theft from Berlin bank two years ago? (Daily Mail)

At least 19 dead after minibus plunges into river in Tanzania (Reuters)

How Much Will China Spend on Pakistan? (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Can Japan's climate policy get back on track after Fukushima? (Guardian)

Newport man posts picture of 'disgusting' meal served to his mother in sheltered housing (Daily Mail)

Turkish man jailed for 12 years for Erdogan assassination attempt (Reuters)

Dutch police launch criminal investigation into Uber (Guardian)

Man branded 'Bubble Boy' due to skin condition finally feels at home - at the freakshow (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Selfies and other election happenings (BBC)

Born in the USA: Inside the Minds of ISIS Wannabes (NBC News)

The girl who could come back from the dead: Toddler who died from a brain tumour is FROZEN by parents who hope she can one day be revived by medical advances (Daily Mail)

China Premier Urges Banks to Boost Lending (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

30 Million People Have Watched This Video of a Man Stuck in His Seatbelt (Time Magazine)

Denied Medication by NYPD, Epileptic Man Has Two Seizures in Custody: Lawsuit (Newsweek Magazine)

China journalist jailed for "leaking state secrets" (CBS News)

Cambodian police say fugitive ex-general charged with murdering tycoon taken into custody (Fox News)

Montenegrin police arrest 16 for smuggling 138 West-bound Syrian migrants (Fox News)

Chinese man hospitalised after airport toilet COLLAPSED when he squatted on it (Daily Mail)

Iraqi government troops kill top Saddam aide who allied with Isis report (Guardian)

Nepal's 5-time prime minister cremated with state honors after death this week in New Delhi (Fox News)

Emotional tributes to Alps crash dead (BBC)

Mom of Baylee Almon in Oklahoma City bombing photo speaks about the horror 20 years on (Daily Mail)

Turkey teen discovers parents and six siblings all dead from suspected food poisoning (Daily Mail)

Some Ugandan Muslims retreat in fear amid police crackdown, say they are targeted (Fox News)

US teen's prom proposal in video does NOT go to plan and ends with his date in tears (Daily Mail)

Robert Bates breaks his silence over accidental killing of black man in Tulsa (Independent)

Body parts and jewellery found at MH17 site by Dutch investigators (Daily Mail)

Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri: Militant leader and former right-hand-man to Saddam Hussein 'shot dead in Iraq' (Independent)

China Targets Water Polluters (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Buffalo duo on the lam after Arkansas police fail to round up escaped herd (Guardian)

No Bomb Found on Indonesia Jet (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Chinese pharmaceutical company under fire for drying dead cats like laundry (Daily Mail)

Ohio man to be arraigned on federal terrorism charges (CBS News)

General Election 2015: Iain Duncan-Smith Thinks Zero-Hours Contracts Just Need A Softer Rebrand (Huffington Post)

Whale gatecrashes underwater video stream video (Guardian)

Failsworth pensioner dead after falling down stairs then partner dies while trying to help him (Daily Mail)

Inventions for 'everyday emergencies' tackle full car parks and dead phone batteries (Daily Mail)

US State Dept calls report on ISIS training camps in Mexico 'unfounded' (Fox News)

Number of anti-Semitic attacks surged across the world in 2014 (Daily Mail)

Primary school in China sets up 'Kung Fu Panda' class to help obese pupils shave off pounds (Daily Mail)

South Africa Fights Antiforeign Anger (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'Scousers go to Anfield to worship at the shrine of Shankly, not Allah or the Almighty': Why it was surprising to see Muslims praying in a stadium stairwell (Daily Mail)

Baby found in amusements toilet (BBC)

Bigamist Andrew O'Clees found out Facebook by Ice Bucket Challenge post (Daily Mail)

Gorilla charges at little girl so fast it smashes glass to enclosure in video (Daily Mail)

Acapulco's partying spirit stifled by violent gangs and military police (Guardian)

US should write laws of global economy, not China - Obama (Russia Today)

