Saturday, 9th May 2015

World News

Socialist siege of Downing Street: Hard-left activists clash with police following David Cameron's triumphant return to Number 10 (Daily Mail)

Sacked - Our woman in Bali who had phone sex with jailed drugs baron: Married British student who was educated at Cambridge had romance with man at centre of Lindsay Sandiford smuggling plot (Daily Mail)

Labour big beasts savage Miliband: Senior figures line up to blame Red Ed for the party's shattering election defeat (Daily Mail)

My son's life was ripped apart by a woman who falsely cried 'rape'... twice: Police knew Oxford student was a fantasist - so why did they believe her? (Daily Mail)

Mother's Day gift from WWII soldier returned to Millville, Massachusetts, after 73 years (Daily Mail)

Putin on a show! Tanks rumble through Red Square as Russia stages biggest ever Victory Day military parade - but while Steven Seagal makes it to Moscow, Western leaders stay away (Daily Mail)

Crowds enjoy VE Day memorial concert (BBC)

Hollywood's Jihadi Hunter: The only action this British actor has seen is in movies. But here he is in the killing fields of the deadly war on IS. So is he a hero or a fool? Read his amazing story.... and you decide (Daily Mail)

Ed Miliband turns family man after general election defeat (Daily Mail)

Samantha Cameron returns to No.10 using her micro-scooter (Daily Mail)

Katherine Jenkins and Status Quo lead VE Day 70th anniversary concert (Daily Express)

Whitehall protest police arrest 17 (BBC)

Putin voices grievances as huge parade marks 70th anniversary of victory (Guardian)

Former Turkish president Evren, symbol of military era, dies at 97 (Reuters)

Election may set Britain on a path to becoming Little England (Washington Post - Paywall)

Angela Eagle 'Considering' Labour Leadership Bid Following General Election Defeat (Huffington Post)

Gove's return to heart of government renews rivalry with May as Cameron picks team to redraw political map (Guardian)

Russia stages WW2 victory parade as Ukraine bristles (Reuters)

Michael Gove will become Justice Secretary after helping to cement Tory victory (Daily Express)

Macedonia police killed in clashes (BBC)

Nepal earthquake: British doctor saved 23 lives after Everest avalanche (Guardian)

Family of British backpacker killed in Nepal earthquake pay tribute to 'kind, happy and caring' son who died doing something he loved (Daily Mail)

David Cameron Takes It All (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police Release Video Showing Cop Kick Suspect in Head (NBC News)

Gunfire, explosions in Macedonia as police battle 'armed group' (Reuters)

Putin Puts On Vast Victory Day Parade (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Airbus A400M military transporter crashes on test flight, killing four (Reuters)

Anti-Tory protesters deface war monument YARDS away from VE Day 70th anniversary concert (Daily Express)

Cambridgeshire Police force admits keeping children as young as 11 in cells overnight (Daily Mail)

Ed Miliband was writing victory speech then came that exit poll by ANDREW PIERCE (Daily Mail)

Pollsters whose election predictions were so wrong now wary of reporting investigation too early (Daily Mail)

Anti-Tory Protesters Vandalise Women Of World War II Monument Outside Downing Street (Huffington Post)

Mothers of dead police brutality victims march in DC (Russia Today)

94-Year-Old Man Finally Graduates From College, More Than 75 Years After He Started (Time Magazine)

At Least 3 Die as Military Transport Plane Crashes in Spain (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea Tests Missile in Clear Violation' of U.N. Resolution (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: Diplomats who survived helicopter crash (BBC)

U.S. Says Beijing Is Building Up South China Sea Islands (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'Million Mom March' protests police killings at Justice Department in pictures (Guardian)

North Korea stirs tensions with claim of new capability (CBS News)

Fifty inmates and 12 police killed in Iraq prison break - officials (Reuters)

Radio 1 host who bet Cameron £1,000 he would not win hasn't paid up (Daily Mail)

North Korea Says It Fired Missile From Submarine (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Castro's daughter sponsors blessing of Cuban gay couples a day before father visits pope (Fox News)

