Wednesday, 29th April 2015

World News

NFL prospect to be interviewed over death of pregnant woman (CBS News)

Pope Francis calls for equal pay for women (CBS News)

Baltimore Symphony holds free concert near riot zone (CBS News)

Why you shouldn't make a resume in Times New Roman (CBS News)

Twitter outrage over Baltimore protesters arrest (CBS News)

Just leave me alone, mother begs man who has stalked her for 12 YEARS: Victim's plea as man is jailed for the THIRD time over campaign (Daily Mail)

Justin Bieber 'questioned by police after Argentina issues arrest warrant' (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Growing anger over earthquake response (BBC)

Crew of vessel seized by Iran is safe, shipping company says (CBS News)

Hope of finding more Nepal quake survivors fades as toll tops 5,200 (Los Angeles Times)

Presidential contenders use Baltimore riots to intro political talking points (Russia Today)

Young Saudi Royals Rise in Turbulent Times (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Obama: Baltimore riots distract from positive protests (CBS News)

Transgender teenager Leelah Alcorn's death in Ohio was suicide, officials say (Guardian)

Saigon 40 Years Later: Entrepreneurs Return (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Baltimore riots: Amnesty International sending team to observe how police deal with protesters in aftermath of Freddie Gray's death (Independent)

Baltimore Orioles play in empty stadium (CNN)

British fatality at Nepal earthquake and second possible at Everest base camp (Daily Mail)

GOP 2016 candidates threaten Iran bill's survival with contentious amendments (Guardian)

Baltimore riots: Police will not make public a report into Freddie Gray's death this Friday (Independent)

Hike to life through Nepal's valley of death (CNN)

Baltimore finds fragile calm while awaiting answers to man's death (Reuters)

Justice for Freddie Gray: New Yorkers Protest in Solidarity with Baltimore (Newsweek Magazine)

VIDEO: Man films himself enjoying Korean toilet 'bum wash' way too much (Daily Star)

Iran says respects navigation freedom, day after ship is seized in Gulf (Reuters)

Nepal businesses, people out of work after quake wonder what's next (Los Angeles Times)

Lessons for Baltimore From 1968 (Time Magazine)

Geraldine Murray-Jones who beat breast cancer died falling off her horse (Daily Mail)

Lynch Makes First Appearance as AG to Talk Baltimore (NBC News)

Indonesia Executions Strain Ties Overseas, Boost Widodo at Home (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Nepal earthquake: Crowds grow angry as emergency relief fails to reach them (Independent)

Nepal earthquake survivor is pulled from rubble after 82 hours trapped (Daily Mail)

Nepal earthquake: Amid all the sadness and death, the talk is of hope and rebirth (Independent)

Nepal earthquake satellite images reveal how area around Kathmandu has lifted up (Daily Mail)

This Is Why Your Apple Watch Didn't Ship Yet (Time Magazine)

Baltimore Police Will Not Release Freddie Gray Death Report Friday (Newsweek Magazine)

Nepal earthquake: British man tells of 'horror' in Kathmandu as he arrives back in UK (Independent)

UN launches Nepal earthquake appeal (BBC)

Australia wary of making "bad situation worse" after Indonesia executions (CBS News)

Legendary Baltimore Drug Kingpin Rudy Williams Reacts to Riots From Prison (Newsweek Magazine)

Baltimore Forced to Release Some Arrested Protesters (NBC News)

Letter From Europe: Earthquake Reveals Hubris and Imbalance on Mount Everest (New York Times - Paywall)

Meet the American First Responders on the Ground in Nepal (Time Magazine)

Baltimore mum who hit rioting son says she's no hero: It was just unacceptable' (Daily Star)

Brazil: Striking teachers, police violently clash outside state congressional building (Fox News)

Saudi king resets succession to cope with turbulent times (Reuters)

Woman slave Zunduri tortured for two years by Mexican family (Daily Mail)

Demands for Assad's ouster fuel Syria bloodshed - Iran foreign minister (Reuters)

US soldier describes moment his colleague was killed in Iraq 8 years ago (Daily Mail)

Did Saudi Arabia just modernize? (CNN)

Combative Adelson rails against 'greedy bosses' in entertaining court testimony (Guardian)

Man trapped for 80 hours freed (CNN)

Iran accuses seized ship (CNN)

Message to Baltimore Protestors: Fight On' (Time Magazine)

Baltimore mom: "I just lost it" seeing son at riots with rock in hand (CBS News)

Army war simulation in Texas sparks fear, response from governor (CBS News)