Number of attacks on Albinos in Tanzania on the rise - video (Independent)

UN calls on world to provide $274 million in aid for humanitarian needs in Yemen (Fox News)

British woman Violet Price's body found in France 'in two different areas' (Daily Mail)

Christ be with UKIP': Christians in Pakistan pray for a Farage election victory (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

State-Funded Health Care Becomes Key U.K. Election Battleground (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

World Bank fossil fuel financing leapt in 2014 despite its calls to end subsidies (Guardian)

Police search after Holywood crash (BBC)

Why Kids Who Believe in Something Are Happier and Healthier (Time Magazine)

Why it's not murder to kill an unborn child (BBC)

China jails journalist Gao Yu for leaking state secrets (CNN)

Smokers who carry a specific gene keep lighting up FOUR years longer (Daily Mail)

PICTURED: Newborn baby girl found abandoned in the toilets at an amusement arcade (Daily Express)

Police warn of 'deadly' new 'sleeper' game sweeping playgrounds after pupil hospitalised (Daily Express)

Former Yemen president Saleh says will not leave country (Reuters)

Britt McHenry: Video captures ESPN sports reporter berating car-towing firm employee (Independent)

150 cops for 300 residents: Michigan town accused of running 'pay-to-play' police scheme (Guardian)

Careless tweets costs jihadis: ISIS orders fighters to stop giving away their tactics by bragging on social media (Daily Mail)

Five found dead in Phoenix standoff (BBC)

Violence 'like unofficial language' in South Africa (CNN)

South Africa seeks diplomatic support to defeat anti-immigrant unrest (Reuters)

South Africa Seeks Diplomatic Support to Defeat Anti-Immigrant Unrest (New York Times - Paywall)

Algeria president virtually absent since election year ago despite grave challenges (Fox News)

Why people are lining up for 'the unicorn of pastries' (CNN)

Why are mobs targeting foreigners? (CNN)

Grief, outrage as South Korea mourns Sewol victims (CNN)

Ricky Gervais blasts hunter for posing with dead giraffe (CNN)

VIDEO: 'I closed my shop on police advice' (BBC)

Sleeping habits of the world revealed through Sleep Cycle app (Daily Mail)

BBC Election debate draws 4.3 million (BBC)

Most dangerous Islamic State leaders come from Scandinavia - Syrian President Assad (Russia Today)

Japan's Maglev Train Has Broken The World Speed Record (Huffington Post)

Why It Took So Long for the World to See How Phnom Penh Fell (Time Magazine)

US and EU criticise Chinese journalist's jailing for 'leaking state secrets' (Guardian)

South Africa: Judge delays sentencing in rape trial of retired tennis champion Bob Hewitt (Fox News)

Images show rapid Chinese progress on new South China Sea airstrip (Reuters)

UN Launches $275 Million Humanitarian Appeal for Yemen (Newsweek Magazine)

So what has the woman in Sydney racist train rant video ever done for Australia? (Daily Mail)

Rampaging buffalo chases students around playground after breaking into school - video (Independent)

Why aren't UK pay rises delivering votes to Cameron? (BBC)

18th century sex toy found in 'toilet of sword fighting school' in Poland (Independent)

South Africa violence provokes anger of a continent (Channel4)

Clint Chadbourne trapped by seatbelt in Facebook video (Daily Mail)

What Saudi Arabia wants in Yemen (CNN)

U.N. launches near-$275 million humanitarian appeal for Yemen (Reuters)

Man accidentally sends girlfriend clip of him having sex with their DOG (Daily Star)

China sets up coordinating group for modern Silk Road (Reuters)

'Their reward is slaughter': ISIS beheads 'six Syrian soldiers' in front of young children (Daily Mail)

Catherine Grove with Church of Wells 'cult' for two years escapes only to get enticed back (Daily Mail)

Top Five Tips for Making the Most of the Skoll World Forum (Huffington Post)

