Tuesday, 21st April 2015

World News

Feds probe mysterious death of man in Baltimore police custody (CBS News)

Utah man arrested after video of violent cat beating (CBS News)

Saudis say air campaign against Yemen rebels is over (CBS News)

Cop pleads not guilty in confrontation with Indian man (CBS News)

Councillor Joe O'Riordan guilty of trying to stab his wife to death over postman affair (Daily Mail)

Doctors charged with manslaughter over death of primary school teacher (Daily Mail)

US warns Iran over arms shipments aircraft carrier reaches Yemen (Daily Mail)

Saudi Arabia to cease airstrikes in Yemen (CNN)

Enraged US man shoots his computer (BBC)

Saudis: Yemen objective achieved (CNN)

How ISIS controls every aspect of life (CNN)

Blogger Haddie Gladwell with bowel disease speaks about life with an ostomy bag (Daily Mail)

What does ISIS want? (CNN)

ISIS targets the minds of young children (CNN)

World Trade Centre: New York's history unfolds in front of visitors' eyes in incredible time-lapse elevator video (Independent)

US probe into police custody death (BBC)

Saudi Arabia ends Yemen air campaign (BBC)

Rights group says Togo's government must respect freedom of assembly in election run-up (Fox News)

Egyptian Court Sentences Mohamed Morsi to 20 Years in Prison (New York Times - Paywall)

WorldViews: Japan's maglev train sets second world record (Washington Post - Paywall)

Italian police arrest crew of latest migrant boat heading for Europe (Daily Mail)

Floating train sets world speed record (CNN)

Rescuers describe moment they confronted migrant ship captain (Daily Mail)

U.S. couple jailed in suitcase murder (CNN)

Final Boston runner finishes after 20 hours (CNN)

Europe's migrant crisis (CNN)

Freddie Gray: US Justice Department launches civil-rights investigation for man who died in custody of Baltimore police (Independent)

Man killed driving wife to hospital for birth of 8th kid (CBS News)

Italian prosecutors blame captain for collision in migrant shipwreck (Reuters)

Saudi-led coalition announces end to Yemen operation (Reuters)

Why the number '2 degrees' matters so much (CNN)

Former Egyptian leader Morsi sentenced to 20 years in prison (CBS News)

Allow This Man to Remind You That People Can Be Surprisingly Generous (Time Magazine)

Feds to Investigate Baltimore Man's Death in Custody (NBC News)

Saudi Arabia-led coalition declares end to Yemen airstrike campaign (Guardian)

Saudi-Led Coalition Ends Yemen Bombing Operation (NBC News)

Carpet at Dome of the Rock sparks anger as it may cover up Ark of the Covenant clues (Daily Mail)

Egypt's former president Mohammed Morsi sentenced to 20 years (Daily Mail)

Justice Department Opens Investigation Into Baltimore Police-Custody Death (Time Magazine)

After years of violence, 'life is back' in Juarez (CNN)

Migrant Boat Captain Steered Toward Tragedy in Mediterranean, Authorities Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Michael Gove's Wife Sarah Vine Warns Of 'Communist Dictatorship' After The General Election (Huffington Post)

South Africans urged: 'Love can go viral' (CNN)

DoJ opens civil-rights investigation into death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore (Guardian)

U.S. sending warships to Yemen (CNN)

Saudis Announce Halt to Yemen Bombing Campaign (New York Times - Paywall)

Why You Should Love Your Body (Time Magazine)

Former Egyptian president Mursi jailed for 20 years (Reuters)

Saudi Arabia appears to scale back airstrikes in Yemen (Washington Post - Paywall)

VIDEO: Newsbeat: The election debate (BBC)

Med migrant boat 'hit rescue ship' (BBC)

Tykeran Hamilton who accelerating to 70mph and killing Gloucester man is jailed (Daily Mail)

Woman who spent 30 YEARS fighting cerebral palsy was misdiagnosed (Daily Mail)

Migrant warns: 'It's 95% sure you will die' (CNN)

Knightsbridge flat on sale for £575,000 but only has 3 years on lease (Daily Mail)