Why an Architect Wrote a 52,438-Word Dissertation With No Punctuation (Time Magazine)

Charlotte Church protests against Conservative party's general election win (Daily Mail)

Mubarak Sentenced to Three Years in Prison (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

VIDEO: Liberation Day remembered in Jersey (BBC)

Macedonia: 3 police officers dead, 20 injured in clashes with armed group in city of Kumanovo (Fox News)

4 Dead After Airbus Military Plane Crash in Spain (NBC News)

Alex Salmond declares he will see 'independence in my lifetime' after SNP's resounding victory in Scotland (Daily Mail)

Four Killed as Airbus A400M Military Plane Crashes in Spain (Newsweek Magazine)

Tories' double celebration after big local election gains and Ukip gets FIRST council (Daily Express)

British backpacker Matthew Carapiet among Nepal earthquake dead (Guardian)

UK student killed in Nepal earthquake (BBC)

Russia flexes military might for sparse crowd of dignitaries on Victory Day (Los Angeles Times)

Military plane crash in Spain kills crew (CBS News)

Is the voting system broken? Cameron takes half of seats with a third of votes as Ukip's 3.9million votes gets only one MP (Daily Mail)

Egypt's Hosni Mubarak Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison for Corruption Charges (Time Magazine)

VIDEO: V Day celebration outside Bolshoi Theatre (BBC)

Four Egyptian teenagers face trial for 'insulting Islam' - by making fun of ISIS (Daily Mail)

David Cameron reshuffle to 'reach out' to every wing of the Tory party (Daily Mail)

Moscow parade marks 70 years since WW2 victory (CNN)

Speeding driver who undertook police car said he was rushing to S Club 7 concert (Daily Mail)

Samantha Cameron Pictures Show Prime Minister's Wife Is Now A Scooter Commuter (Huffington Post)

Egyptian court sentences Mubarak and sons to three years in jail for corruption (Reuters)

David Miliband demands 'deep and honest thinking' after Labour election defeat (Daily Mail)

Macedonia: 4 police officers wounded in clash with armed group in northern town (Fox News)

Massive Russian Military Parade Marks 70th Anniversary of Victory Over Nazis (Time Magazine)

Obama aides' mixed results in UK elections (CNN)

North Korea boasts of firing ballistic missile from submarine (Reuters)

Read the Original Mother's Day Message (Time Magazine)

Russia showcases military might (CNN)

3 Dead, 2 Injured After Spanish Military Plane Crash (NBC News)

Celebrating V-E Day 70 years later (CNN)

'Staying in bed all day because I'm too upset': Milifandom in mourning after Ed resigns (Daily Star)

VIDEO: Two Libyan soldiers 'look for CCTV cameras' in British city before 'raping man' (Daily Express)

Spain military plane crash kills four (BBC)

Iraq jail riot: up to 50 inmaes and 12 police killed as dozens escape (Guardian)

George Galloway Could Be Planning To Run For Mayor Of London After Bradford West Election Defeat (Huffington Post)

Six 'drunk' British passenders arrested after causing chaos on Ryanair flight (Daily Mail)

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and his two sons sentenced to three years in jail (Daily Mail)

4 killed in plane crash on Atlanta highway (CBS News)

U.S. military base security tightens as terror concerns grow (CBS News)

Seville plane crash: aftermath of fatal accident involving military Airbus A400M - video (Guardian)

A disunited kingdom: Cameron is up against Scottish nationalism, English anti-Europeanism (Fox News)

North Korea says it has test-fired a missile from a submarine, a first (Washington Post - Paywall)

EXCLUSIVE: Laptops, handcuffs and a BOAT the £400,000 worth of items stolen from POLICE (Daily Express)

Why Do We Listen to Less Pop Music as We Get Older? (Newsweek Magazine)

Up to five dead as military plane crashes into field near airport in Seville (Daily Mail)

U.S., allies conduct 28 air strikes against Islamic State - U.S. military (Reuters)

Jihadis' gay honeytrap: ISIS militants trick men into dates so they can be 'arrested and thrown from rooftops' (Daily Mail)