'Words are our weapon': video mocking Ukrainian separatists goes viral (Guardian)

Chinese journalist Gao Yu jailed for seven years for leaking a Communist Party document about crackdown on press freedom (Independent)

Sasol repatriates South African workers in Mozambique over anti-immigrant fears (Reuters)

BBC election debate sees Ed Miliband reject Nicola Sturgeon's offer for a pact (Daily Mail)

Satellite images reveal China has already constructed 3km runway on island it has formed in disputed ocean territory (Daily Mail)

Goalkeeper sacked by Malaysian club for swearing at police officer (Guardian)

Just when you thought it was safe to go... to the bedroom window: Watch this amazing video of a shark swimming right up to a house (Daily Mail)

Iraqi security forces recapture 2 towns from Islamic State near country's largest refinery (Fox News)

UN launches $275m appeal for Yemen as fighting intensifies (Guardian)

China reportedly building runway on artificial island in disputed waters (Fox News)

China Builds Airstrip in Disputed Islands (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Charlotte Bevan and baby found dead in Avon Gorge after being advised to stop medication (Daily Mail)

Looking back at Germanwings tragedy in Alps, Turkish Airlines CEO urges pilots to marry (Fox News)

Children caught in the crossfire in Yemen (CNN)

Muslim migrants 'threw Christians overboard during row on boat from Libya to Italy', say police (Independent)

World Bank Cuts Turkey's Growth Outlook (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Greece police break up Athens sit-in (BBC)

Ukip used poppy 'for crass partisan ends' on election flyer (Independent)

40 years on: Cambodia still reels from genocide (CNN)

So THAT'S why our suitcases get damaged! Video footage shows automated baggage system slamming bags onto carousels behind the scenes at airport (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Sole-d: Why Northampton shoes are big in Japan (BBC)

Greek police end 19-day sit-in by anarchist protesters at Athens University, arrest 18 (Fox News)

Polish man who 'raped and killed 9-year-old girl' in Calais was 'on his way to BRITAIN' (Daily Express)

Rival Warlords Fight Side by Side Against ISIS in Iraq (Newsweek Magazine)

Why We Should Stop Looking for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (Time Magazine)

Kurt Gies captures his beach proposal on video with help of his dog and a GoPro (Daily Mail)

If I Ruled the World (Newsweek Magazine)

Dispatch found on chief of the Luftwaffe when he was arrested set to sell for £21k at auction (Daily Mail)

Five years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, we are closer than ever to catastrophe (Guardian)

Police: 5 adults found dead inside Phoenix home after standoff (CBS News)

Xenophobia in South Africa: 'They beat my husband with sticks and took everything' (Guardian)

Report says China building airstrip on reclaimed island in contested South China Sea (Fox News)

Chinese Journalist Sentenced to 7 Years on Charges of Leaking State Secrets (New York Times - Paywall)

Karen Buckley: Man to appear in court (BBC)

Election 2015: April 17 at-a-glance (BBC)

General Election BBC Debate Makes Nick Clegg Feel Lonely (Huffington Post)

Glasgow police confirm body found is Karen Buckley (Daily Mail)

Veteran Chinese Journalist Gao Yu Sentenced to 7 Years (Time Magazine)

Five Dead After Family Dispute 'Gone Terribly Wrong' (NBC News)

Muslim man reaches out to thank young Sydney woman who stuck up for him and his wife as they were being racially abused on a train (Independent)

U.S. Says Ramadi at Risk of Falling to ISIS (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

China 'building airstrip' in disputed South China Sea territory (Guardian)

Rato released from police detention (Financial Times - Paywall)

Big Brother contestant in South Africa expelled from show following rape allegations (Independent)

Why we're 'obsessed' with happiness (CNN)

South African police disperse immigrant vigilante group (Reuters)

China 'building runway in Spratlys' (BBC)

Police 'look on' as student drowns on hottest day of the year, claims eyewitness (Daily Express)

