Tuesday, 12th May 2015

World News

U.S. Marine helicopter missing in Nepal (CBS News)

Prince Harrys posts first pic to Twitter (CBS News)

NFL investigator: Direct evidence shows Brady knew about deflated footballs (CBS News)

94-year-old man finishes college 76 years after first enrolling (CBS News)

Iran promises to protect alleged aid ship bound for Yemen (CBS News)

Magaluf fails to crackdown on drunken Brits as a dwarf spanks man in video (Daily Mail)

Remains of Irish woman mysteriously killed in U.S. in 1832 headed home (CBS News)

The terrified mother who gave birth as the Nepal earthquake struck - 'I watched cracks appear in hospital walls and patients run for their lives' (Daily Mail)

US Marine helicopter disappears in Nepal while providing earthquake relief (Daily Mail)

Nepal Hit by More Big Earthquakes (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Germany REJECTS demand for EU treaty change in first Brussels talk since election (Daily Mail)

Russia delays ISS astronauts' return (BBC)

Yemen truce starts after shelling, Iran sends cargo ship (Reuters)

No charges in Wisconsin police shooting of unarmed biracial teen - video (Guardian)

U.S. Marine helicopter with 8 on board missing in Nepal (CBS News)

Magnitude 6.8 earthquake hits off Japanese island of Honshu - USGS (Reuters)

Powerful 6.8 earthquake strikes off Japan's Honshu island (Russia Today)

U.S. Monitoring Another Iranian Ship Headed Towards Yemen (NBC News)

John Kerry has 'frank' meeting with Putin in first visit to Russia since Ukraine crisis (Daily Express)

The Most Heartbreaking Moments in Tom Brokaw's Cancer Memoir (Time Magazine)

Fresh earthquake kills scores in Nepal and India (Reuters)

Kremlin Critic's Posthumous Report Links Russian Soldiers to Ukraine (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. Military Helicopter on Aid Mission in Nepal Is Missing (New York Times - Paywall)

Steve Scott's Exercise Every Day reveals how to turn working out into an enjoyable habit (Daily Mail)

U.S. Marine Helicopter With Eight Aboard Missing in Nepal (Newsweek Magazine)

New Nepal quake kills in three countries (CNN)

Man defends gollyw** dolls in his shop window as 'customers want to buy them' (Daily Star)

Canadian man fired by his company after vulgar remark on TV (Fox News)

Teen soldier William Brutnell killed himself after he was accused of rape (Daily Mail)

NFL Investigator Says He Found Direct Evidence Against Tom Brady (Time Magazine)

Killed by a hot tub: DIY chain sued after store display leaves three dead of Legionnaires (Daily Express)

Probe of police shooting of Tamir Rice, 12, nears end (CBS News)

Prosecutor: Wisconsin Police Officer Will Not Face Charges in Shooting Death of Unarmed Biracial Teen (Newsweek Magazine)

Tony Robinson: Prosecutors will not charge police officer over shooting death of black teenager (Independent)

WorldViews: Watch: The devastation in Nepal after a second earthquake (Washington Post - Paywall)

Most Republican Presidential Candidates Viewed Negatively, Researchers Find (Newsweek Magazine)

Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson's former family home goes on sale for the first time since he sold it in 1956 (Daily Mail)

Iran warships to accompany humanitarian cargo ship to Yemen (Russia Today)

U.S. Marine Corps Helicopter Missing in Nepal (NBC News)

U.S., Russia speak of cooperation but no breakthroughs (Reuters)

No charges for Wisconsin police officer who killed unarmed teenager (Guardian)

Boost for homeowners and first time buyers as mortgage rates are slashed (Daily Mail)

Strikes hit Yemen ahead of ceasefire (BBC)

Marine helicopter based at Camp Pendleton reported missing in Nepal (Los Angeles Times)

Kerry holds talks with Putin during first visit to Russia in two years (Guardian)

Dozens killed as another major quake hits Nepal weeks after deadly tragedy (Washington Post - Paywall)

NFLs Brady punishment "bit of a sledgehammer killing an ant" (CBS News)

Watch the First Trailer for the New ABC Muppets Series (Time Magazine)