Tube horror: Man hit on head by rush hour train dies from his injuries (Daily Express)

Kurdish Peshmerga's 'foreign legion' who fight ISIS with them (Daily Mail)

Bombing campaign against rebels in Yemen is over, Saudis say (Los Angeles Times)

South Dakota wants you to know: "At least were not Mars" (CBS News)

Boston divided over Tsarnaev death penalty decision (CBS News)

Horrific moment man is trampled to death by rampaging elephant (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson campaigns in Nigel Farage's South Thanet seat (Daily Mail)

U.S. citizens struggle to flee Yemen (CNN)

Iranian flotilla a 'factor' in warship deployment off Yemen - Pentagon (Reuters)

Saudi Launches New Campaign Against Yemen Rebels (Time Magazine)

San Bernardino Man Beaten by Sheriff Deputies After Stealing Horse Receives $650,000 Settlement (Newsweek Magazine)

Ill. cop cleared in shooting death of Rekia Boyd (CBS News)

Man with muscular dystrophy finishes Boston Marathon (CBS News)

Man denies attacking cruise couple (BBC)

California to Pay Man Beaten by Deputies (Time Magazine)

Yemen crisis: Saudi-led coalition ends bombing campaign against Houthi Rebels (Independent)

Oldest evidence of life on Earth is wrong, claim Bristol scientists (Daily Mail)

Saudi calls end to Yemen bombing operations (Financial Times - Paywall)

Saudi king orders troops to join Yemen campaign (CBS News)

Migrant boat disaster: Smuggler known as 'The General' laughed about deaths on crossing from Libya to Italy (Independent)

Tories and Labour in SNP election row (BBC)

Man Beaten by California Deputies Settles for $650,000 (NBC News)

British students killed in South Africa bus crash after 'dangerous shortcut' (Daily Mail)

Campaign against Yemen rebels enters new phase, Saudi Arabia says (Fox News)

Operation 'Decisive Storm' in Yemen has ended, new phase under way - Saudi-led forces (Russia Today)

Migrant shipwreck toll may include up to 100 children (Guardian)

Former Alabama officer pleads not guilty to violating rights of Indian man (Guardian)

Heritage worth preserving? Benidorm seeks Unesco world heritage status (Guardian)

Christian migrants reveal how they fled Libya to escape ISIS (Daily Mail)

Daughter of assassinated Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov embarks on modelling career alongside her mother 'to overcome the death of her father' (Daily Mail)

Teenage CBBC star 'stabbed to death outside nightclub by man who then fled to Nigeria on brother's passport' (Daily Mail)

Why You Should Start More Than One Business (Time Magazine)

Men accused of hacking immigrant to death during South African protests appear in court (Daily Mail)

Japanese Train Breaks World Speed Record (Time Magazine)

Muslim men 'set up stall on Oxford Street and handed out ISIS propaganda' (Daily Mail)

Egypt's Morsi Gets 20 Years (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'Worst Nightmare': Prosecutor Urges Death for Tsarnaev (NBC News)

Dozens killed in Yemen air strikes (BBC)

Here's How the TIME 100 Want to Change the World (Time Magazine)

Zimbabweans return to home country after fleeing South Africa violence (Daily Mail)

The sea does not care': the wretched history of migrant voyages (Guardian)

Year's death toll for migrants in Mediterranean at 1,727, says agency (Los Angeles Times)

Thirty years in jail for a single hair: the FBI's 'mass disaster' of false conviction (Guardian)

UK Jihadists downing drugs before battling to death for Islamic State (Daily Star)

Two air strikes in Yemen kill at least 40 people, mostly civilians (Reuters)

South Africa sends in army after xenophobic violence leaves seven dead (Guardian)

Mauritania sentences alleged Al Qaeda leader to 20 years (Fox News)

South African Army Deployed in Areas Hit by Anti-Immigrant Violence (New York Times - Paywall)

Nazi Death Camp Book Keeper Says Hes Morally Guilty (Newsweek Magazine)

