Wednesday, 22nd April 2015

World News

'Islamic extremist who was planning an attack on one or more church' is arrested in Paris (Daily Express)

Woman misdiagnosed for 33 years (CBS News)

TWO women in the White House race? Carly Fiorina reportedly set for May 4 campaign announcement, but her spokeswoman WON'T confirm it (Daily Mail)

American transgender woman set to move to UK and marry British bride (Daily Mail)

Convictions for speeding up by nearly half in five years: 55,000 drivers were caught by each of the nation's police forces in 2014 (Daily Mail)

Thousands of people to remain isolated by floodwaters for days as the death toll of Australia's super storm hits EIGHT... and emergency services begin to clean up after the devastation (Daily Mail)

After 4 decades as fugitive, man turns himself in (CBS News)

Photo of Boston Bomber callously flipping off the camera three months after terror attack released (Daily Mail)

Memphis woman was so drunk she let a 10-year-old girl DRIVE (Daily Mail)

The dramatic moment captured on a cyclist's helmet cam as criminals on a moped SNATCH a mobile phone from a woman walking on the pavement (Daily Mail)

Police release pics from bold London jewelry heist (CBS News)

Ray-Banned: Rand Paul pulls Rand-Ban' sunglasses from campaign store (Russia Today)

Police get record complaints about NOISY couple's nights of passion (Daily Star)

Lollipop Man Suspended After Stopping Fire Engine On An Emergency Call (Huffington Post)

Saudi-Led Air Strikes Continue in Yemen Despite Announcing End to Campaign (Newsweek Magazine)

How Italy's fascist past echoes in migrant crisis (CNN)

Mexico police seize wrong girl for forced return to U.S. (CBS News)

Saudi-led coalition bombs Yemen despite calling off air campaign (Reuters)

South African troops take on xenophobic violence (CNN)

Student Arrested on Suspicion of Planning Attack in France (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. says Russia adds air defence systems inside Ukraine (Reuters)

Asthma breakthrough as scientists discover root cause and treatment 5 years away (Daily Mail)

South African military joins police to tamp down attacks on foreigners (Los Angeles Times)

Anti-immigrant attacks a PR disaster for South Africa (CBS News)

Woman released over preacher murder (BBC)

Fugitive ends 40 years on the run (BBC)

People anoints her the most beautiful woman (CNN)

Former model has to be restrained by police after being caught driving having downed a bottle of wine first (Daily Mail)

Jealous boyfriend killed love rival by stabbing him 20 times to stop him showing 'intimate' pictures of his girlfriend to her Imam father (Daily Mail)

Jilted husband who repeatedly stabbed estranged wife in a graveyard while screaming 'go to sleep with your mum!' is jailed for 20 years (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis, UN chief to meet next week on migrant crisis; Ban says EU has 'moral imperative' (Fox News)

CNN poll: ISIS a bigger threat than Iran, Russia (CNN)

Jihadist 'planning attack churches' is arrested in France after shooting himself (Daily Mail)

Lollipop man 'stops fire engine' (BBC)

Coyote running wild in New York City prompts massive police hunt (Independent)

James Venture, French Resistance Fighter Who Survived Nazi Death Train, Dies at 93 (New York Times - Paywall)

85-stone morbidly obese man hoisted by crane out of nursing home (Daily Star)

Man filmed sex abuse of babies (BBC)

Brit woman reveals devastation after nephew is among 800 migrants drowned (Daily Star)

Germany's Small Towns Feel the Cost of Europe's Migrant Crisis (New York Times - Paywall)

French police: Man planned church attacks (CNN)

South Korea agrees nuclear deal with US (Financial Times - Paywall)

Protests grow in Baltimore man's death (CNN)

Why U.S. warships nearing Yemen (CNN)

EU leaders to restore rescue operations after migrant boat disaster (Reuters)

Elian Gonzalez Sparked a Cuba-U.S Firestorm 15 Years Ago (NBC News)

VIDEO: The tiny island at centre of migrant crisis (BBC)

Wrong Direction: Romantic man with 1D tickets books flight to WRONG COUNTRY (Daily Star)