Walthamstow EDL Protest Struggles For Numbers As Far-Right Swamped By UAF And Even Police (Huffington Post)

Parade for 100 years since WW1 march (BBC)

Outside No 11, the world remains as uncertain as ever for the chancellor (Guardian)

A woman was forced to restore her virginity 20 times after abuse before marriage to Isis fighters (Independent)

Why is Egypt's revolution dead? (CNN)

U.S. Congressman says engagement with China has diminished under Xi (Reuters)

Egypt: Hosni Mubarak sentenced to three years in prison (Guardian)

Football pundits rib David Cameron who confused his team Aston Villa with West Ham (Daily Mail)

French Tourist Vanishes in New York City, Police Say (NBC News)

China fast builds counter-space' capabilities to counter US satellites, Pentagon warns (Russia Today)

Putin Takes Swipe at U.S. in Massive Military Parade (NBC News)

ROBERT HARDMAN witnesses yesterday's VE Day celebrations (Daily Mail)

Military Plane Crashes in Spain, Killing Crew (Time Magazine)

Fashionista's guide to the hippest places in the world (Daily Mail)

VE Day film brings back memories for man who danced with future Queen (Guardian)

North Korea Claims Test-Fire of Ballistic Missile From Submarine (Newsweek Magazine)

Election 2015: Labour leader Ed Miliband's trouncing sends online 'Milifans' into meltdown (Daily Express)

Will Connor tracks down mystery girl who her left purse in his car FORTY years ago (Daily Mail)

China brings former official suspected of graft back from Singapore (Reuters)

Why the MTA Can't Be the Offensiveness Police' (Newsweek Magazine)

Prince Harry begins official eight day visit to New Zealand - video (Guardian)

North Korea Claims 'Eye-Opening' Missile Test Success (NBC News)

Police clash with armed group in northern Macedonian town, 4 officers wounded (Fox News)

Military Airbus crashes in Spain (Financial Times - Paywall)

Mubarak Sentenced to Three Years in Corruption Case Retrial (Newsweek Magazine)

Idris Elba can't hide his smile as he breaks the 'Flying Mile' UK land speed record in a £175k Bentley (Daily Mail)

US calls on North Korea to refrain from inflaming tensions in region (Guardian)

Nicola Sturgeon Pictured With All 56 Of Her New MPs After Election Result Victory (Huffington Post)

VIDEO: Stage set for VE Day tribute (BBC)

Scottish Nationalists Rejoice in Big British Election Win (New York Times - Paywall)

China accelerates land reclamation in disputed islands - Pentagon (Reuters)

Photographer Angelica Dass attempts to capture every shade of human skin in the world (Daily Mail)

Immortal Regiment' marches on: World celebrates Victory Day (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Mubarak jailed for three years in retrial (Financial Times - Paywall)

Liberia Is Free of Ebola, World Health Organization Declares (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia marks VE day with military parade in Moscow - video (Guardian)

Military jet crashes near Coca-Cola factory in southern Spain reports (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Photos Of Ed Miliband Leaving Home With Family Following Election Result Defeat (Huffington Post)

Conservative MP Stewart Jackson Booed During Victory Speech In Peterborough After General Election 2015 (Huffington Post)

Spanish prime minister says military plane crash kills crew, forces closure of Seville airport (Fox News)

BREAKING: Military plane comes down near Seville airport (Daily Star)

Military Airbus A400M Airplane Crashes Outside Seville Airport In Spain (Huffington Post)

Liberia Is Free of Ebola, World Health Organization Says (Time Magazine)

Heartbroken #Milifans in mourning after Ed Miliband's exit and election defeat (Daily Mail)

Russia Flexes Military Might as Foreign Leaders Stay Away From V-E Parade (Newsweek Magazine)

Seville airport closed after military transport plane crashes near Coca-Cola factory (Independent)

Seville airport crash: At least three people killed as A400M military plane plunges into field (Independent)

BREAKING: Military plane crashes close to Coca-Cola factory in southern Spain (Daily Express)