JAILED for 10 years: Wicked man who threw his grandmother across room (Daily Express)

Dozens die in fresh Nepal quake (BBC)

Kerry in Russia at 'critical moment' (CNN)

Nottinghamshire police ban children from playing football in their street (Daily Mail)

Bangladeshi Blogger Who Wrote on Site Promoting Secularism Is Killed (New York Times - Paywall)

3 Charts That Show Why Verizon Wants AOL (Time Magazine)

Man Accused in Killing of Future Mother-in-Law (NBC News)

Nepal earthquake: US helicopter reported missing as dozens reported dead live (Guardian)

Refuge -- in the world's most dangerous airport (CNN)

US helicopter missing in Nepal (BBC)

Shocking video shows Calais police kicking and pushing migrants (Daily Mail)

Georgia man found hanging from tree (CNN)

The world's most expensive food revealed (Daily Mail)

Deflate-Gate Lawyer: I Wasn't Out to Get Brady (NBC News)

Iranian Cargo Ship Heads Toward Yemen and Saudi Blockade (New York Times - Paywall)

Ukraine crisis: Fear of the future leads to calls for 'a wall like Israel's' to protect the porous border with Russia (Independent)

Nepal earthquake: US Marine helicopter reported "missing" with eight crew and emergency supplies (Independent)

New sports minister Tracey Crouch is a Tottenham fan and FA-qualified coach who has spoken out against Russia and Qatar World Cups (Daily Mail)

Iran should send aid ship to Djibouti, not Yemen says US (Guardian)

VIDEO: Why El Nino might cause 'substantial weather' (BBC)

Hundreds feared dead as another strong earthquake strikes devastated Nepal (Guardian)

Freddie Gray officer had innocent man prosecuted as part of lengthy feud (Guardian)

Yemen crisis: Up to a third of soldiers involved in country's civil war are children, claims Human Rights Watch (Independent)

GCHQ openly recruits computer geeks for the first time (Daily Mail)

Muslim group to consult on plans for Britain's first women's mosque (Guardian)

Pope says environmental sinners will face God's judgment for world hunger (Guardian)

Ukraine crisis: Report started by murdered Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov claims Russia has spent £673m to fund the conflict (Independent)

MPs rack up £70,000 bill on iPads and iPhones months before general election (Daily Mail)

Nepal relives quake nightmare (CNN)

Man stabs girlfriend after she declined marriage proposal (CBS News)

Man sneezes out DART after suffering with blocked nose for 43 years (Daily Star)

Sales of Tom Brady Merchandise Double (NBC News)

US Marine helicopter missing in Nepal earthquake aid mission (Fox News)

Iraqi Kurdish commander who helped lead fight against ISIS killed (CBS News)

World's 10 most scenic airport landings (CNN)

Man Utd - better off under Glazers? (BBC)

Three killed by Legionnaires' disease from garden centre's display HOT TUB (Daily Mail)

Nepal Rattled by Powerful New Earthquake East of Capital (New York Times - Paywall)

Kerry's Russia visit shows US seeks to soothe relations' (Russia Today)

Why Verizon Bought AOL to Achieve Domination (NBC News)

Depressed About The Election Result? Here Are Some Feelgood Videos To Help Restore Your Faith In Humanity (Huffington Post)

Dozens Killed as New Quake Rocks Devastated Nepal (NBC News)

Nemtsov report says 220 Russian troops died in Ukraine (Financial Times - Paywall)

Autumn Allen told by Cambodian TV she will meet her mom when man in drag appears (Daily Mail)

Iran says navy will protect aid ship heading to Yemen ahead of 5-day humanitarian cease-fire (Fox News)

4 Yemen Al Qaeda leaders killed in suspected US drone strike (Fox News)

Tory 'earn or learn' plan to be at heart of David Cameron's first Queen's Speech (Daily Mail)

At least 15 killed in Syria government attack, activists say (Fox News)

Burundi: 1 more killed bringing death toll to 15 in protests over president's 3rd term bid (Fox News)

WorldViews: The awkward gifts the U.S. and Russia give each other (Washington Post - Paywall)