Saudi-led airstrikes resume in Yemen in effort to reverse rebel gains (Washington Post - Paywall)

Lavish life of Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini blamed for South African violence (Daily Mail)

Mila Kunis 'sued for $5k by woman who claims the actress stole her pet CHICKEN' (Daily Mail)

Police in Wash. state fatally shoot man at lumberyard (CBS News)

Fighting persists in Yemen after Saudis vow to ease airstrikes (Los Angeles Times)

'Land of rape and honey': Canada town reconsiders slogan after 55 years (Guardian)

Police personnel, residents return to Iraqi city of Ramadi as panic subsides (Washington Post - Paywall)

Colorado man shoots computer after getting frustrated (CBS News)

Israel celebrates 67 years of independence with ceremonies, parties and fireworks (Fox News)

VIDEO: Guaranteed meat sweats: Woman wolfs down THREE 72oz steaks and breaks own record (Daily Star)

Yemen crisis: Saudi Arabia's air war resumes - despite having no decisive impact on the opposing Houthi militias (Independent)

French police foil alleged terror plot against churches (CBS News)

The man with the giant kidneys: Each organ grew to size of a newborn baby due to incurable, genetic disease (Daily Mail)

Saudi prince to give free Bentley to every pilot involved in Yemen air strikes (Daily Mail)

NYC man to swim dirtiest U.S. waterway for Earth Day (CBS News)

ISIS targets the minds of young children (CNN)

How ISIS controls life, from birth to foosball (CNN)

Yemeni refugees fleeing Saudi air strikes find peace but little else in Somaliland (Guardian)

Man denies helping his former lover strangle to death a woman he was having sex with (Daily Mail)

Will Europe make migrant crisis worse? (CNN)

Kenyan police say suspect caught surveilling president home (Fox News)

Man charged with Latvian's murder (BBC)

Saudi-led jets resume Yemen strikes (BBC)

Airstrikes Hit Yemen After Saudis Declare End to Bombing (New York Times - Paywall)

Italy 'at war' with migrant smugglers (BBC)

British woman reveals her nephew was among 900 in migrant boat sinking (Daily Mail)

Merrill Lynch fined £13.3m for incorrect reporting spanning SEVEN YEARS (Daily Mail)

Critics attack 500m Greek navy deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Angolan police deny sect massacre (BBC)

UK trader accused of 2010 'flash crash' granted £5mn conditional bail (Russia Today)

France arrests heavily armed man over church attack plans (Reuters)

Alabama woman shot by police after shooting her estranged husband who broke into her house (Independent)

Armenian 'genocide': What happened, how many people died and why is it still causing debate? (Independent)

Police investigating death of key witness in slavery probe in eastern Indonesia (Fox News)

Ukip Candidate Threatened With Beheading In 'Chilling' Phone Call Being Investigated By Police (Huffington Post)

ISIS Replace Injured Leader Baghdadi With Former Physics Teacher (Newsweek Magazine)

UK police release images of vault raided in jewelry district heist (Fox News)

Joseph O'Riordan jailed for 20 years for trying to murder his wife over affair (Daily Mail)

Greece struggling under weight of migrant influx (Guardian)

20 Delicious Bug Recipes from Chefs (Time Magazine)

Mother of girl raped and murdered by Polish migrant in Calais holds funeral (Daily Mail)

Swiss police release robot that bought ecstasy online (Guardian)

Senior MPs attack failure to charge Lord Janner over abuse (Daily Mail)

How ISIS Uses Social Media and Violence to Recruit (NBC News)

UK cabinet split over EU plans to expand sea search and rescue of migrants (Guardian)

Woman tells BBC's This World about life under the ISIS regime (Daily Mail)

Nigeria summons South Africa ambassador over attacks on immigrants (Reuters)

Volunteers spent six years restoring unique Dunkirk ship to its former glory (Daily Mail)

Four dead in New South Wales storms (BBC)

Robber tried to crush Post Office worker's head with shop till after hammer attack (Daily Star)

Meet the woman behind the mask (CNN)

Woman claims U.S. Marshal destroyed her phone (CBS News)

Home Office ordered to bring back migrant mother & son deported to Nigeria (Russia Today)