Watch the Trailer for Woody Allen's New Movie Irrational Man (Time Magazine)

Nepal Earthquake: We've Seen Utter Devastation (Huffington Post)

Death on the Mediterranean: One Teenage Migrant's Story (Huffington Post)

UK Supreme Court orders ministers to take urgent action of deadly smog (Daily Mail)

Burglars break into Northumberland man's yard and make off with his dogs (Daily Mail)

This Is Why Successful People Get Ahead Faster Than the Rest of Us (Time Magazine)

Playing for No One: Orioles, White Sox Square Off in Closed Camden Yards Stadium (Newsweek Magazine)

Baltimore riots: Unrest forces baseball game to be played without fans (Independent)

Iron Man mass-production? Russian army may get combat exoskeletons by 2020 (Russia Today)

Nepal earthquake: The lessons of Haiti that must be applied in Nepal (Independent)

See the Orioles Playing in an Empty Stadium After Baltimore Riots (Time Magazine)

Iran foreign minister: Dont thank the sanctions (CBS News)

Man opens museum full of s*** turns out to be a success (Daily Star)

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Clung to Life, While His Brother Tried to Die, Court Hears (Newsweek Magazine)

FBI helped in failed ransom attempt of US man killed by drone strike report (Guardian)

Supreme Court to rule on lethal injection drugs after Oklahoma botched executions (Russia Today)

Supreme Court Considers How Much Pain Is Too Much in Executions (Newsweek Magazine)

Samantha Cameron shows off a set of polish-free toenails (Daily Mail)

Baltimore tries to reclaim normalcy as schools reopen, tensions ease (CBS News)

Why is Manchester City star Samir Nasri wearing a jumper with 'PERVERT' on it? (Daily Star)

Where is #JosephKent? Prominent Ferguson activist kidnapped' by police live on TV in Baltimore (Russia Today)

QUAKE MIRACLE: Baby found in rubble 22 hours after Nepal disaster struck (Daily Star)

Supreme court asks if execution drugs are like being 'burned alive at the stake' (Guardian)

End of era for Saudi foreign minister (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iran flexible on sanctions timing in order to seal nuclear deal, Zarif suggests (Guardian)

Why Tattoos Might Be a Huge Problem for the Apple Watch (Time Magazine)

Man tasered for flying drone in Hawaii national park (Russia Today)

Toya Graham Baltimore mom speaks out after dragging son Michael, 16, from riot (Daily Mail)

Nepal earthquake: drone footage shows devastation in ancient town of Bhaktapur - video (Guardian)

Street cordoned off after baby death (BBC)

Lethal Injection Case Fires Up Supreme Court Justices (NBC News)

Supreme Court Debates Challenge to Execution Drug (Time Magazine)

Baltimores "mom of the year" on why she smacked rioting son (CBS News)

'Wait upon the ladies on all occasions, don't eat greedily and be kind to those less well off than you' Manners for Schoolboys book published again after 200 years (Daily Mail)

Baltimore residents warn 'insane' legal crackdown could spark further unrest (Guardian)

Briton confirmed among Nepal quake dead amid rising criticism of FCO (Guardian)

Nepal Earthquake victims photographed and interviewed in 'Humans of Nepal' (Daily Mail)

Man charged with murder in Calif. firebombing (CBS News)

France increases diplomatic efforts to save man from execution in Indonesia (Guardian)

Baby boy rescued from Nepal earthquake rubble (Guardian)

Former Premier League striker Delroy Facey is jailed for two and a half years over match-fixing plot (Daily Mail)

Baltimore riots: Watch Baltimore Symphony Orchestra perform free concert for people 'who could use a little music' (Independent)

Court orders UK to cut pollution (BBC)

Nigeria hopes rescued women can offer clues to missing girls (Reuters)

King Salman chooses new Saudi rulers (Financial Times - Paywall)

Clinton to call for police body cams (CNN)

UK Life Expectancy Gap to Increase in Next 15 Years (Newsweek Magazine)

Pope Francis the feminist pleas that pay gap between men and women end (Daily Mail)

You won't win, Oxford student Ione Wells tells man who sexually assaulted her (Daily Mail)

Nepal earthquake: volunteers rescue elderly woman from rubble in Bhaktapur - video (Guardian)

Saudi King Stokes Tensions With Cabinet Reshuffle (Newsweek Magazine)

Teenager GUILTY of bungled terror plot to groom man with learning difficulties for Lee Rigby-style copycat killing (Daily Mail)

Australia holds off deporting migrant with autistic child after public outcry (Russia Today)