Meet Roxxxy, the most realistic sex robot EVER (Daily Star)

So THAT'S why plane windows contain holes: Expert reveals the 'air conduit' acts as a failsafe to protect the craft if the outer pane cracks (Daily Mail)

Was NFL punishment for Tom Brady and Patriots too tough? (CBS News)

Man admits killing stepfather by giving him atomic wedgie (Daily Star)

Nepal earthquake hits near Everest weeks after 8,000 died (Daily Mail)

Key Tips And Tricks For Travelling With A Baby On A Plane For The First Time (Huffington Post)

'You're my f****** life': Woman's picture of baby smoking shocks the world (Daily Star)

Nepal earthquake video: Watch 'mini tsunami' form in Kathmandu hotel swimming pool during April's massive tremors (Independent)

Britain is the fat, deluded man of Europe: A fifth of people wrongly believe they are a healthy weight - because being obese has become 'normal' (Daily Mail)

Lawyer for Chicago Torture Victims: A Model for Responding To Police Brutality (Time Magazine)

Britain's first black Prime Minister? Chuka Umunna to run for Labour leadership (Russia Today)

Nepal earthquake: its mayhem on the streets' - video (Guardian)

Nepal hit by second big earthquake (Financial Times - Paywall)

The face of poverty: Intimate portraits of Indian paupers reveal toll of life in villages where people survive on 33 pence per day (Daily Mail)

Another deadly earthquake shakes Nepal (CBS News)

Meet the Man Who Brought AOL Back From the Dead (Time Magazine)

Bullied cheerleader and fiance become first engaged finalists in Mr & Miss England competition (Daily Mail)

Kerry meets Putin in Russia (BBC)

Nepal hit by another major earthquake - in pictures (Guardian)

NYPD Searches for Hammer-Wielding Man Who Struck Two Women (Newsweek Magazine)

Saudi-led air strikes target Yemen rebels before start of ceasefire (Guardian)

Why is Nepal is Still Being Hit By Earthquakes (Time Magazine)

Nepalese MPs flee parliament chamber as earthquake hits video (Guardian)

Man who doused ex in petrol jailed (BBC)

Nepal earthquake video: Massive landslide hits Dhunche after Nepal suffers second deadly tremor in two weeks (Independent)

Britain has the biggest alcohol problem while Australians take the most drugs: Study reveals the world's vices by country for the first time (Daily Mail)

At least 42 dead after 7.3 earthquake hits Nepal (Los Angeles Times)

Bronze Age stone circle found on Dartmoor for the first time in 100 years - and it could be older than Stonehenge (Daily Mail)

Sinosphere Blog: Baidu to Digitally Restore' Historic Sites in Nepal (New York Times - Paywall)

Madrid hostage crisis: Two year-old released after man holds child for four hours in nursery (Independent)

Why are some celebrating Zimmerman shooting? (BBC)

YUCK: Man coughs up 5mm CREEPY CRAWLY he inhaled in his sleep (Daily Star)

French police open internal probe into alleged police mistreatment of migrants in Calais (Fox News)

Scores of Russian soldiers killed in east Ukraine - opposition report (Reuters)

Long-shot pitch to Russia for help in Syria peace deal (CBS News)

Will Yemen ceasefire let in aid? (CNN)

Report by slain Nemtsov claims Russian forces fought in Ukraine (Russia Today)

Spain: Man with box cutter holds toddler hostage at daycare center for 5 hours (Fox News)

Scenes from the Aftermath of Another Massive Quake in Nepal (Time Magazine)

Why are Sally Bercow and Erica Scott-Young fighting over this bald, paunchy, Lothario? (Daily Express)

Moscow, Beijing will seek reconstruction of current world order together - deputy DM (Russia Today)

If at first you don't succeed you really should try, try again! 'Near misses' motivate us to work harder, study reveals (Daily Mail)

Top Gear 2015: A First Look At The New Presenters (Huffington Post)

Saudis keep bombing Yemen before ceasefire (Financial Times - Paywall)

No Wales powers bill in first year (BBC)

Why China's Army Has Banned Smartwatches (NBC News)