Oregon farmer who killed two men and fed corpses to pigs sentenced to 50 years in prison (Independent)

Shipping industry struggling to cope with migrant crisis in Mediterranean (Fox News)

Celebrate 25 Years of Hubble's Discoveries and Drama (NBC News)

Police blame attack on dissidents (BBC)

Senior Isis leader gives televised interview revealing exactly how group amassed its fortune (Independent)

Man With Links to Extremism Charged with Plot to Attack Church in France (Newsweek Magazine)

France man 'planned church attacks' (BBC)

Revealed: The top 10 roads in the world for drivers and three are in the UK (Independent)

DOJ investigates Baltimore arrest death as new video emerges (CBS News)

Man who shot Ronald Reagan may be released from mental hospital (CBS News)

Bolton teen Chantelle Conway posed as she was arrested for attacking woman (Daily Mail)

French police arrest man in church attack plot (CBS News)

'US epidemic of police violence - symptom of sick society dominated by social inequality' (Russia Today)

'Organization porn:' Why is it so fascinating? (CNN)

200 body bags on Brighton beach highlight scale of Mediterranean migrant crisis (Russia Today)

Bradford woman who attacked love rival with stiletto in NV nightclub jailed (Daily Mail)

Police say terror suspect foils his own plot in Paris (CBS News)

US police custody death protests grow (BBC)

New Saudi op in Yemen to cause more chaos, violence and genocide' (Russia Today)

Video shows woman applying MAKE-UP to Macaque monkey (Daily Mail)

Airstrikes Hit Yemen After Saudi Arabia Declares Operation Over (Time Magazine)

Sri Lankan police arrest former president's brother over alleged misuse of state funds (Fox News)

Police pay for SECOND funeral after they FORGOT to tell mum they took son's body parts (Daily Express)

Church-Attack Suspect Had ISIS Documents, Arsenal of Guns (NBC News)

John Hinckley Jr: Man who tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan seeks more time outside mental hospital (Independent)

Armenian anniversary: Why Obama won't say 'genocide' (CNN)

Saudis resume Yemen bombardment (CNN)

Why migrants attempt desperate journey (CNN)

UK trader accused of 'flash crash' fights extradition to US (Channel4)

Here's Why Europe is Taking on Russia's Gazprom (Time Magazine)

Woman's boob implants EXPLODE and fall south causing lumps all over her body (Daily Mail)

New airstrikes target Yemeni rebels after Saudi Arabia declares end to campaign (Fox News)

Italian prosecutors blame captain for collision in migrant shipwreck (Reuters)

A load of rubbish UK one of the worlds worst nations in producing electronic waste (Daily Star)

Elderly Austrian nun 'gang-raped and murdered' by robbers at convent in South Africa (Independent)

Royal Navy warship could be dispatched to tackle Mediterranean migrant crisis (Russia Today)

New video, angle on Baltimore mans mystery death (CBS News)

More than 100 Macedonian journalists protest in the capital against death threat to colleague (Fox News)

Fresh airstrike breaks brief calm in Yemen (CBS News)

Liberland: Man sets up his own libertarian nation, 160,000 register to become citizens (Independent)

'We see more and more unaccompanied children on migrant boats' (Guardian)

Saudis halt Yemen air campaign with goals unfulfilled (BBC)

Why I fled: 'I'd have had to take up arms and kill' (CNN)

200 body bags litter Brighton beach to highlight UK's shame at migrant death count (Daily Star)

Garment workers in Bangladesh still suffering two years after factory collapse (Guardian)

Clinton Campaign Leans On Liberal Groups to Mount Attack on Critical Book (Time Magazine)

Inside an ISIS bomb-making factory: Islamist from Birmingham reveals the equipment he uses to create weapons as part of his new life under Islamic State (Daily Mail)

Former Egyptian president Mursi jailed for 20 years (Reuters)

Woman's body retrieved from car swept away by raging waters - bringing death toll to FOUR - as Sydney river bursts its banks and photos of mass destruction emerge from the eye of the storm (Daily Mail)

Laughable, exploitative': Goldman Sachs' anti-Labour rhetoric dismissed by UK economists (Russia Today)