Indonesia executes drug traffickers, sparks anger from Australia, Brazil (Reuters)

This Man Had a Great Reason for Running a Marathon While Dressed as a Pair of Testicles (Time Magazine)

Baltimore unrest: Periscope captures tense build-up to curfew video (Guardian)

Protesters refuse to leave the street as night falls on Baltimore and curfew looms (Daily Mail)

Extent of the destruction from Nepal's earthquake (Guardian)

Pure scandal': Pope Francis slams pay disparity between men & women (Russia Today)

'Chaos': Police Officers Recall Theater Massacre Horror (NBC News)

So THAT'S why lobsters change colour when cooked: Heat destroys 'blue' proteins and leaves a red chemical behind (Daily Mail)

U.S. asks India, other to go slow in boosting trade ties with Iran (Reuters)

Ban on gay men donating blood 'may be justified' in certain cases European Court of Justice (Russia Today)

A Saudi Royal Shake-up With a Goal of Stability (New York Times - Paywall)

Why an Out of Control Spacecraft Is Bad News for Russia (Time Magazine)

Nepal earthquake day five - in pictures (Guardian)

Lil' Chris's death caused by hanging (BBC)

Is Baltimore Obama's Moment to Lose Restraint on Racial Politics? (NBC News)

Saudi monarch shakes up kingdoms hierarchy (CBS News)

Baltimore riots: See what presidential candidates had to say about the unrest (Independent)

Death penalty in the US: Supreme Court considers whether lethal injection is 'cruel and unusual punishment' and breaches Constitution (Independent)

Houthis withstand Saudi strikes in Yemen (Financial Times - Paywall)

Sainsbury's CEO Mike Coupe sentenced in his absence to two years in Egyptian jail (Daily Mail)

Did sanctions against Iran force country to negotiate? (CBS News)

Briton among Nepal earthquake dead (BBC)

US court divided on drug case (BBC)

U.S. Disaster Team Digs Through Earthquake Rubble (NBC News)

ISIS arsenal includes stolen NATO assault rifles and others stolen from Iraqi army (Daily Mail)

Victims finally escape earthquake zone (CNN)

What Should We Make of the Changes in the Saudi Court? (Newsweek Magazine)

The Baltimore minefield for 2016 hopefuls (BBC)

Quake death toll climbs above 5,000 (CNN)

Finland's 'teaching by topic' instead of 'teaching by subject' policy actually started in Norway 40 years ago (Independent)

Is the 'grow your own' facelift the new anti-ageing saviour? Nancy Sorrell, 40, tries out collagen-boosting treatment that takes 30 minutes and claims to last FOUR YEARS (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis: Christians should support equal pay for women (Guardian)

Flushed out! Hilarious pictures show drug dealer's unsuccessful attempt to get rid of his stash when police came knocking - down the TOILET (Daily Mail)

Tourist is trampled to death by giraffe in South African game reserve in Limpopo (Daily Mail)

Terror teen groomed man with learning difficulties to commit Lee Rigby copycat killing (Daily Star)

Relief starts reaching Nepal villages (BBC)

Baltimore mom: To see my son at riots with rock in hand, "I just lost it" (CBS News)

Freddie Gray's Death and the Law Cops Hide Behind (Newsweek Magazine)

Why the Scots could control the UK (CNN)

5 years a sex slave: 'Comfort woman' fights for justice (CNN)

Supreme Court orders UK to take immediate action' over illegal air pollution (Russia Today)

Senior female Isis figure who helped recruit women from Europe to Syria is revealed as student from Seattle (Independent)

VIDEO: Baltimore riot mother: 'It's unacceptable' (BBC)

MPs expenses must be published in full, court rules (Russia Today)

Heavy fighting in Yemen, Saudi Arabia trains tribal fighters (Reuters)

Open Letter to the Woman Who Lost it on her Son in Baltimore (Time Magazine)

Nepal earthquake survivors rush to leave Kathmandu (CBS News)

Man accused of pulling women's teeth out with pliers during sex 'because he liked gummy ladies' (Independent)

Americans safely off Mount Everest after escaping disaster (CBS News)

Gezi Park protest trial: Turkish court acquits all 26 defendants (Guardian)

Baltimore riots: Hillary Clinton says unrest shows that criminal justice system is out of balance' (Independent)

'I feel a part of me being lost': readers' stories of the Nepal earthquake (Guardian)

UK court orders air quality action (Financial Times - Paywall)

Supreme Court divided in historic gay marriage case (CBS News)

Baltimore riots leads MLB to hold first spectator-free game (CBS News)