Kerry Arrives in Russia for Putin Talks Amid Ukraine, Syria Tensions (Time Magazine)

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: First look at Clarkson, Hammond and May as former Top Gear trio reunite for Live tour and discuss their winning chemistry (Daily Mail)

Solar Impulse 2 prepares for its most dangerous leg: Sun-powered plane to attempt daring five-day trip over the Pacific (Daily Mail)

Police reveal name of supporter they believe dropped cigarette that started Bradford City blaze that killed 56 fans as more than 1,000 mark 30th anniversary of the tragedy (Daily Mail)

The World of Warcraft Leeroy Jenkins Meme is 10 Years Old (Time Magazine)

Man Has Sex With Porsche In Thailand, Gets Caught On CCTV Video (Huffington Post)

Jessica Minh Anh to host world's first solar-powered fashion show (Daily Mail)

Houston man makes last-ditch plea to supreme court to halt his execution (Guardian)

Germany gives huge amount of phone, text data to U.S. - report (Reuters)

Spies in the stands: Footy observers to spot crowd racism at World Cup (Daily Star)

The 10 most expensive paintings ever sold (Guardian)

Photo highlights of the day (Guardian)

Kim Jong-Un 'had aunt poisoned', most senior North Korean official to defect regime claims (Independent)

French police investigate fires near three nuclear sites (Reuters)

'Drinker punched Arron Wasdell into path of moving car which killed him during pub fight' (Daily Mail)

Landslide triggered by second Nepal earthquake - video (Guardian)

Russia 'lost 220 troops' in Ukraine (BBC)

Dozens killed as devastated Nepal suffers another strong earthquake (Guardian)

Nepal earthquake: Deadly 7.3 magnitude quake was aftershock to disaster on 25 April (Independent)

The Tom Brady Suspension Shows the NFL Plays in Its Own Moral Universe (Time Magazine)

New York City's One World Trade Center to be beaten by Nordstrom Tower (Daily Mail)

Third blogger killed on Bangladesh street (Financial Times - Paywall)

The most filling 100-calorie snacks revealed (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Nepal quake causes landslide (BBC)

Off-duty military police officer apprehends armed thief with bear hug in botched supermarket robbery (Independent)

Off-duty military police officer diarms armed thief with bear hug in botched supermarket robbery (Independent)

Colourblind father moved to tears when special glasses allow him to see shade of his children's eyes for the first time (Daily Mail)

Boris Nemtsov allies release report on Russian troops in Ukraine (Guardian)

See Photos From Yogi Berra's First Years in the Major Leagues (Time Magazine)

5 Stretches for People Who Are Stuck at a Desk All Day (Time Magazine)

Man 'wanted to shoot Prince Charles' (BBC)

Budget day 2015 in pictures (Guardian)

Obesity and depression make us want to sleep during the day (Daily Mail)

Nepal Quake: Climbers Likely Not Trapped on Everest (NBC News)

Nepal earthquake: Cristiano Ronaldo donates £5million to the humanitarian cause (Independent)

Atheist blogger killed in street in Bangladesh, say police video (Guardian)

Police donate knock-off sneakers seized in Italy to help migrants start new lives (Fox News)

How Nepal can avoid the mistakes of Haiti, fighting violence against women in Brazil and maternal healthcare (Guardian)

EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: From Abba To This Year's Favourite, 8 Reasons Why Sweden Always Does So Well (Huffington Post)

Clapping as the plane lands, dressing like a native... and taking 'jumping photos': The most ridiculous things travellers do on holiday (Daily Mail)

'Ditch Cold War mentality': China hits back at US DoD report (Russia Today)

Deadly aftershock hits quake-rattled Nepal (CBS News)

Nepal earthquake: Watch the moment 7.3 magnitude quake struck, killing at least 36 (Independent)

Nepal earthquake: Watch the moment 7.3 magnitude quake struck Nepal, killing at least 19 (Independent)

Nepal earthquake: Watch the moment 7.3 magnitude quake struck, killing at least 42 (Independent)

Nepal earthquake: Watch the moment 7.3 magnitude quake struck, killing at least 60 (Independent)

Police force missed chance to arrest Jimmy Savile as recently as 2008, probe finds (Daily Express)