Amazing refit of Boeing 747 for mystery billionaire took three years (Daily Mail)

'Flash crash' case: UK trader to fight extradition to US (Guardian)

Body bag demo over EU migrant crisis (BBC)

NSA surveillance needed to prevent Isis attack, claims former intelligence chair (Guardian)

Indian man has hundreds of coins and nails removed from his stomach (Daily Mail)

South Sudan: UN food agency reports 3 staffers have disappeared, concerned about safety (Fox News)

3D Printers to Revolutionise Space Travel Within Two Years (Newsweek Magazine)

UK consumer credit demand soars (Financial Times - Paywall)

Millionaire Libyan migrant smugglers laughed when they heard hundreds died (Daily Mail)

Photographer James Oatway defends pictures of attack on migrant Emmanuel Sithole (Daily Mail)

Yousef Saleh Erakat poses as a homeless man and offers people money on the street (Daily Mail)

'It's a nice to celebrate Earth Day': Woman takes rare picture of quadruple rainbow over New York (Independent)

'It's a nice way to celebrate Earth Day': Woman takes rare picture of quadruple rainbow over New York (Independent)

Dinosaur EGGS found: Forty discovered buried underground for 230 million years (Daily Express)

The 'normal guys' from the UK and US who have given up their day jobs to fight Isis in Syria (Independent)

'Being gay in the south is just being brave': Alabama couple fight back against discrimination video (Guardian)

Hungry woman opened fire at McDonald's because they forgot her BACON (Daily Star)

Med migrant tragedy: Survivors reveal horror as hundreds died 'because they couldn't swim' (Daily Express)

Cyber crooks 'launched hacking attack on Malaysia officials' as Flight MH370 vanished (Daily Express)

Nicole Scherzinger forgets her troubles in Hawaii as Lewis Hamilton jet surfs in the UK (Daily Express)

Interview: Why Christian Bale Sang 'Life Of Brian' Songs While Filming Ridley Scott's Epic 'Exodus: Gods And Kings' (Huffington Post)

No reports of immigrant violence overnight in South Africa as police raid unrest 'hotspot' (Fox News)

U.S. and South Korea Reach Revised Nuclear Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

Emperor's New Clothes': Russell Brand calls UK general election irrelevant' (Russia Today)

Protesters Take to Streets After Man's Death From Injuries Sustained in Police Custody (Time Magazine)

Amnesty urges Europe to launch emergency migrant rescue mission, boost front-line countries (Fox News)

Syrian activist executed by ISIS for daring to speak the truth about group (Daily Mail)

Stormy South Braces for Golf-Ball-Sized Hail, Twisters (NBC News)

Academics Are 'Worried' Rugby Is Too Dangerous To Get Funding Boost In UK Schools (Huffington Post)

Delhi's air pollution called worst in world (CNN)

Tinder Reunites Siblings Who Hadn't Seen Each Other For 16 Years (Huffington Post)

Kenya: Interior minister suspends 9 security chiefs over al-Shabab attack that left 148 dead (Fox News)

Man jailed for murdering joiner (BBC)

Vincent van Gogh on Why Never Learning How to Paint Helped Him (Time Magazine)

Nebraska highlights growing movement against death penalty on the right (Guardian)

Blonde student who dreamt of boyfriend's death killed by train hours later (Daily Star)

Migrant crisis: smuggling or trafficking? Politicians don't seem to know (Guardian)

China defends vessels' actions against Philippines in South China Sea (Reuters)

Rescuers describe moment they confronted migrant ship captain (Daily Mail)

Inside UK luxury homes snapped up by super-rich Africans (CNN)

France Arrests Heavily Armed Man Over Church Attack Plans (Newsweek Magazine)

New South Wales storms: Sydney train tracks turned into river captured in timelapse (Independent)

UK Speed Trader Arrested Over Role in 2010 Flash Crash (Newsweek Magazine)

Why the 'Three Rs' Are Vital to Sex Education (Huffington Post)

French police foil 'imminent' terror attack in Paris (Guardian)

Migrant boat disaster: Survivor, 16, describes horror of fated journey across the Mediterranean (Independent)