Baltimore police clear defiant crowds after curfew (CBS News)

WorldViews: Turkish politician: Blonde girl' Marie Harf should comment on Baltimore (Washington Post - Paywall)

French police chase migrants off Calais motorway (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis Calls for Equal Pay for Women and Men (Time Magazine)

70 years since victory over Nazi Germany: Unique battle map in RT's special project (Russia Today)

Nepal earthquake: Four-month-old baby is rescued after 22 hours trapped under rubble (Independent)

Here's Why Courtney Love Is Getting Sued by the Co-Writer of Her Memoir (Time Magazine)

Anger over Indonesia executions (BBC)

Lost property will no longer be taken in by Kent police force (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Hatton: Why Mayweather will win (BBC)

Man and myth behind the 'Money' (CNN)

Saudi king announces new heirs (BBC)

Nepal quake sparks exodus of fear, frustration (CBS News)

How a Death Row Inmates Request to Give His Organs Kept Him Alive (Newsweek Magazine)

Three blind women describe being beautiful as falling in love, having fun and being strong in inspiring Dove video (Daily Mail)

Exclusive: Saudi Arabia trains Yemeni tribal fighters in war against Houthis - sources (Reuters)

In a surprise move, Saudi Arabia's king shakes up line of succession (Washington Post - Paywall)

Hillsborough police chief claims arriving drunk at football was a 'Liverpool characteristic' (Daily Mail)

Nepal Airport Provides Shelter, Relief After Earthquake (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Saudi king names counter-terrorism chief with D.C. ties as crown prince (Los Angeles Times)

Death toll from Nepal quake-triggered Everest avalanche rises to 19; most victims identified (Fox News)

Death row Briton 'could be next' (BBC)

Runaway car rolled off neighbour's driveway and smashed through pensioner's conservatory (Daily Mail)

New Saudi King Brings Major Change at Home and Abroad (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Dozens of police officers disciplined for abusing their warrant cards (Daily Mail)

Iran scraps cash handouts to the country's wealthy in efforts to ease burden on government (Fox News)

Watch The Emotional Moment This Man Finds A Ring He'd Lost 39 Years Ago In His Garden (Huffington Post)

Men like to get frisky in the morning, while women want sex at night (Daily Mail)

Baltimore community assembles to avoid second night of riots - video (Guardian)

Nepal earthquake: tensions rise over slow pace of aid (Guardian)

Not everything is where you think it is and she HAS faked it (probably more than once): Tracey Cox on what men need to know to give women what they want (Daily Mail)

What Baltimore Looked Like in the Aftermath of the Riot of 1968 (Time Magazine)

Nepal earthquake: fears grow over fate of thousands near epicentre (Guardian)

African husband, 45, threatens hunger strike after taking his British wife, 88, of 13 years to care home for respite and now social workers will not release her (Daily Mail)

Chased by far-right in the polls, Hungary's ruling Fidesz party seeks debate on death penalty (Fox News)

Kathmandu, Nepal, before and after the earthquake in pictures (Guardian)

Pope Says It's 'Pure Scandal' Women Earn Less Than Men (NBC News)

Forget coconuts... why ARTICHOKE water will be this summer's 'it' drink (Daily Mail)

Hamas police break up youths trying to protest in Gaza Strip to call for Palestinian unity (Fox News)

Protein World poster danger is the protein powder it pushes to women not the image (Daily Mail)

Saudi Arabia shakeup as much about retrenchment as reform (Guardian)

Pope decries 'scandal' of lower salaries for women (Reuters)

Baltimore riots: Whole Foods under fire for handing out free sandwiches to National Guard (Independent)

Furious wife tears off 'cheating' husband's windscreen with bare hands (Daily Mail)

'You're dead! I'm going to put you in the oven you s***!': Store workers shocked when man launches hilarious Homer Simpson-like rant over store Tannoy when his 'son gets lost' (Daily Mail)

Video: Israeli police arrest woman after allegedly setting a petrol pump on fire (Independent)

Looking Beyond the Earthquake: How Will Nepal Survive This Natural Disaster With One of the Weakest Health Systems in the World? (Huffington Post)

Tensions rise in Nepal after 'weak' response to deadly quake (Reuters)

Nepal earthquake: slow aid stirs anger in ravaged villages (Channel4)

Baltimore riots: Black councillor Carl Stokes tells TV anchor 'Just call them N*****s' (Independent)

Indonesia executions: prisoners sang Amazing Grace in last moments (Guardian)

VIDEO: Court rules on UK air pollution (BBC)

What you need to know about Indonesia drug executions (CNN)