WorldViews: How a tribal king sparked deadly violence in South Africa (Washington Post - Paywall)

Philippines says South China Sea dispute a global problem (Reuters)

Homeless couple forced to live in car get lives back on track thanks to businessman (Daily Mail)

Indian police arrest Kashmir separatist leader, detain others to prevent protest march (Fox News)

Round-the-world solar plane grounded in China (CNN)

Labour peer who'll never face justice: Victims' despair and police fury as law chief say Greville Janner will not be charged because he has Alzheimer's (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Dead fish problem in Rio rowing lake (BBC)

NI parties in TV election debate (BBC)

China eases back on bank tech rules (Financial Times - Paywall)

Missing Paige Chivers 'murdered by Robert Ewing after he tested police reaction with fake call' (Daily Mail)

Australian model killed fighting for ISIS (CNN)

China journalist Gao Yu jailed for 7 years (Financial Times - Paywall)

Uprooted & evicted: World Bank-funded projects force millions off their land (Russia Today)

China complains Japanese air, sea surveillance raises safety risks (Reuters)

New video depicts failed SpaceX landing (CBS News)

Cambodia marks 40 years since genocide (Financial Times - Paywall)

ESPN reporter caught on video in mean girl tirade (CBS News)

The weird world of 'Wanderland' (CNN)

Airstrikes stem ISIS march to Ramadi (CNN)

VIDEO: World Bank head pledges AIIB support (BBC)

China jails journalist accused of leaking state secrets for seven years (Reuters)

The big men of netball: the giants helping to grow the men's game video (Guardian)

U.N. chief to name new Yemen envoy as peace efforts stall - sources (Reuters)

Indonesia flight makes emergency landing, no bomb found (Reuters)

Alien planet is one of the most distant ever seen: Spitzer spots signals from a gas giant 13,000 light years away (Daily Mail)

World Briefing: Ukraine: Gunmen Kill Pro-Russian Journalist in Kiev (New York Times - Paywall)

JAN MOIR: Why it's all too easy for toxic neighbours to ruin lives (Daily Mail)

Sinosphere Blog: Pushing Back Against the Authorities in China According to the Law' (New York Times - Paywall)

Liberty Baker's parents pictured after driver who killed daughter is jailed for four years (Daily Mail)

China sentences 71-year-old journalist to 7 years in jail for leaking state secrets (Fox News)

VIDEO: BBC election debate in 10 minutes (BBC)

Hear Panicked 911 Call of Man Trapped in Jet's Baggage Hold (NBC News)

China auto brands head into annual industry showcase on a rebound driven by wave of new models (Fox News)

Baby echidna nursed back to health after bulldozer encounter video (Guardian)

Yemen Rebels Lose Loyalty of Generals (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Putin: Growth Could Return in 2 Years (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

EXCLUSIVE: Express Newspapers Chairman Richard Desmond: Why I'm giving £1.3m to Ukip (Daily Express)

Open Source: British Election Photo Ops With Children Go Awry (New York Times - Paywall)

Saudi-led Yemen air war's high civilian toll unsettles U.S. officials (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: Life as a world champion whistler (BBC)

Why use negative interest rates? (BBC)

Now the Man with No Shame takes a swipe at Miliband: He calls for Labour to match PM's £8bn NHS pledge (Daily Mail)

Vogue Paris' Ethiopian cover star Liya Kebede is first black woman to front it in FIVE years (Daily Mail)

Why Does an Octopus Walk Funny? Scientists Are Amazed (NBC News)

War in Yemen Is Allowing Qaeda Group to Expand (New York Times - Paywall)

Snub at Sewol Ferry Memorial Shows Rawness of Wounds in South Korea (New York Times - Paywall)

Ohio Man Indicted on Terror Charges (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.N. Security Council Sees Video Evidence of a Chemical Attack in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

William Tyrell's parents plead for his return as home video of toddler released - video (Guardian)

Dead fish clog Rio Olympic venue (BBC)