Migrant boat disaster: Survivor, 16, describes horror of journey across the Mediterranean (Independent)

The woman who slept, but got no rest (CNN)

Japanese woman dumps lying lover's entire Apple collection in the bath (Daily Mail)

Ryanair passengers at Manchester Airport walk into UK without passports being checked (Daily Mail)

David Blunkett talks about failed marriage and woman who rescued him (Daily Mail)

Chinese man jailed 14 months for splashing ink on Mao Zedong portrait in Tiananmen Square (Fox News)

Our cars were written off while parked on the drive, so why are insurers still arguing? (Daily Mail)

Yemen crisis: air strike hits Aden after Saudi Arabia ends bombing campaign (Guardian)

Three ex-police officers smoke marijuana, give reasons for legalising drug and why it is 'not a gateway' to harder substances (Independent)

Letta urges restoration of migrant rescues (Financial Times - Paywall)

Italian police arrest crew of latest migrant boat heading for Europe (Daily Mail)

Eyewitness: Lake District, UK (Guardian)

Two in court for murder after attack (BBC)

Selective Empathy: You Were Charlie... Why You Are Not Garissa (Huffington Post)

Tory candidate's campaign leaflet is hilariously honest (Daily Star)

Turkey criticizes Egypt's sentencing of ousted leader Morsi to 20 years in prison (Fox News)

Iraqi officials: Car bomb attack near Baghdad car repair store kills 7 people (Fox News)

Survivors of migrant boat sinking tell how women and children were locked in hold (Daily Mail)

Give teachers, nurses and police a pay rise, says Clegg as he insists the era of public sector pay restraint is over (Daily Mail)

French police hold man suspected of plotting church attack (Los Angeles Times)

Frustrated Colorado man deals with slow computer by shooting it eight times (Independent)

US can penetrate' S-300 air defenses in Iran if necessary Obama (Russia Today)

UK arrest over US 'flash crash' (BBC)

Doctors charged with manslaughter over death of primary school teacher (Daily Mail)

South Korea approves plan to salvage ferry that sank a year ago, killing 304 people (Fox News)

Escaped Prisoner Turns Himself In After 39 Years for the Health Care (Time Magazine)

Number of motorists sent to classes for breaking rules triples in 5 years (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: Why the Mediterranean migrant disaster is a problem for Israel, too (Washington Post - Paywall)

South Korea seeks bigger role in global arms bazaar (Reuters)

Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 'seriously wounded in coalition air strike' (Daily Mail)

Beijing's air had less pollution by 1 key measure in 1st part of year, government says (Fox News)

Arrest of extremist thwarted imminent attack on church, French official says (Fox News)

South Korea ferry salvage to begin (CNN)

A Year After Sinking, South Korea Will Try to Salvage Sewol Ferry (New York Times - Paywall)

French police foil alleged Islamist terror plot to attack Christian churches in Paris (Independent)

Terror plot to attack Christian churches in Paris foiled after suspect 'accidentally shot himself' (Independent)

After years of violence, death, 'life is back' in Juarez (CNN)

Why are so many Americans criminals? (CNN)

South Africa Deploys Its Army to Halt the Killings of Foreigners (Time Magazine)

Renzi: EU can't leave it to Italy to stop migrant 'slavery'; calls for refugee camps in Africa (Fox News)

Drugged up UK Jihadists before so high they fight to death for Islamic State (Daily Star)

French minister announces Paris arrest of extremist planning imminent attack on church. (Fox News)

100 years on: The day the first poison gas attack changed the face of warfare forever (Independent)

U.S.: Warships near Yemen 'create options' over Iranian vessels (CNN)

Egypt's former president Mohammed Morsi sentenced to 20 years (Daily Mail)

Transgender woman alleges police beating (CNN)

102-year-old woman who once was a chorus line dancer for Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly sees herself on film for first time (Daily Mail)

Earth Day: Why two degrees matter so much (CNN)

Saudi Arabia ends airstrikes in Yemen (CNN)

Tesco Posts Horrific £6.4bn Loss, One Of The Worst In UK Corporate History (Huffington Post)

Toxic air cases in planes rise to 167 in four months (Daily Mail)