Man pulled from earthquake rubble in Nepal after 80 hours (CNN)

Nepal earthquake: tour operators axe trips in fresh blow to fragile economy (Guardian)

VIDEO: DEC Nepal appeal raises over £19m (BBC)

Turkish court acquits anti-government protest organisers (Reuters)

Saudi royal reshuffle likely to ensure kingdom's US loyalty for decades (Russia Today)

Hungary PM: bring back death penalty and build work camps for immigrants (Guardian)

VIDEO: Michael Jackson impersonator tells cops to 'Beat It' in Baltimore riots (Daily Star)

Broken toilet leads to discovery of 2,000 years of history (Daily Mail)

Woman who dropped to FOUR STONE after years of battling anorexia makes an incredible recovery... and is snapped up by a modelling agency (Daily Mail)

Shipping Company Says Crew of Vessel Seized by Iran Is Safe (Time Magazine)

The man behind Instagram's most-liked photo (CNN)

UK surveillance court to rule on major privacy case (Russia Today)

Brooke Baldwin: CNN anchor apologises after suggesting US military veterans were responsible for Baltimore riots (Independent)

Egypt Sentences Sainsbury's Chief Executive To Two Years In Jail (Newsweek Magazine)

How a tweet wiped $8bn off Twitter (BBC)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Horror scenes as police raid illegal dog meat slaughterhouse (Daily Express)

Why Ed Was Right to See Brand and Why It Is Dacre, Murdoch and Cameron Who Are the Real Rusty Rockets (Huffington Post)

'It's problematic': inventor of US lethal injection reveals death penalty doubts (Guardian)

Protests Rock Ferguson in Wake of Baltimore Unrest (Time Magazine)

Indonesia executions: Mary Jane Veloso's last-minute reprieve came too late for newspapers (Independent)

Star treatment for Vietnam's humble war heroes 40 years after triumph (Reuters)

Indonesia executes 7 foreigners for drug smuggling (CBS News)

British grandmother on death row condemns 'senseless' deaths of Bali Nine duo (Daily Express)

I feel like giving up': Death row Brit fears she's next after Bali pair executed (Russia Today)

Saudi Arabia replaces crown prince (Financial Times - Paywall)

Woman Calls Police About Sexual Harassment, the Internet Reacts... by Harassing Her Further (Huffington Post)

Lindsay Sandiford, Death Row Briton, 'Deeply Saddened' By Executions Of Bali Nine Ringleaders (Huffington Post)

Crew of ship seized by Iran safe' (BBC)

Man With Terminal Cancer Dies In His Wife's Arms After The Pair Rush To Get Married (Huffington Post)

Indonesia Executes Drug Traffickers, Sparks Anger from Australia, Brazil (Newsweek Magazine)

Crew of ship seized by Iran is safe, company says, but motive is unclear (Fox News)

Nepal Earthquake Pictures Show Sheer Apocalyptic Devastation From Epicenter (Huffington Post)

Bosnia mourns victim of a police station attack; wows to strengthen fight against terrorism (Fox News)

Iran intercepts American ship (CNN)

Baltimore Streets Once Rocked by Riots Quiet After Curfew (Time Magazine)

Avalanche-Hit Nepal Trekkers Fight to Get on Rescue Flights (Newsweek Magazine)

Contact Made With Ship Detained by Iran (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Nepal Earthquake Death Toll Rises But Survivor Pulled From Rubble After Four Days (Huffington Post)

Baltimore riots: Bloods and Crips deny uniting to 'take-out' local police officers (Independent)

Saudi Arabia's King Salman announces major cabinet reshuffle and new heirs to throne (Independent)

Royal baby: Why a princess would be best (CNN)

Park overwhelmed by Nepal donations (BBC)

Nigeria Hails the Freeing of 200 Women and Children but Regrets Continued Captivity of Chibok Girls (Time Magazine)

Nepal earthquake: learn lessons or more will die in future disasters, warns expert (Guardian)

Saudi Arabia's King Salman Replaces Crown Prince (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Expat Brit killed in Nepal earthquake, Foreign Office confirms (Russia Today)

40 years after Vietnam War, wounds still fester between those who fought for north and south (Fox News)

Hong Kong police hunt kidnap gang that fled with $3.6-million ransom (Reuters)

Why are these watches worth a million dollars? (CNN)

Baltimore calm after some trouble as curfew began (CBS News)

Nigerian military evacuating, evaluating 293 girls and women rescued from Boko Haram forest (Fox News)

Baltimore Riot Media Coverage Is Neglecting All The Positive Things Going On (Huffington Post)