American couple jailed for Bali suitcase murder (CBS News)

Migrant capsize: Two accused (CNN)

Mentally ill man who killed grandma chained up in cage and thrown food scraps (Daily Star)

Boston Marathon bombing: Majority of Americans think Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should be put to death (Independent)

Home Office denies social justice reps access to migrant jail amid hunger strike reports (Russia Today)

World leaders are COVERING UP evidence PROVING UFOs exist, claims former defence minister (Daily Express)

'Tomorrowland' Trailer: George Clooney And Britt Robertson Star In New Teaser For Disney's 'A World Beyond' (VIDEO) (Huffington Post)

The paler your skin - the higher up you go: The hierarchical system aboard Italy's migrant boats that governs who lives and who dies (Independent)

The darker your skin - the further down you go: The hierarchical system aboard Italy's migrant boats that governs who lives and who dies (Independent)

Italy is Allowing Migrant Who Survive the Voyage to Disappear into Europe (Newsweek Magazine)

U.S. ship may intercept Iranian aid to Yemeni rebels (CBS News)

Election 2015 in pictures: 21 April (BBC)

Cops: No Force Used on Man Who Died After Spine Severed (NBC News)

'Global pandemic': False, substandard medicines flagged as risk to world health (Russia Today)

Alleged traffickers charged as migrant deaths mount (CBS News)

'Bending down' man hit by Tube dies (BBC)

Report: ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Out of Action After Serious Injury (Newsweek Magazine)

Ousted Egyptian President Morsy sentenced to 20 years (CNN)

Miriam Clegg reveals secret life as a Nigella Lawson-style food blogger (Daily Mail)

Argentina president: US 'vulture funds' backed Nisman before his death (Guardian)

Relentless rain, hail cause destruction in South (CBS News)

Body of ISIS commander Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri is handed over to authorities (Daily Mail)

Baltimore protesters clash with police after mysterious death of arrested man (CBS News)

Three dead as severe storm with cyclone winds in New South Wales causes flash floods and power blackouts across region and Sydney (Independent)

Russian teens 'stabbed man to death at party then murdered four guests' (Daily Mail)

Diet pill death girl's warning hope (BBC)

Jacob's Journey: Life as a Transgender 5-Year-Old (NBC News)

South Africa deploys army to quell attacks (Financial Times - Paywall)

The 20 ways your friends judge your home and it only takes 26 seconds (Daily Mail)

Chemical weapons watchdog marks centennial of World War I gas attack with victims' tribute (Fox News)

China's secret gold stockpile may be world's 2nd biggest (Russia Today)

South Africa sends soldiers to anti-immigrant hotspots (Reuters)

The most bizarre general election merchandise (Daily Mail)

Palestinians Have Created a United Force to Keep ISIS Out of Their Camps (Time Magazine)

Japan steps up bid to land man on moon and Mars as it prepares to launch unmanned probe (Daily Express)

Japan's Maglev Train Breaks Its Own World Speed Record (Huffington Post)

Team America Tories call on Young Republicans to boost election bid (Russia Today)

Smalling agrees new Man Utd contract (BBC)

South Africa sends army to stop xenophobic attacks (Guardian)

The Mediterranean's deadly migrant routes (BBC)

Italy arrests migrant smuggling suspects (Financial Times - Paywall)

SA army to tackle migrant attacks (BBC)

Isis leader al-Baghdadi 'seriously wounded' in March attack (Channel4)

Man jailed for New Forest killing (BBC)

WorldViews: This image sums up Europe's conflicted horror about migrant deaths (Washington Post - Paywall)

HPV Vaccine May Work For People Who Already Had the Virus (Time Magazine)

South African troops to help police stem immigrant attacks (CNN)

Glenn Ford: Watch as innocent man who spent 31 years on death row meets prosecutors who put him there (Independent)

Thirty-eight stone Middlesex man loses half his bodyweight after taking up Zumba (Daily Mail)

Desperate Alabama family: Woman, 20, left to join ISIS (CBS News)

VIDEO: Migrant boat dead 'locked in hold' (BBC)