Polish man in Calais heading to UK raped and killed girl he snatched from playgorund (Daily Mail)

Grief after body of missing Glasgow student is found (Daily Express)

Red Ed would put million back on dole, warns angry Cameron: Prime Minister vows to encourage more job creation by extending national insurance breaks (Daily Mail)

Chicago pays $5 million to family of teen shot 16 times by police, but withholds video (Russia Today)

Thousands could lose right to vote in General Election after botched reforms (Daily Mail)

Kelly-Anne bates' mother's heartbreak nearly 20 years after daughter was tortured to death (Daily Mail)

Frozen movie ringtone interrupts Senate hearing - video (Guardian)

Al Qaeda seizes Yemen airport, military base; U.N. envoy resigns (Los Angeles Times)

New Yemen VP says he hopes to avert Saudi invasion (Reuters)

World Water Forum needs to be more than just a trade show for privatisation (Guardian)

Jamaican teen suspected of being would-be militant ordered to remain in police custody (Fox News)

VIDEO: BBC election debate in two minutes (BBC)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Friday 17th April 2015 (Huffington Post)

Syria gas attack video moves U.N. Security Council envoys to tears (Reuters)

Why you should watch FA Cup semi-finals (BBC)

Third pro-Russia activist found dead in Ukraine capital this week (Los Angeles Times)

Mass student protest in Chile escalates into clashes with riot police (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Security Forces Battle With ISIS Inside Iraqs Largest Refinery (Newsweek Magazine)

Man admits killing Calais schoolgirl (BBC)

X marks the spot... for Da Pinchi Code thieves: Police release list of symbols burglars daub on walls to help identify easy targets (Daily Mail)

Obama urges Democrats to back new trade bill and 'support more American jobs' (Guardian)

Al-Qaeda seizes airport in eastern Yemen (Washington Post - Paywall)

Nicola Sturgeon Says Voters Will 'Never Forgive' Ed Miliband During Heated BBC Election Debate (Huffington Post)

White House keeps quiet on DEA chief in wake of sex party scandal video (Guardian)

Fired New York teacher Madeline Luciano wants to go back into the classroom (Daily Mail)

Natalie Bennet, Green Party Leader, Got A Bit Shouty During The Election Debate (Huffington Post)

Mystery Man Who Saved Driver From Cliff Identified (NBC News)

'Murder victim' found in cardboard box is mummy stolen from Peru archaeological dig (Daily Mail)

Migrants Threw Christians Overboard, Italian Police Say (Newsweek Magazine)

Man 'planned to kill US soldiers' (BBC)

American wounded in Pakistan in apparent terrorist shooting, police say (Washington Post - Paywall)

Man 'outlawed from France' kidnapped, raped and killed girl, 9 (Guardian)

Nigel Farage On BBC Election Debate Is A Good Example Of How Not To Treat An Audience (Huffington Post)

Al Qaeda captures major airport, oil terminal in Yemen (CBS News)

BBC Election Debate Prompts This Very Strong 'Oh Please' Face From Ed Miliband (Huffington Post)

Archaeologists discovered new sections of the Great Wall of China (Daily Mail)

Vladimir Putin's face has changed dramatically through the years (Daily Mail)

Dozens more feared dead as Italy faces migrant influx (CBS News)

Middlesborough mayoral candidate Andy Preston facing election fraud probe (Daily Mail)

Where Is the British Election Taking Europe? (Huffington Post)

Iraqi forces, Islamic State fighters duel for control of Ramadi (Los Angeles Times)

This Week I Found Myself Up Against One of the Biggest Supermarkets in Britain - And I Won (Huffington Post)

Polish man admits kidnapping and murdering 9-year-old girl after she shot a water pistol at him (Independent)

Polish man admits kidnapping and murdering 9-year-old girl after she squirted him with a water pistol (Independent)

Polish man admits kidnapping, raping and murdering 9-year-old girl after she shot a water pistol at him (Independent)