Footage Captures Moment Nepal Hit by Deadly Quake (NBC News)

Racy International Nurses Day promotion misfires (CNN)

Kelly Rose Bradford's argument for why parents SHOULD be fined if children are late for school (Daily Mail)

Aid Groups to Boost Deliveries in Yemen (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Nepal rocked by 7.3-magnitude earthquake near Mount Everest (Guardian)

See Some of History's Most Extraordinary Jewels (Time Magazine)

Greece Pays IMF One Day Early (Newsweek Magazine)

Nepal Earthquake Video Captures Confusion At Kathmandu Airport As Passengers Felt Impact (Huffington Post)

Days of Destruction: Nepal Suffers 2nd Big Quake in Weeks (NBC News)

At Least 14 Dead, Hundreds Injured in Second Nepal Earthquake (Newsweek Magazine)

'Deflategate' star Brady suspended (CNN)

Labour 'Knew They Were Behind' Despite Public Polls Predicting Tight General Election Result (Huffington Post)

Charlie Brooker Launches Twitter Rant At The Independent Over General Election Article (Huffington Post)

Vain men look at their reflection 23 times a day while women do it 16 times (Daily Mail)

New cabinet meeting for first time (BBC)

How Doha is transforming itself for the 2022 FIFA World Cup (Daily Mail)

Flesh-Eating Bug Causes Man To Have Hallucinations That He's Committed Murder (Huffington Post)

Third atheist blogger killed in Bangladesh knife attack (Guardian)

Have you been affected by the second earthquake in Nepal? (Guardian)

Russia invites Greece to join BRICS bank (Russia Today)

Police fire towards protesters during clashes in Burundi's capital (Reuters)

Jets from Saudi-led coalition target ammunition dumps near Yemen (Daily Mail)

Kathmandu cafe shakes as second earthquake hits Nepal video (Guardian)

China investigating shooting death of unarmed traveler by police officer at train station (Fox News)

Kerry in Russia for Talks With Putin on Cooperation (New York Times - Paywall)

Senior Kurdish commander killed by bombing in northern Iraq (Fox News)

Nepal earthquake: How strong was the second quake compared to the first that hit the country? (Independent)

Kathmandu buildings evacuated as second earthquake hits Nepal video (Guardian)

Kerry Jets to Russia to Meet 'Decision Maker' Putin (NBC News)

Man Has Weekend Off From Work (Huffington Post)

Turkish deputy PM questions government record on justice ahead of election (Reuters)

Kerry set to meet Putin in first visit to Russia since start of Ukraine crisis (Guardian)

Powerful new earthquake strikes Nepal (CNN)

Best friends killed by motorist when his car ploughed into them in Thailand (Daily Mail)

The 25 Most Influential Marriages of All Time (Time Magazine)

Al-Qaeda could bring down a US flight 'tomorrow' former CIA man Michael Morell warns, outlining threat of attack on US soil (Independent)

Deadly 7.4-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Devastated Nepal (NBC News)

Nepal earthquake: 'It felt like everything was collapsing' (Channel4)

Dad takes his first ever selfie, ends up getting accused of paedophilia online (Independent)

Enriched smoothies, aromatherapy air and no more hangovers! The world's first underwater oxygen bar opens in Mexico (Daily Mail)

Nepal earthquake - live updates: Second major earthquake hits near Everest base camp at magnitude 7.3 (Independent)

Nepal earthquake: Second major earthquake hits near Everest base camp at magnitude 7.3 - live updates (Independent)

Picasso Masterpiece Sets World Record at Auction (NBC News)

Police say they know who started the Bradford fire (Daily Express)

Picasso's Women of Algiers sets new world record at auction video (Guardian)

Experts for Iran and 6 world powers work on Iran nuclear deal with 6 weeks to June deadline (Fox News)

Wife of Myanmar journalist killed by army puts hope in civilian court (Reuters)

Nepal Rocked By Massive Fresh Earthquake (Time Magazine)

White House categorically denies Barack Obama lied over how the US killed Osama bin Laden (Independent)

Britain's most patriotic generation don't love EVERYTHING about the nation (Daily Mail)