Boston Marathon bombers life could hang in balance (CBS News)

Mediterranean migrant crisis: EU and US have to own up to what they have done in Libya' (Russia Today)

A look at the EU's 10-point emergency migrant action plan (Fox News)

South Africa Deploys Army Over Anti-Foreigner Violence (NBC News)

Migrant Boat Capsized Near Libya's Captain Named As Mohammed Ali Malek (Huffington Post)

Iran sees Yemen ceasefire in coming hours (Reuters)

ISIS and the Taliban wage jihad against EACH OTHER (Daily Star)

Arrival of more U.S. warships off Yemen tightens 'siege' - Houthis (Reuters)

Europe should TURN AWAY migrant boats and BAN refugees settling, Aussie PM urges (Daily Express)

Sandra Malcolm found hacked to death at her South African home (Daily Mail)

Migrant boat disaster: Captain charged with killing passengers by ramming vessel into ship (Independent)

Australia urges Europe to turn back the migrant boats (Financial Times - Paywall)

Pictured: Tunisian skipper bites his nails alongside Syrian 'trafficker' as they return to shore after their boat capsized, killing 900 migrants (Daily Mail)

The migrant petition that's not about Katie Hopkins (BBC)

Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 'seriously wounded in an airstrike' in western Iraq and has is no longer in 'day-to-day' control of group (Independent)

Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 'seriously wounded in an airstrike' in western Iraq and is no longer in 'day-to-day' control of group (Independent)

Bishop resigns years after conviction for shielding paedophile priest (Guardian)

Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram posts show a new side to life in Saudi Arabia (Independent)

Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram posts show a different side to life in Saudi Arabia (Independent)

Mother-of-four smashes world record by eating three 72-ounce steak dinners in 20 minutes (Independent)

Boston Marathon bombing trial: Jurors must now decide between life or death for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Independent)

Iraqi troops retake parts of Ramadi from ISIS (Fox News)

Migrant boat captain arrested as survivors of sinking reach Italy (Guardian)

Stone Age man ate mushrooms: Oldest evidence for fungi in the human diet discovered in 19,000-year-old tooth plaque (Daily Mail)

Psychic penguins p-p-p-pick a political party to win the General Election (Daily Star)

Rochdale man watched in horror as his apprentice son got fatal electric shock (Daily Mail)

Solomon Khoorban who raped teen jailed after 12 years (Daily Mail)

Solihull man escapes being burnt alive as flames shot out of manhole in video (Daily Mail)

119mph drink driver jailed over death (BBC)

'Most wanted' fugitive Paul Monk's extradition put on hold over Spanish kidnap and murder investigation of British man Francis Brennan (Independent)

Iran Sees Yemen Ceasefire in Coming Hours (New York Times - Paywall)

Morsi sentenced to 20 years in jail (Financial Times - Paywall)

South Africa deploys army to end wave of anti-immigrant attacks in Johannesburg and Durban (Fox News)

Migrant lives matter Protesters target European Commission after 800 drowned (Russia Today)

Undercover guerilla cell in Mosul hits back at ISIS - report (Russia Today)

London schoolgirls who fled to Syria 'have joined all-female ISIS militia' (Daily Mail)

Young Republicans drafted in from US to boost Conservative election bid (Guardian)

Gangster Paul Doyle who lived near Premier League footballers is jailed for 16 years (Daily Mail)

Humpback Whales May No Longer Be Endangered (Time Magazine)

Samuel and Hildegunn Taipale's jetsetting life has made them an Instagram hit (Daily Mail)

More than 800 people drowned in sinking of migrant boat worst on record in Mediterranean (Fox News)

Cassion burial horses: Man and animal working together (CNN)

Dark clouds gather over Russia's 2018 World Cup preparations (Guardian)

Body of Saddam Hussein's ex-right hand man paraded through the streets of Baghdad (Daily Express)

Sunk migrants' boat captain charged (BBC)

Cracked Nest Egg: Why Can't We Save Enough? (NBC News)

Gangster who scrounged benefits to live in mansion amid Premier League footballers JAILED (Daily Express)