WorldViews: What four Americans saw happening to Armenians 100 years ago sounds like genocide' (Washington Post - Paywall)

This Chinese feminist wants to be the country's first openly gay lawyer, and police harassment won't stop her (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hundreds Protest Over Death of Man in Police Custody (NBC News)

Thought cannabis was safe? Meet the South African teens being ravaged by dangerous new strain known as 'swazi gold'... and it could end up on the streets of Britain (Daily Mail)

Councillor Joe O'Riordan guilty of trying to stab his wife to death over postman affair (Daily Mail)

Marshall Henderson Revenge-Tweets Erin Andrews 2 Years After She Mocked' Him (Time Magazine)

Rise of the Yogasm: With 20 per cent of women getting more from their Ommm We reveal the top poses that can induce the Big O (Daily Mail)

Islamic State 'sleepers' hiding on death trap migrant boats (Daily Star)

After Saudi Arabia announces end of Yemen airstrikes, Shiite rebels call for mass rally (Fox News)

Rage Against the Machine: Colorado man empties gun into his computer in alley (Russia Today)

Feds investigating Baltimore mans death in police custody (CBS News)

Record breaking clock invented which only loses a second in 15bn years (Guardian)

Pilots report hundreds of TOXIC cabin air emergencies amid fears crew could be KILLED (Daily Express)

Saudis end air campaign in Yemen, seek political solution (Reuters)

Will little girl's nightmares help catch her mother's killer? Woman's crash death ruled an accident until 3-year-old daughter started sharing disturbing dreams about a mystery white van (Daily Mail)

Florida professor traces shark migration from the air (CBS News)

1 Dead, 20 Sick With Botulism Symptoms After Potluck (NBC News)

South Korea sets plan to raise 'corroded' Sewol ferry year after disaster (Reuters)

China's air quality under scrutiny (CNN)

Vietnam 40 years on: how a communist victory gave way to capitalist corruption (Guardian)

Airport calls for air duty re-think (BBC)

Baltimore protests grow over death of man in police custody (CBS News)

Could Australia's 'stop the boats' policy solve Europe's migrant crisis? (Guardian)

Why Jay-Zs music streaming venture might be failing (CBS News)

Fugitive Surrenders After 39 Years for the Health Care (NBC News)

South Africans urged: 'Love can go viral' (CNN)

4/21: Prosecutors urge Boston jurors to choose death for Tsarnaev; Will new genetic test for breast cancer be a gamechanger? (CBS News)

Survivors say mistake by smuggler caused sinking of migrant ship in Mediterranean (Fox News)

Man rescued after subway fall (CNN)

South Korea Hires PR Agency Ahead of Abe Speech (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Frustrated man charged by police after shooting his uncooperative computer (Guardian)

Libya migrant boat survivors tell of rescue ship sighting, collision (Los Angeles Times)

Saudi Arabia declares end to Yemen air strikes after four weeks of bombing (Guardian)

Saudi Arabia to shift from heavy airstrikes to 'political process' in Yemen (Los Angeles Times)

Are ISIS videos encouraging further beheadings? (CNN)

South Korea leans toward allowing group of women to cross DMZ in peace gesture (Fox News)

South Africa's xenophobic violence spreads (CNN)

South African troops sent to quell unrest (CNN)

Egypt's Morsi Gets 20 Years (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

South Korea approve plans to salvage sunken ferry, 1 year after disaster killed 300 people (Fox News)

Baltimore protesters' outrage over death (CNN)

Iran urges aid effort for Yemen (BBC)

Woman dies after taking toxic diet pills (CBS News)

Saudis Announce Halt to Yemen Bombing Campaign (New York Times - Paywall)

'Embarrassed' Affleck on Why He Asked to Hide Family's Past (NBC News)

David Koch Explains Why He Likes Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (Time Magazine)

Japan logs 1st trade surplus in nearly 3 years as cheap oil, recovery in exports tilt balance (Fox News)

Barack Obama warns Iran against weapons shipments to Yemen rebels (Guardian)

What's the Yemen conflict about? (BBC)

Lawmakers Push Bills Campaign to Put a Woman on the Twenty (NBC News)