Earthquake sets already struggling Nepal back decades (CNN)

Afghan official says roadside bombing has killed 5 civilians in Kandahar province (Fox News)

Sri Lanka first to protect mangroves (BBC)

Nepal Hit By Second Huge Earthquake Weeks After 7.8 Magnitude Disaster Devastated The Country (Huffington Post)

Magnitude-7.4 earthquake strikes Nepal days after deadly magnitude-7.8 quake (Fox News)

Nicola Sturgeon spends most of her time flying to and from London (Daily Mail)

Missing woman police discover body (BBC)

US Secretary of State Kerry arrives in Russia to meet Putin amid Ukraine, Syria tensions (Fox News)

Panta-loony: Civilians arrested by IS religious police for wearing TROUSERS (Daily Star)

BREAKING: Nepal struck by 7.4 magnitude earthquake (Daily Express)

Nepal hit by magnitude 7.3 earthquake weeks after disaster that killed 8,000 people (Independent)

Nepal hit by magnitude 7.4 earthquake weeks after disaster that killed 8,000 people (Independent)

Nepal earthquake: At least four killed by magnitude 7.3 earthquake near Everest base camp (Independent)

Nepal earthquake: At least four people killed by magnitude 7.3 earthquake (Independent)

Nepal earthquake: At least 19 killed and 900 injured by magnitude 7.3 earthquake near Everest base camp (Independent)

Nepal earthquake: At least four killed and 300 injured by magnitude 7.3 earthquake near Everest base camp (Independent)

Nepal earthquake: At least 36 killed and 1,000 injured by magnitude 7.3 earthquake near Everest base camp (Independent)

Police arrest 2 people in northeastern Spain for posting Islamic State group propaganda (Fox News)

BREAKING: Another earthquake hits disaster-torn Nepal (Daily Star)

BREAKING: Another MAJOR earthquake hits disaster torn Nepal (Daily Star)

At least 16 dead as another MAJOR earthquake hits disaster-torn Nepal (Daily Star)

At least 36 dead + 1,000 injured as another MAJOR earthquake hits disaster-torn Nepal (Daily Star)

Third Bangladeshi blogger attacked and killed (Los Angeles Times)

Magnitude 7.4 earthquake strikes Nepal close to Everest - USGS (Russia Today)

Pictures Of The Day: The Best Images From Around The World On 12th May 2015 (Huffington Post)

Gunman who shot George Zimmerman uses 'stand your ground' defense: Shooter claims he fired on Trayvon Martin killer's face in self-defense after he pulled gun FIRST (Daily Mail)

Third blogger attacked, killed in Bangladesh this year (Fox News)

Picasso painting breaks record for most expensive artwork sold at auction (Guardian)

Officials, rights group fear children in earthquake areas of Nepal are exposed to risks (Fox News)

Sri Lanka to become the first nation in the world to protect all its mangroves (Guardian)

Nepal army rescues 117 people stranded in trekking villages after quake (Reuters)

Third blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh - police (Reuters)

Tom Brady suspended for 4 games by NFL for Deflategate (Daily Mail)

Havana's Habana Libre, pawn in Castro's battle against the US - a history of cities in 50 buildings, day 34 (Guardian)

Police in Bangladesh say masked men hack blogger to death in the country's northeast (Fox News)

Nepal Army Rescues More Than 100 Stranded in Remote Villages After Quake (Newsweek Magazine)

5/11: NFL suspends Tom Brady for 4 games; Michelle Obama opens up on race in graduation speech (CBS News)

Yemen offensive reflects new era for Saudi Arabia, mostly untouched by scars of war (Fox News)

Seismic splash: Pool tsunami spillage in Kathmandu during earthquake (VIDEO) (Russia Today)

Could ants, lizards transform world of work? (CNN)

Muslim man says jury duty is against his religion but judge orders him to serve anyway (Daily Express)

Boris Nemtsov report on Ukraine to be released by dead politician's allies (Guardian)

How a virtual world went to the edge of apocalypse and back again (Guardian)

BREAKING: Mass shooting near US university where gunman killed six one year ago (Daily Star)