The Queen turns 89 but why no plans to mark her becoming the longest-serving monarch? (Daily Express)

Egypt's Morsi jailed for 20 years (BBC)

William Hague backs immigration controls after migrant boat disasters (Guardian)

Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's ousted president, gets 20 years (Channel4)

India seizes boat in international waters suspected of smuggling drugs, detains 8 Pakistanis (Fox News)

Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 'seriously wounded in air strike' (Guardian)

Former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi jailed for 20 years video (Guardian)

South African photographer: 'They wanted his blood' (CNN)

Life or Death? Boston Bombing Jury to Begin Penalty Phase (NBC News)

India seizes 200 kg heroin shipment on Pakistani boat (Reuters)

U.N. estimates up to 850 migrants perished in capsized boat off Libya (Washington Post - Paywall)

Bali suitcase murder: US pair jailed (BBC)

No beer in space: ISS crew opens up to RT about life in orbit (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

U.S. warships sent to Yemen (CNN)

Dashcam footage shows Texas police save unconscious man from burning car in breath-taking rescue (Independent)

Egypt's Islamist Ex-President Jailed for 20 Years (NBC News)

Old loyalties, religious cohesion may frustrate Islamic State in Libya (Reuters)

Labour figure DENIES endorsing Ukip after appearing in election leaflet for Mark Reckless (Daily Express)

Bali suitcase murder: US couple who killed mother in hotel and stuffed her body in a case are spared death penalty (Independent)

Bali suitcase murder: US couple who killed mother in hotel and stuffed her body in a case are spared the death penalty (Independent)

India Says It Seized Heroin Believed to Be Worth Nearly $100 Million From Boat (New York Times - Paywall)

World Record Holder For Head Spinning Performs 135 Spins In A Minute (VIDEO) (Huffington Post)

Cherry Blossom Trees Around The World Explode In Spectacular Colour (Huffington Post)

South Korean premier offers resignation amid corruption probe (Los Angeles Times)

Ousted Egyptian President Morsi sentenced to 20 years in prison in connection with protester deaths (Fox News)

Israel's security service says Palestinian man confesses to intent to kill Jews in car attack (Fox News)

Labour peer Lord Janner could now be sued for £2.5million in civil court after police identify 25 alleged victims who may pursue a case against him (Daily Mail)

Egypt's ousted president Mohamed Morsi jailed for 20 years over killing of protestors (Daily Express)

Labour election chief Toby Perkins pays interns just £4 a DAY (Daily Mail)

South Korea in turmoil over corruption (BBC)

US sends carrier to Yemen patrols (BBC)

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN imagines American view of British Election (Daily Mail)

Chilcot Iraq War inquiry delayed again, may not report until 2016 (Russia Today)

Daughter, Boyfriend Jailed for Mom's Suitcase Slaying (NBC News)

Egypt's former president Mohamed Morsi sentenced to 20 years in prison (Guardian)

EU warns Thailand on illegal fishing, clears South Korea, Philippines (Reuters)

This American Is Taking Migrant Crisis In His Own Hands (NBC News)

Egypt's ousted president Morsi sentenced to 20 years in prison (Washington Post - Paywall)

Megan Huntsman: Utah woman who killed six of her newborn children sentenced to life in prison (Independent)

Being hairy can be good for you, man OR a woman (Daily Mail)

Chilcot inquiry into Iraq war may be delayed beyond 2015 (Guardian)

South Korea Hires PR Agency Ahead of Abe Speech (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Japan's maglev train breaks world speed record with 600km/h test run (Guardian)

Jihadi John 'planned to join Somali terror group before switching to ISIS (Daily Mail)

Analysis - Barring economic slump, Europe's populists may be peaking (Reuters)

Three dead in New South Wales storm (BBC)

Japan's new passenger train breaks world speed record on test run - video (Guardian)

South Africa's xenophobic attacks: how have they affected you? (Guardian)

Egypt's ex-president Morsi sentenced to 20 years (Los Angeles Times)