Boris Johnson kissed by woman on South Thanet campaign trail (Daily Mail)

California Woman Plans Lawsuit After Officer Snatches Phone (NBC News)

Feds Open Investigation Into Baltimore Man's Fatal Injury in Police Custody (Time Magazine)

Britain considers ways to assist in Mediterranean migrant rescues (Guardian)

Feds probe mysterious death of man in Baltimore police custody (CBS News)

Jewish-Saudi woman strip-searched at Detroit airport settles lawsuit (Daily Mail)

Hillary's back in first class at end of New Hampshire campaign trip where she railed against the rich - after 80mph race to BOSTON to catch flight with elite seats (Daily Mail)

Labour seize 1m food bank figures but Tories attack 'unverified' numbers (Daily Mail)

Utah man arrested after video of violent cat beating (CBS News)

Police standoff underway at Ferguson home (CBS News)

Two doctors face manslaughter charges as woman died after emergency caesarean (Daily Express)

Ice cream and kisses: Another hectic day on the campaign trail for Boris Johnson (Daily Express)

Footage showing 'Arsenal fans singing homophobic chant about Ashley Cole to a Lily Allen song' being assessed by police (Daily Mail)

Migrant boat disaster: Charity predicts 2,500 children could die this year unless a unified rescue mission is resumed in the Mediterranean (Independent)

Justice Dept. investigating death of man killed in Baltimore PD's custody (Russia Today)

Trader 'helped to trigger £500bn crash from semi': London man held for causing 'Wall Street chaos' (Daily Mail)

Egypt's Morsy sentenced to 20 years (CNN)

Armenian tragedy still raw in Turkey 100 years on (BBC)

Blue Bell Listeria Outbreak May Be Five Years Old, CDC Says (NBC News)

Saudi-Led Coalition Ends Yemen Bombing Operation (NBC News)

Man in Wheelchair Rescued From Subway Tracks After Fall (NBC News)

Saudis say air campaign against Yemen rebels is over (CBS News)

UK financial trader arrested over 2010 global markets flash crash' (Guardian)

BBC to air final Clarkson scenes (BBC)

Why tennis 'courtsiding' was my dream job (BBC)

Two Double Rainbows? OMG! NY Woman Snaps Quad 'Bow (NBC News)

'It's God's gift.' Isis fills coffers with 'taxed' Iraqi government cash (Guardian)

Saudi Arabia appears to scale back its military intervention in Yemen (Washington Post - Paywall)

The darker your skin - the further down you go: The hierarchical system aboard Italy's migrant boats that governs who lives and who dies (Independent)

Miracle baby is born after woman offers to be surrogate for her brother (Daily Star)

Cop pleads not guilty in confrontation with Indian man (CBS News)

Saudia Arabia to End Air Strike Campaign in Yemen (Newsweek Magazine)

Colo. Man Ends Battle With Computer By Shooting it 8 Times (NBC News)

Migrant shipwreck: one child's journey from Somalia to the shores of Italy (Guardian)

VIDEO: Helicopter view of deadly migrant route (BBC)

Final Boston runner finishes after 20 hours (CNN)

US warns Iran over arms shipments aircraft carrier reaches Yemen (Daily Mail)

Enraged US man shoots his computer (BBC)

Saudis: Yemen objective achieved (CNN)

What does ISIS want? (CNN)

US probe into police custody death (BBC)

Saudi Arabia ends Yemen air campaign (BBC)

Egyptian Court Sentences Mohamed Morsi to 20 Years in Prison (New York Times - Paywall)

Freddie Gray: US Justice Department launches civil-rights investigation for man who died in custody of Baltimore police (Independent)

Nicola Sturgeon rounds on John Major after SNP danger to UK speech (Daily Mail)

How One Woman Won a Marathon and Barely Broke a Sweat (NBC News)

Former Egyptian leader Morsi sentenced to 20 years in prison (CBS News)

Allow This Man to Remind You That People Can Be Surprisingly Generous (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: UK fugitive arrested in Spain (BBC)

Migrant Boat Captain Steered Toward Tragedy in Mediterranean, Authorities Say (New York Times - Paywall)

DoJ opens civil-rights investigation into death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore (Guardian)