World's First Crowdsourced Country' Campaign Aims to Solve World Hunger (Time Magazine)

How Russia's opposition united to finish Nemtsov's report on Ukraine (Guardian)

Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo Gives Millions to Nepal Earthquake Relief (Time Magazine)

Police to probe Benefits Street after 'drug dealing' scenes shown on Channel 4 (Daily Express)

W.H.O. Needs Reforms in Wake of Ebola Crisis, Report Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Man 'kidnapped by gang of gun-toting women who raped him then stole his sperm' (Daily Star)

'Absolutely Ridiculous!': Outrage and Glee at Brady Suspension (NBC News)

First Russia-China naval war games underway in Mediterranean (Los Angeles Times)

Why the Tom Brady Suspension Is Ridiculous (Time Magazine)

World Briefing: Iran: Blacklisted Airline Buys Planes (New York Times - Paywall)

What was Sturgeon posing for? She's not even an MP: QUENTIN LETTS on the day Scots MPs hit London (Daily Mail)

Missing man lied to parents about being a Penn State student (CBS News)

Number of police officers killed on duty in 2014 jumps nearly 90% (Russia Today)

World Briefing: Egypt: Journalist Sues Al Jazeera (New York Times - Paywall)

Pablo Picasso: Les femmes d'Alger (Version 'O') sells for $179m and sets new world record (Independent)

Pablo Picasso: Les femmes d'Alger (Version 'O') sells for $179m sets new world record (Independent)

Pablo Picasso painting Women of Algiers sells for $179m to set new world auction record (Independent)

Pablo Picasso's Women of Algiers sells for $179m to set new world auction record (Independent)

Yemen Rebels Say They Shot Down Moroccan Plane (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

World Briefing: India: Dozens Die in Bus Plunge (New York Times - Paywall)

Saudi strikes continue ahead of Yemen ceasefire (CNN)

WH: Report full of 'outright falsehoods' (CNN)

Black Man Found Hanged From Tree in Georgia (NBC News)

World Briefing: Egypt: Justice Chief Quits Amid Uproar (New York Times - Paywall)

Hersh defends bin Laden report (CNN)

See the Picasso Painting That Just Set a World Record for Art at Auction (Time Magazine)

World Briefing: Nepal: Officials Seek Escaped Inmates (New York Times - Paywall)

Picasso painting sets world record for art at auction $179M (Fox News)

Paraguay man arrested in rape of 10-year-old girl (CNN)

Mom: Miss. man accused in cop killings heard voices, smoked synthetic pot (CBS News)

Rebels in Yemen claim to have shot down missing Moroccan jet (Los Angeles Times)

VIDEO: Why were the election polls so wrong? (BBC)

Number of Cops Feloniously' Killed on Duty Spiked in 2014, FBI Says (Time Magazine)

Mac on... The SNP's general election triumph (Daily Mail)

Brady Suspended Four Games for Deflate-Gate Scandal (NBC News)

Colleagues Mourn Slain Hattiesburg Police Officers (NBC News)

NFL Players Respond to Patriots Fine and Brady Suspension on Twitter (Time Magazine)

Brady banned over 'Deflategate' (BBC)

The NHS: What we weren't told during the election (BBC)

NFL penalises champion Patriots and Brady (Financial Times - Paywall)

White House calls new report on Osama bin Laden raid 'baseless' (Los Angeles Times)

FBI: Number of cops killed on duty rose in 2014 (CBS News)

Family sells £435k home to save daughter who has 50 fits a day (Daily Star)

'Humble and loving' teen tragically killed after being struck by speeding freight train (Daily Star)

Kerry heads to Russia with nations ties at post-Cold War lows (CBS News)

Former CIA man Jeffrey Sterling gets 42 months in prison over Iran leaks (Guardian)

Woman fired for uninstalling app on company phone that tracked her 24 hrs a day (Russia Today)

Patriots Fined $1 Million in Wake of Deflategate Report (Time Magazine)

Polish president is runner-up in first round vote - official results (Reuters)

51 Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty in 2014 (NBC News)

Hamas Wins the Hearts of Students at West Bank Campus Election (New York Times - Paywall)