Fort Mac: despite shock election in Alberta, Canada's remote boomtown thunders on (Guardian)

North Korea claims it tested a submarine-launched missile (Los Angeles Times)

Russia's Victory Day military parade - in pictures (Guardian)

On a day of World War II remembrance, Putin warns that conflict could come again (Washington Post - Paywall)

VE Day anniversary: church bells ring out across UK (Guardian)

Macedonia: Police clash with armed group in northern Macedonian town, 4 policemen wounded (Fox News)

Eyewitness: Shandong province, China (Guardian)

Calls For Proportional Representation Grow Following General Election 2015 (Huffington Post)

Unused, no longer needed: Buy your own Ed Stone ornament on eBay for just £5 with a victory suit and unopened champagne thrown in (Daily Mail)

Wales remembers VE Day anniversary (BBC)

36 killed as 40 inmates escape Iraq prison, police say (Fox News)

Court sentences Egypt's Hosni Mubarak to 3 years in prison, fine on corruption charges. (Fox News)

Police in the Balkans block inauguration of Europe's new "mini-state" (Fox News)

David Dimbleby Wins Election Coverage Ratings For BBC, Jeremy Paxman On Channel 4 Beats ITV (Huffington Post)

Russia celebrates Victory Day (CNN)

Victory Day: Why Kim canceled Moscow visit (CNN)

EU referendum: Merkel will work with Cameron on EU but will Tories let him? (Guardian)

North Korea says it tested submarine ballistic missile (Fox News)

French riot police use tear gas to suppress migrants bound for the UK at Calais (Daily Mail)

Youth, 17, charged with plotting 'imminent' terror attack after police raided home in Melbourne and found THREE home-made bombs (Daily Mail)

Silent tribute for VE day heroes (Daily Star)

General Election Polls To Be Investigated By Independent Inquiry Over Shock Conservative Win (Huffington Post)

Cameron Basks in Victory, While Tests Await (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Pentagon boosts alert level at military bases following ISIS threats (Russia Today)

Will UK stay in European Union? (CNN)

Putin, in swipe at US, decries 'unipolar world' at Victory Day parade (Fox News)

Why were UK polls wrong and what can U.S. learn? (CNN)

Mercy mission: David Cameron sympathises with 110 illegal migrants stranded in Med (Daily Star)

Bodies of Pakistan crash victims brought to capital (Reuters)

Sinosphere Blog: Chinese Debate the Meaning of Alan Mak's Election to the British Parliament (New York Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: How election night and day unfolded (BBC)

Macedonian police say pursue 'armed group', media report gunfire (Reuters)

10 buildings built for World Fairs that have lasted (CNN)

Could ants and lizards transform the world of work? (CNN)

Australian police thwart imminent bomb attack, teen charged (Reuters)

VIDEO: Church bells to ring out for VE Day (BBC)

VIDEO: Live: Russia marks 70th WW2 Victory Day (BBC)

Cameron mulls make-up of new cabinet (BBC)

Raining on Putin's parade: Why so many no-shows for WWII celebration? (Los Angeles Times)

Bodies of ambassadors, diplomats' wives and crew from Pakistan helicopter crash reach capital (Fox News)

China must guard against Japan's denial of history - army paper (Reuters)

Putin's Russia Has To Deal With the Legacy of World War II (Time Magazine)

Iraqi nun initially denied visa because ISIS drove her from home now headed for US (Fox News)

Australian police say they disrupted Melbourne bomb plot (Fox News)

North Korea Says It Test-Fired Missile From Submarine (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea fires ballistic missile from SUBMARINE and it could be heading OUR WAY next (Daily Express)

CNN goes inside an upscale North Korean apartment (CNN)

North Korea announces test of submarine-launched missile (Guardian)

Why Germans love to get naked (CNN)

Atlanta plane crash victims were heading to college graduation (CBS News)

ISIS sex atrocities: Child rape, forced virginity surgeries exposed in UN report (Russia Today)

BREAKING: Major search for aircraft lost over ocean amid fears all on board DEAD in crash (Daily Express)