Saudi Arabia announces biggest oil production surge in 30 years (Russia Today)

Putin accuses U.S. of isolating Russia, treating it as 'vassal' state (Los Angeles Times)

Yemen: Doctors give up counting dead (CNN)

China busts 133,000 in war on drugs (CNN)

South African police use rubber bullets and tear gas as anti-immigration protesters clash with foreign nationals in Johannesburg (Independent)

Al-Qaeda seizes Yemen airport (BBC)

Idaho man saves injured driver from plunging off cliff after crash (Daily Mail)

Good News and Bad News: The World Is Better Off Than Ever Before but Still Too Many People Are Missing Out (Huffington Post)

Yemen crisis: Exiled human rights minister foresees break-up of her nation if Houthi militias refuse to negotiate (Independent)

Cash-and-carry robbers along M42 arrested after ramming two police cars (Daily Mail)

UK poll uncertainty holds back sterling (Financial Times - Paywall)

Australian Male Model Turned Jihadist Sharky Jama 'Killed Fighting For ISIS In Syria' (Huffington Post)

Woman miraculously survives 40ft drop after being swept by wave on Irish island of Aran - video (Independent)

We don't want an invasion': Second Italian state refuses ministry request to house migrants (Russia Today)

ISIS fights to take Iraqi city and largest oil refinery (CBS News)

Guitar Hero Live Set to Revive Beloved Music Video Game Franchise (Newsweek Magazine)

PornHub Sends Man A New Laptop After He Smashes His When His Mum Was About To Walk In (Huffington Post)

Election 2015 in pictures: 16 April (BBC)

Report: Al-Qaeda Takes Over Airport in Yemen (Newsweek Magazine)

Iraq's Yezidi New Year Marred by Memories of ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

May the only man win (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

South Africa: police move to stop anti-migrant violence (Channel4)

ISIS battling for 2 big prizes in Iraq (CBS News)

Fleeing ISIS Into Exile, Syriac Christians Sing the Oldest Music on Earth (Newsweek Magazine)

Europe-Asia link megaproject will reshape world economic map, experts tell RT (Russia Today)

UK police trained to detect pedophile signs' in tattoos and clothing (Russia Today)

Puppy attempts to bark for the first time and has conversation with other dog in video (Daily Mail)

South African authorities' xenophobic remarks 'contributed to outbreak of violence' (Russia Today)

WorldViews: 30 fake maps that explain the world (Washington Post - Paywall)

YouTube star uses comedy to help police combat Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

John Galliano is Back and Ready to Take Over the Fashion World (Newsweek Magazine)

Iran urges India, China & Russia to counter NATO missile system (Russia Today)

China targets business in clean water push (Financial Times - Paywall)

Typhoon came into land just above the heads of father and son in video (Daily Mail)

Why Al-Shabaab is a growing threat (CNN)

China no longer biggest US debt holder, Japan is (Russia Today)

UN envoy to Yemen resigns as civilian hardships mount (Russia Today)

NASA probe sends back first color image of Pluto (CNN)

Australia steeled for China slowdown (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iraqi prime minister fears Yemen conflict could spark wider sectarian war (Washington Post - Paywall)

South Africa Grapples With Resurgence of Xenophobic Attacks (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS Makes Gains Near Ramadi in Iraq (Newsweek Magazine)

Burnt alive: violence against migrants in South Africa (Channel4)

South Korea asks to join Pacific trade deal. Washington says not so fast. (Washington Post - Paywall)

Election 2015 in pictures: 15 April (BBC)

The man with a plan for Iran (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

Why does ISIS destroy antiquities? (CNN)

Election 2015 in pictures: 14 April (BBC)

Lampedusa: why are so many migrants dying at sea? (Channel4)

Tulsa police officer charged with manslaughter (Channel4)

Election 2015 in pictures: 13 April (BBC)

Islamic State 'withdraws from Yarmouk camp' (Channel4)

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