Trapped for 82 Hours, Man Drank Own Urine to Survive (NBC News)

Iran seizes cargo ship: British national among 24 sailors on board captured Maersk Tigris (Independent)

British money and aid pour into Nepal to help earthquake victims (Daily Mail)

Dutch court rules Srebrenica commander need not be prosecuted (Reuters)

Gained in translation: Obama's Persian language spokesman wins fans in Iran (Guardian)

Man chases camel down Abu Dhabi motorway video (Guardian)

Nigeria: 300 girls and women 'rescued from Boko Haram camp' (Channel4)

Richard Branson condemns Bali nine executions: 'The death penalty is cruel, barbaric, inhumane has no place in the world' (Independent)

Indonesia executes 8 drug convicts by firing squad, but grants Filipino reprieve (Fox News)

Quiet Streets: Baltimore Curfew Holds After Initial Clashes (NBC News)

Nepal quake death toll surpasses 5,000 as aid reaches epicenter area (Fox News)

Watch This Truly Insane Video of People Leaping Off Dubai's Princess Tower (Time Magazine)

Baltimore protester challenges US media about coverage of riots over Freddie Gray death (Independent)

Nepal earthquake: despair turns to anger (Channel4)

Retired Danish women are the happiest in Europe, study finds, thanks to high pensions, plenty of hobbies and hardly any childminding (Daily Mail)

Nepal earthquake: man pulled alive from rubble drank own urine to survive (Guardian)

Shipping company says crew of vessel seized by Iran is safe (Fox News)

Iran seizes Marshall Islands cargo ship in Gulf waters, Pentagon says (Guardian)

UN human rights office calls Indonesia executions 'incomprehensible' (Fox News)

Dutch court rules that top Dutch peacekeeper should not be prosecuted for Srebrenica massacre (Fox News)

Last man to beat 'Money Mayweather' lives on welfare (CNN)

France to scale back army job cuts due to terror risk (Reuters)

14 Inspirational Women Who Embody 'What's Working' In The UK By Striving To Improve The Lives Of Others (Huffington Post)

Hong Kong police hunt kidnappers who fled with 'millions' (Guardian)

Indonesia executions: bodies of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran arrive at funeral home as it happened (Guardian)

Nepal earthquake survivor trapped for three days tells how he drank own urine to stay alive (Independent)

Moment Nepal earthquake rescue team pull woman from the rubble after 50 hours (Daily Mail)

Baltimore mother filmed hitting her son after catching him in riot says she didn't want her child 'to be another Freddie Gray' (Independent)

Baltimore mother drags son out of riots video (Guardian)

Michelle is pretty in purple as the Obamas welcome Japanese Prime Minister and his wife for state dinner at the White House as violence rages 40 miles away in Baltimore (Daily Mail)

Nepal Protesters: 'The Government's Doing Nothing' (NBC News)

Baltimore citywide curfew begins (CBS News)

'Why I killed Jeffrey Dahmer': Christopher Scarver discusses killer's death and 'prison-wide plot' for the first time (Independent)

'Why I Killed Jeffrey Dahmer': Christopher Scarver discusses killer's death and 'prison-wide plot' for the first time (Independent)

Indian watchman fights off leopard with a stick and becomes hero (Daily Mail)

Shocking drone footage of Nepal (CNN)

Train gets blown off bridge by storm (CNN)

US Air Force refuelling jet disappears off radar over English Channel (Daily Mail)

'Nobody Cares': Baltimore Says It's Not Just Freddie Gray (NBC News)

Murder inquiry over man's death (BBC)

Poppy Smart reported wolf whistling to the police but is it flattery or a threat (Daily Mail)

NEPAL EARTHQUAKE: Heartless looters arrested (Daily Star)

British grandmother on death row in Indonesia loses hope after execution of Bali Nine pair (Independent)

Baltimore riots: The story behind the picture of a young boy handing water to police officers (Independent)

Indonesia Executes Seven Foreigners in Drug Cases (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Saudi king replaces crown prince with counterterrorism czar (Fox News)

Joseph Kent: Baltimore protesters call for release of student 'kidnapped by police live on national TV' (Independent)

Tories won't let Michael Gove off the leash and other spin doctor truths (Daily Mail)

Many still missing as toll for Nepal's earthquake tops 4,600 (Los Angeles Times)

Indonesia executions live: 'Hysterical' families heard prisoners being shot dead by firing squad (Independent)

VIDEO: Drones help aid relief in Nepal (BBC)

Baltimore mother praised by police for dragging son out of riots (Guardian)