Diplomats Killed in Pakistan Helicopter Crash (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Fallout from the election campaign complicates British politics (Los Angeles Times)

Mexico police seize $2.9 million in cash purportedly being transported to criminal group (Fox News)

An age when sex was worth waiting for... and love lasted a lifetime, as revealed in the magical memories of Britain's greatest generation who lived through two world wars (Daily Mail)

Rare look at North Korea's demilitarized zone (CNN)

Why Bill Gates is wrong about Ebola (CNN)

Stressed? The unexpected reasons why (CNN)

North Korean kids taught devotion to the supreme leader (CNN)

David Cameron's narrow general election victory by RICHARD LITTLEJOHN (Daily Mail)

Ambassadors killed in helicopter crash (CNN)

BREAKING: Police foil 'terror plot to detonate three bombs just HOURS before attack' (Daily Express)

Three UK party leaders resign (CNN)

Why Scots are smiling without power (CNN)

Why poll matters to rest of the world (CNN)

Police say they disrupted terror plot to detonate 3 bombs in Australian city of Melbourne (Fox News)

Russia flexes military muscle with tank display (CNN)

Sex slave forced to marry TWENTY ISIS fighters and has virgin surgery each time (Daily Mail)

The Affair's sex scenes had US critics in a lather and now it's landed in the UK (Daily Mail)

What can UK voters expect from Tory majority govt? (Russia Today)

Third biggest party but still Nigel Farage quits: Ukip leader resigns after failing to win seat... but admits he could still stand again in leadership election (Daily Mail)

Kurdish Leader Agrees to Accept Arms on U.S. Terms in Fight Against ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

David Cameron and Samantha enjoy romantic meal at Mark's club (Daily Mail)

Report your lost property on Reportmyloss website for £4, say police (Daily Mail)

General Election 2015: A searing verdict from the editor of the New Statesman (Daily Mail)

David Cameron welcomed back to Downing Street by staff after Conservatives' stunning general election win (Daily Mail)

Markets soar and close on a high after Conservatives trounce Labour in general election (Daily Mail)

How gamblers beat the pollsters at calling the election (Daily Mail)

General Election 2015: JAN MOIR'S view from the sofa (Daily Mail)

David Cameron's 12-month election honeymoon: Prime Minister's chance for radical Conservative policy blitz on welfare, schools... and even an early referendum on Europe (Daily Mail)

U.S. concerned China behind "malicious" cyber-attack on U.S. sites (CBS News)

World Briefing: Thailand: Urgent Plea Over Trafficking (New York Times - Paywall)

World Briefing: Ukraine: Leader Gives War's Grim Toll (New York Times - Paywall)

Billy Elliot: still dancing 10 years on (BBC)

World Briefing: Iraq: Bombings Kill 22 at Shiite Mosques (New York Times - Paywall)

I won't let the Scots break up the UK, vows PM: David Cameron promises strongest devolved government anywhere in the world after Nicola Sturgeon says 'our voice will be heard' (Daily Mail)

David Cameron names his Conservative top team for a second term after general election win (Daily Mail)

How David Cameron faces deadliest of enemies in SNP's Nicola Sturgeon (Daily Mail)

General election: Thank God for the good sense of British voters, by MAX HASTINGS (Daily Mail)

Election guru Lynton Crosby is credited for David Cameron's winning general election campaign for Conservatives (Daily Mail)

Ed Miliband resigns as Labour leader after general election defeat (Daily Mail)

General election memes poke fun at Labour and Liberal Democrat woes as SNP sweeps Scotland (Daily Mail)

From Gdansk to Dachau: Europe marks 70 yrs since WW2 victory (Russia Today)

Baltimore: Freddie Gray police threaten to sue state's attorney Marilyn Mosby (Guardian)

Cameron vows to unite Britain as Nicola Sturgeon warns: Scotland's voice must be heard (Daily Express)

NYPD officer Brian Moore's funeral attended by thousands of police (Daily Mail)

China 'expanding island building' (BBC)

NI marks 70th anniversary of VE Day (BBC)