Is this the ultimate sanctuary? Rise of the SHE shed as more women demand an oasis of calm at the bottom of the garden away from the chaos of family life (Daily Mail)

Cop Neale McShane stationed in Birdsville on his own for TEN years (Daily Mail)

Glyphosate is a 'probably carcinogenic' pesticide. Why do cities still use it? (Guardian)

It's a bull's eye! Unfortunate man is gored straight in the bottom as he scrambles to get away after being floored by beast during Spanish celebration (Daily Mail)

Italy arrests Tunisian captain for 'multiple manslaughter' over migrant boat disaster (Daily Mail)

Indian man in gay beauty pageant forced into hiding after homophobic threats (Daily Star)

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer explain why they were seen leaving a hotel room together (Daily Express)

Garbage men, traffic tickets: Everyday life under ISIS (CNN)

Kazi Islam's 'attempt to groom man for bomb ingredients failed in texts' (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: 3 reasons why Europe is being held responsible for migrant deaths in the Mediterranean (Washington Post - Paywall)

Our Man in Tehran - Episode 5: An Eye for an Eye (New York Times - Paywall)

Tony Abbott tells Europe to 'stop the boats' like Australia as migrant crisis continues (Independent)

Court Sentences Ousted Egypt President to 20 Years in Prison (Time Magazine)

Capsized Migrant Boat's Captain Arrested After Tragedy Off Libya Kills More Than 800 (Huffington Post)

Ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi jailed for 20 years over death of protesters (Independent)

Mohamed Morsi: Ousted Egyptian president jailed for 20 years over death of protesters (Independent)

Migrant tragedies: what can be done to end the crisis? (Guardian)

Mindfulness May Be 'As Effective' As Anti-Depressants For Treating Recurrent Depression, Study Finds (Huffington Post)

U.S. Man Gets 18-Year Prison Sentence for Murdering Girlfriend's Mother (Time Magazine)

Egypt court sentences ousted President Mohammed Morsi to 20 years in prison over 2012 killings (Fox News)

U.S. man sentenced to 18 years for Bali suitcase murder (Reuters)

Anders Lustgarten Interview: The Playwright Reveals Why The Left Wing Are Pussies And Austerity Is A Capitalist Con (Huffington Post)

Night stalker rapist Clive Howard jailed for six sex attacks (Daily Mail)

Iran's president says Yemen airstrike offensive shows Saudi Arabia's 'mental imbalance' (Fox News)

EXCLUSIVE - Forced to wear uniforms, separated from their children and 'dissenters' evicted for asking questions: Life inside secretive sect was 'like being in a scary cult movie' (Daily Mail)

Ethiopian Christians beheaded and shot by Isis 'were migrants hoping to reach UK and Europe' (Independent)

Eve Arnold's Life Re-Examined Through Her Photographs (Time Magazine)

South Carolina Paper's Domestic-Killings Series Wins Pulitzer (Time Magazine)

Japan's maglev train sets new world record with 603kph test run (Russia Today)

Japan's 'floating' maglev train sets new world speed record again after hitting 603 kilometres per hour (Independent)

Cars Older Than 15 Years Can No Longer Drive in the Indian Capital (Time Magazine)

South Korea PM offers to resign (BBC)

Fire breaks out at British embassy in The Hague, police detain man on suspicion of involvement (Fox News)

Are ISIS beheading videos brutalizing us all? (CNN)

U.S. ISIS arrests 'shed light on recruiting' (CNN)

'Vigilante' probe: Second man held (BBC)

Mob attacks Bangladesh opposition leader during election rally (Guardian)

AC/DC drummer guilty of death threat, drug charges (CNN)

South Korea to punish factories for raising wages (Guardian)

Why Americans have highest rate of imprisonment (CNN)

Brother of jailed reporter in Iran speaks out (CBS News)

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai's iconic railway station a history of cities in 50 buildings, day 20 (Guardian)

Migrant boat disaster: Captain and crew member arrested after hundreds killed in shipwreck (Independent)

Why migrants risk their lives to reach Italy's 'promised land' (CNN)