Nepal earthquake death toll passes 5,000 as aid reaches area near epicenter (Fox News)

Why Australia's angry over executions (CNN)

Free Fall: Base jumping off world's tallest residential building takes breath away (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Ed Miliband's climate change law in the Brown years will cost £50k per home (Daily Mail)

Ray Lewis pleads for peace in Baltimore (CBS News)

Death Toll from Nepal Earthquake Crosses 5,000 as Rescue Teams Begin to Arrive at Remote Villages (Time Magazine)

2 reportedly shot during Ferguson protests after Baltimore #FreddieGray unrest (Russia Today)

Real talk: What Baltimore residents think of the unrest (CBS News)

David Cameron will outlaw any rise in VAT, income tax and NI for five years (Daily Mail)

Baltimore Sees Pockets of Resistance After 'Defining Moment' (NBC News)

Infant rescued from earthquake rubble (CNN)

Baltimore protests: police in riot gear disperse hundreds defying 10pm curfew (Guardian)

Man tasered and arrested for flying drone over lava lake (Daily Express)

Police enforce Baltimore curfew (CNN)

Bali Nine: Australia's clemency pleas weakened by fickleness on death penalty (Guardian)

Nepal quake survivor drank urine while trapped in rubble for 82 hours, saved by French team (Fox News)

Baltimore Quiets Under Blanket of Guard Troops Enforcing Curfew (NBC News)

Texas Judge halts death row inmates execution (CBS News)

Indonesia spares condemned woman for now but executes 8 men (Los Angeles Times)

Baltimore protests: 'acts of violence will not be tolerated' as it happened (Guardian)

Mom survives 36 hours under this earthquake rubble (CNN)

Saudi Arabia reshuffle as king appoints nephew to crown prince post (Guardian)

Indonesia executes 8 drug traffickers (Financial Times - Paywall)

Congressman: Abe has to apologize to comfort women (CNN)

Why Did Baltimore Explode? A History of a City in Decline (NBC News)

King Salman of Saudi Arabia Changes Line of Succession (New York Times - Paywall)

4/28: Baltimore calms after night of violence; police presence increased; American veterans reflect on their return to Vietnam (CBS News)

BREAKING: Man shot amid Ferguson protests near where Michael Brown was killed by police (Daily Express)

Australia PM 'deplores' what Indonesia has done (CNN)

Photos: After Violent Riots, a Calmer Night in Baltimore (Newsweek Magazine)

Police and protesters clash in Baltimore riot (Financial Times - Paywall)

Baltimore police enforce curfew (BBC)

How Baltimore Police Lost Control in 90 Minutes (Time Magazine)

Saudi King Appoints New Crown Prince (NBC News)

Who Took Video of Baltimore Mom Beating Rioting Son? (NBC News)

Nepal struggles with bottleneck of aid (CNN)

Bali Nine: fresh calls for review of federal police actions that led to executions (Guardian)

Saudi king names Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Nayef as crown prince in reshuffle (Fox News)

Baltimore Mayor Defends Handling of Riots (Time Magazine)

Texas death row inmate gets last minute stay of execution (Russia Today)

Man cooked alive with FIVE TONNES of tuna after getting locked in 35-foot industrial oven (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Gas canisters fired by Baltimore police (BBC)

Saudi Arabia says it thwarted plot to attack U.S. Embassy (Los Angeles Times)

Baltimore police stand firm over curfew (Financial Times - Paywall)

Opinion: How we burned Baltimore (CNN)

Rift between police and community underlies Baltimore unrest (CBS News)

Sinosphere Blog: Beijing Police Recommend Charges Against Civil Society Advocates (New York Times - Paywall)

Indonesia Reportedly Executes 8 for Drug Smuggling (Time Magazine)

Help is slow to reach hard-hit areas of Nepal (CBS News)

Bumble Bee worker cooked to death with tuna batch (Russia Today)

Indonesia executes 8 smugglers (CNN)

Baltimore's heroes: Man throws himself in front of rioters and a little boy gives water to cops in two incredible photos of kindness that have emerged from the chaos (Daily Mail)

Why was woman spared execution in Indonesia? (CNN)

Freddie Gray Protests Unite Baltimore Gang Members (Newsweek Magazine)

Baltimore Riot Cops Confront Curfew Breakers With Tear Gas (Newsweek Magazine)

Boko Haram kidnapped girls and women rescued by Nigerian Army (Daily Mail)

The death that changed Nascar (BBC)

Rescuers in Nepal finding total devastation in remote villages (Washington Post - Paywall)