Bill Richardson: Obama Administration Policy on North Korea Is Not Working (Time Magazine)

Lawyers for Baltimore Police Officers Want Prosecutor Off Freddie Gray Case (Time Magazine)

Why Millennials Might Be Having Less Sex Than Their Parents (Time Magazine)

Cameron's Conservatives Sweep to U.K. Election Victory (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Who is the fake sheikh selfie taker who gave Conservative leader David Cameron the finger? (Daily Mail)

Extremists order Muslims to boycott general election in intimidating leaflets warning voting is a sin (Daily Mail)

When two princesses celebrated VE Day (CNN)

North Korean regime insider: We may use nuke if forced (CNN)

China blacklisting naughty tourists (CBS News)

SNP's Nicola Sturgeon celebrates with STAG GROUP in Edinburgh Airport after general election success (Daily Mail)

Alastair Campbell admits he believed his own general election propaganda about Labour leader Ed Miliband (Daily Mail)

Russell Brand hits out at 'mean' Conservatives as Labour luvvies lament general election loss (Daily Mail)

Diplomats die in fiery crash on goodwill tour (CNN)

Dismal night for far-right: Support for BNP virtually disappears on torrid election day (Daily Express)

Judge Declares Mistrial in Case of Etan Patz, Missing 36 Years (Time Magazine)

Vintage World War II planes fly over D.C. (CBS News)

Party leaders join in VE Day ceremony (BBC)

UN asks why France didn't probe sex abuse claims earlier; US wants impartial investigation (Fox News)

Pakistan Helicopter Crash Kills 2 Ambassadors (New York Times - Paywall)

UK General Election Results: Europe Reacts (Newsweek Magazine)

70 Years After VE Day, the Last Witnesses Remember (Newsweek Magazine)

Vintage Planes Make Washington Flyover in Honor of V-E Day (Newsweek Magazine)

Saudi-led coalition bombs Houthis in north Yemen, offers five-day truce (Reuters)

Undeclared Chemical Weapons Traces Reported at Syrian Military Site (Time Magazine)

General Election Pollsters To Conduct Enquiry Into Why They Were So Wrong (Huffington Post)

Georgia politician who campaigned against motorcycle helmets dies in motorcycle crash (Independent)

Venezuelan police officer who killed 14-year-old at protest sentenced to 18 years in prison (Fox News)

ISIS threat heightens U.S. security (CNN)

U.S., allies conduct 14 air strikes against Islamic State militants - military (Reuters)

China's land reclamation in disputed waters stokes fears of military ambitions (Guardian)

Hackney driver swerves onto pavement before ploughing into female police officer (Daily Mail)

VE Day veterans lead silent tribute to their fallen comrades (Daily Mail)

Convicted rapist left trail of destruction through London during police chase (Daily Mail)

ISIS threat prompts U.S. military bases to raise security level (CBS News)

World Briefing: Russian Court Sentences Ex-Official to 5 Years in Prison in Corruption Case (New York Times - Paywall)

WorldViews: Why China is removing crosses from hundreds of churches (Washington Post - Paywall)

Thousands gather in Washington DC to mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day - video (Guardian)

Q&A: Pamela Geller, the Woman ISIS Wants Dead (Newsweek Magazine)

Images show Vietnam South China Sea reclamation, China defends own (Reuters)

Victory in Europe: Newsweek's Coverage of WWII Surrender, Celebrations (Newsweek Magazine)

European Council urges Cameron to keep Britain in EU (Russia Today)

Masonic Fraternal Police Department: Three Californians charged with establishing fake police force (Independent)

David Miliband's General Election Tweet Branded Cryptic By Damian McBride Who Tells Him To 'Shut Up' (Huffington Post)

Elderly nun gang-raped in India: Police arrest 'prime suspect' in case (Independent)

What Gillian Taylforth told police as she was put in handcuffs revealed (Daily Mail)

In British election, opposition is left hunting for new leaders and direction (Washington Post - Paywall)

Sunderland mugger dropped phone during attack and called police to get it back (Daily Mail)