South Korean PM offers to resign (CNN)

Arachnophobe's nightmare as man hits wolf spider and hundreds of babies burst out of egg sac video (Guardian)

Captain of capsized boat carrying migrants arrested (CBS News)

South Korean prime minister offers resignation over bribery scandal after 2 months in office (Fox News)

Forty years on from the fall of Saigon: witnessing the end of the Vietnam war (Guardian)

4,000-year-old Christian minority battles ISIS (CNN)

Lord Ashdown: destroy migrant smugglers' boats before they leave port (Guardian)

Shinzo Abe may not repeat previous apologies for Japan's wartime atrocities (Guardian)

4/20: Baltimore police provide few answers in death of Freddie Gray; Boston Marathon bombing amputee makes improbable journey (CBS News)

Man Driven 8 Miles Through 7 Towns on Hood of SUV (NBC News)

Saudi-led strikes hit weapons caches of Iran-backed rebels in Yemen (CBS News)

Pope Francis condemns Isis killings of Ethiopian Christians (Guardian)

Australia: 2nd man charged over plot (CNN)

'Devastating' health risks older fathers may pass to children (Daily Mail)

AP Interview: Mother of Ukrainian pilot jailed in Russia on global campaign to free daughter (Fox News)

Captain and Crew Member Arrested After Migrant Ship Capsize (NBC News)

South Korean Premier Offers His Resignation (New York Times - Paywall)

Why Iran is brimming with optimism (CNN)

U.S. trying to restrain Saudi Arabia on deadly Yemen airstrikes (Los Angeles Times)

South Korea's latest prime minister offers to resign (Guardian)

World Briefing: Senegal: Students Are Forced to Beg (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Israel: Leaders Decline to Meet Carter (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Egypt: 22 Get Death Sentences (New York Times - Paywall)

On One Point Voters Agree: Barcelona Election Has Intrigue (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Russia: Activist Leaves Country (New York Times - Paywall)

What's behind xenophobic attacks in South Africa? (CNN)

World Briefing: Spain: Boy Accused of Killing Teacher (New York Times - Paywall)

A migrants story of death -- and survival -- at sea (CBS News)

Why India's cotton farmers are killing themselves (CNN)

E.U. vows to boost migrant search-and-rescue efforts (Washington Post - Paywall)

Captain and first mate who survived Libya migrant boat disaster arrested (Daily Express)

Libya migrant boat 'genocide': Captain and crewman arrested (Daily Star)

Warning Iran, U.S. Sends Two More Ships to Yemen (New York Times - Paywall)

Hope arrives amid carnage in Yemen (CNN)

'Jihadi John': Isis executioner Mohammed Emwazi wanted to wage jihad in Somalia until his friends were betrayed and killed by al-Shabaab (Independent)

Woman eats 13 lbs. of steak in 20 mins (CNN)

After losing her leg, a Boston Marathon runner regains her life (CBS News)

ISIS video shows Christians beheaded (CNN)

Zulu King Tries to Calm Anti-Foreigner Violence in South Africa (New York Times - Paywall)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On Tuesday 21st April 2015 (Huffington Post)

DEA informant who served for 27 years may face deportation (CBS News)

80 per cent of Missouri town's police quit after election of first black mayor (Independent)

Migrant deaths at sea: What is Europe going to do? (CNN)

At Least 25 Die as Airstrike Sets Off Huge Blast in Yemen (New York Times - Paywall)

Scottish scientists set to save the world as Strathclyde University experts stop asteroids (Daily Express)

US beefs up naval force off Yemen coast (Financial Times - Paywall)

Empty Nest? In Slovakia, It May Begin When the Child Is 35 (New York Times - Paywall)

Marathon Spectators Lean Toward Life Term for Tsarnaev (NBC News)

Muscle-wasting for elderly on statin may outweigh benefits (Daily Mail)

US pollster believes neither Labour or Tories will gain election majority (Daily Mail)

The Good Life cancelled for allotment holders after plots bulldozed (Daily Mail)