Australian man captures close encounter with UFO in the Northern Territory (Daily Mail)

Violence between Macedonia police and 'terrorists' increases scrutiny of PM (Guardian)

Patriots Fined, Lose Draft Picks; Tom Brady Suspended 4 Games for Deflated Footballs (Newsweek Magazine)

Colin Hanks and His 4-Year-Old Daughter Explain Why Star Wars Needs More Female Characters (Time Magazine)

NFL Suspends Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady for 4 Games (Time Magazine)

Probe after Va. man dies in police custody in N.C. (CBS News)

VIDEO: Why Australia holds budgets at night (BBC)

Moroccan F-16 jet from Saudi-led coalition in Yemen crashes (Reuters)

U.S. and Georgia Start Military Exercise Criticized by Russia (New York Times - Paywall)

Murder map shows where in the world you are most likely to be a victim of homicide (Independent)

Down the rabbit hole: Bin Laden raid was staged after extensive Pakistan-US negotiations - report (Russia Today)

Louiza Covey, 25, killed in head-on crash between van and car (Daily Mail)

Norman Lamb first out of the blocks to replace Nick Clegg as Lib Dem leader (Daily Mail)

SWAT Team, Not Lone Traffic Officer, Killed Gunmen at Muhammad Contest (Newsweek Magazine)

Nine Georgia officers fired in wake of man's death in police custody (Guardian)

Irish man fighting extradition to US over child abuse image charges has Asperger's syndrome, court hears (Independent)

WorldViews: Nigel Farage, one of Britain's most controversial politicians, resigned after the election. Then he un-resigned. (Washington Post - Paywall)

Mali soldiers killed in rebel ambush as peace deal due (Reuters)

4 self-driving cars in California have been involved in accidents in recent months report (Russia Today)

Snubbed: Most Gulf Arab rulers send deputies to Obama summit (Russia Today)

Intense clashes in Yemen endanger prospects of humanitarian cease-fire (Washington Post - Paywall)

George Zimmerman: Who is the man cleared of the murder of black teenager Trayvon Martin? (Independent)

White House Denies Report That Pakistan Helped in Bin Laden Hit (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Met police name tourist who died at Dorchester hotel (Guardian)

Macedonia charges 30 alleged ethnic Albanian militants over weekend battle that killed 22 (Fox News)

Teen beaten by Israeli police goes to White House (CNN)

"Dead Man Walking" nun testifies, defense rests in Boston bomber trial (CBS News)

Why the US needs black lawyers even more than it needs black police (Guardian)

Judgment Day for the U.S. Surveillance State (Newsweek Magazine)

Met police discover woman's body in suitcase in London Grand Union Canal (Daily Mail)

Questions swirl around Bin Laden report (BBC)

Mali separatists say they killed 30 army troops in attack in the north (Fox News)

Who Are the Rohingya and Why Are They Fleeing Myanmar? (Newsweek Magazine)

George Zimmerman: Man who shot Trayvon Martin suffers gunshot wound in Lake Mary, Florida (Independent)

George Zimmerman: Man who shot Trayvon Martin suffers gunshot wound to face in Lake Mary, Florida (Independent)

Police violence, executions, Gitmo: US grilled by UN human rights panel (Russia Today)

Ian and Ann Clarke selling home and possessions to sail around the world (Daily Mail)

Most married women in Egypt went through genital mutilation - health minister (Russia Today)

David Miliband Attacks Ed's Campaign, As Harriet Harman Urges Party Not To 'Open Veins' In Election Post-Mortem (Huffington Post)

WorldViews: A day after marking Nazi defeat, Putin praises a Soviet-era pact with Hitler (Washington Post - Paywall)

Gang who pretended to be police jailed for 13 years after conning elderly victims (Daily Mail)

Communication breakdown complicated response to Baltimore riots - report (Russia Today)

They Will Almost Certainly Lose. So Why Are the GOP Long Shots Running? (Newsweek Magazine)

Moroccan F-16 Jet from Saudi-Led Coalition in Yemen Goes Missing (Newsweek Magazine)

Poland's Presidential Election Heads for Runoff (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

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