Russia also has its Victory Day but nobody else wants to share it (Independent)

Cameron faces task to defuse nationalism (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ladies at Chester Races in flimsy frocks brave torrential rain on the final day (Daily Mail)

How the world's media reacted to general election results 2015 (Daily Mail)

Britain's election night from #BigRedBus (CNN)

Handbook reveals how to sell Magaluf booze cruises to British tourists (Daily Mail)

Emergency Landing for Vintage WWII Plane During Victory in Europe Flyover in D.C. (Newsweek Magazine)

U.S. asks China to investigate cyber attack targeting U.S. sites (Reuters)

Election 2015 results: At-a-glance (BBC)

US raises security level at military bases in aftermath of Isis-inspired Texas gun attack (Independent)

World Briefing: Salman Khan, Bollywood Star, Is Allowed to Remain Free on Bail in India (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama leads VE Day events in US (BBC)

Russia, China agree to integrate Eurasian Union, Silk Road, sign deals (Russia Today)

Kelvin Hewitt who had his penis chopped off last year found dead by police (Daily Mail)

Helicopter crash in Pakistan kills ambassadors of Norway, Philippines (Washington Post - Paywall)

Pakistan air crash kills ambassadors (BBC)

Russia and China Sign Cooperation Pacts (New York Times - Paywall)

Cameron's Election Hangover: Showdowns With EU, Scotland (NBC News)

Baltimores Police Department Is Just Latest Under Pressure (Newsweek Magazine)

V-E Day Is Celebrated Across Europe (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Samantha Cameron wears Preen dress to meet The Queen after Tory election win (Daily Mail)

Tory election victory focuses EU minds on British membership (Guardian)

UK 'political earthquake' rocks EU (BBC)

Military Ramps Up Security Measures at U.S. Bases (NBC News)

Gigantic invisible halo' stretches 1mn light years toward Milky Way from Andromeda (Russia Today)

Pakistan helicopter crash kills Norwegian, Philippine ambassadors (Reuters)

Conservatives win unexpected majority in U.K. election (CBS News)

World War Two aircraft lost for 70 YEARS found Pacific Ocean seabed (Daily Mail)

China Parades Closer Ties in Moscow (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Human traffickers killed by police in beach gunfight in Bangladesh (Reuters)

Justice Dept opens probe into Baltimore police (Russia Today)

SNP landslide in Scotland: Scots rejected British colonial nationalism' (Russia Today)

SNP Scottish victory a vote against austerity' - Sturgeon (Russia Today)

Cameron re-appoints senior ministers (BBC)

Russia, China Sign Economic Accords (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Baltimore police department faces federal civil rights investigation - video (Guardian)

Barack Obama Congratulates David Cameron On Conservative General Election 2015 Win (Huffington Post)

Video: Obama Devotes Weekly Address to Allied Victory in Europe (Newsweek Magazine)

Nick Clegg And Ed Miliband Sombre In Last Official Duty Marking 70th VE Anniversary In London With David Cameron (Huffington Post)

Bank of terror': 5 accused of conning pensioners to fund ISIS (Russia Today)

Shares surge on election outcome (BBC)

Mother FORGOT giving birth to one-year-old daughter after horrific car crash (Daily Mail)

VE Day 70 years on: readers' photos and stories (Guardian)

Election 2015: The day after the night before (BBC)

Drunk teenage soldier high on ecstasy and cocaine kills friend in car crash (Daily Mail)

Sinosphere Blog: Student Protest Derails Chinese Military Visit to Hong Kong Campus (New York Times - Paywall)

British prime minister David Cameron re-elected after tough race (CBS News)

British elections: 3 rivals quit party posts after Cameron victory (Los Angeles Times)

WorldViews: Is David Cameron Britain's Netanyahu? (Washington Post - Paywall)

Texas police may have been alerted about "Draw Muhammad" attack plot (CBS News)

May 7th, 2015 - the day the United Kingdom died? (Russia Today)

Cameron 'must make case' for EU (BBC)

Cameron Promises Scotland Worlds Strongest Devolved Government (Newsweek Magazine)