Love at first height! Touching tale of the 7ft 8in man dubbed 'the gentle giant' whose waist-high wife is THREE FEET shorter (Daily Mail)

Protesters Demand 'Justice' in Freddie Gray's Death (NBC News)

Sadiq Khan Interview: Labour Would Win The Election 'Easily' If We Weren't Losing Scotland To The SNP (Huffington Post)

Think pink: Number of women with breast cancer may double in next 15 years study (Russia Today)

ISIS rape horror: 60 sexually-abused girls commiting suicide each month (Daily Star)

Baltimore still struggling for answers in death of Freddie Gray (Russia Today)

U.S. aircraft carrier sent to Yemen in response to Iran (CBS News)

US aircraft carrier heads for Yemen to confront Iranians (Independent)

Canada to issue passport to jailed Al Jazeera journalist Fahmy (Reuters)

Baltimore man Freddie Gray died from spine injury following arrest - video (Guardian)

Man charged after republican speech (BBC)

Dozens reported killed in airstrike in Yemen capital (Washington Post - Paywall)

EU searches for ways to stem tide of migrant "death voyages" (CBS News)

VIDEO: Greek residents aid migrant rescue (BBC)

U.S. Navy sends more warships near Yemen in security move (Reuters)

Utah Woman Gets Up to Life in Prison for Killing Her Six Babies (NBC News)

Photos of the Day: April 20 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

VIDEO: Man hurt in London building collapse (BBC)

Why Young People Should Think Twice Before Voting for the Green Party (Huffington Post)

Campaign Diary: Words Are Wind in Election Nobody Can Call (Huffington Post)

South Carolina Paper Wins Pulitzer for Abuse Series (NBC News)

WorldViews: Italy ran an operation that saved thousands of migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean. Why did it stop? (Washington Post - Paywall)

ybercriminals may provoke nuclear disaster - US, Russian generals (Russia Today)

General Election - Cutting Through the Blurb to Make Your Vote Count for Animals (Huffington Post)

British family arrested in Turkey as they travel to Syria to join ISIS (Daily Mail)

Teen held in teacher's death following crossbow attack in Barcelona (Los Angeles Times)

Air strike on missile base in Yemen capital kills 25, wounds hundreds (Reuters)

Boston Marathon Bombing Survivors Oppose Death Penalty (Newsweek Magazine)

Ethiopia lawmakers to weigh possible response to ISIS killings (CBS News)

Egypt court gives 22 death penalty over attack on police (CBS News)

Man injured as building collapses (BBC)

What Can I Tell You About Life With an Undiagnosed Child? (Huffington Post)

Experts try a bottle of champagnes that lay on the seabed for 170 YEARS (Daily Mail)

US beefing up naval presence off Yemen amid rising regional tensions (Russia Today)

WorldViews: Why one of Israel's biggest settlement critics is now guarding one (Washington Post - Paywall)

Migrant boat disaster: How to end the loss of life in the Mediterranean (Independent)

Revisiting the Violent, Sometimes Wacky World of America's 1970s Radical Underground (Newsweek Magazine)

Migrant boat disaster: Leading aid and human rights groups accuse Britain of fuelling refugee crisis (Independent)

Migrant boat disaster: Leading aid groups accuse Britain of fuelling refugee crisis (Independent)

ISIS Video Claims Killing of Ethiopians (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Migrant boat disaster: Survivor describes horror of drowning 'prisoners' locked in hold by traffickers (Independent)

Pulitzer Prize winners: South Carolina paper wins award for series on domestic violence (Independent)

Katie Hopkins Supporters Out In Force After Migrant Article Despite Petition To Get Her Fired (Huffington Post)

Katie Hopkins Supporters Out IN Force After Migrant Article Despite Petition To Get Her Fired (Huffington Post)

Syria slaughter continues as ISIS executioner beheads 'Assad agents' (Daily Mail)

U.S. Navy Ships Move in Yemen Waters; Reports Differ on Mission (Newsweek Magazine)

VIDEO: Robinson: Why you cannot ignore SNP (BBC)

Man dies after police chase and tackle (CNN)

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