Baltimore issues citywide nighttime curfew, youth version essentially 24 hours per day' (Russia Today)

Profiles of 7 foreigners and 1 Indonesian executed in Indonesia for drug trafficking (Fox News)

Baltimore Mom Explains Why She Smacked Son at Riot (Time Magazine)

Muslim women have sex with their husbands even on CAMELS, claims cleric (Daily Express)

Baltimore mom: "I dont want him to be a Freddie Gray" (CBS News)

Remote Nepal villages struggling (CNN)

Baltimore cleans up after riot (CNN)

Nigerian army says it rescued nearly 300 from Boko Haram hideout (CBS News)

E.U. Envisions Role for Iran in Peace Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

Ben Carson responds to Baltimore riots (CBS News)

Baltimore mom who smacked son during riots: "I dont want him to be a Freddie Gray" (CBS News)

Houses and families in Nepal ripped apart by earthquake (CNN)

Nigerian army 'rescues nearly 300' (BBC)

Students run as earthquake strikes in China (CNN)

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Gloves off as robe worn by boxing legend Muhammad Ali in the ring is set to fetch £150,000 (Daily Express)

Baltimore riots: Who was Freddie Gray, and what caused a neighbourhood to turn on itself? (Independent)

Baltimore riots: Who was Freddie Gray and what caused a neighbourhood to turn on itself? (Independent)

Who was Freddie Gray and what caused a Baltimore neighbourhood to turn on itself? (Independent)

It can't be business as usual' with Indonesia after Bali Nine executions, Tony Abbott says video (Guardian)

Members of 'Bali Nine' put to death by firing squad in Indonesia (Daily Star)

Indonesia executions: Bali Nine drugs smuggling gang executed as country ignores global outcry (Independent)

Indonesia executions: Bali Nine drugs smuggling gang executed as country ignores global outcry (Independent)

Bali Nine executions: Indonesia puts drugs smuggling ringleaders to death and ignores global outcry (Independent)

Bali Nine executions: Indonesia puts drugs smuggling ringleaders to death ignoring global outcry (Independent)

Why binge drinking can be a killer for both adults and teenagers (Daily Star)

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WorldViews: Russia beat Hitler with tanks. Now it's showing off the tank of the future. (Washington Post - Paywall)

WorldViews: Nigerian army claims to have rescued 293 women and girls (Washington Post - Paywall)

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Bali Nine' leaders executed by firing squad in Indonesia (Washington Post - Paywall)

Indonesia executions: Amnesty International condemns 'theatre of cruelty' as deaths by firing squad go ahead (Independent)

Indonesia executions: Amnesty International condemns 'theatre of cruelty' as firing squad deaths go ahead (Independent)

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PIERS MORGAN: As Baltimore burns with rage, is Obama going to be the President who did less for black Americans than a white one did? (Daily Mail)

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Indonesia executions: Convicts' death by firing squad attracts widespread condemnation (Independent)

Indonesia executions: Deaths by firing squad attracts widespread condemnation (Independent)

9 face Indonesia firing squad despite pleas from Pacquiao, other celebs (CBS News)

Baltimore mom caught beating rioting son draws praise (CBS News)

Nigerian army claims 293 girls and women rescued from Boko Haram camps (Independent)

Nigerian army claims 293 girls and women rescued from Sambisa forest (Independent)

Nigerian army claims 293 girls and women rescued from Boko Haram camps in Sambisa forest (Independent)

Baltimore Orioles to play White Sox in empty stadium in wake of unrest (Guardian)

Baltimore Orioles baseball game will be closed to the public over safety concerns (Independent)

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Tuna Company Charged in Death of Worker Cooked Alive (NBC News)

Algerian army kills 6 Islamic militants in an ambush in the country's north (Fox News)

Iran seizes Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship (CBS News)

Man cooked alive with over five tonnes of canned tuna (Daily Star)

Cops, Guard Move In as Baltimore Braces for More Violence (NBC News)

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MP expenses receipts to be published after court ruling (Daily Mail)

Supreme Court mulls same-sex marriage rights nationwide (Russia Today)

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Delhi man who lives, works and eats in a public toilet in India for £70 a month (Daily Mail)

5* Hyatt hotel in Nepal refuses to offer rooms or gardens to homeless locals (Daily Mail)

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Court grants assisted suicide review (BBC)

Leonie Granger who set a honey trap to lure Mehmet Hassan to death is jailed (Daily Mail)

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Comedian discovers secret two-way mirror in restroom allowing people to watch unsuspecting women on the TOILET (Daily Mail)

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