Ukraine teen Vita Zaverukha revealed as neo Nazi arrested for killing police (Daily Mail)

Stocks and the Pound Surge as UK Conservatives Take Office (Newsweek Magazine)

UK Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage Defeated in UK Election (Newsweek Magazine)

Best Welsh Tory election in 30 years (BBC)

Conservatives secure stunning victory (Financial Times - Paywall)

Cameron sweeps to victory in UK election (Financial Times - Paywall)

News Analysis: Cameron's Victory Sets Stage for Fights Over Europe, Scotland and Austerity (New York Times - Paywall)

Pollsters face inquiry into election debacle (Financial Times - Paywall)

WorldViews: Don't forget how the Soviet Union saved the world from Hitler (Washington Post - Paywall)

Rare 4.0 quake rocks north Texas amid fracking debate (Russia Today)

Parade Relay: RT to air live Victory Day commemorations from across Russia (Russia Today)

VE Day meet up for Women factory workers who built British Spitfires (Daily Mail)

Victory Remembered (CNN)

UUP make biggest gain in NI election (BBC)

A Parade Hailing Russia's World War II Dead and Marching Further From the West (New York Times - Paywall)

WorldViews: 4 ways the British elections have changed everything (Washington Post - Paywall)

20 things you may have missed from the election (BBC)

Sinosphere Blog: Courts in China Face Balancing Act on Domestic Abuse (New York Times - Paywall)

Putin: Russia & China worst affected by WW2, reject rehabilitation of Nazism & militarism (Russia Today)

Foreign diplomats killed in Pakistan copter crash (CBS News)

UKIP election failure: Their focus was too narrow' (Russia Today)

British Election's Other Losers: Pollsters (New York Times - Paywall)

WWII victory doesn't bring Russia, Ukraine together as Kiev turned war criminals into heroes' (Russia Today)

Climate change is UN-led hoax to create 'new world order' Australian PM's adviser (Russia Today)

UK trade deficit narrows in March (BBC)

Deputy PM Nick Clegg resigns, as Liberal Democrats decimated in election (Russia Today)

Conservatives take surprising lead in UK election (CBS News)

North Korean workers exploited abroad (Financial Times - Paywall)

VIDEO: Cameron: 'The sweetest victory of all' (BBC)

Ed Miliband resigns as Labour Party leader after general election defeat (Russia Today)

Election 2015: The results in pictures (BBC)

Official: Baiji refinery now 80% controlled by ISIS (CNN)

Russian spacecraft hurtling towards Earth set to crash in Kent sea (Daily Mail)

Lighthouse of Alexandria: Ancient wonder of the world to be rebuilt in Egypt (Russia Today)

Pentagon: U.S. training Syrians to fight ISIS (CBS News)

British election results point to commanding lead for Conservatives (Washington Post - Paywall)

Trade slump highlights China slowdown (Financial Times - Paywall)

Meme's the word: US lawmakers want to 'blow ISIS out of the water' with...the internet (Russia Today)

VE Day memories recalled 70 years on (BBC)

San Francisco probe of police racism puts 3,000 cases under review (Russia Today)

General Election 2015 LIVE: THREE leaders quit as winner Cameron heads to the Palace (Daily Express)

Why China's slowdown matters (BBC)

The last British Dambuster (BBC)

British election results produce seismic political shift in Scotland (Washington Post - Paywall)

The main parties in the British Parliament (Washington Post - Paywall)

Police union sues Port Authority for warrantless search of cops' phones (Russia Today)

Mac on... The election results (Daily Mail)

British exit polls show Conservatives with a commanding lead (Washington Post - Paywall)

Why tech is getting in the way of work (BBC)

U.S. troops begin training Syrian rebels to fight ISIS (CBS News)

WorldViews: British people are sharing how they voted on social media and it could get them in trouble (Washington Post - Paywall)

Burundi mob burn a man to death after police shoot dead a protester (Daily Mail)

Farkhunda Malikzada murder: 'The day Kabul changed' (Channel4)

May Day mayhem (Economist Magazine - Paywall)

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