March2Justice' rally arrives in DC seeking to end police brutality (Russia Today)

Macedonia says Kosovo gunmen take police hostage overnight, call for Albanian state (Reuters)

Standoffs in Ferguson, St. John, massive police presence (Russia Today)

Med migrant boat 'hit rescue ship' (BBC)

Tykeran Hamilton who accelerating to 70mph and killing Gloucester man is jailed (Daily Mail)

Knightsbridge flat on sale for £575,000 but only has 3 years on lease (Daily Mail)

Kurdish Peshmerga's 'foreign legion' who fight ISIS with them (Daily Mail)

Iranian flotilla a 'factor' in warship deployment off Yemen - Pentagon (Reuters)

San Bernardino Man Beaten by Sheriff Deputies After Stealing Horse Receives $650,000 Settlement (Newsweek Magazine)

Man denies attacking cruise couple (BBC)

Yemen crisis: Saudi-led coalition ends bombing campaign against Houthi Rebels (Independent)

Yemen crisis: Saudi Arabia-led coalition declares end to bombing campaign against Houthi Rebels (Independent)

Saudi calls end to Yemen bombing operations (Financial Times - Paywall)

Saudi king orders troops to join Yemen campaign (CBS News)

Kenya suspends police over Garissa (BBC)

Migrant boat disaster: Smuggler known as 'The General' laughed about deaths on crossing from Libya to Italy (Independent)

Man Beaten by California Deputies Settles for $650,000 (NBC News)

British students killed in South Africa bus crash after 'dangerous shortcut' (Daily Mail)

Campaign against Yemen rebels enters new phase, Saudi Arabia says (Fox News)

Operation 'Decisive Storm' in Yemen has ended, new phase under way - Saudi-led forces (Russia Today)

Migrant shipwreck toll may include up to 100 children (Guardian)

Christian migrants reveal how they fled Libya to escape ISIS (Daily Mail)

Piers Morgan quizzed by police for second time over phone hacking claims (Daily Star)

Men accused of hacking immigrant to death during South African protests appear in court (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: John Major speech on campaign day 22 (BBC)

Muslim men 'set up stall on Oxford Street and handed out ISIS propaganda' (Daily Mail)

'Worst Nightmare': Prosecutor Urges Death for Tsarnaev (NBC News)

Nicola Sturgeon Fires Back At 'Silly' John Major Over Claims UK Faces 'Mayhem' Under SNP (Huffington Post)

Zimbabweans return to home country after fleeing South Africa violence (Daily Mail)

What's behind attacks in South Africa? (CNN)

South African photographer: 'They wanted his blood' (CNN)

Why I Won't Be Voting Tactically (Huffington Post)

Two air strikes in Yemen kill at least 40 people, mostly civilians (Reuters)

U.S., allies conduct 28 air strikes in Syria and Iraq - military (Reuters)

South African Army Deployed in Areas Hit by Anti-Immigrant Violence (New York Times - Paywall)

Nazi Death Camp Book Keeper Says Hes Morally Guilty (Newsweek Magazine)

Queen Letizia presents Salma Hayek with a Woman Award (Daily Mail)

Boston Marathon bombing: Majority of Americans think Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should be put to death (Independent)

Home Office denies social justice reps access to migrant jail amid hunger strike reports (Russia Today)

Most dangerous woman in Britain': Establishment press attack SNP's Sturgeon (Russia Today)

Hundreds of Chinese Cities Don't Meet Air Standards, Report Finds (New York Times - Paywall)

Spanish police take away suspected killer dubbed 'the Ripper' (Daily Mail)

The paler your skin - the higher up you go: The hierarchical system aboard Italy's migrant boats that governs who lives and who dies (Independent)

Alleged traffickers charged as migrant deaths mount (CBS News)

'Bending down' man hit by Tube dies (BBC)

Report: ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Out of Action After Serious Injury (Newsweek Magazine)

Amnesty International rejects campaign to tackle UK anti-Semitism (Russia Today)

Rubio, Paul and Cruz: Attack of the Freshman Senators (Newsweek Magazine)

South Africa deploys army to quell attacks (Financial Times - Paywall)

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